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Pete still feels like he can’t breathe properly. 

It had been two weeks since the mission. Since he and Bradley had survived. Since they made it out of that hell hole in a barely functioning F-14. 

But Pete still woke up feeling like he was in the snow. Body cold, dragging even more blankets around his frame as he tried to go back to sleep. Nest now littered with blanket upon blanket. Anything to keep the chill in his chest away. 

They say it’s a mental phenomenon. You bond with those you survived something terrible with. 

It’s why you always see those dumb teenagers falling in love in horror movies. The fear is a common enemy. 

At first, Pete had tried to put it down to just familiar love. They had been family for so long. They were just rebuilding that bond right? 

That was the lie he had tried to tell himself anyways. 

Penny had seen the truth before he did. She had kissed him on the forehead and wished him all the happiness in the world. But she wouldn’t play second fiddle to his emotions again. Though she had promised to stay in his life as his friend and for that he was grateful. Not sure if he could lose anybody else right now. 

Tell him how you feel . She had urged but he couldn’t. He just couldn’t. 

Because he wasn’t going to have Goose haunting him. Yelling at him about how scummy he was. A nearly 60-year-old omega falling for a 30-something Alpha. For the boy, he helped raise. That he rocked in his arms when Bradley was born. 

Goose and Carole would be so ashamed of Pete.

So every day he woke up and pulled on his clothes and pretended that he wasn’t the lowest of the low. That he wasn’t in love with Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw and that his smile didn’t make Pete’s stomach feel like jelly.

Some part of him at least hoped like a coward that he could escape the man when they shoved Bradley off to somewhere else. Pete knew he could at least handle the long distance. That texts weren’t going to send him into a tailspin but life had once more kicked him in the balls. 

The team on leave for a few months. As a thank you for potentially saving multiple countries. Somehow all of them deciding to hang around this hellscape. Seeming to enjoy the heat and the ocean and being around each other. 

A pack bond forming over the course of those two hard weeks of training. Of having each others back. Of knowing it was your wingman that would get you home. 

The first real pack Pete had since Carole had left him and Bradley had punched Pete at her funeral. Telling him never to come near the Alpha again. 

It was Bradley’s first alpha command and it had shattered Pete’s already barely held together heart to pieces. 

Pete’s heart full of many little holes from years of loss. One for his father, his first alpha. One for his mother when she had left him too. A crater for Goose that still sat in his heart, When Carole had joined Goose. Pete had thought maybe he would just keel over then and there himself. It had only been Iceman from keeping him tipping over and shattering like a china plate. 

The bonds never really went away. It was impossible. Once a pack was forged, those bonds remained forever. Even if the person at the other end could no longer receive your signal or tugged back. 

It had been a habit of Pete’s for 12530 days to tug at Goose’s bond and get the dull echo of nothing back. No loving comfort that used to accompany the man’s every move. 

And for 6000 days Pete had fought the temptation to pull on his bond between Bradley. Knew he would only get hatred and a cold front back. 

That was until Bradley had saved him, had shot down the helicopter and crashed and Pete had tugged on that bond to find him. It was the only shining beacon he had in that bleak moment. 

For a single second Pete was truly and utterly alone. That everybody he had ever loved was dead and it was going to be another bond line that lead to nothing. But he had felt that reassuring but frightened brush in return and he had taken off running. 

Smelling the ocean that had embedded itself into Bradley’s skin as he had pushed the Alpha. Smelling home on his skin as he had for 17 years before he fucked up both their lives. 

Once Pete shakes off his head fog and pulls himself from his nest. He prepares himself for the day. A coffee first, the crisp tones warming up his tongue and turning on his brain. Then he watches the morning news as he gets ready. 

Going through the habit of checking his phone and pushing the hurt away when there’s still no new notification from Iceman. Not wanting to focus on that right now. 

Before he can put his phone down, he gets a text about the children heading to the beach for another day of messing around in the sand and watching the water brush up against the bay. 

Throwing out an offer for him to join them. 

So Pete grabs his beach towel, sunscreen and straps his cooler onto the back of his bike. Filling it with beer and soda. Throwing in a few ginger ales for the only other omega in the pack. Bob loving the stuff. 

And as much as Pete had fought for years against his nature. He had found a pack of his own again and he couldn’t help but want to take care of them. Make them happy. Make them smile. 

Just like he used to buy Carole fruit gushers whenever he saw them in-store or grabbed Bradley a new toy plane every time he found a new one. 

No matter how much the military had tried to beat the omega out of him, some of it had always remained. 

Javy is by his side the second he's slides off the bike, moving to unstrap and carry the cooler for him. Pete throwing out a thanks. 

Happily taking up his normal chair in the sun. Letting it warm his bones as he watches as the others either run around playing some variant of tag. It mainly just seems like an excuse for the Alpha’s to tackle each other. 

Natasha, Harvard and Halo had cornered Fanboy and were currently trying to bury him in the sand. His body packed in as they laughed at him. 

Bob hiding under the umbrella with Pete, a book in his hands. Both content just to watch the rest of them be idiots. 

Pete eventually calls them in with the promise of food. Holding out the cash for Payback and Fanboy to go get them some hot dogs and buns and soon enough Pete is happily feeding his pack. Dumping the hot dogs onto the grill that Penny had let him steal and turning to count heads. 

Realising then that two are missing. 

He should have noticed really but he was still on his ignoring the squelching in his heart every time he saw Bradley bender and hadn’t even realised the boy wasn’t among the pack and neither was Hangman. 

“Where’s Hangman?” He calls out. Knowing Javy would know the answer. 

“Uhh said he wanted to sleep in. That he had a hangover. He’s a pussy Mav” Coyote snickers as he helps Omaha butter the buns. 

“Says the man who pissed himself at the sight of a bee the other day,” A voice says. Pete turns to see Hangman and Bradley walking toward them. 

Already in their board shorts, shirts still in place. Both smiled like they owned the world. Ahh to be a cocky 30-year-old again. 

“It was a wasp!” Javy bites back.

“And you call yourself an alpha” Hangman barks. Laughter filtering through his voice. 

“I’m more alpha than you!”

And so sets about a small stand-off between the pair. The others watching a little wary. Knowing how quickly a joke can turn into a real fight but after a few seconds both Alpha’s start laughing. 

Javy pats Jake on the shoulder and that’s the end of their ‘tiff’. Pete calls for the children to line up for food. Laughing a little when Bob is pushed to the front of the line. 

Pete has already set his own aside, handing Bob his before he steps back and he watches the Alphas turn into true animals. Shoving each other out of the way to get to the food. 

Bob rolling his eyes, only to smile when Natasha brings him over another hot dog atop her three. Setting it on his plate with a haughty smile on her face. Bob pressed a kiss to her cheek in return. 

While she might be the least likely to think with her knot. It didn’t stop her from being an Alpha and wanting to treat her mate right. Pete unable not to smile at the sight. 

His own Omega poking its head up, wondering why he had left it alone for so long. 

Pete just quashes it down and sets about eating. Before one of the alphas tries giving him those horrific puppy dog eyes and he's giving up the last half of his hot dog. 

“So Brad. Where were you all morning?” Harvard asks just to make conversation. 

“Bronco decided to throw a tantrum again, had grease up to my pits trying to get Beasty working” Bradley explains. 

“I think it’s time for you to let Beasty go Roos” Someone else points out. 

Bradley stared at them in agape horror. 

“Never. Not until she literally can’t move another mile.” 

“Surely she’s had to do like a million miles now, what with your dad owning her before right?” 

Pete trying to keep his eyes away from Bradley, away from the mustard he has yet to lick off his moustache. Fighting every fibre of his being not to reach out and wipe it off. Or god forbid lick it off. 

Begging himself to get it together. That he can’t keep doing to himself. 

That he had made his choice a long time ago. 

And yet as the sun continues to move towards the water. Sinking beneath the waves and casting its beautiful glow out across the water. Pete feels like he's going to be physically sick if he doesn’t say it out loud.

The worst Bradley does is laugh it off and think it's some joke but at least it’ll be out there. At least Pete won’t be obsessing over it day and night. It might quell the ache in his hands, the need to reach out and touch the bronze alpha. To hold him close and never let him go again. 

The others clear off slowly as tiredness takes hold. Full of beer and food and warm from a day in the sun. Until finally, it’s only five of them left. 

Jake is closest to the water, watching it with quiet fascination. Trying to skip what rocks he can find into the crashing waves. 

Bob and Natasha curled up together and talking quietly amongst themselves. 

So it’s just Bradley and Pete sitting on the sand and watching the sunset. Occasionally stealing looks at each other but both refuse to say something. Bradley has made himself a tiny little sandcastle. A fortress with a moat. 

“Hey, can we talk about something?”

“I want to tell you something” 

They both end up speaking at the same time. Bradley let out the softest laugh and that's when Pete sees it. 

Mouth going dry and his hands turn to fists as he takes in the mating mark on Bradley's neck, Bradley pulling down his shirt collar just a little to show it off. Fresh as a daisy and when Pete breathes in he can smell it. 

Soft fields of wheat now come from the Alpha. Where there once only been ocean.

“Go ahead” Pete whispers, dreading those words. 

But they come out of Bradley anyways. 

“Me and Han...Uh, Jake and I are mates, we kinda overslept this morning. We don’t want to tell the gang yet but I thought you should know first. You know being our leader” 

Two weeks, three days and 19 hours after figuring out that Pete loved Bradley, his lungs stop working. His heart stops beating, instead crumbling to dust between his fingers and all he can muster up is a smile.

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Pete hears Bradley talking. He hears it and some part of him understands but right now all he can hear is his omega whining. 

He’d been rejected before. When he was 16, when he was a dumb teenager who fell in love with any alpha that made his thighs clench and his heart race. Which happened to be everybody back then. 

He had his fair share of rejections. Just as he rejected a few of them as well. It was normal. 

But this was different. This was plenty different. The only time he could even think of feeling this hurt after a rejection was when he had presented himself to Iceman. Sometime after Goose’s funeral, sometime after they had become wingmen. He had been drunk at the time. Stupid and mourning. Wanting someone to take care of him for once. 

Iceman had been polite and let him down gently but that didn’t stop the sting of rejection. Like someone had popped the last remaining shred of hope in his chest but it was Iceman. So he couldn’t even be mad. Iceman did love him. Just in that fraternal way. 

Speaking of the dead man. He’s probably sitting on his white fluffy cloud and fighting back laughter at this horrid situation that Pete himself is into. 

Pete mentally shakes his head. Realising that Bradley is still talking. 

“...ow it’s weird. Two alphas together. But we really work well together and we talked about it heaps beforehand. It’s not like a spur-of-the-moment thing you know and anyways. What did you want to tell me?” Bradley asks. 

Smile so bright and bold that Maverick can’t even be angry. As much as his omega is currently screaming for him to rage. To throw a fit. To rub sand in Jake’s eyes. He wasn’t going to act like a child. 

“It’s not important. Just gonna ask if you want to come and have a beer at my place. Watch the game...Jake can come!” He tacks on the end before he can help himself. 

The thought of the enemy currently stepping into his territory wasn’t a welcome one but he pushes that thought aside. Jake was not the enemy. His Omega just needed to shut the hell up. 

“Sounds sweet. What about Phoenix and Bob?” 

“Sure why not.” 

Shut the hell up Pete!

So he ends up with four people in his house that he doesn’t really want there right now. Quickly running around the house, tidying it up a little. Showering and changing into jeans and a white shirt. 

Bradley and Jake appearing at his door an hour later with food and fresh unsanded clothing. Wings and fries piled high in their arms. 

Natasha and Bob appear with beer shortly after and Pete is settling in front of the TV with a beer. Trying not to think, or do anything other than get shitfaced enough he can’t remember his own name in the morning. 

That’s the plan at least. 

Bob and Phoenix are quite content to curl up on the single armchair. Which puts Pete on the couch with Jake and Bradley. 

He considers getting his old bones on the floor but he also knows. He won’t be comfortable and they were in his territory. So they could deal with it. 

Jake hands out the drinks as Bradley dumps all the food on the coffee table. 

“Get sauce on my couch and I’ll make sure you never fly again” He snarls at the others. 

But it comes out weak. Going to curl himself up on the end piece of the three-seater and pour himself into the game and a bottle of cold beer. Only to huff when Jake beats him to it. Smirking at him. 

“I’m happy to sit there. If you want to sit in the middle.” Pete urges. Eyes flashing to Bradley. 

“Nah. I’m good right here. Hey Roos?” Jake says. That smirk was still in place. 

Bradley nodding. Eyes already on the TV. 

So Pete moves to sit on the floor. Not keen on getting between two newly mated Alphas. 

“Mav. Sit. Your fat ass is in the way of the tv” Bradley orders. Catching the loop of his jeans and pulling him backwards. Pete crash landing on his sofa, pushed between the two men. 

They had spread themselves out. So no matter how Maverick tried to curl himself up. There was heat pressing through his clothing. There was skin brushing against skin and his omega was whining like a little bitch about it. 

They're a mated pair. They’re mates. Pete keeps reminding himself. 

Every reminder hurts but he has to get it into his head. 

He had missed out on his chance and that was his fault. He should have realised it. With how amazing Bradley is, how much of a strong confident alpha he had become over the years. He should have been scooped up years ago, for him to last this long unmated was a damn near miracle. 

On that Maverick should have realised sooner before Jake had snatched him away and buried his teeth in Bradley’s neck. 

Pete jumps out of his skin when Bob and Jake are yelling at the TV. 



“Mav you doing ok?” Bradley whispers. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just must be tireder than I thought” Pete shrugs. Hoping that he doesn’t have a look on his face. 

“If you want we can go?” Bradley asks and for a single second. There’s this look on his face. Like his asking Pete to let him stay. 

Pete just puts it down to the omega inside getting way too hopeful. To imagining things that aren’t really there. 

“No. It’s fine. I like having you kids around. Doesn’t make me feel so old” Pete promises. 

And he does mean it. These were his pack mates, Bradley currently playing down their bond line. Truly seeing if Pete was ok but he had gotten good over the years at putting up fake walls. 

“Your not old Mav” Jake points out. Clapping Pete on the thigh, it stings even through the denim of his jeans. Jake’s bond line also lighting up, poking around Pete. 

He pushes Jake out to. Putting up a display of being happy and content. 

Trying to focus his eyes on the TV. Watching as teams he had no real interest in tackle each other. Points racking up on screen. 

“Mav eat up. You haven’t eaten anything yet” Bradley says pulling him once more from his thoughts. Holding out a paper plate of chicken wings and fries. 

“I’m not really hungry” Pete manages to get out.

“I can literally hear your stomach grumbling. Now eat. Don’t make me order you” Bradley says voice low and some part of Pete hates him right now. 

Not because he dared think he could command Pete. But more because Bradley had to be Bradley. When he cared for someone. He cared for their entire being. He would give his own heart if that helped. 

He was just like Goose in that sense. 

No, he hated Bradley because, despite him now being mated, he was still here. Right in front of Pete and proving just why Pete had missed out. Hated Bradley for not waiting for him. 

Pete hated himself worst of all for not sorting himself out quicker. For refusing to figure shit out and now he had to stare at that damn mating mark and feel like his heart had finally dislodged itself. Falling onto the floor. 

He’d always been told he had shitty timing but this takes the fucking cake. 

Hands moving on autopilot to grip the plate. He doesn’t even feel himself chew. His stomach already heavy with regret but he eats at his Alpha’s “not order”. 

Bradley just patting him on the head. Turning back to face the Tv and Maverick wonders what god he fucked off to make his life this much of a living hell. 

Once he eats, he can’t stand it anymore. Can’t stand sitting between the Alpha pair. Certain if he doesn’t move now he’s going to do something stupid. Something that’ll hurt Bradley when he pushes Jake off the couch and tries to rip his throat out. 

So instead of doing any of that. He makes up the lie of being tired. Faking a yawn as he stands. 

The others going to stand as well. Bob already moving to wake up a sleeping Natasha. Her day of the sun had brought her crashing down. Happily snuggled into her mate's lap. Nose pressed against her mark, just breathing in that paper smell that Bob tended to give off. 

“Nah you guys stay. Enjoy your game. Lock up when you leave and take the leftovers with you” He says. Flashing them a soft smile, not letting them argue with him. 

Feeling like a ghost in his own home as he seemingly glides down the hallway towards his nest. Closing the door behind him. The sound cutting down dramatically. Most nesting rooms are built-in with sound dampeners, to help a heat-riddled omega zone out the world. Other times it was good just to get away from the rigorous noises of the day. 

Crawling atop his nest once he's down to his boxers and covering himself in his mountain of blankets. The weight a small comfort and if Pete thinks hard enough. He can almost imagine it’s a body pressed against his own. 

Pulling his pillow close and taking a deep breath. Smelling Ice’s aftershave and Bradley’s cologne and it calms him just a little. Sarah having gifted Pete some of Ice’s things after the funeral. Knowing having his scent close would help the grieving process.  

Bradley’s scent...well that had been trickier to procure. A shirt stolen from the beach after a game of Aviator Football. Brushed free of sand but drenched in sweat. 

Bradley eventually came to the idea that his shirt must have been swept out to sea. Pete had felt guilty for taking it but his omega had possessed him to grab it and shove it in his bag. Underneath all the other stuff, only to be dragged out later that night and sniffed. Like the pervert Pete was. 

Pete tosses and turns a little. Wanting desperately to call his friend. Have Ice mock him for stupidity. Have Iceman tell him it would be ok. That he’d find another potential mate. Just this time maybe in his age range and then Ice would bring up dating websites again.

Pete would laugh him away but he’d feel better. 

But that wasn’t happening anymore. Iceman was gone and Pete really had no one that he could talk to about this. Not any that would understand anyway. 

Sure Penny was an option but he didn’t want to burden her with this stuff. 

Maybe Pete should sign up for one of those websites but the thought makes him shudder. 

Eventually, his brain pulls him down into sleep. Only to wake up when he feels someone moving about in his nesting room. 


It’s Jake’s voice. 

“What do you think I’m trying to do? Start a marching band!” Bradley bites back. 

Pete goes to sit up but his so tired. So hurt he can’t gather the energy. So instead he lies there listening. 

Then he hears the sound of a phone buzzing. The same sound his phone makes when it’s plugged in to charge. Oh, he must have forgotten it in his rush to escape the Alphas. 

“Do you have it?” 

“I know how to plug in a phone Jake”  

“Not that you fuck head. The other thing?” 

“Yeah. That’s sorted to” 

What other thing were they talking about? Pete takes a breath. Trying to smell for anything troublesome but all he can smell is Ice, Bradley and Jake. 

Feeling Bradley loom over his back. Pete keeping his breathing even and his eyes closed. 

“Night Mav. Sleep well” Bradley whispers, pulling up Pete’s blankets further. Not seeming to realise that Pete is awake thankfully. 

Hearing footsteps and then his door once more closing. Hearing the faint sound of his front door closing a few minutes after that and he should get up and see what the hell those two have done to his nest.

Instead, his mind is being dragged deep into dreamland. Dreaming of warring oceans the size of wheat fields and wheat fields swaying like oceans. 

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Pete spends the better part of the next day, trying to figure out just what the hell Bradley and Jake did to his nest. He rips the entire place apart, trying to figure it out. 

But he can’t find a damn thing. 

He doesn’t particularly feel violated. More there was a curiosity itching at his brain. 

Alpha’s knew not to come into an omega’s nest and fuck with it. Not if they wanted their knot ripped off. Bradley had been taught that at a young age. In his pranking stage. Letting off a stink bomb in Pete’s nest. 

Pete couldn’t exactly be angry at the 8-year-old. Not understanding why what he did was so bad. Too young to understand second genders and all that adult nonsense. But Carole had been thorough despite Pete telling her it was fine and had grounded the kid for two weeks. No NES, no TV, nothing. Wanting Bradley to grow up respecting Omegas. 

She herself a beta and Goose being an Alpha. There had been no way that Bradley would present as an Omega and she wasn’t raising one of those rut-headed alphas that think they can get away with everything just by existing. Pete smiles a little to himself as he fixes up his blankets, still hearing her tone exactly word for word. 

Bradley had learnt never to mess with Pete’s nest again after that and when he had presented and had been whacked in the face with the millions of pheromones that people put off every day. He had apologised again. Fully understanding, though at that stage Pete had honestly forgotten it had even happened. 

Realising Bradley must have knocked over his hamper in his ‘sneaking’ last night. Though how they thought a six-foot beast like that could do any form of sneaking was beyond Pete. Gathering all his dirty clothes back up and placing them in his hamper. He’d need to do laundry again soon but for now, he puts it off. 

Instead grabbing his wallet, keys and phone and heading out to the hangar. Needing to get his mind off Jake and Bradley. Needing to get his mind off everything. 

The Mustang was ready to fly by now but that didn’t mean he had other toys to play with. 

To rip apart and put back together again. 

Because at least that he can do right. 

At least that he understands. 

He had just pulled apart the fuel tank of his Kawasaki Z900RS when he hears tires crunching outside of his hangar. 

“Mav!” He hears about a minute later and Pete growls to himself. 

Bradley could barely stand the sight of him less than a month ago and now the kid had stuck himself to Pete like a fucking gorilla glue. 

He gets it though. At least partially. They had 17 years to make up for. 

So Pete reluctantly calls out. 

“You realise the whole point of a phone is so people don’t have to drive to the middle of butt fuck nowhere to make sure you're alive right?” Bradley says. Tone light as he steps into the hangar. 

Pete mocks the man in return. Trying to ignore the fact that the golden sunset was making Bradley look like Hercules. 

“I heard that old man. Seriously, what’s with the silence? Did we do something wrong?” Bradley asks. Eyes falling to the floor. His bottom lip pushing out a little, just like it used to do when he was a child. 

Pete sighing. Hating seeing Bradley with that look on his face. His soft heart showing on his sleeve. Pete was being a petty asshole. It wasn’t Bradley’s fault that his feelings were currently a pretzel. That Bradley had moved on from something he didn’t even know was happening. 

If anybody deserved a little happiness in his life it was Bradley, even if that came in the form of Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin. Even if right now Pete’s omega wanted to strangle the dick for taking away his chance at happiness. 

But he bats away the thoughts. 

“I’m sorry if I worried you guys. I was just dealing with some stuff. Why don’t you come help me try and get this fuel problem fixed?” 

Understanding fills Bradley’s face and Pete fears for a second that he’s figured it out. 

“I miss Ice as well,” Bradley says and Pete is hiding his sigh of relief behind a nod. 

“You remember when he let you watch Child’s play. You slept with Carole for weeks after that and threw all your toys out the window. Thinking they’d come alive” Pete chuckles more to himself. 

“I’m still scared of dolls cause of that prick,” Bradley says, tone light as he hands Pete the spanner he was reaching for. 

“He used to tell me what you were up to, where you were. If you were ok.” 

“I figured he was. How else did you know I was in the hospital when my appendix burst” Bradley shrugs, ushering Pete out of the way and tightening the bolt he had been working on. 

Pete trying to ignore the way his muscles flex. 

Instead managing to stammer out a response. 

“I know you didn’t want me around but I would have fought through heaven and hell to see you. Also the next time your organs want to pop, can it not be while you're flying?” Pete says trying to make a joke out of what had been an insanely stressful event. 

“Ahh, I just thought it wasn’t challenging enough as is,” Bradley says knocking his arm into Pete’s. A smile on his face. 

Pete really should have let Iceman finish talking that day, but all he had heard was Bradley and hospital and was already booking a flight to Connecticut. Pulling on the bond with all his might but getting nothing in return. Stress through the roof and he remembers nearly going the nurse over the desk if she didn’t tell him where Bradley was. 

She had tried to explain he wasn’t family. He wasn’t pack but Pete had shut that down real quick. Throwing his insurance on the bill just to make sure his Alpha was covered before he had sat beside Bradley’s bed until he was conscious. 

“I never thanked you for that. I know we weren’t talking but...seeing you helped a lot”  Bradley says. 

“I’d do it again. Your family” Pete shrugs. 

“I’m glad we fixed things Mav. I’ve missed you. It’s been hard without you around.” 

“It was my fault. I never should have pulled your papers. I never should have let you cut me out. I should have fought for you harder” Pete mumbles. 

“Before Ice died, he sent me a letter. I think he knew you were gonna need someone, 'cause he told me why you did it. Why you pulled my papers, that you’d thought I’d hate mum for it” Bradley says, handing him the next tool he needs. 

But Pete is just left staring at him. Stuck. 

“Ice told you” He gets out. 

“He always knew what you needed better than you did, I’m pissed at mum sure but I don’t hate her. I know you were both just trying to protect me. That you didn’t want me burning out like Dad” Bradley says. Staring down Pete. 

And for the first time in 17 years, Pete feels free from the shackles Carole had cast him into. Not meaning to burden him so much but Ice had been ever the wingman and saved his ass from beyond the grave. 

“Whoa hey Mav. What’s wrong?” Bradley asks. 

Pete just shook his head, trying to wipe away the tears without putting grease in his eyes. 

“His a fucking asshole” Is all he gets out before he dissolves into full on sobs. 

His heart unable to take it anymore and all his walls come crashing down. Not caring if he looks weak in front of Bradley. Just needs to get all his grief out. 57 years of grief pouring out of him in white hot tears that burn down his face. 

Unable to reign in his scent, not that he cares to at the moment. 

Feeling more than seeing as Bradley picks him up. Setting him up in his lap. Pressing Pete’s face gently to his neck, where the alpha scent was strongest. 

Normally Pete would be throwing a fit about being manhandled but Bradley made him feel safe. Pete knowing Bradley would take this to his grave, if only for the omega’s sake. Clinging to a mated Alpha like this was enough to get him ripped apart if Jake wasn’t the understanding type. Pack or not. 

Their bond opens up wide as Bradley sends him soothing vibes but that’s not the only one. Pete’s Omega soothing when other bonds he had made light up. Softer but they're all the same. 

He must have sent his grief out to everybody in their pack but nobody blocks him out. Instead, all he gets is soft quiet understanding in return. The strongest outside of Bradley is surprisingly Jake’s. Sending him nothing but comfort. 

“It’s ok Mav. I’m right here. I’m never leaving again. I promise” Bradley whispers in his ear. 

Pete had just got himself sorted out, wiping down his face and making a few manly throat clears. Trying to regain some of his dignity when his phone goes off. 

He reaches for it and sees that it’s Jake. He also had about a dozen messages from his pack asking if he was ok. Replying with a thumbs up. 

Clearing his throat once more before he answers it. 

“Captain Pete Mitchell speaking, what can I help you with?” 

“Just checking on you, you felt pretty sad. Is everything alright Captain?” Jake asks, sounding genuinely worried.  

“Uh yeah. I’m sorry about that. I won’t let it happen again” He murmurs. 

“It’s what we’re here for Mav. Your our leader, your pack. Your feelings are ours. Thanks for letting us in...for trusting me enough to let me in. Oh and tell Roos I’m staying at my place tonight. I’m around if you need to shoot the shit” Jake says before hanging up. 

His drawl an oddly comforting thing to listen to. Pete’s omega settling at his words. 

“Well I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat,” Bradley says standing. Not caring that his shirt is tear-stained or that Pete had just cried on him for the last half an hour.

Pete nodding, leaving the bike in pieces and pulling himself up into the bronco. 

“What do you want to eat?” Bradley asks. 

“Shouldn’t you be at home with Jake? Doing all those freshly mated things?” Pete asks. 

Hoping it doesn’t come out as mean. 

“Oh, I love the idiot but Nah. You're more important tonight. He’ll understand that and I’ll bring him back a burger. That’ll make him happy” Bradley says, patting Pete on the knee. 

You’d think Pete was the younger one with the way Bradley was currently babying him. He should feel insulted. He should feel belittled but all his traitorous omega was doing was purring. Content to take the attention. Soak up as much as he can. 

Even if his heart does clench at the L word that Bradley had just thrown in the air between them. A swift reminder that the hand on his thigh wasn’t his. Didn’t belong to him. 

That it shouldn’t even be there in the first place. So why the fuck was it still there!

Bradley must not have noticed but now it was all that Pete can focus on. His hands sweating, Bradley squeezing his knee softly and that about makes Pete melt. 

God, he was so fucked. This was supposed to go away now that Bradley was mated. His feelings were supposed to temper out but instead. He can hear his heart beating in his ears as he zeros in on that hand. The hand wrapped around his knee, making him feel things. When had Bradley's hands gotten so big? When could he seemingly wrap his hands around Maverick’s entire leg like this? 

His omega whines and he wants to sink into the broncho’s passenger seat. Or crawl out of the window. Crawling out of the window was starting to seem like a great option. 

But before he can actually just burst into flames the bronco is pulling into a parking space of a local diner. Pete falls out of the car in his effort to escape. Sucking in a few deep breaths of air that weren’t filled with ocean or Bradley or the very, very, very faint traces of Goose that still lingered in the car. 

Bradley doesn’t even seem to notice Pete’s mini panic attack. Just tugging Pete into the diner. 

Pete does not miss the way the waitress catches onto their necks. Smelling what they were. A look of disdain across her face but she takes their order anyways. 

“What’s got her in a funk?” Bradley says more to himself as he looks over the menu. 

“It could be a few things but it’s probably the fact that I’m an old unmated omega and you're a freshly mated baby-faced Alpha. She probably thinks your cheating on Jake” Pete explains. 

He had looks before when he went out for drinks with Iceman. Hell, he used to get them back in the day when he and Goose would get drinks together. When Goose would have to carry him home cause he had drunk an f-14’s weight in alcohol and flamed out with whatever cute betty he’d been hitting on that night. 

Bradley stares at him horrified. 

“Don’t stress. I’m used to it. I might have the chicken” Pete says sitting back a little in the booth. 

“Mav. Can I ask why you never mated?” Bradley asks. Voice tentative. Seeming to be using his menu as a shield. 

Knowing it was technically uncouth to ask why someone wasn’t mated. 

But Pete trusts Bradley and he kinda owed the man for letting him cry all over him. 

“When I first joined, I was the first American omega they let behind the controls of a jet. Before that, we’d been Ensigns at most. Coffee grabbers. Secretaries. They didn’t trust the fact that we could into heat at any moment. As if Alpha’s hadn’t gone into ruts in the air before. I was their tester. I knew if I fucked up, it’d be on my shoulders if Omega’s never flew. So I did what was best for my country, I pushed my needs aside and did my secondary gender proud” 

At least that was the lie that Pete liked to tell himself. Some part of it was true. It really was on his shoulders being the first omega to fly. But at the end of the day. 

He had been scared. Scared to let someone so close. To see how fucked up he was inside and now it was just too late. Cyclone would force his retirement soon and he’d be left watching his pack members mate up, have kids and move on without him. Everybody always moved on eventually. He couldn’t blame them. Not really. 

“What about Charlie. I heard you considered mating with her?” 

“Charlie did her best to deal with me. But I wasn’t the same after your dad died and she knew that. She had to give up for her own sake eventually. Let me go before I brought us both down. I’ve heard she found a lovely beta and moved to Dakota. I think they have like four kids now?” 

Pete smiled a little at the memory. She really had been his first love. The first person he truly considered giving up flying for. But in the end. They just weren't meant for each other and before Pete knew it. 

He was here, half a century old and still mateless. Sitting across from the man he loved and hoping that the heartache wasn’t clear on his face. 

“I think I might have a bottle of jack to go with that chicken” 

Chapter Text

Apparently, after his meltdown, the children had decided that he had to have a detail on his ass at all times. Yesterday had been Phoenix and Bob. The day before had been Payback and Fanboy. Fanboy’s Beta scent was a nice break from the alpha scent that had started stinking up the place. Bradley stopped by most evenings with some sort of food.

He’d be annoyed but he found it rather sweet. That his pack was looking after him, even if they were being overbearing asshats about the whole thing. 

Javy ad Jake were on Pete duty today. Mostly just meant they were relaxing on his couch and annoying the living shit out of him. 

“If you two are gonna take up space, you could at least help out” He chides. 

Today was the cleaning day. The messiness of Pete’s house finally got to him enough that he had to do something about it, currently wiping down his benches and cleaning his kitchen. 

“But it’s so fun watching you work” Jake teases. Pete throwing the wet cloth at him. 

Jake laughs but he and Javy do start helping out a least a little and soon enough Pete is being chided for not having enough food in the house. Javy sitting at his small dining table and helping him...’Helping himself’ Pete should reinstate. Since he wasn’t really doing much but snacking. 

“Yeah well if I didn’t have obnoxious Alpha’s eating all my food!” He grumbles, stealing the can of whipped cream out of Javy’s hand. Javy just shrugging and grabbing Pete’s last packet of Cheez-Its. Now that’s enough to kill a man over. 

“Aww, Mav. We know you love us. You're not that mad. How about this. I take you food shopping. On me” Jake says. Using his words as a distraction to steal the cream off him.  Moving to sit on the bench and fill his mouth with an atrocious amount of whipped cream. 

“Like you can afford that princess,” Pete says patting Jake on the leg and once more grabbing the can from his hand. Throwing it back in the fridge. 

Hearing Javy’s laughter as Jake tries to speak through his mouth full. 

“Well, I have to head. I have a date, unlike you losers. Where is Roos anyways?” Javy says standing once his finished devouring Pete’s kitchen. 

Jake and Bradley had told the pack a few days ago and Pete had laughed when none of them had been surprised. Jake seeming unamused that their secret was never really a secret. 

Pete almost expects Jake to go with him. To finally have peace back in his nest but he doesn’t. 

Thankfully over the past few days, Pete had been coming to terms with his whole...dreams being shattered. He had finally gotten his omega to stop throwing a fit every time Jake had been a thought in his head. 

He actually seemed to be warming to the Alpha. He doesn’t know if it was cause Jake’s scent was now mixed with Bradley’s but he had started to find it calming. Homely. 

But instead, the alpha had lingered. 

Continues to loom. To be there. 

He’s a lot more helpful without his sidekick around but he’s still an Alpha in Pete’s house. 

“It’s getting late. We should get shopping if you want anything decent for dinner” Jake urges once Pete’s run out of nearly everything but the laundry. 

While Pete appreciates the thought, he doesn’t want to waste the alpha’s time. 

“I’ve got it covered. Thanks, Seresin” Pete urges.

“Nah. I made a promise and I keep my promises Mav. You should know that by now” Jake says. 

And so somehow Pete is walking around the local grocers. Jake pushes the cart as he checks off his list. Jake unfazed by their seemingly domestic nature. 

“How are you and Bradley going? Not butting heads yet?” Pete asks, just to make conversation as he throws a few items into the cart. 

“We always butt heads but that’s what makes it fun. It’s been challenging but we’re willing to make it work. Nobody has ever made me feel like this, this happy. Content.” Jake says. 

Pete suddenly regrets asking. Not wanting to know about how happy his Alpha was with someone else. But he had made his bed by asking. 

“That’s good. That’s really good. Bradley deserves someone whose gonna take care of him. Treats him right. He puts on a good front but he's got a soft heart. He’s just like his mother that way” Pete says. 

“I’m real glad he’s got you back in his life. He was an asshole before you guys fixed things. Used to rage and bitch at everything that moved. He might have been an amazing pilot but he wasn’t a good human” Jake explains, a few minutes later. Voice taking on a quieter tone like his letting out a secret. 

Pete had heard rumours here and there about Bradley being cutthroat. But he never realised it was that bad. 

“Only reason no one ever messed with him, or pulled him in line was cause he had you and Ice on his back. Didn’t need Maverick coming and busting down their doors down to yell at them and put his omega stink all over the place” Jake snickers. 

“I’m not that bad” Pete huffs. 

“Like hell, you aren’t. You had us all scared straight the first day. Explain to his family how he died. You're a fucking gremlin Mav. It’s a beautiful thing.” Jake says, leaning fully on the cart at this stage.

Toothpick never moves despite his words. It makes his southern drawl just that bit more exaggerated. 

“It got you all to listen to me. Didn’t it?” Pete points out. Reaching towards the top shelf for the peanut butter he prefers. None of that processed shit. He didn’t look this good at this age but eating crap. 

Well, that and Omega genes tended to keep him looking younger than he was. It was one perk out of this whole mess. 

“Yeah I guess it did,” Jake says right in his ear and Pete about fucking dies in the ass. When had Jake even moved, let alone gotten that close? 

Easily using his frame to capture Pete against the shelf. Hand easily reaching up to grab the tub that Pete was reaching for. 

Pete’s omega losing its mind at having an alpha so close. Practically breathing down his neck. Hot breath brushing right over his scent gland. Pete hoping to god he doesn’t let out a whine. 

Felt the heat from Jake’s body even through his bomber jacket. Seriously was Jake radioactive? How could one person put so much fucking heat off? It wasn’t right. 

But as quickly as Jake is there, pressing himself up against Pete. He's gone again, throwing the peanut butter in the cart and resting himself back on the handle of the cart. Like he hadn’t just caused Pete whiplash. 

Pete quickly pulls himself together walking off. Before he did something stupid and drastic. 

He was just being dramatic. He was just being dramatic. 

This can’t be happening. This wasn’t happening. Absolutely no way was he going to sit here and take this bullshit! Especially not from his omega. He was just dealing with his feelings toward Bradley. 

God, how desperate could he be! Maybe he just needs to go and get laid? Maybe that was it. 

Thankfully Jake doesn’t see the war his currently waging in his head and they continue their shopping. Pete managing to keep up pretences that he wasn’t a stupid omega who fell for any Alpha that so much as glanced at him. 

He thought he was better than this. Managing to keep his tone light and joking as he teases Jake about his choice of snack. 

“What? I like them. Screw you old man” Jake huffs, throwing his twinkies on the counter. 

“You're going to die in your forties” 

“Then I am going to die a very happy, fat man,” Jake smirks. Pulling his wallet out. 

Pete preening a little under the attention. At having an alpha paying for his food for him. Jake even helps him carry it in and put it away. 

His phone goes off just as they finish up. Jake pulling it out and answering it quick enough. 

“Hey, Roos. Yeah Mav’s good, All fed and watered. I’ll be home soon. Love you too.” 

“You make me sound like a dog” Pete grumbles when he hangs up. 

“You’d make a cute one. Thanks for letting me hang out for the day Mav. It’s nice getting some alone time with the Captain. Get to see why Bradley practically worships you” Jake says. 

And Pete swears just for a second, Jake’s eyes have dipped down. But he ignores it. Instead turning away to start preparing dinner. 

“Drive safe.” He insists instead. 

“Always Captain"

Then finally Pete is left alone. Turning on some quiet show in the background. Finding the place boarding on to quiet now he didn’t have an alpha running around torturing him. 

Sitting down in front of the tv to eat dinner and then he finally decides he may as well sort out his washing for tomorrow. Knew he still had some uniforms that he should get around to washing. Getting down on his knees in his nest, half watching the tv as he goes along. 

He pauses when he pulls out a shirt he had never seen before. It was just a simple blue shirt and when he presses it to his nose to try and figure out who it belonged to. He feels his synapses light up like a Christmas tree. 

He must have picked up Jake’s shirt at the beach by accident. 

He should throw it back in the hamper and return it when it’s washed. Citing an accidental stealing. But he can’t get his hands to move. Not wanting to lose the scent that was currently driving him wild. 

He tries to just put it down to an upcoming heat. Surely he had one due right? He’d been off his suppressants since a day before their mission. So that must be it and he was just taking in too much Alpha pheromone. 

Yes, heat...that was it. 

At least that’s the lie he tells himself when his hand slips into his pants. His harder than he's been in a while. Touching places he shouldn’t be touching to the thought of Jake. Not only was the man mated but he was also Pete’s subordinate. That alone was a terrible idea and then there was the whole Bradley issue. Pete’s heart belongs to Bradley’s in all sense of the word. So many betrayals all at once. 

But his head is showing the x-rated film reel.  

Jake pressed closer than he actually had in the store. He wasn’t just making a comeback. He was whispering dirty little things in Pete’s ear. Those large hands touching places that Pete hadn’t had touched the right way in such a long time. 

Hand moving easily, lubricated against his will as his thighs become a mess and he already feels him approaching that cliff. 

Panting into Jake’s shirt as he moves as quickly as he can. Trying to breathe in as much of that scent as he can possibly muster up. Probably looking like a deranged maniac. His hair a mess and he's got a thin layer of sweat beading on his skin. 

Feeling hot and bothered everywhere. Feeling like a teenager again and before he knows it. He's sinking his teeth into the shirt as a mangled noise rips from his throat. Breathe stopping just a second as the wave of ecstasy washed over him. Eyes jamming shut. 

Jesus Christ, there was something dearly wrong with Pete. Shuffling himself off towards the shower once he gets his legs in working order again. Shame hung over his head. Bradley would rip him a new one for even thinking of Jake like that. Let alone getting off on his mate’s shirt. 

“Come on Pete. Your too old for this shit” He mutters to himself as he turns on the shower as cold as it can get. So cold that it stings his flesh, calling it penance for being so pathetic. 

And yet he can’t help himself when he's crawling into bed and sliding the shirt into his pillowcase. Next to Bradley’s. Lying to himself that his just...gonna do this until he can return it to Jake. Just for one night. One night wasn’t so bad right. 

He was just going into heat. He was just a desperate sad lonely omega and he was going into heat and he was allowed one damn night of being a crazy psychopath. 


Chapter Text

 Pete doesn’t know if he had brought his heat on by sheer force of will but sure enough he wakes in the morning, sweating, horny and craving the touch of an alpha.

But it wasn’t like you see in the pornos. His heat didn’t send him into some lust-filled haze where he could barely remember his own name. He had full awareness of his surroundings. 

It was more like the damn flu. He just wasn’t using tissues for his nose.

Sending a message to the group chat that his house was absolutely off limits to the pack for the next week. So do the brats listen to him? Of course not. 

They weren’t trying to be assholes and they didn’t actually step into his abode. Knowing that potentially means a broken nose. But he finds food on his doorstep often. 

Grateful for the food, only sniffing long enough to make sure it wasn’t Cyclone trying to poison him before tucking in. He trusted the man to have his back in the air but any other time...he was allowed to be sceptical. Starving between his bouts of heat. 

The only one Pete actively lets in is Bob and Hondo. Hondo has been mated for the better half of his life. So Pete knew he’d be able to keep a straight head about things. 

While Omegas might have a mostly clear head about things in their heat. It tended to make alphas do stupid things. If Pete had been staying on base, he'd have already been shuffled off to a heat room near the infirmary for his own 'safety'

Hondo stopping by to drop off his retirement paperwork and very quickly scuttled his way back out the door. Wishing Pete well and to keep in touch often. Pete leaves the paperwork on his desk to deal with in a more clear head space. 

Bob dropping off a care package the second day. 

“The pack was insistent I give you this. Said it was important. I tried explaining you didn’t want to be bothered but you know what Alpha’s are like. The cowards could have at least faced you themselves” Bob says setting the large basket wrapped in cellophane on the table. A smile on his face despite his grumbling, pushing his glasses up his face when they start slipping. 

Pete scoffed out a laugh but he is grateful nevertheless. Opening the packaging. Mostly his favourite snacks litter the basket. New cooling packs which Pete chucks straight into the freezer and ice creams of various types that follow. Though he does have to raise an eyebrow at the stuffed bear. 

“I’m not terminal,” He says, flabbergasted. It was just a simple stuffed bear with a zipper down its back. 

Bob laughing a little. 

“It’s a heat bear. There all the rage at the moment. They give off a calming effect. The pack decided on vanilla. I have a raspberry one. The oil is in there somewhere as well. You dab a little on its head. It was Nat’s idea and then Rooster spent like an hour trying to decide which one you’d like. You can also put your cooling packs in its back” Bob shrugs like it’s not a big deal. 

Despite the absurdity of being given a stuffed toy like a five-year-old. Pete is very appreciative. Knowing a lot of thought went into this. 

Pete made sure to thank him and to send his thank you along to the others. Bob makes his leave and despite Pete thinking he was just going to throw the bear in the corner and forget about it. 

He’s eventually out of sheer curiosity opening the roller bottle of oil. Reading the ingredients before he takes a sniff. Smelling the soft vanilla scent and he does feel as it calms him at least a little. A neutral tone to douse out the smell of sweat and heat and the shirts he was never ever returning to Bradley and Jake. 

Jake would just have to deal with the loss. Pete knew no matter how much he washed the damn thing, that subtle smell of heat was never coming out and the thought alone was mortifying enough as is. 

Pete follows the instructions on the bear’s tag. Rubbing the oil in a strip from its nose up to its forehead and then moving to retrieve the cooling packs. Opening the zip on the back of the bear, surprised to find something inside. 

A soft smile lining his face when he pulls it out and the note that was sitting with it.

Pete opening the note, fingers still clutched tightly to the bottle of half-empty cologne. Surprised it hadn’t dried up after 30 years. 

I found this the other day and I figured you’d have more use for it than I do. I was surprised I still even had it. It was in some of Mum’s stuff. I don’t think Dad would be too mad about me giving it to you. Just don’t do any freaky shit with it - Rooster

Pete rolled his eyes at Bradley’s suggestion. 

While Goose had been his alpha. He had never had any interest in the man other than friendship and fraternity. Lifting the bottle to his nose and suddenly he's 24 years old again and Goose is right behind him in the cockpit. A lifetime of memories brushes through Pete’s head. 

It was probably the best gift that Bradley could have ever given him. 

Pete returns to his nest. Setting Gooses’ cologne up next to some of Ice’s things before he returns to his den of sin. The bear does calm him a little, making the heat less intense. Simmering it down to a soft want instead of a screaming need. 

Penny checking in on him a few times over the rest of the week. Asking if he wants her to come over and help out. He thanks her for the offer, knowing his heat would die out so much quicker with the beta’s help. But he also doesn’t need her to see this side of him. Or hear the horrific way he cries out for Bradley and Jake. She’d think he’d cracked like a fucking nut. 

Yeah, she knew about the whole Bradley thing. But falling for two Alphas. Two mated Alphas. That’s a little too far. 

Thankfully she takes his word for it and he’s about a night out from his heat finally dying down. When he wakes up to voices in his house. He had spent most of the morning making a mess of himself and then proceeding to sit in the shower for two hours. Felt shame burning down his back for what he had just done. Knowing Bradley would only look at him in disgust if he ever found out. 

He pulls himself from his nest and gathers some pants and the first shirt he can find. Pulling them on as he opens his door. Already on the verge of going mental and hitting someone until he smells food. That stopped his omega in his tracks. His stomach rumbling. 

Fresh vegetables and steak. Pete follows the smell down further. Poking his head around the corner to see Bradley and Jake standing over his stove. 

“Wait were you supposed to add the garlic in before the broccoli or with it?” Jake asks, using a knife to slide said garlic into the pan regardless. 

“Before? Does it really matter? It’s garlic?” Bradley bites back. 

“I’m not the one who found the recipe, you dork. You're supposed to be running this pony show here” Jake shrugs. Leaning against the counter. Both of them don't notice that Pete is standing there. 

“You were the one reading it out!” 

“Shh, your gonna wake him up and then he's going to eat us instead!” 

“Wow, who would have thought the great Hangman, scared of a little omega. You're an idiot babe. Maverick is a kitten. Especially around his heats. He just likes to pretend he's some big scary captain” Bradley shrugs. 

“Is that so Bradshaw?” Pete questions. Arms crossing. 

Wishing he had his phone on him. If only to record the short scream that comes out of Bradley’s mouth. Jake laughing. 

“For two alphas. You have a shit sense of smell, or you two just in that much of a honeymoon phase you don’t notice anybody but yourselves?” Pete teases. 

“Hmm, evening Mav,” Jake says, turning to look at him. A smirk on his face. Pete just took the eyes roving his body being that he currently looked a mess. Permanent flushed cheeks and bed head that could scare even sleeping beauty. 

“Evening” Pete replies moving to sit at the table. 

“Your house currently reeks Mav. We can’t smell jack in here except your heat” Bradley says regaining his composure. 

“Which is why you both shouldn’t be here. Didn’t I tell you lot to leave me alone?” 

“Yeah, but when do we ever listen? Your the one who taught us that” Jake says getting out bowls and cutlery. 

“I’m gonna teach you to respect your elders one day. What are you even doing here? Apart from annoying me?” Pete asks, relaxing a little against his will when Jake brushes against his back as he walks around the table, setting it. 

“Feeding you. Well trying to. We figured you hadn’t had a decent meal all week. Thought we’d do something nice.” Bradley explains. A soft look on his face. 

Pete sighs but lets them go. Watching them bicker over cooking steps and how exactly it works. He goes to comment a few times on what they're doing wrong but he closes his mouth each time. Finding the show to amusing. He's not called a smart aleck for nothing though, eventually, his mouth opens against his will. 

“What do you two eat normally? Because it’s obviously not this?” Pete says. 

“We figure it out. Normally we take turns or we argue” Jake shrugs. Pete not surprised about that. 

“That and if it didn’t kill him. Jake would exist entirely off Twinkies” Bradley says, a wide smile on his face. 

“You leave my damn Twinkies out of this Roos. At least I don’t eat shit loads of carbs” Jake retorts. A pout entering his face. It was kinda cute but Pete pretends he doesn’t think that. 

“What do you think Twinkies are?” 

“Sugar? Why else do you think I’m so sweet” 

“You’re something alright but it’s not sweet” 

“Hmm maybe not. But I sure am sexy. Hey Mav?” 

Pete just puts it down to being tired and heat-addled. Nodding along absent mildly. 

“See I told you the Captain thinks I’m hot!” Jake crows. 

“His heat-addled. He’d think a rock is hot right now” 

Pete flips the man off in reply. 

“It’s not those raunchy movies you kids watch. I still have all mental capacities. I’m just tired and hungry. This is why omega’s cook normally. Cause we can actually bust a meal out in under half an hour” Pete grumbles. 

“Your welcome to have a go” Bradley urges. Even as he starts serving out dinner. 

“Hey, it’s not my fault you both chose an alpha to mate,” Pete says before he can help himself. 

Only to gulp a little when he realises what he just said. Ok so maybe he didn't have all his mental capacities. 

Bradley and Jake stare each other down for a second. Seeming to be communicating silently. Pete poking around his bonds with both men, making sure he hadn’t hurt either of them by his snappy comment. 

Omega soothing when he gets nothing but quiet happiness in return. Bradley poking him back through the bond and Jake just turns to give him a soft smile. 

Finally Pete is getting dinner set in front of him and he finds it quite good. 

Bradley unfazed that Pete starts shovelling food in his mouth like a man possessed. Jake seems horrified. 

“Mum was never this bad with her heats” Jake whispers to himself. 

“That’s cause she was raised in polite society. Maverick was raised by monsters” 

“Fuck you” Pete replies with a mouthful. Not slowly down to clear his mouth. When he does finally swallow he wipes his mouth down before speaking again. 

“I helped raise you. What does that make you?” 

“I never claimed I wasn’t anything less,” Bradley says. Smiling. 

Jake seemingly amused by their antics. 

After Pete finishes eating. He expects them to clear off. He wants them to clear off cause now his refuelled his heat is kicking back in. And having to Alpha’s so close. Letting off their stink in his house. It wasn’t a good idea. 

Growling when Bradley gets too close. Pressing up against Pete by accident when he puts his bowl into the water that Pete had his hands sunk into. Trying to do the dishes before he loses his mind completely and turns back into a rutting mess. 

Both Alpha’s go stock still. Jake nearly dropping the bowl he was drying. Watching their noses twitch. Pupils blown wide and Bradley lets out a soft whine. 

“You both need to leave now! I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow” Pete orders, moving to dry his hands. Dishes be damned. Voice thick and he knows this is bad. Knowing they can smell the slick pouring down his thighs. Knowing they can probably smell his “breed me” scent that his putting off. 

The only reason they're not both drooling mongrels is cause they're mated. Bradley holding some extra resistance growing up with Mav’s heats.  

“Jake finish up. I’ll help Mav back to bed and then we’ll head ok” Bradley orders. Getting it together first. His tone snapping Jake out of his funk. Jake nodding. 

Pete can’t move. He can’t get himself to move. Gripping to the sink hard and praying he doesn’t fall over. His legs weak with Alpha. 

This was his own fault. This is what he gets for spending his heat with his nose buried in their shirts and defiling every precious sanction he had possibly built up between them all. 

“Mav. I’m gonna pick you up ok. Do I have permission to enter your nest?” Bradley questions. 

Pete wants to shake his head. But he nods. Knowing he's either going to have to do some yelling to get them to leave and potentially hurt their feelings or let Bradley take care of him. 

Even for a second. 

It had become a common occurrence it seemed. Getting manhandled by these two idiots. Bradley lifting him with ease. 

They don’t talk and Pete can feel as Bradley takes shallow breaths. Nudging Pete’s door open and then setting him on his nest. 

Pete feels like it takes forever for Bradley to let him go. Feeling as Bradley’s nose grazes over his mating mark. Before suddenly he stops. 

Whispering two words in Pete’s ear that make his entire body freeze. Going stock still as he realises his blunder. The blunder was currently wrapped around his frame and smells like heat and Bradley. 

“Nice shirt” 

Chapter Text

Pete hides at home for a few more days like the coward he is. Poking Bradley and Jake back when they reach for him through their bonds. Keeping the team up to date. 

Feeling bad about lying. Saying his heat was sticking around longer than it actually was. But for the last two days. All he had done was deep clean the house. Air out his sins and wash Bradley and Jake’s shirts for the fourth time. 

Bradley hadn’t said anything else after that. Just patted Pete on the head like a goddamn child and walked out the door. He didn’t know if Bradley was amused, disgusted, hated him. 

But Bradley so far hadn’t seemed to run screaming away from the creepy old omega who stole his things and got off on them. Instead, he had texted Pete like normal. Been his normal jokey self and Pete didn’t know if that was worse. 

That Bradley had looked him square in the eye, knew what Pete had been doing all week and then brushed it off like it was nothing. Like he wasn’t pining after his best friend's son. Or said son’s mate.

Like Pete wasn’t completely fucked in the head. 

Hearing a knock on his door and he sniffs at the air. But all he gets is the cleaning products his been cleaning his nest down with. Currently cleaning his bathroom tiles. 

Calling out. 

“Doors open” 

Hearing two sets of footsteps and for a second Pete has this fearful image enter his mind. That Jake and Bradley had finally realised how disgusting he was and were here to give him a piece of their mind. 

“Morning Mav. What you doing?” Jake asks, leaning against the doorway. Now his heat was over, neither cared to ask his permission to enter his nest it seemed. Watching Bradley’s eyes roam around his nest, taking in all his little details. 

“Cleaning. What can I help you, boys, with?” He asks. Trying to keep his tone civil. Quiet. 

“We wanted to ask you a question?” Bradley murmurs. His scent was soft and sweet. The ocean is a welcome smell. 

Jake as ever the golden retriever. A soft grin on his face. It eases Pete’s nasty thoughts a little. Jake had killed before but he definitely didn’t smile like that while doing it. 

“Uh, sure thing,” Pete says, pulling himself to his feet. Not liking the height disadvantage. 

“We wanted to throw a bonfire tonight and we wanted you to come with us. The others are already in but we wanted to invite you personally” Bradley says. A soft grin warming up his face.  

“Of course. Sounds good. As long as I don’t have to buy beer” Pete shrugs. 

He could always do with a good bonfire. It might burn the last of his shame away. 

“Oh, also we got you a present” Jake says, eyes sparkling with mischief. Holding out a gift bag. It was bright pink and covered in glitter. Jake’s pick if the little imp grin had anything to say about it. 

“You can’t open it until we leave though,” Bradley says. Eyes completely serious but he’s struggling to hold back his own wicked grin. 

“Why?” Pete asks. 

“Cause you deserve something nice and we like giving gifts to our omega” Jake shrugs. 

Like it’s not that big of a deal. 

“No why can’t I open it until you leave?” Pete asks, holding the bag to his ear but he doesn’t hear any ticking. Watching Bradley roll his eyes at his shenanigans. 

Is he a paranoid man? Absolutely. 

“Cause we said so. I’ll pick you up around seven” Jake says and just as quickly as the Alphas are there. They’re gone. 

Seriously what was up with that? 

Pete just sighs and gets back to cleaning. Not wanting to play their mind games today, but that sparkly pink bag starts annoying the fuck out of him. 

Staring him down as if it had eyes. He manages to ignore the thing for an hour, though he seems to take it from room to room with him as he goes about cleaning. 

Finally sitting on the couch with nothing to do but kill time until the Alpha’s come to annoy him again. His curiosity gets the better of him and he opens the bag. 

Reaching inside to pull out two shirts and a chicken scratch note. 

He reads the note first. 

Figured you’d need some replacements by now. Enjoy.- Hangman

Pete stares at the shirts and wonders if this is some sick joke. A way to fuck with him.  Ha, we know you're a little fucked up perv.  So here you go. He expects the shirts to smell new, like nothing. Like factory machines and cotton. 

Tentatively sniffing at the shirts and feeling his omega melt down into a puddle when they do in fact smell like the Alphas. 

He’s too tired to even hate himself for the way he slips on Bradley’s and lets the fabric wrap around him after his shower.

Their scents twisting through the air and making him feel safe and warm. He ends up napping, just for a little while. Jake's shirt fisted in his hand. Letting himself enjoy this soft hazy feeling. Sleeping like a baby and only waking up to knocking on his front door. 

He sits up with a start. Calling out that he’ll be ready in a minute. Pulling on his jeans and boots and grabbing his aviators. Raking a hand through his hair. He should change his shirt too but his omega throws a tantrum about the idea. So he just grabs his jacket and prays that nobody picks up on the fact it’s two sizes too big and reeks like alpha. 

He opens the door in under three minutes. Jake just gave him a soft smile. He was wearing jeans and a simple T-shirt. Light denim jacket over the top.

“Evening Mav. You ready to watch someone fall in the fire?” Jake asks. Tone light. Even though his eyes catch onto Bradley’s shirt. 

“As long as it’s not me I don’t care,” Pete says, making sure he has his phone and keys stepping out of the door. Right into Jake. Chest to chest. 

Jake doesn’t seem keen on moving any time soon. Just staring down at Pete. 

At that shirt. 

“Do...I can go change?” Pete asks. Voice meek. 

What the hell was his problem lately. He can stand up to even the most vicious Alpha. Had Admirals and Alphas yell at him until they were blue in the face and he’d just smile and stare them back in return. Practically beg for them to keep on yelling with his antics. But the minute Bradley and Jake even look at him, he wants to bear his neck and crumble into a ball. 

“Nah it looks good on you, Roos said he’d meet us there. He’s on the beer run with Fanboy and Harvard” Jake says, voice light. Closing the door behind Pete with a soft click. 

Leaning in even further. 

“Next time your wearing mine,” He says low. A growl behind his tone. Voice boarding on an order. Right in Pete’s eye line. It sends shivers down Pete’s spine. 

Before Pete can question the intense stare or the order. Jake is swiftly turning and heading for his car. Some part of Pete considers taking his bike but Jake has already pulled open the passenger side door for him. 

Pete slides into the car and Jake acts like he hadn’t just made Pete’s omega roll over and show its belly. 

This would be insubordination if they were at work. Alphas using their voices against Omega’s above them was a swift way to getting put on probation. Pete isn’t sure if he wants to yell or hit the man. 

So instead he stays quiet. Just listening to the radio. Jake tapping his fingers across the steering wheel. Humming along to it. 

“So Mav did you like your gift?” Jake asks suddenly. Catching Pete by surprise.

“Your not...disgusted with me?” Pete asks in reply. 

Jake laughing a little. 

“Why would we be? I take it as a compliment. You're our omega. Your pack. We’d do anything to help you know that. If we have to sacrifice a shirt or two. I’m happy to do so” 

“But I...” Pete can’t get himself to say it. He had never had this problem before. He could normally get a beta into a stall in under five minutes. So why did he suddenly feel like he couldn’t hit on another Omega to save his own skin? 

“Come on Mav. We’re all men here. I’m sure little Rooster used to get his pre-alpha rocks off to your heats. We’re all animals at heart Captain. Can’t blame an animal for his instincts now can we?” Jake says with a wink. Pulling up to the carpark. Tires crunching on loose sand that had been spread throughout. 

Pete doesn’t quite know what to say to that. Instead leaving it and distracting himself by taking in the scent of bonfire smoke and toasted smores. 

“Those bitches better not have started without us. This is why you gotta stop having afternoon naps old man” Jake teases with a clap onto Pete’s shoulder. 

“Yeah go shove your knot into a pepper grinder” Pete replies. Finding himself smiling. 

The sunset already low over the water as they meet up with the others. Natasha taking him in for a second before she smiles and turns to talk to Bob. A knowing look on her face. Bob glancing at him too. 

Pete finds himself a spot close to the fire and throws out a thank you to Halo for the beer she passes them. Pete watches out of the corner of his eye as Bradley kisses Jake in greeting. Both talking quietly. 

For the first time in a while, Pete feels his omega throwing up a stink. But it’s not out of jealousy. Not really. This is something else.  

His omega is whining to be in the middle of the pair. To feel both of them pressed around him. 

Thankfully before his brain can drag him down that rabbit hole. Someone’s capturing his attention and he ends up in a conversation with some of the others about a few of his exploits. 

At first, they're just his job exploits. Missions his flown but somehow Javy and Reuben get him talking about past flings. He blames the beer for a loose tongue. 

“So is the rumour true. That you had a beta in every city at one stage. Hell, I’ve heard you even had a few alphas” Reuben asks. A smirk on his face, waggling his eyebrows. 

That he shuts down real quick. 

“I have never slept with an alpha. But Beta’s...let’s just say I lost count” He says. 

You’d think he’d just admitted to stealing the Mona Lisa from the way the dagger squad stare him down with their mouths hanging open. 

“What?” He asks.

“Wait never? Not ever?” Natasha asks. 

Pete shakes his head. 

“The only alpha’s that have ever wanted me have been social climbing pricks or the ones that think they can boss me around” He explains before taking a long swig of his beer. 

“Now that I’d like to see. Some snot-nosed alpha thinking they can push our Maverick around” Jake snickers, sinking down to sit beside Pete. Shoulders brush as he sprawls out. 

“Well you tried it remember and he nearly had you crying like a little bitch Hangman” Mickey replies. 

“Nah. I was never scared. Just respectful. Hey, Mav” Jack says looking up at him, eyes sparkling with mischief. 

Bradley rolls his eyes as he takes Pete’s other side. Pete just shoving Jake in the shoulder. 

“Respectful my ass. You honestly remind me of me when I was your age. Cocky, self-assured little asshole” Pete says. Tone light. 

The others laughing at Jake’s pouting face. 

Jake regaining his composure quick enough to pull that smirk onto his face. 

“I only take after the best” 

“And yet your still miles behind” Bradley replies. 

“Hey, you're supposed to be on my side. Mate privileges here” Jake whinges. 

“Sorry, but Mav still wins” Bradley snickers, wrapping his arm around Pete’s shoulders. Pulling him close. 

Pete just takes a long drink of his beer and tries not to combust. 

As the night goes on, he somehow ends up with Bradley’s head on his lap. His cheeks are flushed with alcohol and his crooning out some song or another. His timbre vibrating through Pete’s legs. 

Jake, Javy and Bob playing chubby bunny and the others just linger around and talk. 

It’s relaxing. It’s nice. Pete finds himself running a hand through Bradley’s hair before he can help himself. Bradley doesn’t seem to mind. Stopping his song for a second just to smile at Pete. 

It breaks and fixes Pete’s heart all in one go. 

“Jake and I are driving out to his farm in Austin. He wants me to meet his parents. Come with us?” Bradley asks, voice soft. 

“I don’t want to intrude. It should be a special trip for you both. Your first trip away as mates” Pete says between bites of smores. Trying not to drip hot chocolate on Bradley’s face. 

“Mm. Come, please? You’ll make the trip so much more fun. Please? For me?” Bradley asks. Whines more like it, reaching out to steal Pete’s last half of his smore. Eating the rest of it and giving Pete the biggest most doe-eyed grin he can muster. 

Bradley knew his weaknesses. 

“Fine. Ok. I’ll come” He promises. 

Only for both of them to look up when they hear Jake and Bob start puking up what Pete is certain a lovely concoction of marshmallows and Jack Daniels. Javy throwing his hands up in the air. Crying out in victory, only for him to gag as well. 

“I’m not looking after them” Someone calls, Pete watching as every bodies hands fly to their noses. Millennials were the worst. 

“Maverick. You're on puppy duty” Harvard snickers. 

Pete sighs but stands anyway. Letting Bradley’s head thump into the soft sand. Placing his beer on Bradley’s chest before heading over to the three idiots. 

What had his life come to? Ice and Goose were probably pissing themselves laughing. 

Chapter Text

Pete could only laugh as he watches Bradley try and get Jake into the car. 

Jake was a giggly, laughing mess. After his chubby bunny fiasco, he’d somehow managed to scab people for more alcohol and was way past drunk. Barely able to stand drunk. 

“Jake. Baby your a fucking idiot and I say that with all the love in the world” Bradley grumbles. 

“We should go skinny dipping. Mav, let's go skinny dipping” Jake says, eyes wide. Trying to wiggle his way past Bradley. 

“I’m not freezing my balls off, kid. Come on get in the car. Be a good boy” Pete says. 

He was drunk himself but he liked to think he held his alcohol better than the young ones did. Bradley had stopped drinking when Jake had first thrown up. Knowing someone had to get them home. 

“You’re no fun. I thought you loved me Rooster” Jake says cupping Bradley’s face instead. Staring him down. 

“Hmm I do and I’ll love you even more if you get in the damn car. Mav a little help here? Maybe you can talk sense into the five-year-old we...I’m dating?” Bradley pleads. 

Pete unable not to smile at the sight. Suddenly understanding what Goose and Carole used to go through when Pete would get shit-faced and they’d have to try and put him to bed. 

Bradley’s exasperated expression identical to his father's. 

So Pete steps up to the plate. 

“Come on Jake. Let's get you in the car ok. It’s cold and I want to go home, I’m tired” Pete whines. Putting a little more whimper in his voice than normal. Making himself seem smaller. It was an easy task to do. 

Was he using shifty tactics? You beat his ass. 

Jake perking up at the whine. His alpha standing to attention, hearing his pack omega in distress. 

“Sure ok,” Jake says and Bradley is finally getting him in the car and getting his seatbelt on. 

Pressing a kiss to Jake’s forehead before he closes the door as Pete makes himself at home in the front seat.

They’re not even on the road two minutes before Jake is snoring softly.

Both Bradley and Pete laughing at the idiot. 

“God I think the last time he got that drunk was when we graduated Top Gun,” Bradley says, eyes alert and wide. 

Eyes shimmering in the dark. His alpha at the forefront. Currently working on getting them home safe. 

“It’s definitely a show that’s for sure” Pete snickers. Warming his hands in front of the heater panels. 

Bradley turns up the heater for him. 

They don’t talk for a little while until Bradley speaks up. 

“So is it true what you said? That you never slept with an Alpha before?” 

Pete nodding. 

“It’s different with Beta’s. There’s no control there. They can’t try and on up me. It doesn’t seem as serious. But Alpha’s...well let's just say you're all intense. It always seems to be all or nothing. That and it’s hard to have a five-minute fling with your knots” 

“Has there ever been an Alpha, that you wanted?” Bradley asks. Boarding on deadly territory. 



Pete’s omega whines but he pushes it down. 

“Here and there I guess. But nothing serious. I mean. It’s too late for me don’t you think? I’m old. I’m grizzly. I’m a dick” Pete shrugs. 

“Hey your none of those things...ok you can be kinda dickish but we’re all cocky assholes. It’s our job to pretend we're better than we are. You’re the only one that can actually back up the shit you talk” 

And there it is. That hand on his knee again. But this time Pete doesn’t lose his mind over it. Just accepts the soft warmth. 

Wanting desperately to wrap his fingers around it and hold Bradley’s hand. Some part of him wonders if he can get away with it. Fake it as some family-type thing. 

But he doesn’t push his luck and before he knows it. Bradley is pulling in his driveway. 

Pete making sure he has everything. Thanking Bradley for driving him home. Moving to pull his keys from his pocket. Hearing doors open and close as Jake gets himself situated in the front seat. 

“Hey, Mav come here a second!” The drunkard calls. Sounding a little soberer after his nap. 

Pete turns thinking he forgot something, heading back over. Confused when Jake reaches through the window to cup the back of his head. Pressing a kiss to his forehead. 

“Night Mav. Sleep well” Jake whispers pulling away. A sparkle in his eye and Pete is left standing there. Dumbfounded. 

So he does the sane thing. He calls Penny the next morning and explains all the weird shit that’s been happening lately. And the invite to go on a road trip with two freshly mated Alpha’s. 

Only to hear her laughter over the phone. 

“Am I seriously coming off that desperate?” Pete whines. Was it all something he was making up in his head? 

“Pete, you really are duller than a pebble sometimes. But that’s why I love you. I say go away with them. Might do you some good to get away from the military regime for a little. Go smell some wheat and fresh Texas air. Ride a horse...or two” 

“But I don’t want to intrude. What if they don’t actually want me to go? What if they just asked to be polite” Pete asks pushing his raspberry toast around his plate. 

“Pete Mitchell if you don’t pack your bags. I’m coming over to pack them for you. You're going on a damn holiday and you're enjoying it” Penny chides. There’s no real malice in her voice but Pete knows fighting her on it is a lost cause. 

“Fine. I’ll go. You know you're supposed to be on my side right? Tell me I’m not a delusional idiot” He grumbles. 

“Oh honey, of course, your delusional, but we'd be here all day if I went down the laundry of why. I’m sorry I have to go, Saul, is here with keg refills” She says and just like that she’s hanging up on him. 

Leaving him with his thoughts. 

So he bites the bullet and texts, Bradley. 

So about this trip? When and how long? 

He does expect a haha just joking but sure enough, Bradley gives him a time. 

We’re leaving tomorrow and maybe two weeks? Depends on how much Jake’s parents hate my guts. Two days drive up, stay for ten, two days back. What do you think? 

Pete can only agree since his not planning this trip. Happy to do whatever. 

So he packs his bag the next morning and is sliding into the back seat of the bronco. Jake just flashes him a wink in the mirror when he realises what shirt Pete is wearing. Pulling out of the driveway. Pete feeling his face heat against his will. 

“Looking good Mav. So you ready to meet my family?” Jake asks. Bradley already curled up in the front seat. Book in hand. 

“I’m not the one looking for approval” 

“No that would be me and I’m already terrified,” Bradley says looking a little pale at the prospect. 

“They’ll love you both I promise. Though I might have suggested we bring Mav just to sweeten the deal” 

Jake laughs when Bradley hits him on the shoulder with the book. 

“Hey, I’m driving here!” He whinges. 

“Are you sure you really want to come? I’d understand if you want to escape this lunatic. I think if you duck and roll” Bradley says, turning to glance at Pete. A wild grin on his face. 

