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Kissing Practice

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Love was part of the job for Twilight.

To look into a person, to see their insecurities, their wants, and their needs, was always part of the job for him. Becoming what people needed, what they wanted, was all he needed to do to get close.

Love was just another routine for him.

Yet, love, in the context of his fake-mother and fake-daughter thing, seemed to be more stress-inducing than any of his other assignments before.

He had the (somewhat) perfect daughter. She always worked hard to make him proud, even if her grades were a little lackluster. His "wife", although a bit strange at times, had been nothing but helpful. From helping get Anya enrolled in school to help around the house, he couldn't have asked for a better surrogate mom.

But why was it that he always felt so high-strung around her? He had already proven her innocent, just an everyday department store worker. If anything she was much kinder and easier to deal with than those in his previous relationships. Yet just thinking about her now made his heart pound out of his chest.

"If you're really a married couple, then prove it! Kiss each other."

Ah right. Yuri.

A week ago now Yor's younger brother had confronted him about the truth of their relationship. It was just another relationship, he told himself then. A kiss, a simple kiss. Something he had done a thousand times and would likely do a thousand more. And yet...

"Anya's asleep."

Lloyd looked over his shoulder, lost in his thoughts he'd barely realized he'd been blankly staring at his newspaper for some time. "Oh right, thank you Yor." She smiled, sitting down on the opposite side of the couch. The fan hummed, there was nothing to be heard other than distant creeks from the neighbor's apartments.

Despite Twilight's natural inclination to always stay alert, alone with Yor, he could feel himself relax. A little too relaxed, as if to smack himself for it he took a deep breath, putting down his newspaper.

"Everything alright?" Yor piped up.

"Mm?" Lloyd swallowed, "Yes, I was thinking."

"Thinking? Was it about Yuri?"

The ever stoic Twilight once again failed as his expression dropped. "How-"

"You've seemed lost in thought since he was here last." she jest, that sweet smile of hers curling on her lips.

"Really?" That wasn't like him... "Well, I keep thinking that on his next visit he still may try and interrogate us again."

"I see..." Yor replied, fidgeting with her hands on her lap. "Well uhm--" She cleared her throat. "Do you want, to do practice..?"

Lloyd studied Yor. Her long black hair swooped down her shoulders and perfectly framed her figure. Her red ruby eyes reflected him wholly. A slight nervous sweat and pinkish blush on her face.

"Practice..?" He asked. His face relaxed, inquisitive even. His brain, however, running 100 miles a minute and screaming to the gods on what on earth she meant by that.

"Well I was thinking…" she begins, eyelashes fluttering as she looks at the floor below, "it’s inevitable we’ll have to kiss in front of people, not just Yuri…" her eyes meet Lloyd’s, a flush pink blooming on her cheeks. "So I was just thinking, maybe we could," her sleek fingers nervously pull through long wavy strands of hair, "…Practice…? And do stuff like a real couple..." Lloyd's jaw drops. "I mean w-we don't have to! You know, I just, want to do everything I can for this family, and..."

Lloyd sweats. No, they can't...something like this could devolve into something inappropriate. Even if their agreement was made on non-romantic terms, she's still a woman. So for the good of the mission, for the state, for the lives on his back and, "Okay," says Lloyd.


Their bedroom was split apart with two twin mattresses on opposite sides of the wall. They decided to go to the bedroom in fear Anya would wander out for a glass of water and interrupt the two of them, and in the safety of their room they at least had a lock and key.

The two of them awkwardly shuffled themselves to Lloyd's twin bed, the realization of the implications dawning on them both.

"Are you sure, Lloyd?"

"Yes. As you said, it's better we practice. It's just kissing, afterall, right?" Lloyd replied, placing an assuring hand on Yor's shoulder with a warm smile.

"Right, right." Yor nodded, regretting being sobber for this.

The two sat on the bed, a foot apart, shoulder square, pointed towards the door. It's fine. Kissing. A Kiss. One kiss. Ignore the steam coming off both of their heads.

A minute of silence passes.

"Yor." Lloyd speaks.


