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Coffee and confessions

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Kara Danvers was not a coffee person. She didn't need to be, caffeine didn't have any effect on her. She was aware that humans apparently adored the drink, judging by the amount of times she had to order it a day for Ms.Grant, but still she wasn't that fond of the drink. She was more of a hot-chocolat type of person. 

That changed when she met Lena Luthor, who was basically the embodiment of a caffeine addiction. Lena drank around six to seven cups a day, which did worry Kara sometimes, because she was convinced that that amount was not healthy for the average human being, but not even her, the girl of steel, dared to separate Lena from her, as she had once drunkenly put it, "caffeinated bean juice". 

And because Lena would always offer Kara coffee whenever she visited her, she gradually started to enjoy the drink. Sure, it still didn't have any effect on her, but she enjoyed it nevertheless. She enjoyed its taste, the warmth it spread in her tummy and the endless variations that seemingly existed.

So yeah. Lena Luthor completely changed her view on coffee.



"Alex. For the millionth time. Stop calling her my girlfriend. We are not together. She doesn’t even like me back."

Kara rolled her eyes at her sister's chuckle that sounded through the phone.

"My dearest dearest sister. You and your billionaire girlfriend are the only ones that think that."

"Ah yes. And how would you know?"

"I am the older gay. Means I am wiser."

Kara scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"I'll have you know I have always been very aware of my sexuality."

“Oh really?”


“I am still wiser than you.”

“You aren’t.”

“I am!”

“Alex, I swear to Ra-” 

Kara was interrupted by a light knock on her door that she knew could only belong to one person. Using her X-Ray vision, she confirmed her thesis.

“What is she doing here?” she mumbled.

“Ouhhhhh is your girlfriend coming over to visit you?”

“Alex!” Kara hissed trying to sound warning, but the laughter coming from the other line proved that she didn’t succeed.

“Have fun, but not too much fun.” Her sister announced cheerfully.

“ALEX!” She hissed again, a dark blush coloring her face, but before she could scold her sister further, she hung up, leaving Kara staring at her phone, unbelieving and definitely more flustered than she should have been.

Another light knock pulled her out of her frozen state and Kara realized that she had forgotten that Lena was standing in front of her door. She sprinted through her loft, almost tripping over the rug on the floor.


Damn it! Get it together!


So with the brightest smile she could muster up, Kara flung her door open, greeting the brunette.

“Lena! Hi. What are you doing here?”

Her friend smiled at her and the first thing Kara noticed was that it didn’t reach her eyes. She looked nervous, maybe even afraid.

“Are you ok?” She asked, worry painting her voice as she played through all the different scenarios that could’ve put her in that state.

“What? Yeah? Of course. Why wouldn’t I?” She said, but started fiddling with her hands.




That was Kara’s first instinct upon seeing Lena, but that was quickly replaced with a different thought, accompanied by the furrowing of her eyebrows.


Lena Luthor didn’t fiddle.


The blonde cleared her throat and spoke up. “No nothing, nevermind. So, what brings you to the rent-controlled part of town? Wait! I didn’t forget a lunch date, did I? Oh golly, Lena, I am so so-”

“What? No, no!” Lena chuckled a bit at her friends rambling. “No, I came here…because I wanted to talk to you about something.”

The brunette’s voice became quieter and she looked at the floor, avoiding Kara’s gaze.

“Okidoki.” The blonde sounded cheerful, relieved that Lena wasn’t hurt or in trouble. She stepped aside, signaling her friend to enter her apartment.

“Do you want some coffee?” Kara asked and for the first time since she opened the door, she saw some kind of relief play over Lena’s face.

“Yes. I would love to.”


While Kara had started bringing water to boil, Lena had settled in, taking place at Kara’s kitchen aisle.

“So, what have you been up to? We haven’t seen each other for like two weeks.” The blonde asked.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” Lena chuckled. “I just started working on a new project that allows me to work in the lab more. God, I can’t tell you how much I've missed that.”


While Lena continued rambling on about the project and all the things she had done, Kara smiled to herself. 

She loved this. Lena talking so freely about her interests. She barely got the chance to and everytime she did, she wore a smile that could light up a whole universe.