Letting out some sort of laughing yelp when Jake grabs his nipple through his shirt. Batting at the blond man’s hand. 

Pete just shakes his head at his boy's antics. 

“Weren’t you just bitching that you were driving!” Bradley whines rubbing at the spot that Jake had assaulted. 

Jake just replies by placing his shades over his eyes and using his teeth to rip off the paper of a lollipop. Shoving it in his mouth. 

Pete scoffing out a laugh. This was going to be a very interesting trip. 

The first place they stop is a grocer to grab snacks. 

“Mav you have eaten yet?” Bradley calls, drooling over the hot food window. Pete shaking his head. Jake off paying for the snacks. Even against Pete’s insistence.

“It was my idea to bring you. All you need to do is look pretty” Jake had said before walking off with his arm full.

They end up getting a mix of a few things. Pete paying this time, even though Bradley whines about it. 

“Go help Jake carry the stuff out to the car” Pete chides. 

Bradley huffing but going to save Jake from dropping the chips all over the car park. 

The cashier laughing a little as she rings him up. 

“You're a very lucky man sir. If I had two alphas like that for mates. I’d never get out of bed” She says. 

“You can’t have two mates” Pete points out. Sliding his card through the machine. 

“Actually you can. It’s becoming more common than you think. My sister has two mates. She’s expecting in June and they're all very excited.” The cashier continues to chirp. 

Pete looking up at her in shock. 

She even shows him a photo and sure enough, on each of their necks lay two marks each. 

“When I was growing up we were told it was one mate only” 

“There are special cases. I hope you have a good day!” She calls after him. 

His head reeling with the new information. 

Sure he’d heard about it before but it was Taboo. It meant your mate didn’t really love you enough if they were thinking about someone else. How could they when they loved someone else? It was seen as a greedy thing. You were taking a mate from someone else. 

Pete is distracted from his thoughts by Bradley handing him his portion of the food. Watching as Bradley feeds Jake fries, Jake's eyes never leave the road. 

They were talking about something but Pete’s head was buzzing. Staticy. 

He finds himself staring at the google search bar. Unsure what to even type. Was the girl lying? Was she just a loony? Maybe her sister just got to be the lucky one. 

“What’s with that face Mav? You look like your gonna have a stroke” Bradley asks. 

Pete jumping out of his skin. Nearly throwing his phone. Fingers clutching to the stupid device tighter. 

“Just uh looking at the game scores from last night” He lies. Catching Bradley’s eye in the rear-view mirror. 

“Cool who won?” 

“Uh give me a second I lost the page” Pete stammers out and he doesn’t get to think about it after that. 

Jake and Bradley kept him distracted with different topics. Swapping over around the three hours mark. Just so Jake can stretch his legs. Pete happy to take the wheel. Needing to do something with his hands. Happy to eat whatever brand of candy it is that Jake’s holding out to him. 

Pushing the limit out on the empty highway. Happy to feel the sun on his face. He doesn’t quite push it like he would on his bike but he does enjoy the thrill of it. It’s nowhere near pushing a jet to its limits but it’s still a pretty great feeling. 

Bradley lazes out in the back seat. Playing on his phone. Jake just seems to hum along to whatever tune comes over the radio. Both men are at ease. 

Pete’s heart clutching in his throat when Jake sets a hand on his knee. 

“What’s up?” He asks. Thinking the man might be wanting to stop to walk around for a minute. Bradley reading his book by this stage. Dusk setting over their strip of road.

“Nothing. We should stop soon. Next town over we’ll find a motel” Jake says. 

He expects Jake to remove his hand now that his conveyed his message but he doesn’t. 

“So uh. You grew up on a farm. What got you into flying?” Pete asks. 

“We used to go out to the local air shows when I was a kid. I just fell in love with the way they could move, the way they sounded. I wanted to be there. Flying those beasts. It was better than breaking even the wildest stallion” Jake explains voice soft. 

Eyes wide open with nostalgia and glee. It was rather cute. 

Jake continues to talk about his childhood on the farm. His horse call Penelope and how he spent most of his childhood with his hands dirty. The sky darkening and they're finally pulling up to a town. Driving past full after full motels. Finally managing to find one with a vacancy sign. 

Pete reaches back to tap Bradley on the stomach. 

“Up you get. We’re stopping for the night” He orders. Hearing Bradley groan. Bolting upright. 

“What?” He grumbles. Still managing to get himself together.

They slid into the lobby and the man behind the desk, flashes them a look. It says everything it needs to.  Little omega slut  and Pete tries to keep his cool about it. Forcing his back straight, refusing to be looked down upon by some nobody beta. 

“We need two rooms. Single and a double” He says instead. 

“We only got one Queen bed left. Either take it or keep driving” The man behind the counter drawls at him. 

“Seriously. You have to have another room?” Bradley grumbles. 

“Nope. Take it or leave it. Choice is yours but the next town is another two hours away. You should have planned ahead better. Derby’s in town” The man sneers. 

“We’ll take it. Thanks” Jake says stepping up when both Bradley and Maverick stare at each other confused. 

Pete really couldn’t have worst luck, could he?

Chapter Text

Pete was currently staring at the lonesome bed in fascination. Wondering how the fuck he ended up here. 

This was like some terrible porno. 

He can hear Bradley in the shower, just humming away. Jake was grabbing their stuff from the car and Pete was stuck frozen. Staring at the damn queen-sized bed and wondering if this was Goose just fucking with him. 

No this was more Ice’s style. 

Ice would totally do something like this on purpose. Just to mess with Pete’s psyche.

“Pete everything ok?” Jake asks. 

The use of his real name surprising Pete out of his frozen state. Realising that Jake must have said his call sign quite a few times to resort to real ones. 

“Uh yeah sorry. Just tired. I’m happy to take the floor” Pete murmurs. He’d slept on worse. Far...far worse. 

“Like hell, I’d let any omega sleep on the floor. The bed will fit all of us, or if you're not comfortable with that. I’m happy to take the floor” Jake says. 

“No, it’ll be fine” Pete whisps out. Taking the next shower, using it to cool himself down. Trying not to freak out. 

This was just another night. He’d shared beds with alpha’s before. This was nothing. He’d used to share a bed with Goose all the time on mission. Cheaper to get just the one instead of renting two rooms. 

But who was he kidding this was totally different. This was so much more and yet nothing at the same time. 

He realises he's spent nearly twenty minutes just staring at the shower wall and losing his collective thoughts. Scrambling from the glass box. Drying himself off and pulling on some sleep pants. Not bothered with a shirt right now. 

Entering back into the room just as Jake enters with food. 

Pete grateful that he can shove his mouth full of something so he doesn’t have to talk. Just a burger from the local joint. Watching Bradley and Jake talk and joke. Being all coupley. 

It was cute and it hurt. His heart clenching, jealousy filling his skin. His omega whining to receive even an ounce of that attention. Aching for it. He just keeps his eyes on his food as his mind once more turns back to that thing the cashier was talking about. 

“Hey uh. I heard the most interesting thing today.” He starts. 

“What’s that Mav?” Bradley asks. 

“The cashier’s sister had um two mates. That’s uh pretty fascinating. I’ve heard it’s hard enough having one. Let alone two. You’d surely have to feel torn in half right?” He questions. 

“Well, it depends. Some could make it work. I guess it depends on their secondary genders right? You're not gonna have three alphas. That’s just asking for trouble” Jake shrugs. 

“Two omegas just sounds like a porno. A beta would be easy enough to work with I guess. Two alphas taking care of an omega sounds like the best option in my opinion” Bradley says. 

Jake nodding along. 

“The worlds evolving. It’s not caveman era anymore. We’re not stealing omegas from their beds and dragging them back to our caves” 

“But still three people. That’s a lot of work” Pete says. 

He doesn’t even know what he's trying to get out of this conversation. Some sort of admittance that his not a delusional omega seeing signs where there aren’t any. 

“Then I guess you gotta really love your partners. With enough love, you can do anything Mav” Bradley says and that seems like the final note. 

“Well, I’m exhausted. I’m gonna turn in” Pete says needing to step away. 

Considering for a second sleeping in the back of the car. 

Honestly, he needs a drink. If only to get himself to stop turning over this threesome thing. He didn’t even have his heat to blame his thoughts on. He was just being a desperate fool. Regretting this trip altogether. Just wants to be home in his nest and as far away from Jake and Bradley as possible. 

Instead, he slides onto the bed, not exactly keen on fighting over the floor. Slipping under the blankets and pulling the pillow close. Resting himself on the edge of the bed. Leaving as much space as possible for the other two men. 

He hears Bradley and Jake talking softly, the rumble of the tv, then the shower running. Before a freshly clean Jake is on the other side of the bed. His scent wafting over, soothing Pete. Even against his will. 

Pete was just boarding on sleep when he feels hands pushing at his shoulder. He tries to push against it but Bradley has the upper hand. Pete moves over until he's running into skin. 

Eyes opening a little to see Jake’s tan chest right in front of him. The only thing breaking up that hill of gold was Jake’s tags. 

Eyes closing quickly when he feels Bradley press up against his back. 

Firmly pressing him between both Alphas. Pete feels as both bodies wrap around him. Bradley’s leg sliding between his own. As Jake’s hand moves to rest against his back. Caging him in completely and he should be freaking out. Most normal Omegas would be freaking out but all he feels is some sort of contentment. 

It’s not quite the way he wants it but god he feels at peace, wrapped in muscle. This is so much better than shoving his face in two shirts. He has the real things, right here. Their mingled scents soothing his inner beast. Feeling sleep pull him down into the dark just as he swears lips brush past his scent gland. Bradley’s moustache tickling. A mere whisper that he puts down to Bradley just trying to get comfortable. 

Pete wakes early morning with Bradley’s head on his chest and Jake’s head atop his own. Somehow managing to swap sides in the night. Pete wiggled his way out of the two men. Watching Bradley groan, Pete pausing halfway through his escape. Only for Bradley to settle back into sleep. Moving to curl up on Jake’s arm instead. 

Pete stretching, hearing muscles and bones pop before he settles. Rubbing a hand through his hair. Taking a second to admire the two men on the bed and wondering if he's bonked his head somewhere. That this is all some vivid dream. 

Deciding he may as well get dressed and go procure breakfast. Stepping back in the door to Bradley waking up. Jake reading something on his phone at the table. 

“Hey, Mav. Where’d you go?” Bradley asks, voice thick with sleep. 

Pete just shakes the takeout bag. 

“God, you're amazing. Thank you” Jake says, brushing a hand across the back of Pete’s waist as Pete sets the bag on the table. Sending tingles up Pete’s spine.

“So I’ve been told. After we eat. We should head off. Get to your parent's farm. I’m sure they're excited to see you” Pete says. 

“Mav it’s like 7” Bradley whines as he tucks into his breakfast burrito. 

“They would have been up for at least three hours by now” Jake shrugs. 

“What is wrong with you hicks?” Bradley grumbles. 

“Hey watch your tongue. Or else you and your hand can get reacquainted” Jake replies. Laughing when Bradley whimpers at him. 

Pete just picking at his burrito, not really hungry this morning. Head still swirling with the fact he just spent the night sleeping between a mated pair and he survived. 

Pete slides his burrito over to the others and he watches as they both square off before holding out their hands. Paper, scissors, rock seriously?

“You realise you can cut it in half right?” Pete points out. 

Bradley and Jake stared at him in horror. Like that wasn’t even an option. 

Pete just leaves the alphas to their grumbling to make sure he has everything. Sniffing at his skin and realising his covered in Alpha scent. Not that wearing Jake’s shirt yesterday was a good idea either. So he showers again, making sure to use the neutralising soap that most hotels keep for their shadier affairs. Muting his own scent down a quiet hum. Apparently once, when he was a small boy he had smelled like mint but over years of working and living in jets. He had started to carry around a permanent aroma of jet fuel. 

Dressing in strictly his own clothes. Jake’s shirt shoved to the bottom of his bag. This was a very important day for Bradley and Pete wasn’t going to stand in their way. Or give Jake’s parents the wrong idea. 

Opting to take the back seat again as Bradley drives the first half. Jake promises to take the last half. Knowing the back roads better. Pete just kept his head in his phone. Playing a game of scrabble with Natasha. 

The boys haven’t pissed you off too much? 

Appears in the little chat box at the bottom of the game screen. 

They’ve been perfectly peachy. How's the rest of DS. They haven’t burnt down the hard deck yet?  He replies before scoring a solid 30 points. 

Getting a gif of someone flipping him the bird before Natasha replies to his question.

Not yet. A few of them decided Bagman had the right idea. Their off to see family while they have the time off. They’ve been keeping you fed right? 

Hitting him back with a 34 points score. Pete’s eyebrows scrunching. 

Why does everybody think I can’t take care of myself? I’ve only been doing it for half a century. 

Your pack omega Mav. It’s our job to look after you. Take it as a compliment . Natasha replies a few minutes later. 

And what if I found a mate? Would you shitheads still be pestering me like this?  He replies with. 

Most likely. Everybody else still takes care of Bob and his mated. So? Why would we stop for you? Did Goose stop when he got mated?

Somehow that’s the most soothing thing he heard in a while. That even if he did on some rare possibility find a mate. The pack would still be there for him. Just like Goose had been. 

“Hey, Mav. We’re stopping to change over. Piss if you need to. Cause there’s not another town until we get home” Jake says pulling him from his phone. Pete looks up to see they’re at a gas station in the middle of a tiny little country town. 

Right, Jake had explained they didn’t exactly live in Austin but rather a small town about an hour out of the city. 

So Pete does just that, meeting them back up in the car. Bradley already laying in the back seat so Pete is resigned to taking the passenger seat. 

“You ok Mav? You’ve been quiet all day?” Bradley asks. 

“Yeah, Kiddo. I’m fine. Just thinking about some stuff that’s all” Pete shrugs. 

“Ew gross don’t call me that. I’m 34” Bradley grumbles. 

“What you thinking about? If you're worried about my family. Don’t be. They’re a lot nicer than I am...well Camilla can be a bitch but what else are sisters for?” Jake says. 

“No, it’s not that. Uh. I’ll tell you, boys, when I’m good and ready ok” Pete promises. Turning to look out the window.

Knowing they're staring at him with concern but thankfully they don’t bring it up again. Instead talking amongst themselves about what Jake plans on them doing while their here. 

Pete’s head droops as he falls asleep. Only waking up to Bradley poking him in the cheek. 

“We’re here sleeping beauty,” He says voice low. 

Pete batting away his hand gently. Opening his eyes and taking in the beauty sprawled around him. Wheat fields as far as the eye could see. 

“Welcome to the Seresin abode Mav,” Jake says, a soft smile on his face. Happy to be home. Pulling up to a large, gorgeous farmhouse. Double story with a porch that wraps the entire way around. The front door opening, two small girls bolting out the door. 

Screaming at the top of their lungs in excitement. They couldn’t be older than ten. 

“UNCLE JAKE’S HERE!” They scream over and over again. Bouncing on their feet as Jake pulls to a stop. 

Pete’s heart clenches when he watches Jake step out of the car and pick both girls up. Squeezing them tightly as he asks them how they’ve been. 

Bradley also has a soppy look on his face as they get out of the car. 

Pete noticing three people stepping onto the porch. 

The two women look near identical. Blond hair, soft features. the man was thick and broad-shouldered. Jake in thirty years. An Alpha. Even a blind man could tell that from a mile away. Body seeming worn with years of farm work. 

“Welcome. It’s nice to finally meet you both” The Alpha says. His drawl much more pronounced than Jake’s. 

Jake sets the girls down and they take off back inside. 

Pete and Bradley can only follow as Jake hugs his family. Pete hearing Bradley muttering to himself. 

“Relax. They’re gonna love you ok” Pete urges squeezing his hand quickly before he lets go. Stepping up onto the massive porch. 

“Jake are you gonna introduce us or you just gonna stand around all day?” His father asks. 

“Oh uh right sorry. This is Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw and Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. My wingmen. Mav, Roos this is Maribel my mum, Samuel, my pops and Camilla. My older witch of a sister. The two gremlins running around are Rosey and Sarah” Jake says, wrapping his arms around both their shoulders. A massive grin on his face. 

“Maverick. sounds familiar. Wasn’t he on that calendar you used to admire so much? Though uh, he looked a little younger back then. No offence, you're even more handsome now” Maribel asks. 

“Mum please don’t!” Jake whispers, voice cracking. Ears going bright pink. 

“Calendar?” Bradley asks. Perking up. 

Pete had completely even forgotten that was something he had done. He had been boarding on 40. Some charity event. 

“I think I still have it somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it after lunch” She says urging them inside. 

Jake just whining, hiding himself in Bradley’s neck. Refusing to look Pete in the eye. 

“Oh I’m gonna love it here” Bradley chuckles. 

Chapter Text

Most of the evening is spent getting to know Jake’s family. 
They were as he said very lovely people. Samuel was a hard-backed man but he was polite as ever. Maribel tries to wait on them hand and foot until Jake tells her to stop and sit. 
“Get to know them, Mum. Please. I’ve missed you” Jake whines at his mother. 
Using puppy privilege against her. He doesn’t have a touch of Alpha in his voice. Instead, it’s soft and sweet. Searching for his mother’s attention. He might be his own adult now but Pete had seen it happen plenty of times before. 
Alphas see their parents and they’re suddenly five again. Seeking attention. 
Pete found it amusing and sweet. Maribel sitting down on the couch across from them. Pete answers any question that’s directed his way. Mostly about his life, and his connection to the boys. 
He explains their mission without going into detail. 
“You should see him fly dad, there’s no one better. His amazing. He and Rooster survived two plane crashes and two felons on their asses.” 
“But we wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Hangman. He saved us at the last second. Shot down the Felon that had us toned” Bradley praises in return. 
“Toned?” Camilla asks. 
“In their sights dear,” Maribel says to her daughter. 
Pete so used to being around other pilots that he forgot. Normal people don’t talk like they do. 
“He definitely saved our lives that day. We owe him a lot” Pete says. 
“So can I ask what’s with the nicknames? Jake refuses to tell me. He says I don’t have clearance.” Camilla asks, Jake sticking his tongue out at his sister. Only to yelp when she grabs it between her nails. 
“It’s a safety thing. If our radios are hacked we’re not using real names. Well that and Maverick sounds a lot cooler than Pete” 
Smiling a little when makes Jake’s family laugh. 
“Our names all have meaning as well. You earn your call sign. Maverick got his by never listening to his superiors” Bradley says, flashing Pete a smirk. 
“Hangman got his by playing deadly. He only got his call sign after his first kill and Rooster got his from me. I used to call him that when he was little. He’d get so overprotective like a Rooster in a hen house” Pete explains. 
“When he was little?” Samuel asks. 
“Bradley is my RIO's son. I kinda helped raise the brat after his old man died in a training accident. So if there are any manners missing, that would be my fault” Pete says simply. 
“I have all my manners thank you. Just cause you were raised by Racoons” 
“It’s Raccoon’s this week is it?” Pete replies, smiling at his Alpha. Raising an eyebrow. 
“Last week was monsters” Jake points out. 
“The week before was aliens,” Pete says, a definite smirk on his face now. 
“Either way m point is made!” Bradley pouts. Crossing his arms. 
“Aww, we’re just teasing you, big baby. We love you” Pete says patting him on the head. 
“Good, you better” Bradley murmurs. 
Pete watches as Bradley and Samuel sniff around each other. Figuring out where they stand. Bradley trying not to come off too postury but not wanting to back down either. Wanting to prove himself as Jake's mate. 
Pete helping out in the kitchen. Not wanting to feel useless. Bradley had offered to help as well but two swift nos from Pete and Jake has him sitting down at the table. 
Samuel had decided now was the grilling portion of this evening. Digging his claws into Bradley. Asking all the questions he possibly can. Where did Bradley go to school? When did he graduate from the academy? 
Both Bradley and Pete winced at that one. 
Pete wasn’t the only one listening. Camilla and Maribel listening in as well. 
“Uncle Pete?” He hears then. 
It takes him a second to recognise that his being spoken to. 
Camilla looks at him worried about how he’d react. 
“What’s up, sweetheart?” He asks turning to the twins. Who were both staring at him doe-eyed. Pulling at his omega heart with all their might. 
“Can you play with us please!” They beg him. Their little voices mingling. 
“You don’t have to” Camilla promises him. 
“Sure I can play,” Pete says before he can help himself. 
He expects them to want to play with dolls or something but instead their dragging out colouring books. Setting up at the coffee table. He just rolls it with it. Happy to amuse the eight-year-olds. Feeling occasional glances on his back. 
His omega was insistent. It had always been his issue when it came to children. His omega would come out full force and he had no chance of stopping that train in its tracks. 
Looking up to see Jake and Bradley just watching him. Eyes holding an intense shimmer. 
“Would you like to colour to Uncle Jake?” Rosey calls out. 
“I’m good sweetpea. I’m talking to pops at the moment but maybe later ok” Jake replies. 
“Sweetpea?” Bradley questions. 
“Oh shove it. Your sleeping with Mav tonight if you keep it up” Jake grumbles but his smile doesn’t quite leave his face. 
“Why am I the punishment?” Pete speaks up before he can help himself. Currently focused on colouring in the easter bunny.  
“Cause you snore like an old man,” Bradley says, sticking out his tongue. 
“I am an old man” Pete retorts. 
He was the same age as Jake’s dad and that wasn’t doing good things for his brain right now. Making his Omega whine for a family. A family he should have had by now. 
Samuel just laughing at their antics. 
“It’s nice to know you don’t let these boys walk all over you. Jake has a habit of letting himself get carried away. He used to get brought up for his attitude all the time in school” 
“I had to bring them home safe sir. They didn’t have time to not listen to me. It was my way or a burial” Pete explains. 
“Well, I’m grateful that you’ve kept my boy in line and safe. We were always so worried when he spouted out about becoming a pilot. For the Navy no less. We thought at first he just wanted to fly some fancy air shows. When he came home saying he’d signed up to the Navy. My poor Mari nearly fainted. Don’t get me wrong. We’re patriotic, but it’s different when it’s your son fighting in your country's battles” Samuel says, voice slower than normal. Like his trying not to piss off anybody. 
“We’re born and bred Navy sir. So I can’t say I really understand but I empathise. My beta...uh Bradley’s mother asked me to pull his papers so he wouldn’t fly. As you can tell it didn’t work” 
Bradley took a deep drink of his beer. Jake rubbing a hand over Bradley’s free one. 
“Our history is very complicated but I have Mav back in my life now and that’s all that important” Bradley says setting his empty bottle on the table.
“Families the most important thing. Pack to. It’s good that my baby has such a loving, kind pack. Dinners ready, come and eat up” Maribel says as she and Camilla place the food on the table. 
“Uncle Pete can you sit next to me!” Sarah whines. Clutching to Pete’s hand and try as Pete might. He can’t help but think of tiny little Bradley, clutching to his hand the same way. Begging him to come and play airplane after he just got home from mission. 
“Sure thing sweetheart. Where are we sitting?” He asks, Sarah leading him over to the table. Pete getting sat next to Jake with Sarah on his other side. 
Pete waiting and watching. Unsure how things run here.
“We don’t do an of that silly omega eats last here nonsense dear. Better grab some food before it’s gone. Jake and Sam tend to eat quick” Maribel tells him. Camilla nodding along, already stacking her kid's plates. 
Before Pete can load up a plate, he’s getting one slid in front of him. Jake swapping the full plate for Pete’s empty one. 
“Mav can’t help but run on military rules. That’s why it’s become pack law, he and our other Omega Bob get first serve, then it’s just up to the rest of us to fight it out like animals” Jake explains.
Maribel melting at her son’s consideration. Starting to fuss over him. Jake trying to politely bat her away. Bradley, Pete and Camilla unable not to laugh at Jake’s pink face. 
“So this other omega. He's a pilot too I’m guessing?” Samuel asks.
“His mates WSO actually. Uh, he operates the gun system, she keeps them in the air” Pete explains. 
The others nodded along. Pretending to understand. 
After dinner and having to get detached from two little monkeys that were trying to climb him. Pete finds himself sitting out on the porch steps and wondering just how there can be so many stars in the sky. 
Normally only able to see this many when he was out in the middle of the ocean.
Taking in the soft wheat smell that had embedded itself into Jake’s skin over the years. Every part of it smells like home. 
“Hey, Mav you doing ok? My family hasn’t sent you screaming into the fields just yet?” Jake asks, moving to sit against the top of the stairs. He seemed to be glowing. Like every time he flew. 
“You sure you want to leave your mum with Bradley. She seems keen on stealing him away” Pete teases. 
“If anything they're looking to adopt you,” Jake says, stretching out. Sighing. Like he can finally breathe properly. 
“So did you really have my calendar?” Pete asks before he can help himself. 
“You beat your ass I did. Who do you think caused my first Rut? It definitely wasn’t Mr November.” Jake says. Unphased to admit his indecency now his family wasn’t around. 
It doesn’t stop Pete from feeling fire brush up the back of his neck. Face hot and his glad his half turned away from Jake so he can’t see the way his blushing. 
“I bet I wasn’t the only one you turned into a man Mav.” 
Pete just mumbling out nonsense. Words currently not working. 
“Dear god save me. Your sister keeps trying to ask when we’re having kids.” They hear then. Both turning to see Bradley stepping out. Closing the door behind him. 
“I did warn you she’d try. Ever since douche nozzle up and left her and the twins. She’s been all about me having kids. She doesn’t want Sarah and Rosey to grow up alone” Jake shrugs. 
“Oh it gets better, She said Mav could surrogate” 
Pete spits out his beer. Coughing. Jake moving to whack him gently on the back. 
Sure he’d wanted kids but being a surrogate was something totally different. His omega starting to throw a bitch fit at the thought. That if he was having a kid, it wasn’t in any way gonna belong to some other couple. 
“Mav are you growling?” Jake asks. 
Pete quelling his omega’s thoughts real quick. 
“Sorry uh. It’s not...I just...” 
“If your gonna have a kid, it’s gonna be your own,” Bradley explains better than Pete currently can. Moving to sit on the stair behind Pete. Right next to Jake.  
Pete just nodding. Only to stop moving altogether when he feels Bradley rest himself across Pete’s back. Thighs caging in Pete’s waist as two thick arms wrap around his chest. 
Pete feels like a drug addict with the way he breathes in as much of Bradley’s scent as possible while he had the chance. God, how much of a loser could he be. Craving it this much after only a few hours away from it.
“Thanks for coming with Mav. I appreciate it. It’s nice having someone on my side” Bradley mumbles. 
“I’m always on your side” Pete promises. 

Chapter Text

Pete was probably the most relaxed he had ever been. The last three days had been spent with a mix of relaxation and Jake showing them all his favourite things. 

Some were as silly as watching the clouds pass overhead and making shapes out of them. Others were horse rides through the most gorgeous valleys that Pete had ever seen and he’d seen a lot of pretty places in his time. 

He doesn’t cling to his Alpha’s though. As much as he wants. Letting Bradley and Jake run off to do their own things. Faking tiredness, happy to hang around the farmhouse. Help out Samuel with some farm work. Play with the twins. Help Camilla with whatever she needs. 

He wakes up the second day at the farm confused. Feeling two warm bodies pressed up against him. Sitting up and making sure he had fallen asleep in the right room. 

Sure enough, it had been the spare room and Jack and Bradley had never explained their reasoning. Pete had been both more and less surprised the next day when he wakes up with his alphas wrapped around him again. 

He makes sure he showers with neutralising soap every morning. Not needing to start some shit fight. Something that could ruin Jake and Bradley’s trip here. Preferring not to be called names or get thrown out as just another Alpha chasing whore. 

Currently, Pete was getting ready for a night out on the town. Camilla wants to take them to her and Jake’s favourite bar. 

Jake had been jabbering away about it ever since she had brought it up. An excited puppy, eager to show off. 

“Oh, and you’ll never guess what?” Camilla babbles along with him. 

“What’s that?” Bradley asks, amused at his mates’ family. 

“They got the mechanical bull fixed. Last time Jake was home it was broken” Camilla says. 

Seeming more just happy to get a break from her daughters. She was a very doting, hard-working mother but Pete understood every parent’s need to get out once in a while. Having babysat Bradley once or twice so Goose and Carole could do dancing. 

Pete watches Jake’s face light up before he cools himself down to a quiet simmer. Already knowing Jake is planning something. 

Eventually, they're all being loaded into the bronco. The kids waving from the porch and Pete is already half regretting this, with Camilla babbling in his ear about all the hot Alpha’s that liked to camp out at the bar. 

“He doesn’t sleep with Alphas Cami,” Jack says, a weird look on his face. 

“Well, you should try it sometime. It’s fun” Camilla says, a wicked grin on her face.

“CAMI!” Jake whines. 

“Ahh let her be. It’s her first night out in a while” Bradley coos at Jake. Tapping him on the face gently. 

“Yeah, Jake. Be nice to your big sister” Camilla says, her grin growing even larger. 

Jake just rolls his eyes as he pulls up to a bar. People milling around out front. Their smells mingle together to form one homogenous glob of aroma. 

Barely able to handle all of it. 

They get in easy enough. The bouncer raising a single eyebrow at their little ragtag group. The bouncer grabbing Pete’s arm, bending down low to talk in Pete’s ear. Being like double Pete’s height. 

Pete expects trouble but the man gives off a warm friendly tone. 

“If anybody gives you any hell, tell me. I’ll make sure their mammas know about their tom foolery” He urges. 

“We’ve got it covered. Thanks, Max” Jake says grabbing Pete’s other arm and dragging him off. 

Pete dragged into what might actually be the most country bumpkin bar he’s ever seen. It’s beautiful. He loves it. There’s nothing but good vibes coming off the people here. Hearing laughter and fun coming from every angle of the place. It was amazing. 

He and Bradley were probably the only ones that looked out of place. Jake has gone back to his southern roots. Bradley had endlessly mocked him for his cowboy hat. 

Jake had just smirked and told him not to lie. That he could smell just how much Bradley liked it. Bradley had very quickly excused himself to wait out front. Pete and Camilla lose their minds. 

But then Jake had set those eyes on Pete and he had shut up real quick as well. Going to wait out front with Bradley. 

Now they were here, pressed among a sea of people and he and Bradley were a little wide-eyed. Unsure where to even start. 

Thankfully Jake comes to their rescue and brings them over to the bar. Camilla handing her purse to the bartender to watch over and bringing them shots. 

“This ok old man? Think you can handle it?” She teases. 

“Oh, sweetheart. I’ve been drinking since before you were born. Give it” Pete says. The shot burns down his throat but it warms him up. Makes him feel a little more alive. 

And the next three that follow make his body loosen up even more. 

He was glad he had decided against bringing his jacket. Already feeling hot. Going with the flow. Camilla dragging him to dance. Pete watching her for a second before taking her lead. Happy to just exist and be in the moment. 

Especially when Jake and Bradley keep bringing him drinks. 

So by the time Jake is daring him to do something very stupid. He's too drunk to say no. He had just sat down at the table that they had procured, stealing a sip of Jake’s water. 

Feeling a hand on the back of his neck. Bradley squeezing soft, it’s comforting and Pete is too drunk to see why it’s a bad idea. 

“Pete babe, I was thinking about a little bet. What do you say?” Jake says leaning across the table and getting right in Pete’s face. The scent of whisky coming off him. 

“And what’s that?” Pete asks. 

“Let’s see who can last longer on the bull, whoever loses has to pay the tab. Just between you and me” Jake says, a soft purr in his voice. 

“Someone’s going to break something,” Bradley says but there’s a sparkle in his eye. Like he can’t wait to see who does. 

But Pete is called Maverick for a reason. He can never let a bet go, or the chance to show off. 

“You’re on cowboy,” He says instead. Stealing Jake’s hat, laughing when Jake takes after him. Catching up to him at the mechanical bull. Both watch as someone gets flung off the metal beast's back. 

Landing with a groan. The people around the ‘pen’ laughing. 

Pete feeling as Jake cages him in. 

“You stole my hat,” He says in Pete’s ear. 

“It looks better on me” Pete snickers. 

“Damn right it does” Jake replies. 

Bradley and Camilla catching up. Jake stepping back a little, instead moving to lean against the railing next to Pete. Bradley came to stand on his other side, pressing his shoulder up against Pete’s. 

“You seem to be having fun or are you just shit-faced?” Bradley teases him. 

“I’m not drunk, nowhere near. Though might want to catch Cami” He urges. Bradley moving to do so. Camilla swiftly heading for the floor, legs giving out. She’s been trying her best to keep up with the boys. Not wanting to be left behind. Even if she looked green her seventh drink in. 

Jake moving to help out. His alpha snapping into place, in need of his family pack to be ok. 

“I’m gonna go get Cami some water. Don’t ride nothing till I come back. Come on Cami” Jake says, pulling her into the crowd. Leaving Bradley and Pete alone. 

“Considering how much he bitches about her. He loves his family so much” Bradley says, a soft look on his face. 

“You picked a good one Bradley” Pete promises. 

There was no way that Pete could deny how good Jake and Bradley were for each other. They equalled each other out and terrorised each other. Their alpha’s soothing around each other instead of getting pissy. It was a rather amazing feat. Most Alpha pairs normally ended up flaming out in one huge fight but Pete knew that Bradley and Jake were in it for the long haul. 

That they’d be that dorky old couple on the porch. 

“Thanks...” Bradley looks like he wants to say something else but he just closes his mouth. Leaning into Pete’s shoulder a little. 

Pete turns back to the bull, watching as it sends rider after rider flying. But he knew if he could handle a jet going Mach 10. He’s certain he can handle some rinky-dink bull. 

Eventually Jake returns, sans one Camilla. 

“Ronny’s watching her, he’ll make sure she gets some water into her. You still up for this bet?” Jake explains. 

“You should know I never back down from a bet” Pete replies. 

“Good. Cooper! My Wingman’s up next!” Jake calls to the man running the bull. Pointing to Pete as he talks. 

Cooper nods. 

“Do you know everybody in this town?” Bradley asks. 

“Problem when your town is a solid 150 strong, your lucky we haven’t been swallowed by Austin yet” Jake shrugs. 

Before Pete knows it, his being ushered forward into the pen. 

“You need help little one?” Cooper asks him. 

Pete swung himself up onto the bull with ease. Just flicking him a look. 

Cooper holds his hands up. 

“Alrighty then. Hold on, We don’t play nice on the newbies” 

Some part of Pete does expect to be sent flying the first few seconds, but he keeps his grip. The bull starting up. Nice and slow. Not that, that lasts long. It’s not quite the same as a jet but Pete makes it work for him. 

Learning quick enough how to move so he doesn’t get bucked. Catching a glimpse of his Alpha’s staring slacked jawed. 

“Jesus did you put glue on your pants,” Cooper asks, turning up the bull even further. 

“Nah, He's just that good” He hears Bradley reply. 

Pete feeling the adrenaline and alcohol coursing through him. Feeling his alpha’s eyes on him. Singing his praises. He felt on top of the world. This is where he always wanted to be if it meant that Jake and Bradley kept looking at him like that. 

But as quickly as it begins it's over. Pete confused when the bull comes to a slow stop. 

“I’m out of levels dude. You beat the bull.” Cooper says holding his hands up, an impressed look on his face.  The others clapping and cheering. 

Pete blinded by a phone flashing. Sliding himself off the beast and hitting his feet. Swaying a little now but he tries to pretend he's not. 

“Your turn Jake,” he says looking up at the blond man when he meets up with them on the other side. 

“I think I’m just gonna go pay the tab, save my dignity. Nobodies beating you Captain” Jake says low, looking impressed. Bowing out. 

“I told you, I always win. You’ll start to believe me one of these days. Come on Bradley, Let’s go make Jake poor” Pete says grabbing his alpha’s hand and pulling him towards the bar. 

Jake can only follow along dutifully as Bradley laughs.  

“I can’t believe you thought a bet against Mav was a good idea,” He says to his mate. 

Jake shrugs. 

“I wanted to see just how well Mav could ride” 

He states it so simply that it almost sounds like his reading out a sermon for Sunday school. So why does it make Pete’s knees weak? 

“Strongest thing you’ve got” Pete begs the bartender. Finding his voice comes out weak. 

The bartender nodding and coming back a few minutes later with a jager bomb. Camilla meeting up with them. Looking a little better now that she’s cooled down. 

“I heard you beat the bull,” She says, a slight slur in her voice. 

“You should have seen him Cami. If anybody was meant to ride, it was Maverick” Jake says. 

“It really wasn’t that hard, I don’t get what the fuss is about,” Pete says, trying desperately to play it cool. 

“Bullshit and you know it. You knew exactly what you were doing up there” Bradley says staring him down. 

“And is that such a bad thing Bradshaw? Maybe it’s not the first bull I rode” Pete replies before downing his drink. Setting the glass on the bar. 

“I thought you said you never slept with an alpha,” Bradley says. Voice taking on a growling tone. Pete swears he manages to get taller. Posturing now. 

But it’s not to intimidate Pete. No this is something else. This is an Alpha wanting to play. 

“Who says it was an alpha. I’ve taken some pretty big betas before. I think they might even put you to shame” Pete says, eyes flicking down towards Bradley’s jeans. 

The growl that comes out of Bradley, has Pete’s omega preening. 

He knows his pushing his luck right now. One wrong move and he ends up with a broken nose and either one of these Alpha’s tearing him a new one. 

But his having too much fun. 

Yelping when hands wrap around his hips. A very broad chest pressing up against his back. Pulling his hips back until their flush against the front of Jake’s jeans. 

“What about this? This do it for you?” Jake purrs in his ear. 

Pete feels like his breath has stopped clear in his chest. All the air was pushed from his body. 

He should push Jake away, but Camilla has disappeared into the crowd and Bradley has a fire in his eyes. 

Stepping closer. 

Grabbing the hat off Pete’s head and slipping it atop his own. Pete loses his mind when Bradley’s large hands move to slip around his backside. Squeezing softly and Pete’s omega is screaming from the damn rooftops. 

Howling at having his Alpha’s so close. Their scents mingled with heat and lust. 

“Careful what you wish for Mav” Bradley whispers in his ear, before moving to lick across Pete’s scent gland. 

Dear god in heaven. Pete could die right now, the happiest man on earth. 

Especially when Bradley pushes his hips up against Pete’s. Pete feels everything he has to offer. 

Only to hear yelling, Pete’s omega quivering. Thinking for a second that his in trouble. All three of them looking up to see Camilla yelling at someone. 

Jake’s face turns dour and Pete feels the anger through his pack bond. 

Bradley and Pete are right behind him as he stalks up to the man who had a grip on Camilla’s arm. 

“Bruce, leave me alone! You're not supposed to be here! I have a court order!" Camilla yells. 

“I want to see my kids Cami!” The man yells back. 

“Get your hands off my sister you piece of shit. I thought I told you never to come back here again!” Jake’s voice cut across the bar. Everybody going quiet. Eyes turning to take in the scene. 

“You stay out of this fag!” 

Before Jake can even move Pete already has. Knuckles meet the flesh of Bruce’s face. Feeling something in his hand crack but Bruce is on the floor. Knocked out cold. 

Pete seething. Shaking with rage. His own and Jake’s. 

“Max, get this piece of shit Alpha out of here!” Someone says. 

The bouncer appears, Pete blowing out a breath as he looks Max down. Max just bends down to pull Bruce up and over his shoulders. 

“I owe you a drink” Is all he says before walking away. 

Pete accepts the hug that Camilla gives him. Feeling rattled. Jake and Bradley getting him out to the car. 

Well, their night definitely ended with a bang but Pete wasn’t expecting that type of bang. 

Chapter Text

Pete’s hand was definitely broken. He could feel that much. 

“Out of everybody, you were the last one I was expecting to break something,” Maribel says bringing out the first aid kid. 

Samuel was busy putting his daughter to bed. Camilla a crying mess. Blaming herself for Pete’s broken hand and for the whole fiasco. But it wasn’t like she planned for her shitty ex to be there. He had managed to sneak past the bouncers. Pete promised to teach her how to quiet her bonds, so the scumbag couldn’t use it against her anymore. Pete would punch him again if it meant she was ok. 

Both Bradley and Jake had been keen on taking Pete to the hospital but he’d broken hands before. He’d be fine. He’d just never gotten one punching an Alpha in the face before. 

Bradley thanked her for the kit, pulling it open. Maribel looked concerned but steady on her feet. Muttering under her breath about Bruce Finnigan and how she was gonna find him a deep hole to live in. 

“Mav this is gonna hurt. You should at least take something for the pain.” Bradley insists.  

“I’m fine, Just uh...Jake give me your shirt” Pete urges. 

Jake pulling at it instantly. Handing it over. Looking a little confused and very worried. Pete uses one hand to spiral the shirt like one would wring water out of it before shoving it in his mouth. Biting down. 

Feeling endorphins try to flood his system at his Alpha’s scent being right under his nose. 

The last thing he wants to do right now is wake up the twins and scar them for life. 

Nodding to Bradley. 

“I still think we should go to the hospital Mav” Bradley mumbles. 

Pete kicks him. Staring down at his currently slightly bent out of shape hand. It really wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t like his hand had just shattered into dust. It was just two broken fingers and a broken metacarpal. 

“Ok fine but if you end up with a permanently fucked hand. Don’t come bitching to me about it” Bradley says before he starts the torturous wrapping process. 

Maribel occasionally speaks up, instructing Bradley how to do it the right way before patting Pete on the shoulder. Thanking him and shuffling herself off to bed once Bradley has it down. 

Jake just rubs across Pete’s shoulders. Whispering in his ear. 

“You’re doing so good, Roos is nearly done.” He promises. 

Pete just nodding, tears in his eyes. Biting down extra hard when Bradley pulls everything into place. Pinning the bandages. 

“When we get home, your going to the damn medbay. Whether I drag you myself or not!” Bradley murmurs. Pressing a kiss to the back of Pete’s now wrapped hand. So gentle that Pete doesn’t even feel it. 

Jake slowly easing the shirt from Pete’s mouth. Pete panting softly. Jake rubbing away his tears, touches soft against Pete’s face. 

“Fuck your amazing Mav. You really are. Thank you for sticking up for my sister.” He murmurs low. 

“You’d do it for mine if I had one” He shrugs. Exhausted now and sober. Hauntingly sober.

What he had done crashing back in on him. Feeling mortified that he had actually hit on a taken alpha. Not just one though but two. Maybe they were right. Maybe he was a stupid alpha chaser after all. 

“Or you’d just do her,” Bradley says trying to ease the tension. His voice shaking. 

“If she looked anything like Mav. Hell yeah,” Jake says. 

But they both look exhausted. Mentally drained. Their jokes are half-cocked. Not really there. 

Pete’s phone lighting up, Bradley pulling it out of his pocket for him. Not before both men faintly laugh as Pete unconsciously spins trying to grab the damn thing out of his pocket. Why did he have to break his damn dominant hand? 

“The pack are worried about you, they think you're having a heart attack” He explains, opening Pete’s phone. Thumbs tapping across the screen. 

“Hey, how do you know my code?” Pete grumbles. 

Bradley just looks up at him. Like he can’t believe Pete just asked that. 

“You’ve had the same code ever since I was born” 

Pete flushing. Sucking in his cheeks for a second before letting his annoyance go. 

He was a sentimental bastard sue him. 

“Come on Mav, let's get you to bed. We’re all tired.” Jake says, grabbing his good hand. 

Pete goes to protest when he's dragged past the spare room but he’s too tired to even open his mouth. Instead getting dragged into Jake’s. 

Taking a second just to admire the place. There were still posters on the wall, covering a cornflour blue trim, a desk crammed in one corner. Now empty apart from a signed baseball and a few other little trinkets. Tv on the wall opposite the bed. The whole place smelt like Jake, now with a mix of Bradley. 

“Cute” Pete murmurs.

Watching out of the corner of his eye as Bradley starts to strip down to his boxers before moving to sit on the bed. Plugging his phone in and stretching. 

“Mav” Bradley says and his voice is way too serious. 

“Don’t. I’m not sober enough or pain-free enough right now” Pete begs. 

Bradley stares him down for a second but he nods regardless. 

“Ok. When your feeling better then, we should talk” Jake urges, moving to pull at Pete’s top. Being careful with his hand. 

Pete just rolling with it. Too tired to stop him. 

Jake only stopping his hands when he touches at Pete’s waist. 

“I’m wearing boxers” Pete promises. 

So his jeans come off as well, Jake pressing him down to the bed before moving to disrobe himself. If they had just avoided that fight things might be going differently tonight. 

Pete can see it so clearly in his mind. Heated kisses, heavy petting, trying to keep quiet so they don’t wake up the others. 

But the pain in his hand brings him back to reality. 

Maybe it was better it wasn’t like that anyways. 

Feeling as Bradley wraps a hand around his waist. Dragging him further onto the bed. Pete laying down. Resting his head on Bradley’s thick bicep. Just absorbing his Alpha’s warmth. Jake slid into bed, being careful of Pete’s hand, using his forearm to guide Pete’s arm around his waist. 

Pete closing his eyes. Breathing in deep. Using their scents as a natural pain killer. 

Pete falling asleep to Bradley rubbing soft circles into his thigh with his thumb. 

We love you . He dreams. 

Waking up to Jake pressing on his shoulder. 

“Mav. Breakfast is ready” Jake says, voice soft. 

Pete almost wants to roll over and ignore the man but his getting out of bed anyways. 

“I need a shower. I...reek” 

I smell like you . He thinks to himself. But he doesn’t say that part aloud. 

“After breakfast, come on it’ll get cold” Jake says. Not understanding. 

“No now!” Pete snaps. 

Jake stares at him a little taken aback. 

Before conceding. Helping him gather his clothes and turning on the shower for him. 

Pete feels bad for snapping. Putting it down to being hungover and in pain. So he bites his tongue. Just throwing out a thank you before Jake closes the door. Jake just flashing him a soft smile, like he didn’t mind. 

Showering as quickly as he can, scrubbing at himself as hard as he can. As if the neutralising soap will wash away his sins. Drag them down the drain with the suds. 

He crossed a line last night. Jake and Bradley might have reciprocated but they had been drunk, in the moment. Just taking care of their pack Omega like anybody else in their pack would have. Their needy, whiny, obsessive omega. 

Pete not looking to start a fight and taking the painkillers that Bradley holds out to him at breakfast. Bradley looks hurt when Pete avoids the head pat. 

Pete just keeps his eyes on his plate. 

His omega not game to rear its head right now. Instead digging itself a shame hole and burying itself deep. 

Camilla thanking him with a kiss on the forehead. Pete reassuring her he was ok when she asks for the eighth time. Instead turning the question on her and the hand print on her arm. The twins fawning over their mother worried.

“Better than I could have been” 

Over the next few days, they hang around the house. Playing board games or just watching movies. Pete is babied by everybody. Even the twins. He finds it sweet if a little irritating. His food is cut up for him by Maribel, Jake and Bradley take turns dressing him and the twins have determined his hair is their property. 

Sitting him on the floor after his shower and combing it for him. Samuel doesn’t let him lift a damn finger to help out and Camilla had even helped him wash his clothes. Not fussed when Pete refuses to let her wash two of his shirts. Just gave him a knowing look but her mouth had remained shut. Folding the shirts instead and setting them back in the bottom of his bag. 

Pete still sleeps between the boys every night and continues to wash away his unforgivable sin every morning. Using those nights to pretend that he had everything he wanted, only to have the harsh reminder stare him down every morning. Taking to wearing high collared shirts so he doesn’t have to look at that bare patch of skin in the mirror. It taunts him. 

Camilla raising an eyebrow when she catches him stepping from Jake’s room one of those days but as she had with their shirts. She doesn’t say anything. Just moves on with her day. 

Pete finally needs a break from the boys and all it takes is a whisper in Sarah’s ear to get her to suggest her uncles take her and Rosey down to the lake for a picnic. 

Samuel and Camilla going with. A twin each sitting on the front of their horses. 

“You can ride with me” Jake insists from atop Penelope when Pete says his staying behind. Unable to ride at the moment with his busted hand. Bradley was still too unsure on a horse to have a passenger. 

“Nah I’m good. You kids have some proper family time. Just make sure Bradley doesn’t drown ok” He says. 

Bradley goes to whine something but Pete is already turning and stepping back into the house. 

“You know the only person your hurting is yourself,” Maribel says about half an hour into their peace and quiet. Looking up from her book. 

“Why’s that?” Pete asks. Suddenly on edge. Not liking her tone. Looking up from the TV. 

“We both know you only get one mate Pete. Bradley and Jake have already found theirs. It’s unfair on you and them to be acting like this. To be hanging off them all the time” She says. 

Her tone isn’t hurtful. She’s not looking to rip his heart out. But she does it pretty effectively anyways. 

“I know that Ma’am. I’m sorry if our closeness has made you uncomfortable. Bradley’s always been a touchy person. Regardless of if their family or not” Pete says. Unsure who his really lying to, but it’s one of them.

“How long have you been in love with him?” She asks. Slipping the bookmark into her book and closing it. 

“Doesn’t matter,” Pete replies. 

“Don’t get me wrong. You're a wonderful man and if Jakey had brought you home as his mate. I’d be over the moon that he found such a wonderful omega who can take care of him. But he and Bradley deserve to find themselves as mates, without you chaperoning their every move. They’re in the honeymoon phase and that should be spent with each other. Not taking care of you.” 

Pete’s omega whined at her words. 

But Pete knew she was right, keeping his face clear of emotion. Just nodding along. 

Not wanting her to keep speaking but she does. 

“I’ve been there myself dear. I was in love with a taken man once. I thought maybe we could work it out. That he’d leave his beta for me. That he was mine. We grew up together. Best friends from five but I figured it out with time. I wasn’t in love with him. I was just in love with the idea of him and while I appreciate everything you’ve done for Jake and Bradley. It’s time for you to back off. Let Bradley go. Let him be happy with his mate. Let them start their own family” 

It really couldn’t have been a clearer  Get the hell out of my house  unless she said the words exactly. Pete knowing at the end of the day, her only goal was to protect Jake and right now he was the snake in Eden.  

“I’ll gone by tonight” He promises. 

“You’re welcome any other time. You are Bradley’s family after all but for now...” She leaves it open-ended and Pete excuses himself from the room. 

He snaps himself into soldier mode. Not giving himself the ability to be an omega right now. Making sure his bonds are closed up tight so nobody can feel his hurt. 

He packs his bag and books a flight from Austin back home. Asking if Hondo can pick him up. 

Sure thing but why? Is everything ok between you and Rooster? 

I just think they should have some time to themselves.  Pete says. 

I’ll be there waiting.  Is all Hondo replies. 

Now came the harder part. Lies straight to their faces about why he needed to go home. It starts a fight as he expects. 

“Like hell Cyclone is sending you on mission! We’re on break for one and for two your fucking hand is broken!...sorry” Bradley yells before throwing out an apology to the twins. Camilla very quickly scooted them out of the room. Samuel and Maribel leaving them be as well. 

“You did tell him your hand was broken right?” Jake asks. The calmer of the two. Still angry by the scent he was putting off but more understanding. 

“Yes I did but when the admiral wants you in on mission. You go in on mission. It’s our job. Break or not. So can one of you drive me to the airport?” Pete snaps back. 

Jake snarling. 

Pete just holds his stare. 

“Fine, but when we get back. I’m giving Cyclone a piece of my damn mind for ruining our holiday!” Jake huffs 

“You do that” Pete says, voice muted. 

Jake and Bradley both pile into the car, the drive to the airport a tense quiet affair after their argument. 

“Why is he sending you on mission, if his forcing you to retire?” Bradley finally speaks up as they pull up at the airport. Jake not even looking at Pete. Just staring straight ahead. 

“How do you know about that?” Pete asks. 

“You left your office open. I saw the papers on your desk. So what’s the real reason your leaving? Did we do something wrong? Did we cross a line the other night? Did I say something wrong?” Bradley asks. Begs more like it. 

His alpha at full volume. Trying to order an answer out of Pete. But Pete holds his own. As much as his omega wants to crumble. To beg them for forgiveness. To bear his throat and just let them get the rejection over with. 

“No, you did nothing wrong ok. It’s just time I stop messing around. Stop pretending that this is something.” 

“But this is something” Jake speaks up. He looks like Pete had just killed his puppy in front of him. Pete goes to reach out but he refrains. Instead grabbing his bag and stepping out of the car. 

“Maverick. What’s the real reason!” Bradley continues to press. Following Pete out of the car. 

“Nobody gets two mates Bradley. That’s just a fairy tale and we should all know by now. That I don’t get what I want, never have!” Pete says before he can help himself. 

Both of them staring at each other. 

Well, there it is. He just admitted to wanting them both. To being in love with two mated Alphas. Both men staring at him, their faces completely unreadable and since Pete has his bonds closed up. He can’t tell what they’re feeling. Pete’s heart finally blows away with the wind. 

“I’ll see you guys at home. Enjoy the rest of your holiday” Pete says, voice falling to a meek stature. 

“That’s right Mav. Walk away! It’s what you're so fucking good at! Walking away when shit gets serious! Walking away when people need you!” Bradley yells after him. Grabbing his wrist. Whirling Pete around. Getting in his face. But despite his yelling, his anger. His touch is gentle on Pete. He doesn’t even hurt. 

“You don’t need me, Lieutenant Bradshaw. That’s what your mate is for. So go back to him, go back home and we’ll just be what we always have been. We’re better off that way” 

“Or maybe we should just go back to being nothing. Maybe all the warnings people gave me were right. You are just an Alpha Chaser” 

Pete grits his teeth to stop himself from crying. 

“Bradley that’s enough! Don’t call him that! You’re both just tense right now. We’ll fix this. Mav just come back home with us ok? We’ll talk about this, properly” Jake says, appearing beside them. Ready to break them apart. Hurt in his eyes, somewhat vague anger too. But it's not at Pete. It's at this situation. 

At the situation, Pete had been stupid enough to put them all in. 

Bradley letting go of Pete’s arm. 

“Go on Pete. Run away. Just like you’ve always done. Run away little omega” Bradley says, eyes flat. Voice dead. No order, no anger, nothing. He had pulled himself away. 

Somehow this is so much worse than Carole’s funeral. At then Bradley had been angry. Pete wishing that Bradley had just punched him again. That would hurt less. 

He by some miracle manages to hold his tears back for three and a half hours. Through his flight, through Hondo’s sad eyes and bear hug.

Until his finally standing on Penny’s doorstep, knocking on the wood. 

Amelia opens the door, giving him a soft smile. 

“MUM! PETE’S HERE!” She calls out, moving forward to hug him before she disappears. 

Penny appearing at the door a few seconds later. Her face immediately falls and Pete finally breaks down. Clutching to her like a child as he sobs. Penny just wrapping him up tight in return. Running a hand through his hair. 

“Oh Pete” Is all she says, and it’s like she’s saying a thousand sorrys in one. 

But it’s too late, he's not sure if anybody can fix him this time. 

Chapter Text

Jake was angry. No. This was more than anger. But he keeps himself quiet, he keeps his eyes on the road and he tries not to rip the broncho’s wheel off. 

Bradley simmering next to him. Anger poured off him in waves as well. Looking out the window because he knows if he looks at Jake right now. Jake is gonna rip him a new one. 

If Jake had it his way, he’d already be driving back home. Back to Cali and he’d be hunting down Maverick. But he can’t just skip town without saying goodbye to his family and he knows Mav will most likely need to cool down. 

To lick his wounds because until he does. He won’t let anybody talk to him. Let alone anybody actually talk sense into him. 

If Maverick had taught Bradley one thing. It was how to absolutely just shove his foot in his fucking throat and say the worst thing possible. How had they made it past Bradley’s teens without just killing each other was a fucking mystery to Jake. 

Pulling up to the ranch and turning off the car. Getting out of the car and walking inside. 

“Hey, he get away ok?” Camilla asks. 

“Ask Rooster” Jake seethes. Throwing the keys at his mate before storming upstairs. Needing distance before he did something stupid. 

Of course. Bradley can’t seem to sense danger whatsoever and follows him. 

“Get out Rooster. Now, before I end up throwing you through the damn window!” Jake orders. 

Alpha's voice straining against his throat. 

“We need to talk” 

“Oh, now you want to talk! Now!” Jake snarls. 

“He made his choice. He rejected us. Not the other way” Bradley sneers back. 

“You didn’t exactly help matters! I know you’ve both got giant egos but our...Mav was seriously hurting. He was hurting and you just made it so much worse.” 

“Like your one to speak about egos” 

“At least I know when to pull back! You can’t help yourself, can you? You just can’t help but nose dive into a fucking cliff every chance you get!” Jake yells back. 


Jake sees red, his alpha snapping. Bearing its teeth as his fist meets Bradley’s jaw. Using Bradley’s stumble against him, getting him down on the floor and pinning his head down. Growling as Bradley tries to gain some footing back. 

Using his grip on Bradley’s hair to keep him down. Arm pinned behind his back as Jake kneels on his calf. 

Both of them snarling at each other. Their alpha’s not caring that they carried each other’s mark. Just too angry to function. Wanting to rip and tear and pull each other apart. 

The last thing Jake expects is to have a bucket of ice water dumped over his head. It snaps him back into control. Gasping as he falls back in his ass. Bradley shakes his head as he sits up. Soaked as well. 

Both of them staring in shock up at Camilla. 

“You were scaring your nieces!” Is all she says, looking ready to throw the bucket at Jake if he continues his shit. 

Jake felt guilt creep up his throat. Turning his eyes to Bradley and feeling sick with himself. He had just hit his own mate. Had hurt the man he loved. A red mark was clear as day on Bradley’s jaw. 

Jake standing and walking out the door. Further out still. Just walking until his sitting down in the middle of a wheat field somewhere and letting his shame burn through his body. 

Tears crashing down his face as he wonders how things could turn sour so quickly. They had been having such a good time. They had been slowly introducing Mav into their arms. Into their hearts. They had been so close. He’d been reciprocating. Snuggling into their arms, and leaning into every one of their touches. Scenting them. 

So why had he just up and left? 

Why was he hurting so much? 

Jake mulls those questions over until darkness hits. Until his clothes have long dried and he knows the worst that’s waiting for him. Is a house empty of his mates. 

Because if Bradley had any common sense. He would have left. But his bronco is still there and his helping set the table like Jake hadn’t just hurt him. A bruise starting to brush across the bone of his jaw now. Its purple colour makes Jack sick to look at. 

Jake holding still when Bradley comes over to him. He doesn’t say a word. Waiting for the hit back. For Bradley to tell him it’s over. They're done. Only to stop breathing when Bradley wraps him up in a hug. Pressing his nose against Jake’s scent gland. Just breathing softly. 

“No more fighting, please. I...I’m sorry” Bradley whispers. 

“I’m the one who should be sorry” Jake replies, wrapping his arms around Bradley in return. Feeling Bradley close. Hearing his heartbeat, smelling his soft scent. Ocean waves rolling softly off his body. Knew he could say sorry a million times and it would never make up for it. 

Bradley pulling away, smiling a little bit. 

“Not like I didn’t ask for it. I was being a dick. Not just to you but to Mav as well. I...well talk later ok” Bradley says, eyes flicking over Jake’s family. 

All of them watching silently. The twins not seeming to realise what the big problem was. Bradley pulling Jake over to the table and they sit down. 

“Where’s Uncle Pete? Why couldn’t he stay here still!” Rosey whimpers. 

“He had to go back to work. But he promises he’ll visit again soon” Jake promises. 

Even if he had hog-tie the captain and drag him down here himself. Pete had been adopted by his nieces. The man was family now whether he liked it or not. 

“But his hurt. He can’t work if he's hurt!” Sarah cries. 

“He's a superhero. He’s gonna be just fine. How about when his back from work? I get him to call you guys and check in?” Bradley coos at them. 

That soothes the twins and the rest of dinner is a quiet affair. Jake keeps an eye on his mother, noticing she won’t look anybody in the eye but he lets it go for now. 

Instead, he and Bradley are sitting down quietly after dinner. 

This time outside. Just in case but Jake has no more plans on fighting. His anger is gone. Instead replaced with sadness. Currently sucking up to Bradley. 

“Baby seriously. Enough. I earned it. I’m fine” Bradley says, leaning into his touch. 

“I just...what do we do?” 

“Maverick needs some time. He won’t pick up my calls right now but you have a shot. Maybe if you try texting him. He’ll respond.” Bradley shrugs. 

“It’s worth a shot but also. We need to talk about your anger issues” Jake says. 

He knows he doesn’t have a foot to stand on bringing it up. But they had talked about it before. Here and there. Bradley had been considering therapy for a while now but his alpha had stopped him from maning up and going. 

Though Jake knew Bradley wasn’t the only one who needed therapy either. Maverick could use a pretty heavy dose of psychiatry. Hell Jake probably could too. But he was nowhere near as nutty as his two mates. 

“I really fucked things up this time didn’t I?” Bradley asks softly. 

“That’s the one thing about Mav and you. He’ll forgive you even if you stabbed him. He loves you. So much and we just have to show him. That he doesn’t need to run.” 

“And what if he never forgives me? What if it’s my fault that he doesn’t talk to you anymore” Bradley whines. 

Jake goes to reassure him that everything will be ok, only for Bradley’s phone to go off. 

Bradley answers it, wincing when Penny starts yelling at him. Holding the phone away from his ear. 

“What the hell did you two idiots do to Pete this time? I swear to god, do I have to knock all your heads together? How you two even mated is beyond me because your obviously shit at courting or Pete wouldn’t have rocked up at my door crying!” 

“Penny” Jake starts. 

“No, shut up. I am talking right now Seresin. Pete deserves the world. He has given everything for his country, for his pack, he would give anything for you stupid children. He deserves to be loved back by someone who's gonna take care of him for a change and if neither of you had the balls to do that in the first place you shouldn’t have strung him along like some sick game!” 

For a Beta Penny’s voice is coming off pretty alphary. 

Both Jake and Bradley hanging their heads in shame. 

“We love him Penny” Bradley murmurs. 

“I thought I told you to shut up! Speak again and I’m going to ram this phone down your throat, Bradley Nicholas Bradshaw! Now you boys are going to have a long, hard think about how you're going to fix this. You are going to figure out how to fix him or so help me god. I will eat you both!” 

Jake always knew that Penny could raise her voice if need be but this was terrifying. He felt like a small child again with his mother yelling at him about breaking her favourite angel statue. 

“Is he safe?” Jake tentatively asks. 

Penny seems to sigh into the phone before she answers him in a softer tone of voice this time. 

“He's sleeping right now but yes he's safe. Also, any ideas how he broke his hand?” 

Jake explaining the whole Bruce the abusive dickface fiasco. 

“Yeah, that sounds like Pete. So what’s the plan?” 

“We’re trying to figure that out now. We know if we show up right now he’s just gonna clam up. He's not gonna talk to us. He's just gonna do that jaw-tic thing he does and try to hold it all in” Bradley murmurs. 

“I hate when he does that. Give him a few days and then get your little alpha butts home and grovel like your lives depend on it. I don’t care what you have to do, I don’t care if you have to steal him Hopes fucking Diamond. I don’t care. Just...make him smile ok? Promise me this is the last time I’m going to have to pick up the pieces of his heart. He deserves to be happy. Finally” Her voice came to a quiet begging. 

With that Penny leaves them alone. 

But Jake and Bradley both knew they could buy him a damn spitfire and that wouldn’t make a difference. Pete loved small gifts sure but this wasn’t a gift type of moment. 

This was a make up with actions type of moment. 

“For now let's just get some sleep and we’ll think about it some more in the morning” Jake eventually says, too tired to function. Sad as well and when they crawl into bed. His alpha howls for the omega missing from between them. 

Bradley just curls into Jake’s chest and Jake runs a hand through his hair. Sleep doesn’t come easy or at all in Jake’s case. 

Jake texts Maverick in the morning and then about thirty times after that throughout the next day but all go unanswered. 

The pack questioning just what happened over their group chat. Why Mav had suddenly gone quiet. Why his bonds had been slammed closed? Bradley and Jake explained everything. Knowing if Pete wasn’t answering anybody, he wasn’t exactly going to see their chat. 

Jake and Bradley go through the motions of the day. Jake plays with the twins when they ask. Still upset that Pete wasn’t there and Jake watches his mother. From a distance. 

She was upset about something. Hiding something. 

Jake decides to test something out. Every time he refers to Maverick. He calls him his mate. 

Any luck getting in contact with our mate yet Roos?  Etc, etc. 

He'd been trapping prey all of his life. He knew how to and his mother puts her foot into his trap the next evening. 

“Why do you keep calling him that?” His mother questions as he helps her do the dishes. 

Camilla seemed to sense a fight was about to break out because she’s asking the twins if they want to go watch a movie. Getting them out of the room. 

“Calling who what?” Jake questions. 

“Pete. Why do you keep calling him your mate? His not” 

“We’ve been trying to mate with him for a while now. He's a stubborn asshole.” Jake says, trying to keep his anger contained. feeling the look of Bradley and his father on his back. 

“You can’t though. You can’t have two mates Jake. It’s greedy and it's selfish. You picked your mate, Pete understood that” His mother insists. 

“Is that why you told him to leave?” Jake’s words are cutting, there cold and he stares her down. 

Watching shock wash over her face. 

“Is that why you told him to leave mum!” Jake repeats. Louder. 

“Boy watch your tone!” His father barks. 

“Why should I? She made Pete feel terrible, unworthy like we didn’t love him. He’s had enough people in his life telling him he doesn’t get his happiness. I brought him here to get your approval. Not so you could scare him off and hurt him! I wanted to show you, my mates. Show you how much I loved them. I understand Bobby hurt you mum but this isn’t that type of situation. Me and Rooster have talked about it. For hours. Bradley’s not gonna leave me, we both love Pete” Jack yells. 

“BOY!” Samuel snarls. 

“Jake, you’ve made your point ok. You’ve made your point” Bradley says grabbing him around the shoulders. Centring him. 

“Go pack our bags, Roos. We’re going home, We’re going to find Mav” Jake orders. Not wanting to be away from their omega any longer. Sick of Penny and Phoenix and everybody else but them taking care of him. 

Bradley stares him down for a second before he nods and heads upstairs. 

“I just wanted what was best for you. I’m your mother. It’s my job to look out for you. I’m allowed to be worried about an omega nearly twice your age rubbing himself all over your mate. That have history together” His mother tries to chide him back.

“He rubbed himself all over me to if I remember correctly. I can get Camilla for the playback if that’s what you need. His our mate mum. Ours. No one elses and his also a stubborn, self-hating prick that can’t help but believe the world is out to get him. Because that’s all it's done to him so far. It took us nearly a month to get the bastard to accept us touching him.” Jake huffs. 

“I didn’t realise he meant that much to you. I...he really makes you and Bradley that happy?” She asks. Eyes falling to the floor. 

“More than anything. We love him Mrs Seresin. I never thought I’d get the chance to ever have him in my life again after I pushed him away the first time. For all I know, I may not get him back again this time. But I was honest with Jake from the get-go about my love for Mav. Jake loved me enough to give it a go and I got lucky that he fell for Maverick the same way I did” Bradley explains, setting both their bags at his feet. 

Jake watches his mother purse her lips. She and Camilla really were identical sometimes. 

“Then you have my blessing” 

“Not that we need it” Jake retorts, Bradley whacking him lightly in the back of the head. 

“Tell him. I’m sorry and that when you have the chance. I’d like to apologise in person but also know. If he even so much as hurts either one of you. I’m going to rip his throat out” She states before turning back to the dishes. 

Jake knows that’s all he's going to get out of her.

“You treat that man right Jake. As you said. He deserves some happiness” His father says, staring him down. 

Jake nodding. After that, he says his goodbyes. The twins crying and clinging to him. Camilla has to detach them.

“I never met two idiots more suited to you than those two. You're like king idiot” Camilla says as she hugs him. 

“Thank Cami. For everything” Jake replies and then they’re on the road. 

They don’t stop this time. Jake and Bradley want to get home. Pushing the speed limits when they can. Jake tries his luck to message Pete again but gets nothing. 

Both of them sigh in relief when they see Mav’s house. It was nearly midday, and the day was warming up.  

Bradley seeming stuck behind the wheel. 

“Look, I’m not crashing behind enemy lines to fix this.” Jake teases, opening the door. 

Only for them both to look up in panic when they hear a scream of pain and then something glass smashing. Bradley out of the car and Jake right behind him. Bradley fucking with his keys too long in his panic. Jake snatching them off the man and opening the door himself. 

Sniffing and all Jake can smell is Mav and booze. Entering into the saddest sight that Jake is sure his ever seen. His heart clenches as he takes in their omegas nest. Photos that were once lining the hallways, now smashed across the floor. Plates and bowls line the kitchen tiles and when they find Pete. It’s in a mix of broken furniture and glass, trying to throw his medals out the window. 

Jake’s heart aches when Pete pauses. Staring at them, eyes glazed and he looks like he's seen a ghost. 


Chapter Text

Pete doesn’t pull himself out of his nest for three days. Head pounding with the constant hangover. The booze his been drinking has long lost it’s taste. It’s just liquid that lets him sleep. 

Rejection. The one word pounding through his head at every chance it got. 

This was worse then when Ice had rejected him. Because at least Ice had softened the blow by still being there. 

This was worse then having to fly without Goose for the first time. 

This was worse then when Bradley had punched him at Carole’s funeral and told him to get out of his sight. 

But it had been Pete’s own fault. He had caused Bradley to act out. Once again he had lied and hurt his alpha. All of it was Pete’s fault. 

Goose, Carole, Ice and now Bradley and Jake. All gone because of Pete 

At least that’s what it felt like. 

Natasha and Bob, Penny and Amelia let themselves in on the fourth day. Pete tries to fight against them but eventually their dumping him in the shower. Natasha having to fight him over the bottle his clutching to while Penny strips him down. Pouring his bottle of booze the drain right in front of him as Bob turns on the cold water. 

Pete gasping as the cold water hits his head. 

Penny not caring that she’s soaked her clothes through as she scrubs him down. The other three waiting in the kitchen. 

Penny finally turning off the water, wrapping Pete in a towel. Treating him like a child. But he had stopped fighting her on everything at this stage. Just to tired. Knowing he owes her for this and for taking care of him the first night he had gotten home. 

She had just let him cry until he couldn’t anymore, held on to him, and hadn’t let him make a fool out of himself when he’d tried to make a move. Instead just putting him to bed and spooning him close. Her floral scent itching his nose but it was the best he had. 

“Come on, lets get some decent food into you and re-wrap this hand” She urges once his dressed. Pulling him out to the kitchen table. Sitting him there. Amelia tapping away on the laptop she had brought with her. Bob and her whispering about something. 

Natasha grabbing the med kit as Penny starts cooking.  

Pete doesn’t even flinch as Natasha re-splints and re-wraps his hand. Feeling nothing but numb. 

“Jake and Bradley are worried about you. We told them you were just having some alone time. But you could at least answer Jake’s messages” Natasha chides him softly. 

