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Happy Birthday

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Juliette and Calliope have been through so much the past few weeks. Every day for the past three weeks, they did the same thing. Get up, train, have breakfast, train, bond with family, train, have dinner and sleep. They didn’t have time for themselves. Or dates or even to lie in bed just talk until they fell asleep. They were exhausted. But today was different. Today was special. Juliette took the last two days and planned whenever she could. She knew Calliope wouldn’t bring it up, but Juliette couldn’t let this day pass. When she was sure everything was perfect, she told her parents and The Burns of her plans, just to let them know that they’d be out and that the Guild didn’t attack and take them. When she got the green light, she smiled and ran up to her room, jumped on the bed and kissed Calliope.


“I want to go for a walk tonight. Our parents said it was okay,” she told the hunter, kissing her again.


Calliope broke the kiss. “Randomly?” she asked.


“We’ve been here training nonstop the past few weeks. It’ll be nice,” said the vampire, pecking Cal’s lips. She got off the bed and made to walk away, suddenly turning around. “Oh, and dress casually.” She added, smiling as she walked away.


They left the house a few hours later, heading into the forest as they walked hand in hand. Juliette suddenly stopped. 


“I lied. I didn’t actually want to take a walk,” she confessed. “I need you to put this on.” She held out a blindfold, causing Calliope to be confused, but she took the cloth and wore it anyway. Juliette guided her girlfriend to their destination.


“Wait here,” Juliette told Calliope. The hunter heard shuffling until Juliette came back to her and held her hand. She led her for a few more seconds until they stopped.


“You can take it off now,” Juliette whispered. Calliope took the blindfold off, blinking a couple of times to adjust her vision. Then her mouth dropped open.


In front of her, was a blanket laid on the ground, with her favourite kind of candy. There was a picnic basket and an ice cooler on the end of one side of the blanket. But that wasn’t the best part. They were on the inner edge of a cliff, where the lights of Savannah City shone brighter than ever from afar. Below flowed a beautiful lake, the moonlight shimmering onto the water, casting a glow all around. Calliope looked at Juliette, who held two champagne glasses filled with Calliope’s favourite soda.


“I know it’s a little early but, Happy Birthday baby,” whispered the vampire, handing the hunter a glass and kissing her, who was still in shock.


“You did this? For me?” Cal asked Juliette. 


She nodded her head. “You deserve it. Especially after the week we’ve been having.”


Calliope blinked back the tears forming in her eyes as she hugged Juliette tightly. She sobbed into the vampire’s shoulder as Juliette held her.


“Cal?” Juliette whispered. “What’s wrong?”


Calliope pulled back, as Juliette wiped her tears. “It’s dumb,” she said as she let out a watery laugh. “No one has ever done something like this for me before. And it’s like my brain automatically let all the emotions I’ve been holding in on overdrive to the point where everything just.....exploded.” 


“Cal,” Juliette said, cupping the hunter’s cheeks. “You never have to hold in anything. Especially with me. If you ever feel like everything’s becoming too much, we’ll talk about it. Together. Don’t ever feel like you have to pretend to be okay with me. Okay?”


Cal nodded her head, as Juliette kissed her. The hunter deepened the kiss as she shifted their bodies to lay on the blanket. Juliette broke the kiss.


“There’d be plenty of time for that later,” Juliette whispered, pecking her girlfriend’s lips. Calliope groaned.


They had their dinner and sodas and were now laying on the blanket, looking up at the sky. Calliope happily pointed out the different constellations occupying the dark heavens.


“There’s Hercules. And over there, is Lyra. And.........” 


Juliette zoned out on Calliope. She wasn’t watching the heavens above because she was looking at her own heaven beside her. The way Calliope talked about stuff that she loved made Juliette love her more. She always loved hearing her girlfriend talk about historical stuff she read, or who was her favourite King or Queen from the 1500s. Or why she preferred the Romans over the Greeks, even though she was named after one of the nine muses.


Calliope stopped talking upon feeling Juliette’s stare. She turned to face her girlfriend. 


“What?” laughed the hunter.


Juliette shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Calliope shifted closer until they were an inch apart, leaning in as she captured Juliette’s lips in a soft kiss. She deepened the kiss once more, as Juliette broke them apart for the second time that night.


“Patience, baby,” Juliette whispered. 


Calliope groaned again, lying back on the blanket, Juliette joining her as the hunter continued showing her girlfriend the constellations.


It was starting to get late, and they decided it was time to head home. They packed up their stuff and walked their way home, laughing at everything for no absolute reason.


When they got home, the house was empty. And so was the garage. Angus was taken to the Fairmont home a few days earlier, where the other Legacies were asked to meet.


Calliope offered to put their remaining food and drinks in the fridge while Juliette went up to take a shower to wash of all the dirt from being on the ground.


Forty-five minutes later and Juliette was finished, as she returned from the shower to find Calliope sitting on their bed, reading a book. She saw Juliette and smiled, as she got up and entered the bathroom for a shower.


She came out, skin dripping and hair wet, as she closed the door behind her. She looked ahead and her breath hitched.


Juliette was laid across the bed, in nothing but a little purple bow, smirking.


“Happy official birthday, sweetheart,” she whispered alluringly.


Calliope gulped, her eyes darkening, as she took baby steps toward her girlfriend. She dropped her towel, as she grasped Juliette’s thighs, bringing her to the edge of the bed.


“You got all dressed up for me?” Calliope husked, referring to the purple bow. She grabbed the vampire’s chin, forcing her to look her in the eyes. “Didn’t you, baby?” she asked again, this time more demanding.  Juliette bit her lips, nodding her head obediently. 


The hunter smiled. “Don’t move. Or I’ll have to punish you.”


