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you call the shots, babe (i just wanna be yours)

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It's a beautiful surprise how, despite the snowfall that hit this week, children still play outside and people walk down the street. There is a warm atmosphere this winter, which is funny considering that it's so cold outside that Ei's body is still shivering after her walk.

Ei is sure she looks like a mess right now– strands of purple hair are stuck to her face in a messy way and her nose is red just like her cheeks are incredibly flushed. She can barely feel her hands and her body is cold despite the wool coat and stockings and boots that were created to her size.

Fortunately, the Narukami Grand Shrine is really warm inside and the hot cup of tea she's holding in her hands is slowly warming the cold on her fingers.

As soon as Ei stepped into the shrine entrance, shivering from the cold, Miko quickly walked over to her to take her cold hands. Her expression was a mix of confusion and concern, but she didn't question her visit, she just sent one of the shrine maidens to bring her a blanket and a cup of tea. Of course, not before letting out a sigh and scolding her about how dumb it was to come walking in this cold.

Ei just gave her an embarrassed look as she took off her coat.

To be honest, she wasn't thinking when she came here. Her mind has been anywhere these weeks, and walking helps her to stop for a moment the gears turning in her head and clear her mind. It's definitely more effective than locking herself up to reflect and get lost in her own thoughts.

Ei is aware that Miko definitely noticed her strange behavior these days, but she probably preferred not to mention it. She must not want to pressure her to speak, or most likely she is waiting for Ei to take the courage to tell her about her problem. 

"So," Miko begins and stops to take a sip of her own tea before looking with a raised eyebrow at Ei. "What is the reason of your sudden visit?"

Ei swallows hard. 

The problem with this question is that the reason she decided to come here is at the same time the reason she has been so distracted and lost in her own thoughts these past few days.

Deep down, Ei knows it's dumb to think so deeply about it, but it has to do with Miko. Somehow, everything that has to do with Miko is important to her. The proposal that she has for Miko is important, it plays a role in the ties they have built over the years, in the mutual trust they have. She is putting all that on the line.

"Ei," Miko calls her out, and Ei snaps out of the spiral she's gotten herself into to found Miko staring at her with a frown.

Miko's eyes are so full of concern. Even if she tries to hide it as much as she can, her eyes have always betrayed the feelings she tries so hard to suppress, the vulnerability Ei knows Miko hates to show.

Ei clears her throat and allows herself to seem embarrassed. If she's going to propose the following idea to Miko the less she can do is show her own vulnerability. It's more fair like that. "Sorry. I... uh, surely you've noticed that I'd been distracted these days, right?"

"Of course I do," Miko replies bluntly. Her brow furrows slightly, and her lips press into a straight line. "You seem so deep in your thoughts, like something is eating your head from the inside. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just," Ei pauses to take a deep breath. 

Oh, she's really going to do this.

Miko quirks her eyebrows, patiently waiting for her to continue.

Ei swallows a second time and clears her throat to try to keep her tone steady and confident. "I have had this idea in my mind these days, and it was hard for me to decide if what I want to propose to you right now is correct."

There is a trace of surprise on Miko's face at first, but then her expression remains static and calm as she hums, nodding. "And what conclusion you came to?"

"I consider it's correct." Ei says confidently, her hands moving to rest firmly on her own thighs.

Miko looks at her with amusement. "Interesting," she says and takes another sip of her tea. "May I know what is this proposal of yours that you have for me?"

Here comes the hard part.

Ei lifts her chin, showing the determination she came to, and then utters, "I want to help you with your heat this winter season."

The silence that follows is deafening. 

Miko looks stunned, as if she had literally expected anything but this. She remains frozen in her place for a few seconds, and then, an incredulous giggle escapes through her lips. "You're kidding, right?" she finally asks, raising an eyebrow. "Is this some kind of payback for all the times I teased you? Because if so, good job, Ei."

Ei presses her lips together, showing no sign of hesitation. "I am not kidding. I really want to help you with your heat."

Miko seems horrified when she realizes that Ei is serious. "Ei, this is ridiculous. Why do you want to do it?"

"I know how much you suffer when you are in heat." Ei explains, frowning. Only in mating season, Miko can show herself vulnerable in the crudest way possible, and Ei knows that Miko hates not having control over herself.

"Heat can be a hassle sometimes, but it's not like I'm going to be alone through it, so it's no big deal." Miko refutes, crossing her arms.

"I know." Ei huffs out. Of course, she knows that during heat Miko usually sleeps with girls, usually her temple maidens. Ei doesn't understand why that thought bothers her so much, but she ignores it. "I don't mean that it's a problem because no one is willing to please you, but because no one manages to do it properly."

There's a threatening glow in Miko's eyes, as if she is warning her to stop right there, and Miko doesn't usually use that look with her. She only looks at her like that in special occasions where Ei is being a pain in the ass or in this case when she's talking too much about something that bothers her.

Ei rushes to explain her words before Miko jumps over the table to kill her. "I know that when you have sex with humans, you have enough self-control to not hurt them, but that only leaves you unsatisfied and frustrated because you're focusing more in them than in yourself."

The fierce look in Miko's eyes softens, and Ei takes advantage of that to drop the big bombshell, the proposal she's been thinking about for so long.

"I want you to use me, Miko," Ei starts, feeling a tickle in the lower part of her belly as soon as the words leave her mouth. "Use me for your own desire and satisfaction. You know that I can take anything, so I want you to do whatever you want with me throughout your heat."

Ei feels free after spitting all that out, like she's taking the weight of the entire world off her shoulders. Her eyes drop to her lap as she takes a gasp of air, and when she looks up again, she witnesses Miko looking completely stunned.

Miko opens her mouth to say something but nothing comes out, she seems speechless and Ei doesn't understand why her heart sinks in her chest for that. Maybe it's because Miko's cheeks are flushed, and right now she looks really different from the confident and cunning girl that Ei knows. It's almost cute. 

"Ei," Miko utters weakly before shaking her head. "I can't do that."

Ei's brow furrows quickly. "Why not?"

"Why?" Miko repeats, looking at her like she has lost her mind. "Because I can't use my God and friend to gratify my sexual desires."

"As your God and friend, I can assure you that I don't mind," Ei assures her, shrugging. "Think of this as having me as a heat partner during this mating season."

Miko seems to consider the proposal for a moment, just for a moment though, because then she purses her lips and shakes her head again.

"I don't know if that's a good idea," she murmurs, looking away.

