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It is the day before the beginning of a new term at Cackle's academy, and we're expecting our new spell science teacher to arrive today.

I'm in the headmistress' office, talking to Ada Cackle about the upcoming term, when a knock interrupts us. The door opens, revealing a tall woman, whose auburn hair is pulled into an immaculate updo and whose black dress hugs her in all the right places. Her right hand is tightly wrapped around the handle of her black cane as her brown eyes scan the room.

"Well met, Miss Venable," Miss Cackle welcomes the redhead.

"Well met, Miss Cackle."

"It is lovely to have you here. My deputy head, Miss Hardbroom, will show you around, and I hope you'll settle in well," Miss Cackle says.

After giving Miss Venable a tour of the castle and leading her to her room, which is only a few doors away from my own, I leave her alone to get settled. I notice that the redhead has no broom in her luggage but decide not to ask questions, at least not today.

The next day, the students arrive, and Miss Venable is announced as their new spell science teacher. As far as I know, the red-haired witch has no particular reputation, seeing as she became a teacher not too long ago, which is rather odd. However, her appearance and demeanor make it quite clear that she is not the kind and generous type, more likely strict and demanding discipline, much like myself.

Over the next few days, anybody rarely sees her when she's not in class, causing me to grow suspicious of the redhead.

I'm on my way back to my room after doing my rounds in the castle at night as I hear a loud thud coming from Miss Venable's chamber. My feet carry me straight to her door, and the door opens with a subtle movement of my hand. Upon entering, my eyes immediately land on the other witch, who is lying on the floor, groaning quietly.

"Are you alright?" I ask, moving towards her. Her brown eyes meet mine, a shocked expression on her face.

"I'm fine. You can leave." Her voice is calm but laced with pain. I debate whether to stay and help her, or if I should just leave her alone. In the end, my more caring side, which almost nobody ever gets to see, wins over my usual cold one.

"You are not fine. Let me help you."

"I don't need your-" the redhead starts to say but interrupts herself with an agonizing moan as she tries to get up. I grab her arms hesitantly, helping her.

"Don't touch me!" the witch hisses as she leans against one of the walls, a pained expression still gracing her facial features.

I leave without another word, knowing that something is definitely going on here, but the other witch doesn't want to be vulnerable, so I'll give her some time before I'm going to find out what is really going on here.


Over the next few weeks, I keep an eye out on Miss Venable. We've had a few more conversations, mostly about ingredients needed for her spells.

After some time, it came to my attention that she frequently required some ingredients that are quite unusual for spell science purposes. Therefore, I refused to give her more without her telling me what she uses them for. She didn’t want to tell me and stormed out of the room.

Currently, it's almost midnight, and I'm in my room doing some reading until quiet, yet vehement, sobs can be heard. My brows furrow as I set my book down. Sounds follow that resemble someone screaming into their pillow, and I make the decision to transfer to Miss Venable's room. There, I find the mess that is the red-haired witch, who startles as she notices my presence in her room.

"GET OUT!!" she demands.

"I will not leave until you tell me what's going on," I reply calmly. The witch refuses to tell me anything, insisting on my departure. I stay right where I am until she eventually gives in. She'll tell me what this is all about if I can make her a quite specific pain-relieving potion. After I do exactly that, she tells me about her curse.

When she was still a child, she was one of the brightest little girls in her village: always happy, running around, and enchanting everyone with her contagious smile. One day, everything suddenly changed. Her wide smile was replaced with teary eyes and agonizing screaming.

Someone cursed her to be unhappy and in pain for the rest of her life. Her pain is especially focused on her spine, which has even started to curve over the many years of being under the curse, causing every simple task to be a challenge for her.

She makes me promise to keep this information to myself, which I agree upon. I also promise her to look into possible ways to break the curse, although she says that it's useless because she has already tried everything.

The next few days are spent with gathering every possible information on life-long curses that induce the effects Wilhemina is experiencing. I document any findings that might help me with creating a potion to lift the curse. A few experiments with different ingredients help me understand the reactions between potion ingredients that aren't usually mixed. All the while, I provide Wilhemina with her pain-relieving potions, and we meet almost every evening to talk about my findings, getting to know each other better in the process as well.

It takes me a few weeks to perfect a potion that might be able to break the curse. A lot of sleepless nights and restless mornings seem to have been worth it.

"Drink this, but don't swallow it until the liquid starts to heat up. If you feel bubbles forming, you have to swallow it in one gulp," I instruct her, and she nods.

"Here we go," I say quietly and hand the redhead the flask.


I take the flask out of Hecate's hand and follow her instructions. The blue liquid disappears between my lips, and I wait until it heats up and starts to bubble before I swallow everything in one gulp. A tingle runs through my body, causing my knees to weaken. The raven-haired witch helps me sit down, telling me that it's nothing to worry about, and I trust her.