Lloyd's hand goes to cup Yor's chin, both their lips agape. For a moment they're stuck simply gazing at each other. Both of them seemingly asking if the other is sure, and yet neither pulls away. Their eyes gaze at one another, softening, wanting. Lloyd's cheeks burn as he turns his head in, closing his eyes as lips meet Yor's. Her lips are sweet, soft, and faintly taste of that night's dinner.

The kiss was only for a moment, and the two pulled away as a modest kiss should be. Yet his hand remained on Yor's chin, unwilling to break away.

"Again..?" Yor asks.

Heart thumping, he pulls her close, lips crashing together again as he feels Yor place her hand on his chest, grasping cloth to pull him even closer.

"Again," Yor asks, their lips crashing. "Again," Yor licks his lips as she begs to be let inside his mouth, "Another."

Their soft kitten kisses became more, his hand snaking itself around Yor's thin waist, pushing her down onto the bed below them as what was supposed to be a kiss or two for practice was suddenly a makeout session. Their lips locked, The desire for each other growing as Lloyd forgets in his haste that he needs to breathe. He pulls back, panting, legs straddling Yor's hips. "Hah-"

"L-Lloyd," Yor stutters, her hair strewn messily on the mattress, flushed face almost matching with her ruby red eyes. "I-I- Uhm-" The color in his face pales, a panic growing as he almost falls ass backwards while pushing himself up off of her, "I, I'm sorry Yor I, I don't-"

"It's ok- I just, ah-" She stutters a reply, arms crossed over her panting chest. Lloyd scoots himself to the other side of the bed again, his mission compromised, all because he couldn't keep it in his...pants.


Yor goes to continue, but it stops as it was hard to ignore the pressing issue facing Lloyd. Eyes agape he looks down, anxiously shutting his legs, and avoiding her gaze by holding a hand to his face to hide this shameful embarrassment. "Sorry I got carried away- I'll take care of-"

"Lloyd." She pulled his hand away from his face, pulling it down to her lap as she closes the distance, her warm thighs pressing against his own. "I don't, mind..." she replied sheepishly. "Taking care of it. As, a wife would." She whispers as her red, swollen lips lightly grazed over the shell of his ear.

Lloyd's brain crumples like a paper ball.

His adam's apple bobs, a reply: no, he'll be fine, and yet all of those words die in his throat as he sees Yor crawl over him, his body pushed down into the soft mattress below. She goes down, nestling her face into the building tent in Lloyd's pants.

"Y-Yor," He chokes, frozen from moving from the mattress he's been helplessly pushed into.

"It's ok, I'm doing this as your wife should, Lloyd." She glides open hands up Lloyd's thigh, tenderly gripping them as her breath runs hot on his clothed cock. She uses her teeth to pull down his fly and Lloyd is convinced without a doubt he's going to have a heart attack and die then and there.

Her hands pull down his grey boxers. His cock pops out readily, halfway erect and twitching with excitement. Somewhere in his mind, Lloyd remembers that he has a mission and goes to pull himself up, but Yor's hand goes down to squeeze his sack he makes such an embarrassing noise he's once again frozen with his back into the sheets.

"Just relax and enjoy it," her voice is deep and low. She takes the shaft in one hand, pulls her hair back behind her ear and puts the tip into her mouth. Her tits laid heavy on Lloyd's lower thighs. Her eyes are closed shut as she pulls the tip into her mouth, hollowing her cheeks as she pushes her hot mouth to the base. Her lips drag back to the tip, making a wet 'pop' noise. Lloyd uses all his training at spy academyTM to not just moan like a bitch.

She continues to slowly bob her head up and down, making sure to eagerly explore his cock with her tongue, licking the underside of his glans and swirling her tongue around the tip. Lloyd digs his nails into the sheets for dear life just from the sight. He /had/ the self-restraint in there somewhere to be calm and collected, but seeing Yor's pretty face with her lips wrapped around him meant it took all his self-restraint to not cum in the next five fucking seconds. "Y-Yor you really don't-"

Yor pulled her head up, a line of drool still connecting her mouth to his cock. She licks her lips, eyes half-lidded while she smirks at Lloyd unraveling below her.