"Miko," Ei pronounces in a soft, warm voice as she takes Miko's hands on the table and squeezes them tenderly.

Miko hesitates, but finally lets their gazes meet again.

"I just want to help you and be there for you," Ei continues, looking their hands with regret. "I haven't been with you for the last five hundred years, and more than a familiar, you are my closest and most loyal friend and... I just want to give you back everything you have done for me."

"You really flatter me, but you don't have to do anything for me. I've told you that so many times, and you still don't listen to me," Miko gently scolds her, lacing her fingers with Ei's. "You'll never really change, huh? You are still so stubborn."

"I know I'm stubborn and dumb," Ei admits, staring at the ground with impotence and frustration, "but let me do this for you."

Miko seems to understand how much this matters to Ei because she sighs. "Are you sure about this?" she asks again, and there's still a trace of insecurity as she looks at her.

Ei is too sure.

She has thought about this for a long time, wondering if she should propose this to Miko or not. She knows that Miko doesn't hold any grudge against her for abandoning her for five hundred years. Despite her teasing comments, Miko made it clear too many times that she doesn't need to do anything for her other than stay by her side. Ei can do that, and that's exactly why she finally decided to do this. She's just being a good friend.

"Really sure." Ei affirms with determination. Miko still looks unsure, and Ei huffs out. "You know how I am when I have something on my mind."

"Yes, unfortunately, I know how hard-headed you can be." Miko smiles and her gaze is soft when they make eye contact. "Then, are you really determined to do this?"

"Yes," Ei confirms again, sticking to her decision.

Miko sighs for the fourth time in the conversation. "Fine. If that's your wish, I'm okay with this."

"Really?" Ei asks, looking at her with wide eyes. "Are you really okay with this?"

"Yes. I mean, as long as you're aware of what this means," Miko squeezes Ei's hands and throws her a look. "We are going to have sex, Ei. Do you understand that?"

Ei huffs out, feeling a mortified flush creeping over her cheeks. "Of course I know. Do you think I would have proposed this to you without being aware that we're going to, you know, doing that?"

Miko returns to her usual teasing expression. "You can't even say sex, how are you so sure about this?"

"Shut up," Ei murmurs. "I know we're going to have... sex," she feels the heat rising all over her face after she says that. 

"I'm glad you can say it out loud," Miko scoffs, "but have you thought that maybe, well, having sex can make things weird between us?"

Ei draws her eyebrows together and cocks her head in confusion. "Why? It's just... sex. There won't be any feelings involved, you're only going to use me when you need to."

Miko frowns and there's an unknown feeling in her eyes. Ei can't figure out what it means, but she knows it's bad from the way Miko brushes her hand away from hers and her expression suddenly becomes serious, thoughtful, like a lot is going on in her head right now.

Guilt churns Ei's stomach, did she say something wrong?

Before she can apologize or think about her words, Miko clears her throat. "You're right, it's a simple thing."

Ei looks at her and wants to bring the previous topic to the table, but Miko cuts her off.

"Anyway," she starts, and whatever was on her eyes before is gone now. "Having cleared that up, my heat starts in two weeks, so I think we should have a long conversation about this thing to reach a mutual agreement."

Ei blinks, furrowing her brows. "A conversation? Oh, sure. That sounds reasonable."

"Great, then how about we talk about this more calmly tomorrow?" Miko proposes, getting up to stand. "Right now I have some things to do."

Ei follows her action, getting up to follow Miko who heads to the door without looking at her.

"Tomorrow," Ei repeats, stopping in front of the door. "Okay, we'll talk tomorrow."

"Got it. Now, I really do have things to do, so," Miko opens the door and shoves Ei by her shoulders out of the room, "see you tomorrow." There's an eyeless grin before Miko closes the door in her face.

And as simple as that, Ei is standing alone outside with a lot to process and a pending conversation for tomorrow.





To the surprise of many, winter has always been Ei's favorite season. She loves the freshly fallen snow and fuzzy clothes just like she loves the pink noses, cold fingers and staticky hat hair. The deeply comforting feeling of stepping into a warm room after having been out in the cold. Only now, Ei realizes how much she missed all these little things. After spending so many years in the lonely darkness of the plane of Euthymia, spending this winter in Inazuma again feels refreshing and comforting. 

The snow-covered trees look the same as they did five hundred years ago and for a moment, Ei feels as if everything is still the same as it was in those years, even though she is aware that many things have changed since the last winter. Like the fact that Miko is not longer the naive and shy girl she was before, the same one who sought her attention with silly things. Now she's shrewd, confident and beautiful, and Ei has always thought that Miko is beautiful, but over the years she has become prettier every century.

Some things have changed, Ei has noticed, and she is fine with that. 

Ei pushes her thoughts aside and clears her throat to unsuccessfully gain Miko's attention. They've decided to meet at the Tenshukaku to discuss the details as they agreed yesterday, but they'd been sitting in silence drinking tea since then and Ei thinks she's going to lose her mind if they continue like this.

"What do we need to talk about?" Ei finally asks, breaking the silence in the room.

"Oh right. We are here to talk about our deal." Miko sets the cup down in the table and looks at her like she just remembers Ei is here. "I just wanted to discuss some things about, you know, that fact that we are going to have sex."

Ei is thankful that she isn't drinking anything because otherwise she would have choked. She clears her throat and ignores the heat rising in her cheeks. "What kind of things?" 

"Well, there are a few things you need to know about my heat, so you have an idea of what are you accepting," Miko explains, looking at her nails. "For example, I'll probably be a little aggressive."

Ei nods understandingly. "Oh, that's fine."

"I can't promise to have control over myself," Miko insists. "If I don't hold back, I'm probably going to be wild and feral."

"That's the point of this thing, that you don't have to hold back."

Miko frowns. "But, I may hurt you, are you aware of that?"

"Miko," Ei says, giving her a soft look. "I know. Do you think I would have proposed this to you without knowing it?"

"No," Miko presses her lips into a straight line, still unsure.

"Stop worrying, you know better than anyone that I don't break easily," Ei huffs out. Miko looks at her for a few seconds, hesitating, and Ei gives her a reassuring look. "Seriously, it's fine."

Miko sighs, resigned. "Okay, you're fine with me being aggressive. However, I have to warn you about something more," she looks down at her feet for a moment and takes a breath before she looks up. "I might be a bit possessive. Usually I should only be possessive of my partner, but if we're going to sleep during my entire heat, I'll probably unconsciously see you as mine."