Kara also loved the domesticity of this whole situation. Lena sitting in her kitchen, waiting for Kara to prepare coffee. It somehow felt right.


“Enough about me. What have you been up to?” the brunette asked when Kara turned around to place milk and sugar on the table.

“Oh, not much, to be honest.” The blonde answered. “I am working on a really interesting article that I am excited to see published, but besides that, not much.”

Kara turned around and retrieved the mugs with the steaming hot drinks to place them on the table.

“But now, you came here to talk to me about something, right?”


And suddenly the nervous energy came back. Lena started to fiddle with the handle of her mug, raised it to her lips and looked away.

It irritated Kara a bit, but she knew that pushing Lena wasn't an option.

So Kara raised her own mug, taking a sip of her coffee.


Next thing she knew, everything became grayish and her vision became foggy.

“Darn it.” She cursed. “This damn steam always fogs up my glasses.”

The blonde placed her mug back on the table and laughed a bit.

“Just give me a second, yeah?”


With her right hand, she took off her glasses and used the sleeve of her left arm to clean off the fog.


Kara heard the thud of the coffee mug hitting the floor before she saw it. Looking down, she spotted a brownish blob of liquid spreading over her floor. "Crap", Kara thought, not even her superpowers made cleaning between the floor tiles easy. Just then she realized that Lena had even dropped her mug in the first place. Only now she looked up to find an expression on Lena's face that could only be described as pure shock. Her eyes were widened, her mouth hanging slightly agape and her hands hung helplessly in the air, in the position she had originally held the mug in.

"Lena?" Kara asked carefully. "Are you okay?"

The brunette closed her mouth, opened it again, closed it and furrowed her brows.

Kara chuckled a bit nervously.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" She joked.


No, you idiot! It's about something you don't have on your face.


Slowly, very slowly realization dawned and Kara averted her gaze from her friend and looked down at the pair of glasses she held in her hand.




The blonde looked back up again, only to find her friend in the exact same state.


What now? 

You could put them back up and play it off?

And lie even more?


Slowly and with shaking hands, Kara placed the glasses on the table and fully looked at Lena.


No turning back.

To think you were outed by a cup of coffee.

If you think about it, it’s funny.


But there was no “funny” in Lena’s expression. Just shock and clear confusion. But to Kara’s relief, no sign of hurt. Yet.


“Lena?” The blonde asked, her voice sounding hollow to herself.

“It-It’s you.” She whispered.

Kara made an awkward gesture. “Surprise?”


Finally, Lena unfroze from her rigidity. She turned and looked down on the floor.

“I totally ruined your floor.”

The blonde laughed a bit unbelievingly.

“That is the first thing that comes to your mind right now?”

Lena turned back to her, her eyes wandering over her face and then over the glasses that laid on the table.

“It’s you.” She mumbled again.


For a second, Kara feared that Lena would stand up and leave, or cry, or scream but instead, she stood up, walked around the table and stopped in front of the heroine, raising her hands and grabbing her face. 

Heat rushed into her cheeks as Lena inspected her closely.


“That explains so much.” She laughed. “Why you “flew here on a bus”. Why you never get exhausted when we do our workouts. Why you and her never appear at the same time. Heck, that even explains why you can eat as much as twelve groan humans that haven’t seen food in a week, but still look so absolutely amazingly ripped as you do.”


“You’re not mad?”

“Mad? No, not at all. A bit disappointed maybe, but I get it. I wouldn’t have told myself the truth either.”

In the blink of an eye, Kara had jumped from her chair, causing Lena’s hands to vanish from her face and had placed her hands on Lena’s shoulders. 

“Lena, please believe me that it didn’t have anything to do with you or your last name.” Kara tried to sound reassuring, but her voice was shaking.

“I trust you with my life. I didn’t tell you, because I wanted to keep you safe and because I was afraid.” The last part was spoken in a hushed whisper.

“I was afraid to lose you. You are the most important person in the world to me and I was afraid that this would change that. Change our relationship. Change-”

Her voice caught in her throat.

“Change how you saw me. I was afraid you would stop seeing me as Kara Danvers. I was afraid so I acted like a coward.”

