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The chill of Sneznaya bit Childe’s nose as soon as he stepped of the boat, cold snow crunching beneath his heavy boots. Immediately, he was greeted by his lover, his long black hair seeming to have grown even longer, draping over his shoulders, some sliding onto his back as he held up a big, fluffy coat for Childe.

“How was Inazuma?” Capitano asks as his boyfriend runs right up to him and quickly slides into the warm coat.

“Hot, stormy. You know, the same old same old” Childe smiles.

How long ago was it that they started dating? Childe actually remembers the exact date, time, and place. It was two weeks after Signora’s funeral, 20:00, in Capitano’s office. Childe was stuck in Sneznaya and had gotten into a little trouble, Capitano was ordered to keep an eye on him. Actually, not surprising for most, but Childe had wormed his way into Capitano’s pants before he wormed his way into his heart. He’d thoroughly bothered Capitano until he was near about ready to throw him out, then he climbed in his lap and said something along the lines of “You seem frustrated Cap, why don’t you take some of that anger out on me?” and the rest is history.

Now, Childe faced his lover again after being away for months, walking silently with him through his home town, arm wrapped around Capitano’s to keep him close. Suddenly he was pulled into an alley between some of the village shops and he was briskly pushed up against one of the walls, a big, gloved hand covering his mouth as Capitano leaned down to whisper in his ear.

“Didn’t wanna wait til we got to your parents.”

“You want to do it here?” Childe gasps as he pushes Capitano’s hand off.

“I’ll be careful not to make too much of a mess” Capitano said, and though Childe couldn’t see his face behind his mask, he could tell he was smirking. Smug pain in his ass.

Childe groans and blushes, “Fine- just.. I have to make it home presentable.. so no ripping anything, alright?”

Capitano nodded in response, making quick work of Childe’s pants, undoing the buttons and pushing them down before easily moving Childe around and bending him over. “Use your vision” he orders.

Childe quickly did as he said, summoning the hydro to Capitano’s fingers, gasping as two automatically pushed into his hot, wet cunt. “Ah~!” he moaned hotly, pushing his pussy back into Capitano’s fingers.

“You’re still so tight, did I not fuck you loose enough before you left?” Capitano asks, teasing.

“Are you offering to fuck me better this time?” Childe smirks, getting far too cocky too quick.

“Brat” Capitano hummed, fond despite his words, quickly starting to thrust his fingers in and out of Childe’s cunt, “I’ll make sure to breed you even better this time then, maybe you can get my second cock too” he growls into his ear, smacking his ass with his free hand. Childe moaned out hotly, trying to press his thighs together only for Capitano to roughly push them apart again, “Keep them open, slut.”

Fuck. It all felt so good, being stuffed with his lover’s fingers, the thrill of getting fucked like this in public, the fact his lover had needed him so badly that he’d even get to such a point. Capitano, his captain, the man who’s usually so logical, level-headed, patient, etc. being far too impatient to wait til they were at his parent’s home. It was incredibly sexy knowing only he could bring his lover to such a point.

“Fuck- I’m stretched enough captain, c’mon give me your cocks” Childe whines loudly, pushing against his fingers.

“Hm… no. You’ll cum like this first.” Capitano says, moving his other hand and sliding it down Childe’s stomach, rubbing fast circles around the ginger’s clit.

“Cap-! Captain!” Childe moaned out and Capitano smacked his clit.

“Shut up whore, or do you want to get caught?” He growled against the smaller’s ear, pressing him against the wall as he kept ruthlessly fingering his cunt and rubbing his clit, absolutely towering over him.

Capitano was *huge*, not just in mass or height, his socks were a good size too, plus he had two of them, two long, thick cocks, curved perfectly and covered in different textures thanks to his abyssal genes, fuck if they weren’t the best dicks Childe’s ever had inside him. Of course, he’d once been fucked by a dragon, but that had felt nowhere as good as this.

“Fuck- fuck fuck fuck!” Childe moans, thighs shaking, threatening to give out under him. “Cumming! Captain I’m cumming!” He whines high pitched, his walls greedily trying to keep Capitano’s fingers in.

“Cum then, cum right fucking now, princess” Capitano groans, watching as Childe clings to him, letting out hot, whiny moans as he squirted around the man’s fingers, desperately humping his captain’s hand before it was taken away and quickly replaced with the tips of both his cocks.

“Fuck I just- CAPTAIN!” Childe cries out as both his huge cocks are stuffed inside his still sensitive, dripping wet pussy, wasting no time in fucking him stupid, pinning him against the wall by his neck.

“Keep cumming for me, whore, cum over and over until you can’t get any more out” the elder growls, holding one side of Childe’s waist in a bruising tight grasp.

“I can’t! I can’t- can’t can’t!” Childe moans and fuck, he cums again, about to fall before Capitano picks him up, holding him with one arm as he bounces him in his lap, so strong, skillful, fuck Childe was getting ruined.

“That’s right, gonna milk your pussy of everything, slut” Capitano says, fucking him faster and groaning as Childe kept tightening around his cocks, throwing his head back. “Fuck.. m gonna cum, princess. Gonna take all of it, hm? Every. fucking. last. drop.” Capitano moans deeply, punctuating each word with a rougher thrust before pressing in all the way, Childe gasping and holding on tightly to anything he could as he was filled with both cock’s loads of hot, thick cum.

“Fuck- Cap I…” Childe whines, gently placing his hand over his tummy and tilting his head back. “Mmm we’re gonna be late for dinner..” he whimpers.

“Mm don’t worry, I’ll make our tardiness up to you with dessert” Capitano laughs, kissing his cheek and squeezing his hips.

Needless to say, dinner was interesting, with a limping Childe and a practically glowing Capitano, anyone could tell what had previously happened.



“So, you’re my son’s co-worker and the captain of the harbingers, Capitano?”

“Yes sir.” Capitano nods.

“Perfect. I hope you don’t mind if I say this. Ajax has been a fan of yours ever since he joined the Fatui, I hope you treat him well” Childe’s father says, standing and giving a pat on the shoulder.

Childe’s own shoulders instantly release the nervous tension he was holding in. Although… in all honesty, Capitano and his dad seemed to get along far too well after that. Guess he couldn’t really blame his captain though, afterall, he looked just like his father.