Ei feels her head spinning and her stomach churning. It's not nerves or discomfort, on the contrary; it's a hot and overwhelming feeling bubbling up inside her from the fact that she will be Miko's. "Oh... that's, uh, fine."

Miko looks at her with a raised eyebrow. "Really? Are you okay with me being possessive?"

Ei nods, scratching her cheek with her fingernail. "Yes," she confirms, but she honestly doesn't know what to do with that information. 

It's not like she's going to do anything to make Miko jealous, so probably she shouldn't worry about it.

Miko hums. "Fine. So, done with my warnings, you don't have any conditions about this?"

"Not really," Ei responds calmly. "This deal is about you, so you can do what you want with me. I guess my only condition is that you need to think only of yourself and not worry about me."

Miko rolls her eyes at that. "I get that, but... don't you really have any question or concern about this?"

"Umh," Ei tries to think and when she founds something, embarrassment washes over her. "Is it okay if I kiss you?"

"We're going to have sex and that's your question?" Miko looks at her with a mixture of disbelief and embarrassment. Ei nods shyly and Miko's cheeks slightly blushes. "Sure, of course we'll kiss."

Ei swallows. Kissing Miko– that's something new and scary, but at the same, it's almost... exciting. It's confusing, and she pushes that thought away before it opens a black hole in her mind and swallows her. "Well, that's all I could think of."

"Wow, you're terrible at this," Miko scoffs, and somehow her teasing calms down Ei. "Okay, we'll do this. But I want you to promise me something."

Ei looks at her curiously. "What?"

Miko settles into her seat and takes a breath before looking at her with a serious expression. "I don't want this to change anything in our friendship."

"Nothing will change. I promise it," Ei swears because she really doesn't understand how their friendship could change for something as simple as sex. "However. I also want you to promise me something."

Miko quirks her eyebrows, nodding for her to continue.

"I don't want you to hold back in any way during your heat," Ei says seriously. "Whatever you need, whatever you want to do, just do it."

Miko purses her lips, but resignedly, sighs and nods. "Fine."

Simple as that, Ei just agreed to have sex with Miko in two weeks.





The rest of the week goes by as normal, but with only a few days left for Miko's heat, Ei begins to feeling a bit insecure. It's not that she regrets her decision or wants to take it back, she's just scared of not being able to properly satisfy Miko. It's been so long since she has had sex with someone, probably hundreds of years or even more. Concepts like pleasure and lust are things she forgot long ago. 

And what complicates things is that it's not a mere mortal that she has to please, it is Miko– Miko in her hungriest and most needy state. 

With that in mind, Ei has been distracted and thoughtful again, so here she is, walking in the cold to cool her mind, again.

"What are you thinking about?" 

Only this time, she's not alone. Miko found her when she was about to leave the Tenshukaku for a walk and decided to tag along, following her the rest of the way. 

Their shoulders touching as they walk down the snow-filled path and Miko gives her a questioning look. "It's rude not to answer people's questions, Ei."

Ei gulps and just shrugs, feigning nonchalance. "I am not thinking about anything."

Miko pushes her body against hers, looking at Ei as if she doesn't believe her. "You're obviously thinking about something. You're spacing out like you do when you have something on your mind."

She does that? Ei frowns at that, but remains expressionless. "You're imagining things."

Ei can see out of the corner of her eye how Miko stops and stands with her arms on her waist, but she ignores her, continuing to walk until she feels something cold hitting her back. Ei turns slowly to look at Miko and blinks. "Did you just hit me with a snowball?"

"What are you thinking about?" Miko repeats, ignoring her question. Ei remains in silent, and Miko picks up more snow from the ground and forms another ball, trying to threaten her. "I know you're thinking of something, tell me."

Ei scoffs. "I am not scared of a snow–" her words are cut off when she feels a snowball hit her. Ei shudders, brushing the snow off her clothes with a huff. "Honestly... you're too old to act like a child, Miko."

Miko just smiles playfully. "Are you going to tell me what you were thinking, or do I need to hit you with another snowball?"

Ei shoots Miko a death glare. "Don't you dare."

"Or what?" Miko provokes her, making another snowball.

Ei rolls her eyes, crossing her arms. "I know what you're trying to do. I will not fall on your silly games–" the last word can barely get out of her mouth when another snowball hits her, followed by a giggle from Miko. "Okay, that's it." 

Miko throws her another snowball when Ei starts walking towards her, but she dodges it this time, smiling arrogantly when Miko clicks her tongue at that. She takes advantage of the fact that Miko is distracted to grab some snow and throwing it at her. Miko manages to dodge it, grinning at her before starting to run, and Ei frowns at that as she runs after Miko until she caught her, grabbing her around the waist. 

"Got you," Ei whispers in her ear as she wraps her arms around Miko's waist.

Miko flinches at that, but turns in her grasp to face her. "I don't think so," she mutters derisively before jumping and wrapping her limbs around Ei's body, pushing her down into the snow.

Ei growls as her body falls into a pile of snow, covering her almost completely. Her hands move to remove the snow on her face, and when she opens her eyes, she looks at Miko with a frown. "That was playing dirty."

Miko just laughs, sitting on her legs. "You're just a sore loser," she shrugs with a smile. "In my opinion, that was a smart move."

"No, it was not." Ei says between her teeth, leaning her weight on her forearms to lift her upper body. When she tries to lift her legs to stand up, Miko's weight pushes her down again. "Can you move?"

Miko just wraps her arms around Ei's neck in a death grip in response. "I'm not letting you go until you tell me what you were thinking about."

"I told you I wasn't thinking about anything." Ei says, ignoring the heat rising to her cheeks from how close she is to Miko.

Miko narrows her eyes suspiciously at her and then wraps her legs around Ei's waist tight enough for Ei to groan. "I guess we'll stay here for a while."

Ei huffs out and, putting enough strength into her arms and legs, she lifts her body along with Miko's extra weight and stand up with Miko still clinging to her body. 

Miko looks at her in disbelief. "I can't believe you did that."

Ei shrugs the best she can. "It wasn't a big deal, actually."

"Oh right, you are literally a God, of course this is nothing to you. Sometimes you are so... you that I forget that detail." Miko remarks, her voice slightly mocking.

"I'm pretty sure you just insulted me in that comment, but I don't know how." Ei wrinkles her nose, drawing her eyebrows together. Miko giggles and Ei ignores that and adds with a huff, "Besides, it's really not a big deal. You are quite light, I feel like I'm carrying a feather."