Kara had averted her gaze to the floor.

“I wanted to tell you, I promise. I am so so sorry.”


A soft hand landed on Kara’s cheek and Lena guided the blonde's head up again and brought them to eye level. Her eyes were warm and a reassuring smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

“Kara, it's ok. I understand. A secret like this can be a challenge, I don’t blame you.”

“Is it really ok?”

“Yes. I am just a little overwhelmed that’s all. It will take a bit to comprehend this, but to be honest, you revealing your secret to me because of a cup of coffee is kind of hilarious.”

There was something in her eyes, a warmth that made Kara lean forward, aware of how close they stood, how warm Lena’s hand felt on her cheek and how intimate this moment really was. 

“Lena?” Her voice was quiet and careful.

“I- '' She started, but was interrupted by the ringing of Lena’s phone. The brunette winced and muttered a quick apology before pulling out her phone and answering it.

“Hello? Jess, is everything okay?"

With that, Kara zoned out of the conversation and brought her attention to cleaning up the mess on the floor.


"Kara, darling, I am sorry but I have to leave."

The blonde turned, to spot Lena taking her purse and coat from the coat hanger.

"Something went wrong with the prototype I was working on and I have to get to LCorp for some damage control."

The brunette threw her an apologetic look and Kara smiled.

"Hey, no worries. You go and save your invention."

But something in Kara, some insecurity, some voice of want that screamed for reassurance made her stop Lena, grip her sleeve and ask in a small voice.

“Are you really ok with this?”

To the confused look he brunette gave her, she continued.

“I mean it was kind of a dick move to hide this for so long and you and “Supergirl” had some issues lately and there is a lot of history between our families and-”


She looked up and Lena was smiling at her.

“You are still Kara to me you know? You are still the same to me. Well besides that now there are even more things I can learn from you. And prepare for me questioning the hell out of you.

Because you are still Kara and I love knowing more about you. And you will never lose me”

There was a sincerity in Lena’s eyes, a warmth.

“I am ok with this, with you being Supergirl.”


There was a pause before Lena’s face split into a wide grin.

“You could also say I am… super okay with this.”

Then the brunette took her by surprise, shifted to stand on her toes and kissed her on the cheek, lingering a bit longer than friends usually did.

“I really have to go now though.”

She threw her a wink and with that, disappeared leaving Kara standing frozen in her apartment, her left cheek tingling and a tug pulling at her heart.


Outed by a cup of coffee. Rao.



Kara almost jumped into the ceiling when her phone lit up with a message from Lena reading:


Hey. Do you want to have lunch now? I ordered from our favorite Chinese place and I wondered if you'd like to join me?


Kara had just returned from a fight that had left her annoyed and irritated. The alien she fought wasn't super strong per se, but it had been stubborn and persistent and had taken the hero more time than she would have liked. Lunch with Lena sounded like a great relief.

But with her excitement came a nervousness over Kara.


They hadn't seen each other for one and a half weeks now. Not since the "coffee incident", how Alex had lovingly put it.

No texting, no meetings, nothing. Both women had been ridiculously busy. Somehow every criminal from National City had been up to get Supergirl, leaving the blonde to hero duties and when she wasn’t heroing she was working on five articles at the same time. And Lena had spent almost 24/7 at LCorp, fixing the gone wrong prototype. Apparently the damage was a lot more severe than first anticipated. So every time someone reached out or plans were made, something came in between resulting in both parties not having seen each other for quite some time.

Kara was glad that for once they had time, but that didn't stop her stomach from turning and her palms to get sweaty. She was worried. Worried that Lena realized that she wasn't so fine with it all after all.

It was unreasonable, logically Kara knew that, but that didn’t stop Kara’s thoughts from wandering, imagining the worst.

She texted back quickly.


Yes I would love to. Give me five minutes.


The elevator ride up to Lena's office had never felt this long before. Even though Kara flew to LCorp, she chose not to enter the office through the balcony. It just felt right? To be honest she was a mess right now. She was excited to see Lena again but she was afraid. 


But there was no turning back anymore, because just when Kara considered  just  straight through the wall and away from LCorp, the elevator binged, the door opened and Jess, standing behind her desk, spotted her.