"I-" Dazed eyes gaze at Yor. He tries to say something, although in his vision refocusing he suddenly sees, something. Something in her pants that implies she was even more excited than him.

Yor echos, "I...?" Tilting her head to the side, until she processes just where Lloyd is looking, and suddenly all the confidence she'd built in the last five minutes perished.

"I- I-!" She stutters, somehow even more beet red than before. Lloyd's eyes are agape. "I'm sorry-! I-" Yor goes to back away but is stopped by Lloyd who takes her hand.

"It's. It's okay," He says, bluntly.

"O-k?" she replies, dumbfounded.

"Y-Yeah I don't. Mind-" He stutters, looking at the other wall, and oh god the way he is still fucking hard during this conversation, "I- is that why the whole. Marriage thing..?"

Half of it, sure. "Ye-yeah...It's..." She stumbles, allowing herself to lay over top of Lloyd again, moving closer so their noses nearly touch. "But really, don't, mind..?"

"N-No it's fine. It doesn't make you, any less of a friend or, wife...Yor."

Cupid's bow shoots through Yor's heart hearing that, even though her leg is pressed against Lloyd's hard cock. Well actually, that's probably a major contributor.

"So do you mind, if..?" She asks, gently running her fingers across his cock eliciting a groan.

"No please, actually. Please, please Yor. Please continue," his voice melting into a whine.

"Of course." With newfound vigor, Yor smirks, taking Lloyd's cock in hand and jerking him off quickly, and Lloyd's back arches as he gasps, rutting his hips up into Yor's hand. He still tries to keep himself quiet, but moans start to slip more and more from his lips as Yor's hand works his brain to shortcircuit.

"Yor, Yor, Yor, please Yor, please I'm- I'm gonna," Lloyd pleads, trying hard to not make himself out to be an embarrassment. Yor can't help herself, seeing Lloyd's body involuntarily writhe makes her speed up the pace, squeezing his shaft, cooing, praising him for doing so well. The praise just seems to make a beeline for his cock because he can't help himself from cumming all over himself in that moment.

His hair is matted to his face, the ceiling is spinning and Lloyd cannot feel his fucking legs or the rest of his body for that matter. He can't recall the last time he came that hard. "Was that good, darling?" Yor hums, brushing the matted hair off of Lloyd's forehead.

"Y-Yes." He pants out, turning to look at Yor who is still, painfully hard. "Yor, you,"

"Ah! Don't, don't worry about it I. I'll uh,"


"You know..." She stumbles on a reply. "Uh," she makes a jerking hand gesture.



"I can, you know. For you." He swallows, vaguely insinuating while staring at her straining cock.

"Ohh." Yor smirks.


He's not entirely sure how Yor was able to convince him (nor is he entirely sure this isn't a fever dream) but not only was Yor's cock slapped against his face at the moment, but he found himself with his ass in the air and up against Yor's mouth.

"Do you know how to do it..?" Lloyd Forger would say no. Twilight, however, "Y-Yes..."

He bites his lip. Yor's cock out was large, fair to say bigger than his own, and he knew for a fact his gag reflex would kill him. Not that he cared, he was practically drooling on her cock by the time he licked it, gently stroking the shaft while giving soft kisses around the tip as it beaded precum.

Yor gripped Lloyd's ass, splitting apart the cheeks and forcing his cute, pink puckering hole to be on display for her. Without much of a thought, she took a long lick across his hole, causing him to shudder pathetically on top of her lap.

"You're so cute." She cooed, proceeding to spit on her fingers that then poked around the tight ring of muscle. It was clenched shut, clearly never having been touched before, but that just made Yor all the more excited as she pushed the tip of her finger in, working to relax the muscle.

Lloyd whined, his hand gripping her shaft hard as he kept trying to refocus his efforts on pleasing her. She softly moaned though still remained composed, "You don't have to if its too hard baby." Lloyd shook his head, being compromised like this was unusual, but he didn't want to appear this pathetic. Sucking air into his chest he fit the tip of Yor's cock in his mouth, accidentally scraping the skin against his teeth, though still trying to be good for her. Yor grunted, pushing her digit in further, prodding around to see if she could find his sweet spot.