There’s no real bite in her voice. 

“Bradley doesn’t give a shit about me and doesn’t matter” Pete slurs out. 

“Bradley loves you. The idiot always has” Bob speaks up. 

“Well if he did, then why did he go and mate with the first person that asked him to!” Pete snaps. 

Regretting it when four sets of eyes stare at him. 

Pete’s omega feeling guilty for saying such a thing. It wasn’t Bradley’s fault Pete had fallen in love with two alphas. Pete just hanging his head in shame. But nobody gets up him for it. Penny setting a bowl of soup in front of him. Pete at least thankful no one tries to feed him. 

“No. Here give it. If you say he cares to much, that’ll make people think his a stalker” Bob says to Amelia, before sliding the computer over towards himself. 

“What are you doing?” Pete asks. 

“Setting you up on a dating site. Don’t worry you don’t have to use it tonight. But it’ll be there when your ready” Amelia shrugs. Like it’s not that big of a deal. 

“I don’t need anybody, Haven’t yet” Pete huffs. 

I want Bradley. I want Jake. His omega bitches. 

He just shoves it down. They don’t want us. If they did they’d be here by now. 

There’s that look from everybody again. It was pity filled and sad. 

“No you don’t but the options there if you want it. I’m on there. It’s nice to meet new people but only when your ready” Penny says, voice soft. 

Eventually he gets them all to leave, with the reassurance he won’t drink and he won’t wallow. 

It was a lie of course. Pete Mitchell had gotten very good at wallowing over the years and wallowing was just so much more effective when you had liquor in your system. 

Opening his phone for the first time in a week to see dozens of missed calls and messages from all of the pack, from Penny, from Hondo, from Sarah and her kids. Hell even Camilla had texted him. 

Heart stinging a little when none of them are from Bradley. 

But it served him right. He didn’t get a fourth chance with Bradley. 

Three was to many times to fuck him up. 

He knows Bradley never blamed him for Goose’s death, at least not completely but that was still strike one. 

Strike two was pulling his papers. Stopping him from doing his dream job. 

and now this. 

Three strikes. Pete’s out. 

For good. 

Pete ends up staring down at his retirement papers by early morning who knows how many days after wrecking everything. Knowing they can’t wait any longer. Either he retires on ‘his own terms’ or Cyclone fires him. Gritting his teeth in pain when he signs across the line. Calling Hondo to come and pick them up. 

Surprised when it’s Cyclone who knocks on his door. Even more surprised when Cyclone salutes him. 

“You might be a dick...but the Navy’s not gonna be the same without you Captain Mitchell. You did your country a proud service and for that we’ll always be grateful. Should you ever need anything, anything at all. Here’s my number. We...I owe you a lot” Cyclone says holding out a card. 

Pete taking it, Cyclone turning and walking away. 

“Thanks for letting me fly for my country one last time Admiral” He calls. For giving him the chance of being with Bradley again. Even for a little while. 

Cyclone just waving and Pete closes the door. 

Another chapter of his life closed before he was ready for it to be. But he didn’t have the fight in him any more. Instead all he wanted to do now was just wash away with the ocean. To not feel anymore. 

For the first time in a very long while, he wishes he and Goose had swapped places. Goose wouldn’t be running around falling in love with Alpha’s half his age, thinking he had some sort of delusional shot. He and Carole would have already settled down long ago by now. Happily moved up the ranks, happily retired. Happily watched Jake and Bradley fall in love without an ounce of demented jealousy. 

“Talk to me Goose” Pete begs the open air. Give him some sign that all of this pain was leading up to something. Was worth something or was Pete just the universes punching bag. Was his life all some big cosmic joke. 

“Talk to me please! Just tell me what all this is for! Why do I have to sacrifice everything! Why am I always the one that loses!” Pete yells. 

He knows his drunk, he knows his yelling at nothing but the anger washes over him and he can’t control it. He vaguely feels as he breaks stuff, as he throws stuff around like a child. But his really just not there anymore. His omega is in full tantrum mode. Framed photos ending up on the floor, plates end up splinted across the tiles. 

Hearing his front door opening and then Goose is there right in his face. Catching his hands before he can throw his medals out the window. Not wanting to look at them anymore. 

Every medal costing him another year away from happiness. 

“Maverick stop. Stop ok. Stop!” Goose begs him as he pins him down against his desk but it doesn’t sound like Goose.  It looks like Goose but it doesn’t at the same time. The eyes are two brown. The nose is too different. The shoulders to broad. 

“Jake, a little help here!” 

Jake. Why was Jake with Goose?

Why was Jake here? He should still be out on holiday with Bradley. 

That’s when reality snaps back into place. The world spinning and Maverick’s latest meal of alcohol is coming up. 

“Ah Jesus Christ Mav. Could you have worse aim!” Bradley groans but he doesn’t look upset. 

Jake standing over his shoulder, cringing but looking more worried for Pete and his sanity. 

“Alright let’s get you both into a shower. I’ll start cleaning this mess up” Jake insists. 

Pete can’t even protest, feeling as Bradley picks him up. 

The next thing he feels is water pouring down on his head and his stripped down. Thankfully the worst of the damage seemed to be on Bradley’s top. Bradley rinsing it off under the water before ditching it in the corner with Pete’s wet clothes. 

His jeans had and boots had survived. Sitting dry on the counter and Pete just accepts as Bradley cleans them both down. 

Bradley doesn’t talk. Just humming softly under his breathe as he runs his hands through Pete’s hair. Pete knows he should speak but he can’t get himself to open his mouth. Instead just leaning his head against Bradley’s chest. 

Breathing in that soft scent. Realising how much he had missed it. Not caring right now that Bradley drop kicked the shreds of his heart across the airport loading zone. Just relieved to have him close again. Even for a minute. If that’s all he had, then he was going to take everything he could. Before Bradley left him again. 

Bradley shutting off the water eventually and drying them both off. Pete telling him where his old shirt is and once their both dressed. Bradley is standing Pete in front of the mirror. 

Raking a comb through Pete’s hair as Pete focuses on brushing his teeth. 

“You need a hair cut, it’s against regulation” Bradley says once their both done. Voice soft. 

“I’m retired. I don’t have regulations anymore” 

“Well I don’t think a mullet would suit you Mav” Bradley says instead. Pressing a kiss to the top of his head. 

Pete’s still to drunk to really push Bradley away. Getting walked out to the kitchen. Jake looking up from where he was washing the dishes that had piled up, a soft smile on his face. Pete’s house doesn’t look like he had held Wrestlemaina anymore. All the glass cleaned up. Photos stacked on the counter, looking for new frames. 

“Sorry Baby, this is gonna hurt” Bradley murmurs grabbing more bandages. Re-wrapping Pete’s hand. Pete noticing the bruise sweeping up his jaw, omega aching to make it feel better. 

Jake sitting on his other side, holding his good hand. Just resting his head on Pete’s shoulder. 

“We missed you” He murmurs. 

“You shouldn’t have” Pete replies. 

“Mav, I don’t know how much clearer we can spell it out for you. We love you.” Bradley says. 

“Please don’t” Pete begs. He can’t handle it. He’s heart can’t handle the pain any longer. This is all he has left, after this. If his hurt again...what the hell was even the point. 

“I know I said some shitty things the other day and I wish I could take them all back. I know I can tell you how sorry I am until we’re both dead and you still shouldn’t forgive me. I should have realised something had set you off. I’m so sorry for hurting you. For hurting my ma...” 

Pete is covering Bradley’s mouth with his bad hand. 

“Don’t. Please. You know all the reasons that’s a bad idea. Two mates isn’t a possibility” Pete says. Not for him that is. He was to broken for one person to love him. Let alone two. That would be a damn near miracle and he had spent his miracles getting him and Bradley out of enemy lines. 

“Why can’t you just accept that you have two people here who want to love you? That would kill for you. You’re amazing Maverick. Your so amazing and it’s ok to want something. You out of everybody deserves to be selfish for once. You deserve to be happy but if we somehow got it wrong. If you don’t like us back. We’ll understand” Jake says. Voice soft. 

Eyes open and sincere. A little worried but mostly they hold something. Something Pete had only seen from afar. Jake is looking at him like he looks at Bradley. 

Bradley gabbing Pete’s hand gently, removing it from his mouth. Instead cradling it between his own hands. So gently. Voice gentle as well. 

“You damn near deserve the world Mav. We’d follow you anywhere as long as we got to be beside you. I’m gonna get help ok. I’m gonna help so I don’t hurt you again. I’ll do whatever it takes for you to forgive me and if you decide you can’t. That’s ok to” Bradley promises. 

“You only get one mate” Pete whimpers.

“Sometimes rules are meant to be broken” Bradley shrugs. 

“Don’t think...Just do” Jake whispers. 

Pete wants to roll his eyes at them using his words against him. Ganging up on him. 

Pete closes his eyes for a second. Trying to figure out what he really wants to do. Some part of him wants to crawl back into bed and never get out again. But the other part. The other part wants to take what he wants for once. Wants to be loved, to be held and cherished, to be given what he deserves and maybe that should be these two men. Who somehow still keep coming back, no matter how many times he tries so hard to push them away. He can’t tell if their the idiots or he is. But right now he doesn’t care. He wants them. 

He...deserves them. Right? He had earned enough of karma to have two people love him? That’s the lie he tells himself in his sad little delusion. They had saved him so many times, more times then they could ever know and maybe that meant something. Maybe it meant that if these two were going to waste their time saving him, he was gonna be ok. 

Pulling himself so his straddling Bradley’s waist before he freezes up and loses this chance. Before Bradley slips through his hands again. Wrapping his arms around the taller man’s shoulders. Opening his green eyes so they meet soft brow. Before he whispers in Bradley’s ear. Just loud enough that he knows Jake will hear it to. 

“Take me to bed” 

Chapter Text

Pete was certain he’d never seen either men move faster. Pete is placed gently on the side of his nest.

 Both Jake and Bradley looked down at him. Slightly confused and excited. 

“Well? You just gonna stand there all day?” Pete asks. He knows they probably shouldn’t right now. That he’s drunk. That his omega is just looking for anybody that will give him comfort right now. 

But his Alpha’s are here. Right in front of him, begging him for this chance. He wasn’t going to let that chance slip away. They could fight about it after. 

Jake and Bradley share a look before their pull at their shirts. Pete laughing at their over-eagerness. 

“I’d help but uh,” He says holding up his hand. Wiggling his fingers a little. Not minding the pain that shoots down his wrist. 

“Shit, right. Mav are you sure you don’t want to wait until your hand is better?” Jake asks. 

“I think I’ve waited long enough for you two idiots. Don’t you?” Pete says. Hooking his good fingers into Jake’s waistband. Pulling him closer. 

Crooking a finger and Jake is bending down. Pete rubs his nose across Jake’s mating mark. Up across his jaw before setting his teeth around the chiselled bone. Biting softly, causing Jake to groan. Licking across the soft marks he had left behind before pressing a kiss to the corner of Jake’s mouth. 

Watching Bradley’s pupils widen to dinner plates. Nothing but lust on his face. A very definite outline in his jeans. 

Pete pulling him close next. Pressing a kiss to his cheek as Jake seems to just watch. Stuck. Seriously how did these boys even mate in the first place? 

“Hey, why does Jake get all that and I get...that” Bradley whimpers. 

“Payback” Pete says patting him on the face. 

Bradley puffing out his cheeks like a child before sighing. 

“I really am sorry Mav. You’re not an Alpha chaser. I’m an idiot” 

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have just run away. I just...” 

“Mum told me what she said to you. We explained everything and when you have the chance. She’d like to apologise to you in person. For being so old-fashioned” Jake explains. 

Pete just keeps his mouth shut. Still had fears being whispered in his ear. That he'd still wake up tomorrow mateless. But he doesn't think about that right now. 

Instead, he gives Bradley a proper kiss this time. Pulling the man further onto the bed. Bradley’s hand presses into his hip as he presses himself up against Pete. Like he can’t keep his hands away. 

“Uh, Mav? You're out of condoms” Jake says, holding up the empty box. His first bedside drawer half open. 

Pete groaning and letting his head thump back against his nesting. 

“You don’t have any?” He questions. 

“Well no. We were expecting you to hit us more than this” Bradley says. 

“Seriously? Didn’t I teach you to carry around at least one at all times, do you ever actually listen to me or does it just float out of the other ear” Pete chides. 

“I normally do, kinda forgot to restock last time I used it” Bradley’s voice a mild squeak. 

“I stopped carrying them when we mated. Didn’t exactly plan on going home with anybody else. You know apart from you” Jake shrugs. 

Pete sighs. Rubbing his hand over his face. 

He knows they should stop here. That they should go procure the right items but he doesn’t want to move. He’s so close. 

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to play dirty then” He murmurs, resting himself up on his elbows. So he can kiss at Bradley’s neck. 

“Are you sure?” 

“I’m clean. If that’s your problem” Pete urges, hand grabbing onto Jake’s wrist. pulling him closer. Fingers brushing across Jake’s stomach. Enjoying the feeling of toned muscle beneath. 

Both boys shaking their heads. A little too quickly. 

“Good, Then you two should know what to do from here” Pete urges. 

Letting his scent twist around them. Watching as they become slack-jawed again. Jake snaps himself from it first. Moving to pull at Pete’s shirt. 

That snaps Bradley back into reality. Hands working on getting Pete out of his pants. 

“Your so handsome,” Bradley says, looking him over. 

“Your pretty handsome yourself big shot,” Mav replies. 

Bradley lighting up with the biggest grin. 

“You’d think he’d never heard that before, even though I tell him all the time” Jake snickers. 

“Oh shut up, or I’m keeping Mav to myself” Bradley mumbles back, not serious in the slightest. That grin still on his face. 

“We wouldn’t even have him at this stage if it wasn’t for me.” Jake points out.

“I would have gotten there eventually” 

“Yeah when? In his 80s?” 

Pete amused by their antics but also very turned on right now and wants all their attention on him. 

“Yeah well either of you don’t get a move on, I’m taking care of myself” Pete interrupts. Sitting up. Pushing himself back further on the bed. 

Putting a little bit of space between them all. 

Both men scrambling onto the bed after him. Finally ditching their pants. Pete unable not to laugh when Bradley pins his good hand behind his back. Pete could easily break out if he needed to but he lets Bradley have his moment. 

“With what hands?” The man teases. 

“I’d find a way” Pete promises. 

“Good thing you don’t have to,” Jake says, pulling Pete close enough that he can press kisses across his shoulders. Bradley letting his arm go so he doesn't end up hurt. 

Hands slip down Pete’s body. Gripping at his ass in a way that drives Pete wild. Using it lift Pete onto his lap.

Bradley moves his arms around Pete’s waist, dragging his blunt nails up Pete’s thighs as he presses kisses and soft licks across Pete’s shoulder blades. 

Pete let himself relax, knowing Bradley and Jake have him. Knowing they’ll take care of him. 

Take care of him they do. Their touches easy and light but each one means something. Like their trying to touch every part of him. Lips brushing over ancient scars and he’s treated like a god. 

Pete had never been worshipped before but this felt pretty damn close. Every kiss felt like its own piece of heaven. Every brush of their fingers like he was pressing the limit on his jet. Sending him soaring up above the clouds. Pushing up past ten Gs easily, leaving him suspended. Like his floating. 

And then three words pressed into his flesh over and over again. From both men.

I love you. 

It takes a few minutes to figure out just how to move togethe. Pete snarling to stop both boys from starting a shit fight over who gets to knot him first. Assuring Jake he’d get his turn. But Bradley had waited for a very long time and if the poor thing didn't get to go first. He's certain Bradley might just explode since his vibrating so hard. 

Not that he doesn't get Jake off as well. He finds a way. Happy to figure it out. Pete feels tears in his eyes when Bradley sinks his teeth into his scent gland. 

And when Jake’s teeth follow. Pete is screamig, not because it hurts. No, because it’s the best thing he's ever felt. Feeling as their bonds snap into place. Stronger than before. He can feel every one of Jake and Bradley’s emotions. Like a raw wound. Open and fresh. Their love, their worry, their pain over him hurting. 

Pete reciprocating. His mark right next to the ones already there. Pete resting his head on Bradley’s chest. Still stuck together. 

“Jesus Christ, I think you put porn stars to shame” Jake murmurs, reappearing with a wet washcloth. Moving about cleaning up Pete’s back and legs. Wiping down Bradley’s legs as well. 

“Someone’s gotta show you, kids, how it’s done”

“Please don’t call me a kid while I’m knotted in you” Bradley whines. 

Pete just patting him on the chest. 

Thanking Jake with a kiss.

“Hmm only doing this 'cause next time it’s my turn,” Jake says. 

“Yeah give me a few hours. I’m not as virile as you guys and I’m not running on a heat here” Pete huffs.

“I think if we tried hard enough we could start one” Bradley teases. 

“The only thing you're trying right now. Is kissing me” Pete says. 

Bradley smirks. Happy to do so. Pete’s omega soothed, currently purring as he nips at Bradley’s bottom lip. 

“Careful Mav or I’m gonna be raring to go again” Bradley mutters. 

Dear god what had Pete gotten himself into? 

“Don’t worry we won’t be that mean to you...just yet. Though your lucky we’ll even let you out of this nest any time soon” Jake purrs. 

“Oh shit. I need to call Penny. I promised I would after Hondo picked up my paperwork” Pete remembers. Only to feel pain, Bradley grabbing at his hips. 

“Careful there Baby. We’re still connected” Bradley says. 

Right, Pete had to get used to that. He'd never been knotted before. Good thing he had nowhere to go then. 

Jake sliding Pete’s phone into his good hand. 

Pete calling Penny. Just as he promised. 

“Hey, Pete. How are you feeling? Have you eaten? We can come over and bring you some dinner” She asks. 

“No, I’m fine. Just called to tell you that I’m officially retired...” Pete starts. Pausing when Jake starts kissing at his neck. Right over his marks. Pete glares at Bradley when he goes to start laughing. 

“Oh. Well, that’s something. We should celebrate. When you're up to it. Have you spoken to Jake and Bradley yet? Phoenix told me they were getting back today” 

Alright does everybody talk about Pete? 

Pete goes to reply only to have the phone yanked out of his hand. Jake smirking at him. Leaning away. Bradley keeping Pete in place. Pete was not quite that flexible to grab his phone. 

“Hiya Penny. Mav is gonna have to call you back. We’re currently in the middle of screwing his brains out. He’ll get back to you tomorrow. Have a nice night” Jake says before hanging up. 

Pete just turning to stare him down. 

“You little shit” He grumbles. 

“The only people you should be focused on right now are your mates Maverick,” Jake says. A sort of sternness in his voice. His alpha upset that Pete had been talking to someone else. 

Pete’s back shivering at the realisation. 

He had mates. Plural. Two mates. Two amazing beautiful mates. Jesus fuck him sideways. He was screwed. He was mated to idiots. 

“You two realise you're stuck with me now right? There’s no going back” Pete whispers. Self-doubt starts to creep in now that haze of alcohol and sex was gone. 

“Thank god. Finally. We’ve only been hitting on you for like ever at this point” Bradley says. 

“I wasn’t really that oblivious was I?” 

“The pack had a bet going on how long it would take you to figure it out. Bob was the only one who had faith in you.” Jake shrugs moving to lay beside Bradley. That smirk on his face. Like he just won the lottery. 

“I think Javy bet a year” Bradley shrugs. Like it’s not that big of a deal. 

“I am going to make you all pay for this. I’m gonna have you scrubbing the damn Hard Deck with toothbrushes” 

“With what authority? You're retired” Bradley says, raising an eyebrow. 

“I’m still your leader!” 

Bradley just pulls Pete down into a hug. Rolling them over. So Jake’s chest is pressed against Pete’s back. It takes a little shuffling, Bradley and Jake making sure Pete’s hand is in a place it won't get hurt. 

“Shh sleep. I’m tired” Bradley murmurs, a smirk on his face. Laughing when Pete pinches his cheek. 

Pete just sighs and nestles in. Breathing in a mix of wheat, ccean and jet fuel. Feeling at peace. 

He wakes in the morning, finally freed from Bradley. Slipping from the bed and showing as quietly as he can before he sets about making breakfast. It’s a slow affair with only one hand but he makes it work for him. 

“Baby what are you doing?” Jake asks, appearing in just his pants. Rubbing at his hair. 

Pete tries desperately to not smile like a buffoon. But it fills his face anyways. That's gonna be a pain in the ass. 

“Making you both breakfast.” Pete shrugs. Shaking the pan so the bacon doesn’t burn. 

Happily accepting as Jake wraps him up in a hug. Resting his head on Pete’s shoulder. 

“You're the best” Jake murmurs before pressing a kiss to his marks. The marks that Pete might have stared at in the mirror for ten minutes straight this morning. Still wondering if this was really some vivid hallucination but they were real. He was mated. 

“I know I am. Now sit” Pete orders. 

Jake pulling up a seat. Just happy to watch. Only helping when Pete really needs it but soon enough his placing the plates on the table. 

“I swear that boy would sleep through a Tsunami” Pete mutters to himself, hearing Bradley still snoring. Not at all surprised. 

Jake snickering. 

“Well go wake him up, baby. He’s only been dreaming about that for like 19 years” Jake says. 

Pete preening at the “baby” nickname. That could definitely stay. 

“Don’t eat my food” He grumbles to Jake. Already heading for his nest. 

“Scouts honour” Jake calls back, already shoving Pete’s bacon in his mouth. Just to be a dick. 

Pete finds Brdley snoring on his back. Hand on his chest. Pete crawling up on the bed and straddling his waist. Pressing kisses across his face. Find it amazing that he could do this. 

“Mm. You haing fun there Mav?” Bradley asks. Eyes opening. Hands coming to rest on Pete's waist. Pete's omega squealing at the touch. Pete buries it though. Not ready to completely embarrass himself in front of his Alpha's just yet.

Pete nodding.

“Come on breakfast is getting cold and if we linger any more. Jake will eat all mine.” Pete whines. Happily using his omega against his Alpha. It gets the job done, all three of them sitting at the table eating breakfast. 

Pete happily accepts some of Jake’s bacon as compensation. They talk about things over breakfast. 

Really talk. 

Cause apparently it turns out their all incapable douchebags that can’t just sit down and have a conversation. 

Jake and Bradley apologising. Thinking they had been doing the right thing. Trying to ease Pete into being their mate. They just hadn’t expected him to act like an absolute lunatic and somehow manage to ignore every one of their signals. 

Pete apologies too. For a lot of things. For running. For not taking them seriously. For hurting them in return. 

“So the motel?” Pete asks, once they get promises of therapy out of the way. 

“Oh no, that was just fate working on our side. Oh and I swear to god, you ever use that neutralising shit again. I’m gonna make you eat it,” Jake seethes. His threat holds no actual malice. 

“Is that why you kept coming to sleep in my bed?” Pete asks. 

Both men nodding. 

“You really are an oblivious idiot. Though I do have a question. You called me Goose yesterday in your freak out. What was that about?” Bradley asks. 

Pete gulping a little but his mates had a right to know. They bared their hearts to him. They deserved the same back. 

“I was diagnosed with PTSD about ten years back. It’s part of the reason I never ranked up. They wanted to discharge me then. It was only cause of Ice that I got to stay. It can cause hallucinations and alcohol doesn’t help” 

Thankfully they keep their pity-filled looks contained. Instead, a look of understanding crosses their faces. Like they suddenly understand why Pete is such a self-sabotaging, self-hating moron.

Pete surprised when he's getting kissed by Bradley before the man stands and starts gathering the plates. Pete stares after him shocked. 

“So you're saying all I had to do to get you to do the damn dishes was let you knot me!” 

“Bite me old man” Bradley replies. A grin on his face. 

“Later. For now, I seriously have to go and talk to Penny.” Pete says. He had to tell someone before it somehow slipped out of his hands and became unreal agian. 

Only to groan when his being picked up and slung over Jake’s shoulders. Like a piece of cattle. 

“Seriously?” He asks. 

“You promised. It was my turn next” Jake laughing as he heads for their nest. 

Chapter Text

It takes two days for Pete to be let out into the real world again, once both boys have taken multiple turns wrecking him and rubbing their scent all over him like the mongrels they are.

He wasn’t really opposed. Quiet enjoying that they smelt like him now. Though they definitely needed to figure out a better plan than him taking plan B pills like candy.

Telling them not to come home if at least one of them didn’t bring condoms and finally meeting up with Penny at the Hard Deck. It’s quiet, Penny stocking up for the evening rush.

“I see the boys finally let you out” She teases. A massive grin on her face.

“I just wanted to thank you for dealing with me. For helping out. You and Amelia both” Pete murmurs.

“It’s what we’re here for Pete. We’re family. Whether your stubborn ass likes it or not. So how’s retirement suiting you?” She asks setting a beer in front of him.

“Ask me again in a month”

“Well if you ever need to do something. I could always use a hand around the bar”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Pete promises. For a while, he thinks his just gonna take it easy. Enjoy being an omega. A proper omega for the first time since he was 17.

A quiet lull filled the air between them but it’s nice too. Pete’s brain not itching to make trouble for the first time in a long time. His sure he’ll find some way to ruin everything soon enough but for now, he just enjoys the warm day, the ocean salt wafting in from the open doors and Pete feels at home. Fingers rubbing softly over the still healing marks on his neck.

Eventually Jake and Bradley find him. Both men restocked from their places on clothes and the like.

“Hey, baby. Penny” Bradley says, tipping Pete’s head up so he can steal a kiss. Jake is just keen on stealing the last of Pete’s beer before stealing a kiss himself.

“Rooster. You owe me thirty bucks. I told you it would take him a month” Penny says, holding out her perfect hand.

Pete stared at her in betrayal.

“What you should be proud that I know you so well, though these two idiots were cutting it close” Is all Penny says when Bradley hands over the money.

Pete turning his indignant look on Bradley.

“What are you gonna do? Ground me?” Bradley snickers.

“Don’t tempt me. I’m still older than you. I still have seniority.” Pete replies.

“I see you’ve made it three days mated and you’re already bickering,” Another voice says. Javy’s grin wide as he enters the bar. Natasha, Bob, Ruben and Mickey following.

“Someone’s gotta keep Pete on his toes” Jake shrugs.  

Pete just ordering another beer as money changes hands over that stupid bet. All of them moving to take over one of Penny’s booths.

“I’m going to make all of your lives a living hell. You know that right!” Pete grumbles.

“We can’t wait to see you try Maverick” Mickey snickers.

Pete just leans back into Jake’s chest. Soothing when he feels Jake’s nose nudge at his marks.

“You’re all at least buying me a drink” He decides on.

“That we can do. Penny, Baby wants a drink” Bradley calls, his hand wrapped around Pete’s thigh.

Pete should feel embarrassed, mortified. But all he feels it content and happy. Soaking in every ounce of affection his mates give him.

The others snickering at his newly acquired nickname.

“If anybody else dares to call me anything but Pete or Maverick. I’m making you clean down the damn base with your tongue”

“And how would you do that?” Javy asks pushing it cause he can.

“Let’s say Cyclone owes me a favour and I’m sure he’d be happy to watch you brats do something like that” Pete replies.

“Can you just knock him up already so he gets all cute and omegary and stops being so bitchy” Mickey says.

This time Pete isn’t the one who chokes on his beer. It’s Jake and Bradley.

“It’s not for lack of trying that’s for sure” Pete replies. Finding it sweet revenge with the way his mate’s faces turn cherry pink.

“You’re playing it safe though right? I mean...not being insensitive Mav but..”

“But I’m old?” Pete finishes off for Natasha.

She gives a weak .shrug. Looking meek.

Omega pregnancy was a sensitive topic as it was. Especially for male omegas. So to outright call their captain too old to have kids was probably the worst insult she could give.

Pete just lets it slide off his back though. Not phased by her comment. He knew when or if he found a mate it would be a questionable topic at best. Knew she wasn’t trying to intentionally hurt him.  

“Omega’s can reproduce well into their late 70s. It’s not...preferred you know…not growing up with your kid all that junk. But it’s possible” Bob offers.

Bradley and Jake finally getting themselves together.

“I think at least for now. We’re just gonna enjoy being together before I bring the Antichrist into the world.” Pete speaks up for them all.

Laughing when Jake pinches his cheek. 

At least Pete knew when it came to it, when or if they did decide on kids. Those kids would be the most protected little assholes in the world. A pack of Aviator pilots and one very protective bar owner. Jake and Bradley having told Pete about her phone call. Nobody would stand a chance.

Eventually as more patrons fill the bar. They take over the pool table. Pete showing them all how it’s done. Being careful with his hand, making sure to take it easy. Laughing when Jake growls at someone.

“Calm down cowboy. I’m all yours” Pete promises.

Jake just crossing his arms and standing behind Pete. Glaring at the lady that had been looking Pete’s way.

Pete makes sure not to deck him in the gut. Reuben sighing when he sinks his next ball with ease.

“Come on Payback. Weren’t you just spouting on about being the pool master? Do I have to teach you kids everything? I’m literally crippled here and I’m still doing better than you” Pete teases.

Reuben just mocking him in return. Lining up his shot.

Bradley appears with more beer. Pete leaning back against him. Waiting for Reuben to get his ass in gear and take the damn shot.

Only to catch someone glaring at him. Realising his double-mate status.

“You want me to go talk to them?” Javy asks. Clocking Pete’s eye line instantly.

“Talk to who?” Bradley asks.

“Nah it’s fine. It’s not my problem” Pete says. If he wasn’t currently riding the high of being freshly mated. He would probably be freaking out.

“Alright fine, but if he starts shit. I’m finishing it” Javy snaps.

“Seriously who?” Bradley asks.

“Don’t worry about it. Now scoot” Pete says, pushing his alpha next to his other one. Watched both Bradley and Jake trying to figure out just what the problem was but the man has turned back to his drink.

Javy thankfully doesn’t talk about it either. Pete not needing to start a fight. Knowing Penny will make him pay for damages.

Pete’s hand gets to sore to play after that round. Instead sitting up at the bar and pestering Penny. Watching Jake and Bradley duke it out around the pool table, to busy flirting with each other to really take the game to seriously.

The rest of the pack rolling their eyes at his boys antics.

“They your pack?” Someone asks.

“Yeah, they’re mine. I’m their...I mean I was their captain” Pete says turning to a handsome guy. He was handsome in a rustic way.

His nose bent and he was a Lt. Commander if his wings had anything to say about it.

“Was? They vote you off the island?” The alpha asks. A tilt in the corner of his mouth.

“Retirement. It gets everybody eventually. Though I see you still have a few years to go. Enjoy every moment in the air” Pete murmurs. 

He expects that to be the end of conversation but apparently the Alpha’s game to try his luck.

“You know you look really familiar. I think I swiped you on Tinder the other day” The man says.

“On what?” Pete asks.

“Here see. That you?” The man says pulling his phone out. Fiddling with something before showing Pete his own photo. Right he vaguely remembers Amelia and Bob setting up his account.

“My friends daughter set that up for me. I completely forgot about it.” Pete says.

“Hey Pete you believe in fate?” The man questions.

Pete pulling at his jacket and shirt collars.

“Sorry, fate already determined I was taken. Like I said. I forgot to take my dating thing down” He says. Happy to admit it. God he loved that he could do that.

“That..your...two?” The alpha stammers out.

Pete smells it just before his shirt is being grabbed and his being lifted off his seat.

Anger. Disgust.

“You alpha baiting whore” The man snaps.

Before Pete can even get himself out of it. Bradley is setting a hand on the man’s shoulder.

“That’s my mate your talking about ” He sneers before his punching the man.

“ROOSTER!” About three people yell at once. Pete included.

The man hitting the floor, a nasty look on his face. Eyes lighting up and before anybody can do anything. His back on his feet and throwing Bradley over the bar.

Glass smashing as Penny can only step out of the way. Knowing there’s no way she’s catching Bradley. Already setting about helping him up. Brushing glass off his body.

“I’ll have your wings for this!” The man roars.

“Have mine as well” Jake snaps, landing another hit on the alpha.

“HANGMAN! STOP! It’s not worth it!” Pete yells, grabbing Jake’s arm before he can land another hit.

“Phoenix. Grab Pete now!” Jake orders. Eyes burning.

Pete annoyed when Phoenix listens to Jake over him. Her and Javy putting themselves between Pete and the three alpha’s fighting. Rolling around the floor like school children.

“Coyote stop them. Before he kills them”

“Why should I? He insulted you, They have the upper hand” Javy snaps back.

“Because I’m giving you a damn order. Just cause I’m retired does not demote me from pack leader. So go break them apart or else. We can both have broken hands” Pete snarls.

Javy looking torn before he signs.

“Payback! Give me a hand here!” He calls.

Pete thanking him.

It takes Mickey, Reuben and Bob to hold down a fuming Bradley. 

Javy and Natasha having Jake pinned. A few of the other bar goers stepping in to help. Pinning down the Lt. Commander.

Penny finally getting the growling to stop when she sprays them all down with water. 

Cold water normally managed to get even the angriest alphas to think even for a second. Pete had seen it used plenty of times throughout the years. 

“ENOUGH! Anymore fighting in my bar and your all banned!” She yells.

The place going deathly silent.

Pete really had to pick the two most rock headed alphas didn’t he.

“You two outside now!” He orders.

Bradley and Jake whining.

“NOW or so help me god. You’re both sleeping at your places!” He yells.

Javy helps them up to their feet. Bradley limping and Jake was poking at his own bleeding lip.

Pete turning his eyes to the man who was sitting cross legged on the floor and holding his bloody nose. Still glaring. Scent putting off nothing but ire. 

“And you. You ever insult me again and I’ll let them kill you. No actually. I’ll just kill you myself. What I do with my mates is none of anybody’s business. Lest of all scumbag alphas like you” Pete sneers.

He sees the man moving, charging him and Pete is kicking out his leg. Hooking the Alpha under the knee. Putting the man on his back. Stepping on his throat. Snarling low. His final warning. Pulling out the card and handing it to Penny.

“Call Cyclone. Tell him to come and sweep up his trash” He says. Voice softer with her.

Penny nodding.

“I’ll gut you for this you little bitch” The alpha snarls.

“I’d like to see you try. Death has been after me for 30 years. Hasn’t caught me yet. See you later Penny. Tell Amelia to take that website down” Pet alls walking away.

“You stay. Your lucky I’m not getting you arrested!...Oh Pete, Your paying for all of this” She snaps at the alpha before calling after him.

“Add it to my tab”

Chapter Text

Cyclone appears about fifteen minutes later. 

Bradley and Jake gulping as they stand upright. 

Cyclone flashes Pete a look, Pete nods. 

It’s on you for this, talk to your Alphas. 

Jake and Bradley, relaxing a little. Bradley muttering about it being a close one. 

“Cyclone is the nice one. I’d much rather be dealing with him over me” Pete points out. Bradley just looking at the concrete of the car park.
“Lieutenant Commander Kavanagh. Can you explain to me? Why I had to be called over for you not only assaulting an omega? BUT A HIGHLY DECORATED VETERAN OMEGA!” 

Jake stares between the yelling and Pete as if he's trying to figure out how Pete is worse. But Cyclone didn’t live with Jake and Bradley. He didn’t have the advantages that Pete has. Like rescinding sex. Though with how badly both his boys were beaten. Even he’d be surprised if their rearing to go any time soon or just keen on licking their wounds. 

“Sir, can we do this at base please?” The man begs. Voice shallow and slightly whiny now. 

“Why? Because you're embarrassed? Am I embarrassing you? When you wear that uniform you are not just a soldier but a poster boy. The only one that should be embarrassed right now is the entire Navy for having you among its ranks. Probation. Three months. Starting now!


“Probation or I take your wings! Your choice!” 

More muttering ensues. 

“Thanks for the call Pen, Kavanagh I’ll be seeing you Monday. My office. First thing. Oh and pay Pen back for all the shit you broke” 

“See you later Beau,” Penny calls. 

Cyclone stepping outside again. 

“Thanks, Cyclone. I really appreciate this” Pete calls to the man. 


Neither of Pete’s Alpha’s have the guts to say a single word until Pete is sitting them down at their kitchen table. Grabbing the first aid kit. 

“Shirts off now” He orders. 

Neither men game to make a joke. Knowing right now they’re in deep shit. 
“Ow Pete that hurts” Jake whines a few minutes later. 

“Good. It's supposed to. You two are so lucky that I have a little more pull than Alpha douche-bag or else you’d be grounded. Permanently, you two have a promotion waiting. If you've screwed that up. You're taking it on the chin. Am I understood?” Pete huffs, pressing the antiseptic wipe back against the cut on Jake’s cheek. 

Bradley goes to open his mouth but a swift glare from Pete has him shutting up. Both men just nod. 

Jake tries to give him the puppy dog eyes, trying to use puppy privilege but Pete just ignores it. Instead moving to patch up the few other cuts he had gotten. The rest he’d just have to man up about and deal with like a big boy. His ribs already turning a lovely shade of purple. Knuckles busted and ripped apart. 

Pete moving on to Bradley. Rolling his eyes when Bradley pulls Pete onto his lap. 

“Your gonna have a hell of a black eye” He murmurs. 

“I’ll look sexy though right?” 

Jake laughing only to groan in pain. 

“Jake check his back for me, please. Make sure he doesn’t have any glass embedded anywhere” Pete instructs. Jake nodding. 

Bradley’s back looked like he had gotten into a fight with an alley cat. Thin scratches from a bar full of broken glass. Nothing too bad. He would survive. Pete patches him up as well as he can. 

Kissing both his alpha’s on the head. 

“Your absolutely moronic the both of you. But thank you for defending me, for defending each other” Pete murmurs. 

“You are one of the most important things in my life...our lives. We’d do anything to protect you. Not that you need protection but it’s our job as your alphas” Bradley says. 

Pete tries to keep his face flat. He tries his hardest but he can’t help the smile that creeps up on his face. 

Jake and Bradley cooed at him. Pressing kisses to his face. 

“Fuck off! I’m still mad at you” Pete grumbles but his alpha’s just laugh. 

“Don’t you two have your own places?” Pete asks two days later. Not that he really minds. Jake’s head currently on his lap as they watch some movie or another. Bradley laying on the floor at his feet. His back giving him grief today, head propped up on his hand as they watch some mindless action movie. Bradley and Jake occasionally point out where the movie gets the guns or planes wrong. 

“Yeah but you're here,” Bradley says. Like that’s the answer to the universe currently. 

“Seriously?” Pete mutters. 

“Hey, you chose to mate us. Don’t get grumpy now your stuck with us” Jake mutters. 

“Hmm. Not grumpy. Just curious. If you wanted. You both could move in here. I mean not like we need three places? I know it’s off base but...” Pete leaves his words open. 

Knowing he's probably dooming himself. But he also doesn’t like the fact that Bradley and Jake have to leave him every few days to retrieve fresh clothes or do something at their places. 

The boys turning to look at him. 

“Are you sure? I mean we want...we? Are you sure we’re not moving too fast?” Jake asks. Looking happy but also worried. 

“I’ve waited a long time to have a mate. Now I have you two, I’m not exactly keen on playing by the rules. But it’s up to you guys. Whatever you're comfortable with. Give it a few days, think it over and don’t think your not paying rent” Pete says, patting Jake gently on the chest. 

Bradley’s alarm goes off and he groans as he stands. 

“Do you want me to drive you? I heard you can get tired after stuff like that” Jake questions. 

“I think I’ll be fine. Thanks though babe” Bradley says, not looking pleased in the slightest. 

But it had been one of the rules they had set in place. 

If they were going to give this a shot. A proper shot. All of them would go to therapy. Work out their issues and shit like Austin won’t happen again. 
Jake still weighed down with guilt for pinning Bradley and hitting him. Though the other man had tried to shrug it off. Bradley promising he was long over it. Jake felt horrible regardless. 

Bradley’s abandonment and anger issues. 

Pete felt bad because his leaving had caused their fight and Pete had been avoiding therapy for far too long. So for his Alphas, he would make an effort. He couldn’t let them come home to him throwing another unhinged fit. Once was enough. 

“Be nice to the therapist Bradley?” Pete says when Bradley leans down to kiss them both. Jake rubbing a hand over his cheek, Bradley smiling into their kiss. 

“Hmm only for you. Love you” He says, kissing Pete quickly. 

Jake and Pete replying their own words of love. 

Pete makes sure his alpha has a nice meal waiting for him when he comes home. Chiding Jake every time he tries to eat Pete’s creation. Bradley quiet when he comes home but neither man press him on his session. Knowing he’ll talk if and when he's ready. 

“Hey, handsome” Jake murmurs when Bradley curls around him. Rubbing at Bradley’s hair for a second. 

“Hey. Therapy sucks ass” Bradley explains. 

“I’m sure we’ll find out ourselves. Jake yours starts tomorrow right?” Pete asks. Bradley moving to help him set the table. Pete really can’t wait till his hand is back up to scratch. 

Jake nodding. Not looking pleased about the fact. 

Pete’s omega aching to touch Bradley, to get close. But he resists the urge. Not wanting to make Bradley feel caged in. Taking the armchair after dinner. Quiet content to play the codgy old man. He had just gotten himself comfortable when Bradley picks him up. 

“I’m not an IED baby,” Bradley murmurs, sinking into the chair and placing Pete on his lap. 

“I was just giving you some space, that’s all” Pete shrugs. 

“We talked about dad today,” Bradley says. So quietly at first Pete doesn’t quite catch on. Until he does. 

Pete just nodding. Resting his head on Bradley’s chest. Unsure what to say. 

“You think he’d be happy for us?” Bradley asks softly. 

“He might punch my lights out first but I’m sure he would have come around to it. He was always my biggest Carole. She’s the one who’d tie me up and waterboard me for touching her precious little baby” Pete replies.

“I wish you could have met her Jake. She was a firecracker. I don’t know how she held it together so well after dad died.” Bradley explains. A smile brushing over his face. Pain in his eyes. 

Jake nodding along. He had seen the photos. Heard the stories but it's still different. She would have loved Jake with every fibre of her being. 
“She was the strongest woman I’d ever met. Even in the end, she somehow had the guts to smile” Pete says, staring down at his hands. Clenching them when they start shaking. 

Bradley just squeezes Pete’s thigh gently. 

“You two never really talked about this did you?” Jake questions softly. 
“Hey no. None of that therapist crap. I’ve had enough of that for one lifetime” Bradley huffs. 

“And yet you go back next week. You’ll live big boy” Jake teases. 
“God you two are so lucky I love you” Bradley groans. 

Pete’s therapy session sucks ass just as Bradley had said. He was sitting there three days later. Staring at the lady with the fancy clipboard and the glasses and wondering how to even start. 

What part of his fucked up brain would she like to poke today?

“We’ll start with an easier question. I’m seeing your mates. Bradley and Jake correct?” The therapist continues when he doesn’t answer her first four questions. 

Pete nodding. 

“They’ve explained a little bit here and there. Said you’ve been through a lot. That they found you having a small PTSD episode. Can you explain that?” 

Pete fights every ounce of his nature. Tries his best not to clam up and actually talk. Like human beings are supposed to. But he can’t get his mouth to open. 

“You and Bradley didn’t speak for 15 years correct?” She continues to press. 

“17 actually. I uh. Pulled his academy papers...” Pete explains as much as he can. 

By the time his freed from the devil woman and her probing skills. His exhausted. He just wants to crawl into bed and fade out of existence for a while. Almost happy when the house is empty. 

Crawling into their nest and sighing deep. Breathing in their combined scents. His brain felt like it had been filleted and then deep fried. 

“Pete, can we come in?” He hears a vague time later. 

Making a gesture and he feels Bradley and Jake move to wrap around him. Pressing his forehead against Jake’s shoulder. 

Omega purring at having his mates so close. His brain feels less fried with them around. 

“So I’ve been thinking and I’m happy to move in with you if you still want me to?” Bradley questions. 

Voice tender and soft. Right in his ear. 

“We’ll follow you anywhere Pete” Jake murmurs. 

Pete’s emotions get too much for him. That damned therapist pulling open his flood gates and his clutching to Jake as he cries. Feeling stupid for crying but he can’t get himself to stop. 

Bradley and Jake just soothing him. Taking care of him until he falls asleep. Pete dreams about sitting on the beach and drinking beer with Goose. Just like old times. 

Goose looks exactly the same as he did 30 years ago. Squeezing at the back of Pete’s neck softly. That trill of comfort runs through Pete’s system. 

They don’t talk. They just watch the water and Pete relishes in his best friend's touch. Even if it’s just a dream. 

The next few days are an interesting and slightly tedious moving process. Adding names to leases. Packing boxes and boxes...and more boxes.

Pete culls down his own furniture. Some of his things getting moved out to the Hangar. Glad at least that he had a walk-in cupboard or else they’d very quickly be out of room for all their clothes. Jake mocking Bradley for his endless array of Hawaiian shirts. 

“Yeah well who needs five cowboy hats,” Bradley had grumbled back. 
“Formal, evening wear, party, casual and useful,” Jake had retorted. 

“I would have bullied you so badly in high school” 

“Oh bite me Rooster. Like you weren’t some little, skinny nerd that geeked his pants over Leia” 

They hadn’t gotten much done after that and somehow Pete sitting in his little corner and folding their clothes had gotten dragged into their horny mess. Not that he was really all that phased but the point still stands. 
Everybody lets Pete control the process of decorating the house. 
Knowing his nesting and right now is a terrible time to fight him on whether they keep Jake’s table or his. He decides on Jake’s since it’s bigger. 

Keeping the thought to himself that it would be perfect for when they had kids. 

The rest of the dagger squad stepping up to help, if only for the barbecue that Jake and Bradley decide to throw and to make sure Pete doesn’t overdo it with his hand. Pete let them go. Just enjoying having the pack around. Most of them had returned from family trips, hugging Pete on sight. 

Pete accepting it. Enjoying it. Relishing in the fact that he finally has everything he wants. A mate...well two. A house of his own, a plane and a pack. A pack who adored him and loved him, even if he was a grumpy old omega who snapped and bitched. 

Two more weeks and the dagger squad is back to work. Some of them already preparing to ship out. Promising to keep in touch with each other. Jake and Bradley use their freshly mated status to stick around for as long as they can. Knowing eventually they’ll both be sent somewhere or another and Pete’s heart already aches for them leaving his side. 

But he knew at the end of the day that was the job and as long as they returned to him every time. He didn’t mind. 

Listening in from his place on Jake’s lap, his feet in Bradley’s as the Dagger Squad talk about their postings, sitting around the table in the backyard. Pete just enjoying the sun on his face. Occasionally catching the oddest scent. Eyes catching onto everybody’s necks. Trying to figure out if someone had mated recently but nobody’s mating status had changed. 

“You right there Handsome?” Jake asks when Pete smells his shirt.
“There...I can smell something. I...just” Pete leaning back, chasing the smell. Jake supports his back as he leans over the edge of the chair. Eyes clocking to Natasha’s belly as she sits next to them. 

That’s where he had smelled this before. 34 years ago. The first time he had smelt Bradley in a sense. He had known before Carole did. Pete never had much sense for that "True Mate" crap, but he had sworn looking back. 9 months after smelling that new smell. The first time he had held tiny little Bradley in his arms, smelt that new baby scent and ocean. He should have known then that Bradley was his. Why else would the boy have been born smelling like his favourite place? 

“Is Maverick ok?” Someone asks. 

“Who knows honestly. Baby, what are you doing? Is your back sore?” Jake asks. 

Pete sitting up and turning to face Natasha. 

“You need to stay grounded” He orders. 

Natasha seemed taken aback. 

“I’m sorry what?” 

Bradley and Jake starting to look at Pete concerned now. Like they were waiting for him to snap again and start throwing things. 

“You’re pregnant. You need to stay grounded. Baby won’t like the Gs” Pete explains. His omega currently running the show. Going wild with the fact his pack is having its first baby. 

Realising after he spoke he should have held his tongue and asked Natasha more sensibly. A more private one. But his omega had been running a circus lately. Going haywire now he had let it out of its well-constructed cage. 

The last thing any of them expect is Bob to fall out of his chair. 

Chapter Text

Once they get Bob back on his feet, his glasses back in place they decide to call it a day. Knowing the new expecting parents need to talk and Pete needs to go take a shower and pull back his thoughts. 

“I’m sorry for blurting it out like that” He mumbles when he hugs them goodbye.

Natasha had reassured him it was ok, but she would be finding a way to get him back for blurting it out like that. But she also couldn't stop the grin on her face. 

“Don’t be. I think you even shocked yourself. Those omega senses throw you for a loop don’t they” Bob says, a dopey smile on his face. 

“How’d you do it? Grow up being a pilot and an omega?” Pete asks before he can help himself. 

“Because you paved the way so I could be both” Bob says patting him on the shoulder. 

With that the house is empty and he feels two alphas staring at him. 

“Yes?” He asks turning around. 

“Baby, unless you don’t want us to do you here on the kitchen floor. You need to pull in your scent a little. Your going a little baby crazy here” Bradley explains. 

Well, that explains why his Alpha's pupils have blown wide. 

“I am not going baby crazy” 

“Why do you think everybody cleared out? They knew if they didn’t leave, they were gonna get a free show. You’ve doused the entire house in ‘breed me’” Jake points out. 

“Why do you think Javy was so insistent to stay?” Bradley says, laughing more to himself. 

Jake just glaring at him for the mere suggestion. 

Pete’s face heating up. 

“If you want a baby all you have to do is ask Pete” Jake purrs. 

“You make it sound like you're going to kidnap someone” Pete points out. Trying to gain some footing back in this quickly crumbling conversation. 

“If that’s what you wanted” Bradley shrugs, an easy look on his face. 

“We’ve talked about this. We shouldn’t have a baby until I get this PTSD thing squared away and you two sort out your own issues” Pete rehashes. 

“It’s not like we’re not trying to get better and anyway. What gives you any hope of the kid being normal raised by us three? They're going to be a terror” Jake says voice soft. 

Pete’s omega aching for a baby but there’s also something viscerally terrifying about the thought. Pete had been told that he could pop a baby out sure, he had dealt with that thought here and there. Had the ultrasound when he was 4. Presented when he was sixteen just like everybody else. The heats were easy. The scent took a little more to get a hold of. The sexism was a little more irritating. 

But to actually think about it in detail. To know that he would have a small tiny human buried in his stomach for a very long time. Kicking him, making him nauseous, making him more irritable than he already was. Pete wasn’t going to be able to see his own feet! How did a human get around without seeing their own feet! 

“Oh no his hitting the deck!” Bradley says. It echoing around Pete’s brain. 

Pete feels gravity give out but their arms are catching him and his being sat on a chair. 

“Pete baby, you ok? You with us?” Jake asks. Both Alpha’s staring him down worried. Kneeling in front of him. When did Bradley get so big? Why did Jake have to have such wide shoulders? 

“Why do you have to be so fucking tall?” Pete whimpers. 

“Have you cracked like a walnut again?” Bradley asks. 

“I’m going to give birth to monsters” Pete continues. 

“I think we broke him baby” Jake murmurs, rubbing a hand down Pete’s face. 

“Mav. Baby. We were just teasing about the kid thing. Only when you're ready ok and if you don’t want to risk your body. We can go adoption that’s always a thing.” 

That thought makes Pete snap his head up. It worked for some people sure. Adoption was a brilliant option. But he didn’t wait nearly half a century to adopt a child. He’d already adopted one asshole and that was enough. 

“Mine” He snaps out. 

He gets wrapped up in his alpha’s arms. Dragged to the floor with them. Breathing in their scents. Taking calming breaths. Knowing his acting like a loony again. Not meaning to snap like a twig under the pressure. 

“Guess you never really thought about what it actually means to have kids huh?” Jake says when he gets himself back to reality. 

“I saw what Carole went through with you Bradley. You fractured her rib!” Pete grumbles. 

“Yeah, she liked to remind me of that quiet often, Said I owed her my kidney,” Bradley says scratching the back of his head. Sheepish. 

Jake goes to open his mouth and Pete already sees his wheels turning. 

“If you bring up anything about twins. I might actually commit homicide” Pete interjects.

Jake just closes his mouth like a good little boy but he can’t help that stupid smirk. 

“That’s it I take it back. You can’t move in with me” Pete jokes. If only for his own sanity. 

“Too late now Mav. You're stuck with us. Permanently” Bradley snickering, thumb brushing over his marks.  

Pete feels calmer now his gotten his crazy breakdown out of the way. Knowing his bound to have another anyways. But he will deal with it when it comes. Using Jake to push himself to his feet. 

His alphas going to stand as well but Pete is holding out a hand. Both of them stop, confused. Staring at each other. 

“You two can sit there and think about what you did wrong,” Pete says stretching. Moving to go do the washing. 

“Did you seriously just time out us!?” Bradley asks. Voice cracking with incredulity. Looking at him like he can’t believe Pete would do that. 

“Think of it as practice. If I’m getting Aliened, you pricks need to step up!” Pete smirks. 

He makes it halfway down the hall before he hears two charging Alphas. Bracing for the pick up, arms wrapping around him as his thrown over Bradley’s shoulder. 

His punishment for teasing them comes soon enough. As in later that night, after dinner, after their routine of showering, movie and curling up on the couch. Pete feels Jake’s hands start to tease up and down his waist. Bradley kissing across his shoulders. 

The fuckers lull him into a false sense of security. So when he's set on one of the kitchen chairs, now sitting in the bedroom, he really should have known they were up to something.

They had been too nice to him all night. Babying him with none of their usual sass. Bradley holds him in place as Jake grabs rope from who knows where? It didn't look like normal rope. It felt softer and was a light blue. 

“Safeword’s spitfire,” Jake says as he continues to tie Pete’s ankles to the chair. 

“You little shits, this is from that box you wouldn't let us see in isn't it?” Pete says but he lets them go. Curious about what they have planned. 

That box had been haunting Pete since Jake had brought it over. It was only small, fragile written across the side and had been pushed onto the top shelf of their walk-in cupboard. Pete hadn't been alone long enough to grab a chair and grab it down to explore but had also not wanted to pry into Jake's private things. He was definitely prying now!

Jake moved to wrap his forearms next, not going further than his wrist. Not keen on messing with Pete's hand. Nodding. Bradley just watching, amused. They must have planned this when Pete was in the shower. 

"You brats should have at least told me not to worry about the shower, I'm gonna have to have another one after this aren't I?"

“Should we gag him too?” Bradley teases. 

Jake’s eyes lit up at the idea. Laughing when Pete flips him off. 

“Not tonight, if anything starts feeling numb. Let me know straight away ok” Jake says. 

Pete tenses a little when he pulls a knife out of somewhere. 

“Jeez calm down. It’s just a quick release instead of having to sit there fiddling with corset knots. Can't have you freaking out on us” Jake promises, setting the knife on their bedside table. 

“Back in my day, we at least warned a man before we tied him up” Pete grumbles, deciding to play along to whatever horrid game his idiots had planned. 

“Did you seriously just use ‘back in my day’ wow now that’s a boner killer” Bradley says. 

“Oh bite me. Seriously what? Are you just gonna leave me here all night? I’ve been in worse” Pete says. Trying to figure out just what their game is. 

Eyes flashing to him for a second, knowing the boys have filed that away to ask about later. Before they get back to the game at hand. 

“You gave us time out, we figured we’d do the same for you Mav,” Bradley says pulling his shirt off. 

Pete goes to open his mouth again, only to have Jake cover it with his hand. A whole different look in his eyes than normal and dear god it does things to Pete that it really shouldn’t. 

“We didn’t say you could talk little omega. Your running on our rules tonight. One word from you and we extend your time out. One whimper. One gasp. One mere whine. We extend your time out. Am I clear?” Jake asks. 

Alpha at the front right now. Completely on display and Pete bites back his whine. Burying in his throat as he nods. 

“Good boy,” Jake says patting him on the head. 

Pete watches as Jake loses his shirt as well. Still trying to figure out this game. Heart stopping in its tracks when Bradley sits on the edge of their nest and Jake gets between his knees. 

His torture lasts a total of 43 minutes and 32 seconds. Three minutes longer than it should have been because Pete couldn’t help himself. Couldn’t keep his whine in when his mates had decided to mentally torture him with their bodies. 

Whining to be in the middle of their touching and groping and teasing. But never towards him. Just towards each other and it makes Pete want to scream. The most turned on his certain his ever been. His pants had long become uncomfortable and the chair would never be the same again. Certain he’d never get the smell of his slick out of the wood.

Already plotting on how to get his Alpha’s back as Jake and Bradley finally. Ever so finally turn their attention onto him. 

“Poor little omega. Is someone hard” Jake mocks him. Voice taking on a baby tone. His hands hot even through the fabric of Pete’s pants.

Pete grits his teeth to stop himself from replying. Unsure if that rule was over yet or not. 

Pete watches in fascination over his shoulder as Bradley just pulls on one part of the rope. The part that had been right next to his hand and the rope is falling off his arms. 

Turning his fiery eyes to Jake. Jake just smirking. 

“Not our fault you didn’t test your bonds” He shrugs, pulling on Pete’s ankle binding and they fall apart just as simply. 

Pete was absolutely planning revenge. He was going to make Penny make them clean the Hard Deck from top to bottom for this. He was...going to do something. His distracted again by lips on his stomach. 

“You can speak baby” Bradley murmurs, before kissing over his arms. Gently licking over the marks that were left by the rope. Pete looks quickly to Jake for approval who nods. 

Pete opens his mouth. Unsure what he even wants to say. Whether he wants to beg, to scream or to just rip them to shreds verbally. All that comes out of him is a whine instead. 

“We’ve got you sweetheart” Jake promises, pulling him to stand. 

Pete’s head spinning. Jake and Bradley realise that Pete is in no way gonna be able to make it to the bed on his own. Jake lifting him easily. 

Speaking praises in his ear as he lays Pete down on the bed. 

"Good boy, your such a good boy baby. You're so amazing" 

Bradley crawling onto the other side of the nest and Pete’s brain has decided to leak out of his ear or crawl away or honestly just poof out of existence. All he has left is want and desire. His omega running the show. 

And it wasn’t doing a very good job at the moment. Seeming just as stumped and stupified as Pete. 

His body in a total sense of relaxation despite the fact he had just been tied up and forced to watch his mates sleep together without him. Knowing at least when they go away he’ll have something to think of. 

“Wow, he looks completely out of it. Baby you ok?” Bradley asks. 

Pete nodding. 

“Yeah, that can happen. Alright baby we’re gonna take care of you now. That ok with you?” Jake asks. Voice soft but there’s still that alpha. Telling him what to do. 

Pete nodding, a small please falling from him and he really could do this forever. Just let his alphas take care of him. Make him this blissed and relaxed every day. 

Their hands touching him. Bringing him to the brink in a way he didn’t even know was possible. Tongues and fingers working to make him cry out. He thinks even at one point he actually cries tears of relief when they finally let him meet his climax.

Coming down with a soft sigh. Sinking back into reality as Jake showers him down. Knowing there's no way he can sleep adorned in various fluids. 

“Ahh, there you are handsome. I was wondering when you’d join us again” Jake coos at him. Pressing a kiss to his forehead. 

“I have so many questions” Pete murmurs. He’d heard of bondage before don’t get him wrong, he'd even participated a few times before. But nothing like this. This was different. Deeper. 

“I’ll explain it tomorrow. For now. Bed. I’m exhausted and you are too” Jake says drying them off. 

Both of them laugh a little when they hear Bradley snoring from their nest. 

Pete doesn't even see the bed. Already long asleep before Jake can carry him from the bathroom. 

Chapter Text

Bradley wakes up to his alarm this morning. The first morning without soft kisses and a mate straddling his waist...or both if his lucky. 

“Turn it off before I hit you with it” Mav bitches, burying his head further in Jake’s chest. Only to whine when Jake moves as well. 

“Wow, you retire and turn into a grumpy old man” Jake teases. Mav flipping him off, burying his head under the pillow. 

“I am a grumpy old man” 

Bradley just laughs, pressing a kiss to Mav’s back. Rubbing his nose up over his shoulder blade. Tickling him softly with his  Feeling Mav tense as he tries not to laugh. Only using it as a diversion so when he can throw his still-going alarm under the pillow with Mav. 

“Go to work already!” Mav grumbles. But there’s no real malice in his voice. There’s none actually. Only slight laughter. The phone getting thrown back at Bradley. Alarm turned off. 

“Can’t until you kiss us good morning” Jake teases, throwing his uniform on the end of their nest. 

They’d spent most of last night preparing for work until Mav had looked at them. With that slightly head cocked to the right, mouth open ever so slightly dumb puppy look. 

He really didn’t understand the power he had sometimes. That or he did and he was just very good at playing dumb and innocent. 

That gets the lump of blankets that’s their omega to move. Mav sitting up on his knees. Flinching a little when he must move wrong and something pinches. 

Rubbing at his lower back. 

“Did we overdo it last night?” Jake asks softly. A little worry cresting on his face.

Bradley feels their mate line spark up as Jake feels around in concern. Mav just patting back in reply. Letting them in to know that his fine. They were getting better with it. Mav was getting less and less averse to keeping the line open all the time. Still occasionally locking down out of habit. A habit that was Bradley’s fault. 

“You crash four planes and tell me nothing hurts, but no. No overdoing it” Mav murmurs, before he seems to finally pull himself together. A soft smile appearing on his face. 

“Morning handsome” He murmurs, pulling Bradley in close first. 

“Morning baby. You gonna be fine without us today?” Bradley asks. 

“I’m sure the worst I do is go annoy Penny” 

“You can’t, she and Amelia are out visiting her Nan in Vancouver remember” Jake points out. 

Mav pouting. Jake grabs Bradley by the back of the neck before he tries to crawl back into bed and comfort their omega. Jake’s grip soft, just reaffirming. Knowing Bradley was the one who bent easier under Maverick’s manipulation. 

Jake fighting the urge himself if the look on his face was anything. 

By the time they're both dressed. New three striped insignia’s in place. Mav has made them coffee and toast. His hand no longer wrapped but still moving a little slower compared to his other one. Another few weeks and he’d be back to normal. 

Mav staring at them slack-jawed for a second when they enter the kitchen. Quickly snapping his mouth shut and turning away. 

“Eat up. It’s your first day as instructors. You’ll need the energy.” Maverick says. 

“Thanks, baby” Jake murmurs. Bradley throwing out a thank you with his mouth full. Laughing when his mates give him a disgusted look. 

“Why? Why did I choose you?” Jake teases him, rubbing a hand through his hair. 

“HEY! I just fixed that!” Bradley whines. 

“Good” Jake snickers. 

Bradley just sticking out his tongue. 

“Do you two ever actually plan on growing up?” Maverick asks them, from where he was leaning against the kitchen sink. Sipping at his own coffee. 

“We pay taxes. That’s grown up enough” Bradley shrugs. 

Finally, they have to go or they’re going to arrive late and Bradley needs to be on his best behaviour. They both do if they want to keep Cyclone on their good side. 

Knowing he’s one of the determining factors on where and when they get shipped out. Jake steals a quick kiss before they move to stand in front of their class.

Today sharing the same room. Easier to introduce everybody that way. Since as much as this was going to be a competition between the student. Did stop Jake and Bradley from working together. 

The students fall quiet when they step up to the front of the class. 

“Good morning kiddos. Welcome to flight 101. I am your commanding officer, Lieutenant commander Seresin. Call sign Hangman. This is your other CO and my mate, Lieutenant Commander Bradshaw. Call sign Rooster. I’m assuming you little balls of sunshine and ego have a few questions for us. We’ll let you ask them. If all of you and I do mean all of you, get every damn question right. Starting now” Jake throws out. 

That makes the 20-something-year-olds froth at the mouth. Getting excited over the fact they might learn something interesting about their COs and the mating marks that they bore. 

Mav had been uncertain about them going to work with their marks exposed. Had asked them both to wear a patch, so they would have the respect of their students. 

It had been their first real fight since they had mated. Maverick not wanting to them to be disrespected because they had two mates. At least that’s what he had started with. 

But Bradley and Jake had gotten to the truth quickly enough. Maverick’s voice had come out so soft. So quiet that they had nearly missed it. 

“I don’t want you to be disrespected 'cause you're mated to me.” 

They had shut that down real quick. There was going to be no hiding of any type. Bradley’s greatest pride was having two of the best Naval Aviators as mates. If somebody didn’t like that. He didn’t really give a shit. 

All he cared for what his mates’ happiness. 

Bradley not surprised at all that the class passes with flying colours. Working together, just like they wanted them to. 

“Turns out you can read a textbook. Congratulations. You all get a question. Think over them carefully, you don’t get a second” Bradley calls out. 

Watching Hondo poke his head around the corner of the Hangar. Spying on them on Mav’s orders obviously. Bradley just ignores him and calls the first student. 

“Whose your other mate?” 

“Captain Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell” Jake answers. 

That makes the class burst into whispers. Hushed tones of Maverick’s accolades and missions. 

“Can we meet him?” The next student asks. 

“If you do good. I might be able to convince him. But he’ll only come onto base if you're the best of the best.” Bradley shrugs. 

They answer all the questions thrown their way. 

How’d you survive in an outdated F-14? 

How’d you meet? 

Why did you start flying? 

They get about halfway through the questions when Cyclone steps in. One kid falling out of his chair in his haste to stand. The others trying not to laugh. 

“Careful there Dopey. Yes, Admiral Simpson?” Bradley asks. 

“I will be taking your classes for the rest of the week” 

Bradley looked up at him fearful. Don’t tell him they had fucked up that badly their first day, they were already fired. 

“Sir? Why?” Jake asks. Voice hollow. 

“Because Maverick’s a pain in my ass. Go home, you're off for the week. Your class will be just fine until you get back. And tell Maverick next time. He can deal with his heat himself” Cyclone orders. 

Bradley doesn’t really know how he gets home. He just knows he and Jake are stepping into their house. Bradley supports Jake when his knees buckle a little. 

The scent of heat already permeating the house. Clothes scattered down the hallway. It must have hit him pretty hard for Mav’s bomber jacket to be crumpled on the floor. Bradley picking it up on autopilot and throwing it over the back of the couch. 

Bradley takes a second to shake his head. Trying to keep it clear. Knowing at least one of them needs to be and he had the better shot. His mother very easily tripped him up when he had popped his first knot to the smell of Maverick’s heat at 16. 

Caught him just before he could enter Maverick’s room. She had dragged him out of the house by his scruff and they had sat in the park until he had cleared his head. Felt terrible for what his alpha had been keen on doing but Carole had just patted him on the back and said it would get easier. That he could gain control with time and effort. 

Maverick always seemed to disappear for his heats after that. Returning a week later, Bradley’s nose twitched at the faint scent of heat that was still lingering on his skin. Bradley always trying to catch the scent of someone else on his skin. Feeling grateful when he could never find any. 

Grabbing Jake by the back of his shirt, when he goes to walk down the hall. 

“This is different to just fucking around Jake. He might not even let us in” Bradley points out. 

Jake growling. Pupils wide as saucers. 

“But we’re his mates?” Jake whines. 

“I know but his also going to be a territorial asshole” 

So they take their time, stripping down to their pants and shirts. Tags jingling softly in the abnormally quiet. Bradley letting his scent out through the house. Nudging Jake to do the same. 

Jake nods and his scent fills Bradley’s nose as well. 

Hearing the bedroom door open about five minutes later. 

“Get in here now!” He hears. 

It comes out strained, a strangled yell. 

Bradley makes it to the door first. Jake follows behind. Both of them coming to a halt. Jake nearly slipping over in his eagerness. Bradley catches him. Realising he had probably never been around a heat that wasn’t family in his life. When they had made Maverick dinner, his heat was already dying out so it wasn’t full frontal like it was now. 

What they come across could have been a painting. The view belonged in the museum. 

Jake seems to have the same idea. Pulling his phone out of his pocket and snapping a photo. 

Bradley was going to beg him for that later. 

Maverick was being nothing other than himself and Bradley might actually weep tears of joy for it.  He had donned one of Jake’s shirts, it bunching over his thighs. His very shiny, very slick thighs. 

His face flushed red, his hair a mess ad he was staring at them with nothing clear of lust in his eyes. Eyes hooded, pink lips even pinker like he’d been licking them and chewing on them. 

“Fix this! This is your fault!” Maverick tries to snarl. 

But it comes out more of a whimper. A very subdued whiny whimper. 

“How is it our fault?” Bradley asks. Because as he's been told, even by his therapist. He has no self-preservation skills. 

“Two heats in a month. Obviously, you broke me! Fix it!” 

“We caused the other one?” Jake asks. Trying his best to keep a straight face. Pride sparkled in his eyes. 

Maverick groaning. 

“And I’m the clueless one. Yes, you caused the first one. Now come and help me” Maverick says, stretching himself out like a cat. Putting his chest on the bed which causes his biteable ass to go in the air. Arms stretched out for them. 

Bradley’s brain jams, fully shutting down. They had gone through a lot of his lust-fueled teen fantasies. But this was one he for some reason never thought he’d be faced with. 

“We must have jump-started it by mating with him” Jake murmurs. 

Bradley just nodded dumbly. 

“Bradley, Jake please” Maverick continues to plead with them, rolling over onto his back. Shirt falling to expose even more stomach. 

Bradley wants to hear his name forever if it's said like that. It snaps him into gear and he enters the room. Jake following after. 

“Who the hell, gave you the right to be this hot?” Jake murmurs. 

“It’s god-given I’m afraid” Maverick replies, clutching to Jake’s shirt and pulling him down into a kiss. 

It’s full of tongue and Bradley might honestly hit the floor with how fast his blood rushes south. 

If he wasn’t a greedy son of a bitch, he might have just sat back and watched Jake wreck their omega. Taken great joy in it as he had before. But the heat was finally starting to get to him. Pants starting to grow uncomfortable. 

Knowing he at least needs to get his uniform off or Maverick’s gonna pitch a fit about certain stains and Khaki not mixing later. 

“Jake strip” Bradley throws out. 

“Ahh right. Mav. Let go of my shirt baby” Jake murmurs. Maverick whining, licking at Jake’s jaw. Pressing kisses over his jaw. Hand still fisted in Jake’s shirt. 

“I thought you told me you didn’t get loopy in your heats,” Bradley says, 

“Who says I’m loopy now? I just know what I want. It’s your turn for the washing anyways Lt. Commander Bradshaw” Maverick shrugs. 

Jake scoffing out a laugh. Thankfully getting the idea to move out of the way so Bradley can lean over Maverick. Placing his hands on either side of the man’s head. Staring him down. 

“Does someone have a kink for men in uniform?” Bradley murmurs. 

Mav tries to look away from him but Bradley is grabbing his jaw. Forcing the man to look him in the eye. 

“Well? Little omega? You gonna answer the question your Lieutenant Commander is asking you?” Bradley pulling a little alpha behind his voice. 

Watching as Mav crumbles. Green eyes wide with lust and desire. Certain if Bradley pressed a little harder he’d get Maverick begging for him. 