“Ms.Danvers. Nice to see you. Ms.Luthor is already expecting you,”

“Thank you, Jess.” Kara tried to give her best and brightest smile but the shaking in her voice betrayed her.

Jess raised an eyebrow but Kara walked past her, knocking on the the office door.

“Come in.” sounded from the other side and Kara took one last deep breath before entering.


The first thing she noticed was the tug her heart did when she spotted Lena. The brunette leaned on her desk and watched something on the TV that hung on the wall. When she turned and saw Kara, a bright smile crossed her face.


Kara’s heart started beating faster, her palms were getting sweaty again and 

Oh Rao, was it hot in here?


“Kara. Hi. I am so glad you came.'' She gave her a little wave.

“You know. I just saw you in the news.” Lena said and gestured at the flatscreen on her wall.

The news channel was running, showing recordings of Supergirl's latest Alien fight.

“God. It is still kind of weird to say that.” the brunette smiled to herself and a light blush colored her face. But her expression changed fast and she whipped her head around to look at Kara.

“But are you ok? I saw parts of the fight. You kind of worried me to death.” She took a quick step over to the blonde and started scanning her body for any kind of injury.

“The worst thing about me knowing is that I’ll be worried about you all the time from now on” She chuckled.


It was too much for Kara. Too much normality, too much emotions bubbling through her. Too much…Lena.


A tear started rolling down her cheek and she crossed the distance between them, pulling Lena in a bone crushing hug.

“I’ve missed you so much.” her voice was quiet and broken. “Thank you for not hating me.”


A warm hand landed on her back and Lena tightend her arms around her.

“Hey I said I was okay with this, that you could never lose me” She mumbled. “I’ve missed you too.”


They stayed like that for a few minutes, before Kara pulled away, wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“Rao. I am sorry I am such a mess.” She laughed a bit.

The brunette laid her head to the side and smiled reassuringly.

“You aren’t really. I have been ridiculously nervous about today's lunch so I haven’t really been in my right mind. Jess is having a field day with me.” 


For the first time that day, Kara was able to give a real, wide and bright, Kara Danvers smile. Then she started looking around the office.


“Now you said something about Chinese food?”

Lena laughed and shook her head.

“You are unbelievable, but yeah I did. It should be here any minute. I’ve missed having lunch with you.”

“Me too. And we have a lot to catch up on. Lena there are so many things I want to tell you about.”

The brunette smiled again.

“I am all ears. Now do you want a cup of coffee? This time without having it spill all your secrets.”

“Hey was that a pun I heard right there?” the blonde was grinning.

Lena shrugged. “I have no idea what you are talking about. Now do you want coffee?”

The blonde nodded. “Yeah I would love to.”

The brunette turned around and walked to the automatic coffee machine she stored in her office, before stopping and turning back to Kara.

“Can I ask you something?”

Kara nodded.

“I remember a conversation I had with Supergirl - no you - no I mean you before I knew you were you?”

Lena paused, raising an eyebrow and Kara had to suppress a laugh.

“Ah who cares. Anyways you told me once, that alcohol didn’t affect you. Is it the same with caffeine?”


The blonde chuckled a bit. “Yeah it is. My metabolism works a lot faster than the ones of humans, which means that I have to consume much more food than average humans and that things like human alcohol and caffeine don’t affect me at all.”

“Not to be rude, but why do you drink it then?”

“Well mainly for the taste and-” Kara stopped. Her gaze dropped, pink started coloring her face and she wondered if she should continue. But Lena’s expression was full of wonder and curiosity so she had to.

“Well…and because of you.” she mumbled half hoping Lena didn’t hear her or that the ground would open up and swallow her whole. She didn’t even know why she was so embarrassed about it.


Because you love her and starting a habit including something that has no gain to you simply because of her, doesn’t do a good job at hiding that.



The more Kara met the voice inside her head, the more she thought it sounded like Alex. Nagging and criticizing. Kara wondered for a second if that was worth thinking about further, when Lena’s voice cut through her thoughts.


“Because of me?”

The blonde gazed up and noticed she wasn’t the only one blushing. So she nodded and cleared her throat.

