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The thing about being in power—having control—is how addicting it can be. 

Knowing that you have the upper hand in a situation, and things are going your way—

It’s the kind of thrill that Yor loves whenever she’s out on a mission. The type of feeling that sparks excitement in her blood whenever she encounters her client—the enemy—knowing she is the one in control of how their lives will turn out that night. 

It’s a feeling that Yor only experienced as ‘Thorn Princess’ while she’s on a mission and—

Loid sucks in a sharp breath when he feels her slide in a little faster than he anticipated—getting stretched open in a way that aches but in a pleasurable way.

—And when it’s just her and Loid in their bedroom. When the doors are closed, lights are dimmed, and Anya isn’t a concern since someone they trust has her for the night.

When she has him like this—on his back and laid out so perfectly for her, with his stomach that is covered in a few scars flexing with every movement of her hips rolling against his. 

When it’s just Loid underneath her—taking whatever she gives him while he has this small lift at the corner of his mouth with admiration and lust—

That’s when she also feels powerful. 

The excitement she gets when she knows Loid is letting her do mainly anything she wants to him. 

The shadow of the Thorn Princess hovers over her as she takes in the sight of someone who is considered to be the most dangerous spy—being all vulnerable just for her. 

It’s better than any kind of alcohol she’s ever had or any assassination job she had to do in the past. 

It’s enticing

Yor’s hands come up to rest on Loid’s chest—feeling it rise and fall under her palms, showing just how much heavier his breathing has gotten compared to before. 

And she uses that for balance as she pulls back, the tip of the dildo that’s attached to her harness catches onto Loid’s rim and—

Fuck—” The groan that he lets out is low, rough, and his chin tips up with his eyes going out of focus as he feels Yor burying herself inside him—reaching deeper than what he’s used to and filling him to the point that he thinks he can feel her in his throat.


“You okay?” It comes out a little breathless when Yor asks that—one hand coming up to cup his jaw gently, and she feels a little concerned that maybe it’s a bit too much this time, but—

Loid instantly tips his head down to look at her, and he lets out a small chuckle, eyes murky with desire as he wraps his fingers around her wrist. “I’m fine, love.” 

And you see, the thing is—

Loid faintly moves his head to the side and uses his hold on her wrist to guide her hand closer to his mouth. 

—Despite how dominant Yor can feel when she’s the one on top. When she gets to watch Loid get all flushed and practically control how his face contorts in pleasure as she fucks him… 

Yor watches with half-lidded eyes as Loid opens his lips a little more to let his tongue dart out—and she feels her cunt throb when he takes her thumb in his mouth, feeling the heat from his mouth paired with the wetness from his tongue cover her thumb. 

How his tongue curls around it in a way that speaks of skill—and she feels a slight shiver running past her the moment Loid begins to talk, causing his voice to vibrate around her thumb as he purrs, “You feel so good right now.”

…It’s when he starts to do that—open his mouth and let these words come out that he knows will do things to Yor—

That has her feeling like her control over this entire ordeal begins to slip—giving him the chance to make her melt for him and see her grow insanely red from his doing.

She doesn’t stop—her hips continue to move, dragging the dildo through his walls and feeling his thighs tense and relax every time she grazes over his prostate, but—

Loid kinda turns this around by hiking his legs a little higher around her waist—and he pulls her in with such force until her body is flush against his—

“Oh—” And it has Yor gasping because the impact is enough to stimulate her clit, giving it friction after her not giving it any attention at all.

Not when she’s been so focused on Loid’s pleasure and working him open for the past few minutes. 

But now that she had a taste—god, it’s enough to get her wet, aching for some kind of friction again. 

Loid rocks his hips down to meet her halfway on another thrust, and she feels her lower stomach flutter when she sees a small smirk being wrapped around her thumb as Loid gives it an indulgent suck

“You’re doing so well,” And it doesn’t help when she feels him moving her with the leg that he has wrapped around her waist, edging her on and bringing her closer to an embarrassingly quick orgasm.

God—why is she so sensitive? 