Lloyd sucked sloppily on Yor's dick, moaning helplessly on it as he tried to move, constantly shaking as Yor pressing around in his hole made him writhe and push his hips back on her hand, which she gleefully took as an opportunity to force another finger in. Lloyd's brain melted out of his ears and stuffed with cock and fingers he thought himself ready to cum again. Though Yor decided to put her free hand around the base of his cock to keep him from cumming. He squeezed hard on her fingers involuntarily, cock buried in his throat choking him, and Yor hooked her fingers right into his prostate making him scream something completely unintelligible.

"Shh, good boy, you're doing good, shh..." She pulled her fingers out, his ass still tight, but her patience had come to an end.

She pulled Lloyd up, putting his back down on the bed again- his swollen red lips a mess of drool and precum. "You want me to stick it in raw? Or use your thighs?" Yor teased, pulling off the rest of Lloyd's clothes as he panted beneath her.

"Hahh, fuck me, please, Yor." Lloyd was at his point desperate, his cock salivating from having just been forced to stave off an orgasm, the only thing on his mind was Yor, all he wanted was her. He needed her.

Yor was embarrassed to hear that, but by the way her cock twitched she couldn't be happier.

"If you want me to stop tell me, okay? Just breathe, and relax." She smiled, splitting Lloyd's legs apart and fitting herself between them. His cock bounced against his firm stomach.

She rutted her cock against his hole, precum smearing against the entrance. Nice and sticky she pulled Lloyd's hips up, forcing her cockhead in to spear open his hole.

Ah shit. Shit. Shit she really should've prepared him more, even with just the tip it was just a tight squeeze. The strain made her dig her hands into his inner thighs, surely leaving bruises in the morning. "Hah- hurts..!" Lloyd moaned, arching his back as his chest heaved, pink nipples hard and pert on his chest.

"Look at me. Relax, okay?" Yor gently commanded, "Do you want me to stop?"

"N-No, just, please, don't move, hah.." Lloyd begged, eyes half-lidded as he tried to relax himself on Yor's cock. It was maddening. Right now Yor was the most beautiful woman he had seen in his life and he wanted nothing but to be filled to the brink with her cock and cum and he just couldn't. After a few eternal minutes, he finally felt adjusted enough and pleaded for her to continue.

Yor gently fucked him on her cock, pushing it in inch by inch, stopping and waiting as Lloyd needed to adjust. The girth of her cock made adjusting difficult, but throughout she leaned down, gently kissing him and humming praises. Lloyd was growing very much convinced that he had in fact died and this was indeed heaven.

"It's, it's in," Yor spoke, both her hands now at both sides of Lloyd's head, bottomed out inside of him as her girth forced his insides to accommodate her. "Can I, can I move? Please?" Lloyd nodded, and Yor pulled out, leaving Lloyd to whimper from the sudden feeling of emptiness. Not that it lasted, as Yor immediately rammed her cock back into his hole, and Lloyd saw stars.

"Sorry, I just," Yor starts picking up a rhythm, fucking his tight hole at a restrained pace, pulling out and ramming it back in, "Have wanted. To fuck. This tight hole. Since. We met. And," She punctuates her words with hard thrusts. Lloyd finds his back in the air, his legs falling wide and his mouth gaping open with nothing but moans spilling. "Now. I just wanna breed you. Till you can't fucking walk."

Lloyd screams as Yor suddenly thrusts into him on her cock at the perfect angle, and she's sure to pull his hips up, fucking ruthlessly into his greedy hole. Lloyd attempts to speak but it's pure babbling, nothing but a mess of moans and begging as his back gets blown out by his beautiful wife.

"Yoor ♥ Yor I- I'm cuming ♥" The vein's in Lloyd's cock bulge, his eyes roll to the back of his head and his legs are shaking in ecstasy and Yor is sure to fuck him through his orgasm. He cums all over himself, his body pulsing through his orgasm as it pushes Yor to the edge, long ropes of cum painting the inside of Lloyd's tummy. Yor practically collapses on him, panting as she pulls out her cock, thick globs of cum dripping out of Lloyd's abused hole.

Well. I mean.
I guess they did wind up practicing(?)