“Well-yeah. I never drank coffee before…you, because the people around me that drank coffee or would even think about offering me some, were aware it didn’t affect me so. And then I met you, the human embodiment of a caffeine addiction.” 

She chuckled.

“You didn’t know it didn’t affect me so you always offered me some or invited me for it and I started to enjoy it. And…well because it reminds me of you.” 

That last part was nothing but a whisper and Kara was convinced, her whole face was a deep red.

“It reminds you of me? How?”


Now you have to explain your embarrassing Lena-coffee analogy. 


Shut up, you mind voice that suspiciously reminds me of Alex.


Kara looked away.

“Well uhm you know…because…before you add anything to coffee, no milk, no sugar, nothing, it is dark and bitter. Just…like you…like your first impression that you make on others. The way you present yourself to the outside world. But when someone gets to know you. Peel off all of your protective layers. Take away all the darkness and bitterness. Basically when you add milk and sugar. Then they see just how sweet you are.”


Kara paused to take a breath and get her heart under control.


“How nice and caring you are. How amazing and complex. How…loving.”


“Loving?” Lena’s voice was quiet and Kara looked up, nodding.

Lena took a step towards Kara and the blonde fully looked at her now.

They stood close.

Really close.


“You think of me as loving?”

Kara nodded again. She hated that that was so hard to believe. That there were people that made Lena feel like she was not the way Kara described her. The blonde wished she could just gather up the courage to show Lena how she felt about her. How loving she was


Then do it.


The “like-Alex-sounding-mind-voice” was getting more and more persistent and for a moment, Kara really thought about doing that. Stepping and showing Lena how much she loved her. And it seemed like Kara wasn’t the only one.

Lena had leaned closer and if Kara would lift her hand now, she could touch her cheek. Run her thumb over her lips. Cradle her face and pull her in for a kiss.


Do it.


“Lena I-”

The door swung open and Jess swiftly entered the office, carrying some takeout boxes. When she saw the scenery before her, her boss and Ms.Danvers standing close, both looking away from each other and both blushing deeply, she realized just what she probably interrupted.

There was some mental facepalming for her bad timing, but moreover a bit of glee, because things were apparently moving forward between the two women.


“Ms.Luthor, your lunch.” 

“Right.” Lena’s voice croaked. “Place it on my table please.”


Jess nodded, put down the food and as swiftly as she had entered the room, she left it again.


An uncomfortable silence fell over the office and it took Kara a good minute to get her heart to slow down.


What the hell just happened?


"So." Lena cleared her throat, successfully breaking the silence. "Shall we eat?"



They prepared their meal in silence, arranging take out boxes on the desk brewing up coffee.

Kara scrunched her nose when Lena unpacked a kale salad she ordered.

"I will never understand how you can eat this absolute garbage"

Lena started laughing and with that the tense mood that had come over them vanished.

They started chatting and laughing as soon as they were seated on Lena’s couch.


“It is still hard to believe that you two are the same person.”

Kara gave a slight hum from herself.

“What is harder to believe, is that I was fooled by a pair of glasses.” Lena scoffed and shook her head.

“Well don’t worry a lot of people are.”

The brunette laid her head to the side and looked at Kara.

“Why is that? I mean you do look similar, how is it that a pair of glasses hides that so well?”

“Well I think it’s because no one would associate nerdy, little Kara Danvers with strong, reliable Supergirl. Those two are quite different and I’d think people wouldn’t even want for us to be the same person. They connect too much with Supergirl that Kara Danvers doesn’t have. Maybe they’d be disappointed if they found out.”

Kara’s voice became quieter and she looked away.

“Who do you prefer?”


That took Kara by surprise. No one hardly ever asked her that.


“Well yeah. Who do you prefer to be or who are you more like? If that’s ok to ask?”


A silence settled over them as Kara stared into the air, thinking.


“I don’t know.” she admitted. “I am both of them. But I have to keep them apart. In real life I share passions and goals and dreams of both of them. I think I stand between them. But I don’t prefer one over another. I’m just good old Kara Zor-El.” she joked.


This was the first time that Kara had heard Lena say her real name. It felt unfamiliar but at the same time she wished Lena would say it all over again.


“That sounds really pretty.”

