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I just want to get back to my universe!

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Tzuyu slowly walks into the dorm as she looks around cautiously. She relaxes as she realizes that most of the members are in bed at this time. Tzuyu looks at the clock on the oven as it reads '15:00'
"I probably shouldn't have stayed out as last as I did" she mumbled while continuing her walk to her room.
"Where are you going?" Tzuyu jerks her head around realizing that she's been caught. "I'm just going back to my room unnie"

"Tzuyu, I'm a little disappointed in you. I just can't believe you would get caught." Jihyo shakes her like she is already fed up with looking at her. " I just wished you would have been a bit more careful, I try hard to keep this group afloat. I can't believe that you and Nayeon would do this" Tzuyu lifts her head where she had been staring at her shoes, "This was just a mistake. You can't fault me for being in love, I understand you are super stressed right now with the comeback and how many hate comments we've been getting but don't take this out on me"

Jihyo's stare hardens "I don't fault you for being in love. We all have been, but to do it so recklessly. These hate comments are your fault! You and Nayeon both caused these so now the group is going to fall apart because of you both. I hope you enjoy your love"
Tzuyu lets a few tears drop before walking out the door at which she came in. "I wish things could just be switched up for a while so I can be free with Nayeon and not worry about being dragged down for who I love".