“Bradley” He whines and it takes a lot for Bradley to not just break and pin him there. 

“Hmm, I’m not sure yet. What do you think Lieutenant Commander Seresin? Should we give Mav was he wants? Has he been good enough?” He purrs. Looking up at Jake. 

Feeling Mav nodding as best as he can. Letting go of his jaw, just so Mav can talk properly. 

“Maybe if he asked real nice. Instead of being a bossy little brat for once. We might humour him” Jake replies. 

Maverick goes to open his mouth to retort. But his heat and hardness must get the better of him. Turning his head, baring his throat. 

“Please. I want you both. Please. I’ll be good as possible" 

“Good boy. Don’t worry little Omega. We’ll have you nice and trained up by the time your heats over” Jake says, his ever-famous smirk in place. 

Bradley leans down to lick over his mark, feeling as Maverick shivers under his touch. 

This was gonna be so much fun. 

Chapter Text

Pete knew he was playing with fire. He just didn’t care at the moment. He was never good at keeping his promises to be good. 

This was the worst heat he was certain he had ever suffered. He’d just been getting ready to go out to the hangar and spend his day fiddling with his toys. Grabbing Jake’s shirt, cause even though he wouldn’t admit it. He already missed his gremlins annoying him. Get his hands covered in oil and grease and wait for the updates from Hondo. 

Asking him to keep an eye on his boys. 

He’d had a tense stomach all morning, but he put it down to nerves for Bradley and Jake. Their first day as Lieutenant Commanders. Let alone as instructors. He was allowed to be worried for whoever their students were. 

He had just grabbed his keys for his bike when he feels it creep up his back. Heat rips through him so quickly that he actually staggers. Catching onto the hallway table to stop himself from hitting the floor completely. 

At first, some more dramatic part of him thought maybe his having a stroke. But he knew what it was. Even though he shouldn’t have another heat for another four months at minimum. 

What had those assholes done to him!? 

He doesn’t remember much after that. Knowing he manages to strip at least most of the way. Leaving a trail of jeans, shoes and jacket behind. Thighs slick and cock hard up against his stomach as he barely makes it back to their nest. 

Unsure if that makes things worse. Smelling Bradley and Jake predominantly. Using the last of his brain power to call in another favour. Knowing he was probably swiftly running out of them. 

He doesn’t really know what he even said to Cyclone. But the man had reassured him that Jake and Bradley would be home soon. Or if he couldn’t swing both. At least one of them would be. 

And now...his boys were here and they were being mean to him. 

Teasing him. With their voices, their scents, their hands. 

Pete would be the least bit surprised if there wasn’t a least a puddle under him as he licks over Bradley’s hand. Certain when he wasn’t pooling slick everywhere and didn’t have a hard one to rival a horny teenager discovering himself for the first time. He would be biting Bradley for teasing him like this. 

Bradley just pushing it cause he knew right now Pete would do near anything to get one of those fat cocks buried in him as quickly as possible. 

Or both or a tongue or fucking something! 

Pete looks up at Bradley as he sucks two of the man's fingers into his mouth. Going to use it as a distraction so he can start finally trying to unbuckle the man's pants. 

Jake seems to know what his planning, catching his hands and pinning them down by his sides. 

“Who said you could?” He asks. 

Pete growling a little. Pulling back with a small gasp. Sure he has spit dripping down his chin. 

“Please. Please.” He whimpers. Pressing himself back against the blond man. Grinding himself against him as best as he can. Jake’s hands grew harder on his arms. 

“If you're not careful, we might just have to tie you up. You think you can control yourself?” Jake purrs in his ear. Licking up over his cheek. 

“Well your CO asked you a question?” Bradley sneers down at him. 

Both men quite happy to give in to Pete’s normally very well-hidden kink. 

The only thing better would be destroying their whites, but even his not that sadistic. Not keen on explaining to the dry cleaner just what all those lovely crusty stains were. 

“Tie me up” Pete whispers. 

Watching as his alpha’s light up at the suggestion. Jake had explained it all to him just like he had promised. Explained BDSM, explained sup-space. Sub drops and all of that. He and Bradley had been dabbling but Bradley struggled with being tied up, so they had put a pin in it. Pete on the other hand found he loved it. Trusting his alpha’s with his entire being, knowing if things went south for any reason. They would protect him. 

His alpha’s constantly pressing up against their bond. Making sure Pete was ok. Pete responded in kind. Quite happily sending his lust down their bond. 

“Careful there Mav, or you’ll be sending it out to the rest of the pack” Bradley murmurs. 

“Hmm and is that such a bad thing?” Pete asks. Laughing when Bradley scowls. 

“You know there used to be a tradition in the Navy. Packs would throw orgies to bond closer” He purrs. 

It was long before his time but it gives him the possessive reaction he’s looking for. More slick coating his thighs as his Alpha’s let out a snarl. 

Jake setting his teeth around Pete’s mating mark. Pressing hard enough that Pete melts under his grip, letting out a moan. 

Jake licks over the mark as Bradley grabs the rope off their dresser. Pete almost hated to admit how much of a staple it had become. Throwing it at the blond man. 

“How’s your hand?” Jake asks, pulling the rope through his hands. Catching the end. 

“Uhhh, take it easy” Pete murmurs. It was a million times better but he wasn’t gonna risk it either. 

Jake nodding. Pete surprised when he's turned around to face his blond alpha. 

“Hands together like your praying,” Jake says. 

Bradley scoffing out a laugh. 

“Like he even knows how to do that” 

Pete flipping him off before doing what Jake asked. 

“I’ve fucked my fair share of altar boys” 

“Your gonna make him snap if you keep talking like that baby,” Jake says. Despite Jake's soft tone, it’s a warning. Fingers deft as he threads the rope up and over itself. Tying Pete's forearms together. 

It’s a delicious warning that makes Pete smirk. 

Why couldn’t he torture them a little if they were being dicks to him? 

“Well if I’m not allowed to talk about the altar boys. Can I talk about the altar girls? There was this one particular one...I think her name was Amy? Annie? Mary?...something Christian and I remember the way she...” 

He doesn’t even get to finish. Laughing when Bradley pulls his head back by his hair. A snarl on his face and Pete just gives him his best cherubs smile. 

“You love me” He purrs. 

Bradley tries to keep his stern look before he sighs. 

“Your such a little fucking brat. You know that right?” 

Pete nodded as best as he can. Feeling as Jake locks in his bonds. 

“Well, how should we punish him?” Jake asks. 

“How about you just fuck me?” Pete asks, Bradley letting go of his hair. 

“Maybe we should gag you so you can’t talk anymore” Jake replies. 

“Only if it’s with your cock” 

Watching both his alpha’s short circuit for a second. 

Pete just going with it as they manhandle him further up the nest. Jake straddles his chest as he ties him in place to the bedpost. He has no real weight on Pete, just enough to keep him pinned. Knowing it’s the only true way to keep Pete from wiggling away and starting more chaos until his thoroughly tied down. 

“Alright. Jesus fucking Christ. I’ve heard of brats before but you take the fucking bakery. Test” Jake grumbles. Eyes catching onto every knot he makes, like his making sure they're perfect. 

Pete tugging. Not getting far. 

“Thank god for that” Bradley huffs, peeking over Jake’s shoulder. Before disappearing out of sight. 

Pete groans when he feels a tongue on his thigh. Jake not getting off his chest. Staring down at him. 

Pete just makes sure his comfortable for whatever his alphas have planned for him next. 

Jake starting to pull at his belt, throwing it somewhere. Pete unsure where to really look. The look in Jake’s eyes or the bulge in his pants.  Only to whine when Bradley licks up his cock. Jake laughing a little. 

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll give you something to gag on” Jake purrs, pulling down his zip. 

Pete’s heat running rampant now. His so close. So. So. So. Close. 

Jake smirks a little when Pete sticks his tongue out. Pulling himself from his pants. Pete just taking a second to admire the pre-cut beast. He was longer than Bradley. Not by much but what Bradley didn’t have in length. He made up for it in girth. 

Bradley still teasing him with soft little licks, hand wrapped around his thigh. Squeezing softly. Each squeeze sends trills up and down Pete’s spine. Every lick brings him so much closer to cumming. Very quickly as this rate if it meant anything. 

“See such a brat until you get a cock in your mouth. Then you're like a kitten” Jake teases. His drawl pronounced and it sends shivers up Pete’s body.

Pete would protest but he really doesn’t have ground to stand on with the way that Jake has his hair fisted in his hand. With the way, he was pressing himself as deep into Pete’s mouth as possible before drawing out. Tantalising slow before pushing himself as deep as he can back in. With the way that Pete was enjoying every possible second of it. 

Pete doesn’t know what to feel. Caught between two sensations that drive him wild. He’d experienced a lot in his life, but there was just something about his Alphas. He doesn’t know if it was their bond, their confidence, the fact that Jake and Bradley could look at him and he would slick up like a desperate housewife hitting on her mailman. 

Feeling Bradley’s hand move around to squeeze his ass. Pete groans when Bradley moves to bite his thigh. Not hard but it’s enough to make him cum. Squeezing Bradley's head between his thighs as he lets out a whine. Eyes closing for a second. Jake cursing under his breath at the vibrations that Pete must send his way. Pulling back so Pete can take a breath. Panting softly. 

“Your amazing Pete. Dream come true” Jake purrs at him. Pulling back completely and Pete whines as Jake gets off him altogether. 

Pete’s eyes follow him as he gets off the bed, starting to pull his shirt off. 

“If I kept going, I would have popped my knot early” Jake explains when Pete whimpers. 

Bradley laughing a little. Blowing warm air over Pete’s cock. Making it twitch, sitting up. The alpha still has the gall to touch himself. Leaving Pete there still achingly hard and wanting. Pete hadn’t even realised that Bradley had taken off his shirt and now Pete was really starting to get ticked off. 

“Isn’t this whole thing supposed to be about me!?” He bitches. 

Jake just smiles. It’s almost predatory. 

"Didn't we just let you cum little omega?" 

Pete pulled on his restraints but not getting anywhere. 

Bradley turns his head to watch Jake strip, Pete feels their bond sparking up but the bastards keep it away from him. No matter how much Pete paws at the bond. But he also knows if he makes a bitchy comment. Their just gonna prolong this further.

So he decides to startle the bastards. The always seems to get the trick done. 

“I want you both. At the same time. I want both your knots” He throws out. 

Meaning every damn word. He’d been thinking about it for weeks at this point. The idea a constant plague in his head. His omega practically panting at the thought. But he still had a majority of his dignity and he thought he wasn’t going to beg them for it. But here he was. 

“Baby we won’t fit,” Bradley says, thumb having taken to rubbing over the marks he had left on Pete’s thigh. 

“I’m in heat. I assure you, you’ll fit.” Pete says, feeling breathless at the admission. 

Jake and Bradley share one more look before their moving. Losing their chill confidence. Instead replaced by alpha’s looking to shove their knot in something as quickly as possible. Pete knows by tomorrow at the latest they’ll hit their ruts and then there’s no going anywhere. For them to even hold it together this long was amazing really. But Pete knew that was their need to take care of him keeping them from completely snapping and just doing him like the animals they are. 

Jake leaning over him to untie him from the bedpost. Undoing a little of Pete’s forearms but he keeps his wrists bound. Pete stretching a little now that he can. Making sure not to put too much pressure on his haind. 

“Your so fucking beautiful Pete” Jake murmurs. Sliding Pete’s arms around his head. His arms resting around the man’s shoulders. 

“And your all ours” Bradley whispers. Licking over his mating mark before pressing his teeth into it. Pete’s body bowing a little. 

There had been once. Where marks were used more like collars. Where Omega’s didn’t mark their alphas. Because it could do this. Make Omega’s go limp. 

Pete doesn’t want to think of that right now though. Instead, turning once Bradley lets him go. Pulling him into a kiss as Jake kisses across his shoulders. Fingers move to spread Pete open, easily pressing two inside. Brushing up against that wonderful bundle of nerves. Gasping in Bradley’s mouth. 

“Is this all for us?” Jake teases. 

“Shut up and just do me already” Pete mumbles. 

“Are you sure you want us both?” 

Pete sighed, keeping his eye roll contained. Know they weren’t asking to be annoying. That it was his Alpha’s trying to make sure he didn’t do something stupid as a result of his heat. 

“Yes. If something goes wrong, I’ll tell you” He promises. 

Bradley and Jake share one more glance before Jake is pulling his fingers out. Instead grabbing Pete’s hips and lifting him slightly. 

Pete’s head thrown back against Bradley’s shoulder when he’s finally seated down to the hilt of Jake’s cock. That already feels like his pushing his limit but his omega cries for more. wanting them both. Wanting both his mates to be buried in him. 

Bradley pressing him closer to Jake. He feels the head of Bradley's cock brushing down his back before Bradley’s lined up. Before he ever so slowly starts pushing in.

Pete just completely breaks out of reality. He snaps like a twig, cumming hard. The world going dark for a second, fisting his hands into Jake’s hair. Fully sunk down on both Alpha’s now. 

“Shhh, baby. It’s ok. We’ve got you. We’ve got you handsome” Bradley murmurs, rubbing soft hands up and down his waist. 

Pete realises his panting, tears in his eyes. 

“I...I’m ok. Just don’t move” He gets out. 

Both men nod. Pampering him with soft kisses across his shoulders and his neck. Speaking praises in his ear. 

Pete isn’t really sure how long he stays there. But finally, he gets his body to relax to accept what it’s supposed to. Using Jake’s shoulders as a support to push himself up on his knees. 

All three of them make sounds of pleasure as Pete lets himself sink back down. Bradley supporting him with his hands on Pete’s hips. Jake's hands still curled around Pete's ass. Both men make sure he doesn’t go too fast. Bradley whispering under his breath. 

“You're fucking amazing. How is it possible that you get even hotter every time we fuck you?” 

Pete can’t even get a word out. Just burying his head in Jake’s shoulder and repeating the process. Eventually, with a little help, he gets a rhythm going. 

“You really are god damn amazing Pete” Jake murmurs. 

Pete sinks down a final time, biting into Jake’s shoulder when he feels them knot up. Bradley first and Jake only a short few seconds later. It’s a hell of a stretch and it almost borders on painful but it also soothes his omega beyond compare. Their knots push him over the edge for the third time. 

His thighs shaking. Bradley rubbed over them, applying pressure here and there. 

His heat soothed for at least a few hours. Bradley and Jake both panting hard as they come down from their own highs of sex. Bradley’s head pressed up against Pete’s back, Jake’s head atop Pete’s. 

“Oh, these sheets are totally ruined” Pete murmurs when he manages to pull himself together who knows how long later. 

“I’ll buy you some new ones if you let us do that again” Jake promises, already moving to undo Pete’s hands fully. Throwing the rope aside and kissing at Pete’s arms. 

“Well then aren’t you two glad your off for the week,” Pete says, leaning further back against Bradley. Wincing a little as things inside him jostle, brushing over his over-sensitive nerves. 

“You better not be getting ideas in your head,” He says to the man. Bradley had wiped down Pete's stomach and now was instead just running his fingers over the skin there. 

“Sue me. I want kids” Bradley shrugs. 

“Hmm, and who knows which one of us just knocked you up,” Jake says. 

“Remind me to take plan b tomorrow” Pete murmurs, snuggling deeper into Bradley’s chest. Eyes shutting. 

“Promise Mav”

Knowing he's gonna need a nap if his alphas plan on wrecking him for the rest of the week 

Hearing Jake and Bradley talk, the rumble of Bradley’s chest lulls him to sleep. 

Chapter Text

Pete is up and about three days after his heat. Sleeping the last day and a half and then milling around the house for next week and a bit. Strictly off limits, needing to recover. Not that Jake and Bradley seemed to mind. Needing to recoup themselves after their ruts. 

Alpha’s didn’t run on clockwork like Omega’s did. Their ruts only happened around the first time they popped a knot or being around an omega’s heat for too long. It was why Pete took to staying on base every time he got his heat after Bradley had popped his first. He couldn’t risk the poor kid doing something stupid. 

Penny was still in Vancouver. Though she had kept him updated. So Pete had decided to annoy Natasha today. 

“Mav I love you but hy are you here?” She asks about half an hour into him poking around her desk. Her new desk that was. She had grounded herself and been put on paperwork duty. Bob refused to fly with anybody else and so he was grounded as well. Off talking to someone or another. 

“I’m bored” He shrugs. 

“Your boyfriends are down the hall. Go give their students a heart attack” Natasha says, leafing through paperwork. 

“But it smells nice here.” 

“That’s your omega talking?” 

“Are you really that mad that I’m hanging around?” Mav questions, cocking his head to the side. Giving her one of his best smile. 

He watches Natasha purse her lips before sighing.

“Of course not. Don’t you have a date tonight?” 

“Yeah don’t remind me?” 

“Aww, Mav don’t tell me you're scared of a little date?” Natasha coos at him. 

“Have you gotten your prenatal vitamins yet?” He asks instead, fiddling with a pen on her desk. Spinning it between his fingers. 

“No, don’t change the subject Maverick” 

“I’m not. You should grab some. I heard they're healthy...or so Bradley says. Carole never took any and Bradley turned into a fucking buffalo. So. Who knows.” Pete murmurs. 

“Yes, I was expecting you to be the one to go cuckoo for babies. Not Rooster. He asked if he can burrow the pregnancy books Bob’s already brought. You did take the pill right?” Natasha asks, not looking up from her paperwork. 

“Yes, I took three. Babies are adorable but do you really think I’m stable enough to be a parent right now?” 

Natasha set her pen down, leaning back in her chair. 

“Have you ever been stable enough? Put it this way. If you were even the remotest bit stable, one of us would be dead by now. Not many people would do what you did and live to tell about it. You’d kill for any kid you had if Bagman and Rooster don’t beat you to it first.”

“Come on the most practice I’ve had raising a kid is Rooster and you saw how well that turned out. I turned him into a rage monster. The only reason he's not a complete mess on the floor is cause Carole was there for some of it” 

“You ever think maybe it’s time for Carole to take some of the blame for why he turned into a raging dickhead. If she never asked you in the first place, I doubt he would have ever left your side. I’m not saying that to be a bitch Captain. She was an amazing woman from what I’ve heard, but she cost you and Rooster years and I don’t find that fair” 

Pete grits his teeth. Wanting to run for it, away from this conversation. Away from Natasha and the fact that she was currently voicing the dark voice that normally spoke to him in his worst moments. 

“She had every right to be scared, I killed her husband” 

Natasha’s face fell, her mouth opening once or twice. Pete sighs and sets her pen back on the table. 

“Yeah I know, it was an accident. Carole never blamed me to my face. Neither did Bradley. But if I had just done things differently. If I hadn’t been such a cocky asshole...It doesn’t matter. I’ll go give these kids something to freak out over. Thanks for letting me annoy you” Pete says, rubbing a hand over his face before he stands. 

He doesn’t get very far before he feels arms wrapping around him. Head pressing between his shoulders. Natasha letting her baby-filled alpha scent filter around him. It’s like the biggest dose of dopamine. 

“Always. It’s what I’m here for...well currently we’re here for. I’ll walk you over. The little shit’s always hungry and the mess it that way.” Natasha says before looping her arm with his and dragging him along. 

Pete thankful for her. He really was. She was probably the one person he knew that would tell everybody exactly how it was. Whether they liked that or not. 

Natasha squeezes his shoulder before she continues on her hunt for food. Pete knocking on the side of the hangar. Glad that they were actually in today doing textbook work. He was running the risk of them being up in the air but sure enough. Here they all are. Jake talking about the effects of prolonged exposure to G-force.

Watching Bradley and Jake lighting up when they see him. 

“Can I come in? You’re not doing anything important?” He asks softly.

Watching all the 23-year-olds wiggle in their seats. Excitement poured off them by the wave. 

“Yeah, sure thing. Everybody, Captain Pete Mitchell” Jake says. 

Pete moved to step up beside his mates. Flashing the class a smile. Pulling on some of his bravado. 

Hands shoot up in the air. 

“Wow, these are so much politer than you idiots were. What did you do? Or do they just come like that now?” Pete teases. 

“They’re just in shock and awe you finally got your ass out of bed,” Bradley says. 

“Alright class, why don’t I tell you about the time Lieutenant Commander Bradshaw decided to try and feed candy to a reindeer and kept calling the poor thing Rudolph” 

“I was 4, you cranky old bastard.

“And you got us banned from the reindeer sanctuary.”

“No that was you for fighting with the attendant when they yelled at me”

“Anyways you two. The class have some questions and doesn’t have time for you bickering like children. Angel, what’s your question?” Jake says, grabbing them both by the top of their heads. Turning them back around to face the class. 

Pete hadn’t even realised he had turned away from the class. 

Pete is happy to answer any questions they have for him. Quiet enjoying spending the next hour doing so. Happy to shake whoever’s hand or deal with the hugs. 

“Cujo. You have exactly 0.3 seconds to back up before I deck you. Angel get your WSO in line!” Jake barks when one of the men gets a little too close for a little long. 

“Sorry just had to figure out what was so good about him. I mean Captain at 60. Not good enough for Admiral? From what I’ve heard every Admiral this side of the world tried to get your ass fired. Well, you know except Admiral Kazansky. I mean what were you doing there? Sucking dick?” Cujo asks. 

Pete holds up a hand before Bradley can go the man. The class that hadn’t already left turning to watch. He had smelt every piece of inadequacy and self-hatred from the little brat. 

“57 actually, when your insulting someone you want to try and get your facts straight. And I don’t need some snot-nosed alpha like you trying to demean me when you’ll never make it past Lieutenant. Be lucky Angel is the one flying the plane or else it would never get off the tarmac. It must sting knowing she has the job you want, that she has bigger balls than you, though doesn’t seem hard” 

“You fucking...” The man starts. Cujo was definitely the right name that’s for sure. Pete shushes him, by simply holding a finger to his lips. 

“Also, when trying to accuse someone of sleeping their way to the top. It’s best not to reek like an Admiral. Especially an already mated one, and I have a feeling, that her mate isn’t into threesomes. Considering he shot the last guy he caught her with” 

He watches Cujos’ face pale before the man turns tail and runs. 

“Does anybody else have a problem with me?” Pete asks turning to the lingering crowd. 

They all shake their head. Pete pulled on his best smile. Turning to his alphas. 

“See you tonight. Wear something pretty” He purrs before walking out, sliding his sunglasses in place. 

“Love you too!” He hears called after him. 

He managed to get all the way dressed and even combed his hair before he starts to freak out. 

He’d been on a lot of dates before. A million and one. With Charli, With Penny. With...enough people that he had forgotten. But this was different. This was insanely different. 

This was a date with his mates. Sure they had dates before, Pete cooking them dinner. If that counted. But a dinner at a fancy restaurant that involved a button-up shirt. Pete was struggling a little. 

He doesn’t even understand why his so damn nervous. This was just dinner...dinner with his mates. Something that they did every night. 

Feeling clammy and hot under the collar. He literally had their mating marks embedded in his neck. He loved them with every fibre of his being and a date is what fucks him over. 

So he calls his best friend as he sits on his bathroom floor and has a fucking panic attack. 

“Hey, Pete? Everything ok?” Penny asks. 

“I’m going on a date with the men I love and I can’t breathe. What the hell is wrong with me?” Pete explains clutching at his hair. 

“Is it can’t breathe in a good way? Or can’t breathe in an Oh my god way?” Penny replies. 

“Oh my god way.” 

“This is your first real date with someone you actually love isn’t it?” 

“I loved Charlie and I love you,” Pete says quickly. 

“Yeah but this is different. You love me the same way you love Carole or you love Natasha. I’m pack and Charlie was just puppy love. Jake and Bradley are your soulmates, Pete. They're your perfect halves? Thirds? However, you want to word it. They love every fibre of you and that’s scary because for once you're the one being taken care of. So let them take you out to fancy restaurants and on fancy holidays. You deserve every second of it” 

It’s enough of a pep talk to get him out to the restaurant. Jake and Bradley waiting out front for him. 

He doesn’t even know when they had done it, they must have taken their clothes to work. Looking spiffy in their fancy clothes. Lighting up when they see him. Not a Hawaiian shirt in view. 

“Hey baby, you look gorgeous,” Bradley says kissing him on the forehead in greeting. 

Pete kept his cool even as their sat down and he was staring at fancy menu items. 

“Mav you ok? You look a little clammy? Shit, Mav you're burning up” Jake asks pressing the back of his hand against Pete’s forehead. 

“I’m fine really. I just never been on a date this fancy before” He promises. 

“Really not even with Charlie?” 

Pete shakes his head. 

“Aww, we popped your fancy date cherry,” Jake says, a grin on his face. 

Pete just shrugging. Unsure what to say. 

There’s still that hint of worry in Jake’s eyes though. 

Their date is sweet. It’s soft and fun and once Pete manages to get himself to loosen up. He thoroughly enjoys his night. Quiet happily spendng his date talking about potential holidays that the boys wanted to go on. 

Jake bringing up potential holidays on the farm, Pete must have winced 'cause he had been reassured that he wasn't going to get hurt again. That Maribel would keep her mouth shut. He would like to see Camilla and the girls again. 

He never stops feeling warm though. Staggering when he stands up from the table at the end of their date. 

Bradley catches him easily. 

“Baby you ok? That’s not like you to get this drunk this quickly. You’ve only had a single scotch. You weren’t pregaming were you?” Bradley asks, voice light and teasing but his eyes are worried. 

“I think one of your little shits gave me a bug” He mumbles. It shouldn’t have been this quick but with his omega going haywire lately. He wouldn’t be surprised if his immune system was fucked. 

“I’ll get your baby home, you get our baby home,” Jake says grabbing Pete’s bike keys. Frowning when he feels Pete’s temperature again. Pressing a kiss to Pete and Bradley’s foreheads. 

“I’m fine. I...I’m really fine” 

“If Cujo gave you rabies I might stab the dick” Bradley grumbles as he gets Pete in the car. Jake bitching about getting Pete a helmet as he starts up Pete’s bike. 

Pete mostly expects to sleep off whatever the hell he contracted. His alpha’s letting him go when he curls up on one side of the bed. Loving them but right now needing space. Cause he felt like a fucking furnace. 

Getting asked in the morning if he wants the boys to stay home. Waving them off. Spending most of his morning losing last night's lovely dinner. Stomach churning as he rests his head against the shower wall. Absorbing the coolness of the glass. 

Getting a text message around lunchtime. 

Angel, Poindexter and Chucky all down with the flu. They must have given it to you yesterday. XOXO. 

Pete huffing. 

Tell them all to go choke on a sharp stick . He replies. 

Natasha is gonna drop some off anti-nausea stuff over. Apparently works like a charm. 

Tell her where the spare key is.  Pete’s phone hits the floor after he sends his text. He can’t be fucked picking it up. 

Natasha appears who knows when? Getting Pete to sit back. Shoving a pill under his tongue. Normally he’d comment but he literally doesn’t have the guts right now. 

“Give that about five minutes and you should be fine, and I’m calling at least one of them home. Mav you’re sick as a dog.” 

“I’m fine really. I promise” Pete murmurs. 

“Yeah. That lie would be so much more effective if you didn’t look like you’re gonna throw up on me. Come on Captain. Let’s at least get you into bed, your back is already fucked as is. Don’t need to screw it further by sleeping here” Natasha says grabbing his arm. 

Pete does his best to help her, brushing his teeth. Only speaking after being sat on the bed. 

“How’s baby today?” He asks as she pulls at his shirt. Throwing it back in the bathroom. 

“As ok as it can be. Bob said it’s the size of a poppy seed. For a poppy seed, it’s already exhausting. It made me cry over one of those ‘save the puppy’ ads this morning” She explains, dipping into his walk-in closet and reappearing with a new shirt. Despite the grumbling, she’s smiling. Like she doesn’t care that she’s about to get up at 4 every morning to a crying baby. 

Though as Pete remembers it. That was his favourite part. Mind he wasn’t as mentally exhausted as Goose and Carole and quite enjoyed sitting up with baby Bradley. 

“Get some sleep Captain. The boys will be home soon ok” Natasha says, sitting up on his nest and laying his head on her stomach. 

“What if I get you sick?” He questions, feeling bad he's only realised it so late. 

“I don’t think that’ll be an issue. Rest up” She promises, rubbing a hand through his hair. 

Chapter Text

Pete wakes up to an empty bed and voices. Stomach still churning and head pounding.

“You made sure he took the pill right?” 

“Yeah, three times. At his request. So you really think his...We have a whole bunch of students out with a bug?” Jake asks. Voice taking on that serious tone. 

“I know. Because I just spent the last two weeks doing the same thing and this isn’t a bug. He smells like new baby...I can smell the baby. Are you sure?” 

“Yes, we’re sure Phoenix, Mav said he wasn’t ready for kids. We’re not gonna fuck with him like that. That’s just gonna make him hate us. You sure your not smelling your own?” Bradley says.

“Yeah I'm sure, Baby Bob smells like cinnamon, that just smells new. Just making sure ok. I know rutting alphas aren’t exactly thinking coherently. You know...being there myself. How do you think I ended up pregnant?” Natasha snaps. Voice a hushed whisper. 

Hearing a laugh and then the smack of Natasha’s hand on someone’s skin. 

“Ow. Right, remind me not to piss off the pregnant Alpha,” Jake grumbles. 

“Yeah or the Pregnant omega you knocked up. Sort it out! I have to go. Bob is waiting for me and we have an appointment for Baby," 

Pete falls back asleep after that and by the time he's conscious again. He remembers talking but he hadn’t taken in any of it. 

“Hey, Mav your up. How you feeling? You’re not running a fever anymore.” Bradley says when he appears around dinner. Wrapping an arm around his waist and his other hand pressed against his forehead. 

“What were you and Nat talking about earlier?” 

“She just was making sure we’d take care of you that’s all sweetheart. She’s already going batty with baby brain.” Jake shrugs. 

Pete must have been out of it for them to get dressed without him even hearing them.

Bradley getting Pete to sit down. Getting him some water. 

“Can’t I have a beer instead?” Pete grumbles. Knowing if he wanted he could get up and go and grab one. But he's too tired to move. 

“Yeah 'cause that’s really hydrating. Water. Drink” Bradley says pointing to the glass. 

Pete sighs but goes with it. Knowing they're just trying to take care of him. Throwing his feet up on Jake’s lap. Jake just squeezes his ankle, scrolling through his phone. 

“What’s for dinner?” He asks. 

“Whatever you feel like. We weren’t sure what your stomach would be able to handle. So we waited” Jake shrugs. 

“Can we order Pizza?” He asks throwing his head back. Watching Bradley clean up the kitchen.

“How aren’t you fat?” Bradley teases. 

“Genetics. Pizza? Please? Ohh with extra olives” Pete says, pushing on Jake’s thigh to lean back on the last two legs of the chair. Jake tightening his grip on Pete’s ankle. 

“You're a fucking monster. But fine for you” Bradley says leaning over to kiss him. Moustache tickling Pete’s chin. Pushing Pete’s chair back so it’s on all four legs. 

Pete just grinning. 

“How was work? How were the rookies?” He asks just to make conversation. 

“Cujo didn’t show up today. I think you scared him off permanently or he was puking his guts up half the day like everybody else. Guess we'll find out” 

“Oh well, Angel will just have to find a better WSO. Can’t be hard.” Pete shrugs, replying to Penny and Hondo. Both wondered if he was ok. Jake had already updated the pack on why Pete hadn’t been feeling well.  

“You're being bitchy today. Pizza will be here in forty” Bradley says. 

“He started it. I just finished it.” 

“God if your this bitchy now. What are you gonna be like pregnant?” Jake asks. 

Pete sighing, standing up and moving to straddle Jake’s lap. Running a hand through Jake’s hair. Jake happily accepting him into his arms. Putting his phone on the table. 

“Isn’t my attitude what made you love me?” He asks softly. 

Jake laughs through his nose, grabbing Pete’s head softly. Pressing a kiss to his hair.

“Yeah. I guess so. I think Javy still has nightmares from you yelling at us” 

“As he should,” Pete says curling up on Jake’s chest, arms moving to wrap around his waist. Clutching him close. 

Jake just continues to rub a hand through his hair. Pete falling asleep easily. 

For a second wondering if his gotten too soft. If maybe past Pete would be horrified with the house omega that Pete had turned into. With how sappy he got seeing his Alphas. 

He remembers so distinctly a conversation he had with Goose. When Goose and Carole had asked if he was going to find a mate any time soon. Carole begging him for a mate to take on double dates.

Real double dates Maverick, none of those pretty one-nighters you bring home. Someone who genuinely loves you.

He remembers laughing and saying that he’d never find himself a mate.

That he never needed one. Let alone some cocky alpha. Baby Pete might strangle him now. Most definitely strangle him actually. If only for mating with his best friend's son. Knowing if he hadn’t retired, he’d have a hell of a lot of paperwork to fill out for dating two lower-ranked Alphas. 

“Pete baby, pizza is here,” Jake says nudging him a while later. 

“Hmm, still tired. Save it for later” Pete mumbles, not even opening his eyes. 

“Ok baby” 

Pete wakes up in bed, hours later and hungry. Slipping from the bed and nearly tripping over Bradley’s shoes. Kicking them aside. Making his small journey for food. Sitting up on the counter and watching the world outside his kitchen window as he eats. His part of the pizza was completely untouched, Bradley and Jake’s parts already gone. 

Just enjoying the soft breeze from the slightly open window. Maybe they should go to the beach tomorrow. That sounds like a great idea. Sit on the sand and watch the water. It was the weekend tomorrow as well. So they could invite the pack. 

"You ok Mav?” Bradley asks

It makes Pete jump out of his skin.

Bradley laughing a little.

“Sorry handsome” He mumbles pressing a kiss to Pete’s hair. He's gonna figure out why they keep doing that one day. Even though it does make his Omega happy any time they do.

“Hungry” Pete states holding up the pizza slice. Bradley taking a bite out the end, chewing a second before grimacing. 

“That’s worse than rations.” He gets out after swallowing. 

Pete just smiling, happily taking another bite. 

“Hey, can I ask you a question?” He asks once it's gone. Clearing off his hands. 

“Hmm, what’s up?” Bradley asks. 

“Did I ever take advantage of you growing up?”

“No, you didn’t. I had a crush on you, you just treated me like a kid. You always did the right thing by me. Whether I liked it or not. What’s got you thinking like that” Bradley asks. 

“Just wanted to make sure. Not many people can say they’re mated to the kid they held at 10 minutes old. I should have asked you before we mated. I feel like half the time we’re doing this all backwards” 

“Well don’t worry ok? If anything I tried taking advantage of you. I mean what sixteen-year-old wants to snuggle with their dad’s best friend on the couch? You were always a perfect...gullible gentleman. I swear you had the biggest blinders on, even Mum knew I was crushing on you” Bradley reassures. Squeezing his thighs softly. 

Pete smiled a little. He remembered that but had been so used to Bradley coming up to curl up against him that he hadn’t even put it down to anything. He had Bradley climbing over him from the minute the asshole could do so. How much Carole would try to stop him but Pete never minded. Remembering how he and Carole would let little 6-year-old Bradley think he had the advantage in their play fights. Pete unintentionally pulling on her bond and getting that thudding echo back. Nothing. 

Pain slicing through his chest. Just focusing on the warmth of his mating bond instead. Even from the sleeping Jake. His side of the bond was always wide open, it reminded Pete of warm sunshine. 

“Hey no. No, sad looks. Mum would be fine with us ok? You know she would. She only ever cared about our happiness and if I’m happy with you. Then she’ll just have to deal. She would be happy to know you finally have someone caring for you. So would dad” Bradley promises. Wrapping Pete up tight.

Pete needs to change the subject before he does something stupid like cry again. 

“So uh you really want kids huh? Even from my crazy ass?” He asks instead, looking up. Bradley pulling back, smiling. 

“Absolutely. When they're old enough you can teach them to fly, like you taught me. We can raise them out on the farm? Jake will teach them how to ride a horse. I’ll be there to murder any prick that thinks they can hurt them.”

“On the farm huh?” Pete asks, wrapping his legs around Bradley’s waist. Just wanting to keep him close. 

“Yeah might do them good to grow up in a small town. A big city will just turn them into narcissists and one of those living in this house is bad enough!”

“It’s not clinically proven, Fuck you Rooster” They hear about two seconds later. 

“Maybe later!” Bradley replies. 

Pete just laughing. Hearing Jake’s laughter before the nest creaks and his side of the bond simmers back to sleep. 

“You sure you want kids with either of us?” Bradley asks in reply, looking at Pete with a smile. Eyes sparkling.      

“Tell me more about our kids” Pete insists, rubbing his hands up Bradley’s chest. Enjoying the feel of the toned muscle beneath. 

“Hmm well, they’re gonna be smart, a little too smart for their own good. They're going to be absolutely beautiful just like you. Their gonna be little shits that do our head in and make us want to commit murder. And they're gonna be the most loved people in the world because they’ve got us and the pack.” 

“And you don’t think I’m too old to be doing that, having kids? I mean you said it. I’m risking my body” Pete asks. 

“You say with the perky ass of a 30-year-old,” Bradley smirks, squeezing Pete’s ass as if to make a point. 

“Bradley?” Pete whines. 

“You will be fine, you’ve got a whole support system built in. The pack, Penny, Hondo, Hell I think we’ve even got Cyclone on your side.” Bradley promises. A touch of seriousness re-entering his voice. 

“Can we go to the beach tomorrow?” He asks before he does something stupid. Like ask his mate to knock him up. 

“Anything you want” Bradley murmurs, pulling him into a kiss. Pressing kisses along Mav’s cheekbone before whispering in his ear

“If you take advantage of me” 

Bradley laughs when Pete pinches him. 

They don’t get to the beach that weekend and Pete is happily awaiting Penny and Amelia at the airport to drive them home on Tuesday. Content to listen to Amelia tell him about all the interesting places in Vancouver. 

“Thanks for doing this Pete. We appreciate it. I thought Nan was never gonna let Amelia leave” Penny says when his pulling up in front of their house. Pete burrowing the Bronco to do so. 

“Of course. I missed you guys. You’ll have to show me the photos you took” 

“Pete you smell funny,” Amelia says, nose twitching when she sits beside him to show him the photos on her phone after they get the luggage squared away. 

“Amelia!” Penny chides

“It’s fine. It’s probably Bradley and Jake you can smell.” Pete says, flicking through the photos. 

“No that’s ocean and wheat. This is something else.” 

“Amelia! Sorry, she’s presenting. Her senses are going whacky” Penny says squeezing Amelia’s shoulder. 

“What I’m just curious. I’m a beta like mum and dad anyways” 

“I’ve been chucking my stomach up for the last week. The wonder twin’s students gave me a bug. Don’t worry I won’t give it to you. I think I’m past the contagious zone?” Pete promises. 


“Yeah tell me about it.” Pete snickers before moving to ask her about a certain photo. 

“What’s it like having two mates? Is it hard?” Amelia asks a little while later, Penny having gone for a nap and Pete offered to stay and make dinner. Knowing Penny never travelled well. Amelia helping out. 

“Sometimes yeah. When you fight it’s not just against one person. Especially when they're on the same side. But then again, not everybody is as stubborn as I am. But 98 percent of the time. It’s the best thing in the world. There are two people who love you, who look forward to seeing you every day, you make your heart happy. Who make you feel like the most important person in the world” 

“They take care of you, right? If not I’ll have to hit them” Amelia asks. 

Pete was unable not to laugh. Tousling her hair. 

"They do. They really, really do. I hope your mate is like that when you find them”

“Are you gonna get married?” She asks as he starts cutting up the tomato. Pete nearly putting the knife through his thumb in shock. 

He had never thought about it but he scrambles for an answer. 

“Legally we can’t. But as long as we’re mated. Then that’s all that matters to me. I don’t need a wedding ring to know I’m loved. Especially when I’m shown it every day”  

Pulling he's out his phone when he gets a text message.

You thinking about us handsome? 

Pete replying quickly before getting back to the task at hand. 

Ame asked what it was like to have two mates.  

“Wait you can’t? Why not? You three would have such a cool wedding” She pouts. 

“Polyamory is still really looked down upon. Some people see it as greedy and selfish. I did until they showed me otherwise.” Pete tries to explain as best as he can. 

“I know I said not to break Mum’s heart, but I am really glad you're happy. Happy happy. I think she is as well. Or at least she smiles every time Cyclone messages her” 

Pete feels the knife enter the meat of his thumb.


Chapter Text

After Pete’s shock at Beau ‘Cyclone’ Simpson thinking about someone enough to actually date, Amelia screaming, Penny patching him up and explaining to the frantic, panicked morons that call him, that his fine, his thumb just has a hole in it now.

He sends the rest of the evening reeling with the information. Penny explained that it wasn’t anything serious but from the smile on her face. The way she wouldn’t completely look Pete in the eye explained it all. 

Pete was happy for her. He really was and Cyclone wasn’t that terrible. At least when Pete wasn’t involved.  

“Tell me if he hurts you. I’ll kill him” He says from behind the steering wheel. Turning on the car. 

“I’m sure you will. I’m sorry about your poor thumb. At least I know Amelia isn’t going to be a doctor” Penny jokes before stepping back from the car. Waving him away. Amelia waving from the kitchen window. 

Pete sleeps on and off for the rest of the week. Gets his butt to therapy the Wednesday. Jake comes to get him when he finds himself unable to move from the steps of the therapist's office. Unable to stop crying. Thankfully nobody else dared to look at him. Jake wrapping him up tight in a hug when he gets there. 

Bradley had wanted to come as well but they had dog fighting that morning and someone needed to be there to make sure the kids didn’t blow themselves up. Jake had said nothing. Just driven Pete home. Penny waiting for him. Inviting herself in for lunch, Pete knowing that Jake must have texted her. Jake thanks her before he had to head back to work. 

Pete spends time out in the hangar when he can’t be bothered annoying anybody else. Happily fiddling with his babies. Jake and Bradley bring food by when they can. Hondo even drops in once to check on him. A weird look on his face the entire time his there. Explaining how well Bradley and Jake have been doing at work. 

“Dude I’m starting to worry about your olive obsession. I’m not gonna wanna kiss you if you taste like an olive” Jake teases when they bring subway out to the hangar on Friday. 

“Boo hoo. Get over it, I’m not the one missing out” Pete mutters, trying to get the head gasket to do its damn job. Hands stuck deep in his Aston Martin. 

“Ok cranky. I was just teasing. You need a hand there?” Jake asks. A little hurt in his eyes. Bradley is just keen on digging into his food before Jake tries to steal it. As always, quiet after his own therapy sessions. 

Pete sighed, stepping back. Wiping his hands down. Letting out his soft apologetic scent. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound cranky. I’ve been achy all day and this thing isn’t playing nice, not that it excuses it. Thank you for dealing with my horrid olives” He says, softening his voice. 

Jake face softens into a smile. He talks about Pete forgiving Bradley for anything shy of murder but Jake might actually forgive murder. If it had a good enough reason. 

“It’s ok, I’d only do it for you and Roos.” He promises, handing Pete his sandwich, pulling him into a kiss. Just a soft quick one but it makes his omega purr. 

“I’m sorry I don’t know what’s wrong with me recently. How was therapy today Bradley?” Pete says when he pulls back. Looking around Jake’s shoulder. 

“Sucked, She asked me to colour. Do I look five to you? Colour. How’s that gonna bring dad back to life?” Bradley grumbles, wiping his hands on his pants. Eyebrows pinched together in frustration. 

Pete heading over to him. Rubbing a hand through Bradley’s hair. Kissing him softly on the head.

“Thank you for going” Pete knew how hard it was. 

Jake seemed to be the only one that’s brain didn’t melt out of his ears. He’d come home positively perky. It was a little terrifying. But when your biggest guilt was misplaced anger. 

Bradley smiling a little, pulling Pete down to sit between his legs. 

“Eat your shitty olives. We’ll help with the Martin afterwards” He promises. Wrapping his hands around Pete’s sides, using it to put pressure on Pete’s back with his thumbs. Jake nodding along.

Spending the rest of the afternoon kicking his feet up and watching Jake and Bradley try and figure out how to fix the car. Refusing to tell them the gasket was the issue. Instead just happy to watch the setting sun cast over Jake and Bradley’s bare backs. Both men preferring not to stain their uniform shirts. It was a pity and a blessing. Watching sweat drip down their skin, dipping down their lower back. Making the gold of their skin practically shine in the afternoon sun. Certain Bradley and Jake can smell his lust from the way they occasionally look at him. 

Both men come to the slightly right conclusion both just going about it the wrong way. Pete steps in before their bickering turns into an argument. Pointing out the problem. 

“You knew this whole time?” Jake asks, staring at him annoyed. 

“Yep. I just wanted to see if you two could figure it out. It’s hot watching you work” Pete smirks, smacking Jake on the ass. Just to watch him jump. 

“Your lucky your cute” Bradley grumbles. 

“Ahuh, I know, alright let me show you what to do. You want to make sure everything’s connected properly. You start at the spark plugs.” He explains. 

Both men nodding along. 

He spends the rest of the waning sunlight explaining everything he can. Guiding his boys through how it's done. 

Pete finally gets his wish of the beach the next day. 

Enjoying the sun on his face as he watches his pack...what’s left of them here anyways splashing around in the water. 

The only problem Pete seemed to have was disappearing beers. He’d been a saint and hadn’t had a single drink since...their date. Not even a wine at Penny’s, but that was mainly due to his thumb stabbing. His thumb still bandaged up. He just wanted a beer, wanted to relax. He had just opened his third first beer when Javy snatches it out of his hand. 

“Hey, you fuck that was mine!” Pete grumbles. Glaring up at the man through his aviators. 

“Sorry. Thirsty. Thanks, Captain. For a pregnant chick Phoenix runs fast” Javy says giving him a gigawatt smile. 

Pete just flips him off in reply. 

“Don’t worry you might get an advantage when I’m in my third trimester. Until then your up Coyote. Catch!” Phoenix yells, before ditching the football at him. 

Javy catches it easy enough, only to be tackled by Mickey and Reuben. Groaning when he hits the sand. Still managing to hold his beer upright. 

Pete decides to join the game. If only for something to do, always enjoying showing the younger generation how things are done. 

“You're on our team, Jake. You can’t take Maverick’s tackles!” Reuben huffs, nearly an hour later when they’re sweaty and slightly breathless. 

Pete watches Natasha whisper in his ear for a second. 

“Hey, no conspiring!” Pete grumbles. 

“Not conspiring. Baby’s hungry” Phoenix shrugs. 

“Baby’s always hungry sweetheart” Bob murmurs. Grinning. The game put on pause. Bradley and Javy help Jake off the sandy ground.  

If Pete thought Jake and Bradley were overprotective. Bob was a snarling maniac. He held a fire in his eyes every time someone remotely touched Phoenix too hard. Especially around the belly area. Nearly putting Mickey on the ground when the man had supported Phoenix when she slipped. Bob felt bad afterwards, taken by instinct. Mickey had just shrugged it off, saying he understood and that Bob would have to hit him harder than that to make him hurt. 

“Yeah. Well, you put it there. You feed it” Phoenix replied, patting Bob gently on the cheek before kissing him. Bob grins even more like a moron when she pulls back. 

“Don’t tell me you lot are gonna get that disgusting and sappy when you knock up Maverick, you’re already bad enough as is?” Mickey says flashing them a look, only to groan when Bradley whacks him over the back of the head. 

“Don’t be a bitch cause you can’t get laid” 

“I could eat anyways,” Javy says turning the conversation back to food. Wiping the sand off his body. 

Everybody else agreeing. Ending up at a local diner for lunch. 

Stacking themselves into a booth. Javy and Jake bickering over some wrestler or another. Mickey and Bob joining in. Only stopping long enough to order lunch. 

Pete about ready to commit homicide when Reuben takes his beer this time. 

“Am I a doormat? Do I have a sign saying  Take my beer  on my forehead? All I want is one nice beer. Is that too much to ask for” He asks. Trying to snatch his glass back. Not liking the way his face is scrunching up, or his eyes feel hot with tears. 

“I’ll buy you a replacement. In nine months. When baby Rooster is born? Or is it Baby Hangman?” Reuben shrugs. Grin wide. 

“I am not pregnant. Now give me the damn beer before I have to do something drastic. Like, kick your ass” Pete huffs, ready to make a scene and climb over the table.  

“Uh actually about that...” Bradley murmurs. Both he and Jake suddenly refuse to look him in the eye. Pete’s brain breaks into splinters. 

Everything clicking into place. The vomiting, the aches, the headaches and mood swings. Amelia asking about his weird smell. Which means if Amelia knew. Penny definitely fucking knew! Why was he left to figure this out on his own? Turning to glare at his mates.

“Outside NOW! Anybody else touches any shit that I ordered and I’ll eat you instead.” He barks. The unmated males at the table all raising their hands in surrender. 

Thankfully his mates realise his not going to be fucked with at the moment. Practically running from the restaurant. 

Before Pete can catch up, Natasha is grabbing his hand. 

“Take it easy on them ok? I’m the one who told the and told the others to keep you away from beer. Payback for busting my announcement. Rooster and Hangman were just waiting for you to catch up on your own. We know what you get like when people tell you things, you  don’t react like a normal human.” Natasha says.

Pete wants to retort but he knows she’s right. Squeezing her hand in return before he walks out the door. 

Jake and Bradley talking quietly between themselves. If Pete wasn’t so frazzled right now he might have found it amusing how they stand to attention when he steps out. Gotta love Military training, stuck in you until you drop dead. 

“Relax I’m not gonna yell at you” He promises. Both of them relax a little but still stay on edge. 

“We wanted to tell you, but we also freaked out. Mav you're not exactly a reasonable guy. It’s like you shield yourself from the truth on purpose. Like you can’t let yourself be happy.” Bradley murmurs. 

“We were literally talking about kids like five days ago and you couldn’t tell me?” 

“I wanted to but I also didn’t want a black eye. You don’t react to news well Baby. You never have and I’d prefer we celebrate rather than cause a mental breakdown. We wanted you to clue in first. Reuben can’t keep his mouth shut to save his life”

“What do you have to say about this?” Pete asks turning to Jake. 

“I’m gonna be a dad. I’m fucking elated” Jake says. Not bothering to hide his smile. 

Pete rubs his hands over his face. Just taking a second to process it all. Drawing in a deep breath. 

“So any guesses?” Pete asks, glancing between them both once he's sure he’s not gonna start crying on the sidewalk. Or faint. Or puke. Though he wouldn't be surprised if all three happened either. 

“We think it was during in your heat. So no idea. Doesn’t matter anyway. Kid’s gonna have three dads regardless” Bradley shrugs. 

“If it’s twins...ow!” 

“I better not be having twins or I’ll gut you” Pete hisses, pinching Jake on the arm. 

“It’s genetic. Pops is a twin, his dad was a twin, and his great grandfather is a twin. It’s a certainty. It’s not my fault. Let’s hope it’s Roos’ then” Jake shrugs. Rubbing at the spot. 

Pete moves to hug him. Just breathing in his alpha’s scent. Letting it calm him. 

“Baby at the end of the day it's your choice ok? You're the one whose gotta carry it. We just gotta put up with your temper tantrums. If you're not ready. Then you're not ready” Bradley murmurs. Wrapping him up from behind. Putting his head on Pete’s shoulder. 

“Whatever you want ok” Jake promises, scratching a hand through the back of his hair. 

Pete thinks it over, knowing he needs more than five minutes to really think about it but he's here. His pregnant. He has two men who love him. His going to therapy. He has a house. His pension kicks in soon. Bradley and Jake are set up. His brain can’t give him any possible reason why this is a bad idea. But maybe that’s the baby hormones. 

“One stipulation?” He puts out there. 


“Natasha and Bob are the godparents” 

“Ok, Mav. Can we go eat now? I’m hungry?” Bradley whines.

Pete laughing, turning to press a kiss to Bradley's cheek. 

“At least I have practice for annoying brats” 

“Ha ha. Fuck you old man” Bradley grumbles, moving to walk inside. Pete and Jake follow. 

“That’s how we got in this position” Jake reminds him. 

Pete laughs even harder when Bradley flips them off. 

Chapter Text

Pete was nervous. Extremely nervous as they waited for the blood results to get back. He had peed on like three sticks. All positive. So what the hell did he need some blood test for? 

Jake and Bradley practically had to hold him down so the nurse could get blood. 

“His not being aggressive at you we promise. He just hates doctors. When I was 7 he got Mum to reset his shoulder so he didn’t have to go to the med-bay” Bradley explains. 

“It’s ok we’re used to overprotective couples. Especially Omega’s. It’s part of the job. All done Mr Mitchell” She says sticking a cotton bud to his inner elbow. 

“Captain” Pete mutters. 

“Captain Mitchell,”  She says still having that ever-present smile on her face before walking away with his blood. 

“You realise you're going to have to deal with blood tests and doctors poking at you for the next like 9 months right? You can’t fight them all” Jake coos at him. 

Pete just simmering. He was raised by a man that taught him to suck it up and deal. You don’t get time to recover. You don’t get time to whine about it. You just wrapped it, reset it or glued it back in place and you kept going. Hospitals were unnecessary. Especially in the military. Any trip to a hospital was just another strike against your name. Another reason for them to kick you out. 

“Mav you're retired. They can’t medically discharge you anymore. You're fine and if you're carrying our kid. You're going to do it the right way” Bradley says, squeezing his knee softly. Seeming to read his mind. 

“I...I can’t just get over a fear like that. If anything the pregnancy is making it worse” Pete huffs at them, rubbing a hand over his still very flat belly. Brain still struggling with the fact that he was growing a human. 

“That’s why you have us ok? So we can hold your hand and tell you to be a good boy for the doctors” Jake promises, squeezing his hand. 

“Have you told your family yet?” Bradley asks. 

“I wanted to wait until we knew for absolute certain.” 

“I think we know” Pete grumbles. 

“Until the doctor says it I am not having Camilla and Mum scream at me. They turn into banshees anytime they get excited. It’s fucking annoying. Let alone the twins. God. Could you imagine!” Jake says smiling. 

That was currently Pete’s biggest fear. Maribel finding out and reacting even worse than the last time. Doing something horrible like disowning Jake. He’d heard it happening before. 

Pete just squeezes Bradley’s hand softly. Knowing exactly what it was like. Not having anybody on their side to talk to. Pete might have a cousin out there somewhere maybe but he sure as hell wasn’t tracking them down now and Bradley...Bradley was just as much alone as he was. If not worse. Carole and Goose were only kids, Bradley’s grandparents were long dead, also only kids. Just a straight shot of latchkey kids. 

There was always the day that Pete was waiting for a phone call that Bradley had found a mate, that he was having a kid. That he was happy again. That Pete was invited to see the little tyke. That he’d been allowed back in Bradley’s life. It had all been fantasy though. Pete always knew deep down that’s all it could stay. Was fantasy. 

Until suddenly it wasn’t and Pete was here and happy and he had Bradley. More than had him. 

Pete leans up and over to drag Bradley into a kiss. Bradley surprised but going with it. 

“What was that for?” He asks when Pete pulls back.

“Just thinking about how lucky I am that’s all.” He murmurs. Rubbing a thumb across Bradley’s cheek. Just taking it in. All of Bradley’s soft features. The scars on his jaw, the way his eyes would scrunch slightly in happiness. The way he just looked perfect. 

“Captain Mitchell? I’m Dr Valen, please come this way to my office” The Doctor speaks up. Making Pete jump. 

All three of them standing. A bit confused when she holds up a hand. 

“Just the fathers please but you're happy to wait here Mr...” She says looking square at Jake. 

“Seresin and like hell I’m not coming. I’m daddy number 3 thank you. Might be my little cowboy in there” Jake says crossing his arms. Looking more insulted than Pete knew was even possible. 

Pete watches the Doctor gulp a little. Looking between them all. Her face says it all really. Even just for a second. Pete pulling aside the collar of his shirt. 

“We’re all mates. If you have a problem with that. I’m happy to find another doctor” He says staring her down. 

She seems to regain her composure. 

“It won’t be a problem at all. Please come this way. We get all sorts of couples in here. Omega’s surrogates for Alpha couples. Alpha sperm donors. The works. We’ve never had a triad though. So do you know which of you is the father?” 

“Nope, we knotted at the same time so. Balls up in the air” Bradley explains when they're sitting down. Jake happy to put his hands on the back of Pete’s chair. 

“Your more guts than I do that’s for sure. I struggle with my single Alpha. But then I’m a beta so. Alright here are your test results. You are 100 percent pregnant. Congratulations.” She says turning her computer screen to face them. 

It all means jack shit to Pete. There are just numbers on a screen, and the amount of them makes him slightly dizzy. 

“So we’ll want to see you here every month at least. Check on the baby, check on you. About the 18 week mark, we’ll find out gender...if that’s what you want. Around the 10 weeks, we can check for multiples. Is there a history of multiples in any of your families?” 

Pete feels his brain give out as Jake starts explaining. 

Sure he’d taken the tests and all the symptoms had been clear as a damn bell but to have it there. Actually realised. Actually true was kinda putting Pete in a tailspin. He had a bunch of cells in his body that was currently trying to turn themselves into a toe or a heart or whatever ever it was that came first! Dear god, he didn’t even know what was going to come first. He looked after Bradley a few times here and there sure but he had no fucking clue how to look after a kid. 

“Me and my sister, my dad and so on for about 5 generations now. It’s practically a guarantee. I think I’d be more shocked if it didn’t happen you know. Also even then. If it’s one or two or whatever. Bradley and I have already decided to skip out on paternity testing. You know unless they need to know for medical reasons” 

“wait you and Cami are twins?” 

“She likes to call herself older just cause she was born 2 minutes before me! She was the first female, the first omega too that was born into the Seresin line since” 

Pete hears them talking but he can’t understand a word. It’s like a faint humming in the back of his head. His hands feel sticky and his stomach feels like a hurricane at sea. 

“Uh, boys. Your omega!” The Doctor says and Pete is getting a bin shoved into his hands as his breakfast comes up. 

“Shit Mav you ok?” Bradley asks rubbing a hand up and down his back. 

Pete gives a vague thumbs up before he retches again. 

“I’ll prescribe an anti-nausea tablet. We have this happen quite often. Morning sickness isn’t just in the morning. Unfortunately. Would make scheduling things so much easier otherwise.” The doctor says. 

Another twenty minutes later their finally let go. Pete’s brain is a fuzzy ball of goo sitting in the bottom of his skull and possibly fermenting in his stupor. Bradley began to read through the giant package of pamphlets the Doctor had given them. 

“Open your mouth and I hit you. I can not handle any more baby talk right now. I’d kill for a beer...yeah I know I can’t have one don’t start Jake” Pete grumbles from the passenger seat. Rubbing at his temples. Jake just closing his mouth, eyes turned back to the road. 

“Hey, we said we’d go dry for you baby. Moral support and all” Bradley says softly. Squeezing Pete’s shoulder. 

“No, it’s fine. Let me live vicariously through you. Since I can’t have a beer can I have a mint chocolate milkshake?” He asks. Giving Jake his best puppy dog eyes. 

“As long as you don’t start combining mint chocolate and Olives. If you do we’re disowning you” Jake murmurs. 

Pete just sticking out his tongue. He’d happily suck down a mint choc milkshake every day as long as it kept easing his stomach. The kid seemed to like it so. 

“What is your vendetta against olives?” He asks. 

“Everything baby. Everything” Bradley murmurs. 

Pete gets his milkshake. Even if his boyfriends take drink tax off him before they head over to the Hard Deck. Everybody goes silent when they enter. Penny and their pack looking at them expectantly. Pete nodding. Laughing at the tomfoolery that happens. The pack celebrates. The rest of the bar was a little confused, just continuing on with their day. 

“Well guess we really are gonna be in this together against these crazy assholes,”  Natasha says when he sits down. 

“God help us now,” Pete says even though he can’t help the smile. 

“Hey, baby I’m gonna go call Mum. I’m gonna do it outside though so she doesn’t deafen anybody else. Can you get me a beer?” Jake asks once all the greetings are done. Holding out some money.  

“Sure thing. Good luck” Pete says, before leaning over the booth and asking Bradley if he wants one. 

Bradley nodding. Asking if his ok doing it.

“Ask me again when I can’t see my feet,” Pete says patting him on the head. 

Penny hugging him tightly on sight. 

“If you need anything at all just let me know ok? I think I still have some of Amelia’s baby stuff. Saves you having to start from scratch” She says. 

“Thanks. Can I get two beers? For my mates. Don’t worry I’m not gonna be stupid. Strictly on milkshakes and water. This kid better be worth it” Pete jokes. 

“I’m sure they will be” Penny says before returning to him a few seconds later with two pints. 

Pete holding out the money. 

“Nah tonight it's on the house. Here’s a soda for baby daddy” Penny says sliding a coke over to him as well. 

“You suck,” Pete says. Wide grin on his face.  

“You love me” Penny snickers. 


Pete gets halfway back to his mates when he feels chills up his back. Goosebumps lining his arms. 

No. No. No this couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be happening. Pete glancing around everywhere. Eyes dash from person to person trying to find him. 

Pete had just gotten everything he wanted. He...He couldn’t be back. Gripping hard to his drinks. Feels stuck until he sources the danger. 

Pete breathing deeply. Trying to get himself to move before he got run into by someone. He can’t though. Instead wanting to curl up into a ball. Wanting to wrap himself up tight and never think about it again. He had gotten away years ago. Gotten the guts up to leave. 

Feeling heat on his back and he begs for it to be Jake. If it’s Jake he’ll be ok. He’ll be just fine. But it’s not wheat his smells.  

It's the sharp tang of metallic. It’s blood in his mouth all over again. 

Pete felt his drinks slipping from his hands. Shattering at his feet. Splashing beer and soda all over his shoes and jeans. 

“Hiya Maverick. Long time no see” 

Pete manages to turn around. Finally getting his body in gear, pressing his hand to his stomach. Felt the crunch of glass under his boots. Wanting to keep his enemy in his eye line. Wanting to keep his ex right where he can see him. Trying to keep shallow breaths so he doesn’t have to smell the beta. Tugging on his mate bond with all his might. 

Every word out of his mouth makes him feel like his chewing his way through a pane of glass. 

“Hi Tanner” 

Chapter Text

“I’m not answering that. We don’t know anyways. We didn’t exactly plan this “ Bradley murmurs when Javy and Reuben ask him who the daddy is. 

“Aww come on your no fun. Though honestly, I thought Maverick would at least be a top” Mickey says. 

“Who says he isn’t” Bradley snickers. 

Natasha chiding the boys for being so callous but Bradley’s zoned out. Feeling like Maverick’s punched him in the chest. Worry filters through Bradley’s system as he looks around. Trying to find his mate. Watching as Jake steps inside. Looking around in worry as well. 

“Mav’s not feeling well. I’ll be back in a second” He throws out to the group. Standing and quickly hunting trying to hunt his mate down. Jake meeting up with him. 

“What’s wrong?” Jake asks. 

“No idea, Fuck. Where is he” Bradley hisses. Heading over to the bar, there were too many people. Their scents were getting to mingled. It didn’t help that Maverick was a fucking short ass either. 

“Rooster what the hell are you doing? Do you want me to ring the bell!?” Penny asks when he starts to hoist himself up onto the bar. 

“I can’t find Mav. He's in danger” He explains. Jake nodding along. 

“Shit. Ok. This time only. Can’t have you, hooligans, climbing all over my bar normally” She murmurs, worry filling her eyes as she turns to scan the place as well. 

“No promises” Jake murmurs. Even as worry tugs at him. 

That’s when Bradley catches onto Maverick’s hair. 

“Got him,” He says. Jumping off the bar and grabbing Jake’s hand. Pulling in the direction he saw Maverick. 

Bradley comes to a halt when he sees it. Tanner “Fox” Lilydale was standing over his mate. 

The man might have aged 18 years but it was sure as hell him. Even if his nose was squashed now from where Bradley had shattered it and his jaw wasn't quite sitting right. He knew he should have put the fucker in the ground. 12 feet deep so he couldn't ever crawl his way back out. 

Bradley clocked onto the way Maverick was shaking. Every so slightly. Hand pressed flat to his stomach. 

“Bradley Bradshaw do my eyes deceive me!” Fox has the balls to say. Smiling. A gold tooth replacing the one Bradley had knocked out. 

“Hmm. Maybe. You are pretty fucking old now” Bradley snaps. Grabbing Mav by the shoulders and pulling him back into his chest. Pressing his nose against his mark. Feeling Maverick calm a little. Still keeping his eyes on Fox. 

Jake still looks worried, but he’s a lot more polite than Bradley. Holding out a hand. 

“Names Jake. You can call me Hangman though. You know Mav obviously and Bradley goes by Rooster now” He says. 

“Tanner Lilydale AKA Fox.” 

“Mav you ok?” Bradley asks softly. 

Mav shakes his head. 

“It’s ok we’ve got you. Your safe now” Bradley promises, pressing a kiss to his cheek. Hand moving to cover the one on Mav’s stomach. Threading their fingers together. 

“So what brings you here Fox?” Jake asks, slowly edging himself in front of Maverick. 

“Called in to talk about a mission I was just on. Didn’t expect to run into Maverick. We used to date, when god...1998?” Fox asks turning those hard eyes back to Maverick. Scratching at his jaw. 

Jake raised an eyebrow. 

“But I see Maverick’s mated now. Though must say never expected it to be you Bradshaw” Fox says staring him down. 

“Yeah. Surprise” Bradley sneers. 

“I knew you had some pretty fucked up kinks Maverick but fucking your dead best friends son. That’s a new one. How old was he when you started? You did always seem alarmingly close. That his bitch in your stomach or the blond ones” Fox replies, crossing his arms. 

“We’ve only been mated for a few months. We hadn’t talked in 17 years” Maverick whispers. 

Eyes on the ground. Shoulders caving in. 

Jake snarling. 

“Hangman take Maverick back to our table.” Bradley orders. 

“No. Stay. I’m not done talking to the cocksucker”

“Oh no, you definitely are,” Jake says, grabbing Maverick's free hand. Pulling him close. Bradley doesn't want to let go but knows his mate will keep Mav safe. 

“You’ve turned into a little bitch Mav. At least back then you’d actually fight back. Has being mated turned you into a little house pet? Little demure house slut. I bet the only reason these two keep you around is cause you're a good hole to fuck. Nothing else. Just a little toy for their amusement. That’s all you were to me at least. Too damaged for a real relationship. Begging me to punish you, you’d cry for it” 

It seems to finally click behind Jake’s eyes. Bradley trying not to cause another fight and break more of Penny’s shit. 

“Come on Pete. Let’s go ok? Bradley’s got it sorted. Don’t listen to a word he says. He’s a nasty asshole” Jake murmurs.

It broke Bradley’s heart to see the glassed-over look in his mate's eyes. The way that Maverick had curled around himself. Mav had never backed down from a fight before. But right now he was just terrified. 

Bradley always knew a little of what went on but for their lion-hearted mate to be cowering like this. It was too damn far. 

Jake manages to pull Maverick away. Disappearing into the crowd.

“You know he used to cry your daddy's name while I fucked him right.” 

Bradley takes a deep breath. Trying not to fall to the bait. 

“It’s not your fault of course. You didn’t know the real person you were mating with. He's really good at putting up a mask. The great Captain Maverick. Not afraid of anything. Except some little brat whose daddy he killed. He was so terrified of you. Of you hating him. Despising his twisted black little heart.’ 

“I put you in hospital once. What makes you think I won’t do it again?” Bradley snarls. 

He was a hell of a lot bigger now. He had nearly killed the man last time. He’d sure as hell kill him this time. 

“See always cleaning up Maverick’s messes, while he just runs away. Runs away to leave you and mummy deal with the fact he killed your Daddy. Runs away to leave you to take care of your dying mother. Leaves you alone to prepare for her funeral. Leaves you for 17 years cause he's a fucking pussy who can’t face his own demons. Who needs someone to hold his hand and tell him what to do and now he doesn’t have Kazanky’s cock to suck? Why not you? His only doing it cause you’ll protect him.” Fox says. Voice blunt and to the point. 

“Look, you're really not worth my time. I have more important things to worry about. So if you’ll excuse me. I’ll leave you to your sad little life now” Bradley says turning away. 

Wanting to do what they had actually come here to do. Celebrate. The fact his gonna be a dad and his life is amazing. That he doesn't need to bring down other people to have a good night. 

He feels pain blossom up the back of his head. Beer splashing across his head as glass cuts across his neck. It’s not deep but it stings like a fucking bitch. Bradley keen on ignoring it and walking away. 

“Hey, that was my beer!” Someone cries. 

“I give him a week before his back on my doorstep asking to be punished. Just like old times. I’m the only one who ever gave him what he needed. I’m the only one that treated him just like he wanted to be. Don’t worry though. I’ll make sure the kids safe...or hell I’ll just replace it with my own” 

Bradley sees red. Memories flash through his head. He had only been 16 when he heard Maverick get home. Hearing the bathroom door open and then a whimper of pain. Poking his head into the room only to feel cold as he takes in Maverick’s battered and bruised body. 

A steadily growing black eye and a cut over his cheek. Bruises moulting up and down his sides and his back. Looked like he had been attacked by a tiger. Wrists bruised with more bruises disappearing under his waistband. 

He had sounded so broken when he had spoken up. 

You should be in bed Bradley. 

He did this to you didn’t he?  Bradley had remembered asking. 

Nah. Just got into a fight at the bar that’s all. Nothing I can’t handle.

Bradley had seen red just like now. Had stalked for the front door. Maverick chasing after him. Begging him not to do something stupid. It had fallen on deaf ears. Maverick splayed his arms in front of the door. 

Move Maverick. Now.  His alpha voice had tried its best to come out. Voice cracking in the process, his order falling flat. 

His mother had appeared at their shouting. Her face had fallen and she had pulled Maverick aside. Already pushing him down the hallway to the bathroom. Turning her eyes to Bradley. 

She had given him one simple order that night. Four simple words spurred him on as he beat Tanner into the snow bank of Chicago. Remembering how clearly the red stuck out against the white. 

Make the fucker pay. 

Current Bradley is turning around. Still spurred by his mothers word. Grabbing the man by his jacket with one hand. His other meeting that already squashed nose.

Turns out history repeats itself. 

Everybody retreats out of the way. Bradley putting off more than a pissed scent. No this was fucking livid. This was beyond livid. Nobody daring to step in and help Fox. Knowing they’d have Bradley on them next. 

Using Fox’s jacket to keep the bastard close. Easily catching his hand and squeezing until he hears bone break. Fox screaming. 

Bradley throwing him onto the pool table. Not expecting the thing to crack and hit the floor. Fox trying to pick himself back up. Crying out when he puts pressure on his bad hand. 

Bradley straddling his stomach, set on breaking the man’s skull in two. He doesn’t feel his own pain as he hits Fox again and again and again. Too many times to count. Raising his fist again, Fox’s face a barely distinguishable mess. 