Lena was smiling at her and Kara swore her heart stopped beating for a second.

She quickly turned to munch on her food, forcing herself  not to look at Lena.



She failed miserably.

After both women had settled into a comfortable silence, Kara’s gaze moved up to Lena.

The brunette looked beautiful. The light that was coming from the office balcony illuminated her in a way that was indescribable.

Then Lena took a sip of her coffee, and when Kara became way too distracted by the bob of the brunette’s throat, the way she laid her head back and started to imagine in what other situations Lena would move her head like that, she tore her gaze away, mentally cursing herself.

It was definitely not appropriate to look at her that way.


Yet Kara couldn’t hold back, so not 5 minutes later her gaze was back on Lena. For no specific reason.

They had started talking about Lena’s prototype and Kara just got lost.

Lost in her eyes, in the way her lips curved upwards when she smiled or the crinkle between her eyebrows when she talked about something clearly frustrating.



And with that the blonde was pulled out of her trance and she focused back on the conversation.


“You’re staring darling.”

Lena’s mouth curved into a smirk, while she raised an eyebrow and Kara’s throat got dry.


“Cat got your tongue?”

There was something in her voice, the way it dipped low, knowing…teasing, that left Kara with no ability to talk.

Luckily the brunette let her off the hook.

“I was wondering about something. Krypton was probably technologically more advanced than earth, right?”

Her breath hitched with the mention of her home planet.

“Yes? Why?”

Lena took a sip from her mug and then laid her head back to rest on the couch cushion and stared up to the ceiling.

“Does that mean that you are super smart? I mean science wise? I mean I have always thought I was boring you to death with all my science talk, but in reality you always knew what I was talking about right? You just couldn’t say anything so you wouldn’t blow your cover.”


Silence. That was all.


When Lena lifted her head, Kara was staring at her shoes, her hands balled into fists, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Oh god Kara I am so sorry.”

Lena had pushed herself upwards, resting a comforting hand on the blonde’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry you’re probably not ready to talk about Krypton yet, I-”

“No.” Kara sniffeld.

“No it’s not your fault. I-I’m just so sorry I didn’t tell you before. And I want to tell you about Krypton. Everything there is to tell, I just- I am not ready yet. I’m sorry.”

“Hey that’s okay.”


Kara looked back up at the brunette and couldn’t help but giggle at the sight.

“Lee. You have foam above your lip.”

Kara started full on laughing when the brunette tried to remove it with her tongue and terribly failed.

“No ,silly. Wait, here let me-”


Before she could stop herself, Kara had leaned forward and dragged her thumb over Lena’s lip, wiping the foam away.

First thing she noticed was how soft her lips felt. Secondly the huge blush that spread over her friends face, the way she parted her lips and how her breath noticeably hitched.

Third thing she noticed was how fast her heart was beating. It felt like it would jump out of her chest.


Kara should pull her hand away. She should stop, stand up and leave. 

But instead she stayed frozen. Her eyes wandered over Lena’s face and down to her lips, where they stayed. And not for the first time, Kara wondered what it would feel like to kiss Lena. To give in on the tug that was pulling on her heart. That warm emotion that bubbled up every time she saw Lena. The absolute and utter comfort she felt around her.


Directing her gaze back up, Kara realized she wasn’t the only one staring. The brunette's eyes were cast down and it seemed like she had leaned in.


Do it.


Give in.


Be happy.


Fuck it.


And so, Kara gave in. To the tug, to the warmth, to the nagging voice in the back of her head.


She moved her hand from Lena’s lip to her cheek and rested her other on her shoulder

“Is this ok?” she whispered, afraid to break the moment.

There was a slight nod and with that, Kara leaned forward and kissed her.


As an alien, Kara had experienced a lot of unbelievable and amazing things. She had seen things no human ever had, met people others never heard of and felt sensations unknown to human kind.


But kissing Lena Luthor was by far the most amazing thing she had ever experienced.

The second their lips connected, it felt like a million fireworks exploding inside her.

It felt right, it felt comforting.

It felt like home.


A few seconds into the kiss, Lena still hadn’t moved and the blonde started to worry that she had miscalculated, but just as she wanted to pull away, Lena grabbed her collar and deepened the kiss.