Miko snorts, hiding her face in the crook of Ei's neck. "I am going to take that as a compliment." 

Ei swallows. "Aren't you going to get down?"

"I don't want to walk, carry me." Miko whispers against her skin. Ei winces at that, breath caught in her throat.

"I didn't even ask you to walk with me." Ei complains in a stutter. Miko just tightens her grip on her legs around her and Ei feels like she's going to melt down in the ground if Miko keeps breathing down on her neck, so she quickly spits, "At least let me carry you in a more comfortable position."

Miko seems to agree with that because she gets off and looks at her expectantly. Ei rolls her eyes and gets down on one knee, keeping her back open. It doesn't take long for Miko to wrap her arms around Ei's shoulders and chest, and Ei immediately picks her up, placing her hands firmly on Miko's thighs.

"This would be easier if you turned into your fox form, you know?" Ei suggests once she starts walking.

"I want you to carry me like this," Miko answers as if that was enough. "And a moment ago you said that I'm light as a feather, so I doubt this will be a problem for you, right, almighty Shogun?"

Damn cunning fox.

Ei sighs and, resigned, carries her the rest of the way. Miko's breath is hot against the back of her head, and sometimes she feels Miko smelling her hair, but she doesn't question it too much. Ei just keeps walking until they're back at the Tenshukaku, and they take off their coats and boots at the entrance before going to her bedroom. 

The heat from within melts the remaining snow in her hair, making frozen water drip to her face. It's a bit uncomfortable and once they're inside the bedroom, Ei starts feeling wet, cold and tired.

"Your hair is soaking wet," Miko comments with a laugh, grabbing a towel from the closet to gently dry Ei's hair. 

"Whose fault is it?" Ei complains, suddenly shy for the way Miko dries her hair so gently.

"Don't be such a crybaby, your excellency," Miko scoffs, ruffling Ei's hair once it's dry. Her hands slide up Ei's arms and her brow furrows when she realizes Ei is shivering. "You should change your clothes. You're going to catch a cold."

Ei shakes her head softly. "There's no need. I'm fine."

Miko clicks her tongue, looking at her reproachfully. "Can you listen to me for once?"

Ei resists the urge to contradict Miko because she is too tired, and defeated, she begins to remove off her kimono. When she's about to take off the rest of her clothes, her eyes goes to Miko, catching her staring at her.

"Stop staring at me." Ei spits out in embarrassment.

Miko frowns and crosses her arms. "What's wrong with it? We're going to have sex, that means I'm going to see you naked." 

"But we're not having sex right now, so I would be happy if you stopped staring at me." Ei replies, pretty sure her face must be red.

Miko rolls her eyes but nods, turning around. "Fine."

Ei clutches her clothing tightly and when she sees that Miko isn't really looking, she sighs in relief and gets rid of the rest of her clothes. She changes into a black long-sleeved shirt and stays only in her underwear, wrapping herself in a blanket to warm her body.

"Done," Ei announces as she sits on the bed. Her hands are still cold, as is her entire body, but at least she's comfortable now. "Are you happy now?"

Mike turns around to look at her and nods with satisfaction. "Yes, I am," she answers with a smile. Her eyes lower for a moment and Ei curiously follows her gaze, only to notice that Miko is undiscreetly staring at her crotch. Ei quickly covers her lower part with the blanket, gulping, and Miko looks away. "I wasn't looking at it."

"I didn't accuse you of anything." Ei rushes to reply with flushed cheeks. 

"Good because I wasn't looking at anything."


"I just thought it was an interesting choice of underwear. It is seen that it is an expensive silk."

Ei groans, feeling so embarrassed she might die. "Oh, please, just stop talking."

"I'm sorry, but you're half naked from the bottom, how do you expect me not to comment on it?"

"You're the one who told me to change my clothes!"

"I didn't tell you to stay almost naked!"

"I have clothes on! Archons, I don't know what are we doing arguing. Just... be quiet for a moment, please." Ei hides her face in her hands, wanting the ground to swallow her.

Miko obeys and falls silent– at least for ten seconds and then, she clears her throat and says, "You still haven't told me what you were thinking about."

Ei shudders at that and hangs her head. "I told you it's nothing."

The room is silent for a few seconds before footsteps are hearing heading towards the bed and then, the next thing Ei feels is a lap full of Miko.

"I don't believe you." Miko utters, her gaze glued to Ei as she straddles her thighs and loops her arms loosely around Ei's neck.

Ei swallows hard, keeping eye contact for a second until it's too much, and she has to look away. It doesn't last long through, because Miko's hands slides in her face and lift it up so their eyes meet.

"Are you already regretting our agreement?" Miko frowns. Her hands on Ei's skin are a gentle, glowing burn, and it's not unpleasant in this cold temperature. "You don't have to do it if you don't want to."

Ei quickly shakes her head, not sure what to do with her own hands. "No. It's not that, really."

"Then what's wrong?" Miko asks beneath her breath, her thumb stroking Ei's cheek.

Ei lets out a shaky laugh, melting under Miko's touch. "I guess I'm just nervous," she admits, and she doesn't know what she's doing saying this. She should be strong and confident, not insecure and fearful, but with Miko on top of her it's hard to hide her emotions.

Miko stares at her with a fervent intensity, eyes shining full of something hard to understand, and then she confesses, "I'm nervous too."

Ei hums, more relieved now that she heard that– at least they both feel the same way.

Her hands that were hanging at her sides not knowing where to go timidly moves to Miko's waist and when Miko shudders at the contact, Ei pulls her hands away in a panic. 

"No, it's okay," Miko soothes her, breathing heavily. "My body feels more sensitive the week before the heat, but you can touch me." 

Ei nods and, hesitatingly, moves her hands back to Miko's waist, fingers barely brushing her body as if she's afraid of breaking Miko with her touch. "Then, umh, what do you usually do when you are in heat?"

Miko buries her face in Ei's shoulder. "Most of the time I suppress it. It's not healthy, but there's not much I can do more than, you know, sleep with someone."

Ei frowns, ignoring the bitter feeling that the last part leaves in her. "Do you suppress it?"

Miko makes a confirmation sound. "I can't do it for a long time, though. At some point, I need to have sex to calm the unbearable heat." 

"I see," Ei replies, and she can't help but wonder how Miko managed to go through this alone for so long. However, she gets distracted in the midst of the thought when Miko settles further into her lap, hugging her tighter as she buries her nose into her neck.