She’s barely got any stimulation from this and yet she swears she might have an orgasm if he continues like this for a bit longer.

Loid nips at the pad of her thumb before angling his head to the side with a slightly teasing lilt to his features. “But I know you can do more than that.” 

Especially considering this isn’t their first time doing this—Loid knows what Yor is capable of. 

His other hand slowly moves up her arm—spreading goosebumps and heat along her skin—until he reaches her jaw.

And his hand is so big when he wraps his fingers around her face—and he uses that to pull her closer, forcing her to slightly lean over until her face is mere inches away from his.

She’s beautiful—something Loid noticed the instant he saw her that day at the tailor shop.

He knows his wife is gorgeous—even other men would drool over her whenever he and Yor were out together. 

So it shouldn’t feel like his breath is nearly taken away when he has her so close that he can see his reflection of himself through her eyes—but it does.

It’s like a kick in the gut when he gets to take a brief yet deep look at her—it almost feels illegal that he gets to have her all to himself. 

And for Yor, with how close they are, it feels like life isn’t fair when Loid’s lips are right there and yet it feels too far for her to reach. 

But she wants to. She wants to bite onto those lips and have a taste, but he’s not letting her—

Breathing into that hot, intimate space he created between them, Yor shivers violently when she hears Loid—his voice so low and velvet-heavy—as he drawls out, “I know you can go harder.” 


Never, in a million years, did she ever think they will end up in this very position. 

If you had asked her what she envisioned her sex life would be like with Loid Forger during the beginning of their real relationship—after their heartfelt confessions for the other and the realization that this was never going to last as a mere fake marriage

Yor would’ve said something more…traditional if you will. 

The type of stuff she hears her co-workers from City Hall talk about—how the girls were always the ones receiving, taking from the man and that was that.

Nothing more, nothing new—it was just the sweet and simple act that everyone seemed to do. 

Not this

Not her wearing a harness with a toy attached to it while she uses it on Loid—fucking him and feeling so strangely euphoric by being the one on top

She would have never guessed she would be hearing Loid asking her to go harder on him—all while she has the perfect view of his cock, hard and flushed red, against his stomach, just waiting for someone to touch it.

It’s not what her co-workers would ever consider normal—

But then again—her and Loid’s lives were never really normal, to begin with. 

At least, not the secret lives that they hid from each other for so long—killing people as if it was as easy as breathing air for them.

…Until now, that is. 

Regaining her balance with her one hand on his chest, Yor pulls her hips back only to push them back in—and she stays there for a moment, grinding her hips until she hears his breath hitch and she can see his jaw clench from the intense stimulation. 

Fuck,” She can feel Loid breathe out against her lips with a moan, a satisfied smile curls his lips, “just like that. Harder.” 

And oh, she likes—no, loves—hearing him say that.

To hear how good she’s making him feel—knowing that at least she isn’t fucking up when it comes to his pleasure. 

“It’s—” Yor gulps, feeling so hot and wanting to hear him like that again so badly, “it’s not too much?”

Because if there’s one thing she realized during their marriage—she’s undoubtedly very strong compared to him. To the point where she can genuinely break him if she wasn’t careful enough.

(Which is something she had to learn that the hard way one night when Loid convinced her that sitting on his face would be fun for the both of them.

And it was—Yor still gets goosebumps from the memory alone but—

It only lasted for a moment until Yor sort of got really into it and forgot how strong she was and…


Let’s just say they were both flustered and red the next morning when Anya wouldn’t stop asking "why is Papa’s neck broken”.)

So—for her own and Loid’s sake—Yor finds herself asking for reassurance that Loid is fine during moments like this from time to time. 

Loid’s response is a gentle brush of his hands up Yor’s arms—his hands stop around her biceps to give it a reassuring squeeze as he lifts his head closer to hers. 

It takes her a split second to realize what he’s doing—and when she does—

His lips are already on hers. Soft yet demanding—wanting more with how much pressure he’s putting behind it and the presence of his tongue against her lower lip. 