“Stop” It’s one single word. It’s one word filled with sadness and desperation and Bradley is looking up to see his pack had found him. Jake holding Maverick back. The entire bar silent as they watch.

“Stop his not worth your career or jail time. For me stop” Maverick begs him. 

Bradley let out a breath through his teeth. Getting in the man’s face. 

“You are never going to think about Maverick again am I clear? You are going to get on a plane. You are going to leave and you are never going to come back or next time. I really will kill you. Even I have to spend time in jail for doing so.” He growls. 

Fox just nodding. Using his good hand to shield what’s left of his face. 


“Yes. I’m sorry” 

“Not to me. To him!” Bradley says pointing at his mate. 

Fox turns to face Maverick. Squinting out of one eye. The pack is all kinda holding each other back. Bob holding Phoenix back for certain. She looks pissed. Coyote holds Payback and Fanboy by the back of their shirts. 

“I...I’m sorry. I...took advantage of you” 

Bradley gets off him. Maverick grabbing his hand, looking sad at Bradley’s busted knuckles. 

Jake just pulling him into a kiss. A thank you. 

Nobody daring to move forward to help Fox up. 

Bradley pressing a kiss to Mav’s head.

“Penny. A round of drinks please and an ice pack” Phoenix calls. 

“Sure thing” Penny replies. Walking away. 

“Mav baby you ok?” Bradley asks when their all back at their table. Pulling Mav onto his lap. Holding him close. 

“Been better. I’m sorry I froze” He mumbles. Eyes glazed still, pressing the ice pack to Bradley’s hand. Jake currently patching up his neck and getting the last few pieces of glass out of his hair. 

“It’s ok. It’s what you’ve got me and Jake for. You're so fucking badass all the time. You push the limit and you can dress a man down in seconds. It’s beautiful. There are just some things you can’t do and that’s ok. And right now your body is going to be running on flight. To protect our kid and that’s natural” Bradley says softly. Splaying his good hand over Maverick’s stomach. 

“Mav who was that?” Javy asks. Looking ready to hunt the man down himself and break his back. 

“An abusive ex. I thought I’d never see him again. Like any story, he started out nice enough. Asked if we could experiment in a bed. Went downhill from there. Bradley beat the fuck out of him and we moved to Ohio for a while” Maverick explains to the group. 

“You really are a vicious little shit aren’t you?” Payback snickers. 

“For my mates absolutely” 

“Can I have another milkshake?” Maverick asks, looking up at them. 

“Sure thing sweetheart,” Jake says pressing a kiss to his cheek before going to pester Penny. 

They don’t hang around long that night. Still celebrating but Maverick’s eyes never quite clear up. His quiet and sad but he still smiles here and there. 

Picking at the pretzels on the table. 

“Mav baby you really ok?” Jake asks when they get home later that night. 

“I am. I promise. I’m sorry” 

“You have nothing to be sorry for. We didn’t know fuckface was going to show up. He should have had the brains to stay away from you” Bradley says, kneeling to undo Mav’s shoes for him. Sure Mav could do it but Bradley was right here and if he wasn’t. He knew Jake would be on it. 

“Thank you for protecting again” Mav murmurs. Looking at him with the softest eyes. 

“Anytime handsome...” Bradley says, pressing a kiss to his ankle and then his shin, his knee, another up on his thigh. Up against his hip and then finally lifting Mav’s shirt to press a kiss to his belly. 

“and Little Handsome”

That gets Mav to smile a little bit. 

Jake reappearing from the bathroom. Towel wrapped around his waist. 

“You realise you have to deal with this for the next...ever.” Jake snickers, heading over to their walk-in closet. 

Mav nodding.

“I’m fine with that.” 

Bradley and Jake curling up around their omega. Mav pressing his forehead to Bradley’s chest. Clutching him tightly. 

Bradley had the small sense there worst was yet to come. Just cause he nearly put Fox through the pool table. Doesn’t mean Maverick was in the clear. He knew how Mav’s brain works. 

And sure enough. It comes to fruition soon enough. 

“Mav baby breakfast,” He says the next morning. Shaking Mav’s shoulder gently. 

“Not hungry. Just tired” Mav murmurs moving to cover his head with the blanket. 

Bradley sighing. Jake is confused when he grabs the plates off the table. Bradley just cocks his head and Jake follows along with his own and the cutlery. 

Jake shaking Mav’s shoulder this time. 

“Baby, you need to eat for Little Maverick’s sake. We have your breakfast here” Jake says. 

It makes Maverick sit up at least. Holding out his hand. Eating if only for the sake of their kid. Eyes still hollow, looking not all there. They eat to the sound of the tv. Some morning show. 

Jake looks horrified when Mav flinches from him when he goes to take the plate. 

“Jeez Pete. How much did this guy fuck you over?” He questions softly. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to” Maverick says. 

“It’s ok baby. It’s ok. We understand. Cami still does it sometimes. It’s...heartbreaking.” Jake says. Slowly edging himself closer. Handing Bradley the plate. Cupping Mav’s face, pressing their foreheads together. Pouring all his love he can through their mate bond.

Bradley just sighed. It had taken months of recovery before Mav even stopped jumping at noises. He didn’t know how the hell anybody let him in the air. Mav was still recovering when Bradley had hit him at the funeral. 

Bradley's biggest regret was pushing Maverick away that day. For acting just like Fox. 

He decides he may as well start the dishes. Patting Jake on the back. Knowing Maverick just needs time and love but Bradley considers going and finding Fox and putting a bullet in his head anyways. 

But he just scrubs at the dishes and tries not to let his emotions get the best of him. Ignoring the sting of pain on his ripped knuckles. 

“What do we do?” Jake asks appearing eventually. Leaning against the counter, crossing his arms. 

“Wait. We just wait and show him what love we can. That fucking piece of shit. We can’t get one single day of being happy, can we? Just one. That’s all I would like. We were supposed to be celebrating. Not fucking...It’s just not fair. Maverick doesn’t deserve this! and you know he never really dealt with it. He just shoved it aside. Do you think that’s why....” 

Jake is shutting him up with a kiss. Bradley sighing when Jake pulls back. Trying to calm himself down. Jake rubbing his thumb over the scars on his jaw. 

“If you love him any harder you're gonna snap the plate in half,” He says softly. 

Bradley lets go of the plate and it sinks back into the water. Trying to think of ways to start glueing the fragile pieces that make up Maverick back together again. 

“Do you think Cami could help him? Being there herself? Do you think you can call her?” 

Jake shrugs. 

“I can give it a try. Mum and Pops will be happy to look after the kids for the week but I also won't make her relive her trauma either” 

Bradley just nods, moving to set his head in the crook of Jake’s shoulder. Breathing in and letting it calm him. Wheat and jet fuel made his system calm gainst his will. 

“One positive out of the cluster fuck of yesterday. We’re gonna be dads” He mumbles against Jake’s shoulder. 

“Yeah. Two Mavericks in the house, We’re fucked.” Jake says, nothing but joy in his voice. 

Chapter Text

Pete knew he was being ridiculous. He knew it and yet he couldn’t get out of bed. He couldn’t stop dealing with the memories. For the past three days. He hadn’t moved except to go to the bathroom. Knowing his boys had to work and he needed to get his shit together. But every time he closed his eyes he saw Tanner. He saw him and his vicious sneer. 

Covering his ears as he curls himself deeper into a ball. Just wanting to zone out of the world. 

Hearing a knock on the door frame of his bedroom. Jumping a little. 

Pulling the blanket down a little to see Jake giving him a soft smile. Ahh, so Jake was on Pete duty today. Bradley must be off at work then. God Cyclone must hate him for constantly pulling them out of class. 

“Breakfast’s ready baby. You want to eat in here or at the table?” Jake asks.

“Not hungry” Pete mutters. 

“Two meals a day at least. That’s all I ask” 

Right. Pregnant. Need to eat. 


Just focus on baby and maybe he can get through this. 

He got through it last time. Though that was more of a drunken haze a lot of the time and Iceman eventually saved him from himself. Well, Iceman and his newly mated Sarah. They had dragged him home and kept him sober. 

It was the first time Pete have ever really seen Ice mad before. Sure a few fights here and there over the years. But that was truly honestly the first time Ice had yelled. Not at Pete. Just at the situation. At Bradley, at all of it. Pete had just told him not to do anything and had ended up something like this. For at least a few months. Until one day he woke up and he wasn’t scared shitless anymore. 

He’d managed to finally put it in a box and throw that box in the river of his brain. Just never expected the fucking thing to come floating back. 

He didn’t have a few months this time. He needed to get better now. For his mate's sake. They didn’t need to deal with this. 

Pete managed to get himself to sit up. Pulling the blanket tight around him. 

“Good boy. Prenatal vitamins with all that lovely folate, iodine bullshit and uh...anti-nausea. Roos has to pick something up after work and I have to head in after lunch time” Jake murmurs sitting on the bed in front of him. Placing the plate on his lap alongside his pills. 

Pete just raises an eyebrow. He’s not sure he’s taken this many pills in his life. Suppressants on missions before. The occasional Tylenol. He’d always prided himself in being healthy enough to not need vitamins. He understood why but it still felt like a small blow to his currently withering ego. 

“And milkshake,” Jake says holding out the cup. 

“Thank you,” Pete says. Grabbing the drink. Taking a sip using it to wash his meds down. 

Jake nods. Moving to do the folding as Pete eats what he can of his pancakes. Jake occasionally looks at him before his eyes flash back up to the tv. 

“Seriously starting to wonder if Roos has a Hawaiian shirt fetish” He grumbles after folding the fifth one. Smiling when he makes Pete smile. 

“It’s no worse than your black shirts. What? There wasn’t another colour available?” Jake continues, holding up three of them as if to make his point. 

“Alright Cowboy, careful or I start making fun of the cowboy boots in the closet,” Pete says.

“So, how’d you meet shitface?” Jake asks once his done folding, taking Pete’s plate and setting it on their dresser. 

“Bar. Flamed out with the girl I was hitting on. She actually laughed at me. He offered to buy me a drink” Pete says, making a motion for Jake to come closer. 

Jake laying on the bed and puts his head in Pete’s crossed lap. 

Watching as Jake seems to be searching him. Feeling him prod their mating bond. Pete lets him in just a little. Jake soothed him softly. Not seeming to care that Pete was giving him all his terrible feelings in return. 

“I was so charmed by him. That should have been my first red flag. Smooth talking. Quick-witted. Wouldn’t take his hand off my knee.” 

“Have we ever made you feel uncomfortable with our play?” Jake asks staring up at him worried. 

“No. That’s...different to what he did and we’re bonded. I can feel your intent. You don’t want to hurt me. Just uh no whips ok” Pete explains. 

“No whips. Got it but you know you can tell us right? If we ever do anything you don’t like. We’re grown men, we can handle the word no. Especially if it keeps you safe” 

Pete feels his face scrunch against his will, feeling his cheeks heat up as tears start to fall. 

He’d blame the baby but he knew it wasn’t their fault. Leaning down to kiss Jake’s forehead. 

“Thank you for choosing me. Even if I’m like this” He murmurs against Jake’s skin. 

Jake’s eyes so close to his own. Soft blue-green staring him back with so much love in his eyes. 

“It’s what I’m here for. Whether you like it or not. So take all the time you need ok? If you need to be a cocoon at the moment. Then be one. Just expect me and Roos to pester you about Baby” 

Tears hit Jake’s cheeks. Pete pulling back to sit up. Wiping his tears off Jake’s face before wiping his own face down.

“Your fuckers put a baby in me. I’m gonna get you back for this. You know that right?” He says. 

“Hmm yeah how so?” Jake questions. 

“I’ll figure something out. You have my word” Pete promises. Feeling a little bit better. 

But he still can’t get Tanner out of his head and eventually he's cocooning himself up into a ball again when Jake has to take a phone call. 

He doesn’t dream. He just has nightmares. Memories really. Flashes here and there. Old memories. Pete fades in and out of sleep. Mostly just resting behind his eyes. 

It was his biggest failure in life. Ending up in the one position that he always claimed he would never end up in. So desperate for love that he blinded himself to the red flags. He’d been at that bar to mourn his relationship with Charlie. 

She had gotten married that day. But it wasn’t her fault. No one's fault but Pete’s own. 

Pete had believed every word out of Tanner’s mouth. Even when there were times that his omega cried this was a bad idea. Even when Carole begged him to break up with Tanner. That he wasn’t treating Pete right. Tanner just kept promising to love him. He’d love him if he just did this one thing. 

He’d mate with him if he just did this one thing. 

Just one. 

That one turned into twenty of course. 

I’ll love you if you let me tie you up. 

I’ll love you if you take this for me. 

I’ll love you if you let me use this on your back. It’ll be fun.

Pete had been a desperate fool. A desperate sad fool that would do anything for a speck of love. 

Remembering when he had wanted to form a bond with Tanner. Felt hurt and rejected when the man had rejected him. 

I don’t bond with anybody Maverick. Especially not boyfriends. That’s just too much baggage waiting to happen. You should know as much as I do. How easy it is to lose someone and with how reckless you fly? I’m not bonding. 

Pete would never forgive himself for considering quitting for that prick. Thankfully in some sense, Pete was grateful the fucker hadn’t bonded with him. Or god forbid mated with him.

Sure Pete might have made it half a century unmated. But if he had been mated to that dick. He’d most likely be dead for one. For two he wouldn’t have had the chance to meet Jake or fall in love with Bradley. 

They wouldn’t be having a kid right now. 

Pete rubbed a hand over his belly. Knowing he was far from feeling any sort of bump or twitch. But happy to know that there was that spark of life in him. 

“JAKE!” He calls. Curious about what size the little gremlin would be. Surely only like a speck right? 

“He and Rooster have gone to do groceries and Rooster said something about paying someone called Penny for a pool table?” A familiar voice says. 

Pete’s eyes flash open, sitting up. 

Camilla smiled at him. Pete moved to wrap her in a hug. 

“Hey. I heard you were having a bad time. Thought I could help” She murmurs hugging him back. 

“Where are the girls?” 

“Mum and pops were excited to have them to themselves for a week. If you can handle me that long” Camilla says.

Pete nodding. Surprised he had missed her so much. 

“I see you, Jakey and Rooster sorted it all out,” She says poking him on the neck. 

“Turns out I’m dramatic. So I’m guessing your here cause of Tanner?” He asks. 

“Yeah. I’ve been there so, they thought I could help. You know what helped me?” 

Pete shakes his head. 

“My girls. I got out because I had to protect them. I would’ve smashed his head in if I had the strength. But being pregnant with my girls is what got me over it. Because I had them to worry about. I couldn’t lay in bed all day...mainly cause Sarah decided to kick me in the bladder about 80 times a day. So I had to take care of them and therefore myself” 

“ did your mum react to” He asks softly. They really needed something better than Baby. That was what Phoenix and Bob had already nicknamed their little lentil and Pete knew it was going to get confusing. 

“I think she still struggling to comprehend. She’s happy but she keeps trying to explain it away as a surrogate. Give her time ok? She’s old-fashioned. She’ll come around...or try to bury you in our acreage. I guess we’ll find out” Camilla says. Smiling just like her brother does. 

“Real reassuring” Pete says. But her terrible joke makes him smile. 

“Worst you do is pull rank. Your Jake and Roosters omega. You have more say in what they do than she does now. As much as she doesn’t like it” 

“I’m not looking to start a war with my mother-in-law. Thanks though” He says. 

“Well least you can do is shower. The boys will be home soon. Come on” She says ushering him off the bed. Helping him grab clothes and pushing him into the bathroom. 

So Pete follows her orders. Showering and returning to fresh sheets on his nest. Camilla just humming as she tidies up a little. 

“Who are these cuties?” She asks, pointing to a photo. 

“That’s Goose. Bradley’s dad and Carole. His mum. They were my best friends. Carole was pregnant in that photo. I took it, maybe about two weeks before Bradley was born” 

“Goose? Please tell me that’s a nickname” Cami asks, looking at him slightly worried. But she doesn’t stop smiling. 

“Yeah. His real name was Nick. I don’t think I ever called him that once. Even Carole called him Goose. I think he even called himself Goose in his head” Pete says, running a thumb over the photo. Smiling at the soft memory. 

Carole had been nesting and nervous and snapping all day. Goose had called him partially terrified. Pete had used his omega against her to get her out to the beach to relax. They had just spent the day watching the water and enjoying the sun. Goose digging a hole so Carole could lay on her stomach. It was the happiest they’d seen her in a while. 

“And you don’t call yourself Maverick?” 

“Mav sometimes. But nah...Maverick sure. But it’s a mask. It’s how I make everybody else think I’ve got my shit together. Captain Maverick. Hero outside. Pete Mitchell. Terrified inside” He explains, setting the photo down on the dresser again. 

Camilla just gave him a soft smile. 

“Well, I like Pete Mitchell. He’s the one that makes my brother happy. You know I’ve never seen Jake care so much for someone as he does you and Rooster. He’d always spout on about getting laid as much as possible before someone tied him down. When he started telling me about you and Rooster. I never heard him talk about someone that way before.” 

“Wait he talked about me before?” Pete asks deciding to make himself a coffee. Heading out to the kitchen, holding up the pot to Cami. Cami nodding, taking a seat at their kitchen table.  

“Yeah at first out of annoyance. Cause this cranky old omega was telling him what to do. But I don’t know. After some beach day he told me about, his entire view changed. He couldn’t stop singing your praises. Or Roosters. My baby brother had a crush. It was stupidly cute” 

“Are you making fun of me again?” They hear as the front door opens. 

“Always. It’s my goal in life” Cami smirks. 

Jake just makes a face when he enters the kitchen. 

“You got him up,” Bradley says, placing the grocery bags on the counter. Starting to unpack them.  

“And she got me to shower,” Pete says, leaning up for a kiss. Jake meets him in the middle. Rubbing a hand down Pete’s side. 

“Good. Roos, should he be having coffee?” 

“One a day is fine as long as it’s not straight black” Bradley mumbles. 

Pete glancing down at this milkless coffee and then up at Jake. Just flashing him his softest grin. 

“You're gonna give Roos a heart attack. Milk now” Jake urges, pulling off his jacket and dumping it over the chair. 

“Coffee tastes shit with milk. Seriously I can’t drink beer and now you're making me hate coffee?” He whines. 

“Yep suck it up,” Bradley says appearing over his shoulder with the carton. Pouring some into the pit of black that Pete was holding. Dumping a spoon in after.  

“Nicky isn’t gonna like this” 

“Nicky?” Jake says raising an eyebrow. 

Pete just pointing to his stomach. Wincing when he takes a sip of his ruined coffee. Handing it off to Jake. Jake just shrugging, happy to sip from it. 

“Nicky will be just fine, won’t you baby,” Bradley says leaning over. Pressing a kiss to Pete’s stomach before pressing a kiss to Pete’s cheek. 

“He can’t hear you yet you know” 

“Oh, I’m sure he can. So Nicky huh?” Bradley asks. Smiling like Pete had just given him the world. 

“Calling him Baby didn’t seem right and anyway. It's not the actual name. Just a placeholder. How do you know it’s a he? Could be a girl” Pete shrugs. 

“It’s not a girl” Camilla speaks up, placing her coffee cup back on the table. 

“And how do you know?” Jake grumbles. 

“You said he’s been eating olives right? Boy. Savoury foods always mean boys. I only ever craved sugar while pregnant with the girls” Camilla shrugs. 

“No. No none of your housewife myth shit.” Jake groans.

It reminds Pete of a little kid who just got his candy stolen. All Jake needed was to stamp his foot and he’d be set. 

“Why did you make me call her again?” Jake bitches as Pete shoves both his mates over to the table. Getting them to sit down. Handing them both a beer before he sets about starting dinner. 

“Cause she did what we couldn’t. She got him out of bed.

Pete knew he wasn’t out of the woods yet. That getting out of bed and making dinner wasn’t going to make the thoughts go away when he has time to sit and think. 

Listening in as the boys and Cami talk. Commenting here and there. 

But he knew he'd get over it for Bradley and Jake. Because he had their love. Their real love and Tanner could never touch that.

Chapter Text

Camilla had kept Pete busy all week. Lunches or days at the beach, or just shopping. If Bradley was baby crazy, Camilla was a mental case.

While Jake and Bradley let him cocoon. Camilla drags him out of bed by his feet. 

It is helpful to some degree. 

Currently, Camilla and Natasha were dragging him around to all the baby shops. Pete was slightly terrified at everything a kid needed. 

“There’s no way a kid needs all of this!?” Pete mumbles looking around. 

“You’d be shocked. But no not all of it. Some things are important though. Some things are just out to get your money. Bottle warmers? The microwave works well enough. Rosey hasn’t grown a third eye just yet so. Can’t be too bad” Camilla explains, shrugging.

“Hey, you guys. Is there anything I can help you with? It’s so nice to see a father out here with his daughters. Most fathers hate coming here” A shop attendant says appearing. 

Pete not sure whether to be offended cause he just got called old or flattered that he could have daughters as beautiful as Cami and Nat. 

“He's my brother-in-law and the pregnant one,” Cami speaks up. 

“I am also pregnant. 7 weeks, 6 weeks” Natasha explains pointing between them both. She had started to show the tiniest bit now but it was mostly still hidden under shirts.

Pete had spent about 15 minutes just staring at the small bump in his stomach this morning. He had poked at it gently, struggling to comprehend. He had a lentil-sized baby in his stomach.  Swearing it didn’t happen this quickly. He swears he was already boarding on beating Natasha in size. 

That Carole was skinny for like 6 months and then bang she had baby belly. 

“Oh, you're an omega. I am so sorry for the assumption. You keep your scent very tight” The attendant says, polite worry filling her eyes. 

“It’s fine really. I don’t mind. I’m assuming you don’t have many male omegas in here” Pete replies. 

The attendant shaking her head. 

“Why don’t I show you around? Explain a few things. This is your first pregnancy?” She asks glancing between them both. 

Both Pete and Nat nodding. 

“Yeah thought so, you have that slightly terrified look in your eyes. Come on” The attendant says before walking off. 

Pete and the girls follow along. Pete wants to learn as much as he can. So Bradley doesn’t’ blindside him by saying something stupid 7 weeks from now. That puts Pete in a spiral. 

Pete finds some of the clothes ridiculously adorable. Laughing when Phoenix holds up a tiny adorable chick onesie. 

“They’re cute aren’t they but just remember. Baby will only be newborn size for like 8 weeks if you're lucky. 10 if your owed something by the universe. Or if the universe hates you they’ll be born looking two. So don’t go overboard buying or you won’t be able to use them all. We have so many returns from parents who brought like two years' worth of newborn clothing” The attendant explains. 

They all nod along. 

And Pete really can’t resist. He blames baby hormones because of chick onesie purchase. Buying it one size up so at least their kid can wear it for a few months at least. 

But Pete’s biggest buy is some books. Better than pamphlets. Knowing Jake and Bradley would appreciate it. Pete getting a book on male omega pregnancy. Certain he’ll want to hit the boys with it by the time he’s done reading. 

Natasha getting a few small things as well. Before they can make their leave, the attendant comes up to Pete. He wonders if he forgot anything. He had spent 10 minutes this morning ripping apart the house for the keys. Only for Camilla to point out he had already put them in his pocket. So he didn’t forget to grab them on the way out. 

“Sir I had to ask, please don’t take any offence from me. But are you certain you're only six weeks along? You look more like 9”

“Yeah, the doctor put it down to six. that a problem?” 

“Could be twins, you could just be having a big kid. I’m not an expert. I just, like to make sure my customers are getting the right care. Or being told the right things” 

If Pete hears anything else about the possibility of having twins on more damn time. He is going to have a full-fledged meltdown. Screaming, throwing shit, the whole nine yards. 

He is barely struggling to comprehend one child being in his belly. TWO was fucking pushing it. 

“Or hey if your lucky could be triplets,” The attendant says, smiling.

“Ha. No. Thank you. I appreciate all your help” He promises the lady. 

Triplets would have him rocking in the corner. 

“God I need a drink. I’m not sure I can handle 8 more months of this” He mutters, sliding behind the wheel. Starting up the engine. 

Bradley taking his bike so he could take the bronco today. Camilla curled up on the back seat, reading through his male omega book. 

“It says here that 90 percent of Omega’s of the male variety have cesareans. Fewer complications that way. Oh and that your gonna get boobs?  Moobs?” 

“I like her, can we keep her? We can replace Bagman with her!” Natasha asks him. 

“I wish, but I already miss my girls too much and I’m a farm girl. Big cities are just way too busy. They're scary” Cami says happily.

“You're not gonna steal our Maverick to your farm right?’ Nat asks, turning to face Cami as Pete pulls up to a red light. 

“No don’t worry. I like the city. You can’t get rid of me that easy Nat. Though Jake has talked about holidays out that way once in a while.” Pete says, patting her on the knee. 

Pete pulling out on a green light. Heart jumping in his throat when they nearly get side-swiped by a car that speeds past. Only to hear the sickening noise of the car behind them rear-ending them. Sending them sliding out onto the intersection. Pete smells that wretched airbag smell and his heart is racing. Instinct going into overdrive. 

Pete turns to check on the girls. Natasha clutching her hand and Cami was clutching her bleeding forehead. 

And suddenly Pete is floating in the ocean again and clutching to Goose. He can’t breathe. He can just smell the brine of the ocean and feel it as he clutches to Goose with every bone in his body. As he holds his dead alpha in his arms. 

“SHIT. I think Mav is concussed. Cami call 911 now!” He hears but it sounds like it's coming from underwater. All he can see is Goose, the flare filtering around them, staining the water. The ice cold of the water ate through his uniform. Protecting Goose’s face from the helicopter spraying water over them. 

“He uh, he has PTSD. His pregnant. His.. he hit his head. His airbag didn’t go off” He hears again. 

“Goose. Please” 

“Goose? Do...did he have a stroke? Hello Sir can you hear me? Your friend says you're pregnant. How far along are you?”

Pete was blinded by the light of the sun beating down on them. The afternoon sun turned the sky brilliant orange. 

It was the most orange sky he had ever seen. It was beautiful. 

“No Goose is his friend. It’s a nickname. Mav, come on. Jake’s gonna kill me if you do something stupid like die!” He hears. 

Finally, he's closing his eyes, exhausted. Letting that stunning view fade to black. 

He doesn’t dream of anything. Just floats in soft silent black until suddenly he's not. He can hear beeping and smell chemicals. 

Pete slowly manages to get his eyes to open to a blaring white room. Looking around. Hospital. He knew that much. Turning to look the other way and his heart soothes seeing his alphas. Even if they look stressed. 

Jake looks pale, dark circles under his eyes and Bradley looks close to tearing his hair out. Currently running his thumb and pointer over his moustache. The same calming move as his father. 

Pete moved to hold out his hand. It catches their attention. Practically stumbling over themselves to get to him. Bradley reaching him first. Grabbing his hand with both of his own. Pete’s other hand goes up to the bandage on his head. 

“Thank god you're awake. Fuck baby you had us so scared” Jake murmurs. Rubbing a hand up and down Pete’s leg. 

Bradley just presses kisses to his hand. 

Everything comes back to Pete in one big rush. 

“CAMI! NAT!” He cries sitting up. 

“They're fine. They're both fine and so is Phoenix's baby. Her wrist is broken, and Cami has a small concussion but they’re just fine. You have my word” Bradley promises. Jake comes around to his other side. Both his mates pushing him back to the bed. 

“Their... they're really fine?” Pete asks. 

“Yes, baby. So no nasty thoughts ok? You just need to rest up, you have a concussion and a fractured rib. You’re on bed rest” Jake explains, rubbing a hand through his hair. 

“Nicky?” Pete whimpers. 

Terrified of knowing the truth. Even more terrified when Bradley and Jake share a look. 

Jake pulling his phone out of his back pocket. Flicking it open and showing him a photo. Holding it up for Pete to see. 

“Meet Nicky and his sister, or Nicky and her brother?” He says pointing to the two small darker odd shaped orbs in the photo. Pete runs his fingers down the photo. 

“Well, we don’t actually know the gender yet. But sorry baby, Your having twins” Bradley murmurs.  

“I guess I won,” Jake says. 

Both of his alphas smile so widely that Pete can’t even stop the tears. 

Relieved. He was just relieved. 

“Can I go home soon?” He asks once he manages to get himself somewhat together. 

“They’re waiting for your head scan to come back and they said if that was clear. You could go home” 

“Can I see Cami and Nat?” He mumbles, pushing himself up so his sitting better. 

“Yeah, baby sure thing. I don’t think the doctors will be too mad. This is gonna hurt like a bitch though” Bradley says as Jake grabs the wheelchair. Bradley grabbing him bridal style. 

Pete crying out in pain. 

“Sorry handsome” 

He’s wheeled out to Natasha’s room, Cami reading a magazine in the corner. Pete and Natasha's shopping bags are at her feet.  Her head patched up but she seems ok. Waving at him. Smiling. 

Natasha gave him a soft smile as well. 

“Hey, Mav. I’m glad to see your up. You had us all worried” She says, voice a little groggy. 

Pete goes to reply only for Bob to snarl at him. Pete grabbed Bradley’s hand to stop him from snarling back. Instead just curling in on himself. 

“Robert Floyd. Don’t you dare! Mav did everything he could to protect us! Don’t make me whack you with this cast” Natasha snarls in return. 

“It’s fine. Uh, I just came to check on you. See how you were both doing. I...I’m so sorry. I should have been more careful” He murmurs, fiddling with his fingers. 

“You didn’t expect some dick bag with no driving skills to try and t-bone us. Or someone to rear end us. You did everything you could, Pete. Don’t stress ok” Cami speaks up.

It doesn’t elevate his guilt though. Bob had every right to hate him, nearly killed his kid. Nearly killed his mate. Nearly took a mother away from her two beautiful children. If Maribel hated Pete before. She’s gonna break his neck for this. 

“Pete come here. Bradley push his mopey butt over here!” Natasha orders. 

Pete whines but Bradley follows her orders. Pushing him over to the bed. 

Towards the pissed omega that could easily tear his throat out from the look on his face. Bob instead storms out of the room. Shoving past Jake. 

“Don’t take Bob’s shit on ok? You are not to blame for this, it was an accident. Accidents happen. Bob will lick his wounds and he’ll get over it. You're already going through enough with that Tanner bullshit” Natasha promises. Rubbing a hand over his cheek. 

Pete grabs her hand with both of his. Pressing his forehead against her arm as tears burn down his face. 

“No more guilt ok Maverick. No more guilt. You already have enough on your shoulders. To much. So no more. We won’t let you” Natasha whispers. 

“They said you had a PTSD-fuelled hallucination at the scene. You were calling Goose’s name” Jake says softly. 

“I don’t remember” 

“Maybe that’s a good thing Baby,” Bradley says pressing a kiss to his temple. 

“There you are, Captain Mitchell. We were worried when we couldn’t find you.” A doctor says appearing in the doorway. 

“Sorry, he wanted to check on our pack” Jake explains. 

“Understandable. Your brain scans came back all clear. No clots or haemorrhages or strokes. As long as you maintain bed rest for the next few weeks. No lifting anything over five kilos. You’re fine to go home. You to Miss Trace. But if either of you starts vomiting blood, or you pass out. Or anything that seems odd to your partners. Call an ambulance” 

Everybody nodding. Pete allowed back in his own clothes. They had thrown out his shirt but Bradley had given him a hoodie. 

Pete was surprised the man even owned one. 

“Yeah, yeah hush up. It was the warmest thing I could find and winters hitting” Bradley had griped. 

“Yeah, winter in San Diego.” Pete points out as he’s pushed out to Jake’s car. 

“Mav is fucking snows! Are you sure you want to raise the twins here?” 

“Kids adore snow and it’s only up in the mountains anyways. We live near the beach” Jake points out. Helping Pete up into the back seat. Rib hurting. 

“Yeah well, their father doesn’t. Fucking snow!” Bradley gripes. Sliding into the driver’s seat. 

Cami laughing, holding Pete’s hand the entire way home. 

Pete is happy to be back in his own nest 45 minutes later.  Bradley helps him into Pjs as Cami crashes on the couch exhausted. Dumping Pete’s shopping on the coffee table. 

“I’ll keep an eye on her” Bradley had promised. 

“Hey, Jake. Can I see that photo again?” He asks, once his nice and comfy. 

“Sure thing. We’ll make you something to eat. Watch some tv, try and think up a name for baby number two.” Jake says handing his phone over. 

Pete nodding, searching for a kiss. Which Jake happily gives him before he snuggles down into his nest. Using the pillow as a support for his rib. Staring at the photo. 

Feels happy as he stares at those two dark circles, moving to press a hand to his stomach. Trying to place them. Pressing gently against his right side. Nicky. Why was that one Nicky? He doesn’t know. 

“We are not gonna have any of those twins eating their sibling's shit here, you two understand me?” Pete murmurs. 

Moving to press against his left side. 

“What are we gonna name you? There’s Samuel after your grandfather. Cameron? Could name you Duke? Or Felicity after mum. I think I might leave it to your daddies to fight it out.” 

He must sound loopy, but he finds it oddly calming to talk to the twins. His twins. His children. 

Looking over at the photo that lines his dresser. 

“Thanks for saving my ass Goose” 

Chapter Text

It had been a month since the car crash. A month since he had gotten his family hurt.

But Cami had been fine and so had Nat and the baby. Pete had upped his therapy sessions to twice a week. Doing anything he can to alleviate his guilt. Or to get the Tanner thoughts to stop.

It does help and it works about 90 percent of the time. Pete knew he was far from getting over it all. But his best thing. Was thinking of the twins. His twins seemed to pull him out of any dark hole he ended up in.

Exhausted after his therapy session and wanting to go home. But he knows if he goes home. His just gonna sleep and then be up all night trying to eat the fridge. He thought his alphas ate a lot, turns out twins were just as hungry. Pete prefers to gain as little weight as necessary. He would still like to be in somewhat good shape. Especially if his gonna be running around after twins.

Instead, he heads over to the hard deck, only a few customers dotted around for the early afternoon. The brisk ocean air made him happy. Even if it was on the cooler side.

Penny leaning on one end of the bar talking to Cyclone. Pete was surprised to see him here on a work day. Both of them grinning like love-struck fools. It was surprisingly adorable.

“What have they done this time?” Pete asks, pulling himself up onto a stool. Close but not close enough to really bother them. Feeling the fading twinge of pain from his rib.

“I thought you were bad. You're a fucking cupcake compared to some of the new students we’ve been dealing with” Cyclone says smiling at him.

It was a little odd. Pete just smiles back, slightly out of fear.

“Penny be a doll. Milkshake please!” He whines.

“Sure thing. When do you have your ultrasound?” She asks.

“Tomorrow. We’re trying to do everything over the weekends. Mainly so he doesn’t kill my alphas” Pete says pointing at Cyclone.

“Your Pregnant Maverick. I have to give your mates allowances to leave when they need it. As long as you don’t bully my system. I will respect yours” Cyclone says.

Even Penny looks at him surprised. Choosing not to say anything, instead turning to the milkshake machine.

“So twins huh? You know they're going to be the biggest shits you’ve ever met right? If only to pay you back in karma for how you treated your superiors all these years” Cyclone points out. Eyes glancing down to Pete’s belly. Well hidden under Pete’s...Bradley shirt.

Pete’s shirts still fit comfortably. He just always wore one of his mate's shirts to therapy. Made it easier to deal with.

“Oh, I’m already expecting little arsonists. These are Jake’s kids after all” Pete snickers. Thanking Penny for the milkshake. Holding out his card.

“So you and Rooster gonna try afterwards for a Bradshaw?” Cyclone asks. Moving to sit beside Pete.

“If I don’t kill them both through the twin's terrible twos. Yeah maybe. Always wanted a small barrel of kids.” Pete says smiling.

Penny laughing.

“If Nicky is anything like Amelia. Watch the teeth. The minute they grow them, they start biting everything. She once bit another kid's foot when she was in pre-k. Got suspended for a week”

“I want to ask Maribel what Jake was like as a kid but I’m also terrified of that woman. I think she’d skin me alive if she could” Pete murmurs. A shudder ran through him at the mere thought.

“Oh she can’t be that bad can she?” Penny chides him before walking off to the man holding out his hand at the other end of the bar.

“She’s nice enough. I guess I’m still not over what she did” Pete calls after her.

He knows he’d have to deal with it eventually. He didn’t want his kids to miss out on their grandma because of him, or make Jake feel like he couldn’t talk to his mother.

“Oh by the way. I thought you’d like to know Rear Admiral Lilydale was dishonourably discharged for abusing a fellow Naval Aviator. No names were mentioned of course. Once the news got out that he was an abusive dick, nobody wanted to fly with him anymore. Said something about not trusting him. You can’t fly with a man you don’t trust. I handed him his papers myself” Cyclone says. A smug look on his face.

Pete wrapped the man up in a hug.

Cyclone looking surprised.

It wasn’t quite as good as knowing the man was dead at the bottom of an ocean somewhere. But he had gotten his karma.

“Your welcome” Cyclone says, a little dazed. Patting him on the back.

“ hormones...mostly” Pete mumbles sitting back on his own stool. Wiping his face.

He cried more this past week than he had in the last 57 years of his fucking life.

Penny handing him a tissue, on the way past.

“You know out of everybody. I wasn’t ever expecting you to be the one to get pregnant and be into all that family life” Cyclone murmurs, holding up his empty glass for Penny.

Penny nodding. Grabbing the glass off him.

“I didn’t expect it either, to be honest. Thought I’d either drink myself to death or flame out.” Pete shrugs.

Finishing his milkshake and deciding to head home. Or else his about to curl up on Penny’s bar stool and go to sleep.

“You caught the bus here, didn’t you? Let me drive you home. I’m still good to drive. I’ve only had two” Cyclone says, sculling the rest of his beer. Pulling cash out of his wallet.

“You don’t have to be nice to me just cause I’m knocked up. Or cause you and Penny are fucking” Pete says. Waving to Penny on the way out.

“We haven’t. We’ve gone on a few dates but I want to take it slow. I really like her” Cyclone says leading him over to his car.

“I’m glad. She needs someone who can take care of her. Has Amelia given you the speech yet?” Pete asks, pulling himself up into the GMC Sierra. Hissing under his breath when he clutches to his side.

Rib. The fucking rib!

“Yeah. For a 16-year-old she’s a terrifying little shit” Cyclone says. Nothing but a smile on his face as he turns the ignition on.

Pete hadn’t driven since the incident. Feeling slightly terrified any time he was in a car. He knew it was just his papa bear instincts kicking in but he didn’t care.

The bronco was still getting repaired. So his mates would take his bike ad Jake’s car and Pete was happy taking the bus.

“So, you picked names yet?” Cyclone asks.

“Hmm. Nicky and so far Sam. Don’t know if we’ll stick with them but for now, it’s enough. Nicky is on my right and Sam on my left” Pete says.

It had been Jake’s choice. Bradley happy to concede to whatever. He already got Nick after his father. And Pete...didn’t remember Duke Mitchell enough to name anybody after him.

“You have some balls on you that’s for sure. Seresin, Mitchell not let them anywhere near the navy academy. That is my only wish.” Cyclone begs him. Looking terrified.

“I think by then you’ll be retired” Pete promises as they pull into his driveway.

Shock went through him at seeing Bob sitting on his doorstep.

“You gonna be fine? Do I need to pull rank?” Cyclone asks looking between Bob and Pete.

“Does Penny tell you everything?”

“That and Bob’s been storming around work all month with a stick shoved up his ass. I am glad you're ok. All of you. You earned my respect Captain Maverick. That’s a hard thing to do. I meant it when I said I owed you” Cyclone promises him.

Letting out his often muted scent. Show his sincerity.

“Grapes?” Pete questions. Surprised that his sturly Admiral had such a sweet scent.

“Red Grapes” Cyclone points out.

“Now I see why Penny likes you. They’re her favourite” Pete says before getting out of the car.

Waving to the man as he pulls out of the driveway.

“Are you here to hit me?” He asks as he steps up to his door.

“No. I’m here to apologise” Bob says standing quickly, fixing his glasses. Looking nervous.

“Come in. I’ll make you a coffee” Pete says opening the door and stepping inside.

Hanging his bomber jacket up and toeing off his boots.

“Mind the mess. With me stuck on bed rest and the boys barely functioning when they come home from work. It’s...gotten away from us” Pete says looking around the house.

It wasn’t horrendous. It just wasn’t shiny and organised. An ever-growing pile of clothes sitting in the laundry basket to be folded was really their biggest offence. It had been bugging him but his alphas threw a tantrum every time he changed his own shirt. He knew they’d flip their lids if he did the folding.

“It’s fine. If you want I can help. As a way to pay you back. I am so sorry I acted like an asshole” Bob says.

“It’s ok. You had a right to be.” Pete shrugs as he turns on the pot of coffee.

“No, I didn’t. I overreacted. I did hope I could bribe your love back though. Got you this” Bob says, holding out the small bag he had been carrying with him.

“Your pack, your family. I can’t stop loving you even if I tried. But gifts are always appreciated” Pete says. Handing off Bob’s coffee in return for the bag.

Peeking inside and feeling his Omega perk up at the baby clothes.

Pulling it out and unfolding it up. Heart melting.

“I thought it would go well with the chick onesie you brought. Nat told me about it” Bob explains.

“Jake is gonna cry. It’s adorable. Thank you” Pete says, clutching the black and white cow onesie with pure happiness.

“So I’m forgiven?” Bob asks, looking at him nervously.

“Your forgiven, though you have nothing to be forgiven for,” Pete says.

Bob hangs around for a little while after that. Helping him clean up the house a little. Pete appreciative. Paying him back with all the coffee that he can.

“I should let you get some sleep, Pete. You look exhausted” Bob says. Hugging him gently.

Pete was glad at least that Bob wasn’t mad at him anymore. Knew he just needed time to cool off.

Pete turns on the tv and collapses on the couch. Happy to relax. He slips into sleep rather easily.

Turns out Babies cause hormones which causes horniesses. The last two weeks Pete had been waking up with his pants sticky cause he had turned back into a 12-year-old again.

So his dreams very quickly turn r-rated.

Whining as Jake ties him to the bed. Making it so he can’t do anything but squeeze Bradley’s head between his thighs as Bradley sucks him down to the hilt. Something he had proven easy many times. Pete throws his head back as he chases his orgasm.

Snapping his eyes open when he cums. Sitting up gasping as he stares at Jake a little confused. Pete’s leg was thrown over his shoulder. Hand clutching to the arm of the three-seater.

Jake sitting up on his knees wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Putting Pete’s leg back on the couch.

“Afternoon handsome. Looked like you needed a hand. Thought I’d help out” Jake says, legendary smirk in place.

Pete just raised an eyebrow. Lying back on the couch. Taking a second just to breathe. Enjoying the come-down.

“How’s Sammy and Nicky today?” Jake asks, putting Pete back in his pants.

“They were good. I ate cheerios for breakfast. They didn’t evict it. Therapy sucked. Saw Penny, Cyclone and Bob. He’s the one who did the folding. We have had a nice quiet day” Pete says pointing to the folded laundry in the basket.

“I’ll have to tell him thanks later. Bradley’s making dinner. I came to wake you for it and got distracted” Jake says.

Pete rolling his eyes, pushing the ball of his foot against Jake’s stomach.

“Help me up,” He says holding out a hand.

Jake doing so. Pete whines a little his rib twinges. Jake pulling him up onto his lap. Pete feels the very evident bulge in Jake’s pants.

“Why don’t I help you in return?’ Pete murmurs, wrapping his arms around Jake’s shoulders. Grinding himself down on his Alpha’s lap.

Jake groaning.

“I’m sure something can be arranged” Jake replies, grinding up against Pete in return.

Pete laughs when Jake presses his teeth into his mating mark.

“Jesus fuck you guys could have at least told me” Bradley whines when he sticks his head in the lounge room who knows how long later? Pete quickly working on getting knotted.

“I’m sorry, if you couldn’t hear Pete from the kitchen. We need to get your damn hearing checked” Jake replies.

Bradley just making a face.

“Come and join baby,” Pete says, giving him his best smile.

Bradley seems to think it over for a second. Well, he pretends to, cause little Bradley has already decided for him. His pants do nothing to hide how hard he is.

“We thought your heat was bad. Pregnant Mav. So much fucking worse” Bradley snickers, moving to press a kiss to Pete’s shoulder.

“Yeah well, I don’t see you complaining” Pete bites back.

“I think dinner can wait” Bradley finally comes back with. Starting to remove his shirt.

Pete is unable to stop the purr that comes out of his throat.

Chapter Text

Pete winces at the cold jelly the sonographer puts on his belly. 

“Sorry. This stuff doesn’t exactly run warm. It should warm up soon. How has everything been? No aches and pains? No bleeding?” 

“No everything’s been fine. We even got him drinking coffee with milk” Bradley says. 

“I’m bitter and old, just how I like my coffee” Pete replies. 

The sonographer nods, a quaint smile on her face. 

“So how...soon can you tell if there’s anything wrong?” Jake asks nervously. 

“We can do a CFTS. A combined first-trimester screening. We take a little blood. It tests for down syndrome, things like that. It won’t harm papa or the babies. But also if none of you have any genetic issues. I don’t really see the point. It’s your choice though.” 

“No, we’re all healthy. I have the most reasons to fuck up a kid I guess. Alcoholism is genetic right? What do you two think?” Pete asks looking at his mates. 

“Like you said we’re all healthy. So were our parents” Bradley shrugs. 

“Yeah, but wouldn’t you like a heads up if there is something wrong? Just in case?” Jake replies. 

“You're freaking out about nothing. Our kids are going to be healthy Jake.” Bradley says. 

“Yeah and what if they're not? What if they’ve got down syndrome or their heart is outside of their chest” Jake says, voice filled with panic. 

“Then we’ll figure it out, baby. We always do” Bradley assures Jake. Rubbing his hands up and down Jake's arms. 

“Well from what I can see here, there are no facial deformities and their necks both look good. It’s still a little bit early but things like that normally start to develop around now. And if you listen closely you can hear their heartbeats” The sonographer explains. 

That makes Pete and his alphas snap their heads up to the screen. The sonographer turning up the volume. Pete watches his twins on the screen. They looked like weird little beans but they were his weird little beans. 

He always thought the sound of a jet engine taking off would be his favourite sound. But hearing his twin's heartbeats for the very first time. It was the most beautiful sound in the world. 

“Aww, baby are you crying?” Bradley asks. 

Jake shakes his head but his eyes are definitely watering. Bradley couldn’t talk though. He looked a bit misty himself. Pete reachs out to grab his hand. 

“Oh look, Nicky on the right is putting on a show. Look at her little arms go. It's just the brain testing out muscle function but it's still pretty nifty” The sonographer says. Nicky was stretching out her arms. Before pulling them back close to her chest. 

“Wait, her?” Pete asks. 

“It’s probably still early. But with the way she’s positioning herself. She sure looks like a little Nikita to me. Boys tend to splay their hips out a little bit more. Like Sam over here is doing. It’s just a little trick I’ve learnt over the years. But don’t go placing bets just yet. I could be wrong. But a blood test can assess the primary genders now. Or you can wait 6-8 weeks to find out the genders for real” The sonographer explains, pointing to different things on the screen.

“Oh shit. Roos!” Jake calls, Pete watching as Bradley heads straight for hard deck. Jake catches him easy enough. Sitting him down on the floor. Bradley puts his head between his knees. Taking deep breaths. 

“We kinda didn’t expect a daughter in any sense of the word” Pete explains. 

“It happens all the time. Just a warning. Tell the birthing doctor, to have someone on standby to catch him. He faints here. He’ll faint when they cut you open” The sonographer says. 

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going down with that one too” Jake murmurs, rubbing a hand across the back of Bradley’s neck. Squatting down beside Bradley. Whispering in his ear. 

Pete just turning back to the screen now he knows his boys are ok. Watching his little beans squirm their way around. 

It’s only when their home does anybody talk. Bradley curled up on Pete’s stomach. Head to his stomach. Pete just running his hands through Bradley’s hair. 

“So what do you think having a daughter?” Bradley puts out there. Voice still not quite there. 

"I know that she gonna be the most protected daughter in the world. With three dads and a whole naval aviator pack and so is our son” Pete points out. 

“You know I still think I’m going to wake up back in the academy sometimes and this is all gonna be a dream,” Bradley murmurs. Looking up at him. 

“Well I’m very real, and I’m here and you are going to be the best dad Bradley” Pete promises. Letting his scent wrap around his mate. Letting it soothe Bradley. 

Pete napping against his will. Waking up to lunch being placed on his lap. 

“Eat up.” 

“So you rubbed it in Cami’s face that she’s wrong yet?” Pete asks through a yawn. 

“Did it on the way home” Jake says. Smiling like an imp. 

Pete rolling his eyes. Rubbing a hand down his face. Trying to wake up. 

“She’s gonna bust your balls if we end up having two boys” Pete points out before biting into his sandwich. 

Giving Jake a small smile when he tastes his olive, cheese and ham monstrosity. 

“Yeah, I’m sure she will. The girls are excited though I think their a little confused about the phonetics. They think they're going to be aunts” Jake says. 

“Is Bradley still having a breakdown about having a daughter?” Pete asks. 

“Don’t get him wrong. His excited...just a little freaked out. I think potentially knowing the genders has smacked him in the face with reality. I think he’d be happy if you gave birth to some goblin creature. But as much as you're an omega. We are three men, raising a daughter, it’s a terrifying prospect. Braiding hair, princess movies, much pink” Jake says. Almost sounding haunted, curling Pete into his side. 

“If anybody has practise it’s you. I saw how well you did with your nieces” 

“Yeah, 'cause I could give them back. Also, we have to start thinking about turning the spare room into a nursery. All the shit that we need to start buying. Cribs. Bassinets. Changing table. Toys.” 

“Didn’t one of the books I brought. Have like a checklist in it or something?” Pete questions. Handing his half-eaten sandwich to Jake so he scoot his butt to the end of the couch and start looking through the baby books they had brought. 

“Oh fuck this is so gross. Why did I think that was a good idea” Jake grumbles after taking a bite of Pete’s sandwich. Moving to steal Pete’s water. 

“We’ll have to stop doing that” Pete murmurs. 

“What’s that?” 

“Swearing or Nicky’s first word is gonna be fuck” Pete points out. Making a happy noise when he finally finds the checklist. 

“Ehh mine was shit...thanks to you,” Bradley says, appearing from the laundry. 

“See point and case,” Pete says, feeling a little daunted as he looks down the list. 

“Case and point sweetheart,” Bradley says moving to kneel on the other side of the coffee table. Pulling his laptop close and opening it. Making the same mistake as Jake. Taking a bite out of Pete’s sandwich. 


“Huh?” Pete asks looking up at him. 

“You said point and case. It’s case and point” Bradley points out. 

“Give me a little leeway? I’m currently growing two humans” Pete jibs back. 

Bradley holding up his hands in surrender. 

They start going down the checklist. 

“I don’t need my office anymore and you two don’t use it. So why don’t we keep the spare room for now and turn my office into the nursery. Take out the spare room when the kids get old enough” Pete offers. 

“You sure?” Bradley murmurs, currently looking up prices for changing tables.

“Yeah. You two chuckleheads prefer working from the couch anyways. Maybe when things change we can look at moving.” 

“When things change?” Jake asks. 

“You know, in case we have more kids. Says we need a three-point baby car seat? What the fuck is that?” 

“There’s one for twins? Says it's narrow enough to fit two easily...or three if you're a sadist” Bradley says turning the laptop to them.

“We’re gonna have to get a bigger car too. Especially if you want more kids, just maybe we’ll leave that to Bradley or we’ll have a bus load soon enough” Jake points out, looking through things on his phone. 

“I knew you’d say that. I...I’ve been thinking about retiring the Bronco anyways. It’s unsafe. It’s old as shit” 

“But it’s your dad’s car. You said you never wanted to give it away” Jake says. Both he and Pete share a lot before they look at Bradley. 

“Yeah, and it nearly killed Mav. What if next time it really does when the airbags don’t go off again? Or god forbid Jake kills our kids! Dad would understand” Bradley snaps. 

“We brought you home in that car. I remember I held you the whole way home. Car seats weren’t exactly a worry back then. I was so happy that Carole asked me to hold you. That she trusted me enough with you. She was like a cobra, barely letting anybody near you to start with. Just two people. Goose and Me. She hated that car with everything she had. She wanted to get rid of it when Goose died. But I asked her to keep it for your sake. Let you make the decision when you were old enough to drive” 

Pete had been 20 and star-struck by this beautiful little baby with brown eyes the colour of fall leaves. He had held Bradley as close as he could the entire ride home. Just smelling the blooming scent of the ocean. Feeling Bradley’s little fingers on his cheek. 

“Pete baby are you crying” 

“Shit...fuck..” Pete flailing his hands around, finally just covering his mouth. Letting out some sort of soft whimper. Stupid hormones. 

“I don’t think they can understand you just yet sweetheart. If you don’t want to sell the Bronco we don’t have to. We can add it to your collection but I’m not letting anybody drive it anymore. We can’t take that risk” Bradley says, moving around the coffee table. Picking Pete up and setting him on his lap. Rubbing a hand over his belly.  

“If these kids make me cry anymore. I am going to scream. I’ve turned into a fucking pansy. You two turned me into a pansy. What the hell is wrong with me? I used to have a reputation” 

“Yeah for starting shit and getting into fights with admirals. That rep isn’t going anywhere Mav. You may not realise it but the only ones you're like this with. Is us and a few of the pack. You're beautiful and kick ass and so strong all the time. With us you relax, you kick back and show us all your gooey emotions. We’re very privileged to see this side of you” Bradley says. 

Pete sighing. Curling up into Bradley’s chest. Throwing his legs onto Jake’s lap. Jake squeezed softly at his thigh. 

“Maybe I should top one of you assholes. That might make me feel like a man again” He mumbles. 

“You're welcome to it anytime you want. I for one would love to see how the great Maverick wooed so many women into bed” Jake says. 

“Not just women sweetheart. What you think I bottomed for anybody but you two?” Pete says, standing. Baby’s demanding a milkshake. Patting Jake on the face as he stands. 

“HEY WAIT WHAT!?” Follows him into the kitchen. Bradley just laughing at Jake’s confused tone. 

“I’m not a bottom Jake. Not normally.”

“No, come on. Seriously. You shitting me right? What about Tanner? Sorry bad topic” Jake says stumbling over his words. 

“Tanner was different and I’ve bottomed a few times here and there for one-night stands if they got me high enough or drunk enough. But it's different to the way you’re different? Understand. Can you grab the milk?” Pete asks, grabbing the milkshake machine Javy had brought him. 

Jake brings it over. Ushering Pete aside. 

“You should have told us. We could have figured something out, you know we both switch and high?” Jake's voice seems to reach its peak in pitch.

“Yeah welcome to the 80s, it was part of partying. And anyways not the point. I like it when it’s with you and Bradley. It’s fun. It feels nice. You take care of me. Whether that’s just omega instincts or not. I love you both. Your my alpha’s. It felt natural” Pete assures him. Squeezing Jake’s bicep. 

“Alright, that’s it. We’re making a thing of it. Mavericks topping tonight!” Jake calls out to the lounge room, before turning on the machine. Bradley just making an affirmative noise. 

“Maverick is exhausted after getting poked all day. We’ll see how we go big boy” Pete says. A soft smile on his face. 

If there was a thing he did enjoy doing. Was rocking his Alpha’s worlds with little tidbits about his life. Grabbing his milkshake from his mate's stunned hand and walking back into the lounge room. 

“High? Seriously!” Jake calls after him.

“Did coke once too. It was gross, never tried it again.” Pete says, a wide grin on his face as he slips into the crook of Bradley’s arm. Turning on the tv. 

“Your gonna break him if you keep talking like that Mav” Bradley says flashing him a smile of his own. Jake follows behind. Rubbing at his temples. 

“I’m nearly 60? What did you expect? That I went to the Naval Academy and stayed sober and clean like a good little boy? Come on you’ve had to get high before? I know Bradley has, 'cause I caught him sitting on the kitchen floor, laughing over nothing and eating my Doritos at 3 in the morning when he was 15” Pete shrugs. 

“My body is a temple. Tequila is the hardest thing I’ve done” 

“Bullshit. I’m calling and asking Cami” Pete says, reaching for Jake’s phone. Handing Bradley his milkshake. 

“No your not!” Jake says, trying to beat him to it. 

Pete quicker to the draw, grabbing the phone and moving off the couch to avoid the blond man. Laughing as he puts the couch between them. 

“Just tell the truth Jake, or I call Cami,” Pete says holding up the phone. Ready to press call. 

Jake’s eyes narrowing. Setting his sights on Pete. Bradley just moving out of the way. 

Jake jumps over the couch. Pete doesn’t get very far. Jake is gentle when he does finally catch him. Using his height against Pete to grab his phone, wrapping an arm around Pete’s chest to hold him in place. 

Pete manages to press call before he gets it taken off him. 

“Hello, Jakey, What’s up? Is Pete ok? How did the ultrasound go?” Cami asks.

“Has Jake ever gotten high before?” Pete calls out. 

Only to hear righteous cackling over the phone. 

“That loser hasn’t done anything harder than a jack and coke. While we were all out having fun. He was home working out for all the pretty girls” 

“Yeah love you too, go torture your children Cami!” Jake mutters hanging up. He wasn’t mad though. More amused as Pete turns around. 

“Aww, my pretty straight-laced boy” Pete coos cupping Jake’s face. 

“Yeah, yeah. Yuck, it up. You're lucky I find you cute. My kids are going to be raised by delinquents” Jake replies. 

“Your dating Maverick. The name alone should have clued you in” Bradley points out. 

“Just wait until I get them in a cockpit. That’ll turn your hair grey” Pete promises. Drawing Jake down into a kiss. 

Chapter Text

Currently, Javy had invaded his house, Why? Something about video games and beer. Wanting bro time with Jake and Bradley. 

Pete sending a text to Natasha, asking if she and Bob want to come over. Video games were far from his thing. He preferred pinball machines or games on his phone. The boys laid out on the couch, yelling at each other as they try to shoot each other in the back on screen. 

We would come and save you but we have our ultrasound today.  Natasha replies a few minutes later. 

Good luck. I’m pulling rank and want to know first.  Pete says. 

Of course Captain. You were already top of the list.

Pete smiled, setting his phone on the dresser and returning to trying to do up his pants. 

Pete knew he’d get bigger quicker with twins but it was still intimidating. He was just starting to lose sight of his feet. The thought was fucking terrifying. No wonder pregnant people fell over all the time. 

He was only 14 weeks along! He still had time. Nat was 15 and still fit in her uniform easily. She barely showed. Fucking twins! 

Pete gives up quick enough. Deciding he doesn’t need to rip his jeans or hurt himself trying to act like a fool. 

“Bradley I’m stealing a pair of your pants!” He calls. 


“Cause I’m fat!” 

Hearing their voices and then footsteps. Pete already pawing his way through Bradley’s pants. 

“Laugh at me and I hit you,” Pete says turning around. Crossing his arms. His jeans still sitting on his hips undone. 

Bradley was just smiling. 

“Is Papa being mean to himself again huh Sammy? You are literally growing two kids. What did you expect to keep your washboard abs for the entire 9 months?” Bradley asks coming over. Patting Pete’s belly before looking through the drawer. 

“No. But...” Pete whines. 

“But you're in your second trimester. We’ll have to get you some maternity clothes. Your so beautiful I promise” Bradley says handing Pete a pair of tracksuit pants. Before moving to pull Pete’s pants off for him.  

Pete must have a look on his face cause Bradley keeps talking. 

“You’ll be fine sweet. Just think of the positives. I think the book said that their kidneys start to function this week and you should be getting some of your energy back” Bradley says. Looking up at him excited. 

Pete takes a breath. 

Right positives. 

“See told you you needed to buy some tracksuit pants. Mr Jeans or death” Bradley says once he’s helped Pete pull up Bradley’s pants. 

They barely fit, still boarding on too big but it would be enough to get him around the house to clean up. 

“I wonder if they have stretchy jeans” He murmurs. 

Bradley rolling his eyes. Pressing a kiss to his belly. Rubbing his thumbs over his hips. 

“You have problems Mav” 

“Yeah bite me...ow!” Pete flicks Bradley on the head when he nips at Pete’s belly. 

“You asked” Bradley shrugs, getting back to his feet. Still smiling. 

“You’re an ass. Go and play your video games” Pete urges, rubbing his fingers over the spot.

“Hmm only if you kiss me or else I’ll keep annoying you,” Bradley says. 

Pete wrapped his arms around Bradley’s shoulders. Pulling him close. Pressing his lips up against Bradley’s jaw. Before moving further up to kiss him on the cheek. Until finally kissing Bradley softly. 

“Go play” Pete orders, moving to grab the first shirt he sets his hand on. 

Jake’s by the soft wheat smell. e slips it over his head regardless and moves down to the nursery. They had spent the last few weeks starting to clear it out. Buying some things. Beginning to stock up. The desk had been moved out to the spare room for the moment but his desk chair was still in the room. 

He knows he should use it instead of sitting on the floor. But it's too late now. His ass is on the floor and his not getting up without help, or looking like an idiot. 

Moving to cut the box open for the drawer and dresser set they had brought. His mates had asked him a million times if he needed their help but he had insisted they spend the day with Javy. 

Get out all of their idiot urges. 

Pete’s nesting urges had hit him hard this week. Wanting to use what precious energy he had over the next few weeks to do as much as he could. Before he turned into a small blimp. 

Deciding for his sanity to read the instructions, as much as his certain he could easily figure it out. He’d prefer not to have to rip it apart cause of his ego. 

Beginning to sort out the pieces. 

“How much am I allowed to carry again!?” He calls, spinning the alan key between his fingers. Hearing the game pause. 

“Under 25 pounds. Why?” Bradley replies. 

“No reason...” He says trying to guess just how heavy the base of the dresser was. 


“Don’t worry about it!” Pete calls back. 

“That’s just gonna make us worry more you shithead,” Jake says appearing in the doorway. He must have already been on the move. 

“No swearing, Sammy and Nicky have ears now remember,” Pete says, shoving all the connecting bits into place. Glancing between the book and his creation. 

Javy peaking his head in over Jake’s. 

“Oh, are we building baby stuff?” 

Pete nodding. 

“I was giving the boys a break from baby stuff today. So they could be idiots for a while” 

“Well, what do you need us to lift?” Javy asks. Stepping into the room. 

“Nothing it’s fine. Go play your video games” Pete whines but never the less the boys invade his space. Helping him out. 

Pete does find it rather sweet. 

Even if Javy and Jake do get into an argument on how part of the dresser goes together. Bradley had pulled Pete into his lap when he had joined in helping. Though Bradley’s helping was mainly laughing over Jake and Javy and rubbing his fingers across Pete’s belly.

“I think you two have it backwards and somehow upside down?” Pete says, turning his head a little trying to figure out just how they managed to fuck it up so badly. Glancing back to the instruction. 

“Shit we should go make lunch. It’s like 2” Jake says catching his watch. 

“Can I have something from that chicken burger place? Pretty please?” He begs. 

“Sure thing handsome. Javy?” Bradley says kissing Pete on the forehead before he stands, being careful not to throw Pete off. 

“Anythings fine, you need money?” Javy asks. 

“Nah I’ve got it covered. Be back soon” Bradley promises. 

Javy and Jake set about fixing their mistake. Pete gets one of the drawers together in the time it takes them to fix it. 

Jake’s phone goes off. Jake running off to grab it. 

Javy and Pete sit in comfortable silence as Pete works on the next drawer. Javy holds the sheet of wood in place for him to push everything together. 

“You have a question?” Pete asks. Catching the glances that Javy sends his way. 

“Can I touch? You can say no. I don’t mind” Javy asks. 

“Sure, you can’t feel them yet but they're definitely in there. I think Bradley said oranges this week. “ Pete says grabbing Javy’s hand. Lifting his shirt and pressing the man's fingers to his right side. 

“This here is Nicky. We’re thinking Nicole, Nick and Carole mixed together. And Samuel is on the other side. Sammy” Pete says moving Javy’s hand. 

Javy smiling. 

“Have you figured out what they smell like yet? Phoenix was saying her baby smells like cinnamon” 

“Little bits here and there. Cause there are two they get mixed up. One smells like rain. The other one smells like cherries. I guess we’ll tell you when they're born” Pete murmurs.

“I always knew Jake wanted kids, he’d babble for hours about it when he got drunk. About how he'd be the best dad. I’m glad he found you both” Javy says. Finally pulling away. Grabbing the next piece of the drawer. 

Pete let his shirt fall back in place. Moving to grab the next screw they needed. 

Bradley appears eventually and they all stop to eat. Jake still on the phone. Promising he’ll eat in a minute as he disappears into their bedroom. 

“No. No that is not happening. You are not coming here... Cause you were a bitch to my mate...” They hear through the door before Jake’s voice gets quieter as the door closes. 

“Ahh yeah, heard Mrs Seresin doesn’t like you too much” Javy snickers. 

“What can I say? I’m good at pissing off mothers that aren’t mine. It’s a talent. Did you know Charlie's mother sent me a death threat after we broke up? She threatened to kill me if I ever entered the state of Michigan” He says smiling. 

“At least I know why you refused to move there when I was 12” Bradley mutters before taking a sip of his beer. 

“She owned a rifle. I’m not stupid. Just cocky” Pete mumbles. Scrunching up his burger wrapper and throwing it at his mate. 

Javy and Bradley laughing at him. 

Pete hears a knock on the door and gets himself up onto his feet. 

Opening the door to a very excited-looking Natasha and Bob. 

“We wanted to tell you in person. Can we come in?” Bob asks. 

Pete stepped aside. 

Following them down to the kitchen. Bradley already moving to make them coffee and tea. Jake appearing. Looking tense and annoyed. Pete handing him, his burger. 

“Thanks, handsome. So what’s up? Does it have two heads?” Jake asks pulling Pete onto his leg. 

Nat flipping him off. 

“We’re having a girl and we were hoping we’d have your permission. If we could name her after you?” Phoenix asks staring Pete down. 

Pete’s brain breaks a little as the other three men congratulate them. 

“You...can’t...I...what about your parents?” Pete manages to squeak out. 

“We’re thinking of Bailey after my mother for her middle name but you're our pack leader. You kept us all safe. Got us home. You’ve taken care of us like we’re your own kids. We were thinking Petra?” Bob points out. 

Pete is certain he flashes through forty million emotions before he finally rests on happy and touched. 

“Roos tissues,” Jake says. 

“Fuck you” Pete bites out but sure enough his eyes are leaking. Moving to hug his pack instead. Hugging both Nat and Bob tightly as he can. 

“Hey stay there a second. I want a photo of you and Pete together” Bradley says holding up his phone. 

“Sure, Bob’s been documenting every week's growth. Go ahead” Natasha says, pulling up her shirt a little. Showing off her belly. Pete follows suit. 

“I’ll send it to you” Bradley promises as he snaps the photo. 

After that Pete gets back to building his nursery. Getting one set of drawers completely done when he gets too tired to continue. 

Javy, Natasha and Bob make their leave to let him get some sleep. 

Waking up the next morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Pissing off his mates. 

“Baby we don’t have to get up for like another two hours! It’s three in the goddamn morning” Bradley bitches at him. Throwing his phone back onto the side table and lying back down. 

“I never said you had to get up with me,” Pete promises, patting Bradley on the ass as he gets himself off the bed. 

Instead, he sets about doing his new normal workout routine. He felt restricted in what he could now. No pushups, no sit-ups, no weights. Instead working on the routine that Natasha had given him. It was all easy stuff but he wasn’t going to sit on his butt the entire 9 months. 

If he was going to eat Jake’s twinkies. He wanted to at least make sure they weren’t going anywhere he didn’t want. 

Jake finds his betrayal when he wakes up. Bradley just laughing as he drinks down his coffee. 

“You ate my Twinkies Pete. My Twinkies!” Jake cries. Holding up the empty box. 

“You should have gotten up with me, could have stopped me” Pete shrugs from his spot on the couch. Looking through potential baby carriers. Watching the morning news. 

“You owe me a pack” 

“You know where my card is” Pete replies. 

“He doesn’t owe you shit Jake. He’s carrying twins for us. If he wants the Twinkies. He gets the Twinkies and you shut your mouth about it” Bradley says. Clapping their mate on the back. 

“You say that when he steals your Reese’s pieces,” Jake says making sure he has his phone. Pointing an accusing finger at Bradley. 

“Oh no those are gone too” Pete murmurs. 

Raising an eyebrow when both men look at him. Bradley looked devastated.  

“What I was craving something sweet. Twinkies didn’t work. I’ll replace it today when I go grocery shopping. You have my word...see even added it to my list” Pete says holding up his phone. 

“We need celery too and uh bacon I think? Yeah, bacon” Bradley mutters peaking in the fridge. 

“Will do, now you two need to head off. Or else you’ll be late” Pete says ushering them out the door. Waving to his wonderful Alpha’s as Jake pulls out of the driveway. Bradley behind him shortly after. 

Pete hummed a little at the sound of his bike starting up. It would need a tune-up soon. It was starting to run a little throaty. 

He’d get on it and fix it over the weekend. Bradley slid his visor down and waved before his off as well. Leaving Pete to his tranquil quiet. 

Which mainly means tackling the next drawer in the nursery. Deciding about halfway through the day that he should get up and do the shopping as he promised. 

He had just gotten dressed, stealing some of Jake’s pants. They fit him slightly better than Bradley’s. Slipping on his bomber jacket and starting the lovely process of pulling on his shoes. He had just started to struggle to get his boots on. Finding his chucks easier at least. If only cause there are not so many laces. 

“Jeez, you guys are making it hard on Papa today” He murmurs. Out of breath just by putting on his damn shoes!

Looking up when the doorbell rings. Getting himself to his feet and opening the door a few seconds later. Only to feel his heart skip a beat as he takes in the person on his doorstep. 

“Maribel. It’s so  nice  to see you” 

Chapter Text

Pete was this close to jumping out the window and booking it down the street on foot. 

“Well, are we just going to stand here staring at each other like llamas or are you going to let me in?” Maribel asks. 

Pete can only numbly stand back. Letting the women into the house. 

“Where’s the spare room?” She asks. 

“Do you want me to take those?” Pete asks in reply. 

“No, I don’t want you to be lifting anything. That’s why I’m here cause we both know two alphas are incompetent at nesting” Maribel says, heeled boots clicking on his floor as she heads down the hallway. 

Pete grabbing his phone out. He doesn’t even know if Jake and Bradley are flying or not. He was so busting Jake’s balls for this.

SOS. Your mother is here. Thanks for the fucking warning.  Pete sends it to their chat group.

I’m assuming you don’t mean mine . Bradley replies a few seconds later. 

Yes, Carole is currently trying to eat my brains. No. Maribel you shithead.  

