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✿.。.:* ☆:**:. Dead by Daylight Oneshots,Smuts Etc. .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

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Welcome to my Book of fluff and porn for all killers, even the kinda dumb ones -

I think that :: Wraith,Trapper,Oni and Carmina would use sign language, yes they can still Talk they just prefer to use a quick simple way due to things that have happened to them. 

Yes :: I will write for nemesis,Demogorgon,Dredge Etc,but please monster fuckers go easy on me.

. . .

Rule 1:: yes i do hardcore smut but please don't request it everytime, I do Fluff and angst too and after a while fucking writing smut all the time it gets boring,


Rule 2:: Please don't ask about piss kinks and shit kinks or vore,  i can do blood and period sex but  those are a no,


Rule 3 :: go easy on me i just got back into the dbd fandom but let loose on requests!