It has Yor’s lashes fluttering shut as she lets out a happy sigh—kissing him back and opening her mouth to feel his tongue slide against hers.


That action alone causes Yor to slow down, her attention a little more focused on how good Loid can make her feel with just his mouth on hers—never biting on her lip too much, but it’s enough to have her breath hitching and a small, pleased noise being heard from the back of her throat. 

It’s enough to have her completely forget that she wasn’t supposed to slow down her movements—she's already prepared to fall limp against him and let whatever happens from there. 


Loid’s teeth catch onto Yor’s lower lip and he pulls on it until he hears her whimper, causing him to let go and murmur—sounding breathless but also so needy, his voice laced with a plea, “Don’t stop.” 

—He says that

It snaps her out of it, causing her eyes to go wide at the reminder that he wanted her to go harder—




Taking in a deep breath to steady herself, Yor leans back a little until she gets the view of the entirety of Loid’s face—eyes so deep that she always finds herself lost in them for a moment—as she rocks her hips back to drag the dildo achingly slow until it’s almost out of him.

And Loid merely watches with heated eyes—a hot thrill running through him—as Yor puts on this face when she tries to focus (a look that Loid can’t help but find cute, no matter the situation). 

He waits with bated breath, already a little impatient for that feeling of being full again to grow in his gut—

(It’s a feeling he never thought he would enjoy—let alone ever let himself consider the possibility of it.

But when you’re supposed to be a spy—putting on disguise after disguise—

You have to play many, many roles for the sake of your mission. 

And Twilight did find himself in some roles that required him to be more…open-minded.

Roles that required him to work for underground clubs, exposing him to practices that he didn’t know were possible until then.

It was odd at first—he felt out of place and just not something he thought he would ever participate in for himself.

He thought he would stick strictly to the mission at hand. 

That is until he met that one guy

Someone who showed him the pleasures of also being on the receiving end of things.

And Loid’s sex life kinda took a small turn from there.) 

He feels Yor’s sharp nails dig into the skin of his chest, causing him to let out a low hiss that immediately melts into a moan when she pushes back in—replacing that empty feeling with something long and thick that stretches him open in the best way possible. 

It’s mind-numbing, knocking out his senses for a split second, and thick warmth pools in his stomach the more Yor pushes in until her hips meet his ass. 

Again, she doesn’t get any stimulation from this. 

Only the slight skin-on-skin feeling and how the base of the attached dildo pushes near her clit— but it’s not enough to get her anywhere near a somewhat decent orgasm.

But that’s okay—she’s not even worried about herself right now.


Right now—

Yor tucks your lower lip under her top teeth with awe as her eyes rake over Loid’s body lying under her.

—She’s focused on that. 

The small beads of sweat that’s beginning to trickle down his chest and side of his head. 

The redness that’s blooming all over his body—how Loid’s teeth are clenched with every rough roll of her hips against him, giving him what he asked for as he takes it so well. 

She’s focused on how hard Loid is tightening around her—how it’s almost a fight to pull back with how much he’s sucking her in. 

The primal neediness that he’s displaying right in front of Yor—uncaring of trying to hide anything from her (which is such a huge contrast to how he was the first time they fell into bed together). 

And god—she wants to give him more. 

To see him lose it—to have the Loid that always seems so composed and put together—practically crumble because of her.

The next time she thrusts into him—Loid lets out a mix between a gasp and a groan, genuinely taken by surprise at the lack of restraint behind her movements. 

And it’s made all the better when she doesn’t stop—not even giving him the chance to simply breathe, leaving him with pitched breaths and his chest rising and falling rapidly. 

It’s a sight that Yor takes great pleasure in savouring as she moves away a little more, her hand moving down the expanse of his chest until she can get a comfortable grip on his thighs—watching the muscles in his stomach go to work every time she rocks her hips forward, and loving how she can watch the dildo disappear inside him. 

(A sight that she will never admit brings her pleasure out loud, though.)

Loid helps out as much as he can—chasing after that orgasm that’s been coiling inside him—by meeting her down halfway to feel more of it inside him. 