Suddenly, a light erupts from my body. I'm glowing. I can make out a faint smile on Hecate's lips, which reassures me that her potion seems to be working how it's supposed to. Then I black out.

I wake up feeling light-headed as my eyes try to focus on my surroundings. I'm still in my room, lying on my bed with a blanket covering my body. A weird feeling spreads through my body, a feeling I haven't felt in many years. Happiness. I feel like a child again.

My eyes land on the potions mistress, who is sleeping on a chair next to my bed with an open book in her hand. I can't help but smile at this quite unusual sight.

I sit up and groan as I realize that my spine is still deformed and hurting. I guess even the strongest potion can't undo what has developed over more than 30 years.

"Are you alright?" Hecate rushes towards me, and I reassure her that I'm fine. The other witch wants to be sure though and casts a spell to see if everything worked out how she wanted it to.

It did. The curse is broken. I can be happy again.

Tears gather in my eyes before they roll down my cheeks, which worries Hecate. I tell her that I'm just so happy and relieved. My arms wrap around the raven-haired woman, who stiffens slightly before she relaxes into the embrace.


I have to take another potion every six moons, which Hecate happily makes, to see if everything is still fine. Somehow, the process of working on finding a cure for me caused us to grow a lot closer than I've ever been with another person in my entire life.

It scared me at first but once we opened up and let ourselves be vulnerable around each other, the fear faded away, being replaced by love and care.

Now, we're sitting in Hecate's study, reading. The raven-haired witch is positioned next to me, our shoulders touching slightly. Our hair is no longer held up in any updos, instead flowing over our shoulders in soft waves. We are relaxed in each other's company.

"Darling, I think I've read too much of this book already," Hecate whispers into my ear, causing me to chuckle.

"Don't you enjoy the erotic novella I gifted you, dear?" I smirk as a blush covers my lover’s cheek. After the curse had been lifted, I became quite playful, my personality changed a lot, especially around Hecate.

"I do enjoy it. But maybe a bit too much," she admits.

"Which part, dear? There are a few parts I quite like. Those witches in the story are quite adventurous," I purr into her ear teasingly.

The usual pale skin of my lover is now a bright pink. I love the way she is still so shy when it comes to sex after us being a couple for quite a while now.

"You look like you're in some kind of pain, dear. Let me help you with that," I whisper seductively and climb on top of her, straddling her lap.

I caress her face with my fingers before I lean in and kiss her lips gently. Her hands find my shoulder blades, pulling me closer, paying heed to not cause my back any discomfort. I bury my hands in Hecate's dark tresses, pulling ever so slightly on a few strands of hair to elicit a low moan from the witch underneath me.

A groan escapes my own lips as I feel long nails dig into the flesh of my thighs. Hecate takes this chance to deepen the kiss, letting her tongue push into my mouth to meet my own. The kiss grows more and more heated as hands start to wander across each other's bodies.

My lover hums and lets her head fall back against the couch's headrest as my left hand starts to massage her breast through the thick fabric of her dress. I take the opportunity to trail kisses down her neck while my right hand is playing with Hecate's baby hair at the nape of her neck.

"Let's take this to the bedroom," I whisper into the other witch's ear. Hecate pulls me closer, concentrates for a moment, and transfers us right into her bed. I grin down at her, placing my palms on either side of my lovers head.

The raven-haired witch's face is still flushed as she slides her hands up my back, towards the zipper of my dress. Slowly, she pulls it down, and I help her get rid of the thick black fabric. I'm now sitting on her lap in my dark purple lacy underwear, watching Hecate's eyes roam my figure.

Her hands soon follow her eyes' example and roam over my body as our lips meet once again. All the while, I unzip the witch's dress and slowly peel it off her skin, revealing its beautiful paleness.

Once her black underwear is revealed, I can barely control my urge to kiss along the seams, and I don't have to. I let my lips brush over Hecate's collarbone before following the strap of her bra. With my tongue, I leave a trail down to her sternum, loving the way my lover's breath leaves her lips in short puffs of air. Determined to hear her beautiful moans, I pull one cup of her bra down and attach my lips to her hardened nipple.

Hecate’s hands bury themselves in my hair, playing with the strands as she arches her chest slightly. I suck her breast into my mouth before circling her nipple with my tongue. The woman underneath me whines as I detach my mouth from her breast, only to moan as I switch to the other one.

Her hands slide up and down my still deformed back, caressing the part that is curved as I kiss my way back to her lips. Another heated kiss ensues, during which Hecate removes my bra, and I start stroking her stomach. I slide my hand into her underwear, and both of us moan simultaneously as my fingers meet the other witch's wet heat.

