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Oops... I'm not sorry, really.

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"How could you disappoint me in such a way, Damian Desmond, really, you, with this gigantic mistake, consider yourself my son?" The man known as Donovan Desmond, president of the National Unity Party of Ostania, and the no longer - at least in words -father of the young teenager in front of you-. "I think it necessary to remind you of the importance in our family and, above all, in your own future, to avoid at all costs the already recognized "Tonitrus Bolts". This same has been emphasized in you by your older brother, Demetrius Desmond, as what would end up destroying in me all hope about your person, isn't it, Damian?"


The short brown-stranded teenager drew in a shaky breath, noting his vision dulled by the thick tears he was struggling so hard to hold back, recognizing that, if only he would release a tiny salty drop from his eyeballs, it would all be over faster than it began. His palms contracted into painful fists, his short, properly filed fingernails scraped the inner skin, threatening to make a cut. His head crestfallen, it was this way to show due respect to the older adult in the room, wasn't it? Of course it was, was false the phrase his anguished mind whispered endlessly, clearly the reason was not to hide the flush of embarrassment painting his cheeks and forehead; the paralyzing fear of seeing his father's expression, and confirming the huge suspicions of disappointment in his eyes kept him at bay with his pose. His muscular legs and chest, built on hard training, let out at least a tremor every few moments, he inwardly prayed it was slight enough not to be caught by his father's critical eye?


"You won't say anything to explain yourself, young man? Your esteemed Professor Henderson felt the need to have an audience with myself to explain the strange behavior he has been engaging in for some time now, and how he has found it surprisingly necessary to apply his third Tonitrus Bolts. That, in a way, has managed to cause a slight surprise upon me. I was expecting gratifying news with the premise in the brief letter that my main messenger read to me this morning, which was written and sent by the headmaster of Eden Academy."


A pause. There were no words uttered in the ten seconds his father took to analyze the boy in front of him.


"In the meeting we had, he explained to me in detail the situation he has observed and, in addition, he has been informed by the Asano heir. Among the most relevant points of all the talk we have had, is the fact of your disappearances between classes, being covered by the pair of "friends", if we can name them in such a way, yours; how you would not attend your lessons of the most important subjects that the place can offer to privileged ones like you. You went so far as to mention that you would not do it alone, but, with the company of a commoner, what is her name, again, Alya Fomer? No, actually, that is not emphasizable. What is is him actions. I can question, can't I?" Without waiting for an answer, he continued the dialogue, his tone becoming harsher, his voice low, but the severity increased. "Why has he been disappearing for prolonged periods of time, what would be the reason(s) that would lead him to escape his educational responsibilities? There must be a coherent answer, mustn't there? Obviously there is, so I'd like to hear it."


With that, an uncomfortable silence took shape in the room. The questioner did not know how to answer the question, it being one of the few times in his long life where he failed to immediately answer what was asked of him. No matter how much he churned his thoughts in the multiple sentences that would serve to explain not only himself, but also to his father. They came and went in a fast race to be the first thing that would come out of his salivating mouth.


He tried to open his mouth to answer something, the silence became more tiring for him with every second, he did not know whether to say the same to the old man in front of him.


-... I'm sorry...


"Why do you do it? I feel it's not a planned apology or with feeling, moreover, I'm even able to state that you do it as a mere necessity to get out of here as soon as possible, and what would that be for, to further demonstrate your weakness? Besides, that doesn't answer my question, it's not the answer he sought on his part. I will question him again, and I hope that this time I will be answered with the clearest truth, with no holes or lies behind it, is that understood?" He nodded, his nerves on edge; then I will proceed to question him. Why has he been disappearing for long periods of time?


He sighed. How capable is he of hiding everything he is hiding from his father? He is a man to be feared, with hundreds of enemies threatening to destroy all that he has so painstakingly built over the past decades, he has raised his exemplary heir to his legacy to perfection, and he is in the process of training who would become his right-hand man. He cannot afford to fall into the despair of failing him, never. He doesn't want to be the one who gets the piercing look of disappointment. That would be the worst thing that could happen to him.