And he almost feels high off the switch in how Yor fucks him after—not only feeling the air getting punched out of him with every time she rams onto his prostate—but also seeing her get lost in it as well.

Watching her face flush the harder she goes. 

Noting that the lingerie set she has on is starting to slip off her shoulders—giving him the opportunity to let his imagination run wild.

What he plans to do to her right after this—torn between wanting to rip that set off but also wanting to fuck her with it on.

He feels dizzy with it—knowing that he’s so, so close with how tense his body is becoming. 

Shit—feels so good, love,” Loid rasps, feeling like he’s ready to let go at any moment, and Yor feels so hazy when she watches his right arm reach down to fist his cock that’s been aching and red against his stomach—how her eyes instantly follow the movement of his thumb swiping over the tip and smearing pre-cum over the head.

Yor feels the urgent need to squirm as she watches him, a whimper getting stuck at the back of her throat because she wants to feel him in her hands. 

To be reminded of how heavy he feels under her palms—the fact that she knows her fingers just barely reaches all the way around. 

And fuck—with how close together her thighs are to give herself the power to fuck him as hard as she can—her legs rubbing together constantly—

She can feel it. 

How wet she is and how some of her fluid is already leaking—causing her to feel hot in the face and swallowing hard with the need for Loid to touch her very soon. 

That she needs more than the simple contact her hips make against him—feeling the warm skin of his is good but not enough

Her mouth opens as she takes short breaths with every push forward to fuck him—determined to see him cum as her fingers dig into his skin—knowing the angle she needs to be at to ensure she stimulates his prostate. 

And she thinks he’s close—she can see it with how lost Loid’s eyes are, not even focused on her and instead, it’s clouded with pleasure.

How his moans are becoming lower and more of a rumble, curses to slip out more than what she usually hears from him—and his thighs are like iron around her, locking her in one place. 

That and—

Loid’s hand around his dick is working up faster than before—she can see how much he’s leaking from the tip and how cherry-red it is. 

And that’s when her eyes become focused on the movements of his arms—how the muscles in his biceps contract so deliciously as he works himself up, and how his hand is evidently bigger than her with how it’s wrapped all the way around his cock. 

“I—” As much as Loid loves to watch Yor fucking him—he can’t help but squeeze his eyes shut and tip his head back—breathing heavily as he feels overwhelmed from the feeling of being full and sparks of heat shooting up his body. 

He’s right there, the tension stretching so thin yet it feels so thick that he can already tell it’s going to be a powerful orgasm. 

All he needs is—

“I’m close—” She hears him groan with a throaty voice, and she watches with fascination and desire as she speeds up as much as she can without hurting him, paying close attention to what makes him twitch and what makes him moan—and she uses that to finally get him to let go.

It’s different when she gets to watch how his face twists into pleasure whenever he’s the one fucking her—when his orgasm first hits and it’s just heavy breathing and Yor’s name getting mixed into a moan that comes out of his mouth.

She doesn’t get to see the full effect of what happens when he orgasms.

Not like this.

His head hanging back—some of his bangs stuck to his forehead with his Adam’s apple bobbing that makes it so tempting for Yor to bend down and drag her tongue over it, tasting the sweetness of his skin and eliciting a shudder from Loid—while thick spurts of cum spill onto his stomach and his hand.

Yor never stops moving—she keeps at it, mesmerized by how erotic yet filthy the entire scene unfolding in front of her looks—so much so, that she swears she might actually have a small orgasm from that alone.

She doesn’t stop until she notices the gradual slowing down with his hand, and how he’s not moaning as much and it’s more just him breathing heavily—small hisses and gasps every time she shifts inside him. 

The moment she does stop—the heat quickly evaporates. 

A shiver runs down her spine and a splash of cool air hits her as they both calm down—Loid recovering from a mind-melting orgasm. 