Juliette nodded with a wicked gleam in her eyes.


 Calliope licked her lips, as placed her hands on either side of Juliette’s head, missing her softly. She trailed her lips to her jaw, her neck where she remained for a while, trailing to her girlfriend breasts, to her stomach and finally her thighs. Calliope didn’t want to waste anytime on foreplay. She knew Juliette was ready for her. And so was Cal. She sank to her knees, kissing the inside of her thighs, as she plunged her fingers deep into her girlfriend’s core, circling her clit with her thumb, her tongue massaging the soft flesh. Calliope moaned in content, as Juliette tangled her fingers in the hunter’s hair and pushed her face deeper, widening her legs as she arched her back. Juliette, breathless and panting, screamed Calliope’s name.


“Fuck! Yes! Don’t stop, don’t stop!” the vampire screamed.


Calliope listened to her girlfriend, swirling her tongue and thrusting deeper.


Juliette’s vision multiplied, as she screamed, her body compulsive with waves of pleasure as she breathlessly moaned Calliope’s name.


The hunter raised her head, smirking as she licked her fingers and around her mouth. She stood up, tall and proud, hovering over her girlfriend. 


“I told you not to move.” Calliope whispered, sliding between Juliette’s legs and kissing her way toward her mouth. “Now, I’m going to have to punish you for disobeying me.”


Juliette bit her lip once more, shaking her head like a good girl.


Calliope removed herself from Juliette’s body and walked toward their closet. 


Juliette hears shuffling, until Calliope walked out, harnessed in a purple strap-on. Calliope’s favourite colour.


The hunter strode toward the vampire, their mouths watering at the sights before them. Calliope lifted Juliette by her legs and threw her further on to the bed, as she climbed like toward her girlfriend like a lion after its prey. Calliope leaned down and pulled Juliette into a bruising kiss, teeth clashing and tongues fighting for dominance. Calliope suddenly pulled away and attacked Juliette’s next, causing hickies and bruises to appear. This was different from anytime they've been together. This was a need. An animalistic want. And Calliope would not deny her girlfriend any longer.


She lined the head of the strap to Juliette centre, slipping it through her folds before she slowly entered her girlfriend. They both moaned loudly. Thanks to one of Carmen’s potions, Calliope could feel as if she were actually inside Juliette. And it felt good. The warmth that immediately spread throughout her body pooled at stomach. She kept going until she was fully inside Juliette. The hunter stayed still, letting her girlfriend adjust, as she slowly thrust, Juliette wrapping her legs around her waist and pulling her in closer, causing Calliope to go deeper.


“Oh fuck,” Calliope panted into Juliette’s neck, biting her soft flesh, as she quickened her thrust, the vampire raking her nails down Cal’s back.


The hunter suddenly rose, balancing on her knees as she pulled Juliette in closer and resumed her movements, her hips pounding into her beastly. 


“Fuck! I’m so close,” Juliette panted.


“Me too, baby,” Calliope breathlessly whispered. 


The hunter thrust deeply one last time, resulting in both their world’s exploding in pure pleasure, as Juliette repeated Cal’s name like a prayer, while the hunter fell on to her girlfriend, breathing heavily. Suddenly, Juliette flipped their positions, straddling the hunter. She smirked as she raised her body and slowly sank on to Calliope, releasing a shuttering breath as this angle hit her in all the right places. Calliope watched her with dark, hooded eyes, gripping Juliette’s hips tightly. 


Juliette smirked, raising her hips and slamming down onto Calliope, causing the hunter to moan, as she buried her head deep within the pillow. Juliette placed her hands on Calliope’s abdomen, riding the hunter as her breast bounced, Calliope’s hands flying and grabbing the soft mounds, squeezing them roughly. 


Juliette set a pace, but as her climax approached, her movements became feral, as she lost the rhythm, Calliope digging her nails into Juliette’s hips, slamming her own hips upward as she was close to the edge. They screamed each other’s names so loud, it echoed throughout.


Suddenly, the door was thrown opened, several gasps being heard. 


Juliette threw herself onto Calliope as the scrambled for the sheets to cover them up.


“Calliope. Antigone. Burns.”


“Juliette. Anastasia. Fairmont.


Margot and Talia shouted in unison, Elinor, Jade and Carmen snickering behind them.”


Calliope and Juliette cheeks turned red with embarrassment. 


“Oh. My. God,” Jade said, as Carmen and Elinor held their mouths to prevent from laughing.


“We will talk about this later,” said Talia, the door frame suddenly looking very interesting.


“Get dressed. We have news to share,” said Margot, who was also feeling awkward. 


“We will talk about this later,” said Talia, the door frame suddenly looking very interesting.


“Get dressed. We have news to share,” said Margot, who was also feeling awkward.


“Happy Birthday, Calliope!” yelled Elinor and Carmen, ad Talia closed the door, Jade still slightly in shock. 


Calliope and Juliette groaned, throwing themselves back on the bed.


They got dressed and headed downstairs, to find everyone already gathered. Their mothers couldn’t look them in the eye, so they began to talk.


At the meeting, they managed to obtain information that the Guild was planning something big, and that they were recruiting new members. And that the only thing they needed to carry out this plan was Cal and Jules. 


The hunter looked at the vampire. 


They talked about their usual plans to outsmart the Guild, Carmen reminding every one of her plan to get her brother to talk. 


Once everyone agreed, they went to their rooms.


Juliette and Calliope smirked at the other upon entering their own room.


Carmen rolled her eyes and put a quick silencing spell on the room.


The rest of the night consisted on Juliette giving Calliope the gift of pleasure multiple times, until they drifted to sleep wrapped tightly in each other’s embrace.