"... I... Uhm, yeah, I've been having that, what was it, dates, with my classmate, Anya Forger. We've been doing this for a few months now, I think it's been seven or eight, I'm not sure. I recognize that she's a commoner and, perhaps, not in the same social class as me, but, ah, I'm really attracted to her. We've known each other since we were six, okay? At first we got along terribly, I couldn't stand her and she was annoying as hell, always trying to come to my home, Satan knows why, however, as time went by, she proved she wasn't just another idiot. She has a unique charm that makes her special." Her father says nothing when she stops to look at him out of the corner of her eye, so she takes it as a sign to proceed. "She is also very pretty, she has soft pink hair that makes me want to keep my hands stroking it all day long; and her warm gaze, you can get lost for hours in the sparkling emeralds she has for eyes, oh my, her body fits perfectly with mine, when we hug we have a hard time letting go of each other. I adore with my life her embrace. I have fallen for her like I have never fallen for anyone else, she is unique to me, the first person to cause this feeling inside me. Every time I think of her I can't stop counting the seconds to see her again, it's not enough with our escapes between classes. Actually, it was Emily and Becky's idea for us to do it, I tried to refuse, but she is so....




"... She's able to have me twirling around her finger with just a few words, I wasn't able to refuse when she first suggested it, and since then, we've kept it as a tradition. She would leave first and I would follow minutes later, we would sneak off to the coffee shop for a quick date or, maybe, somewhere." The dreamy look and the smitten blush had taken over her being, being unable to erase it no matter how much she wished. Every time he talked about her he fell into that smitten state. "I love her, I really do, and I would give everything to make her happy for the rest of eternity."


Pure silence. There is nothing more to it after he finishes explaining his complicated, but self-accepted, feelings. He feels himself sweat slightly, expectant of his father's reaction, inwardly acknowledging that of course he will be against it, he would never support such a relationship. A nobleman and a commoner, what is this, a romance novel? Not in the least.


Looking at the floor, oh, how beautiful it is. The delicate grayish porcelain that covers it is something that always caught his attention, despite being a rather simple material, it does not detract from how attractive it makes the place where it is placed. It was not alive when it was placed, but it grew up with him, the same floor where, due to his nanny's carelessness, he had his first bumps and bruises. Ah, things that, were it not for his older brother using to tease him at mandatory dinner meetings, he wouldn't be aware of. After all, how likely is he to remember his childhood? Especially his early life, with how little relevant it is to his future in greatness.


“This has become a rather predictable confession, you know? For some reason, when I was told about this first affair, your escapades, something inside me turned on the lever of an "affair", as you young people call it. I wanted to believe and trust that, in the end, you would not come to such a point of disappointing me, for some strange reason, I still had some respect for you because, after all, you always stayed within my expectations and fulfilled all that was required of you. But, now, I can see that that spark of hope has completely died. You became the first person to shatter any shred of faith I can plant in you, you should consider that an accomplishment, Damian.” Taking a tired sigh, he takes a moment to think things over.


This only provokes more nerves in his youngest son, what should he expect? Obviously a punishment follows, he has no reason to doubt that, he has been punished for less in the past, and he can affirm that, no matter the reason, they always made clear to him his mistakes and why he should avoid committing them again in the future. And here comes the question, what would it be? Ideas come and go through his head, ephemeral flashbacks occur, his vision becomes cloudy because he doesn't want to be punished, not at all; however, he also doesn't want to be his father's disappointment ("face it, you already are, Damian." he shouldn't be hearing voices, should he? No matter how true what they say).


"I have to assume you already know what's coming, right? As your mother would call it, you will have a punishment commensurate with the sin you have committed. With the excellent teaching you have received throughout your sixteen years from the best educators Ostania has to offer, this thing you have done should not have happened. So, as such, you are no longer part of the Desmond family as of today.”




“What...? -You're... Are you... Are you serious? You can't do this to me! I'm your son, damn it!”


“As I said, no, you are not. This mistake has cost you your position within this family, so to avoid misunderstandings with my colleagues I have made this decision. Likewise, I will give you a period of twenty-four hours to vacate the mansion, take everything you consider necessary for survival out of here, anything left behind will be discarded in the trash by the servants and cleaning agents. I hope that's clear, Damian.”


“No! If you do this to me, I swear I'll kill myself! -You'll be the father of a dead child, do you hear me?!”




“You'll see! -You'll see! Congratulations on your dead child!”


At that moment, his whole world came crashing down, everything he worked so hard to achieve disappeared in the blink of an eye. That respect she had fought for since childhood, all of it, simply vanished, never to return.


He felt his chubby cheeks wet with the constant tears that fell from his eyes, his heart pounding from the fear that coursed through him, what was he supposed to do? Panicking as he watched his father leave, he threw himself to his knees behind him, gripping his leg with all his strength, screaming things his mind did not recognize in his state of anguish. He begged and begged until he ran out of throat, begging with all his might for forgiveness even when he was left alone.


Oh, what had he done...