Ei swallows a strangled groan at that, feeling her mind go blank for a moment when Miko accidentally rubs her cock through her underwear. The contact lasts only a few seconds, but it's electric and overwhelms her so much that she has to take a breath to recover. 

"Sorry," Miko apologizes, pressing her nose against Ei's skin. "The week before heat also makes me so clingy and needy of physical contact. I hate it."

Ei exhales heavily. "Oh," she exclaims, and suddenly Miko's behavior today makes sense. "You can stay like this if you want."

Miko nods against her neck, breathing shakily, and Ei knows Miko is probably embarrassed to show herself like this in front of her, so in an attempt to comfort her, she moves her hand up to Miko's back. She spins her hands in circles as she spirals down the center of Miko's back to relax her, and it seems to work because of the way Miko slumps under her touch and sighs contentedly into her neck.

"You smell really good," Miko mentions, sniffling her, and Ei giggles when Miko's nose tickles her.

"What do I smell like?" Ei asks with a discreet smile.

"I don't know. It's sweet and familiar, like the essence you smell when you just come back from a long trip and realize you're home. That's how you smell," Miko sighs into her neck. "You smell like home."

Ei's chest tights around her lungs and her heart rise into her throat. It's bewildering, overwhelming and yet, familiar. It makes her realize that if anything hasn't changed over the years, it's the strange and confusing sensations Miko makes her feel when she's around. It's almost comforting to know.

"Sorry. I don't know what I'm saying," Miko lets out a nervous giggle against her skin.

"Don't apologize," Ei murmurs, hugging her tightly and resting her own forehead on Miko's shoulder. "It's true. I'm here. So you don't have to worry about anything, Miko, you are not alone anymore."

Miko trembles under her, but doesn't say anything and honestly, Ei wasn't expecting an answer. Right now, she only feels happy that at least Miko knows that she is no longer alone.

Ei is here– alive, solid and more determined and confident than before. Who cares if she is inexperienced and nervous, she needs to do this. She wants to do this. She is dying to do this. 





The week goes by, the temperature stays cold and just like Miko said, her heat is supposed to come around these days.

"It's pretty clockwork, it just happens," Miko explains one afternoon where they are talking outdoors the shrine. Ei has been a bit anxious the past days, wanting to be by Miko's side all the time. Miko of course noticed it and is there to reassure her every time. "I can feel it coming, but I can't predict when it will be."

"Oh," Ei frowns, nodding. She still feels impatient and scared, and Miko's response doesn't improve her constant nervous state because what if Miko isn't near her when her heat starts? Ei swallows at the thought, and before she can think it through properly, she says, "You should sleep with me this week."

Miko looks around to check that none of the maidens around them heard their conversation, and then grabs Ei's wrist and drags her to an empty place.

"Be more careful with your words in public, you fool," Miko scolds her, releasing her wrist. Ei mumbles an apology in response, feeling her cheeks flushing, and Miko crosses her arms as she raises an eyebrow. "Why do you want me to sleep with you anyway?"

Ei brings a hand to her neck. "Just in case. We don't know when your heat is going to come, so it would be better if you sleep in the same place as me. I can set a room up in the Tenshukaku for you if you want."

Miko seems thoughtful about that for a moment, but then she nods understandingly. "It makes sense, I guess. There's always the chance the heat will come early, and when that happens I'm going to be desperate for you to fuck me, so you should be near me at that moment."

Ei chokes on nothing. "Oh. Right."


She's going to fuck Miko. 

Ei feels her head spinning and a strange heat going down to her belly. It's weird, and she shifts uncomfortably in place, suddenly nervous and hot.

Miko obviously notices that, and leans against the wall behind her with a curious, playful look. "What?"

Ei gulps and trying to look tough, she says, "You just scolded me for not being careful with my words in public, but you're saying out loud that I'm going to... to–"

"That you're going to fuck me?" Miko cuts her off with a grin.

Ei feels another wave of heat hit her stomach and groans. "Stop saying it out loud," she shrieks, embarrassed at how high-pitched her voice sounds. Miko seems even more amused, and Ei coughs and fixes her tone. "Someone can hear it. Stop it."

Mike looks around with feigned ignorance. "There's no one near us, so I don't see the problem in saying it out loud. Besides, I'm trying to talk about something serious here."

Ei grits her teeth, but nods. "Fine, then keep talking."

"Thanks. So as I was saying, I'm going to want you to fuck me–" Miko continues while maintaining eye contact with her, obviously teasing her on purpose like the damn tease she is. Ei clenches her fists with her face heating up and ignores the heat bubbling up in the lower part of her stomach.

After that, they keep talking all afternoon about minor details that Ei doesn't remember because she was too distracted repeating Miko's words in her head.

By the time she's in the solitude of her bedroom, and she lets the words I'm going to want you to fuck me fully invade her head, Ei feels her heart hammering in her ears.

At this point, the fact that she's going to fuck with Miko shouldn't affect her, but it does. Her blood is pumping faster and the heat in her belly becomes more painful and then, she realizes that, to her horror, her cock is half-hard. Ei freezes on her bed for a moment and when she processes that she just got a boner thinking about her friend, she feels embarrassed of herself. 

Ei takes a breath and wanting to get rid of her boner fast, she slides her hand into her underwear, feeling her cock thicken fully in her fist as she slips her shaky fist up and down the length of it.

Suddenly, her mind is clouded with pleasure and a lot of images come together. Miko sitting on her lap, rubbing her cock through her clothes. Miko breathing hot air against her neck. Miko saying that she is going to want her to fuck her. Miko. Miko. Just Miko. It makes her cock jerks in her fist, her breath hitch as she runs her fist down to the base of her cock, imagining how would it feel to be inside Miko. Her pretty face panting and her mouth demanding more.


Ei breathes heavily, working her hand faster around herself, now fully hard. Her grip is tight, keeping a steady rhythm as she imagines Miko throwing her on the bed, feral and needy. Miko being aggressive, tearing up her clothes and manhandling her. Eyes full of desire and desperation, taking all she can of her as she uses her for her own pleasure, riding her cock. Ei whimpers at the thought and speed up the rhythm of her hand. Her skin buzz and then she lets out a choked noise when the orgasm hit her, and she comes all over her fist.

Ei tries to catch her breath back and then, she goes in trembling steps to the restroom.

Feeling dazed, confused and embarrassed because she just jerked off thinking of Miko, she washes the cum off of her hands and goes back to her room with her head down and many thoughts running through her head. Like, is it normal for her to have these thoughts about her friend? Is it normal that she came imagining Miko being aggressive and wild? 