Pete follows after Maribel as she seems to examine his house with a critical eye. 

“Uh here’s the spare room and the bathroom is right next door. It’s all yours. We have an en-suite” He says politely. 

“Thank you. Can you make me a coffee?” Maribel asks. Setting her bags on the bed. 

“Yeah, sure thing,” Pete says. 

His phone buzzing as he waits for the coffee to heat up. 

You think you can handle her for another three hours? We’re just about to go up in the air. I’ll give you all the blow jobs you want.  Jake had replied, along with a photo of him in the cockpit. Winking at the camera. 

Pete scoffed out a small laugh. Even more so when Bradley makes a shitty comeback. Something about that being too cheap. 

I’ll take all the blowjobs I want and a back rub. I think Nicky’s using my spine as target practice . He couldn’t quite feel them moving just yet. He’d get occasional flutters in his stomach. But it was still too early for quickening or whatever the fuck it was called. Didn’t stop his back from aching like a bitch though.

Making Maribel’s coffee the way he remembers it. Setting it on the table and grabbing some cookies out of the cupboard. 

Deal. Going up. See you soon baby. Tell Nicky to be good for her Daddy.  Jake replies before he and Bradley both go offline. 

Maribel appearing, sitting at the place where Pete had put her coffee. Taking a small sip. 

Looking at Pete surprised. 

“You remembered how I liked my coffee.” She points out. 

“Yes ma’am. It’s the same as Jake’s. White and three” Pete murmurs. 

Maribel smiles and Pete feels terrified. 

“You don’t have to call me ma’am. Mum works fine or if you're uncomfortable with that. Mari works” She says softly. 

Pete narrowed his eyes for a second. Trying to figure out the trap. 

“Mari...I uh. After you're done with your coffee. Would you like to come grocery shopping with me?” Pete asks. 

“Sounds lovely. How are the twins treating you?” 

“They're doing great. Healthy. Happy. Nothing to report really. They’re not big enough to cause damage yet. But I’m waiting for it. How did you go with Jake and Cami?” Pete asks sitting on the other side of the table.

“Apart from the excessive peeing. Jake was my biggest struggle. He liked kicking. A lot. Especially when I was trying to sleep. Rosey and Sarah were easy, quiet. So you might get lucky but it is my shit of a son’s genes” Mari says, a soft smile on her face. 

“He’s been amazing. He really has. They both have. They deal with all my crying and my mood swings and needing to pee thirty times a night. Which uh speaking of” Pete says. 

By the time his back in the kitchen. Maribel has finished her coffee and grabbed her handbag. 

“You still up for shopping?” She asks. 

Pete nodding. Heading for the door. Making sure he has everything. 

Double checking his list. They don’t talk about much but it is nice having another person with him. 

“We’re heading out to our local bar tonight, getting together with our pack if you’d like to meet them? If not the bath at home is nice and the TVs all yours” Pete asks out of politeness. 

“A bar?” Maribel says looking sceptical. 

“It’s where my best friend works. Don’t worry I haven’t had a drink since we learnt about my pregnant status. Natasha will be there. The pregnant Alpha I’m sure Jake has told you about? We mainly just drink our water and watch our mates enjoy their freedom while they have it” Pete explains. 

“Ahh yes, Phoenix. Right?” Maribel asks. 

Pete nodding. Just going with it when Maribel pushes him gently out of the way to grab the bag of potatoes he had set his hands on. 

“You shouldn’t be lifting anything over 25 pounds. I’m sure the doctors have told you that” She chides him a little. 

Pete just nods but he doesn’t fight her on the fact that the sack of potatoes was only around 13 pounds. 

Instead just moves on to the next item. 

“How often do you all cook? Is it a schedule or do they leave it to you?” Maribel asks. 

“We take turns normally. I try and cook through the week since they work. But even then they cook if they notice I’m tired. I can cook with either of them but they can’t cook together or they start bickering.” Pete explains easily. 

He was only dousing his alphas in cold water once before they started a fistfight over the right temperature to cook a steak. They had sorted it out later, in a more productive way. His Alphas might love each other with all of their hearts but at the end of the day, they were still two hard-headed alphas with egos the size of the empire state building. 

“That’s alphas for you. I learnt a long time ago to keep Samuel and Jake out of the kitchen together or else they get shitty at each other. Nearly had a punch-up over how to boil an egg once. That was...interesting” Maribel says softly, a small laugh in her voice. 

Pete finally finishes off his list. It wasn’t much. Just a few bags. Maribel not seeming to mind the walk home. Taking the majority of the weight even if Pete tries to protest. But a well-tuned green-eyed look has him retreating from battle. 

“So you enjoying retirement?” She asks. 

“Sometimes it’s a little quiet. Penny offered to let me help out behind the bar if I ever start going stir-crazy. But so far the twins have kept me from being bored. I’ve actually been thinking about getting my teaching license. So I can teach civilians how to fly. I loved teaching Bradley when he was little but I want to wait till the twins are old enough first. I just want to be a stay-at-home dad for a while” Pete murmurs. 

“Good. I’m glad I took a few years off of work to be with my kids. There’s a point they stop asking to be picked up. Went back to work when I was ready. When Jake and Cami started to get their own sense of adventure. Best thing I ever did” 

They talk about the shenanigans that Jake and Cami used to get up to when they were little. Pete explains some of Bradley’s in return. 

“How do you get past it? It must be a little weird right? Mating with the man you helped raise?” Maribel asks, setting the bags on the counter. 

“17 years of separation helped. He changed a lot over that time. We both did. Became his own man. He’s still the little boy that clung to my leg sometimes but he’s grown so much. Become such an amazing person. They're two separate people in my head if that makes sense” Pete shrugs. 

The Bradley that used to look to him for protection and clung to him so tightly he’d thought those little fingers would tear his skin was a different person from the man who protected Pete. Who fought for him so beautifully. Who loved Pete like if he stopped he’s world would set on fire and he’d drown in the smoke. 

“Jake’s changed a lot recently. Sure he always talked about having a big family. But he was still a little boy. He’d strut around like a peacock. You and Bradley have turned him into an actual adult, without losing that smile of his” 

Thankfully Pete manages to get away with a nap. Genuinely tired. Trusting Maribel enough not to burn down his house. She had set herself up in front of the TV. Taking up the last hour and a half before Jake and Bradley get home. 

Pete woke up to soft kisses across his shoulders. 

"Thank you for dealing with her handsome. I’m sorry we couldn’t come straight home. I told her not to come. She never listens to me” Jake murmurs. 

“It’s ok. She’s playing nice. Don’t know why. Don’t really care. Let me sleep a little longer and then we’ll go” Pete mumbles in return, pulling his pillow closer to him. 

“Of course, Bradley is out talking to her now about work. A nap might be good. One of our students nearly ran into a mountain today. He gave up his wings” 

“There’s one in every class” Pete points out as Jake curls around him. Pulling him close. Jake pressing his nose to Pete’s mark.

There was always one who didn’t make it, whether their confidence died or they flamed out. 

Pete might have been the first instructor to keep his class together. 

But they had already been through Top Gun. So he's not sure if that counts. 

Relaxing as he feels Jake rub over his belly. Talking to their twins softly as Pete falls back into sleep. 

“Did you guys take care of Papa today...” 

Pete is eventually woken up. Jake and Bradley double checking with him if he wants to go. Pete nodding. Wanting to ask Natasha if she wanted to go maternity cloth shopping tomorrow. He can’t keep stealing his mate’s pants. 

And he wanted to relish in safety in numbers. Maribel hadn’t said anything to him yet. But he knew she was holding her tongue and only time will loosen it. She had tried to hide it but he could still see the look in her eyes. 

It was subtle but there. Disdain mixed with a lovely dose of “What the fuck did you do to my son”. 

Some part of Pete hopes she chooses to stay home but she tags along. Jake and his mother talking in the back. Bradley just kept a hand on Pete’s knee the entire way there. A silence reassurance that it'll be ok. 

The pack takes a second to adjust to the beautiful blond lady with them. 

“Like hell that’s your mother” Reuben speaks up first. 

“And why’s that?” Jake asks narrowing his eyes. Ready to pick a fight. It was rather sweet, how much Jake adored his mother. Pete only hoped the twins held the same love for them.

“Cause she’s too beautiful to be related to your pigface Bagman” Mickey finishes for his pilot. 

Maribel just smiling, touched by the compliment. 

She was very stunning, even Pete couldn't deny that. Probably in better shape than Pete. She barely looked a day over 40. Wonderful omega genes at work. 

“Bagman?” She questions, sliding into the booth. 

Pete moved to sit next to Natasha. She pulls him into a side hug. Touching their bond line. He replies with his tiredness in return. 

 “His call sign is stupid. Therefore we made it stupider” Javy says. 

“Yeah ok Coyote.” Jake huffs back.

“At least I’m a kick-ass animal. What are you? A word game from the ’90s?” Javy’s grin wide. Bradley excused himself to get them drinks. 

“You're a rabid dog with mange? How is that cool?” Jake says, a little whine in his voice.

“Ok no. We all have to admit Phoenix has the coolest call sign.” Pete points out. 

“Suck up, you're just on her side cause your belly buddies. Nah come on Phoenix is so overrated. There are like 18 pilots with that name” Mickey says. Sounding so sure of himself. 

“It’s better than Fanboy?” Natasha points out. Mickey looking offended. 

Maribel seems taken aback and slightly amused. 

“This happens at least once a week. Last week was over which movie was the best” Reuben mutters to her. 

Only to look up in fear when everybody starts getting into a loud discussion over which movie was indeed the best again. 

“No Mav you don’t count. It has to be a movie from this century!” 

“Well, then Toy Story is out Payback! That came out in the 90s” 

“No, come on we all know the best movie Back To The Future,” Bradley says appearing with drinks. 

“Bullshit!” A few people at the table cry. Pete just enjoying it. Enjoying the atmosphere. Maribel is barely a thought in his mind as he sips at his soda. 

So of course Mickey has to put his entire foot in his mouth by asking one dreaded question. 

“Have you guys decided on what last name to give the kids or are you going to hyphen everything?” 

“Yeah cause Bradshaw-Seresin-Mitchell won’t get my kid punched at school. No. We haven’t really talked about it. We want them all to have the same last name though. Especially if we have more” Bradley mutters. Jake and Pete nodded along. It had come up here and there. But they weren’t concerned about it yet. 

“Well, you could always call yourselves the Brareselli’s?” Javy says, even wincing at his own suggestion. Reuben mouthing the word, trying to wrap his head around it. The others just laughing at the suggestion. 

“Yeah how about no” Pete murmurs. 

“They’ll be Seresin’s. It's the only way it should be. Their Jake’s kids and Pete is the omega. It seems ridiculous to have his last name. Omega’s always give up their last name. It’s how things run” Maribel speaks up. Voice solid, leaving almost no room for argument. 

and just like that. The mood dies. 

Chapter Text

Pete had never seen someone completely wreck a good night so quickly. Hell, even a Satanist in a church couldn’t fuck it up this quickly. 

Everybody goes deathly quiet as Pete tries to sink through the floor. Bob and Natasha stare at each other in shock and Pete watches as steam starts to come out of Jake’s ears. 

Pete realising he needs to speak up before this turns into even more of a shit show. Before Jake says something he will regret. 

“If Jake and Bradley want Seresin as the last name. Then I’m happy to go with whatever. All the Mitchell name will give them is grief anyways. Especially if they want anything to do with the military. I’m gonna go get another drink” Pete says. Tapping Jake on the shoulder and getting him to move out of the way. 

“Good fucking job mum. You really can’t just keep your mouth shut can you!” Jake snarls. 

“I’m just telling the truth and obviously Pete agrees with me” Maribel snaps back. 

“Yeah, cause he’s not gonna get into a fight over it with you” Bob snaps back.  

“And hey what about Bradshaw?” Natasha speaks ups. 

“Yeah what about me?” Bradley whines. Slightly confused and taken aback. 

“Oh, sweetheart. If the kid was yours. I would agree Bradshaw is the correct name. But their twins” 

“They could still be Roosters or one of them could be. DNA is a fucking trip” Javy points out. 

Jake nodding along. 

Pete finally gets far enough away that he doesn’t hear them anymore. Pulling himself up onto an empty bar stool. Waiting for Penny to serve the group of men that were trying to flirt with her. Cyclone sitting on the other side of the bar. Watching them with narrowed eyes. He reminded Pete of a pitbull on guard. 

“I’ll be with you in a second Pete” She calls. 

Pete just gave his best smile. 

“Mav I am so sorry. I didn’t realise it was going to start a fight. Or I never would have brought it up” Mickey whines. Appearing on his left. Playing with their bond. All but baring his throat to Pete. 

“It’s fine. It was an honest question. You didn’t mean any harm by it. It was always a fight I was expecting anyways. My name is at the bottom of any and all possible lists. It was always going to be between Bradshaw and Seresin” Pete explains. 

He always knew it was going to be. His name was no contest. His mates would make a play at it. Pretend it was. He’s not sure if he would have found that more offensive or not. 

“Well, I like Mitchell. It’ll suit Nicky better. Nicole Mickey Mitchell” Mickey says, grin wide. 

Pete can’t help the eye roll. Which just makes Mickey grin wider, pulling Pete into a hug. 

“Don’t let Maribel get you down. At the end of the day, I think Rooster and Hangman would let you name your kid's Cabbage and Cheese if it made you happy” Mickey promises him. Rubbing a hand up and down his back. 

“Dear god please don’t nickname name my children” Pete mumbles into Mickey’s shoulder. 

“Too late. Cabbage and Cheese for life” Mickey crows. Yelping when Pete pinches him on the side. Pete laughing against his will. 

“See I knew I could get you to laugh. Don’t let that scaly old bitch make you upset. You're their omega you outrank her. Pull rank if you need to” Mickey says patting Pete on the shoulder. 

“Hey Pete, everything ok? I’m assuming the lovely blond lady that just stormed out is your mother-in-law?” Penny questions appearing. 

Pete turning to see his pack heading for him. The tail end of Maribel’s shirt was seen disappearing out the door. 

“Yeah, that’s Maribel. She wants Seresin as the kid's last name. Which I don’t mind but there’s a way to go about things” Pete shrugs. 

“You ok handsome?” Jake asks. Rubbing a hand down the back of Pete’s neck. Pete gets patted on the shoulder by Reuben and then Javy. Bob pulling Natasha back into his arms. Everybody’s eyes are on Pete. Like their waiting for his breakdown. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. You should go make sure Maribel doesn’t walk into the ocean in a fit of rage?” 

“Let her. She’s the one who started it” Jake huffs.

“Jake” Pete chides. 

“If I follow her right now. I won’t be nice. Just let us all cool off ok? Penny another round of drinks, please. Two cokes for Mav and Phoenix” Jake asks, tapping his finger against the bar. 

Penny nodding. 

Pete just leans into Bradley’s side. Letting himself relax. 

After another two rounds, Jake’s cooled off enough to grab his mother so they can head home. 

“Stop being a bitch and get in the car. I will leave you here all night. Ocean gets cold and Penny won’t take you in!” He calls when she refuses to look at him. Butt firmly planted on the beach. Arms crossed. 

You’d think she was a five-year-old. 

Pete sighs. 

“Just get in the car ok, I’ll go talk to her,” Pete says patting his mate on the arm. 

Jake looks at him worried. 


“Get in the car. Quicker this is done. Quicker we can get home. Go” Pete orders. 

He already had a plan. It was something he used on his students back in the day. You'd give them the control they thought they deserved. You'd watch them hang themselves with their own rope.

Jake nodding. But not before he forces Pete into his jacket before redressing Pete in his bomber jacket. Taking the passenger seat. Bradley takes one of the back seats. Pete sees them talking but ignores them to head over to Maribel. 

“Oh, shit” Pete squeaks out when he slips in the sand. Maribel moving quicker than he thought she could. Catching him. 

Setting him down gently. 

“You have to be careful. Your carrying two precious gems” Maribel chides him. Her voice was soft as she tightens his jacket around him. 

“Uh, thanks” He murmurs. 

They sit in silence for a few minutes. Pete just enjoying the soft wind. 

“I see why you like it so much here. It smells like Bradley” Maribel finally says. 

“I love the farm as well, we’re considering...just considering for the moment raising the kids there. It’ll be when they're older though” Pete says. Making sure she knows his boundary. 

She nods. 

“I just want what’s best for my family. Traditions are traditions for a reason and it’s harder when there are three of you. I gave up my name for Samuel and I didn’t mean to insult Bradley. I would have suggested Bradshaw if it was his kid” 

“That’s the thing though. They are his kids. Biologically or not. These kids are going to have three dads. Three names will be going on their birth certificate. We can’t get legally married of course. But we’re a unit. A family and when you insult one of us, you insult all three of us...all five of us” Pete says patting his belly. 

“I just don’t understand how you handle it. Two mates. Isn’t it tiring” She asks, glancing back at the car. 

“Sometimes it’s fucking exhausting. When we fight, the house feels like a thimble. Like it can barely contain all of us. But we also love each other so much. I’d fight tooth and nail for any of my pack but I’d kill for Bradley and Jake. They're my home. They deserve the world and I may not be able to give it to them. But I’ll give them all the love I can and if that means conceding and playing nice so be.” Pete shrugs. 

Pete set his plan into motion. He doesn’t pull rank like the others quite wanted him to. No, he pulls rank in his way. 

“From now on. What you say goes. If you want fish for dinner, we’ll have fish. You want Seresin as their last name. That’s what it’ll be. I’m not going to fight you. I’m just gonna sit back and let you do your thing. Because right now I have to focus on these two. I don’t give a shit about last names, or about what colour to paint the nursery or what bank they should open when their adults. I’ll leave that up to you but don’t expect Bradley and Jake to be as patient as I am.” 

“Are you threatening me?” Maribel asks, green eyes narrowing. A small growl in her throat. 

“No. Not threatening. Just telling. I don’t command respect, I earn it. Jake commands it and has made it clear, he will choose his children. Over anybody.  What you do with that information is up to you” Pete says, starting the slow process of getting himself to his feet. Maribel stared at him shocked, angry and taken aback. 

“Now come on. I’m hungry and I’m tired” He calls once he walks away. Brushing off his pants. Not wanting sand in the car. 

She follows along silently. Jake and Bradley staring at Pete confused. 

“Tomorrow Nat and I are going maternity clothes shopping. You're welcome to come. Natasha adores your style and has asked for some advice” Pete says when they get home. Staring Maribel down in the rear-view mirror. 

She just nods. Still quiet. 

Jake and Bradley ask what Pete told her but he refuses to tell them. 

“None of your business. I’m gonna have a shower and warm up. Can you make me something to eat?” He asks, pressing a kiss to Jake’s cheek before walking off. 

Bradley joins him in the shower. Just helping Pete wash down his back. Pete returned the favour. 

“You have a beautiful last name baby. It’s a name filled with honour, honour because of you. Your name practically means Miracle in the Navy now. You pulled off one of the biggest feats known to the military. If our kids have Mitchell for a last name. Then I’d be glad.” Bradley says as he helps Pete get dressed. Pressing a kiss to Pete’s nose. 

Not that Pete needs help just yet but he appreciates it never the less. 

“Your such a suck-up” Pete replies. 

“Hmm definitely. But I mean what I said. I’d happily take Mitchell as my last name too. Bradley Nicholas Bradshaw-Mitchell. I like the ring of that” 

“It makes sense don’t you think? The kids should have your name because you're the connecting factor baby. Each of them comes from you. Hell, I’m happy to go by Seresin-Mitchell. Make us all connected” Jake says appearing at the bathroom door. 

Pete looked for the joke in their eyes. 

“Your kidding right?” Pete asks when he can’t find anything but seriousness in their faces. 

“Why would we be? I think it’s a great idea” Bradley says softly. 

“I’ll look up how to change our names...oh dinner is ready by the way” Jake says, pulling out his phone as he walks away. 

“Hold on. I haven’t said you could yet! If you do, your gonna have to get a new passport. A new work ID. A new ID in general. That’s a lot of forms. A lot of time. Money” Pete calls, walking after him. 

“It’ll be worth it handsome,” Bradley says behind him. 

“We’ll talk about it later ok? Just not right now. One thing at a time” Pete murmurs. 

Jake and Bradley nodded. Dropping it. If only for a little while.

Somehow Pete gets dragged into a board game after dinner. Maribel excused herself to bed. He didn’t even know they owned board games. It’s nice even if Jake cheats. 

“I did not cheat. You just can’t count. Your getting blind in your old age Pete” Jake cries. 

“Bullshit, you moved six” Pete points out. 

“You don’t count where you start you, dork!” 

Pete takes a second to count. 

Jake just looks at him expectantly. Bradley cackling in the background. Tears in his eyes as he clutches his stomach. 

“Count them aloud buttercup” 

“Fuck you!” Pete says, cheeks warm as he realises his mistake. He was so blaming baby brain. 

“No swearing. The twins have ears now remember” Jake mocks him. 

“Oh yeah. Well, I carry them. Therefore. I don’t count” Pete says, cupping Jake’s face. Giddy from just the joy of spending time with his mates. Even if he apparently can’t count to six. 

“You like count the most. Tell me I’m right here. Doesn’t his voice like echo or something?” Jake questions turning to Bradley. 

Bradley nodding through his seal like laughter. It’s contagious and Pete can’t help but laugh at his mate. Jake joining in. The game is very quickly forgotten as they start teasing Bradley about his laughter instead. 

Chapter Text

“Do you mind if we stop by the jewellers first? I wanted to get Samuel’s ring repaired while I was in the city?” Maribel asks, holding said piece of jewellery up at breakfast. It had a split on one side and looked like it could use a good bath.

“Yeah of course. Whatever you need. Nat is picking us up since the boys are taking the car and the bike. She won’t mind. Thank you for breakfast by the way”

“Speaking off we need to head, or we’ll be late again,” Jake says before he and Bradley shove as much of breakfast in their faces as possible as they rinse off their plates. Jake kissing his mother on the head before stealing a kiss from Pete. 

“Oi come back here for a second Bradley,” Pete says standing. 

“What’s up?” He questions, appearing again. 

Pete wiping down his moustache.  

“Go terrify some 20-year-olds” He murmurs. Rubbing his thumb down the scars on Bradley’s chin. 

“Always. See you tonight Maribel” Bradley calls before running for the garage. 

“How did he get them?” Maribel asks. Pointing to her own chin when Pete sits down to finish eating. 

“You know? I actually have no clue. I should ask” Pete says, giving her a small smile. 

It was one of the things that Bradley appeared with after 17 years of being away. Pete had just never thought to ask. The moustache had caught him off guard enough already. 

They end up getting dressed after breakfast and Natasha is pulling up soon enough. Pete gives her Maribel’s request. 

“Yeah, sure thing. My dad threw his ring out when it broke...that caused the argument of the century” Natasha says as she pulls out onto the highway. 

Their journey is filled with the details of Natasha’s parent's grizzly divorce. Always eager to learn more about his pack. Pete catches Maribel’s sad eyes in the mirror. Mate’s divorcing was a very, very rare thing but it was possible. 

Some people even went far enough to get their mating marks surgically removed. Meaning their scent gland was gone. It was a sad thought, that the mate you thought you could trust with your love. Would turn against you like that. That you would go so far to distance yourself that you'd remove an important part of yourself. 

“I joined in the end, to get away from them fighting all the time. If they weren’t going to decide who left. I decided. Best decision I ever made, the army didn't want me. But the Navy had a spot open” Nat explains when Maribel asks why she choose the Navy.

“Glad you did. Otherwise, I’d be very lonely right now. If Bradley tells me one more time that I need to eat more protein. I am going to eat him for protein” Pete says as they get out of the car. Pete and Natasha were happy to wait in the warm sun until Maribel does whatever she needs to. 

“Bob’s the same. It’s cute until it’s annoying. I told him I was craving yoghurt this week. I now have a complete fridge full...I wish I was joking. I could bathe in the stuff. See!” Natasha says pulling out her phone. Showing Pete her partner's amusing mistake. 

“His nesting. It’s cute. That is a lot of yoghurt though.” Pete points out. 

“There’s only so many shades of pink he can paint the walls,” Nat says, sounding a little tired but far from annoyed. 

“It is Bob. If anybody is gonna invent a shade. It’ll be him” 

“Don’t give him any ideas. How have things been since...last night?” Nat asks, eyes darting around but Maribel is still inside talking to the Jeweller. 

“Better. I just told her the truth. That Jake will choose our kids. I think it’s finally put it in perspective for her. I want her around, I want her to be a grandmother to these kids. She’s amazing with Rosey and Sarah” Pete explains. 

Pete really didn’t give a shit what she thought about him. He wasn’t 20 and seeking their approval. He had his own life to live instead of fretting about whether his mother-in-law liked him. All he cared about was his children having one loving set of grandparents. 

Especially since it's Maribel and Samuel or nobody.

His parents were long gone and he can’t even imagine them as grandparents. He can imagine Carole and Goose though. They would have loved it. Carole would have spoiled the twins in any way possible and Carole would tease him endlessly about his claim of never having children.

While Goose probably would have cried, just the same as he did when he met Bradley for the first time before Pete would probably have to fight his best friend for his babies back.

“Hey, you ok?” Natasha asks. 

“Yeah just thinking that’s all. Carole and Goose would have loved this. Goose would try to be hard about it but he’d melt eventually. Carole would have already put together the nursery and painted the walls and told me I was fat as payback...As you know I’ve never had much tact with pregnancy announcements” Pete says. 

“You didn’t” 

“I didn’t outright call her fat. I just...said she was looking happy. It happens when you get married. You put on weight. It's a thing!” Pete cries in defence when Natasha punches him lightly in the shoulder. 

“How you got anybody into bed amazes me daily” Natasha snickers. 

“Come on we both know all I had to do for that was flash a smile. Still works by the way” Pete says, laughing when she starts messing with his hair. 

“You are a horrid man” 

Maribel raises an eyebrow when she steps out of the Jewellers. 

“I was just saying that my smile makes everybody melt. I think Carole used to call it Cupid’s smile...see watch...” Pete says, before whistling low to catch a lady’s attention walking past. 

She looks up, seeming ready to rip his head off but his smile has her easing. Lifting his aviators onto his head. Smile wide. A small blush crept up her neck. 

“I just wanted to say your skirt is beautiful” He calls. Sending her on her way with a huge smile on her face. 

“You're a shit. Get in the car before you make Rooster and Hangman have to kill the entirety of San Diego. I think you started her heat!” Natasha chides him but she was smiling as well. 

Even Maribel looks surprised but amused. 

Pete gets in the car before he causes even more trouble or before Natasha hits him again. 

The rest of their day is spent looking through maternity clothes. Pete mainly focuses on pants. Only getting a few shirts to start with. 

Maribel is honestly very helpful. For a country gal that wore mostly jeans and button-up shirts. She knew a lot about fashion. Natasha appreciates the help. She even helps Pete in some regards. 

“You're carrying low and forwards like I did. These will just make you feel uncomfortable. You want something more like this” She says handing him a different pair. 

They might be the most comfortable pants that Pete has ever worn. Bradley and Jake made teasing comments that night about bringing him over to the tracksuit pants side. 

“Leave him some peace. His tired. Go start dinner” Maribel chides from the armchair. Currently knitting something for the twins. She refused to tell him though. 

“Yes, mum” Jake whines, but not before kissing Pete slowly. 

Pete was just about asleep when he feels something. Sitting up worried. 

“You alright dear?” Maribel asks. 

“I can feel...them,” Pete says softly. Pressing a hand to his stomach. 

“You do? How does it feel?” She asks, pausing in her motions. Staring at him, a small smile on her face.

“Like when I got my first crush on Franny in fifth grade” Pete explains. 

It was the closest thing to it. Butterflies in his stomach. 

“That’s the quickening. It’s only the beginning. Soon enough they’ll be kicking you in the bladder. It’s a good step. It means their active and thriving” She promises. 

Pete relaxes slightly but is still a little worried. 

“Isn’t it still too early?” 

“With twins, all those lovely pregnancy times go out the window. Twins do what they want when they want and you just have to deal with it. Omegas like us tend to feel things earlier as well. They call it a safety thing. That way we knew sooner if anything was wrong” 

“Wait what’s going on?” Bradley asks, both he and Jake appearing in the lounge room. 

“Mate bonds are good for something. Samuel could be halfway across the farm in a flash if I ever so much as felt a flutter” Maribel snickers. 

“Twins are moving. I can sorta feel them” Pete explains. 

Heart melting as he watches his mates jump around like two little puppies getting the biggest treat of their lives. 

You wouldn’t think they were 34-year-olds who pay taxes and have jobs. It was beautiful to watch, even if it was ridiculous. 

“Before you start getting all grabby, you two won’t be able to feel anything just yet. So hands to yourself” Maribel says before Bradley can even speak it into existence. 

“How is that fair” Bradley whines. 

“Well next time you can carry the baby and I’ll get to watch you vomit for three months straight,” Pete remarks, smiling. 

“You know I would if I could handsome. How do you feel about Lasagne for dinner?” Bradley asks. 

Pete nods, brain mostly focused on the fluttering in his stomach. Amazed by it. 

“SHIT! Mav your nose is bleeding!” Bradley says, panic in his eyes. Pete watches as blood drips onto his carpet. 

Moving to cover his nose before he gets it anywhere else. 

“I think you got a little bit too excited there baby,” Jake says, reappearing with paper towel. Getting Pete to put his head back against Jake’s chest. Pete holding the towel in place. 

“My carpet” Pete whines. 

“We’ll fix it. It’s easy to get blood out. Bradley be a dear, get me the dish soap” 

“Is this normal?” Pete asks. 

“Yeah, it can be. Something about babies needing your blood more or something vampiry from what I remember” Bradley says before Maribel teaches him how to get blood out of the carpet. 

Pete just side-eyeing his mate. Settling deeper into Jake’s chest. 

The rest of the week goes rather slow but it's nice. Maribel starts working with Pete. Or at least she puts up a good front and together they get most of the nursery put together. 

She even teaches him a few new recipes. 

“I would always crave brownies and apple pie but you know the country. Everything’s shut after 8 on a good day. I taught myself how to make them. I’ve already taught Camilla. I tried to teach Jake...he somehow set the brownies on fire” Maribel explains on the second last day she's there. 

Pete was grateful for the lesson. 

Maribel might be set in her ways but she had some good lessons and Pete wanted to learn as much from her as possible. 

It’s just after they’ve feasted on their creations that she brings up something Pete hadn’t even thought about. 

“I know I have no right to ask. Jake and Bradley will already be there anyways but I would like your permission to be there when Nicky and Sammy make their entrance. To help you out. I was there for Camilla and the twins. You can say no. I would understand” She asks. Her eyes soft, filled with a little worry as she watches his face. 

“You won’t faint on me like Bradley and Jake will?” He asks. 

“I’ve been birthing cows and sheep and all sorts of things a lot grosser than human births for a very long time. I think I’ll be fine.” 

Pete thinks about it for a second. Out of everybody he knows, the only other person he’d want there is Carole. But she couldn’t and the fact that Maribel had even offered. 

“I'll be grateful if you were there. It’s the part I’m most worried about” Pete says, reaching out to grab her hand. Squeezing it softly. Maribel smiling back with utmost joy. 

“You’re gonna be such a great dad Pete. I know you are. All three of you. I...think I’m always gonna struggle with it. But if any two people had to love my son, I really am glad it’s you and Bradley. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a normal couple as loving and passionate as you three are. I should have realised my Jakey’s heart was too big for one person” 

Pete knows it’s the closest his ever gonna get to her acceptance. For her to bend even that much. Even for the sake of Jake and her grandchildren. He would take it. 

Finally, it’s time for Maribel to go home and Pete is relieved and a little sad too. He didn’t know if it was the baby hormones but he had grown attached to the cut-throat women. 

He only got around to stripping her bed on the Saturday. Not surprised that she had somehow left the room in a better state than she found it. 

Jake moves to help him as Bradley grabs the fresh sheets. 

Pete pulling off the pillowcases when a small box falls out with a note attached. Pete chucks the box over to Jake as he opens the note. Bradley entering with the new linens. 

“What’s that?” He asks as Pete moves to sit on the bed. 

“I know it’s not legal but for when it becomes so. I wanted you to be ready. I found my grandfather's old wedding ring. I got it replicated and I added a personal touch so you could all have one. You three work so well together, it proves all over again that True Love is real...Love Mum” Pete reads. 

Jake held out the box for them to see. Three identical rings sit in the box. Brilliant gold and when Pete looks closer. His heart melts a little. It was decorated with three small starbursts, side by side, all inlaid with small diamonds. 

“Did your mother just propose for you?” Bradley asks, laughter in his voice. 

“I think so,” Jake says, a little dazed. 

Chapter Text

Pete enters his third trimester easily enough. He had spent the last few weeks doing the stupid pregnancy classes that Bradley had begged him to go to. Nobody looked twice when Jake and Bradley had both attended. 

They had nearly finished the nursery, just a few smaller touches to go. Decorations and the like. And now somehow he had gotten roped into Baby shower planning. 

His ring sat around his neck on a chain. Jake and Bradley earing theirs with pride. It hadn’t been a formal proposal or even just a conversation. They had all just silently decided that they wanted to wear them. A more public display of their affections. Pete just needed his hands to stop swelling so he could wear the ring properly. 

He and Natasha were happy to share the day if only so they don’t have to plan two events. Even Natasha had finally started to show. Pete had cackled with sheer joy when she showed him how she had popped. No longer hidden under loose tops. 

Cause he wasn’t alone anymore, in feeling fat and frumpy and missing his feet. Jake and Bradley happy to help him regardless. He was 22 weeks along now. Something terrifying to think about. 

“Sammy Mitchell stop kicking me” He grumbles, rubbing over his side where the little offensive bean had spent the last hour trying to use his kidney as a punching bag. Distracting him from the task at hand.

It didn’t hurt, it was just extremely distracting. Nicky moved just as much but her biggest offence was stretching out both her little legs at the same time. Instead of just outright trying to use Pete’s organs as a soccer ball. 

“Petra used my bladder as her punching bag last night...all night. I think I barely slept” Natasha murmurs from her sandwich-making duty. 

“I asked if she wanted to take the pillow with her, I don’t know why she didn’t find it funny,” Bob says softly, nothing but joy in his eyes. 

“You’re lucky she didn’t hit you for that,” Penny says. Amelia giggled so hard she misses the cupcake she was icing altogether. 

“I’m still considering it,” Natasha mutters. 

They were currently setting up Penny’s house for the shower later this afternoon. The alphas of the pack hang decorations while they help Penny make the snacks. 

Pete didn’t know how Penny did it but she had even roped Cyclone into helping. The grip she had on that man’s balls was amazing. 

But then Pete also knew what she was like in bed so. 

“Bradley!” Pete calls when Sammy does it again. 

Pete hears hushed voices from the patio. Until suddenly his mate is by his side. 

“Talk to your son. Tell him to stop bullying me” Pete whines.

“Oh is that so,” Bradley says, pushing Pete away from the fruit salad he was preparing. Sitting Pete down on a kitchen stool. 

Bradley squatting down so his was level with Pete’s belly. Pulling up Pete’s shirt a little to rub his hands over Pete’s skin. 

“You being mean to your Papa huh Cheese?” 

Pete rolled his eyes at the nickname. Thankfully Cabbage hadn’t stuck but Cheese seems to be sticking around. 

“Cheese?” Penny questions. Pete was surprised she hadn’t heard yet. 

“Mickey shouldn’t be allowed to name things. Ever” Pete huffs. Trying to fight back the smile. 

“We like the name Cheese don’t we Sammy?” Bradley asks. Pete feels as Sammy eases. He always eased at Bradley’s voice. Nicky perks up but thankfully doesn’t start kicking. Just wiggles a little before they both settle back to quietness. 

“That’s my Boy” Bradley murmurs. 

“Is Cheese being annoying?” Jake asks, stepping in front the patio. 

“Yep. How goes outside?” Penny asks. 

“Done. Is the food ready yet?” Jake says coming over, trying to snatch a cupcake. Amelia smacked him on the hand. 

“Buzz off. Not yet” She snaps. 

“Jeez, for a beta, you sure act like an Alpha.” Jake whines, rubbing at his hand. 

“Someone’s gotta, 'cause you're certainly not” Amelia chides back. 

Jake’s mouth hung open in slight shock. 

“Did you just hear what she said to me Roos” He whines. 

Pete just laughing when Jake leans over and steals a cupcake. Despite Amelia’s protesting. 

“For emotional damages” He yells, shoving the cupcake in his mouth, and running for it. 

“And he's allowed to fly a high-powered jet why?” Natasha asks as they all look after the child piloting a grown adult's body making his escape out the back door.  

“His going to be a dad in less than three months. I think that’s even more terrifying” Bob points out. 

Before they know it, the party is in full swing. Their entire pack had somehow made it back to town. Halo squeals when she sees them both. Hugging them so tightly that Pete is certain she breaks one of his ribs. 

“Look how beautiful you guys are! Photos don’t do justice” 

Pete was stunned at the presents. Understanding there were technically twice as many but it was a small mountain's worth. Quiet literally taller than Pete. 

And the games are amusing. Penny running the whole show. Some are as simple as small quizzes. 

Everybody surprised when Cyclone wins the what fruit is the baby this week quiz? 

“ knowing why my soldiers have to disappear” Cyclone stammers out as an excuse. 

Penny pressed a kiss to his cheek. Rubbing a hand through his hair. The pack laughing a little. 

Other games involve the pack doing silly things, egg and spoon races and relay races. Pete and Natasha are quite content to sit back and watch their pack mates make a fool of themselves.

 Hondo and his wife stopping by for a short time to say hello and leave them both gifts. Staying only long enough to watch the next game.

Wingmen have to use their pack bond to get each other through mazes blindfolded. Randomly paired up to make it more interesting. It was an old bonding exercise that the Navy used to do when they had two pack members that didn’t work well together. 

Pete remembers having to do it with Slider. He ended up with a bruised ass and a bruised ego. 

This maze didn’t involve walls like the actual thing but ropes lines were enough. 

Javy and Omaha get paired together. They fail in probably the most spectacular way possible. With Javy running into Penny’s glass sliding door. It doesn’t smash thankfully but it sure knocks Javy on his ass. 

But Pete’s favourite game might honestly be the last game they play. If only cause he gets to watch his mates get tortured a little. 

It was a simple game really. Bob, Jake and Bradley had been sat down in the lounge room on Penny's kitchen chairs and blindfolded. Everybody was happy to sit down and watch their pack members get fucked with. 

“Whoa hey, handcuffs?” Jake questions when Cyclone cuffs all of them to their chairs. 

“I will ask you a question about Phoenix or Maverick if you get the question wrong. I get the pleasure of making you eat terrible things. If you miss out on the answer. I get to feed you terrible things” Cyclone snickers. 

“Whoever gets the most points win. Two points if you get the question right. One if you guess what we feed you first. No points if your back of the pack.” Penny explains. 

“We’ll start off easy. What hand is Phoenix’s dominant one?” Cyclone asks. 

“Come on Bob. You of all people should know this. What hand does she jerk you off with?” Javy calls. Happily taking the hand upside the back of the head from Nat. 

Jake comes to the answer first.

Bob gagging but getting Brussel sprouts and Bradley left with nothing but the taste of disappointment. 

“Alright next, who owned a teddy bear called McStuffins” Cyclone flashed Pete a disturbed look. Pete just shrugging. He was 3 at the time. Sue him. 

“Phoenix?” Jake says beating everybody to the punch. 

“No. That would be me” Pete says. 

Jake curses but opens his mouth never the less for the mushy peas. Bradley gains the next point. 

They play until their out of baby food to feed the boys. 

Bob wins by a single point over Jake and Bradley comes last. 

“Alright loser help me up so I can pee” Pete mutters when their all unchained and their blindfolds are taken off. 

Pete really wasn’t sure if he could handle these twins getting any bigger and he still had another two months to go at minimum. Bradley comes over to help. 

Jake currently washing his mouth out with beer but keeping an eye on Pete regardless. 

If he thought his shithead mates were overprotective before. They were absolutely feral now. Pete had even been banned from exercising without them. He understood the concern though. He had been extra conscious of every single footstep. 

Not wanting to fall over and harm the twins. 

But with the worry and the fear and the stress. Came happiness too. Pete was happy. He was ecstatic. 

It was a constant reassurance that he was wanted and that he was where he was supposed to be. 

Once Pete is settled back on the couch. Or back on Jake’s lap. Jake happily fed him pieces of fruit that he had procured as they open baby presents. 

“Jesus Christ these kids are gonna be spoilt to hell” Someone murmurs. 

“They're the first pack puppies. What did you expect?” Jake replies, catching the present that Mickey throws at him. Natasha catches the other one. 

“So I’ve made a very important decision. It’s not right that I name two of my niblings and not name the other” 

“Niblings?” Natasha and Pete both question, glancing at each other. Pete slightly worried about what was in the unicorn wrapping paper. 

“It took a lot of time trying to find the right name. It had to be perfect but Mav open yours first” Mickey says, grinning wide. 

Pete pulled open the wrapping paper and just loses his mind laughing. 

He has no idea where the hell Mickey found a cabbage outfit and a cheese outfit but they’re both the best and worst things that Pete has ever seen. 

Bradley and Jake perk up. Loving them as Pete just laughs. Bradley holding the cabbage outfit up with glee. 

Natasha stares in fear before she and Bob look down at their own present. 

“What the fuck have you called our baby?” Natasha asks. Tearing at her wrapping paper. 

Mickey just smiles even wider. Looking so proud of himself. 

Natasha has the same reaction that Pete has. Just pure horrified laughter as she pulls out something absolutely amazing. 

“I’m going to drown you Fanboy. CARROT!” Natasha finally gets out. 

But there is a sparkle in her eyes. A little joy there. 

Cyclone’s gifts come last after the rest of the pack make sure Pete might never have to buy diapers or any baby clothes ever. 

“I will only give you this if you promise me. They will join only after I am retired” Cyclone says softly. 

Pete and Natasha, equally confused until their sliding open their boxes. 

Pete stares down at the two name tags that sit in the box. They were the same as the ones that Bradley and Jake wear. 


Natasha holding up her own. 


“I just wanted you to know, that as much as I joke about it. The Mitchells will always be welcome among our ranks. Your legacy has made sure of that and any disrespect regarding your past or your status will be quickly dealt with. They will have a fair shot” Cyclone promises. 

Pete ran a finger over the metal. 

“Thank you, Sir. We appreciate that” Bradley says when he realises Pete can’t get any words out. Jake nods along, his own eyes glued to the tags, a soft smile on his face.

He didn’t know what the Twin’s future held but it was nice to know. If they did follow their daddies. They were going to be treated with respect. They wouldn’t have to claw their way into a cockpit like Pete did. 

They wouldn’t have to fight every second of the day to be there. Waiting for the rules to be revoked and to get dragged out by their scruff. They would be safe, they would be comfortable. They could make their own destiny. 

“Thank you” Pete finally gets out.

Cyclone nodding. Trying to keep his face blank but he looks happy. 

Pete grows tired by the time the party is over. Pete wants to curl up in his nest and sleep. Natasha leaned against Bob, eyes fluttering shut against her will as the rest talk about nothing in general. 

Thanking Penny, Cyclone and Amelia for the party. Grateful for everybody who had come and amused them. Pete not realising how much he had missed those pack members that were off and about. 

Hugging them all as tightly as he can. Sure they kept their pack bonds open and they checked in constantly but it wasn’t the same as being able to reach out to touch them. 

“Visit soon ok” He makes them promise. Harvard and Omaha promise him before they head for the Uber waiting for them. 

“Of course, gotta meet the little ones. Make sure they're indoctrinated into our way of life” Halo giggles as she helps them stack the presents in the boot. Pete was glad that Jake’s car was big enough. 

Pete holding onto the twin's name tags directly. Not wanting to lose them in the chaos of baby blankets and toys. 

He hears Bradley and Jake talk as he curls up as best as he can in the front seat. Out like a light before they even hit the main road. 

Chapter Text

Pete was considering getting a knife and cutting these assholes out himself. He hadn’t slept properly in about two weeks now. He knew they were just being babies but he was pretty sure this was torture. 

For the last hour, he had just been walking around the house in the quiet dark, trying to get them to stop moving. Wondering just how the fuck this was supposed to get them to sleep.

“Pete, you ok?” Jake asks. 

“Fuck...I think I just had them to sleep again” Pete whines. Looking up at Jake in the dark. Feeling as Nicky presses against his skin. It got rather creepy sometimes when he watched his belly move without his control. 

“They still giving you grief?” 

“I think I’ll take being waterboarded over carrying twins ever again. You are never allowed near me again unless you wrap your dick. Or get it snipped” Pete remarks, moving to sit on the couch. 

Jake laughed a little, getting Pete to lie down so he can rest his head on Pete’s belly. 

“Come on guys, let your Papa get some sleep. Papa’s mean when his tired...ow see.” Jake laughs when Pete pinches him on the cheek. 

But sure enough, the devil children ease. 

“Do I mean nothing to you two?” Pete huffs but takes the quiet while he has it. Letting himself relax against the couch. 

Jake just rubbing his hand softly over Pete’s belly. Talking to them as Pete closes his eyes. Happy to take a five-minute nap on the couch if that’s what Jake could give him. 

He had one of his last ultrasounds tomorrow and he just needs five minutes of sleep. 

Pete woke up to the sun streaming through the lounge room curtains. Jake is asleep on his thigh. From the slight wet feeling, he had been drooling. Lovely. Pete grabbed his mate’s arm holding it up. Squinting as he tries to catch Jake’s watch at the right angle. 

“FUCK! We’re gonna be late” He cries, patting at Jake’s head. Jake bolting upright. Wiping a hand down his face as he tries to wake up. 

After that, it’s a rush to get ready. Practically racing out the door as Bradley shoves toast in Pete’s mouth. 

“Urg gross Marmalade” Pete groans. 

“Eat it, we’re out of the rest. I’ll buy more in our next shop” Bradley orders. 

Pete makes a face but he eats the stupid toast. Pausing about halfway through to question his life. 

“Jake why do you buy such horrible things” 

“Because I love torturing you. Eat” Jake says. Patting him on the shoulder. 

The ultrasound is good. Their babies are fine. Healthy. Pete finds two weeks of sleep deprivation worth it as he watches their little faces. Jake and Bradley practically ask every question they can as Pete waits for his glucose test to come back. 

Dr Valen looks ready to rip her hair out. Seeming grateful that when his test comes back perfectly fine. If only to get his mates to shut up. 

“You and your twins are perfectly healthy. I’m happy to report. With that, we’ll want to set your due date for around weeks 38-40?” Dr Valen questions. 

Pete wants to whinge about the fact he has to carry these little gremlins for another 14-16 weeks but he holds it back. Reminding himself this would all be worth it. 

“That’s for C-section right?” Pete asks. 

“Yes. If you were...uh...” Dr Valen tried to not look him in the eye. 

“Younger?” Pete points out for her. 

“Yes and you were only having one, we’d give you an epidural and tell you to just let your instincts go wild. But with twins. It makes things more complex. Twins tend to fight over who wants to come out first, and if things go wrong with the first one. It causes potentially fatal complications with the second. C-sections are your best option but if you want to try natural. We can’t stop you. We’re in and out and getting you sewn up in time for dinner to roll around if you go for the right option” 

“Can we be in the room?” Bradley asks. 

Pete just squeezes Jake’s hand. Jake looked ready to flip his lid at the word fatal. 

“Yes of course. We’ll keep you up by Pete’s head, saves you from seeing something that’ll scar you for life. Give him someone to yell at” Dr Valen says, a smile on her face. 

Thankfully after that their allowed to go home. Getting some real breakfast on the way. Stopping in at a local dinner. 

“See so much better than fudging marmalade,” Pete says holding up his breakfast burger. 

It probably wasn’t the healthiest thing for the babies. But god was it good. It was greasy and bacony and made Pete happy. 

“If you had a tail it would be wagging right now” Jake points out. 

Pete just chooses to ignore him.

“So you two ok with me getting cut open?” Pete asks, looking up when he's finally sated the two demons who have residence in his belly. Instead focused on sucking down his strawberry milkshake. 

“If it’s safer, yes. You’ll look even more badass with the scar and our kids will be safe” Jake points out. 

Pete brings up the conversation he had with Maribel as he starts picking apart the leftovers of Jake’s pancakes. 

Even Jake looks surprised. 

“You don’t have to have her there if you don’t want to. As you’ve noticed she tends to bully her way into what she wants. I’ll just tell her to suck it up” Jake says. 

“I want her there” Pete reassures. 

Which causes Bradley and Jake to look at each other. 

“I’m serious. I know I’ll have you’ll both there but she also won’t faint like a bitch on me. She wants to be there. I’ve only got her left.” Pete explains as best as he can. 

Bradley and Jake realise what he's talking about. 

Bradley smiling a little. 

“Mum would have commandeered the whole room. Probably cut you open herself if she could. I think if Dad didn’t drag her to the hospital. She would have had me at home” Bradley says before stealing a sip of Pete’s milkshake. 

“Oh, she tried. Goose won that one. I think she was just in too much pain with you trying to alien your way out of her stomach to argue with him” 

“So wait, if it’s a C-section? Which twin will be born first?” Jake questions. 

“Well, I don’t think they're cutting him open wide enough to grab both at the same time handsome” Bradley points out. 

“Can it be Cheese first? So the dufus can’t kick his sister in the head by accident”  Pete asks. 

Not realise his deadly mistake until his two mates are cheering. Causing people to look at them. 

“I’m running on like three hours of sleep from the last 7 days. Leave me alone” Pete grumbles. 

“When we get home, we can have a nap I promise” Bradley promises. Leaning over to steal a kiss. 

“Good but first more hashbrowns and another milkshake” Pete insists. 

“Our kids are going to be made of hashbrowns and milkshakes,” Jake says standing. Before he can disappear, he's tilting Pete’s head up to kiss him properly.  Rubbing a thumb over Pete’s mating marks before he walks towards the counter. 

Bradley excusing himself when his phone rings. 

“Lieutenant Peterson this better be important. I’m on a date with my mates. Why can’t Cyclone deal with this” He snaps down the phone. Pete just watching as Bradley seems to change before his eyes. 

Going from the jokey dorky mate that Pete loves to Lieutenant Commander Bradshaw. It was very pleasing to watch. 

“Sir? Are you pregnant?” Someone asks. Pete turned to see a kid that couldn’t be more than 7. 

“I am. Did you just think I was really fat?” Pete teases. 

The kid shook her head quickly. 

“Can I touch?” She asks pointing to his belly. 

“Margo! You can’t just ask a pregnant person if you can touch. Sorry, they learnt about male omega’s in class last week. She’s been so excited to meet someone like you” Her mother says appearing. 

“It’s ok she can touch. It’s a lot better than the weirdos who just try to touch me without asking. I’m having twins. Hence the basketball belly. This one is Sammy and this is Nicky” Pete says grabbing the girl's hand gently. Guiding it, resting her tiny hand over his shirt. 

“Here, tap...gently,” He says softly. Margo follows his order. 

Sure enough, Nicky kicks back. Margo lighting up like a Christmas tree. 

“The baby kicked mama!” Margo squeals, laughter in her voice. 

“I can see that baby. Say thank you” Her mother says softly, rubbing a hand through her hair. 

“Thank you sir” Margo chirps. 

“Of course Sweetheart...Bradley say hi to Margo” 

“Hi” Bradley murmurs, pushing Pete gently across the booth. Eyes set on the girl and her mother. Chest rumbling. 

“She’s 7. What is she gonna do? Scratch me?” Pete chides him. 

“Who we scratching?” Jake asks edging around the mother and child and sliding into the other side. Pushing Pete’s food over to him. 

“Nobody, Margo was interested in the twins” Pete explains before digging his fork into the hashbrown. 


“Me!” The girl chirps. 

“Hi, Margo. What do you think? I did a good job huh?” Jake says, an easy smile on his face. 

Margo is confused by the statement while her mother catches on to their necks. 

“He’s the daddy” Pete explains. Margo’s face lightening up in recognition. Nodding along. 

“Margo baby, I think we need to go...” 

“But Mama” 

“Now sweetheart. Go” Her mother snaps. 

Margo waves softly before she toddles off. The mother made sure to give a disgusted glare their way. 

“At least some things never change” Bradley shrugs, reaching for Pete’s milkshake. Pete smacked his hand away. 


“What was that?” Jake questions, grabbing the shake before Pete can. Taking a sip off it. 

Pete just giving Jake his best puppy dog eyes. A whine in his throat. Happy when he gets his milkshake back. 

Finally, they're getting home and Pete is curling up for that promised nap. Bradley curled around his back. Pete just watching the ring glint on Bradley’s finger in the afternoon sunlight. 

Rubbing his pointer finger over it. 

“Maribel has good taste,” Bradley says holding his hand up, so they can get a better look. 

“Of course she does, she made our mate” Pete murmurs, threading their fingers together and pulling Bradley’s hand close. 

Nestling in for a long nap filled with soft dreams. 

He wakes up sometime later with a different mate attached to his side. But he doesn’t really mind. 

“Bradley is playing COD with Javy, you were whining for one of us,” Jake explains. 

Pete just snuggles as best as he can into Jake’s chest. Eyes closing again.  

He spends his next few days working out on his mustang. Tuning it up, It’s a little harder with the twins in the way and he doesn’t ever do it. Mainly just cleaning down her internals. 

He should get Bradley or Jake to take her for a fly. They were currently at work though, so that would be another day’s problem. Instead, he just makes sure she’s pretty. 

“Thought you’d be out here. You should be at home resting” Penny says, stepping into the hangar. 

“If I nest any harder the walls are going to shine,” Pete explains, wiping down his hands. 

“Well I brought lunch, come and eat and then you can get back to fiddling with your baby,” She says shaking a paper bag at him. 

Pete ambled his way over to the couch. Sinking into the faded leather. Sitting sideways so he and Penny are face to face. The food spread out on the cushion between them. 

“What brings you out here?” Pete asks. 

“I wanted to show you something. You can’t tell anybody else yet though, We wanted to announce it together. Get all the pack together this weekend” Penny says. 

Pete sniffed at the air, getting Cherry and Rain but no new baby smell. Just the faint red grape smell that had lingered on Penny’s skin since they had been bumping uglies.

“Sure what’s up,” Pete asks. 

Penny held up her hand. Wiggling her fingers a little. A simple, thin gold ring with a teardrop diamond in the centre. It was beautiful. 

Pete stared between her and the ring. 

“Cyclone?” He asks. He knew the answer of course but it was still startling. The last thing he could possibly think of that went together was Cyclone and fucking marriage. 

“I was surprised too. He asked me when we were out on the boat the other day. I thought he was joking at first. Then he showed me the ring. Amelia was over the moon and well it’s far, far too early yet. But I want you as my Man of Honour and I was thinking of potentially stealing your children for flower girl and ring bearer duties” Penny says. 

She was practically glowing in joy. It might honestly be the happiest Pete had ever seen her. 

“I’m sure they’ll be happy to help. Might have to give them a few years though. But of course, I’ll be happy to be whatever you need me to do. Tackling exes will cost you extra” Pete says. Sammy kicks him as if to say he agrees. 

“Yeah well hopefully shouldn’t have any unnecessary scum bags there. Do you think I’m doing the right thing?” Penny asks. 

“Absolutely. Cyclone makes you happy. Are you doing a traditional marking ceremony?” Pete asks, catching onto her neck. 

Her ex-husband’s mark had faded by now to the point it was barely there. Her disdain for Greg and his choice of women that were barely legal had been evident since Pete had heard about their divorce. 

“Beau wants to wait until we’re married yes but I don’t mind. Gives me time to really think about it you know. Greg was one mistake I don’t want to make again. Took forever to get him to leave our bond line alone. The prick” Penny mutters. 

“I’m glad that Cyclone’s taking care of you. I’m sorry it couldn’t be me” Pete says softly. Leaning his head on his hand as he picks at the fries sitting between them. 

“It’s been nice seeing you relax. Not filled with so much mental turmoil.” 

“Yeah turns out therapy actually works. Who would have thought” Pete remarks. 

Penny shook her head. 

“No. It’s not that. You came back to Top Gun, expecting a suicide mission. Like you knew you weren’t making it back alive. And now, it’s like you’ve completely flipped. You smile like you used to before Goose died. It’s like you’ve finally let go” Penny explains. 

“I’ll never let go Pen, Not really. But I guess I’ve learnt to live with it in a way it doesn’t drown me. And anyway these two can’t have me flipping my shit every time something goes wrong. I need to be there for them and for Jake and Bradley. I get 40 years if I’m lucky. 20 if the chemicals they filled us with take me out first. I want every one of those years to be focused on my kids and my mates and I can’t do that if I’m playing a cage match with my PTSD” 

It was the only thing that kept him going to therapy. Sure he might just have a breakdown one day and lose his mind for good. But he had no plans on that happening just yet. 

“So tell me. What colours do you want for the wedding?” Pete asks, turning their conversation from the IED that was his head and back to happier topics. 

“ clue. Greg planned the last one” 

“I have a feeling we’re gonna need Amelia’s help” Pete murmurs stealing the last chip. 

“Yeah that’s probably a good call” 

Chapter Text

Jake woke up to Bradley tapping him on the shoulder. 

“It’s your turn” Bradley mutters. Jake looked at the alarm clock. Four in the morning. Turning to watch as Maverick walks past their bedroom door again. Jake gets himself out of bed. 

Finding Maverick murmuring to the twins and walking up and down the hallway again. It was nightly at this stage. The twins were little night owls much to their mate's chagrin. 

Sometimes it was a little jarring to see they're normally fit as a fiddle mate, looking like a small beach ball. It was beautiful as well. Knowing what Maverick was putting himself through proverbial hell for them. For their twins. 

“Baby, are you singing Foreigner?” He questions softly when he catches up to Maverick. The man rubbing a hand over his stomach. Singing softly under his breath. 

“Yes, shhh. I just got Sammy to stop kicking. They like Foreigner” Maverick says, a small smile on his face. 

“God help us if they have your music tastes” Jake murmurs. 

Maverick looked offended. 

“It’s not my fault you were raised on country bumpkin crap. At least your children will have decent taste in music if they grow up listening to Foreigner and AC/DC” Mav says. 

Jake just rolls his eyes, pulling Mav close. Kissing him softly just cause he can. 

Only to pull back when he hears the smallest trickle of water. Maverick looking down as well, a small puddle of water at his feet, his boxers stained. 

“Uh...unless I pissed myself. I think my water just broke” Mav whispers. Voice shaking a little. 

“ROOSTER! CODE PURPLE!” Jake calls, already pulling out his phone to call Dr Valen. 

“No. No call your mum first. She needs to be here” Pete gets out. Breathing through his teeth. He looks pissed and hurt. 

“I’m calling Dr Valen. You call your mum” Bradley says appearing. Wide awake. He must not have gone back to sleep after he poked Jake out of bed. 

Jake nodding, shuffling Mav into their bedroom. Getting him to sit down on the edge of the bed. Grabbing him some clothes as he uses his shoulder to hold his phone to his ear. 

“Jakey what’s wrong?” He finally gets as Bradley throws him a towel.

“The twins are coming. Pete said you wanted to be here for it. You think you can get on a plane?” He asks.  Helping Mav stand and pulling down his boxers. Wiping down Maverick's legs for him. 

“Samuel. Babies are coming! I’ll book a flight. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Get him to the hospital. I’ll meet you there” Maribel says quickly. 

“Thanks, mum. I’ll keep you up to date” Jake says hanging up, getting his mate dressed in comfy clothes. 

Only to feel as Maverick sinks his fingers into Jake’s shoulder, a small scream of pain coming from his throat. Jake just gritted his teeth and bared the pain silently. Letting Maverick do whatever he needs to. 

“Mum is gonna be here as soon as she can ok, she’ll meet us at the hospital” Jake whispers. Rubbing his hands down Mav’s cheeks. 

Maverick shakes his head. Tears in his eyes. Pain to. 

“Dr Valen said to get him in as soon as possible” Bradley says appearing. Grabbing the bag that Jake had mocked Bradley for making so early. He wasn’t mocking anymore. 

“No. Not without mum. Not without mum. It’s fine. We’re fine” Maverick mutters. Voice raw with pain. 

“That’s at minimum three and a half hours away Mav,” Bradley says. A look of worry on his face, rubbing a hand down Mav’s arm. 

“Then we wait. I am not giving birth without her here! Am I understood!?” Maverick seethes. Eyes alight with a fury that Jake had never seen before. 

“Fine but the minute your contractions hit fifteen minutes apart. I’m taking you, kicking and screaming. You can hate me afterwards” Bradley promises. 

Maverick looks at him, before nodding. 

It might be the most torturous four hours that Jake has ever sat through and he sat through the ASTB exam. As contractions move from an hour apart to half an hour. Bradley constantly counts on his watch. Maverick keeps himself as distracted as he can. Which is to say. Decorating the nursery. 

Jake goes to point out how that’s a bad idea at the moment but Bradley shuts him up. So they both sit in the doorway of the nursery, legs entwined as they watch their partner rearrange baby books for the fifth time. Jake sent his mother a text about their change of plans. 

The pack up and awake after Mav had put his pain through their bond by accident. Bradley sending updates to the pack. Mav had felt bad but the pack had all reassured him they were fine with it. Bond lines thrumming with excitement and worry. 

Maribel doing what she does best. Blowing into their house and taking charge. This time though it was a force of good. 

“Hey, Pete. Let’s get you to the hospital ok? Let’s meet the twins. Yeah?” Maribel questions when she steps into the nursery. Leaning down and rubbing the back of her fingers down his face. 

“Yes mum” 

Jake and Bradley helping him up and getting him into the car. Maribel just soothes Pete the whole way there. Rubbing her hands over his own, talking to him about this and that. Nothing to do with the gremlins trying to claw their way out of his stomach. 

Thankfully Dr Valen had been the understanding type. 

“We had one person come in only after they passed out due to pain. They wanted to wait for their husband to get home. Lucky their sister had been over.
You did the best you could to get him here. Hi Captain Mitchell. Let’s get you and your twins ready.” 

Mav just nodding, sweating already and nothing but pain on his face. Jake’s head almost spins with how quickly they're shoved into an operating room. Clothed in blue medical gowns and slip-over socks. 

“Dr Valen, three people are too many to have in here with him. If we need to reach his head. Maybe the uncle can wait outside?” One of the others in the room says. 

“These two men are both the dads. Make sure you have the cribs ready and make sure you have NCIU on standby just in case. We’re running 3 weeks early. So these kids are gonna be small and their gonna need to be helped” 

“Oh is it a surrogacy?”

“No Nurse Hutchins, a triad. All three of them are the dads. Now please do what I asked” Dr Valen orders. 

“Yes, Doctor” Nurse Hutchins murmurs, walking off. 

Jake and Bradley sitting on either side of Maverick’s head. Maribel runs a hand through Mav’s hair as a plastic screen is set up over his stomach blocking it from view. 

“Wait, why are they doing that?” Mav asks softly. Panic in his voice, already slightly slurred from the sedative they had given him. 

“It’s traumatic to watch your stomach get cut open. We want this to be as trauma free as possible. For everybody involved. Don’t worry you’ll know as soon as you can about your babies ok? You’ll probably hear them first” Dr Valen explains, peaking over the screen at him. 

Maverick squeezing at Bradley’s hand. Body tense. 

“You’re all going to be fine baby” Jake whispers rubbing a hand across Mav’s arm. 

The doctors talk amongst themselves and as much as Jake wants to look behind the curtain. He's not game. 

“Alright Baby A is breech. Be careful or you could nick him. Take it slow” Dr Valen says. 

Maverick tries to push himself up on his elbows. Trying to see over the screen. 

“Hold him down please boys. He can’t move, if he moves again we’ll have to knock him out” Dr Valen calls. 

A soft sedative not doing much to keep Maverick out of it. 

“Baby, you have to stay as still as possible. It’ll be ok. Just focus on us. I know we’ve been using Nicky and Sammy but are those the names you really want?” Jake questions, getting Mav to look at him. 

Mav nodding. Staring Jake down, eyes searching every part of Jake’s face. He had never seen fear in the man’s eyes before and it was heart-wrenching. 

“Good I’m glad. We’ll have to figure out middle names too. What about Duke?” Bradley asks. 

Maverick shakes his head. 

“Duke was your father right sweetheart?” Mari asks.

“Yes. He died in action.” Mav mumbles. 

“He died a hero” Bradley reiterates. 

“Wrong side of the line Bradley. Doesn’t count” Maverick slurs. 

“If you don’t like Duke what about Orion?” Jake asks. 

Bradley looked up a soft sparkle in his eyes. 

“I like Orion. Samuel Orion Mitchell?” Bradley questions. 

“Pete, what do you think? PETE!” Jake says, realising Maverick’s eyes have started fluttering.  His skin was pale and he was sweating bullets. Losing grip on Bradley’s hand. 

“Get them out of here now! We’re haemorrhaging. NOW!” Dr Valen yells and Jake is being grabbed around the shoulders. 

Snarling, trying to cling to the table. Not wanting to leave his mate. Maverick is completely unresponsive. 

Bradley facing the same problem. Both of them yelling. All while Jake’s mother looks calm. Still running her fingers through Mav’s hair. 

“GET THEM OUT NOW! Take the twins down to NCIU, clear the fluid from their lungs. Getting them responding.” Dr Valen orders. 

“If you touch me, if you force me away from my son. I will make sure neither of you breathe. Am I clear?” Maribel says, voice boarding on soft. The two men who were trying to grab her stop.  Hearing her threat loud and clear. 

Jake and Bradley getting dragged from the room, against their will. Feet dragging across the floor. 

“We will sedate you if you don’t cooperate!” One of the security guards snaps. It gets Jake to stop yelling but he doesn’t stop fighting to be with his mate. 

Finally, the operating room door is closing in front of them. 


“Please wait in the other room. We’ll get you when everything is sorted” One of the nurses says softly. 

Security forces Jake and Bradley down the hallway. Stripping down their blue gowns, and throwing them in the trash as Jake just collapses in the first chair he sees. His heart barely functions as he feels tears burn his eyes. 

Before they know it, their pack is in the waiting room as well. He doesn’t even know who called them, how they knew. All of them sit around quietly. Bradley between Jake’s knees, arms wrapped around his waist as he cries. Jake just rubbed a hand up and down his back. Unsure how much longer he can wait. His own face stained with tears. 

Payback and Coyote talking softly amongst themselves, throwing paper at Fanboy when he wasn’t looking. Fanboy just takes it as he leans back against the coffee table. 

Phoenix and Bob sitting on Jake’s right, while Penny and Cyclone take his left. 

All of them just staring ahead. Amelia sitting at Penny’s feet playing on her phone, tears slipping down her face. 

“Mr Seresin? Mr Bradshaw?” A nurse says appearing once the sun has been in the sky for a while. Far too long in Jake's opinion. 

Jake felt a pit open up in his stomach. Her face gave nothing away as they stand. 

“Come this way please” She motions. 

“Is everything ok? What happened? Is Pete ok?” Bradley asks. 

She stops in front of a private room before Bradley can even finish speaking, opening the door and Jake feels relief enter his system. When he sees his mate, laying in bed but alive, breathing. The stomach they had just gotten used to, was flat. Bradley enters the room first, and Jake enters straight after. 

They hear the nurse talking but it falls on deaf ears. Maribel waved softly from the other side of the bed. She had never left Maverick’s side. 

Mav turns to look at them, still out of it but his smile is the best present in the world. 

“Thank fuck your ok” Jake says, running a hand through Mav’s hair. Just wanting to touch him. 

Bradley grabbed Pete’s hand. Pressing a kiss to the back of it. 

“The twins?” Mav asks. Voice heavily slurred. Jake and Bradley looking up at the nurse waiting for the answer. 

“Your babies are doing perfect Captain Mitchell. We’re bringing them up to you now. They’re healthy, happy...see here they are now” The nurse says. 

A crib wheeled through the door, a nurse pushing them gently and burbling softly. Maverick trying to push himself up to see them, Jake keeping him pinned. 

“They’ll come to you sweetheart. Just stay there” Jake whispers. 

Bradley and Jake making room and for the first time in 8 months. Jake gets to see his children. 

They might be the most perfect things he had ever seen. Soft little faces, chubby cheeks. Small wisps of blond already appeared on their tiny heads. Wrapped up in blue and pink respectively. 

“You can pick them up boys,” The nurse says. 

Bradley moves first, scooping up Nicole gently. She was so tiny in his hands. Opening her eyes, they were the soft green of her Papa’s. Looking around as Bradley tucks her into the crook of his arm. 

“Hi, baby. I’m your of them at least. Look at you, your beautiful” Bradley whispers. Voice raw with emotion.

Jake grabs Sammy next, doing the same. Tucking his son into the crook of his arm. The soft smell of Cherries filters off him as Jake sits gently on the side of Mav’s bed. 

“Look, Pete. Look at how beautiful they are. I’m so proud of you baby” Jake murmurs to their mate. 

Maverick reaching out a hand. Placing it softly on the blanket that Samuel was wrapped in. 

“Cheese” He whispers. Nothing but love in his eyes. Even if they're slightly hazy. 

“I’m assuming that’s not your son’s actual name?” The nurse questioned, a small smile on her face. 

“No, It’s Samuel. Cheese is just a nickname” Jake reassures her. 

“Tired” Maverick mumbles, leaning his head against Jake’s shoulder. 

“He will be coming out of sedation for quite a while. He started to panic and rip open his stitches. It took an omega dose and two alpha doses to get him down. Let him rest while he can. Once his up and about we’ll start skin-on-skin time and get the twins fed. I’ll leave you to enjoy your family time. Don’t be surprised if Captain Mitchell falls asleep again.” The nurse explains. 

Jake and Bradley share a laugh. 

Of course, it had taken them that much to knock the great Captain Maverick out. 

“May I hold one?” They hear eventually. Jake looking up at his mother. 

She looked exhausted but happy. 

“Sure thing. I’m gonna go tell the pack everything is ok before Cyclone barges in here demanding answers” Bradley murmurs. Jake watches as Maribel grabs his daughter. 

“Brown eyes” Mav mumbles, running a finger down their son's cheek. 

Jake looks down to see his son looking after his twin. Before his eyes follow Bradley out the door. 

“Brown eyes” Jake repeats. Brown eyes turning up to Jake. Jake swears there’s recognition in his son’s eyes. He must remember Jake’s voice. 

Said eyes were beautiful. Reminding him of hot chocolate and fudge brownies. Jake just relishes in the happiness of his family. 

Turning to look at his mother cooing. Rubbing across the few strands of hair on Nicky’s head. 

“Thank you,” He says to her.