Yor’s breathing is also a little heavy—more from the fact she was getting worked up—and she waits until Loid’s legs around her loosen so she can begin the process of pulling out

“You okay?” It’s a question that Loid breathes out quietly, still trying to catch his breath, and it’s something that causes Yor to huff out a giggle, tipping her head to the side as she looks at him.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” 

But the way Loid’s mouth pulls back into a warm smile, his eyes shining brighter again—she doesn’t need to ask. 

She’s gentle, giving his thighs and hips a small rub as she brings her hips back.

And once she’s eventually out, she catches sight of Loid’s rim, red and puffy from abuse, slick from the amount of lube she used—and she has to physically bite back a small moan that was this close to escaping out of her. 

But then she takes sight of the cum that’s still all over Loid’s torso—


She doesn’t waste any time leaving so she can retrieve a wet cloth from their bathroom, getting rid of the strap to throw in the shower for them to take care of later.

By the time she returns—she’s granted the view of Loid, naked, rising to sit near the edge of their bed, allowing her to appreciate the physique he’s managed to keep himself in.

“You should probably get up,” Yor mutters with a gentle tone as she hands him the cloth, in which Loid hums with slightly furrowed brows as he looks at her, slowly wiping off the stickiness from his skin.

“Because of the sheets,” She explains further, pulling her arm back and folding her hands behind her back. “They need to be cleaned.”

Both of Loid’s brows arches—


That is true—they do need to clean the sheets, but

“I will,” Loid tips his chin down to get a quick look to make sure he didn’t miss any spots, and once he’s satisfied that he’s clean enough—he tosses the cloth away for something to worry about later.

Yor never got to finish.

And what kind of a husband—and lover—would he be if he simply didn’t do anything about it? 

His hands find her waist, igniting heat in her chest, and he uses that to pull her closer as he simultaneously leans his head in to press a kiss right over her rib.

“Loid—” But it doesn’t seem like he’s listening, too focused on leaving a path of warmth down her stomach with his lips, kissing every bit of skin he can get until he reaches the waistband of her panties.

A little thrown off by the sudden action from Loid—Yor feels like her brain is lagging, barely able to comprehend what he’s about to do.

All she can feel are the butterflies going wild in her stomach and—

“Wait—Loid—!” Yor yelps when she feels him wrap his arms around her—pulling her in and forcing her to follow him on the bed.

He leans away until his back is hitting the mattress again—and Yor has no choice but to simply follow, her knees dipping into the mattress until she’s hovering over his stomach.

“Come here,” It’s spoken with a breathless but low, authoritative tone—something that undeniably gets Yor a little weak in the knees from it.

She follows blindly—not really registering what Loid has planned

Not until she finds herself positioned right above his face, her knees on either side of his head—

That she gets it.



Eyes growing wide with concern, Yor is quick to reach for her hair to make him look at her—uncertainty lacing her tone as she falters. “I don’t think we should—“ she pauses with a shudder when she feels Loid’s fingers coming up to faintly brush over the centre of her notably damp panties. “Remember what happened last time?”

Loid does—oh, without doubt, he does.


Loid doesn’t seem too worried as he hums, fingers hooking onto her panties to slide them to the side and keeping them there—still wanting them on so he can appreciate how the intricate lace patterns look on her skin—and feels his mouth water when he reveals Yor’s cunt, glistening with how soaked she is.


…He’s learned from that last little…incident.

He knows how to avoid that, now.

His other hand comes up to grip the back of her thigh, essentially keeping her in place.

The only warning Yor gets is Loid flickering his eyes to meet hers for a brief moment—which is enough time for her to see the change in his eyes.

How much darker it’s gotten and the hunger behind it—making her cunt throb with anticipation and her heart beat with slight worry that the same incident will repeat itself—

But he’s already diving in—his tongue rolling out to give her swollen clit one wide and wet lick, sending waves of heat up her body and she chokes out such a beautiful moan—

And his voice vibrates against her cunt, making her suck in a sharp gasp, as he murmurs, “It doesn’t hurt to try again.”

And it definitely didn’t 'hurt' when Loid manages to get out at least two orgasms from her after that.