There are many things that Ei doesn't understand right now, but one thing's for sure, somehow she feels even more terrified at the idea of having sex with Miko than before, except now she's excited too.





Ei sends some servants to prepare a room for Miko in the Tenshukaku and by the next day, Miko is already sleeping just a room away from her. 

Nothing happens the first night, which is fine. Miko leaves in the afternoon to do her chores at the shrine and take care of some Yae publishing house business, and Ei does her own duties too. The second night arrives and nothing happens again. In the third night, Ei hardly sleeps a wink from the anxiety and anticipation bubbling up in her stomach.

On the fourth night, she resigns herself that she is not going to sleep and her feet moves by themselves to the front of the door of Miko's room to check everything is fine. She's been doing this these days, stand in front of Miko's door in case something happens. It's ridiculous, unnecessary and almost embarrassing, but she is nervous and doesn't know what to do.

Ei stays there for a few minutes and when she is about to go back to her room, the door suddenly opens.

Miko walks out of the room and looks at her in surprise. "Oh, you're here."

Ei gulps and nods, shy now that she's been caught. "Oh, yes. I... I got up to go to the bathroom," she lies. "And you?"

Miko's breath is heavy and only then does Ei notice her flushed cheeks, the way her nails are digging into her thighs hard and her legs are pressed together. "I was about to go looking for you."

Ei feels a short circuit in her head

"Oh," she says, feeling she might die from the way Miko is staring at her, with so much desire and hunger. There are sparks floating up into her eyes, burning brightly in her skull, and she just wants to dive right down and swim through the fire all the way down to her soul. Ei breathes and takes a small step forward, noting the way Miko's hands shake with need. "Well, I'm here."

Miko bites her own bottom lip, digging her nails deeper in her skin, and Ei walks like Miko has her on a leash, pulling her closer and closer until their bodies are only a breath apart.

Ei swallows hard and licks her lips, noticing the way Miko tracks the motion. "What are you waiting for?"

She watches as Miko's self-control crumbles. Her eyes darken, her jaw settles and then, she breaks out, dragging Ei by her clothes into the room and closing the door behind her before long pushing her body hard against the wall. Ei's back makes a sound as it hits the material, and her gasp is muffled against Miko's mouth when Miko closes the gap between them, pressing her lips in need against hers.

Somehow, the realization that she's kissing her friend and servant Miko and in fact she's enjoying it, comes late– mainly because Ei is too lost in the feel of Miko's full, pink lips. So she just does as her body asks and allows her mouth to open, fitting perfectly against Miko's.

It's more desperation than passion, more violence than affection. Miko seems impatient, desperately seeking to feel her; her fingers curl into the soft material of Ei's clothes, pulling her closer and keeping her anchored in her place between the wall and Miko. 

Ei doesn't remember the last time she was kissed like this. It's been so long that she can't even remember the face of the person nor the way she felt. However, she knows that it didn't feel that good. She knows that no one who kissed her filled her with the desperation that wells up from Miko's touch right now.

Miko lets her hand go up and threads her fingers through Ei's hair, tugging hard so she can kiss her deeper. It's raw and wild, and it feels like she's being devoured as Miko's tongue pushes into her mouth and her teeth graze Ei's lips. It's almost like Miko is melting into her. Ei can barely return the kiss because her head is buzzing, and her arms are weak.

The thought makes her realize that she hasn't touched Miko yet. And in a momentary panic, remembering that the reason she is here is to satisfy Miko, she puts her hands on Miko's waist, pulling her close. Then the pressure of their lips becomes insistent and Ei forgets herself when Miko's tongue darts out to swipe across her bottom lip before the next kiss.

The only sound in the room is the smacking of their lips and when they part to take a breath, Ei lifts her head to meet Miko's eyes, her breath hitching. She can only imagine how wide and dazed her eyes are; in contrast with Miko's, who are dark and narrowed and fix on her with a hunger that nearly makes her shiver.

Ei can hardly take a moment to breathe when Miko is already on her again. She gasps, sinking against the wall and loosely grasping Miko's hips as she bows her head, exposing her bared neck. Then, Miko begins nibbling at the sensitive spot right on Ei's neck, fangs biting into her skin hard.

There's no shame left in Miko, only instinct. She grips the back of Ei's neck firmly in one hand, manhandling her more close so she can sit on her knee. Ei arches her back and keens when teeth sink in the side of her neck. The grip on Miko's waist tightens as Miko starts to rub against Ei's knee, leaving her little time to adjust.

Ei's fingers digs bruises into Miko's hips as Miko sucks and releases her skin with a wet snap, leaving the skin along the line of her throat sensitive before biting her like an animal would bite her prey.

Ei is barely aware of her own moans until she feels her cock getting fat in her underwear.

Oh, no.

She's already hard. So damn quickly.

It was obvious that so many years in which she was not touched were going to culminate in this way, but it's still humiliating.

Ei wants to ignore that detail and continue with what they are doing, but Miko seems to notice it too because the next thing she feels is Miko dragging her onto the bed. Miko pushes her down, and Ei can barely register the moment her back hits the bed before Miko wraps her leg over her, straddling her. And honestly, she doesn't understand how Miko can continue to act so graceful even at times like this, but there she is.

The thought does not last long when Miko's butt fits over her bulge and Ei moans at the contact. Miko leans in for another kiss then, capturing Ei's bottom lip between her teeth. She bites down hard– so hard Ei can feel the blood trickle slightly, mingling with the saliva of the kiss until all she tastes is the metallic taste on her tongue. Ei's cock trembles from the built-up arousal and the sharp pain, growing hard and hot against Miko's ass even through two layers of cloth. And fuck, why does Ei still have clothes on? Why is Miko not naked? Why is her cock so fucking hard? Why Ei is so desperate as Miko, who is in heat?


Ei separates her lips from Miko's and pulls her closer, as if she wants to breathe Miko right into her lungs, as if she wants to swallow her. She wants Miko in a holy, violent way that makes her hands tremble where they're twisted in the sheets.

"Touch me," Miko demands against her lips, and Ei follows the command immediately, grabbing Miko's ass between her hands and giving it a good squeeze.

Ei gasps as Miko grinds roughly against her cock, and that's it. She loses control of herself. Shit, she wants to touch Miko everywhere, she wants to pat her ass and run her fingers down her back and plunge her hand into her hair. She wants it so bad she can't breathe. 