She might have her issues, she might have trouble understanding their love. But the fact that she had fought so viciously to make sure Pete was ok. All of Jake's anger washes away. If she had truly hated them, their choices. She wouldn't be here right now. Except she was here and that was enough for Jake. 

“I meant what I said Jakey. Pete and Bradley are my sons too and I would do anything to protect any of you. I’m very proud of you all. Of Pete especially...oh am I talking about your Papa Nicky? Hi, my love” She murmurs, turning her attention back to Nicky. 

Jake feels as Maverick gives out against him. Getting Pete to lay back down against the bed. Lying next to him as best as he can. Feeling his mate's soft breathing. Maverick playing up their bond line even in his sleep. 

“Oh you are going to be a pain in the ass aren’t you” He murmurs when he watches Sammy wiggle his arms from his wrap. Jake reaches out a finger, smiling when it’s grasped with all the strength his son can muster. 

“His your son what do you expect” Maribel mutters. 

Jake sticking out his tongue. 

Chapter Text

Pete dreams. He dreams about Carole and Goose telling him how proud they are. How much they love him. How beautiful his children are. He can’t remember much by the time he wakes up. Just their looks of pride.

When he wakes the first thing he feels is empty. His stomach is empty and flat. Pulling the blanket up and his shirt up to see bandages around his stomach.

He remembers seeing his children but that doesn’t mean he really has processed it.

Pulling everything back into place as he looks around instead. Smiling softly when he sees Jake and Bradley curled up on the nearby chairs. Each of them holding a baby. Snoring softly.

They must be absolutely exhausted.

Pete knows he shouldn’t wake them but he wants to see his children and he needs to talk to the doctor. Last thing he remembers was Jake and Bradley talking about middle names.

Pressing the nurse button. The beeping startling his mates awake. Instincts already kicking in as they make sure the twins are ok first.

“Mav baby your up” Bradley murmurs. Voice soft.

“I am. Now give” Pete says holding out his hands.

Bradley and Jake heading over to him.

Omega purring at the sight of his family.

“Meet your son and daughter baby,” Bradley says sitting on the bed. Bending his body so Pete can see his son.

“They're ok?” Pete asks as Jake slips Nicky into Pete’s arms.

"They're perfect" Jake assures him.

Pete looks at his tiny little daughter and he wonders how he could make such a beautiful human being.

“She smells like rain” He whispers, rubbing a hand down her cheek. Watching her mouth open as she turns her head, trying to suckle on his finger. He can’t understand how something that felt so big, was actually so small. His hands encompassed her whole body so easily.

“Captain Mitchel I’m glad to see you up and about. We have a few things to go over. Are you up for that at the moment? Don’t worry you won’t have to put your daughter down” Dr Valen says, walking into the room.

"Yes Dr Valen"

“You started haemorrhaging during surgery. It wasn’t critical thankfully and you're all stitched up and fine. But you’ll be on strict bed rest until you heal. Or else you risk opening your stitches. Right now your main goals are to bond with your children and be pampered by your mates. Think you can do that?” Dr Valen asks coming over, checking both him and the twins out.

Jake and Bradley watched her every movement. Pete just nods along.

“Also the other news. We found something quite interesting about your twins. Little Nicky is about three days older.”

“Wait I’m sorry. How does that happen?” Jake asks looking up.

“It’s called hetropaternel superfecundation. It means you're both the fathers. Nicky was conceived three days earlier by one of you. Sammy three days later by the other. They're still twins, of course, They’re just fraternal. They still share the same birthday. We know whose who if you would like to know?” Dr Valen asks.

Pete watches both his mates shake their heads.

“Doesn’t matter. We don’t want to know. As long as you do for medical needs that’s all that matters” Bradley speaks up for them.

“Very well. The midwife will be in soon to help you with feedings and all that sort of stuff” Dr Valen says. Smiling wide.

“Thank you,” Pete says before she can leave.

“You're welcome, Captain Mitchell. Enjoy your family time”

Pete startling a little when Sammy starts wailing, which sets his sister off.

“Shh baby. Shh. It’s ok. Daddy’s got you” Bradley murmurs, rubbing a soft hand over their son’s head.

Pete soothes Nicky in return. Getting her quietened quickly enough. Felt pride in his chest at being able to do so.

Eventually, Pete gets fed and then the midwife stops by to help him learn how to latch his kids on. It was a trippy sensation. To know he was feeding his kids. That he was biologically able to and that when it needed to it. He would produce milk. He had ignored the growth of his chest. Though he did find his mates staring him down quite often. Lust in their eyes. Except now he had a little monster trying to rip his nipple off, he was certain they would find it the least sexy thing in the world.

He was devastatingly wrong. Not missing the occasional slightly open-mouthed, heated looks his mates would send his way. From where they were keeping Sammy distracted. Burbling at him and playing with his tiny hands. Looking at him like he was the most precious gem in the world.

“Alright, for now, it’s best you only feed one at a time. We’ll monitor their intake over the next few days. See how you go. If you can’t produce enough. We’ll have to consider formula” The midwife explains.

“When can our pack visit?” Pete asks. Missing his family. They had been picking at the bond linds every since Pete had woken up.

“After the twins have finished eating, as long as they all have their vaccines up to date”

“We’re military. It’s standard” Jake speaks up.

“Then you should be fine,” The midwife says, a soft smile on her face.

Pete was tired again by the time he had fed his pups. Jake helps him back into his shirt as Bradley holds the twins. Eyes darting over both of them. Like he can’t believe they're real.

“I guess we broke your curse Jake” Pete murmurs.

“Still twins. I’m counting it” Jake says before kissing him gently. A grin on his face before moving to grab Nicole off of Bradley. Both of them sit close as they can to Pete.

Pete hears them before he sees them.

“Whoa hey, not so many” The nurse tries futilely to tell them but the pack is forcing themselves inside the room anyways.

Phoenix and Penny reach Pete first. Gently hugging him. Asking how he was.

“You know you didn’t have to beat me to the punch right?” Phoenix teases.

Once everybody’s standing around and said their hellos. Pete introduces his twins.

“Meet Samuel Orion-Beau Mitchell and Nicole Mickey Mitchell. ”

Mickey looked up at Pete surprised.

“No way. You didn’t” He asks, voice thick.

“Maverick you realised you’ve named your child Nicky Mickey right? Are you sure you want to make that mistake?” Reuben teases. Mickey elbows him in the side.

“Shut up before he changes it!”

The others in the room laughing.

Cyclone is the quietest out of the lot. Just staring at Pete. Eyes shimmering with little tears.

“I’m getting coffee. Who wants one?” Cyclone finally asks. Clearing his throat and looking away.

A few people sticking their hands up.

“Can I have a coffee? Black?” Pete begs.

“Sure thing. Good job Captain Mitchell” Cyclone says before disappearing.

“I think you made him cry” Amelia teases.

Cyclone returns soon enough with Maribel in tow.

“Petey your up and about. I’m so glad. Sorry I was gone so long I was taking a walk” She murmurs.

Surprising him with a kiss on the forehead.

“Petey?” Penny mouths.

Pete just shrugs.

“Oh...I see everybody is here” A nurse says appearing with more iv bags.

“Not quite. This is only half” Pete says grinning a little.

The nurse paling a little bit.

“Ma’am, can you please take a photo for us?” Amelia asks holding out her phone.

Pete tries to fix his hair a little. Certain it looks like he's been dragged through the Gobi desert for sixty miles straight.

“Baby you look beautiful” Bradley reassures.

The nurse took a few photos. Amelia thanking her. A giant smile on her face as she shows Pete.

“See you look great. Happy”

“Thanks, Ame” Pete says hugging her gently. He hadn't missed her tear-stained face. The stress he must have put her and his entire pack under.

Pete is kept in for a week so they can monitor his stitches and keep an eye on the twins.

Partially terrified when they're told they can take them home.

“All three of you are going to be perfectly fine. You have a very wonderful support system but if you have any questions or worries. Call this number. It’s mine” Dr Valen says handing Jake a card.

Pete happy to be home never the less. Happy to take a decent shower. Jake helps him apply new dressings and then Pete is allowed to sit in something other than a bed. Curled up on the couch to watch some movie or another but it's nice. Getting to curl into his mate's stomach.

Bradley just holding him close.

“Mum said she’d watch them for a while so we can get some decent sleep,” Jake says appearing.

He looked shattered, and so did Bradley.

Both refused to leave the hospital. Maribel had brought them fresh clothes and things like that.

Jake collapses on the couch. Resting his head on Pete’s stretched-out thigh.

“We have kids” Jake whispers.

“And whose fault is that?” Pete teases.

“Apparently all three of us” Bradley murmurs, rubbing a hand through Pete’s hair.

Eventually, Maribel has to leave, to go home and Pete prepares himself to struggle a little without her sure wits. Sure he had Bradley and Jake but they couldn’t feed the little soul suckers.

They do their best to feed him and keep the house clean and take care of Pete in any way they can.

Every day Pete wakes up and has to go through that realisation that holy shit he has children. It was a jolt of surprise and then happiness and then cooing over the two babies he gave life to.

Their little eyes looking around, already so curious about the world. Pete has to be taken out of the room the day that Nicky grabs hold of Bradley’s moustache so he doesn’t rip his stitches from laughing so hard.

“That’s what you get for taunting our daughter your terrible moustache” Jake had called as Bradley had tried to disengage her little fingers before he ended up half a moustache down.

Pete clutching to his stomach and bit into the collar of his shirt to stop his laughter.

It was painful but it reminded him that he was alive.

The hardest thing was the constant feeding. Pete hadn’t left the house in close to two weeks. Not that he wanted to be away from his twins. Therapy done over the phone. Pete did not want to stop it if he could. The therapist was happy to move over to phone calls instead of in-person visits. Understanding the whole newborn situation.

The pack constantly drop off food, coming in for coffee but they never push. Which Pete is grateful for it. For the tiny break of speaking to an adult that didn’t baby talk every word or slur their speech from tiredness is a relief.

Penny and Cyclone stopping by today. Pete had been enjoying a lovely conversation about the issues at the bar, Cyclone telling him about some idiot that had nearly blown up a jet when Cyclone won’t suddenly look him in the eye.

“I don’t look that much like a mess do I?” Pete teases, but still brushes a hand through his hair.

“Your leaking sweetheart,” Penny says, looking pointedly down at his chest.

“Ahh shit. Again” He whines looking down.

Sure enough, there was a small stain on his shirt.

Penny helping him up and to the nursery.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed over. It used to happen to me all the time. Once you guys figure out a routine. It’ll stop. I leaked for a month because Amelia was so fussy. And it probably doesn’t help you're dealing with two hungry mouths."

Jake and Bradley hand off the babies. Jake watches Penny with a critical eye as Bradley helps Pete out of his shirt.

“I’m not gonna drop him, Hangman. You have my word. So stop looking at me like that. Go talk to Cyclone” Penny chides.

“Sorry Pen” Jake mutters. Retreating a little.

“It’s ok. Isn’t it Sammy? Your daddies are just overprotective” Penny coos.

“Ow...ow biting! No biting” Pete squeaks when Nicky gets a little too feisty for her meal. She was far from teeth but her little gums were vicious.

“She’s definitely Jake’s. A biter” Bradley teases, once he made sure Pete’s ok. Pressing a kiss to his temple. Jake flipping him off before grabbing the back of Bradley's shirt and dragging him out of the room.

“How are you going with all of this?” Penny asks softly, once his changing over the children. Penny happy to take Nicky, and the rag that Pete hands her.

“It’s tough sometimes. I’m luckier than most though. I have two people to help take care of us and every ounce of sleep deprivation is worth it when I see how happy my family is. When I see their faces. It’s like the rest of the world fades away. I still can’t believe their real” Pete says softly.

“Their beautiful Pete. Absolutely beautiful. It’s so nice to see you happy, even if your falling asleep on me” Penny teases, rubbing a hand up and down Nicky’s back.

“Sorry. Don’t take offence” Pete says shaking his head.

“I was tired with one, you must be exhausted with two. If anybody understands it's me” She reassures him.

Suddenly Bradley appears at the door. Excitement in his eyes.

“Phoenix is giving birth”

Chapter Text

Pete was torn. Keep his babies safe at home or be with his pack member while she gave birth. He had made her a promise. 

Eventually, Pete is making sure his loves are warm enough and tucked into their baby seats. Jake and Bradley reassured him they would have the twins close by at all times. That they would just sleep so Pete could be in with Natasha. 

Bradley and Jake sat down with the pack. Amelia asking if she can see the babies. Fanboy and Payback had picked up her on the way over. Penny making a joke about being scotch mist. 

Natasha and Bob’s parents look slightly worried and confused at the pack surrounding them. 

“Mav you should be at home resting” Natasha cries when he enters the room. Looking ready to rip off someone's head. 

“And miss out on you screaming. Absolutely not. I made you a promise” Pete chuckles, Bob bringing him over a chair. 

“How’re the twins?” Natasha asks. 

“Doing ok. Bradley and Jake are looking after them in the waiting room. I think your mother was giving me the devil's eyes cause I was allowed in” 

“She...she’s controlling and a pain in the ass” Natasha mutters out. 

“and I’m not?” Pete points out, leaning on the bed. Making sure his stitches aren’t crumpled. 

“I love her but she’d just try and tell the doctors what to do. She’ll live.” Natasha reassures him. 

Natasha thankfully keeps her birth short and concise. A lot easier than Pete had it that’s for sure. Though Pete is sure his finger is dislocated. Bob actually has to get his hand reset and bandaged when Natasha breaks his pinkie. 

She hadn’t meant to and Bob had taken it like a champ. He hadn’t even flinched when that cracking noise happened. Just continued to soothe Natasha as she pushed out 7 pounds of screaming baby. 

Sure Pete might have a sore stomach but he thinks he definitely prefers C-section. Just playing his part as Pack leader. Letting his bond line soothe her as best as it can. 

Petra was every bit as beautiful as her parents. Bob’s eyes and Natasha’s small hands. Yawning as her little eyes search the bright new world. 

Only giving the new parents some space when Petra is wrapped up and in Natasha’s arms. Knowing his own would need feeding again. Bob and Nat’s parents just outside the birthing suite door. Natasha’s mother gives him one look up and down. A sneer on her face. 

“Your leaking” She points out. 

“Yeah tends to happen when I see babies. Gotta love those omega genes” Pete remarks. Unfazed by it, pulling at the bottom of his shirt. Seeing the stains there. 

Pete hates to stereotype and he really shouldn’t considering his own Alpha’s had beat the statistic. But they also weren’t as stuck up as Natasha’s prarents. It’s no wonder Nat’s parents had nearly torn each other apart. 

But with that came the pro. That from two strong Alpha’s came Natasha. 

“How’d she go?” Bradley asks. Trying to hold Sammy’s pacifier in the babe's mouth but Sammy spits it out. Bradley caught it quickly enough, trying futility again. Jake quietly hums as he walks back and forth across the waiting room. Nicky curled up against his shoulder, little hands clutching to his shirt in her sleep. 

“Their all going to be fine, just tired,” Pete says. Catching the pacifier this time when Bradley misses it. Samuel wailing. 

The pack perked up at the sound, wanting to make sure their pack pup is ok. 

“Here give him,” Pete says, grabbing the stupid modesty blanket from their bag. 

Would his pack really care. No. But Pete also didn’t need to be done for some stupid sexist law. Bradley helped him settle in, adjusting the blanket for him. 

Sammy’s wailing stops as he starts eating. Pete can't wait until he can start pumping. But something about bonding...and feeding times and...something else that Pete can't remember. 

Javy opens his mouth. 

“So does it feel go ....” He starts. Jake kicking him lightly in the thigh. 

“Finish that sentence and I hit you” Jake mutters. 

“You just did loser” Javy points out rubbing up and down his thigh. 

“Would you like to hold Nicky?” Jake asks, staring his best friend down. 

Javy swivelling his head around to Pete. Asking silently. 

“If Jake says you can. Sure” Pete promises. 

“I’ll go wash my hands,” Javy says standing. Coming back under a minute later. Excitement in his eyes. It was cute. Jake telling him how to hold her. 

“She’s so small. How is she so small? Hi, little one. I’m Coyote. I’m your cool uncle” Javy says. 

“It’s ok, she’s hardier than she looks. You don’t have to be so worried. You're doing fine” Jake reassures his friend, adjusting Javy’s grip a little. 

“I can’t believe you have a kid dude. Let alone two of them”  

“Me neither sometimes. She’s beautiful isn’t she” Jake says. 

“Now your just bragging” 

“No, that’s all Pete's genes” 

They had decided to keep their biological status a secret. Something just between the three of them. Nobody else needed to know. They didn’t need to know either. But some part of Pete did wonder who was who. 

His sure as his gremlins grew older it would become more evident. But right now they were his squishy, little, bitey beans. 

“Seriously what is your problem” Pete whines when Samuel tries to gum him to death. 

“Biting again?” Bradley asks. 

“We are definitely doing formula when they grow teeth or I’m not gonna have nipples” Pete whinges. 

“Only about 6 and a half months more” Penny points out. 

Pete just makes a face at her. Penny laughing. 

“Baby. I’m hungry can you go get me something to eat?” Pete begs Bradley. 

Another few hours passed. Their kids bouncing from arm to arm. All of the pack looking to hold them. Until their finally let in to see the new family. 

Pete was happy to wait in the waiting room with his twins. Not wanting them jostled too much. He had already met Petra. He was happy to wait. Just tickling his twin's bellies and laughing at their sweet reactions. They couldn’t smile or laugh yet but Pete didn’t care. 

The way they kick their legs against their will and stretch out their soft arms. 

“Look at you both go, your going to be so tiring in your teens. I can tell already” Pete murmurs. 

“Captain Mitchell. How are you doing?” Nurse Hutchins asks appearing. 

“We’re fine, aren’t we? Their daddies are in saying hi to Petra. Our new pack puppy” Pete explains. 

“Ahh yes, the wailer. I think she nearly blew the lights out with her screaming. I’m glad you're all doing ok. May I say hi?” Nurse Hutchins asks. 

“Uh...” Pete doesn’t mean to hesitate or growl. He doesn’t but all Nurse Hutchins does is smile. Sitting a seat away from him. 

“That’s ok. You’ll be like this...forever really. We still have patients come in for their paediatric visits and mama doesn’t let go of them the entire time. It’s natural to want to keep them close and safe. Their very lucky to have such a protective daddy. I’ve never seen someone fight so hard for their kids before. Not like you did. It took four security guards to hold you down.” 

“Sacrificing myself is the easiest thing in the world when my families involved. I know. I’ve done it countless times” Pete says. He’d do it all again if it meant he was sitting here with his children. 

“Just remember, scarifies are good but your children would definitely prefer to grow up with their dad...I should go. I’m being paged.” Nurse Hutchins says standing, said pager beeping softly. 

“Mav you who talking to?” Bradley asks. 

“The nurse?” Pete says, turning to look but she’s gone. 

“What nurse? You’ve been sitting here the last five minutes just talking to your self” Jake says. 

Both his mates looked concerned. Jake’s eyebrows doing that pinch-together thing. 

“Your fucking with me? She was right there” Pete states. 

Starting to wonder how tired he truly was until his mates grin. 

“Of course, we’re fucking with you. You ready to go home? Get you back into bed?” Bradley asks. 

Pete just flipping him off as Bradley and Jake come over to grab the cradles. Both laugh about their little joke like it’s the funniest thing in the world. 

The twins trying to figure out where Jake and Bradley were. 

“Hey Cheese, you been a good boy for your papa?” Jake questions, smiling like he had the world in his hands. 

If there was anybody who took to being a father. It was him. Sure Bradley and Pete were doing ok but they were scrambling. Pete had no idea what he was doing half the time. 

He didn’t know how to raise a child. He had helped Carole sure but she did all the heavy lifting. Pete had just been the cool guy that stopped by and let Bradley fly his plane. Or drive the car. Or took him out for camping trips because that’s what men did right. Getting Bradley covered in poison ivy. Carole had just howled with laughter when they had returned covered in welts and rashes tail between their legs. 

Jake seemed to know what every cry meant, what every little gesture meant. He didn’t struggle with any of it. He seemed to thrive under their children’s attention. He never struggled to get them to stop crying. When Pete had asked why. He just shrugged and said he had practised with his nieces. But this was different. 

Pete had learnt over the years. There were amazing pilots and then there were extraordinary ones. Like the 5th Gen soldier that had nearly toasted them. Pete had just been better. He was built for flying. He was born for it. 

But just as he was born for flying. He had learned others were born to do great in other areas. Hangman was a wonderful pilot. More than wonderful but Jake was born to be a dad. 

“Mav you ok?” Bradley asks snapping Pete from his thoughts.

“Yeah, just uh...thinking” Pete shrugs. He stops by Nat’s room just once more to say goodbye before they head off. 

Pete exhausted by the time he gets home but his children are crying again and there is no way he can sleep like that. His omega pushing to take care of its pups. 

So Pete forgoes his nap. Only finally getting to nap late that night. His mates usher him to bed. 

“They will be fine Mav. We’ve got them ok? We promise. Now sleep. You need it” Bradley says as Jake lays beside him. Pulling him close. 

Pete tries to resist but Jake is rubbing up and down his back. Lulling him to sleep. 

He wakes to Sammy crying and he's stumbling out of bed. Forgetting to check the monitor on the way. Instead, his babies quiet almost instantly and Pete is a little concerned. 

Pausing at the doorway. Bradley was bent over their cribs. Singing softly, a smile on his face. 

“Drift off to sleep on your pillow of clouds” He croons. Shushing Pete with a finger to the lips when he notices him standing there. 

Pete treading over to watch his babies, back sound asleep. Breathing softly as Bradley’s voice quietens to a soft humming as he makes sure they're warm enough. 

“It’s only been an hour. You should get some more rest” Bradley murmurs. 

“I thought it was later. Thank you” 

“You never have to thank me for taking care of my kids Mav. Or taking care of you. Now come on. Let’s get you back to bed before Jake has a heart attack” Bradley says, grabbing him gently around the elbows.

Pete steals one last glance at his beautiful kids before he lets Bradley lead him to bed. Tucking him in and wrapping an arm around his midriff. Resting his head on Pete’s chest. 

Jake shuffled himself closer in his sleep, resting his head on Pete’s other shoulder. Pete sank into soft sleep. For...about 4 minutes. 

Bolting awake to his Nicky wailing. 

“I’ve got them” Jake murmurs, pressing a kiss to Pete’s shoulder before the bed dips and his gone. 

Bradley uses his weight against Pete to keep him on the bed. 

“Sleep. Jake’s got them” Bradley murmurs. 

Pete tries his best. 

Chapter Text

Pete wakes up freezing. Snow eating through his flight suit. Breathe coming out in short puffs. 

It was the sound of helicopter blades that woke him up and it was only instinct that had Pete pushing himself to his feet. Hearing the sound of the helicopter's guns start up. Knowing he has less than a second to move or he's going to be target practice. 

The fear in his chest, the noise, the fact he can hear his own heart in his ears. All of its haunting. Counting down to his death as he manages to get himself over the log. Using it as a shield. Knowing there’s still a chance of a bullet passing through the tree and killing him anyways. 

Watching as the helicopter swings itself around. Staring him down and those guns start up again. He’s stuck in place. His stuck and he watches the sky. Begging for Bradley to save him. 

But this time there’s no Bradley. No Bradley to save him. No Bradley was safe on the boat by now. Pete just closes his eyes. Happy that his safe. Happy that out of everything Pete could do. It was getting Bradley home safe. 

I did it, Carole. I kept him safe. 

Pete is bolting upright when the first bullet makes contact. Face drenched in sweat as he stares around his bedroom. His stomach twinges as his pants pull on his bandage the wrong way and the soft snoring of his mates. Feeling the soft sheets beneath him, his normal illow of Bradley’s arm moved as Bradley shifted in his sleep. The scent of wheat and ocean filling his nose. Bradley snoring louder when he ends up on his back, only for Jake to poke him and his rolling over the other way. Slowly letting his sensations bring him back to reality. 

“Pete?” Jake asks, voice still sleepy. Thick. It soothes Pete in the best way. 

“Baby’s hungry” Pete lies, sliding himself off the end of the bed. 

Footsteps quiet as he walks across the hallway. Entering the nursery and breathes a sigh of relief when he sees the twins. Letting himself slide to the floor, watching his children through the wooden bars of the cribs. Watching their small chests rise and fall. Pete reaching his hand through the bar to rest it over Nicky’s stomach. 

Just feeling her breathe. He can’t believe they're a month old already. They were already starting to hold their little heads up at tummy time. Soon they're going to be up walking and talking and terrifying the world with their horrendous egos. 

Pete rested his head against the bars and tried to get his brain to stop replaying the sound of the helicopter blades. The sound of its guns starting up. Feels heat on his cheeks but he ignores it. 

The room smelled so faintly of cherry and rain. Warmth filled him. 

“It’s ok Papa’s here. Papa’s here. I’m never leaving. I promise” Pete whispers, voice breaking with his tears. 

Pete must fall asleep again, cause he wakes to Bradley shaking his shoulders. Pete pulling open his eyes. 

“What?” He asks. 

“Jesus Christ Mav. You had us scared shitless! We thought you were dead or collapsed or something” Bradley grumbles. 

Jake stared worried over Bradley’s shoulder. Sun starting to come in through the nursery curtains. 

“I had a bad dream. I just...wanted to be with the twins. I’m sorry” Pete mumbles. Embarrassed and feeling guilty for freaking out his mates. 

“You should have told us,” Jake says as Bradley draws him into a hug. 

“I didn’t want to wake you” 

“Well next time wake us ok? Please” Bradley murmurs. Rubbing a hand up and down Pete’s back. 

Pete just nodded. Hugging his mate back. Needing the comfort. 

His back feels horrific after sleeping slumped on the floor. Bradley and Jake helping him up. Jake looks worried when Pete cracks his back. 

Once he gets his mates to stop worrying, he sets about feeding the gremlin children. As his mates prepare him breakfast. 

“Your getting way too used to that” Bradley says as Pete works on the Sunday crossword while Sammy eats. 

“You expected me not to?” Pete asks. 

“You don’t give yourself enough credit baby” Is all Bradley states, before setting a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him. Pressing a kiss to his head. 

“So what did you dream about?” Jake finally asks as he and Bradley also sit down. Bradley leaned over to tickle Nicky’s belly in the bassinet they had set up next to the table. 

“Our last mission. You followed your orders” Pete explains. Not wanting to go into too much detail. Eating as best as he can with one hand.

“I never came back for you” Bradley whispers. Staring at him sadly. 

“You followed orders. As you should have done the first time around” Pete re-states. Handing his son off so he can do his shirt back up, grabbing the spit rag off the back of his chair. Handing it to Jake. Jake resting Sammy on his shoulder. Rubbing a hand up and down his back. 

“Yeah and if I did that. You’d be dead and we wouldn’t have beautiful twins. So can you really argue about it?” Bradley asks. 

Pete just looks at his plate. Pushing around his eggs. 

“I just...sometimes struggle with knowing this is all real. What if one day I really do wake up back in that hell hole? That this is all some hallucination.” Pete finally admits. 

His mates brushed down their bond. Reassuring him but it still didn’t stop the fear. 

“We’re very real Mav and even if you do wake up back there. I will always come back for you. Every single time. I will always have your back” Bradley promises. 

The words are pretty and there nice. But even Bradley knows that it’s not going to perk Pete up right away. Pete just nodded regardless. 

Giving a weak smile when his mates shove their chairs around till they're sitting on either side of him. They get him to finish eating, using the forever useful  twins' need food  excuse. 

Before they help him with his crossword. Pressing in on either side. The heat of their bodies kept him anchored to reality. It was helpful. 

Natasha and Bob visit later in the day. Pete was surprised they were even over. But Natasha seemed positively perky. Pete cooed over Petra as they talk. She was somehow even more beautiful than the last time. 

“Careful I think Pete might steal her if he has the chance” Jake teases. 

“How has she been settling?” Pete asks, finally letting his mate hold her. 

“Easy. Seems she got all her crying out the first few hours. Now she barely makes a peep. Just watches us. Dr Valen said it was normal though. Some kids are just quiet” Bob murmurs. Looking proud of his daughter. 

“Ahh, maybe she can teach Cheese. He’s been a menace these last few days” Bradley says setting down drinks. 

All three of them freak out when Natasha grabs the beer off Bob. 

“Phoenix. You can’t drink.” Jake squeaks. Setting his hand over the top of it. 

“I’m not breastfeeding. She’s on formula” Natasha says. Bob nods along. 

“Wait what?” Pete asks. 

“I couldn’t generate enough milk. It’s always a risk with Alphas. I’m not fazed though, she’s happy, she’s fed...maybe a little too fed hey chubby bubba” Natasha coos, love in her eyes as she rubs her finger down Petra’s face. 

“It’s just baby fat” Bob retorts, but the same look in his eyes. Nothing but love for their daughter. 

Pete is jealous as Natasha takes a long sip of her beer. 

“Soon handsome,” Jake says squeezing his shoulder.

“Bite me” Pete mutters. 

Despite his whining. He quite honestly hadn’t missed drinking, been too taken with his sweethearts to care. It’s probably the longest he's gone without a drink since he was 15. 

All too happy to sacrifice scotch forever if it meant his babies were happy and well fed. 

Natasha gets tired eventually and Bob is having to wrench his child from Bradley’s arms. 

“You have your own” Bob chides, both of them being extremely gentle despite their warring. 

“So. A third would be fine” Bradley says eyes sparkling with mischief. 

“A third would mean none of us gets any sleep,” Pete says. 

Bradley eventually gave up Petra. Bob cooing at her. Nat and Jake rolled their eyes at their mate's shenanigans. 

Pete confused when later that night Jake is grabbing out something they haven’t used in months. 

“We have a proposition for you handsome. You can say no of course, but we thought it could help with your reality problem” Bradley says as he and Jake sit Pete on the bed. 

“And that involves me being tied up?” Pete asks. Looking at the rope that Jake was fiddling with. Already on his way to finding the bight. 

“It always calms you down, makes you centred. I’l make sure it’s quick release if the twins cry. But right now they're sleeping, they're bathed, they're fed, they're going to be fine. We’d love to fuck your brains out but we know that’s out of the question right now, so instead, we want to pamper you. May we?” Jake questions. 

Pete thinks about it. 

“Quick release right?” He questions. 

“One tug and it all comes apart. I promise” Jake says. Voice soft. Loving and sweet but there’s that hint of dominance. Just beneath the surface. 

Pete holds out his hands. 

“Good boy” Bradley coos at him. 

Pete is stripped down bit by bit, lips and tongues pressing against the skin of his shoulders and the thick of his thighs as he's laid down on the bed. 

Jake gentle on him as he ties up his hands. Pressing a kiss to the ropes before he ties Pete to the bed. 

“Where are you?” He asks once Pete is secure. 

Pete looks at him confused. 

“Where are you?” Jake repeats. 

“Our room?” Pete asks hoping he has the right answer. 

“Good boy and what do you feel? Can you feel the bed? The rope? Bradley’s hands?” Jake asks. Just sitting back and watching him. 

Pete nodding. Letting his mind tune to everything Jake talks about. The soft cotton of their sheets. The way the rope rubs against his wrists. The way Bradley’s hands are rough against his thighs but still so gentle with his touches. Barely ghosting over his skin. Pete trying to arch up into the touch. 

Bradley uses the bare minimum of strength to hold him back down. Pressing him into the bed. Pressing his hand prints into Pete’s thighs. 

“This is reality Maverick. This right here. Your safe here with us aren’t you?” Bradley questions. 

Pete nodded again. Just letting his brain soothe, letting himself calm to a soft murmur. Knowing his mates will keep him safe. 

Throughout their session. Jake constantly asks him where he was. Anchoring Pete to the world. His bad dream was long gone from his mind. No more helicopter blades sounded in his head. No longer cold from the snow he had woken up in. 

All he can feel is his mates touching him and kissing him and softly whispering their words of love against his skin. Pete climaxed for the first time in months. Left breathless and his head hazy. Jake and Bradley send comfort up and down their mate line. 

He offers to help his mates in return but they reassure him their fine. Bradley gets him set up in the shower after Jake unties him. Pulling off his bandages. 

“It’s looking great. Should be able to keep the bandages off soon. Your barely gonna even notice it” Bradley murmurs, rubbing his fingers gently down the side of the scar. Tracing one of Pete’s new stretch marks. 

“I can’t wait till I can exercise again,” Pete says. 

He wasn’t phased by his body or his belly. He just felt lazy, the heaviest thing he could lift was his 5-pound babies and he felt weak. 

“Soon” Bradley promises him, grabbing the soap and starting to clean Pete down. 

Pete just lets him go. Leaning his head agaiast Bradley’s chest. Happy to be pampered. Pete relaxes into Jake’s arms when Bradley puts him to bed and for the first time in a while. He sleeps for a solid few hours. No nightmares. No babies crying. Nothing but the soft black. He always slept well after a session like that. 

Only waking to Bradley shaking him gently n the morning. 

“Sammy and Nicky are crying for their Papa” 

Pete practically jumped out of bed perky. His mates laughed a little. 

“Nice to see you back in fighting shape sweetheart,” Jake says. 

“Thank you, I’ll pay you back. Both of you” Pete replies. Pressing a kiss to his head before stealing a slice of Jake’s raspberry toast. 

“Anytime” Jake promises, pulling Pete down for a kiss. Pete laughs when the motion causes the toast he was holding to smear across Jake’s cheek. 

“Your cleaning that” Jake mutters. 

Pete taking great care to do so. He feels the prickles of Jake’s stubble against his tongue. Once his done he’s walking over to the bassinet. His world lights up as it does every time he sees his babies. 

Pete pulled Sammy up into his arms, just breathing in that soft scent of cherry. 

Real. This was all real. Pete refused to believe anything else. 

Chapter Text

Pete wasn’t happy his mates had to go back to work but he had been luckier than most. 

Most places would have demanded Jake and Bradley back the second week. Pete had gotten nearly a month and a half with his mates to help out. 

Now he was on his own and he was partially terrified. So first he decides to clean. Wheeling the bassinet into every room he cleans. His stomach was nearly fully healed now and he’d been given the go-ahead by Dr Valen to start doing things again. 

Once he's cleaned, he realises it’s still only early morning. So he decides a walk is in order. Loading his pups into their double pram, making sure their little hats are in place. After their walk...realy Pete’s walk, the kid's nap. He spends time just laying on the floor of their lounge room watching TV and watching his kids do their best to grab each other or grab their own hands. Tiny little chubby hands opening and closing. Like they couldn’t believe they had hands. 

Pete records some of it to send to his mates.

These idiots are so much less cute than the twins. Have they eaten?  Jake asks. 

Pete replied that of course, they had eaten. He had finally gotten around to pumping and it was the best thing in the world. Having bottles on hand so Bradley and Jake could feed them if Pete needed to sleep was amazing. Having milk that came from his body without the mutilation. 

For infants. They were damn near vicious. 

Don’t let them stay on their backs too long . Bradley replies a few minutes later. 

Pete rolled his eyes. 

Can we show the students? Jake asks another minute later. 

Why are you asking me? They're your kids too. If you feel safe enough. 

Pete understood their caution. They were the fathers sure. But Pete was the omega and if anybody was vicious and snarling around their kids. It was the omegas. Alpha’s protect the family but the omega’s protect the pups. 

Pete had seen it plenty of times. Omega’s going rabid when their kids were hurt or stolen. 

Pete sends a photo of the twins for them to show to their students and then spends the last of his day watching Tv and playing with his twins. 

Watching some Disney movie, the music was decent at least. He’d never been one for animation but never the less. It’s better than some gory action movie. Sure the twins probably couldn’t process it but better safe than sorry. 

Eventually curling his children in his arms on the couch and sleeping. Both of them out like a light. Pete’s arms wrapped around his babes to keep them safe so they don’t wriggle anywhere they shouldn't. 

Only waking to his mates getting home. 

Jake picked up a wriggly Sammy, Nicky still conked out on Pete’s chest. His shirt fisted in her little hand. 

“Hey, Bubba. You been a good boy for your Papa? Oh, that was a big yawn."

Pete just gave a vague wave before his asleep again. Hand on Nicky’s back, every breath she takes keeping him calm and happy. 

And that’s how it continues for the next two weeks. The only time the kids really throw a massive tantrum is when they get their shots and get checked over. Getting deemed practically perfect by the doctor. 

Clean, eat, walk, watch tv, nap. 

It’s an easy routine but it’s surprisingly not a boring one. Pete had expected to be wanting to pull his hair out by now but he found he could sit there and watch the twins wiggle for hours. Lift their heads up or throw around their toys. 

He had just set them down for their nap when he gets someone pounding on his door. Moving to open it. Ready to tell off whoever it was for disturbing his children. 

The first word dies in his throat when he sees Natasha. Holding Petra’s portable cradle with tears streaking down her face. Her hair was a mess and she looked ready to collapse there on the floor and sleep. 

“What’s wrong, is Petra ok?” Pete asks, peeking into the cradle. Feeling a little relief when Petra was breathing. She looked perfectly fine actually. Watching Pete in return. 

“Can I come in please?” Natasha begs. 

Pete nods and moves aside. Getting Nat sitting at the table and moving to drag the bassinet into the room. Setting Petra in with the twins. Petra is quite content to snuggle against her pack mates and go to sleep. 

“Alright tell me what’s wrong? What’s got you in a fuss?” Pete questions, wiping down Nat’s face. Pulling her into a hug. Letting his scent out. Letting it calm her. 

Once she finally stops crying, she just stares at her hands but Pete gives her time. 

It’s about fifteen minutes later she’s whispering out her problem. 

“I don’t think I can be a mother. She hates me” 

Pete doing his best to keep his face open and warm

“She loves you, you're her mum.” 

“She screams every time I pick her up. I’m not hurting her. I’m not doing anything wrong but she screams until Bob grabs her and then she just stops. What am I doing wrong? Why does she hate me?” Natasha whimpers, more tears starting to flow. 

“Nat, have you gotten checked for postpartum? They thought I would get it with my PTSD.” Pete asks, rubbing his hands over one of hers. 

“I’m not depressed. I’m happy. I love her so much. I just can’t...I...don’t want to turn into my mother. I yelled at her this morning for crying. Just like she used to do to me” Natasha’s voice came out weak. Desperate. 

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to scream at the twins to stop crying” 

“Yeah but you’ve never actually done it. You're like this perfect father and I don’t know how you're holding it together” 

“Rememer I’ve already had a little practice with one kid. This is your very, very first. Everything she does is new to you. Bradley was a screamer and a biter and a fucking asshole as a baby. I remember how frustrated Carole and Goose would get. Carole punched me once cause I gt Bradley calmed down when she couldn’t. He had been collicy for days. The twins are saints compared to him but I also have Jake and Bradley to help. You and Bob need to work together Nat. He is your biggest support right now and he needs to know you're struggling. Or he can’t help” Pete explains. 

“He’ll hate me for not being able to take care of her. He’ll tell me he was right. That he should have carried her. Not me” 

“Now you're being silly. Bob loves you. In his eyes, you and Petra are te two most important people in his world. He’d do anything for you but you have to talk. Or you're going to combust, worse than you did today. Take some deep breaths for me ok and if you want I can be there when you talk to him. For right now, do you trust me?” Pete says. 

Natasha nodded automatically. 

“Good. Come on” Pete says guiding her and the three sleeping babes into the lounge room. 

“Sit. Take off your shirt” He orders pointing to his armchair. 

Nat seems confused but follows his orders. Stripping off her shirt and sitting on the chair. She was wearing her normal bra top underneath. Pete gets her to lay back. 

“Deep breathes.” He says. Keeping his voice soft.

“Good girl. Now I want you to tell me everything you love about Petra.” Pete says, standing and moving to detach Petra’s hand from Nicky’s footy pyjamas. Picking her up. Taking in that soft cinnamon scent.

“Her eyes, she has Bob’s eyes. Her nose is adorable. She has freckles on her back. She loves baths” Natasha lifts off. Finally putting off a calming scent. Her breaths evened out. 

Pete moved to lay Petra on her mother’s chest. Grabbing Nat’s arms and pulling them around to support her baby. 

Petra opened her eyes for a second before she falls back asleep again. Little fingers latching onto Nat’s dog tags. Soft breaths fell from her. 

“See no screaming. No crying. You can smell her love for you, right? Dr Valen explained to me. That while they won’t present for...years. They’re still born with their primal instincts. They still scent us, our pheromones. When we’re stressed they can smell it or scared or worried. They take all that in and they reciprocate. You're stressed, she’s stressed. You weren’t doing anything wrong. You're just getting a little overwhelmed and your very, very tired” Pete says softly. Rubbing his hand across Nat’s hair. 

Pete watches as Natasha cries again, but this time their happy tears. Relief flooding off her. 

“Thank you Captain” She whispers, pressing a kiss to her baby's head. 

“This won’t fix everything. You really need to talk to Bob and I’ll get you in touch with my therapist. She’s ex-military so she understands exactly what we’ve been through” Pete says. 

Natasha just nods and Pete sits with her until she falls asleep. Pete let her relax. Soak in all of Petra’s soft emotions. Texting Bob to tell him she was over with him and that she had been overwhelmed. 

Only waking Natasha when Petra starts getting fussy. Having put his own down for tummy time. Holding out a warm bottle for her. 

“Oh, thanks. I forgot to bring her formula” Natasha says, a little guilt filtering off her as she sits up a little.

“It’s mine if you're ok with that,” Pete whispers. 

Nat just nods, readjusting Petra so she can feed her and Pete retakes his spot sitting on the floor. Burbling to the twins. 

Holding out their toys, watching as they flail around their hands. Trying to grab at the ring of fake giant keys. 

“So you really helped them with Baby Bradley huh?” Natasha asks moving to burp Petra. 

“I wouldn’t claim most of the work. That was all Goose and Carole but I was staying with thm at the time. It was safer back then, to stay with Goose than to stay on base. It wasn’t safe for omega’s back then. This was back before they implemented heat rooms and all those safety precautions. I helped out where I could. When they needed it” Pete is happy to explain.

Picking up Sammy and watching him move his little legs like he's trying to run. Pete places him so his feet are flat on the floor. Sammy giggling. It’s a little gurgly but it’s definitely a giggle. 

Pete turned to look at Nat surprised. 

“Did he just laugh?” She asks. Lighting up. 

“I think so. Isn’t it too early for that? Huh, you laughing at me baby? You laughing at your Papa?” Pete coos. 

It causes Samuel to giggle again. More clear this time and it’s beautiful. Pete grinned like a moron. Feeling so much warmth in his chest. Butterflies in his stomach. 

Bringing Sammy forwards to press kisses to his chubby cheeks. Sammy doesn’t laugh again but Pete doesn’t mind. 

“See it’s worth it Nat. For times like this. It makes every tear and every scream worth it. Isn’t that right Cheese?” Pete says laying him back on his tummy. 

Moving to set Nicky on her feet this time. She doesn’t giggle, she just watches Pete. Eyes intense for a 3-month-old. Pete felt a little weirded out to see his own eyes staring him down. The same shade of green. 

“That’s my good girl” Pete whispers. 

Bob catches a ride home with Bradley. The sound of the car and the bike sent that familiar thrill through Pete’s body. Happy to know his mates are home. 

Bob moved over to hug Nat on sight. 

“What happened? Are you ok?” He asks. 

Natasha looks at Pete before she tells Bob everything.

“Oh, Nat. I love you. You're such a beautiful mother and Petra knows that. You just get so worried about doing everything perfectly. Nothing perfect with a baby you know that.” Bob says softly when she's done talking. Pressing a kiss to the back of her hand. 

Jake and Bradley just playing with the twins, watching Nat and Bob out of the corner of their eye. Worry for Nat and Petra is prevalent on their faces. Pete promises he’ll explain later. 

“You’ll never guess what happened today?” Pete says catching their focus. 

“Hmm? What’s that handsome?” Bradley asks. 

“Watch,” Pete says, grabbing Sammy off Jake. Setting him on his feet again. Cooing at him. 

Hoping his son doesn’t embarrass him. 

Thankfully Sammy pulls through from him. A bright little giggle comes from Sammy when Pete bounces him gently on his feet. 

Jake bursts into tears which isn’t something Pete expected. 

Bradley just grinning wide as he drags Jake into a side hug. Being careful of Nicky. 

“You massive sook” Bradley teases. 

“It’s just so beautiful. Get him to do it again” Jake begs.

Pete smiles and sets about trying to get Sammy to laugh again. Eventually managing it by blowing air on his little foot. 

When the Floyd’s leave, Natasha hugs Pete tightly. Thanking him over and over again. 

“I’m here any time you need help sweetheart” Pete promises. Rubbing a hand across her back. 

“Take care of her Bob. She needs it” Pete says. Bob nodded, giving him a one-armed hug. Thanking him for looking after his family. 

“You are family. All of you are my family. As your leader I’m not just here to boss you around, I’m here to take care of you as well” Pete reminds them. 

It takes Bradley about an hour after that but he finally gets their son to giggle. 

“I did it! I got him to laugh!” He cheers. 

“Nicky on the other hand looks like she wants to ask me what my tax file number is,” Jake says staring his daughter down, a soft smile on his face regardless. 

“At least we’ll have someone to do our accounting when tax season rolls around” Pete snickers, getting a start on dinner. Handing out two bottles to his idiots. 

Getting a text just as they're sitting down to eat. 

Thank you for taking care of us today. 

Pete just smiles, sends a thumbs up and turns his attention back to his mates. Asking about their day. 

Chapter Text

Pete woke up to tiny little hands tapping on his face. 

“Papapapa” Sammy babbles. 

Bradley giggled in the background. Clearly the instigator. 

Pete very quickly moved to detach his son’s hand from his lip. Knowing that will only end in pain on his end.  

“Hi bubba” He coos. Pressing a kiss to the hand instead. 

“Morning handsome. We thought we’d wake you. Your getting lazy in your retirement” Bradley says, laying Sammy in his arms. Leaning down to kiss Pete on the cheek. 

“What time is it?” 

“Ten. Up you get sleepy head.” Bradley chirps. 

Pete wasn’t surprised. He’d been up last night with bad dreams again, spending his time watching his kids twist and turn. Jake and Bradley were happy to sit up with him. Pete allowed them only cause it was Friday night. 

Pete enters the kitchen just as Nicky ditches her spoon at Jake. Wailing. Pete set Sammy in his own highchair. Sammy looks confronted by his sister, Pete giving him his dummy and one of his toys.  A stuffed dog that was soft enough not to brain one of them if Sammy decided to ditch it. The twins had surprisingly good aim. Bradley had already made jokes about signing them up for baseball. 

Jake bowed his head, sighing softly before rubbing a hand down his face. Other hand grasping the jar of homemade baby food. Pete had been strict on not using the store-bought stuff. Wanting to make his own to be safer. His mates thought he was nuts but let him go. Not wanting to use their veto on something so simple.

“Come on Nicky, you love pumpkin.” He whines a little. Picking the spoon up off the floor. Shoving it in his mouth. 

“Here let me try. Make me a coffee please” Pete insists, grabbing the spoon and the jar from his mate. Jake standing. Running a hand down the back of Pete’s neck as Pete takes his place. 

“You see why we woke you?” Bradley asks. 

“Crisis mode. I’m surprised I slept through it” Pete says, pulling his screaming daughter closer. 

“We tried milk. She refused that as well. Cheese has already eaten.” Jake calls over the ruckus. 

“Hmm, are we being dramatic uh Nicky? You need to eat my love. Come on. Just a little bit for your Papa” Pete coos, holding up a spoonful. Only to notice something. 

“You two come here,” He says, grabbing Nicky’s chin, and holding her in place. Pulling her top lip up as gently as possible as his mates crowd around. 

“She’s teething,” Bradley says, spotting the minuscule white sticking out of her upper gum. 

“That would explain the screaming but she still needs to eat”  Jake points out. 

“I know I’ve got this” Pete says pulling off his top. Bradley grabs it. Setting the food and spoon out of range from curious hands. Not needing a jar of puree pumpkin thrown at his head. 

He mostly pumped now but every once in a while when they were out or he was just too unbothered to get a bottle. Breastfeeding was the easiest thing. He grabs Nicky out of her highchair and bundles her into his arms. Rubbing a hand down her face. Cooing at her. Letting his scent wrap around his baby. Slowing calming her down. 

“I know baby. I know you're in pain. It’s ok. It’s ok my love...can you book an appointment with their paediatrician for tomorrow?” He asks. Finally getting her to eat. Not pleased with the fact she’s trying to bite his nipple off but he lets her go. Rubbing a hand through her soft hair. 

It had grown recently. Both twins sprouting fine blond hair like crazy. Because it was both of them, they put it down to Pete’s genetics. Pete had to agree. He had been lucky. Only got a few grey hairs here and there but he’d been lucky so far to keep it all. 

“Yeah, sure thing. If she’s teething. I’m sure Cheese isn’t far behind. Are you?” Jake coos to their son. Sammy was just content to chew on the ear of his stuffed dog. Watching his daddy, gurgling a little. 

Pete feels as she chomps right into him and the pain that follows. 

“Fudge on a biscuit. You...little...brat” He breathes through his teeth as he pulls her away. Sure enough, she had made him bleed. Trying to keep his tone soft so she doesn’t start crying again. Bradley moved to press a wet washcloth against it. Before pressing a bandage over it. 

“You did tell us you’d stop when they’d start teething” Jake murmurs. Pete just threw him a glare. 

Once they get everybody calmed down and dressed. They take their kids to the beach for the first time. The pack meets them there. Natasha and Bob help Petra build a sand castle. Natasha had gotten help and she was doing so much better. She still had bad days of course. But the pack was ready to step in and help. One of them coming over if she needed help. 

If anybody adored the pack pups though it was Amelia. She would ask to babysit and to help out whenever she could. 

Penny laid out on a towel enjoying the sun as Amelia plays in the ocean with Cyclone, Mickey and Reuben. Which mainly consisted of splashing each other like five-year-olds. Pete is still not used to seeing Cyclone acting so...human. 

Pete kicked out Javy’s leg, sending him on his ass before readjusting his grip on Nicky. She had refused to go to anybody else. Clinging to Pete since he fed her. Screaming any time Bradley or Jake had tried to take her away or Pete had tried to put her down. So they had just dubbed it a Pete day. 

Not that any of them minded. 

“You were drooling. If Cyclone catches you, your mince meat” Pete snickers. 

“Bababa,” Nicky says in return. Her little hat flops as she bobs her head, chewing on her teething ring. Thankfully they had thought ahead and got that stuff early. 

“Yeah was your Uncle Coyote drooling over your auntie Penny” 

“Your lucky your holding a baby” Javy grumbles, Pete holding out a hand to drag the smiling man back to his feet. 

“I am very lucky. She made me bleed this morning. She’s teething”  Pete says. 

“Ouch, I’m suddenly happy I’m not you” Javy snickers, before holding out his hands.

Pete tries to hold out Nicky but she starts wailing. Javy pouting. 

“She won’t leave my side. Sorry. I’m sure Sammy will be happy for cuddles though.” Pete says curling Nicky back into his arms. Letting her rest her head against his shoulder. Calming instantly, still sniffling. Javy catches her ring when she drops it to grip at Pete’s shirt. Javy winced at the gross saliva feel.

Pete heads over to where Jake was trying to stop Sammy from eating sand. Javy scooped him up and tickled his belly. 

It takes Sammy a second to realise who's holding him and he relaxes. 

“Hi, buddy. Let's go build a sand castle with your cousin” Javy says before walking over to where Petra was busy smashing Bob’s creation. Her laughter peeled from her. Natasha smiled wide at the sound. 

“You two go play. Nicky and I are just going to read” Pete insists to his mates. Getting himself settled on the towel,  pressing his hand against Nicky’s cheek. She was warm but she wasn’t running a fever. Rubbing her face against his shoulder. Trying to self-soothe. Bradley held out her pacifier to her. 

She takes it, looking up at him with wet eyes. She always held a much more serious look than her brother. Sammy seemed happy to roll his way toward trouble but Nicky always seemed to prefer watching and waiting. 

“That’s my girl,” Bradley says softly. Pressing a kiss to her head. 

Pete still enjoys his afternoon, enjoying it greatly as a matter of fact. Even if all he does is sit with his daughter and keep her distracted with her books and her toys. Watching his family play across the beach. Laughing and smiling. Nothing but joy on their faces. Watching as Jake holds Sammy over the water. Sammy’s giggle rings out every time the water touches his feet. Wiggling them before letting Jake place him back in the water.

Natasha joins them at one stage and Pete asks her a favour. 

“Would you mind watching the twins for us one night soon? I would like to take my mates on a date. I miss them. It’s gonna be hard being away from these little ones but I need some alone time with my mates. Wear fancy something without having to stop halfway through?” Pete asks. 

“Sure thing. Any time you need. Would you like that Nicky? Stay with me and Uncle Bob for a few hours...ow. She bit me” 

“Sorry,” Pete says. 

“It’s ok. I heard she turned into a bloodsucker this morning. I’m not looking forwards to Petra teething. At least I won't have to sacrifice my skin for her though” Nat says. 

“Yep but it was the only way she would eat. I’m going to totally blackmail her with this when she's a teenager. That I’ve given blood for her” Pete says, grinning. 

It takes two weeks to convince Bradley and Jake to go on a date with him. Bradley was nervous about it. Until it was the night of their date and then Pete is the nervous wreck. Turns out his eagerness is quashed when his actually faced with the reality of leaving his children for a few hours. 

“Baby you said it yourself they’ll be fine. Now come on or we’re gonna miss our reservation” Jake says rubbing a hand up and down his back. 

“If her teething pain gets too bad, give her, her ibuprofen. She’s gonna hate it but it’s gonna make her feel better and you have to keep a close eye on Sammy. He tries to eat anything. He keeps trying to roll from us when we have to change him so watch for that. We’ve taken to putting the changing mat on the floor so he doesn’t try and kamikaze himself. Oh and Nicky....” 

“Maverick enough ok. We’ve got this. We’re currently raising a baby as well. Go have fun. You need it, now give me Nicky” Bob says holding out his hands. 

Pete tensed a little. 

Bob just continues to hold out his hands. Not fazed by Pete’s growling. 

“Mav give up the baby” Natasha chides, already holding onto Sammy. Jingling his toy keys at him. 

“I can’t do it. I can’t. I’m sorry. I’m sorry” Pete whimpers. 

Bradley is pulling him gently away from the others for a second. 

“Baby. Bob and Phoenix are our pack. If anybody is going to protect them, it’s their godparents. You know that. Now come on” Bradley says, slowly edging Nicky from Pete’s arms. 

“Good boy” Bradley chirps, wrapping a hand around the back of Maverick’s head and kissing his forehead. 

Pete moved to twist his engagement ring around. Watching worried. Bob cooed at Nicky when Bradley hands her over. 

“Oh no, not touching the glasses,” Bob says holding her a little further away when she tries to grab them. 

“Thank you guys for this really,” Jake says, wrapping an arm around Pete’s waist. A firm grip on his hip. A silent order. 

“Thank you. Can you text us updates please” He begs. Squeaking when he's picked up and thrown over Jake’s shoulder. Watching as Bradley shakes his head. 

“Only call us if you need us. The kids will be fine” Jake says before his heading for the door. Taking Pete with him no matter what. 

Pete waved to his children. Heart melting when Sammy waves back. 

He does thoroughly enjoy his date. 

“Sammy and Nicky are fine baby. We’re worried too but you know Phoenix and Bob have them under control” Bradley reassures him when he checks his phone for the seventeenth time. 

“I know that. It’s just hard” 

It was the first time Pete had been away from them since they were born. They were nearly seven months old by now and it was both amazing and horrifying. Just how quickly they were growing. 

“Well, we’re free for the night. What do you want to do? We can do anything you want?” Jake asks. 

“Just spend time with you both. I’ve missed you” Pete shrugs. 

Once their done eating their fill of fancy steak and sides and some flambe apple dish that they share. They head home. Pete fights the urge to beg to pick up his children. 

Just taking the photo that is sent of them sleeping soundly as the best his going to get. Trusting them. 

Jake pulled the phone from his hand throwing it on their bedside table. 

“They're doing fine. Now can we focus on us?” He asks softly. 

Pete nodded turning to his mate. 

“What do you have planned?” He asks. Feeling Bradley press up against his back. 

“I’m sure you can guess” Bradley teases, pressing kisses across Pete’s mating mark. Pulling at Pete’s jacket as Jake starts undoing Pete’s belt. 

They hadn’t had sex since the kids were born. They had done other stuff. Simple things. Blowjobs and the like but Pete didn’t want to get knotted and then have his kids crying for him. 

“If you want, we’d love to fuck you stupid?” Jake says so bluntly it sends a thrill through Pete’s belly. 

Probably oozing desperate. Slick forming between his thighs at the mere mention of his alpha’s defiling him. 

Bradley laughs against his neck when he must smell it. 

“I think he wants it” Bradley murmurs. 

“Well, why don’t you give it to me?” Pete asks, laughing when he's picked up and thrown on the bed. All three of them stripped in moments. 

Something feral in Jake and Bradley’s eyes as they stare him down. Kissing at Pete’s body, hands rubbing up and down Pete’s body. Willing him to make more of a mess on the bed. 

Pete holds out his hand before they can go much further than heavy petting. Jake was confused, head cocking to the side a little and Bradley pouting. Pete reached into their bedside table. Holding out two condoms. 

“I’m not getting knocked up again. Wrap it” 


Chapter Text

“Nicole Mickey Mitchell. We’re gonna be late. Get dressed now or else it’s time out” Bradley's voice rings through the house. 

He wasn’t yelling he was just annoyed. It had been a fight for the last half an hour to catch the four-year-old. 

“A time out would just make us later” Their daughter replies. 

Jake bit his lip trying not to laugh as Pete does up his tie. Even Pete struggles to contain his laughter. 

Only to hear a scream and then Nicky is being dragged into the room. Bradley having picked her up. 

“Nicky, listen to your father” Pete chides softly. 

Sammy just looked up from where he was colouring. Pete had already wrangled him into his nice clothes. His blond hair was brushed, even though Pete had to practically hold him down with his thighs to do so. 

“This is your fault. You're the one that taught her sass” Bradley grumbles. Trying to hold her still so he can get her into her dress.

“It’s genetic, unfortunately,” Pete replies. Finishing with Jake’s tie and moving to help his other mate. 

“I don’t wanna wear it!” Nicky cries, managing to wriggle out of Bradley’s grip. Pete gets himself on their bedroom floor. 

“Why not? You were so excited to wear it the other day?” He asks grabbing said dress. It really was beautiful. White at the top of the dress before it cascaded to a deep green. Penny had brought it on sight, one for Nicky and one for Petra. Unable to resist apparently. 

“I don’t wanna go. It’s gonna be boring!” She whines, collapsing into Pete’s lap. Clutching to his suit pants as she screws her face up. 

Pete ignored the look his mates give him, the  Don’t give into her look.  Bradley making sure Sammy had put his shoes on. 

“There backwards, Dewbear” He says softly. A laugh in his voice. 

“How about we make a deal? You be a good girl for your Auntie Penny and Uncle Cyclone and we...get cheesecake afterwards?” Pete asks his daughter.

That gets Nicky to look up at him. Stopped her tantrum almost instantly. 

“Fudge Brownie?”


Nicky pushes herself back to her feet. Holding up her hands. 

“That’s my girl,” Pete says. Finally getting her dressed. 

Jake conquers her hair into a french braid and then they're getting the twins into their car seats. Bradley happy to sit between them. Distracting them with their toys.

“You know you got played right?” Jake says when he shuts the door. 

“Oh, I know. Who do you think she got that from?” Pete says, raising an eyebrow. 

“I’d be offended if wasn’t true. Come on we’re gonna be late and Penn is gonna murder you” Jake says, pulling Pete close. Making sure to grope Pete just cause he can. 

“Get in the car” Pete grumbles. But not before stealing a soft kiss. 

They make it just in time for Penny and Cyclone’s rehearsal dinner. 

They don’t even apologise anymore. Pete had given up a long time ago. Their family knew they had terrors and they thankfully granted small leeways. 

Nicky and Sammy instantly run off to play with Petra as Pete and his mates say hi to their family. Pete instantly clocks that Reuben and Mickey are yet to show up. Kinda grateful that they weren't the last people to arrive. 

“You look beautiful Penn” He murmurs when he presses a kiss to her cheek. She was wearing a soft pink dress and her hair had been done up beautifully. 

The rest of their pack had returned for the wedding. Omaha very swiftly on his way to drunkenness with Harvard. 

Fritz is carting around his new baby. Ned. He was just adorable and Pete was sad he had only seen the babe a few times. Fritz, a full-time father and has yet to find himself a mate. 

Halo had also found herself a mate. A tax accountant called Fiona who seemed to make her world light up every time they were in the same room. Pete’s family slowly making their own families and he was so happy for them. 

“Warlock. Hey, long time no see. How was Europe?” Pete chirps when he sees the Admiral. Warlock was Cyclone’s best man. 

“Interesting. How’s fatherhood?” Warlock replies. 

“Do you want me to lie? Nah it’s amazing. They're brats but what did I expect” Pete shrugs taking the free seat beside the man. He was very grateful for his twins. But he also wanted to tear out his hair sometimes. 

“I told you karma would bite you in the ass Captain Mitchell” Cyclone says, grinning at him. 

“Yeah, I guess you did. We’ve gotten to the bribing stage. I’m raising dogs not children” 

“And what was today’s bribe?” Warlock laughs. 

“Cheesecake. My daughter would stab me in the back for a slice. I swear by it” Pete says sitting down and flagging down one of his mates. 

“Can you get me a drink please baby and you might want to save Javy before the children break a rib?” He says, pointing to said man getting jumped all over. He was smiling but Pete knew what a well-aimed kick could do. 

Bradley had ended up with a broken rib when Sammy jumped on his back while they were playing. Sammy had felt terrible afterwards of course. Feeling bad for hurting his Daddy. Bradley had just reassured Sammy that he was fine and Pete and Jake had spent the night kissing it better. 

“Oh shit. Sammy, Petra no jumping on your uncle! Where’s your sister?” Jake says heading over immediately. Grabbing Petra and Sammy by the back of their clothes, lifting them easily. Javy reassured him he was fine, even if he was rubbing a hand over his thigh.

“I don’t know?” Sammy says holding up his hands. Not caring that he was being scruffed. 

“Petra? Where’s Nicky?” 

“She wanted Uncle Rooster” Petra whines. Jake set them back on the floor. Fixing their clothes for them. 

“Go sit with your dad ok? Dinner’s about to start” Jake says. 

“Yes Uncle Hangman” 

“She hates calling him Jake. We don’t why?” Pete explains when Warlock looks confused. Petra ran off to where Bob and Natasha were sitting. Natasha scooped her up easily, pressing a kiss to her face. Bob handing her a piece of bread out of the basket on the table. 

“Child” Jake says holding out their son over the table before heading off to find the other one. 

“Hi, Child. Are you trying to break even more ribs huh?” Pete teases. 

“It’s Cheese” Sammy whines. Warlock lets out an actual laugh. 

“Who are you?” Sammy asks turning to Warlock. Eyes sceptical. 

“This is Admiral Solomon ‘Warlock’ Bates. He used to be my boss” Readjusting his son on his lap. 

Warlock holding out his hand. 

“Samuel Orion-Beau Mitchell. Cheese” Sammy says grabbing the man’s hand. Shaking it vigorously. 

“You're a very smart boy Cheese?” Warlock says, not bothering to fight back his grin about the nickname. 

“Blame Fanboy” Is all Pete says. 

“Uncle Fanboy gave me my name when I was in Papa’s belly” Sammy elaborates. Patting at Pete’s stomach to make his point stronger.  

“He did, did he? and you like being called Cheese?” 

“It’s funny,” Sammy says nodding. 

“At least he has his call sign figured out early” Cyclone points out. 

“Oh, are you gonna be a pilot like your daddies?” Warlock asks. 

Sammy nodded again. A giant grin on his face. 

“I take you and your sister flying in the mustang don’t I?” Pete coos. 

“Yeah. Can I?” Sammy asks reaching for a piece of bread. Opening and closing his hand. 

“Manners Samuel” Pete reminds him. 


“Good boy,” Pete says dragging the bread basket closer. Letting his son take a piece. 

“Alright everybody dinner is about to start. Please take your seats” Penny speaks up. 

Pete retreated to his seat, next to Amelia. Pete asks the now 21-year-old how college is as his mates return, daughter in hand. Drinks as well. 

“Nicky asked for her drink all on her own. Like a big girl,” Bradley says pride on his face. Jake set down Pete’s drink and handed Sammy a juice box. 

“Thank you, Daddy” 

Nicky nodded, leaning further into Bradley’s chest. Juice box in one hand. 

Sammy held out the last half of the bread he had been gnawing on. 

“Thank you” Nicky mumbles taking it.

She was so shy, Pete didn’t understand where sh got it from. But Pete never minded. It just meant that they had to take things a little slower with her. The best thing for her seemed to be her brother. He would always hold her hand and help her out. Talk for her when she didn’t have the courage to talk herself. 

Pete just hoped as they grew up they kept their love for each other. 

He's not sure if he can handle two angsty teens at war with each other.

Dinner is nice, even if Jake and Sammy get into a fight over Sammy eating his peas.  

Cyclone stands to give a speech just as all their phones go off. He looks annoyed until he reads the message on his phone. Leaning down to whisper in Penny’s ear. 

Jake pulls out his phone. Face going pale. 

“It’s from Payback. Mickey’s in hospital. They got jumped on the way here” Jake whispers. 

Pete’s heart-stopping in his throat. 

Penny standing. Grabbing her purse. 

“Well, are we all gonna just stand around?” She questions. 

“But it’s your rehearsal dinner?” Someone says. 

“And our packmate is in the hospital” Penny snaps. 

Amelia is movig first. Already over the table and running for the door. Pete knew her feelings for the Beta. They might not have talked about it with the pack but their scents had been mingled for the last year and a half. No mating marks yet but Pete was sure that would be soon. 

Everybody else follows. 

“What’s going on Papa?” Nicky asks. 

“I’m not quite sure yet sweetheart,” Pete says truthfully. Shimming himself into the middle of his child’s booster seats. Plugging in his own seat belt. Makes sure his kids are secured. 

The nurses look a little confused when they enter. 

“We’re looking for Mickey Garcia and Reuben Fitch, they were mugged?” Pete questions the nurse behind the receptionist. 

“All of you are here to see them?” The nurse asks. 

“Yes, Ma’am. They were headed to my rehearsal dinner when they got jumped” Penny says stepping up. 

“Third floor. Room 12. Please try and visit in groups. Or else you’ll stress them out” The nurse says, thankfully not looking to fight them on it. 

Fritz offers to watch the pups for them. 

“I want to see Uncle Fanboy” Nicky cries, clutching Bradley tighter. 

“You fine watching Sammy?” Jake asks as he sets Sammy on his feet. Sammy took a second to look up at his sister before toddling over to Fritz. 

“Yeah, sure thing. Sammy,Petra why don’t you help me figure out what to colour for your Uncle Fanboy and Uncle Payback?” Fritz says, sitting down at the tiny table with them. Setting Ned’s portable cradle on the table. Petra and Sammy sitting beside him. Fritz handed them the crayons. 

“You sure you don’t want to colour?” Pete questions, his daughter.

Nicky shook her head. 

“Ok Honeybear. Let's go see your uncles” Bradley says softly. 

The pack moves aside for Pete easily. Not wanting to get in his way. Amelia had secured her spot beside Mickey. Holding his hand. He and Reuben were both messes. 

Reuben sitting in the chair beside his bed. Stitches on his forehead and his eye puffy. Pete wouldn’t be surprised if he had a few fractured ribs from the way he was sitting. 

Mickey though had it worse off. He had a cast on his leg and he looked like he’d been used for batting practice. He was sat up in bed and looked in great pain. 

“Captain, You brought me Cabbage,” Mickey says holding out his arms. 

Nicky sniffled but went to him regardless. Hugging him tightly. Mickey takes it, smiling a little. Bradley reminded her to be gentle. Jake talking to Reuben about what happened. 

Pete didn’t know if it was because they shared a name but Nicky and Mickey had always been extremely close. She’d always go to him first. He was the only one allowed to call her Cabbage. She bit anybody else who dared try. 

“You got hurt” She whines. 

“I’ll be fine. I promise. Nothing I can’t handle” Mickey coos at her. Easing almost automatically when Pete lets his scent out into the room. Bob follows suit. 

Omega scents always had the small ability to calm down their pack members. A natural pain suppressant. 

Pete watches as Jake, Bradley and Javy talk low. Constantly looking up. Reuben shakes his head at some they say. 

Pete knew they were plotting something. 

So he steps in. 

“What’s going on?” He asks. Ordering an answer out of them. 

“Reuben knew the guys that did this. It wasn’t just a mugging” Javy explains. 

“It was targeted?” Pete murmurs. 

“Amelia’s ex and his buddies got together. Didn’t like that Amelia had moved on. We’re not gonna tell her that though. Or else she’ll flip. At least with you guys the kid will live” Reuben explains quietly.

“And how’d you get involved?” Cyclone asks, getting himself included in the conversation. 

“You think I was just gonna sit on my hands and let them hurt my best friend” Reuben snaps back. 

“Well, I think we should go have a talk to Huxley and his friends” Cyclone mutters, rolling up his sleeves. 

Pete retreated a little. Knowing nothing will stop the alphas once they had a grudge match. 

“Be home by 6 at the latest. We have a wedding tomorrow and if you're not there to help me. I will kill you myself and give me your blazers” Pete promises his mates, staring them down. 

“We promise” Jake mutters, shrugging his blazer off. Reaching down to kiss Pete. Bradley follows suit. 

Moving over to say good night to their daughter.

“Where are you going? Can I come?” She asks softly, standing up on Mickey’s bed. Mickey wrapped an arm around her waist so she doesn’t fall. 

“No Honeybear, You have to stay here with Papa. We’ll be back soon ok? We’ll bring you the cheesecake that Papa promised” Bradley says. 

“Bring some for Sammy too” She reminds them. 

“Will do baby. Look after Papa for me ok? Make sure he gets some sleep” Jake hugging her tightly. 

And just like that. Most of the alphas are gone. 

“My photos are gonna need a lot of touching up” Is all Penny says, pulling up a seat. Easily picking up Sammy when he holds out his hands. 

Pete just sits beside her. Petra curled up on Bob’s chest. Only staying conscious enough to ask where her mum is. Bob just assures her that Nat will be back soon. 

Nicky already asleep on Mickey’s bed and Pete was holding Ned close. Just enjoying that soft baby scent. It makes his omega whine for another kid but they currently had their hands full. The kids hadn’t even started preschool yet. 

Pete eventually dragged the pups home. Ned as well. Glad that Fritz had thought to leave the baby seat behind for him. Penny offers to take him but Pete still had baby stuff left over. Reassuring Penny that everything would be ok. 

