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Past Lives

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Past Lives

Author Note: Here is part 1 and I hope you like it! It will end up a little angsty and smutty but hope you like the start!       


             Anthony helped Kate into the carriage. She took a deep breath when she sat down. Her body ached, and it had been a long day, a great day, but long. She had been on her feet all day during the wedding and reception. It didn’t help that she didn’t sleep the night before because of her nerves. She was hoping that the brandy Daphne snuck her before she left would ease her aches and wake her up a little so she could enjoy her wedding night.

               Anthony climbed into the carriage and let out a groan as he stretched his legs. As they left Bridgerton House in Mayfair, Kate realized that she didn’t know where they were going. Anthony and she never discussed where they would spend their wedding night.

                “Where are we going?”

               “I thought we wouldn’t want to travel too far but not be with my family for the night,” Anthony replied.

                “That is probably for the best,” Kate smiled.

                “So I thought we would just go across town to my bachelor lodgings.”               

“Are you sure?” Kate asked. 

               “Of course, last week I informed the staff to prepare for us to be there tonight and I thought it would be better than staying at an inn.”

               Thoughts swirled through Kate’s head. How could he possibly think that she would want to spend her wedding night where he spent the night with countless other women? She didn’t know if it was anger or the brandy that made her face hot. She wanted to say something but thought better of it. Maybe he would understand when they were there and change his mind. She didn’t want to argue on her wedding night.

                “What is it?” Anthony asked.

               “It’s nothing, just been a long day,” Kate forced a smile.

                “That it has,” Anthony took her hand in his and looked her in the eyes, “I’m honored that you became my wife today.”

               Kate wanted to be mad but it was hard when he was being sincere and vulnerable, two things that Anthony was not known for.

                “I’m honored to be your wife,” she replied. Kate pulled Anthony close to her and kissed him. She let herself give in to the kiss. She let her hands run through his hair as he grabbed her waist and pulled her on his lap. It was the kiss they had both wanted all day but couldn’t in front of their families and wedding guests. Anthony let out a moan as they finally pull themselves from each other.

                “I’ve missed you,” Anthony whispered as he moved a piece of Kate’s hair that had fallen into her eyes.

               “You’ve been with me most of the day,” Kate joked.

               “You know what I mean,” he replied, “but I’m a gentleman so we can wait until we have a proper place to be together.”

                “Yes, Lord Bridgerton, you are always the gentleman,” Kate laughed as she kissed him again. They sat the rest of the ride in silence but held each other. Then, they were across town at arrived in front of a small set of buildings.