Miko manages to get rid of her clothes on top of her and tugging Ei's clothing, she growls, "Off."

Ei nods and when Miko steps aside, she obediently takes off her clothes until she's just in her underwear. She looks at Miko, waiting for her to tell her what to do next, and the answer is clear when Miko hooks her fingers into the waistband of her underwear, letting Ei's cock hit her abdomen.

Miko's hungry gaze falls on her hard cock for a moment and then, she pulls her underwear down further until Ei is naked. Miko sits on the edge of the bed after that, running her hand up Ei's thigh, and the moan that comes from Ei's mouth sounds strangled when Miko takes her cock in her fist.

Ei squirms under her touch and her body arches, begging for more contact. Embarrassment makes her cheeks heat up as arousal stings through her body. She feels so hypersensitive, it's the first time in years that someone touches her like this, and it's all happening so fast. Her head is spinning, and she needs to breathe to process all the overwhelming and sudden arouse she's feeling.

Something in Miko seems to awake by Ei's trembling and panting expression because for a moment she comes back to her senses and looks at her with concern. Concern.

Ei opens her eyes and before Miko can say anything, she flips them over so easily that Miko lets out a small gasp when her body is lying on the bed.

"I'm okay," Ei assures, hovering over Miko. "I'm yours tonight, Miko – yours to use me and command me. Don't worry about the rest, just tell me what to do, and I will do it."

Something borns in Miko's eyes at her words, a new fire more devastating than the previous one. Miko is looking at her in a way that she never looked at her ever, and Ei just wants to see that look for the rest of her life. 

"I want you to fuck me," Miko finally says, needy and demanding. "Fuck me, Ei."

Ei feels her body catch fire and then her hands moves on its own to Miko's thighs, gripping them tightly before spreading her legs. Miko breathes out thinly through her teeth as she eases herself down, letting Ei's cock slowly split her open. Ei sucks in a breath as the tip of her cock slides in easy and when she feels Miko's walls flutter around her, she can't hold back the groan that tears from her throat.

Miko is tight, hot and wet, and her whole body shivers as Ei's cock slips inside her. "Fuck," she grinds out, back arched and mouth open in relief as she fully takes Ei's cock.

"Yes," Ei gasps, dropping her head to Miko's shoulder, knees skidding against the bedsheets as she begins to move in short, quick snaps of her hips. "Fuck, yes."

Ei bites her lip, gripping Miko's thighs tightly as she buries deep inside her, fucking her slowly at first. Miko moves her hands to Ei's shoulders, nails digging into Ei's skin as she gasps a near constant stream of breath sounds, high-pitched and desperate. 

"Fuck me harder," Miko growls, digging her nails into Ei's skin even deeper, and Ei does the only thing she's been doing this whole time: obey Miko.

Ei fucks her harder and Miko moans in her ear, loud and needy, her hands struggling to hold onto Ei's shoulder before finding themselves in Ei's hair, pulling hard enough for Ei to moan.

"Fuck me," Miko breathes. "Harder, dammit." 

Ei fucks her as hard as she can in a brutal rhythm, and more moans comes out of Miko's mouth when she starts to thrusting herself faster. 

"Ei," Miko moans, moving her hands to Ei's back and digging her claws into the skin.

The arousal is no longer just static, but an all-out force that works its way through her system. The churning sensation in Ei's belly runs up to her spine making her heart race and her chest feeling tight with a moan that she can't let out.

"Ei," Miko says and sounds breathless and aroused, very different from her usual self. "Ei, kiss me," she murmurs, brushing her lips over Ei's cheek. Ei's breathing is heavy, and moans quickly fall into Miko's waiting mouth.

The moment they connect, Ei feels lost with a breathy moan in Miko's mouth and that's all it takes for her to thrust herself faster, lost in the heat. Miko's unrestrained moans are muffled by Ei's mouth and Ei just feels desperate, a little addicted. All her senses are shattered, fragmented, she can only feel perfectly.


Ei is close. Her cock is full and aching, and she's desperate for relief, but more than that, she feels dizzy with the want and need to make Miko come. After all, this night is about Miko, her own orgasm is the last thing that matters.

"Ah, fuck," Miko gasps nonsensically against Ei's mouth as she keeps kissing her, running her mouth over Ei's in rough messy kisses.

Ei's thrusts start to get faster as Miko's body tenses and jerks violently against her, tightening and loosening her body around her cock over and over again. Miko's nails dig into Ei's back so hard that it bleeds, and with the sensation of sharp pain and a muffled moan in her mouth, she feels Miko coming around her cock. Miko's body relaxes inside hers and only then, she allows herself to come in an overstimulated rush. Her cock pulsing inside Miko, filling her up with cum until she's dry.

Miko's head drops back against the bed, sighing heavily, and Ei pulls out her cock off of her and collapses at Miko's side, completely exhausted.

Both of them are breathing heavily, and neither seems to want to speak. Still, the silence is comfortable enough that not a word needs to be uttered.

Miko shivers a bit, probably still affected by the heat, and there is this strange but undeniable urge within her to protect Miko, a voice telling her to protect her in her vulnerable state. Ei listen to the voice and covers Miko with her limbs, keeping her warm and safe wrapped around her arms.

Ei probably shouldn't fall asleep like this, but with her gloriously wasted body and Miko's face caressing a hollow in her neck, she can't help but fall asleep.





Two hours later, Ei wakes up and for some reason she expects to see the normal Miko she has known for hundreds of years. But instead, she's greeted again by her friend's lustful face as she swings her legs over Ei's hips and grinds herself down. Her gaze is dark, heavy and penetrating, and everything about her conveys desire.

"Oh... again?" Ei asks sheepishly.

Miko answers the question by kissing her with energy and desperation, bringing her bodies together until there is no space between them. Ei's hands lock around Miko's waist, feeling sweat dripping down the small of her back. After breaking the kiss, Miko buries her teeth in Ei's shoulder hard enough to break the skin. 

Ei's cock gets hard incredibly fast, which is a surprise considering that it should be worn out because of the fuck they had before. Apparently she can handle another round because her cock is fucking hard, and it hurts.

Miko looks as desperate as before while she lifts herself and slides in easily inside Ei's cock, sighing with relief when she's riding her. There aren't any words this time, just quiet gasps as Ei tosses her head back, digging her fingers into Miko's hips.

The second round lasts longer than the first, and Ei feels a little more in control this time, being able to set her own pace now that she's used to the wild and bestial rhythm of Miko. Despite that, she still obeys Miko all the time, letting her take as much as she wants.