Lena was the first to pull away after a minute. It gave Kara the opportunity to look at her. Really look at her. 

She wasn’t looking at  Kara, but she had brought her hand to her lips and was grinning dorkily.

Her blouse was crumpled at her left shoulder and strands of hair were falling from her neatly tied bun.

“You’re staring darling.” Lena’s voice was deep and husky and it sent tingles down Kara’s spine.

Her eyes had noticeably darkened and the dorkish grin had turned into a coy smirk.

Suddenly there was a shift in the air and before she could even try to stutter a response, Lena had moved her hands from her collar to her shoulders, swung her leg over Kara and was now straddling her lap. The blonde’s brain finally short circuited now.

“Like what you see?” she asked, smirking.

Kara could only nod and with that, Lena lowered herself back down, capturing her lips again. This time the kiss was more heated. There was more movement, more contact, as if both parties were desperately trying to test out what was possible. While Lena’s hands were tangled in Kara’s hair, the blonde rested hers on the other's hip, afraid to press too hard and hurt her. Keeping control in this situation was entirely too difficult.

“We should really” she started between kisses. “Talk about- about this.”

Lena pulled back a bit and the smug look on her face was all too inviting.

“We can talk later, can’t we?”

Before Kara could even try to respond, Lena had leaned back in and this time she had used the opportunity to bite into the blonde’s lower lip, sending her brain into complete overdrive.

Suddenly, she didn’t even remember what she wanted to talk about. She didn’t care that they were in Lena’s office and that someone could walk in on them any given moment. She realized that if they wouldn’t stop soon, things would go a lot further than they should, but she just couldn’t get herself to care.

She didn’t care about anything else, only about Lena.


Lena, who she had been in love with for the better part of their friendship.

Lena who looked at her with such admiration.

Lena who made her heart beat faster.

Lena who had filled her office with flowers.

Lena who was currently sitting in her lap, getting dangerously close to-


The office door swung open and once more and Jess stepped in, looking down at the tablet in her hand.

“Ms.Luthor I just wanted to inform you that - oh my god, oh my god I am so sorry.”


The scenery that unwrapped right then and there was quite hilarious to see. Kara sitting on the office couch, with Lena still straddling her lap, both women  incredibly flushed, both looking in the same direction - at Jess, who was holding her tablet in front of her face muttering one apology after another.

“I am so, so unbelievably sorry. I’m gonna leave now. So sorry.”

And with that, the secretary left the office again, leaving both women alone.

They stared at each other for a second before bursting out laughing. Lena rolled off Kara, flopping backwards into the couch.

“Oh my god.” she gasped for air. “Jess always enters in the most unfitting moments.

“Ahh yes. The old secretary cockblock.” Kara sighed and then chuckled. “I think we just traumatized Jess though.” 

“Traumatized her.” Lena exclaimed. “Traumatized me. I can never look the woman in the eyes again.”


As the laughter died down, Kara smiled to herself.

“Actually I am quite glad she interrupted us.”

“What why? Was I moving too fast.” Lena shot up, worry painting her face.

“No, Rao no.” The bonde assured her. “I just - I would like to take you out on a date… before we do anything like that.”

“A date?”

“Yes. I mean as long as you want to.”

Lena stayed silent, a faraway look coming over her and for a moment Kara was worried that Lena only wanted a purely physical relationship, but then the dorkish grin reapperaed on her face.

“Does that mean you like me? Romantically?”


Right. Yeah. They had kinda skipped the confession part.


Kara moved her hand back up to Lena’s face and smiled.

“I don’t just like you. I have fallen head over heels in love with you.

I love you, Lena.

I have for quite some time now.”

The brunette stared at her and leaned in, kissing Kara once more. This time the kiss wasn’t heated or rushed. It was soft and chaste and Kara smiled into it.

“I love you too Kara.” Lena mumbled. “And I would love to go on a date with you.”

They spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch, exchanging kisses and giggles. Holding each other close.

And between all, that Kara Zor-El Danvers realized two things:


First: This was the happiest she had felt in a long time.

And second:


Coffee was definitely her favorite drink.