"Now, tell me. Which part of the book made you so wet, my dear?" I whisper into her ear, earning me another groan from the raven-haired beauty.

"It wasn't the book. I haven't actually read much of it. I- I was just thinking about you," she admits, flushed cheeks accompanying her statement.


Wilhemina smirks before she moves her finger lightly over my clitoris, causing me to gasp and avert my eyes from my lover's. The redhead grabs my chin gently with her left hand and kisses my lips softly.

"You know that you don't have to be shy with me, dear," she tells me, and I nod, staring into her chocolate-brown eyes. Wilhemina knows too well that the mask I wear around other people every day is only my way to hide my insecurities and fears, because she does the same.

The other witch's fingers leave my chin to assist her other one with pulling down my underwear. Kisses are placed against my neck, my chest, and my belly before Wilhemina positions herself between my legs, her hands stroking my thighs.

"You also know that I love how you can get so flustered on your own, only thinking of what I might do to you," she practically purrs. Before I can blush even harder or think of anything to say, she strokes her tongue against my lips, the tip grazing my clitoris before it disappears inside me. I moan her name loudly, arching my back off the mattress.

The redhead is way too skilled at this. Her tongue stretches my walls in the best way imaginable, gathering all the wetness it can and causing more to develop in the process. With her nose, she rubs lightly against my bundle of nerves, driving me slowly to the edge of insanity.

I whine quietly as her tongue slips out of me, only to be replaced with two of her long fingers. They are able to go deeper, reaching spots her tongue couldn't. A groan leaves my lips as the redhead curls her fingers with every slow thrust.

Her lips are soon attached to my neck. Knowing my sensitivity there, she sucks in all the right places, certainly leaving marks on my pale skin. The witch starts to thrust deeper, and her thumb moves to rub my clitoris in slow circles. My breath hitches in my throat, and I try desperately to hold on to my sanity a little longer but I can't. I tumble over the edge as Wilhemina sucks on my earlobe, her teeth grazing the sensitive flesh.

She slows down, only rubbing me lazily to help me come down from my high. I feel weightless, like I'm floating. My muscles are tired. I feel boneless. Wilhemina lies down next to me, pulling me to rest my head on her shoulder. My hand rests between her breasts as I still try to regulate my breathing. The redhead rubs her thumb over my shoulder and smiles down at me.

"Is that what you imagined, dear?" she asks, and I blush.

"Actually, in my fantasy, I was on top, pleasuring you." My words are barely louder than a whisper but Wilhemina seems to have heard them because she chuckles.

"I'm all yours, dear. Do as you please," she purrs, and my eyes widen.


I catch my bottom lip in between my teeth to stop myself from laughing as I see my lover's facial expression. She has been on top before, however, her shyness never seems to go away, which I find quite endearing.

Hecate hesitantly straddles my lap and looks down at me. Her hair forms a curtain around our faces as the witch leans forward to brush her lips against mine. The kiss is shy at first but soon the woman above me gains confidence and nibbles on my lower lip before pushing her tongue into my mouth. Both of our tongues meet in the middle fighting for dominance, a battle only I can ever win.

Her hands leave their place on my cheeks and start to roam my body, squeezing and rubbing in all the right places. Soon, both of her hands find my breasts and start fondling them before tracing my nipples lightly. I moan into her mouth, and Hecate starts to kiss my neck, sucking lightly on my skin.

She moves further south, leaving a trail of kisses on my skin. Once she reaches her destination, she looks up at me, seeking permission to get rid of my underwear, which I give in form of a nod. My purple underwear ends up somewhere on the floor, and the other witch starts to kiss my thighs. I reach out and entangle my hands in my lover's dark tresses, pulling her head closer to where I need her attention the most.

Hecate grants my request and begins to stimulate my clitoris with her tongue. I hum and close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of my lover exploring my most intimate area. She grows more and more desperate to please as she pushes a finger into my entrance, curling it in exactly the right way before adding another one with the next thrust.

I can't hold back my moans anymore. Noises leave my lips, which in any other circumstance would have me embarrassed beyond belief. But with Hecate I feel safe enough to let my guard down.

It doesn't take long for the witch to push me over the edge. My fingers are clutching strands of her hair, pulling her even closer to my center as I try to calm down. Then, I pull her head towards me and lock my lips with hers. I moan as I taste myself on her tongue, causing Hecate to moan as well.

The rest of the night is spend in each other's arms, cuddling and talking. I don't know how I deserve her in my life but I'm glad that she pushed her way through my walls and ended up in my arms. Never in my life have I known such happiness, and I'm not willing to give it up ever again.

-the end-