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The Next Day

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Calliope groaned at the feeling of something hitting her face. She was too tired to open her eyes, so she flung whatever it was to Juliette’s side.




Calliope groaned again, repeating her movements from earlier. She waited a few minutes until she thought it was safe to return to sleep. She sighed happily as she buried her face deep into her pillow.




Calliope’s eyes flew open as she scrambled to get up, looking around the room until her eyes landed on the culprit. Juliette’s hand. Calliope laughed and rolled her eyes as she shifted her body to lie next to Juliette’s, skin to skin, wrapping an arm around the vampire and kissing her shoulder. 


“Jules,” Cal whispered. “Juliette. You keep hitting me in your sleep.”


“I promise no hurt.......,” she mumbled incoherently, even though she was dead asleep. 


Calliope giggled as she kissed the vampire shoulder, trailing to her neck as her hands ran over her stomach, inching slowly toward her thighs. The hunter licked Juliette’s neck, sucking her pulse point, leaving new marks near the ones from the previous night. Her hand slipped between Juliette’s thighs. 


Juliette moaned in her sleep. Calliope chuckled. 


She got up and crawled under the sheets, turning Juliette to lay on her back as the hunter spread the vampire’s legs, running her tongue between Juliette’s folds.


Juliette’s moaned loudly, still asleep. 


Calliope smiled, as she took her time, teasing Juliette’s entrance, lightly rolling her thumb over her clit. Her other hand trickled its way to Juliette’s chest, massaging her breast, pinching her nipple, rolling her thumb soothingly to ease the pain. Calliope moaned at the wet glistening between Juliette’s fold, savouring the taste of her girlfriend. Juliette unconsciously spread her legs, giving Calliope more of what she wanted. The hunter slipped two fingers in Juliette, moaning at the way they easily disappeared without protest. Her mouth wrapped around the vampire’s clit as she thrust faster and harder, Juliette’s moans turning into panted breaths as her eyes flew open, looking up at the ceiling, hands and fingers entangling themselves in Calliope’s hair. 


Juliette came with a loud scream, legs shaking as they pressed against Calliope’s head. The vampire, breathing heavily watched her girlfriend crawl out from under the sheets, smirk playing at her lips.


Calliope kissed Juliette hard, the taste of the vampire mixing with their own taste.


Juliette pulled back and flipped their positions. 


“Your turn,” she smiled wickedly. 


Calliope and Juliette got dressed and went downstairs to join the others.


“Jesus Christ! Finally!” exclaimed Elinor. “You two are like rabbits.”


“You’re lucky our parents weren’t home,” said Theo.


“That goes for you also, Jules,” Oliver added, agreeing with Theo.


“I thought I was going to have to extend my silencing spell,” added Carmen. “Love the neck decorations, Jules.”


Juliette and Calliope looked at each other, reds cheeks, Calliope gaze specifically on Juliette’s neck which was covered in nothing but hickies. She might have overdone it a bit.


There was a knock on the door, Juliette walking and opening it to reveal her best friend.


 “Ben!” she exclaimed, jumping into his arms.


"I missed you too, Jules,” he told her, hugging her tightly. 


They went inside and joined the others in the living room, a movie playing on the TV. Juliette introduced Ben to those that didn’t know him, as they sat down.


“Are we really going to spend our Saturday watching some crappy slasher movie?” Elinor complained. 


“Hey! Halloween is a classic,” Apollo defended. Elinor rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek.


“Fine. What’d you have in mind, Elinor?” asked Theo.


Elinor smirked. 


“Chug! Chug! Chug!”


Everyone yelled in unison, as Oliver and Apollo both chugged giant glasses of beer. They tied.


Elinor mixed drinks for everyone using her own recipe, which could later prove catastrophic. But they drank it anyway. 


Juliette was in the living, having a drunk conversation with Tess, who- and this was said by Juliette herself-the coolest person she’d ever met. Maybe because they bonded over embarrassing stories of Calliope, who was next to Juliette pouting.


“Here you go, sweet little,“ said Elinor, a big grin on her face.


“Oh no, I can’t,” said Juliette, shaking her head.


“Come on, Jules. Live a little,” said the blonde. 


Juliette rolled her eyes and took the glass out of Elinor’s hand, swallowing its contents. This was the most delicious drink she’d ever had. Elinor smiled as she went into the kitchen to make more. Calliope followed her.


“What’s in it?” asked the hunter, referring to the drink.


Elinor smiled at her. “A secret recipe. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”


Calliope shook her head and left.


Juliette was on the table dancing and having the time or her life. Calliope was near to make sure she didn’t fall.


“Jules, please be careful,” she begged.


Juliette waved her hand and continued dancing.


Ben walked in and laughed. “I see you’ve met stage two of drunk Jules.”


“Huh?” asked Calliope confused.


“You’ve never-“ Ben stopped talking once he saw the confused look displayed on the hunter’s face. “Oh you have a long night ahead of you,” he said, shaking his head. “See, my dear best friend has different stages when she drinks. Stage one: Boring drunk. She’s wants to stop for the night but with a little convincing, she’s back on track. Stage two: Dancing drunk. She’ll dance anywhere and anytime for hours. Stage three: Confused drunk. Everything confuses her. Everything. Stage four: Confident drunk. Like her confidence is boosted by a thousand. She’d want to take everyone down. And stage five: Sad drunk. She’ll start crying. And stage six is unknown. But maybe tonight will change that.”


Calliope soaked up the newfound information about her girlfriend, who was no longer dancing on the table, but who was now in the kitchen hating more than one drink.


‘Oh boy’ thought Calliope.


Stage three drunk Jules came quicker than expected. She was so confused. Kept asking questions like, “Why is red so red?” or “What the hell did nine does to seven to get eaten?”


Stage four followed after three more drinks. Challenged Elinor to an arm wrestle, which she lost and then proceeded to climb the stairs and swing on the chandelier, accidentally dropping from the ceiling and landing on Oliver and Theo who both groaned in pain.


Stage five consisted of Juliette crying over a chip that fell out of her mouth and to the ground, how much she loved her family and Calliope. Then proceeded to cry that seven had no right to eat nine.


Everyone laughed which made her cry more and Calliope comforting her sad, vampire girlfriend. 


“Ok, enough of that. Let’s party!” Apollo shouted, turning up the music as everyone danced the night away.


A few hours later, the house was completely trashed and everyone completely wasted. But they still carried on.


Suddenly, the music cut.


“What the hell-” Apollo stopped talking. 


Talia, Jack, Margot and Sebastian were all near the speakers, Jack holding the cord in his hands.


“It’s been a long day,” said Sebastian.


“And we are exhausted,” said Jack.


“We are all going to go to bed,” said Margot 


“And in the morning, hungover or not, you are all going to clean this mess up because the Legacies are coming here for the meeting. Understood?” said Talia.


They shook their heads.


The four parents each went to their respective bedrooms.


Everyone was quiet.


“So,” said Carmen. “Silencing spell?”


They all shook their heads yes.


The rest of the night was filled with laughter and music. Ben and Tess were sat, deep in conversation about their favourite myths when Ben spotted Juliette and Calliope. 


They were making out. A lot. Juliette pulled back and smirked as she leaned in and bit Calliope’s bottom lip, trailing kisses to her ear, biting the lobe and whispering something.


Calliope took Juliette’s hand and pulled her toward the staircase and up, a door slamming shut a few seconds after.


‘Huh’ thought Ben. 


Who would have thought that stage six would have been horny drunk?