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Ruby’s Xiao-Long Genes

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Ruby didn’t get jealous. She didn’t. At least not the way her dad and sister described jealousy, Yang always described her jealousy as a rage that settled just under the skin wanting something, to be something but not being able to have it and being upset at the people who do. On the other hand her father described jealousy as this deep sadness that settled into one’s heart for the exact same reason Yang felt angry, it was confusing because Ruby never felt jealous in either of those ways.


Ruby’s jealousy wasn’t like Yangs or Dads'; her jealousy was a numb feeling; it didn't boil under her skin or settle deep into her bones; it was just there. All over, a constant numbness spread throughout her body. It was the static buzz you get when your foot cramps yet also the overwhelming calm of hearing a death and being unable to process it correctly.


So watching Sun and Neptune flirt with her teammates that she has recently come to like, a lot more than was probably good for her, she didn’t feel hot rage or cold sadness she just…was. Although she couldn’t deny she may be glaring just slightly but that wasn’t the jealousy that was the annoyance. Why did Sun and Neptune have to join them? This was a Team outing not a Team plus the annoying boys outing.


“You’re Xiao-Long is showing sis” Yang said beside her bumping their shoulders while also watching their teammates “not that i can really talk” 


Yang turned to her eyes a glowing red. Right. Jealousy was one of the emotions that set off the Xiao-Long eyes. When feeling emotions like jealousy, anger or even extreme excitement Xiao-Long eyes change that to the parents or grandparents eyes they didn’t inherit. Yangs changed to her mothers red and glowed with emotion, their dads changed to the green of their grandfather and glowed like toxic acid rain.


Ruby’s eyes didn’t change often although the silver would glow with emotion; it was rare she actually switched colours, but when they did they turned blue like their father except cold piercing unwilling to give much away, quite the opposite to their usual expressiveness.


Ruby looked at her sister with these eyes and a wry smile. “I know but i can’t help it, this was meant to be team time not- not team and stupid flirty boy time. And if Sun doesn’t watch his hands im going to take them off ” she growled out the last part her glare hardening. Yang nodded in agreement her eyes burning into the back of the boys skulls 


“So I take it you like Blake and Weiss?” Yang asked. Ruby nodded in response “yeah me too you know the whole loving two people is also a Xiao-Long thing?”


“Yeah I know, Mum, Dad and Raven were in a poly relationship before Raven left right? Uncle Qrow told me” Ruby said as Yang nodded “do you. want to be that too?” she asked, turning to her sister.


Yang paused before nodding “yeah…you know if we worked together maybe we could all get together?” she said “you and I staying platonic of course” Ruby laughed at her sisters hurried add on.


“yeah okay.”




Meanwhile Sun and Neptune were sweating buckets. Blake smirked as her ears picked up on the conversation behind them. Turning to Weiss she said “it’s working”


“good does that mean we can stop? because if they glare any harder i think my head might explode” Sun whimpered yet kept up appearance by pulling Blake closer with a strained smile. Weiss rolled her eyes at the monkey faunus and shook her head.


“Not until they actually ask us out” she informed him, Neptune sighed and whined asking why the duo couldn't just be the ones to ask out the sisters to which Blake replied neither she nor Weiss have ever actually asked anyone out.


“So? I'm pretty sure Ruby has never asked anyone out before either! you guys are gonna get us killed” Neptune whined Sun nodding in agreement. Blake sighed and turned calling out to the girls behind them


“Hey! Weiss and I are gonna head back, you guys coming?” she said. The two looked between them sharing a quiet conversation before Yang gave her usual grin and ruby beamed at them.


“Yeah we’ll meet you there although” her eyes drifted to Sun and Neptune and hardened in a cold blue “Yang and I need to have a little chat with Sun and Neptune” she said as Yang grabbed the two by the back of their shirts dragging them away and around a corner. “See you at the dorm!” Ruby said, smiling and running after her sister.


Blake and Weiss both stared in surprise at the spot the boys where a second ago. Blake looked at Weiss


“Do you think we should help them?” she asked


“No, I'm sure they’ll be fine.” Weiss huffed


“Hopefully…did you know Ruby’s eyes could do that?” Blake asked


“No. perhaps it’s a ‘Xiao-Long’ thing instead of just a ‘Yang’ thing like we thought” Blake nodded and the two mayes their way to the bullhead back to Beacon




Sun whimpered his back to the wall, cold blue eyes staring down at him, in the corner of his eye he can see Neptune being cornered by a red eyed Yang.


“Don’t look over there look at me, nothing over there can help you” Ruby said, pulling him down to her level. “Now I'm only gonna say this once, watch where you put your hands on Blake or I will cut them off so you don’t have to worry about them anymore” she growled at him “Do you understand”


“I understand. crystal clear ma’am.” he gulped and sighed in relief when she dropped him with a snarled out good .