The second time Ei gets up is in the morning. Daylight filters through the curtain in the room and her warm body is pressed against Miko's as her hand rests on Miko's soft abdomen. Ei inhales and exhales soft breaths against Miko's back, and Miko turns around and buries her face in Ei's neck.

"Good morning," Ei murmurs over Miko's head, her voice sounding sleepy and a little hoarse.

"Morning," Miko murmurs into her neck, giggling when Ei wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her closer. "I didn't think you were the clingy type in the mornings after sex."

After sex.

Oh, right. Last night she had sex with Miko.

Ei opens her eyes and immediately pulls her body away from Miko, feeling the embarrassment wash over her.

Miko looks at her reproachfully and slides closer to her, locking their feet together as she wraps her arm around Ei's waist. "I didn't tell you to pull away."

Ei swallows hard, but instead of complaining about it, just stays in her place, letting Miko hug her even if they're naked and dirty. Everything is new: their naked bodies pressed together, the lack of distance, the physical displays of affection, and still, it's the kind of new stuff Ei could get used to. Miko has always had this effect of making her feel comfy all the time, even in moments like these, so actually, this feels good.

Besides, Miko surely needs attention and physical contact after last night.

Last night.

"So... did I do a good job last night?" Ei asks sheepishly, realizing they still haven't talked about the fact they had sex. "Did you feel satisfied?"

Miko pretends to be thinking. "Hmm, I don't know. What do you think?"

"I think I did it well, decent at least." Ei feels her cheeks burn. "What do you think?"

Miko tilts her face to Ei's, lowering her gaze to Ei's lips, and Ei involuntary licks her own lips, feeling a sharp pain in the flesh of her bottom lip as she tastes the dried blood.

"You did it great, Ei," Miko studies her face carefully. "Just look at you... your lip," her thumb gently traces Ei's busted lip. "The hickeys and bites on your neck and shoulders," she looks at Ei's skin painted with purple and red colors. "The scratches on your back," she runs her fingers over the wounds on Ei's back, and only now Ei registers the simultaneous pain all over her body. "It's all proof that your body was mine last night, Ei."

Somehow, her words makes Ei feel a heat building up in her stomach, running down to her cock and– fuck, no. She can't get hard just for this.

"That's good," Ei clears her throat, laughing nervously. "If this is the way I can help you, I'm fine with this."

"Good," Miko purrs as she traces the wounds on Ei's back with her fingers gently. Ei hisses and winces when Miko accidentally presses a sensitive wound. "I'm sorry."

Ei shakes her head, carefree. "No problem."

Miko bites her own lip. "No, I–" she takes a shaky breath. "Sorry about last night. I was aggressive, right? I don't think straight when I'm, you know, like that." Oh, there it is, that trace of vulnerability and insecurity. "You know it's only going to get worse, right? I don't promise to behave myself in the next few weeks."

"I know, Miko," Ei soothes, giving her a reassuring look. "It didn't bother me at all what happened last night," in fact, it was almost... hot. "Besides, it's not a kind of pain I can't bear. I've been through worse things."

"Smug." Miko huffs out, without managing to bite the smile that slips on her lips. 

Ei laughs, tracing circles on Miko's bare back, almost doubting if it's okay. When she confirms that Miko doesn't seem uncomfortable about it, she keeps her hand there. "I already told you to not won't worry about me. This thing is about you. I'll be fine with whatever you want in the next few weeks."

Miko sighs, burying her head in Ei's neck again. "I would like to tell you that you can stop me when you don't want to do something, but I know telling you that is useless. You probably wouldn't stop me for worrying about satisfying me, right?"

"Right," Ei affirms without hesitation.

Miko takes a deep breath and shakes her head letting out an incredulous laugh. "You're such a fool, thinking of me over you," she leaves a kiss on one of the hickeys in Ei's neck, "a kind and cute fool." Ei shudders at that, feeling something warm and tingly churning her stomach. It's not arouse this time, it's something else – a feeling digging deep into her chest. "Those are some reasons I..." she pauses like she's struggling with her words, "I... chose to be by your side faithfully."

Ei breathes, ignoring whatever is going on inside her. "Just as you chose to be devotedly by my side the last years, now I am the one who choose to be by yours during your heat regardless of my needs but your desires. I hope you can understand me and let me do this for you."

"Sly girl, using my words to justify your foolish ideas." Miko narrows her eyes at her.

Ei just shrugs without shame or remorse. "I'm just doing this because I want to be a good friend."

Miko is silent for a moment, looking at her that way again, as if Ei had said something terrible.

Ei doesn't understand why Miko looks at her that way sometimes, as if her words hurts her. She hates not understanding what that look in her eyes means, and hates even more how it disappears as fast as it appeared when Miko lets out a laugh as she sits up on the bed. 

"A good friend? Only you could think something like that." Miko lets out another laugh, loud and exaggerated.

Ei swallows hard, frowning in confusion. "Is there something wrong with that? I'm sorry if you misunderstood my words, I just..." she tries to find the words to fix the above. "I-I consider you my closest friend– my only friend, actually," she corrects with a shaky laugh. "And you have always been there for me, all the time, either to scold me or take care of me. And you always bring me desserts and listen to me when I talk, and you're always teaching me new things every day, and... I'm getting off-topic. What I'm trying to say is that I really appreciate all the things you do for me. I-I really appreciate you, Miko, and that's why I'm doing this."

Ei is usually quite a verbal and eloquent person, so she finds herself surprised by her embarrassing stutter and lack of words. Still, Miko is looking at her as if she has said the most beautiful and devastating words ever spoken, and that's... overwhelming. Miko's cheeks are flushed, and she looks away as if looking into Ei's eyes hurts.

"Is this a special day? You're never this sentimental, Ei," Miko remarks in an overacted mocking voice as she stands up and smoothes her hair, revealing her body covered with some marks and bruises in her skin. "It's good to hear that you're finally appreciating my doings," she says condescendingly as she grabs her panties and clothes off the floor and hastily puts them on. "Anyway, is it ok if I take a shower first?"

Ei blinks and a little dazed, she nods dumbly even though she knows Miko isn't looking at her. "Uh, yes, it's okay."

"Perfect," Miko claps her hands and doesn't wait another second to run away, slamming the door behind her with a bang. 

Ei stands still in place for a moment, and then she throws herself on her back, feeling confused and frustrated, but mostly cold now that she's alone in bed.