He gets Ned sorted easily enough. Bathed and fed. Putting the babe in their old bassinet and pushing it into his room. Showering his kids and getting them dressed for bed. Nicky sitting in front of him so he can brush out her braids. 

“Did my daddies go to find the people that hurt Uncle Fanboy?” She asks softly. Sammy was already asleep on Jake’s side of the bed, sleeping like a starfish. 

“Yeah, they did. They wanted to talk to them. Find out why they would hurt him and Uncle Payback” Pete says softly. Twisting her hair into a softer plait, mainly so he doesn’t end up eating any of it while they sleep. 

Any other night, he’d have put them to bed in their shared room. But he knew that right now. They wouldn’t sleep if they weren’t beside him. 

“What if they get hurt too?” She asks, turning to him. Little eyes holding so much worry. 

“Your daddies are the two strongest people I know. It’s their job to protect people. Now come on into bed. We have a busy day tomorrow” Pete murmurs. Checking on Ned once more time before he crawls into bed and pulls his kids close. 

“I don’t want to be a pilot. It’s scary” Nicky mumbles, disturbing the drone of the tv in the background. 

“That’s ok my love. You don’t have to be. I promise. You can do whatever you want” Pete says, pressing a kiss to her hair. 

Pete doesn’t sleep. He just listens to the three children in the room breathing and he waits. 

Chapter Text

Pete wakes up to rustling in his bathroom. Waking up to the bassinet gone and part of him freaks out. Checking on his own children before he’s moving to reach into his bottom drawer. Pressing his thumb against the safe lock and hearing it click open. 

Reaching in for his Smith and Wesson. Drawing it out quickly and quietly. Not wanting to wake his twins. Checking it over and holding it down by his side as he leans against the door. 

Trying to hear something but all he hears is rustling. Finally opening the door, getting ready to aim. Only to breathe a sigh of relief when it was just his mates. 

“Where’s Ned?” He questions. Relaxing, flicking the safety back on. 

“Spare room with Fritz. We were just about to join you. Had to patch up first” Jake says through a busted lip. Both his and Bradley’s knuckles were red and busted open. There’s blood on their shirts and Bradley has a nasty cut above his left eye. 

“Put it away before the kids see it” Bradley orders. Staring pointedly at the gun.

Pete followed his orders. Returning to the bathroom once it’s secured back in their safe. 

It had been their first ever really big fight. Bradley hadn’t spoken to Pete for close to two weeks when he had found his gun. He had never seen the man that angry before and he’d seen him pretty angry. 

Jake had understood both sides. 

He’d grown up around guns his entire life and he understood Pete’s need to protect himself. To protect his family. Pete can still hear Bradley’s voice ricocheting around his head. Even three years later. 

You have PTSD. You don’t think that’s a bad combination! What if one of our kids accidentally shot themselves?! What if we come home to find you dead cause you had an episode?!

Pete had perfectly understood all his fears. So he had got the safe installed in their drawer. Nobody could open but them 3. The kids didn’t even know about it. 

Bradley had still been pissed but he couldn’t legally take Pete’s gun away. So it had sat in safe and they had chosen to ignore it and Pete had reassured his mates that he wasn’t going anywhere for a very long time. Not anymore. 

“I see you found the bastards,” Pete says softly. Jake pressed a wet cloth against his lip. 

“Yep,” Bradley mutters from where he was sitting on the closed toilet lid. Wiping down his chest. A few cuts littered his skin. Jake is very much the same. 

Pete grabs the suture tape and whines his way onto his mate's lap. Bradley wrapped his hand around Pete’s waist. Hand slipping up the back of Pete's shirt. Splayed out across the little of Pete's back. 

“Nicky was worried about you both getting hurt. She’s gonna pitch a fit” Pete murmurs. 

Once Pete gets his mates cleaned up, he follows Bradley to the kitchen at his request. Asking Pete to grab them some forks.

“Where did you even get Cheesecake at 3 in the morning?” He questions when Bradley pulls out two take-away containers from the fridge. 

“We have our ways. Come on” Bradley says ushering Pete back to their room. 

Jake wakes the twins. 

“Daddy. Your back” Sammy murmurs. 

“Yeah, Dewbear. We brought you both a present” Bradley says turning on the lights. 

Nicky rubbed her eyes and yawned. 

The kids to interested in their cake to notice their daddies' new injuries. Pete is pulled into Jake’s lap as they share a slice. Pete leaving his own for the kids tomorrow. 

Pete wakes up early the next morning and from the minute their alarm goes off. It’s chaos. 

Waking up the kids, grabbing the stuff they needed and Jake and Bradley are dropping Pete and the kids off at Penny’s house. Pete holding back nausea. Not having time for it right now. 

Pete snaps into soldier mode as he helps everybody prepare. The girls opt to do their own hair and make-up. Halo trying her best to cover up the bruise on Natasha’s cheek. Halo seemed to be the only one who had gotten out of the scrap without any damage. 

Pete mainly spends his time trying to get the bride ready and making sure Penny eats. 

“Samuel does not pull Petra’s hair! She just got it finished!” Pete snaps, in between trying to get Penny’s zipper to go up and making sure her garter stays up. 

“I’m bored” He whines. 

“You wanted to come with me. Go watch tv. Don’t disturb your sister while she’s getting ready” Pete murmurs. 

“He’s just like Bradley. Hated sitting still at that age. Have you figured it out yet?” Penny asks. 

“Yep but my idiots haven’t yet though I’m sure they will with time,” Pete says, helping Amelia into her dress as Penny gets her hair done. 

“Are you gonna tell the kids?” Amelia asks. 

“Maybe when they're older” Pete shrugs. Grabbing his own gear to get dressed. 

He hadn’t worn his whites in years. Hadn’t needed to. Especially not this formal. It felt a little weird but he dresses mostly out of muscle memory. Flattening his hands over his stomach. Taking a second to look himself over in the mirror. 

“Papa you look pretty!” Nicky says when she sees him. 

Pete smiling. 

“Thanks, Love. So do you, Where’s your brother?” He asks happily. 

“Watching Paw Patrol, it's the one with the melon contest,” She says playing with the bottom of her dress. It was a smaller version of what the bridesmaids were wearing. A bright blue summer dress with an extra add-on of a giant white bow around her waist. 

Pete gets his son dressed next. Making sure not to crease his outfit, Sammy ran his fingers over Pete’s medals. 

“So many” The boy murmurs. 

“I served for a very long time. When your my age you’ll probably have this many” Pete says, cleaning down his son’s face. 

“Daddies have a lot of medals” 

“That’s cause they’ve saved a lot of people” Pete explains. 

“Have you?” 

“Yeah, I have. All done. Let’s go see who needs help” Pete says pushing himself back to his feet. Picking up his son and getting the last few things together before their heading over to the church. 

Penny wrung her hands together as they watch their flower girls walk down the aisle. Sammy behind them. Pete does not trust him to go last. That’s how they end up with Cyclone’s ring in Samuel’s stomach. 

“Pete what if I’m making a mistake,” She asks softly. As Natasha starts to walk down the aisle. 

“If you're asking me that you know that your not. Halo go” Pete says pushing on her back softly. Halo walks down the aisle next. 

“But what if I am?” 

Pete reaches out to touch their bond line, it feels like he touches an electric fence. Her excitement and love. A little worried too but it's the most excited he's ever seen her. 

“Cyclone is human when his with you. He’s happy, his loving, he actually smiles. Amelia, your turn. He would do anything for you” Pete promises her, moving to wrap his arm around her own. Making sure his cap is on just so. 

Penny readjusted her train and took a deep breath. 

“I thought I was gonna be marrying you one day” She murmurs. 

“I thought I was never gonna have kids” Pete points out. Just taking a second to admire her. 

Penny really was the most beautiful woman he knew and she looked like a queen right now. A true queen who deserved the world. Some part of Pete was a little bittersweet that he wasn’t the one to give it to her but he’d never seen her look at him the way she looks at Cyclone. It was the same way he stared at his own mates. 

“Guess we surprised each other,” She says, smiling. 

“Guess so” Pete replies before they start their walk down the aisle. 

Warlock standing to Cyclone’s left, Bradley, Jake and some family cousin on Cyclone’s side following after. Cyclone’s cousin is the only one not holding bruises on his face. Cyclone jaw baring a rather large one. Warlock seems to be the only one unscathed except for the swollen cheek.

Warlock holding Sammy and yet somehow still managing to stand at attention. Jake holding their daughter and Petra had found her father in the second row. Reuben and Mickey sat off to one side, Mickey must have been rushed over to the seamstress. Cause his dress pants had been made to accommodate his cast. But both were smiling, even if Mickey's eyes were a little glazed. 

Pete took a second to admire his mates. Stunning in their whites, both looking proud to be standing there. 

Cyclone though. Lights up, Like he just watched the most precious thing in the world enter the room. 

“See told you” Pete whispers. 

“Nah it’s you he's looking at” Penny laughs. 

“It would be a much, much different look,” Pete says softly. At least it eases her tension. 

Pete guided her up the stairs. 

“Wow, you look stunning” Cyclone murmurs. Pete bites his lip not to make a comment and get himself punched. Just wrapping Penny in a hug. 

Holding out his hand for Cyclone. Only to panic a little when the man drags him into a hug. Pete quickly reciprocates before he looks like an idiot and finally his taking his spot. 

The wedding is beautiful. Their vows make most of their family cry. Pete would claim he wasn’t one of those. But he had long given up his masked ego. He had to when he had cried over a lost puppy pamphlet while he was pregnant. 

Once their I Do’s are done. Their all shuffled off for photos before the reception. Penny surprises Pete when she gifts him and his family the chance to get a few of their own personal photos taken. The photographer is a little confused but happy to roll with it when she asks for Pete’s mate to step up. Only to have both Jake and Bradley step up. Holding their children close. 

They had photos taken sure, by family and friends. But it was different. Pete already picking out the spot in his house where he wants the photo to go. 

Once all the serious photos are done and dusted. That’s when the shenanigans start. 

He doesn’t know how but they end up in a game of dogfight football. The girls kicked off their heels and Pete tucked Penny’s train up in on itself so she’s not at a disadvantage. The adults are careful of the three pups running around. Penny’s side of the bridal party against Cyclone’s. Cyclone’s cousin takes a second to figure out how the game works but once he does. His practically unstoppable. 

“Ahh, that’s a foul. You can’t use the children as human shields” Warlock cries out when he has to swerve at the last minute to avoid running into Natasha and Petra. Landing on his ass and sending a lovely grass stain up his left outer thigh. Petra’s little lungs giving out due to her Asthma. So her mother had easily picked her up. Somehow still not at a disadvantage.

By the time they're done playing, they're all covered in grass stains and Pete is already fearing the drying cleaning fee. All of them completely forget about the photographer. Having too much fun. 

The reception is even better. If only cause it’s fun to watch old admirals get completely pissed and make fools of themselves. 

Penny and Cyclone barely looked at anybody else the whole night. Penny returned to the reception in a shorter dress so she could dance and not maim someone if they tripped on her train. The rest of the wedding party. baring their grass stains with pride. 

Pete going stock still when he sees Viper walk up to him. The man was deep in his 80s now but he barely looked a day over 65. 

“Captain Mitchell. Look at you, As I live and breathe” 

“Admiral Viper. You look great” Pete says, saluting the man. 

Pete felt a tug on his pant leg. 


Viper looked pleasantly surprised. 

“You actually have a child?” He says as Pete picks up his son. 

“Yeah. Two actually, twins. Sammy say hi to Admiral Viper” Pete says. 

“Hi. I’m Cheese!” Sammy says sticking out his hand. 

“So I’m assuming if you have children, you’ve had the pleasure of mating with someone,” Viper says, grinning wide, shaking Sammy’s hand. 

“My Daddies” Sammy explains. Viper turned his head a little to the side. Confused. 


“I’ve had the privilege of two mates, sir. Lieutenant Commanders Bradley Bradshaw and Jake Seresin” Pete says, pulling at his collar. Showing off his marks. 

“I always thought you were gonna mate with Goose and his wife. I guess I wasn’t too far off. I’m glad to see that you're happy Captain Mitchell. You deserve it. Knew one mate wouldn’t keep you busy enough. I’m gonna go say hi to the bride and groom. We should catch up sometime. It was nice to meet you Cheese” Viper says happily. Clapping Pete on the shoulder before he walks away. 

Back as straight as the day he had met the man. 

Pete mingled with various people until dinner hit and his standing up to give his speech. 

“Penny has been one of my best friends since we were 19 and we snuck into this classified hangar and got caught...doing things we shouldn’t. All I’ll say is don’t have sex in an F-14. You tend to pull a muscle” Pete starts with. 

Penny lets out a blush-filled laugh as her father fills Pete with daggers from afar. 

“Now that I’ve tortured her enough, on to the ass-kissing. Penny Benjamin has always been there for me. No matter how many admirals I pissed off, No matter how many times I got shipped off to some backwater town in the middle of nowhere. She has always had my back. She’s the reason I’m with the two men that I love today. Because Penny has always seen what I couldn’t. So to have someone to look out for her in return. Is the best thing I could ask for. Even if the man she married wants to bury me in the desert. 

I’ve had many Admirals hate me, dislike me, one even tried to shoot me. Thanks for that scar, Admiral Benjamin. But Cyclone was named appropriately. That man has had utmost disdain for me since day one and I love him all the more for it. He kept me in line when I needed it and fought for me when I couldn’t fight for myself. He has become a very close and wonderful friend and if anybody is going to make Penny happy for the rest of her life. I am so glad it’s you. Take care of her sir. Give her the love she deserves and more. To my favourite couple. May your love for each other grow every day” 

Pete holding out his drink in a toast. The rest of the party followed suit. 

A few other people give speeches and then it’s time for the first dance. Pete is tired. He just puts it down to getting about two hours of sleep last night. Smiling as he watches people join in on the dance. Amelia sitting on Mickey’s lap as they talk at the edge of the dance floor. Both of them look so happy. 

“Papa come dance with us!” His twins beg him. Pete nodded and let them pull him to his feet. 

He spends the rest of the night dancing with his family and enjoying himself. So he's annoyed when he wakes up and has to rush to the bathroom. Losing everything he had eaten yesterday. His chest was sore and so he digs in the cabinet beneath their sink. Until he finds it, figuring he may as well give it a shot. 

“Hungover?” Bradley asks softly, leaning against the doorway a while later.

“I didn't drink last night” Pete grumbles. Not even a glass of champagne for their toasts. He had a suspicion. Pete had been leaning against the cool wall for the last 10 minutes, just looking down at his hands. Contemplating things. 

“Wait what's going on?” Jake asks, peeking his head over Bradley’s shoulder. Wrapping his hands around Bradley’s waist. 

Pete holds up the positive pregnancy test. 

Chapter Text

“Wait I’m sorry. How?” Jake questions. Wide awake all of sudden. 

“Do I seriously have to give you an anatomy lesson” 

“I mean when bitchy” Jake says as he and Bradley move to help Pete off the floor. Pete getting himself in the shower. Needing one. His mates still linger. 

“You really don’t remember? Three weeks ago, my heat... it’ll be ok Pete. We’ll remind you to take the pil l.” Pete says, mocking his mates. Flipping them off through the glass. 

“Are you really that upset by this?” Bradley asks, looking a little hurt. 

Pete sighing. 

“No. Of course not. We’ve always talked about having more. I just wasn’t expecting the surprise move-in. I didn’t exactly have a tenant lease drawn up” Pete explains. 

Jake snorted out a laugh at his description. Bradley shaking his head. 

"You didn't have one the first time either" Bradley points out. 

Pete smiled a little bit against his will. Finishing showering. 

“Also what are the twins going to think?” Pete asks, turning off the water and stepping out. Taking the towel that Bradley hand’s him. 

“They’ll get to be big siblings. They’ll love it” Bradley says. Beaming wide. 

“Or they’ll try and drown it” Jake shrugs. 

“You are not helping things. Go make me breakfast ad I swear to whatever god is on this planet. If you're the one that knocked me up. I am going to cut it off myself! We can not handle two more of you running around. One mini-you is bad enough” Pete hisses, grabbing his mate's shirt. Pulling him down so they're face to face. 

Jake just grins. Cupping Pete’s cheeks and pecking him on the nose. 

Pete’s mouth turned into a small smile. 

“Full works. Sausages, bacon, toast, eggs. All of it” He chirps. 

“Sure thing baby. Anything you want.” Jake says, all but skipping out of the room. 

“You know if you're not ready for a third kid. We can...get it sorted” Bradley says, looking unpleased by the mere thought as Pete gets dressed. 

“Sorted?” Pete says, looking up at him. Amused by his wording. 

“It’s only like a bunch of cells at the moment, right? It doesn’t think?” Bradley scrambles over himself, handing Pete his top. 

“No it doesn’t think yet but I’m fine Bradley. We said we wanted more, a few more years and I won’t be able to anymore you know that and if it is twins...well we need to start looking at a bigger house. But...we’re not gonna think about that yet” Pete says. 

Hearing little footsteps through the house. 

“Hey Cheese. Your up early” They hear Jake say. 

“Can I help?” Sammy asks. 

“Sure thing buddy. Where’s your step? Go grab it” Jake urges. 

“You realise your tacking on 4 more years of raising a kid right?” Bradley says, chuckling softly. 

“Good thing I love it so much. Fourth times the charm” Pete says. Laughing when Bradley squeezes his cheeks. 

“What are we gonna tell the kids?” Jake asks when they make their appearance. 

“Let’s make sure it’s real first. Hey love. You helping your daddy make breakfast?” Pete asks, running his fingers through his son’s hair. Watching as he makes a mess all over their kitchen bench. Rubbing something through a strainer. Majority of it does go into the glass, at least he was getting better with his aim. 

“Yeah, I get to juice the...the...” Sammy turned to look at Jake. Confused. 

“Passion fruit” 

“Yeah, that” Cheese chirps. Looking excited. 

“Good job Love. Is your sister still asleep?” 

For that, he gets a nod. 

“I’ll go wake her up. Remember we have that meeting with the preschool at 2” Bradley says, before disappearing. 

“Yeah I forgot about that” Pete says. He'd been so taken with the wedding. He had forgotten a lot of things. 

“Do we have to go? Can’t we stay home with Papa? He can teached us” Sammy whines. 

“I appreciate how much faith you have in me Cheese. But I barely made it through 10th grade English before I dropped out” Pete says, moving to help Sammy juice the oranges next. 

“But you used to teach!” His child continues to whine. It was devastatingly cute. 

“I used to teach people how to fly planes. That’s a bit different than trigonometry Love and if you ask Uncle Cyclone I wasn’t that good at teaching people how to fly planes either” 

Jake lets out a laugh as he starts stacking food on the plates. 

A tiny creature crawling up next to her brother on their stool. 

“Morning Princess” 

“Mornin’ Papa” She rumbles back. Still rubbing her eyes. Pete would have to wrangle her hair soon before it turns into one big matt. Her hair was so fine. It was like blond silk. Also meant it was a pain in the ass to keep neat. 

“You excited for preschool?” 

“Do I have to talk?” She asks. 

“A little but no not if you don’t want to. You and your brother will be together” Bradley explains. 

“I will protect her” Sammy promises. 

“See. You’ll be perfectly fine” Jake says, a sparkle of pride in his eyes. 

Pete picks up his kids as Bradley finishes off the juice and moves to set them at the table. 

“Sit properly Samuel. Properly!” Pete chides when he tries to sit on his knees. 

Samuel groaned, rolling his eyes and sitting down properly.

He couldn’t be Bradley’s kid if he tried any harder. 

The preschool they go to is gorgeous. It’s absolutely stunning. The twins ran around exploring, laughing. 

“Your kids seem to be enjoying the place. We try to keep structure without fully restricting them. The only thing we mandate is when they eat and what they eat while on the premises. They’ll learn critical social skills, how to play well with others. I see thy're very close. We’ll make sure to keep them together but we also encourage them to learn to do some activities separately. To boost their confidence. So they're not scared when they're away from each other” The head of the preschool explains. He had some douchy name. 

Something Anderson. Pete had missed the first name. 

He seemed nice enough. It’s only when they're sitting down to talk about payments and the potential of when the kids start does shit hit the fan. The twins were out colouring so they didn’t have to sit through boring adult talk. Pete almost wished to join them. 

“So is who?” Mr Anderson asks. 

“That would be me” Pete murmurs. 

“And who is the father of the twins?” The man continues to press.

“Us,” Bradley and Jake say at the same time. 

“I...which is the biological father. We’re happy to put down any step-parents as well. So you're on the contact sheet in case of emergencies.” Mr Anderson says, eyebrows pinching. 

“We both are,” Bradley says slower this time. 

Pete placed his hand on Bradley’s knee. 

“Wait I’m confused. Mr Mitchell. Did you give birth to the children?” 


“So who is your partner?” 

“Both of us,” Jake says, starting to keep snappy now. 

“We are all together. My kids are twins but fathered separately. It’s called hetroparental superfedcundation. Bradley, Jake and I are all the fathers. We’re mated. We come as a package deal” Pete explains. Baring his marks. 

It gets the reaction he was expecting. Mr Anderson closing the paperwork he had been filling out. 

“Um...we’re...full as of this time. Maybe next semester we will have some openings” 

Pete can practically hear Bradley’s teeth grinding together. 

Pete swallows down his own anger. They knew there was a chance of being rejected. 

“You're rejecting my kids because they hae three fathers. How are we different from people who have stepparents as you said? A broken family is perfectly fine but...not our kids? Cause they have a well-structured home life with three fathers? Instead of the average?” Jake speaks up. Voice subdued, pained almost. 

“I’m sorry Mr Seresin. We have enough trouble trying to explain to kids, how they can have one father that gave birth to them and one that didn’t. Or two mothers. Or why their father gave birth and their mother didn’t? Adding an extra person into that equation is a very hard subject. It’s not just two alphas and omega we need to teach then. It’s every combination. And where does it end? 3 mates? 4? 5? Should we have an orgy of mates in here?” Mr Anderson speaks up. 

Pete takes a deep breath. Trying not to cry. Instead, he stands. 

“Thank you for being upfront about your bigotry,” He says, turning and walking out of the office. 

“Hey, Babies? You two ready to go home? We can get ice cream on the way home?” He asks his twins. Still colouring. 

“Bubblegum?” Nicky asks turning towards him. Holding up the fox she had been colouring

“And cotton candy. My treat” Pete promises. Scooping both the twins up. Jake and Bradley follow behind. 

“Papa, what’s wrong? You seem sad?” Sammy asks him, touching his cheek when Pete puts him in his booster chair. 

“I”m fine Love. They said they were full. That they loved you guys so much but they couldn’t take on any more kids at the moment. They're sorry though” He explains. 

The kids just nod. Taking his lie easily. Pete happily fed his kids ice cream and wiped down their faces. 

His kids needing his attention is the only thing that’s keeping his head above water the rest of the evening. Making them something simple for dinner. Jake and Bradley still simmering but making sure to keep it away from their kids. 

The twins seem to notice regardless and keep themselves entertained with Paw Patrol and some show about a polar bear with an axe. It makes them smile so he just rolls with it. He'd long given up on what cartoons did.

His mates to angry when they go to bed to have any form of a decent conversation. They still wrap Pete up tight, they still give him comfort and he does the same for them in return. But he can’t stop the thoughts. 

He finally brings it up the next night. After the kids are in bed. 

They already had another preschool lined up to visit tomorrow and Pete knew what needed to be done to get their kids into a good school. 

“I’ve been thinking. You and Jake hould go alone to the next one. They’ll love two Alphas with military pedigree. Say I was a surrogate. That you went through IVF and got the twins fertilised that way. So you could both be the dads” Pete says sitting on their couch. Bradley and Jake standing in front of him. 

“You're on the birth certificate Mav, their last name is Mitchell,” Bradley says. 

He and Jake already looking pissed. 

“Yes, as the omega. You both know that doesn’t mean anything and say it...was an accident. That the nurse made a mistake and you haven’t filed to fix it yet” Pete says. 

“We’re doing it together or not at all” Jake snaps. 

Pete recoiled a little. 

“It’s the best shot we have to get the kids into a good preschool. We knew this was a potential problem. I won’t be the reason my kids are left out. Say that I’m hanging around 'cause your surrogating again and you wanted the same omega” Pete says. 

Eyes on their carpet. 

“And what about when we’re looking at elementary school? Their highschool? What are we gonna do then Pete? Continue lying?” Jake huffs. 

“Things might change by then. it for the kids, please. For them. That’s all that matters” Pete begs. 

“and what do we explain to the kids? Their gonna have to lie too. What happens when they tell their friends they have three daddies” Bradley asks. 

“Their four-year-olds. They think unicorns are real. The teachers won’t believe them” Pete mumbles. Curling around himself.

They were already struggling with these two and their third kid would have to go through it all over again. How was that fair? How was it fair on them for something they had no control over? 

“Hey no. No baby. No crying ok? We’re not mad at you. We’re mad at the system” Bradley says, both him and Jake sitting beside him. Caging him in gently. 

“It’s my fault that my own kids can’t get into a decent school” Pete whines. 

“How is your fault baby?” Jake asks, rubbing a hand down his neck. Trying to soothe him. 

“I...I’m the third. I joined last. You're my mates, yes but you are each other mates first. You chose each other first. It’s...I...should have never agreed to mate with you. I should have known what would have happened” Pete says, voice breaking a few times. 

They were around so many people that thought it was ok all the time. That Pete had forgotten what the real world was like. Their rings fooled Pete into thinking. Everybody was ok with it. They just wore the rings as another connection to each other. The rings they shouldn’t even legally be wearing. 

“And then what? We wouldn’t have our twins? We wouldn’t be happy Pete. Are you asking to back out?” Jake asks. Voice soft. Worry flittering down their bond line. 

“No. You're my life. Without you and the kids I have nothing.” Pete admits. 

“Then we find a school that accepts us. All of us. Together and if you don’t want to homeschool. I’ll do it. I was top of all my classes. You know that” Bradley murmurs. 

“They can’t be kept here all the time. The idiot was right. They need to socialise with kids their own age. Someone other than Petra.” 

“What about the military-run preschool?” Jake asks. 

“They don’t have one here and the same thing could happen. We could be denied. Just cause Cyclone is the boss of the Naval Aviators, doesn’t mean he's Admiral of everything.” Pete mumbles leaning into Bradley's chest. 

“Then we could always petition to get one set up?” Bradley says, running a hand through Pete’s hair. 

“And by the time it is. The twins would have already aged out, you know how long it takes for the military to build anything” Pete shrugs. 

Before Jake can speak up Nicky is screaming for them. 

“Hey, baby what’s up?” He coos to his daughter. Sitting on her bed and running his hand down her arm. 

“Monster under Sammy’s bed. Its eyes were glowing” She cries, clutching to him. 

Bradley groans as he gets on his knees. Flicking on his phone torch and peeking under the bed. Reaching out a hand and pulling something from under the bed. 

“Daddy what are you doing?” Sammy whines, sitting up. Patting Bradley on the head. 

“Papa must have left the back door open 'cause we have a cat in the house,” Bradley says, pulling his arm out from under the bed. Holding a tiny calico cat. 

“KITTY!” Nicky shouts. Excitement in her eyes. Jake flicked on the lights. 

“It looks like a kitten. Mum must have umped him here and he must have found a nice quiet place to sleep” Jake says. 

“Can we keep it? PLEASE!” Sammy begs.

“Let's think about it ok? For tonight we can let it stay and then tomorrow we’ll talk about it. But only if you some more sleep” Pete says. Getting his daughter to lie down again. 

Pulling down her Sofia The First shirt so her back was covered properly. Not needing her to get the flu. Tucking her in tightly. 

“Love you Papa, Daddies,” Sammy says, Jake, getting him to lay down as well. Also having to fix his shirt. He’d someone managed to get it on backwards. 

What did these kids do? Dance in their sleep? 

“Love you to Dewbear. Sleep ok. We’ll figure this out in the morning” Bradley says, the kitten curled in his arms purring. 

Pete sighing. Knowing there’s no way he’s getting rid of the thing now. 

Why couldn’t it have been a puppy?

Chapter Text

Pete wakes up to concerned mates. 

“Baby holy shit? Your face is bright red.” Jake says, pressing a hand to Mav’s cheek. 

“Stupid fucking cat. You forgot to wash your arms. Didn’t you?” He whines to his mates. 

“Uh yeah. Sorry handsome.” Bradley says meekly. 

“Urggg cats,” Pete says getting off the bed. Heading for the bathroom. 

He spends the next half an hour washing down his face and trying to stop the puffiness. Pushing Bradley into the shower. 

“The kids will understand. If the cat makes you sick. Maybe we can get one of those hairless ones” Bradley says over the sound of the water running. 

“No thanks. Those things are nightmare material. I just need some antihistamines. I’ll be fine. Just keep the damn thing away from me. Especially if I’m pregnant” Pete says. Rubbing over his nose. Trying to get some normalcy of breathing back. 

“Well, first we gotta see what the vet says. It could have mange” Jake points out. 

“I don’t think it has mange, Jake. We also have Cherrywood at 1 or whatever the fuck it's called” Pete says, glad at least that his stopped being so red. 

“Cheerywind?” Jake questions. 

“No it was definitely Cherrywood” Bradley calls back. 

They get the kids up and sorted and they talk as they sit down to breakfast. The cat sitting in its box on the counter. Chewing it way through some leftover chicken they had. 

“Can we keep Monster please!” Sammy begs. 

“Monster? You named it?” Pete whines. 

“Your Papa gets sick around Monster. He’s allergic. So if we’re keeping him and that’s only if the vet says it's okay. You have to listen to our rules ok” Jake orders. 

That gets both the kids nodding. 

“Alright rule one. You have to wash your hands after you're done patting or playing with Monster and I mean really well. Two Monster isn’t allowed in our bedroom. So Papa has a place to go if his allergies get too bad” Pete starts to explain. 

The kids still nodding. 

“You have to help with feeding him, bathing him, taking care of him. You slack off once and we find Monster a new home. We will help the best we can but if you want a pet. You have to be responsible” Jake continues. 

“We promise,” Nicky says. 

“Alright. One-month trial. Starting now and please don’t get angry with your Papa if he can’t handle it” Bradley says. 

The vet clears the cat much to Pete’s chagrin. But he does enjoy how happy his kids are playing with Monster. Spending probably way too much on the wretched little thing. Everything a cat needs and probably a little more. 

This preschool is another bust but Pete just lets it roll off his back. Jake nearly going to the head of the preschool. Pete and Bradley have to drag him out. 

The twins aren’t even fazed they don’t get in and Pete has to remind his pups often to wash their hands when they touch the germy thing and then go to touch him. 

Bradley and Jake seem endlessly amused by Pete’s vehement need to keep away from it. 

“No Monster. Papa doesn’t like you” Nicky says grabbing the cat before it can try and claw its way up Pete’s pant leg. Toddling back over to where she and her brother had been watching TV. Placing Monster back on her lap. Patting him softly. 

They had taken rather brilliant care of him. It was surprising. Pete did wonder just how long their interest would last. So far it had been a week. But they would see with time. 

Pete hated to admit it but the kitten was pretty cute. It seemed to like his kids and Jake and Bradley liked the horrible thing. 

It made him happy that his family was happy. It wasn’t their fault that he's got an allergy problem. The antihistamines seem to be keeping it at bay. 

Pete heard a knock on the door. 

Getting up. 

“Keep a hold of Monster ok,” He says. 

His kids nodding. Pete opened the door and smiled at the sight. 

“Sarah. Come in. Wow, look at you. You cut your hair” Pete says taking in his old friend. 

“I came by to apologise to Cyclone and Penn about missing their wedding and I knew I couldn’t leave town without saying hi to you and the kids,”  She says to him. 

Looking so much more lively. Her eyes had a light in them again. Pete still missed Ice daily. Four years later and he still waited for that ding that let him know Ice was dragging him on some other adventure. Much against Pete’s will. 

“Well, I’m glad you did. I’m sorry we haven’t been in touch more. I get what you mean about kids being exhausting now. They’re a bit bigger than when you last saw them. They actually speak now” Pete says, ushering her down the hallway. 

“I’m guessing, they’ve learnt your sass,” She says smiling at him. Only for his kids to appear. Holding hands. Looking wary.

“Where’s Monster?” Pete asks. 

“In his box. He was sleepy. Who's this?” Sammy asks. A protective sheen in his eyes. 

“They even have the same look you do. Hi, I’m your Auntie Sarah. I met you on your second birthday.” Sarah coos back. Looking taken with them. 

“She’s Uncle Iceman’s wife. You’ve seen the photos right” Pete says going to pick up his children only to recoil when they still smell like cat. 

Both of his kids nodding. 

“Good. Come on let’s go wash our hands. We have a new cat” Pete explains. 

“But aren’t you allergic,” Sarah asks. She’d always put their cat away when he was coming over so he didn’t end up spending his time sneezing instead of talking to her and Ice. 

Pete laughs, pulling their step over for them so they can reach the sink. 

“You try saying no to four sets of puppy dog eyes. Monster and I have come to an impasse. Nicky, wash your hands with soap. Not just water.” Pete instructs. 

“Five soon I’m guessing?” Sarah questions. Of course, she had noticed. 

“Yeah. We think so. I’m going for a proper appointment on Saturday. We haven’t told anybody yet” Pete explains, starting up the coffee pot and helping his kids dry their hands and arms. 

Picking up Nicky when she holds out her hands for him. Sammy moving to pull himself so his sitting up next to Sarah. 

“Papa said Ice flew too,” Sammy says to her. 

“That’s right sweetheart. He was a pilot just like your daddies. He was one of the best” Sarah says. A soft bittersweet smile on her face. 

“They hear all the stories at bedtime. Don’t you?” Pete asks. 

Both his kids nodding. Nicky hides her face in his neck when Sarah looks at her. Pete brings over Sarah’s cup of coffee. 

“Yeah. Like Granpa Goose and Papa buzzarding the tower?” Sammy chirps. 

“Buzzing Love,” Pete says running his hands through Sammy’s hair.

“That too”

Pete just scoffed out a laugh. Readjusting Nicky so he can sit at the table properly. They talk for hours. Pete enjoys Sarah being in his house. The kids eventually ran off to play some more. 

“Also why did I have to hear through the grapevine? That you're struggling to get your kids into preschools?” Sarah finally asks. 

“Of course Pen told you” Pete groans. 

“No Bradley actually. He called cause he knew I could help and you were rambling about pretending you were a surrogate. He was worried about you. I’m not a children’s defence lawyer for nothing” 

“That bastard. We’re fine. We’re figuring it out. We just need to find a place soon so Phoenix and Bob can put their pup in as well. We did say we were fine with Petra going wherever. But Phoenix refused to put her in a school that was discriminatory” Pete explains. 

“I can talk to Greenfern if you like” 

“No, it’s fine. I don’t want my kids to be in a school that feels threatened to keep them there. Who knows what the teachers will try” Pete had already come to that decision. 

“Well, there’s a preschool called Figtree that takes children with Polyfidelity parents. They have been for the past two decades after I helped a group of parents fight for the right. They don’t take polyamorous throuples though. So you have to be very clear that you're all mated and not looking to add more people. I brought you their paperwork to look through. They're very similar to Greenfern” Sarah says pulling a manilla folder out of her bag. 

“Why are they all called plant names? It's stupid” Pete mutters more to himself but he's not gonna be stupid enough to throw it out just cause Sarah helped them find it. 

“Wait what’s Polyfidelity?” Pete asks finally processing everything she had said. 

“It’s the monogamy of the polyamorous world. Yes, there are three of you, but it’s just you three. It’s a closed relationship. No one less, no one more. Does that make sense?” Sarah asks softly. 

Pete nods. 

He had never really thought about it that way before. He knew they were poly in some sense. But not that there was an actual word for it. 

“It confused me at first too. I was a junior at my law firm. I could barely understand half the jargon. It was the first case I ever fought for.” Sarah explains. 

“Thank you for this. We’ll look into it. I really appreciate it.” Pete says before turning the conversation onto her own children and grandchildren. 

“Hey, Pete Baby, who's here?” Pete hears eventually. His children screaming for their daddies. Pete heard their footsteps and Bradley and Jake’s laughter. 

His kids babbling away at a thousand miles an hour about their days and what Monster has been up to. 

“Auntie Sarah. Look at you. You look beautiful” Bradley says when he sees her. Jake carrying their son upside down by the ankle. Sammy’s laughter peeled through the house. Nicky on his other hip. 

“I think we’re a bit past Auntie Sarah Bradley” She chirps. Standing to hug him tightly. 

“God I remember when you were still knee-high to a grasshopper and now you're a daddy” Sarah coos at him. Squeezing his cheeks as he tries to protest.

“Yeah, I know. It’s amazing what happens when you turn 39” He mumbles. Fighting back his smile. 

They go through this every time Sarah sees him. It’s adorable. 

“Are you staying for a few days?” Jake asks her. 

“Just for the night if that’s ok and then I have to head back home. I have an important case coming up” Sarah says. 

Jake and Bradley cook dinner, letting Pete and Sarah talk some more. 

Phoenix and Bob coming over with Petra for dinner. Bringing potato bake. Looking through the paperwork that Sarah had given Pete. 

After dinner and baths, they get the kids into bed. Petra sleeps in Nicky’s bed with her for a while. Monster sleeping in the cat tree that was pushed into the corner of their kid's room. That Pete had all but nailed to the floor so it couldn't fall over 

Pete reads them a story and it is only once they’re asleep. He manages to escape back to the lounge room 

Raising an eyebrow when they all stop talking. 

“You talking about me?” Pete questions. 

“Yep. We were talking about why you smell like a new baby and haven’t told us yet” Phoenix chides him. 

“I wanted to wait until we knew for certain until we told everybody” Pete explains. Settling himself on Bradley’s lap. The man curled a hand around his thigh. Caging him in softly. 

“We have an appointment Saturday and then have to figure out a way to tell the kids” Jake points out. 

“I’m sure they’ll love having a little sibling. I’m more worried about what Mickey is gonna call this one” Phoenix laughs a little. 

“Yeah, we’re just not gonna tell him. I’ll just say I got fat” Pete says. 

“For all, we know the next baby is going to be called Arugula” Bob points out. 

“No, it’ll be a C name” Bradley points out. 

“5 bucks that it’s Cake,” Phoenix says reaching into her back pocket and pulling out the note.

“No it’ll be Celery,” Bob says adding to the pool. 

Sarah looked endlessly amused by their antics. 

“I think it’ll be Chilli,” Jake says, moving to grab his wallet. 

“Cashew” Bradley pipes up. Jake throwing in for him as well. 

“Sarah? Mav? Any ideas” Bob asks. 

“If he names my child any of those I might actually murder him. But put me down for Chestnut” Pete huffs. 

“I think Chickpea could kinda be cute,” Sarah says holding out her own five dollars.

“Which is probably why he won’t go for it. He’s a sadist. He calls Ned. Our new Pack Pup Camembert” Phoenix says as they slip the money into an envelope and write their guesses on the back. 

Phoenix and Bob decide to call it a night after a rather terrible game of trivial pursuit. Petra clutches to her daddy, giving Pete and the others a soft wave as they walk out to the car. 

The house goes quiet as they all hop into bed. Pete sleeps for a few hours until he hears crying. 

A first he expects the familiar tap of a child-sized hand on his arm but it never comes. Pete slips from bed and he follows the sound of the crying. To the spare room. The light on inside still. 

Heart aching for his friend. Knocking on the door quietly. 

“Come in Maverick” He hears and he pushes open the door. 

Moving to sit beside Sarah on the bed. Taking in the photo she was looking at. Holding it gently in her hands. It was Pete’s group photo from Top Gun. 

“Look at how young you all are” She murmurs, face marked with tears. 

“It was a long time ago” Pete replies. Staring at himself, the younger self that smiling like he owned the world. Long before he knew death could touch him so close. 

“I miss him so much” She whispers, rubbing her finger across Ice’s face. Like she can still remember what his cheek felt like under her touch. 

Pete just wraps her up tight in a hug and holds her. He doesn’t need to say it. He knows she knows how much he misses Ice as well. 

Instead, he says something different. 

“He’d be so proud of you.”

Most mates didn’t last long after the first half went. They called it heartbreak syndrome. The heart just gives out and stops functioning without their mate there anymore. 

Pete had heard an empty mate bond was far worse than an unanswering pack bond. It was like a permanent dagger stuck in your chest. They think that’s what caused Carole’s cancer in the end. She held on so long without Goose, that her body finally begged to be with its mate again. 

“He was my true love and he’s waiting for me. But only after I’m done doing what I need to do will I join him. We both knew that. He’s waiting for me now and he’ll be waiting for me in 20 years. He would understand why I’m taking so long” Sarah says, voice strong despite the way she clutches to Pete’s shirt. 

“He would have loved your kids. He would have already brought them their own planes by now” She jokes once she gets her composure together. Pulling back. 

“If he was around, they’d be the two most spoilt things in the world. I’m certain of it.” Pete says, laughing softly. Wiping down his own face. 

“It’s only fair payback for how much you spoiled our kids. Do you remember the day you brought them home from the fair sugar high? How horrified Tom was at how hyper they were. He thought they were gonna have a heart attack at how much sugar you had fed them” She says, a wet laugh falling from her. 

“I was banned from taking your kids anywhere after that without ‘adult supervision'” Pete snickers. 

“He loved you so much Maverick” 

After that they fall into a comfortable silence, staring at the photo as the night washes away around them. 

Chapter Text

Today was the kid's first day of preschool and Pete was struggling with it. His mates had taken the morning off so they could see the pups off to school. Jake has to practically carry Pete back to the car. Pete not wanting to leave in case his kids struggled. 

Bradley just reassured him they would be fine. They were raised by three of the most confident people in the world and if they had any issues they would call. 

And now Pete was sitting in his empty house and trying to figure out what he should do. Natasha and Bob were both back to work now their pup was in school. Penn and Cyclone were in Paris. Still, on their month-long honeymoon and Amelia was at college. 

Pete had nobody to bother or annoy. He had spent the last four years teaching the twins how to function like semi-reasonable human beings and now he didn’t know what to do.

Monster stared at him blankly from the other side of the lounge room. Like he was also wondering what to do with himself without the pups around to pat him and play with him. 

“Stop looking at me like that. I’m not gonna play with you flea ball” Pete chides the cat when it takes a step towards him. 

Monster meows, flicks his tail and stalks away. Obviously not pleased with Pete’s refusal. Pete wasn’t looking to get himself killed by fur today though. 

Patting at the tiny bump already on his stomach. At least he had that to look forwards to. Another baby in the house. Dr Valen had been a little surprised to see them back but she had been happy to take them back on. Asking about the twins and reassuring Pete this one would be easier. 

That was a fat lie. 

He was so much more tired than the last time...though maybe that was also the fact he had spent most of the morning trying to wrangle two kids into decent clothes. Crying when he couldn’t get Nicky’s braids to lay flat. Jake shushed him with a kiss and fixed them for him.  

“Alright, Tommy. What are we gonna do today? Papa’s bored” Pete says after a fitful nap on the couch. 

Making sure Monster has food and water and his toys. Deciding to ride out to the hangar. Tommy was nowhere near big enough to get in the way just yet and Pete wasn’t going to stop riding his bike just yet. He had been cleared by Dr Valen. 

Feels it purr to life as he pulls on the stupid helmet that Jake had gotten him.  Knowing both his mates would wring his neck if they found out he hadn’t worn it. 

Its design was a copy of his flight helmet. His mates had surprised him with it last birthday. Doing up his jacket before his on the road. Letting the warm summer air cast down on him. Pulling up to the hangar soon enough. 

Last year he had brought an old Triumph Stag Mk 1 to work on. His mates are happy to let him go once Pete had explained that he wanted to teach the kids how to work on cars. So they’d never get stuck in the middle of the highway somewhere. Without at least some knowledge of what to do. 

But that’s not why he was here. No, he was here getting the Bronco up and running again. He knew Bradley had considered it condemned but with a little grunt work, he could get it going. Safe. 

He had been working on it slowly for the last year and a bit, making sure to keep it hidden from Bradley. He wanted to give it to him as a Christmas present...Pete’s pregnancy was gonna get in the way of that a little though. So it might be a next year present instead. 

“Pete, you ready to pick up the kids from school?” He hears a while later. Pete moved quickly to cover the bronco with the tarp. Whining when he’s too short to fully pull the tarp over. 

“Just give me a minute!” He calls back. 

“Don’t stress. It’s just me. Roos is staying in the car. We leave 20 and one of our new students calls him crying cause...who knows. I stopped caring or listening” Jake says, stepping into the hangar. 

Helping Pete pull the tarp over properly. 

“I brought my bike out here” Pete points out. 

“And it’ll still be here tomorrow. We’ll drop you out here if you like. How’s the little bean?” Jake says, happily pulling Pete into a hug. 

“Good. Came up with a name today. To call it for now. Tommy” Pete chirps. Letting Jake drag him out to the car. 

“I love it,” Jake says locking up the hangar. 

“We still have to figure out how to tell the twins as well,” Pete says, watching Bradley talking to someone on the phone. Looking thoroughly annoyed. 

“We’ll figure it out” Jake promises, opening the passenger door for Pete. Helping him in. 

“I can still see my feet” Pete whines but he takes the pampering. Grateful at least that they let him put on his own seatbelt. 

Bradley leaned over to kiss him. Rolling his eyes at something the person on the phone says. 

“I’m going now. I have to drive my mates to pick up my kids. Yeah...yeah...I’m not dignifying that with an answer Bruiser....” Bradley ended up just hanging up on the poor thing. 

“Dignifying what?” Pete asks. 

“Doesn’t matter. He's an idiot. How was your day? You’re covered in oil” Bradley says, pulling at Pete’s top before he turns the car on. 

“That’s what happens when your half the size of the engine bay” Pete shrugs, thanking Jake for the shirt he hands him. Pete changes quickly.  

“Give it a few months and you’ll be close to a third” Bradley says laughing when Pete pinches him on the shoulder. 

Pete grins like a madman when his children run to greet him. Catching them both easily. 

“Hey, babies. Hi. Did you have a good day? I missed you so much” He coos. Hugging them tightly. Pressing kisses to their faces. 

Both of his pups babbling at three hundred miles an hour about all the cool things they did. 

“Their teacher said they were perfect. Nicky was a little shy but they were both great” Jake says catching up to them. 

“That’s awesome. Good job guys” Bradley says picking up his son. Pete holding Nicky close. Not wanting to put her down any time soon. Nuzzling against her cheek softly. 

Taking in that soft rain smell. 

“Papa. We weren’t gone that long” She whines at him. 

His omega didn’t care. They could be out of his sight for five minutes and he still missed them. 

He understood now why Carole had bawled like a baby when Bradley had toddled his way into preschool. 

Finally, he slips his babe into her car seat buckling her up. Sitting her bag on the floor at her feet.

Jake pushes him to take the front again. Slipping between the kids, talking to them about their days. Pride in his eyes, but as much as Pete wants to be sitting there. He doesn’t fight it. He wasn’t the only one who had missed his kids. Bradley and Jake were just used to working. 

“Hey wait? This isn’t the way home” Pete points out. 

“I know. Javy wanted to show off his new place that he brought” Bradley points out. 

“And that has to be today?” Pete whines. 

“Yes, that has to be today. We made him a promise. You’ll be fine. I’m sure Javy won’t mind if you nap on his bed” Jake promises. 

Pete sighs but lets it go. Whatever makes the pack happy. Cars already littering the street when they pull up. 

Pete helps grab his kids out of the car. 

“There’s no way Javy afforded this?” Pete says looking up at the house. 

“Gotta love family inheritance,” Jake says as they step up to the door, opening it and stepping inside. 

Pete and Bradley can only follow. Pete hears voices. His pack members. Only to pause when he steps into the lounge room. Balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling. 


“This better be a birthday for you Seresin or else your sleeping on the floor” Pete chides. 

He had completely forgotten it was his birthday. It wasn’t a special birthday in the slightest. It wasn’t anything. He had just expected the day to roll by just as any other did. 

“Nope, it’s all yours sweetheart. You threw a tantrum when we brought up celebrating your 60th. So we figured you’d throw less of a fuss if we celebrated your 61st” Jake says pressing a kiss to his temple. 

“Your a dick” Pete huffs but he does let his family celebrate his birthday. 

“Happy birthday Papa!” His kids cry. Hugging his legs. 

“Thank you my Loves,” He says, bending to kiss them both on the head. 

Most of the party is simple. Quiet. All of his pack there. Even Penny and Cyclone. 

“You're supposed to be on your honeymoon” Pete cries, indignant. 

“And miss your pouty face never gonna happen. We’re still gonna take the extra two weeks off. Don’t worry this was the plan from the start. So I see Jake and Bradley’s plan on keeping you barefoot and pregnant is working. I thought I smelt it at the wedding” Penny coos at him, before pulling him into a hug. 

“Ha no, this is it. We want more kids, Bradley and Jake can do a coin flip on whose carrying” Pete says, grinning wide. 

“You like being pregnant. Don’t lie” Bradley calls out. 

Pete just flipping him off. 

Bradley was right though. Pete found the experience rather nice. In an odd sense. Not that Pete would ever tell him that. 

Pete spends his time with his family, Javy and Jake arguing over how to get the Barbecue working. Pete was not surprised when one of them ends up in the pool. Grabbing the towel for his mate. He should have known that he was gonna end up in the pool too. 

Cyclone taking over. Getting it hooked up and working in a pinch. 

Pete helps his son try and keep himself afloat getting him to swim to Bradley. Bradley checkes his phone a few times over the course of their swim. Just fobbing it off as work. Pete was not fazed in the slightest. Knowing what it was like to be on duty. 

Bob helping Petra try and swim. 

Javy and Reuben throw Nicky between them in the pool. Nicky’s laughter peeled through the air. Penny and the others were happy to laze in the pool, talking. 

Mickey bitching from the side of the pool that he can’t swim yet. Amelia just shushing him softly with kisses. 

His pack, enjoying the waning sunlight. Enjoying the party. 

Bradley wraps him up in a hug after dinner as they bring out a cake. Pete laughs with sheer joy at the replica of the F-14 is laid on the table in front of him. 

His name is on the side of it. Five stars for his Ace status. 

It was beautiful. 

Pete was tired by the time their saying goodbyes, stacking his presents in the boot. He had been spoiled. Just as he had spoiled every pack member on their own birthday. 

Curling up to sleep in the back with his kids. Leaning against Sammy’s booster seat. 

“Papa’s drooling on me” He hears at one stage. Too tired to really wake up. Just knowing his son is talking. 

“Oh well let him. He had a big day away from you kids. He missed you lots and lots” Jake replies. 

“We missed him too” Nicky replies. 

Pete is out like a light afterwards. 

Until his children are poking him awake. 

“Papa we’re home. PAPA!” They cry. 

“No yelling. I’m awake” He grumbles. 

Pete helps get the kids bathed and brushes their teeth before his getting them into bed. 

“Papa are you sick?” Nicky asks. Looking worried as they tuck in the kids. Monster sleeping in his bed, stretched out. 

“No sweetheart I’m not” Pete reassures her. Rubbing a thumb over Nicky’s forehead. Smoothing out her worry lines. 

“But you get a yucky tummy every morning and your so tired and you didn’t like your bacon this morning. You always love bacon” Sammy points out. 

Pete looks up at Jake and Bradley. 

Bradley took a deep breath. Cogs ticking as he tries to find an easy explanation. 

“It’s something really amazing actually. Your Papa is spending a lot of energy making something really, really special.” 

“Like what?” Nicky asks. Soft, pulling her stuffed teddy closer. 

“Like a new baby,” Jake says. Grinning wide. 

“A new baby?” Sammy says around the ear of his stuffed dog. 

“Yeah, another sibling is that ok?” Pete asks. 

“Is it in your belly like we were?” Sammy asks in return. 

Pete nodding. Pulling up his shirt to reveal the small bump there. 

“It’s so small,” Nicky says reaching out her hand. Patting it softly. 

“He’s the size of a seed right now but soon enough he's going to get bigger and bigger and you’ll be able to feel him kick inside my belly,” Pete says softly. 

“Can’t it be a girl instead?” Nicky whines. 

Pete laughed a little. 

“We don’t really get a choice Honeybear” Bradley explains. 

“But Papa’s making it. Can’t he choose?” Sammy asks. 

“It doesn’t work like that. But yes it might be a girl. It’s a 50, 50 chance. Like flipping a coin” Jake tries his best to explain. 

“I want a baby sister,” Sammy says rolling over to face the wall. Closing his eyes. Bradley laughing a little and just pulling up his blankets. 

“Me too Papa,” Nicky says, her own eyes shutting. 

“I will try my best. Sleep well Love” Pete murmurs, kissing his daughter's forehead. 

Standing and moving over to press a kiss to his son’s forehead. 

Pete and his mates retreated from the room. Leaving them to sleep softly in their galaxy nightlight. 

“Well, that went better than expected. No tantrums” Bradley says as he sits on the couch. Turning on the tv and booting up his laptop. 

“There might be one if we don’t have a girl” Pete points out. 

“That’s a future problem. How are you feeling?” Jake asks. 

“I’m ok. Exhausted. Thank you for today. It was really nice of you both. Even if I hate surprises and I hate birthday parties” Pete says, sitting between his mates on the couch. 

“You're welcome. Is there anything you need before we start these drafts up?” Jake asks pulling his laptop close. 

“A slice of cake...and a mint milkshake” 

“I was wondering when the craving would return. Aren’t you lucky I stocked up the other day?” Bradley says, kissing Pete on his mating mark before he disappears. 

Pete snuggled into Jake’s arm. Jake ran a few fingers over his stomach. 

Bradley returned with Pete’s request and two beers. Checking his phone, frowning a little. Face easy into a smile when he sees Pete. Putting his phone away. 

Pete just reading over his mate's drafts. Pointing out the flaws. 

“It can’t be an inverted dive after a stunt like that. The G’s would put your pilots in a fugue state” 

“That’s the idea sweetheart. It’s for a written test we’re planning. These assholes are incompetent. I don’t even know how some of them got into the Navy” Bradley explains. 

Pete just raises an eyebrow but lets them go. 

“You know I thought the same about you losers when I first saw you” Pete teases. 

“Nah you couldn’t keep your eyes off me Captain” Jake replies. Smirking. 

“Finish your drafts up. I’m heading to bed.” Pete says, pushing himself to stand. 

Bradley and Jake kiss him before he can escape. 

“Happy Birthday Baby. I’m glad you had a good day. Even if it was a little lonely” Bradley says. 

Pete doesn’t even hit the pillow before he was out cold. 

Chapter Text

Pete spends most of the next day out at the hangar. Trying to get a dent out of the bronco's back door. Well, a replacement he had brought for cheap anyways. It was better than the bronco’s last one. That had been a mangled unfixable heap. 

Taking a break for a second. Letting himself just lay there on the ground and take a few deep breaths. 

“Might need your daddy's help with that one.” He finally concedes. 

His mustang catching his eye. 

So he takes it for a small fly. It kills a few hours, Pete taking it easy. No stupid stunts. When he gets back he realises he has two missed calls. 

Both from Bradley. 

Pete calls back, taking a second to fiddle with the Bluetooth set that came with the helmet. Getting it working. Jumping a little when Bradley’s voice comes out of the helmet. 

“Hey, handsome. What can I do you for? We just took the plebs through basic manoeuvres. Dear god, it’s starting to make sense why my instructors hated me if I flew like they did” Bradley chirps. 

“Uh...You called me” Pete says clipping the helmet into place. Starting up his bike. 

“No, I didn’t” Bradley replies. 

“You did twice” Pete points out. Wheels crunching on the dirt. The Hangar door slid closed behind him. Pete makes sure it goes down completely before his taking off. Pushing the limits just a little cause he can. 

“Who you talking to sir?” Another voice says over the helmet. 

“Maverick. My mate. Go get ready Bruiser. Lieutenant Commander Seresin is taking you guys up next.” Bradley order. 

“But why can’t you?” Bruiser whines. 

Pete laughed a little. Sounds like someone had a little crush. 

“Bruiser go. Now. I won’t tell you again” Bradley snaps. 

“Someone’s got a crush” Pete points out. 

“What no way. He knows I’m mated. I talk about you and the kids all the time” Bradley says, sounding annoyed. 

“You’re not exactly one to talk Bradley, you had a crush on me and I was dating Penny” Pete makes sure to remind him. 

“That was different. You weren’t mated to her and I didn’t follow you around like a lost puppy.” 

“No you just tried to kill me in a death spiral, Jake was more of the lost puppy,” Pete says, making sure to be careful as he pulls onto the highway.  

“I heard that you scumbag,” Jake yells in the background. 

“You're welcome, take it easy on them. Give them a chance. You’ll boost their confidence”

“Like they need any more confidence. Is everything ok? Is Tommy ok? Why’d you call Roos?” Jake asks. He must have grabbed the phone. 

“He called me twice actually” 

“It must have been a pocket dial. Sorry Handsome. I have to go test these idiots on 5th gen fighters and Jake has to go kick some proverbial ass. Love you. Come on Hangman. Before Bruiser starts bitching again” Bradley says. 

Pete replies with his own love before Bradley is hanging up. 

He arrives home to a delivery guy dropping off a massive box. Pete accepts it. The guy carrying it inside for him. Pete cut open the box. A letter stuck to the present on top. All wrapped in pretty wrapping paper. Setting them on the table. 

Kicking the now empty box over to Monster. The cat immediately jumps into the box. Glee on its evil little face. 

Opening the envelope. 

Three cards fall out. 

Pete spots the twins easily. Homemade and sweet. They were 12 now and still adored Pete with every fibre of their being. The last time he had seen them was Christmas and they were already reaching his shoulder. 

They were beautiful and looked exactly like their mother. Same green eyes, same blond hair. Bubbly little creatures. 

He cuts the tape on the card, only to jump when his sprayed with confetti and glitter. His mouth turns thin as he looks down at the rainbow mess. He should have expected it. The gremlins. 

Happy Birthday Uncle Pete. 

Hugs Rosey and Sarah. 

He hated glitter. They're lucky he loved them though.

He opens the next card from Camilla. Wishing him a good birthday and telling him to enjoy his present. Pete is a little worried when she tells him to open hers out of sight of the children. 

Opening Maribel and Samuel’s card next. 

Happy Birthday Petey. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I know the kids will be at Preschool by now. So we got you a few things to keep you entertained as you adjust to quiet days. Talk on Sunday as always. 

Love Mum and Dad. 

Pete smiled a little. 

He starts opening the presents. 

7 in all. 

Five are model cars and planes from Maribel and Samuel. 

The sixth is a homemade deck of cards. Pete’s heart melted at all the personal photos the twins had stuck onto the cards. It was beautiful. Being careful as he slips them back into their case. 

And turning to Camilla’s present. It was decent-sized. Pete was a little nervous as he starts to open the wrapping paper. Laughing a little when he sees it and then laughs a lot when he takes it in fully. 

She had brought him an adult toy. Pete opened the box wondering if this was some horrid practical joke but sure enough. It was there. A swollen knot at the base of it and his pretty sure it vibrated. It was bright blue. Pete snapped a photo and sent it to his mates. 

Your sister obviously thinks you don’t take care of me right? 

Pete slid the thing back into its box. Closing it. 

He had toys sure. He wasn’t getting through a heat without one. He hadn’t needed use of one since he had mated with Jake and Bradley.

Sending a text to Camilla. 

You're a bitch. 

She replies seconds later. 

You like it? Come on. Me and you both know that Beavis and Butthead have to go away on mission eventually and your gonna be left lonely. It’s not like the real thing but it’ll keep you sated till they return. 

I repeat. You're a bitch.  Pete texts back. Even though he does send her a thank you gif. 

Yes, Yes I am. That’s why you love me. 

Pete puts Camilla’s present in Jake’s toy box before the kids find it and he spends the next two hours cleaning up glitter. 

Jake and Bradley are confused when they still find glitter later that night. Jake washes his hands as Bradley sits at the table doing a little extra prep. Squinting at the screen. 

“Your sister has taught them well” Is all Pete says. 

“Yes I saw the present Cami got you. We’ll have to try it out” Jake says. A mischievous sparkle in his eyes. 

“In your dreams” Pete huffs.

“Oh definitely” Jake purrs. Hand already snapping out to catch Nicky as she trips over. Catching her around the waist before she can hit the floor. Oophing as he lifts her up, resting her on his hip. 

“What did you Papa tell you about running in the house Nicole” He chides in the next breath. 

“You to Samuel. Didn’t the school give you homework?” Bradley questions. 

“We can already do it though” Sammy whines but he pulls a piece of paper out of his bag handing it over. 

“And what’s that?” Pete asks, turning to glance at his son. 

“They have to fill in the alphabet. Well if you think you know it. Prove it Cheese” Bradley says. 

Jake sets Nicky at the table and she grabs her own worksheet out. 

His kids were nothing if not competitive. Pete would be more worried if they weren’t. 

“DONE!” They both cry at the same time about a minute later. 

“I finished first!” Nicky shouts. 

“No, I did. Tell her Daddy!” Sammy cries a second later. 

“You tied, now show me” Bradley holding out his hands.

Pete is just amused by his children’s antics. Bradley as ever the peacekeeper. 

“Cheese your E is backwards,” Bradley says. 

Nicky sticking out her tongue. 

“Nicky your J is backwards” Bradley continues. 

Sammy sticks his tongue out in return. 

“Hey, none of that. Your both did great. Here let me see” Pete says, knowing if he doesn’t get involved soon. The pups are gonna be rolling around on the floor trying to bite each other again. 

Pete gestured for his son to join him on the other side of the table. Grunting a little when he barely catches Cheese from kneeing him in the stomach.

“Careful dude. You can’t jump on your Papa like that. He's got precious cargo” Jake chides. 

“Sorry, Papa. Sorry baby” Cheese says, voice soft. Patting at Pete’s stomach. 

“It’s ok. Jake can you put the carrots on...alright. So from what I remember. J and E go this way” Pete says writing them on their sides on purpose. 

“No, they don’t Papa!” His children cry, laughter in their voices. 

“Well if I’m wrong and you're wrong? Which way do they go?” He coos, grinning wide. 

Over the next two weeks. Pete starts working on the first model plane. Slowly getting used to his twins leaving his side every weekday. Happy with how happy they come home. Bradley getting more and more texts from Bruiser. 

More and more and it was starting to piss off Pete by now. 

He admired Viper sure but at least he didn't message him 800 times a day. 

“I swear to god if that’s Bruiser. I am going to shove your phone down his throat” He grumbles when the phone rings at 2 am. 

“I’d let you” Bradley replies, rolling over to answer it. Pulling himself from their normal cuddle huddle. 

“Hey, Sir. I’m so sorry to call so late. car broke down. I don’t know what happened. There was a banging and then the engine stopped” 

“Can’t you get your pilot to come and get you or someone else from class?” Bradley asks, rubbing a hand over his eyes. 

Jake sighed and got out of bed. Disappearing towards their en-suite.

Pete just envisioned stabbing Bruiser in the neck with a pencil. 

“No. They're all drunk. I was the sober driver. I’m so sorry Sir. I really am” Bruiser says sounding panicked. 

“Alright fine. Send me your location. I’ll come and get you. Take you home but you owe me” Bradley says sitting up. 

Pete felt his omega rumbling at the thought of his mate going alone to some little asshole crying wolf. 

“I’ll come with. See if I can fix his car for him. It’ll save him a trip to the mechanics” Pete says. 

“Are you sure? Your exhausted baby” 

“Yeah I’m sure,” Pete says, grabbing the shirt Bradley had been wearing before he went to sleep. Slipping it on before moving to pull on his jeans. 

“No. No. Too early it’s only the second month” Pete bitches. His jeans were uncomfortably tight. 

“I’ll grab your maternity stuff down,” Bradley says, disappearing into the walk-in closet. 

“Jake baby can you keep an eye on the kids? Bruiser’s car broke down” Pete asks. 

Jake looks sceptical but nods. 

“Of course. Just keep your claws in ok? He's just some lost little orphan with authority issues. He gets a hard-on for any CO that shows him a little attention. Who does that sound like?” Jake says softly. Kissing Pete deep. 

“I’ll be nice. I promise” Pete says. 

“Your a fucking liar” Jake replies in a whisper. A grin on his face. A little pride too. 

Pete grabs his toolbox after Bradley helps him into his maternity jean and they set off into the night. 

They arrive quick enough and Pete feels a little delight in the scowl that Bruiser gives him when he steps out. 

He was a little twinkie. Nothing interesting. Average. An omega who was quickly trying to pull in his needy pathetic scent. Pulling up his jacket zipper even further as he leans back against a firebird. Simple. Classic. 

Pete is nice as pie though and Bradley is clueless. 

“Hi, Bruiser. Right? So nice to meet you. I’m Maverick. But I’m sure you know that. So what seems to be the problem?” Pete asks. 

“I...I don’t know. It was my uncles. He gave it to me when I got accepted. It suddenly just died, lucky I had enough momentum to get her to a safe spot” Bruiser says softly. Meekly. 

Pete nods and moves to get the hood up. 

“Don’t worry Mav is great with cars. He’ll have her fixed in no time” Bradley promises. 

Pete nodding. 

“Baby, can you help me here? I need a light” He calls when he finds it too difficult to see. 

Bradley is happy to hold out the torch that Pete hands him. 

Pete examines everything. Finding nothing wrong until he sees it and he growls a little under his breath. 

Jaw ticking. 

This idiot wasn’t smart and he was starting to really piss off Pete at this stage. Pete reconnected the spark plug Bruiser had yanked out. No way a spark plug ended up halfway across the engine bay just by falling out. Bradley not noticing. Bruiser talking to him about something or other. Pete not caring to listen. 

“There you go. All fixed. Drive safe” Pete says slamming the hood closed. 

“Thank you,” Bruiser says not even looking at Pete. Moving to hug Bradley. 

Bradley just freezing. Patting Bruiser very gently on the back.

“Your uh welcome but you're thanking the wrong person,” Bradley says softly. 

“Uh yeah, thanks” Bruiser throws out at Pete. 

Pete just nodded. Already planning on burning the shirt Bradley was wearing. 

“Come on let’s go home. I’m freezing my ass off and the kids will be starting to wonder where we are” Pete says, walking back to their own car. Bradley handing over his jacket. Pete pulled his arms through the sleeves happily. 

Throwing a look back at Bruiser before he gets in the car. Pete making sure to be an asshole cause he can. Pulling Bradley into a kiss. 

“What’s that for?” Bradley asks smiling. 

“Just thanking you for letting me come out with you. I’m glad I could help the kid” Pete shrugs. 

Taking a little bit of joy in the way that Bruiser peels out of sight. A nasty scowl on his face. 

Chapter Text

When they get out of the car at home. Pete is demanding Bradley hand over his shirt. 

“Uh, Mav? Why?” Bradley asks. 

“Because Bruiser reeked and I won’t have it stinking up my nest” Pete grumbles. 

Thankfully Bradly seems to understand, handing the shirt over and Pete is throwing it straight in their garbage can. 

“You’re nesting early sweetheart” Bradley comments. 

“Kinda have to since you’ve already made me struggle with my own pants” Pete grumbles. 

“Your muscles relax after the first birth Mav. It’s not a bad thing. Is it Tommy?” Bradley coos. Rubbing a hand over Mav’s belly. 

“How’d you go?” Jake asks when they walk inside. 

“Yeah fine. It was an easy fix. A little too easy” Pete grumbles. Kissing his mate. 

“Then why is Bradley not wearing a shirt? Did you two fuck in the car without me?” Jake whines. 

“No. I threw it out. Bruiser hugged him” Pete explains. 

“His nesting” Bradley explains. 

Recognition flashed through Jake’s eyes. 

“Oh, fun. We’ll the kids were only sated with a promise of ice cream for breakfast. So I guess I’m making pancakes” Jake says as Pete crawls back into bed. 

“I’ll take mine with whipped cream” He mutters, curling himself into Bradley’s chest. 

Scenting the man.

“No more accepting hugs from Bruiser. Next time let him freeze his twink ass off. Please” Pete whispers. 

Bradley looks at him confused before looking at Jake. Nodding. 

“That was the first time he’s ever touched me. I promise. I won’t let it happen again” Bradley says. 

“Good or else I’m biting your dick off,” Pete says. 

Jake laughed a little, chest rumbling against Pete’s back. 

“Yours too if I find out you're covering for Bradley” 

“No covering. I’d be first in line to give Roos a nut shot if he strays” Jake says. Pressing a kiss to the back of Pete’s neck. 

“No straying I promise. You two and the kids are my life. I’m not stupid enough to give that up for anything. Ever” Bradley promises. Hugging Pete tighter to him. 

Pete knows his telling the truth and he appreciated that at least. 

Bradley must say something to the whiny little brat because for at least a week Bruiser doesn’t call or text. Or maybe Pete had scared him off. Bradley never gets jumpy or protective over his phone. He had kept his word and Jake had only reassured Pete of that fact. 

Until Bruiser starts up again, just as Pete enters his 6th week. Bradley refused to answer his calls and his texts. Even going so far as blocking the desperate idiot. 

He had an appointment to himself this morning. Bradley and Jake had both been happy to call out of work to take him. The twins had begged to come with him but they had Preschool. 

“Dr Valen. I have a question. How do you think Tommy would go in 6 G’s?” Pete asks at the end of their appointment. 

“Do I want to ask why you intend to fly a fighter jet? Aren’t you retired?” Dr Valen asks in return. 

“I was asked if I could come in and do a demonstration,” Pete says. 

It was true. One of Cyclone’s bosses was stopping by and Cyclone had asked if Pete had wanted to do a demonstration...that was three months ago though so. 

“You’ll be more susceptible to G-Loc and you’ll feel fatigued. Let’s try and keep it slow and if you feel sick at all. And I do mean at all. You are to land as quickly and smoothly as you can and have immediate medical attention. And this is it. Just one demonstration. You're still early now. But any later in the pregnancy and you're putting high risk on your baby” Dr Valen explains. 

“So no stunts. Good to know. I’ll take it easy. I promise” Pete says standing. Making his exit only to pause. 

“Can you write that down so my mates don’t strangle me for flying?” He asks. 

“Sure thing. Please do take it easy. Don’t be a smart ass” Dr Valen says. Printing out a letter for him and singing the bottom of it. 

“Kid comes first. Ego second” Pete promises her. 

Tommy's safety would always come first. 

Riding out to the base after that. His stomach was still well hidden under his bomber jacket. Flashing his ID at the gate. 

“Maverick long time no see. What are you doing here? You actually wear a helmet now” The MP asks. A grin on his face. 

“Here to see my mates,” Pete explains. 

“I think they're down in the classroom today,” Harold says, scribbling down Pete’s reasoning. 

“Thanks, Harold” Pete says, flicking his visor back down and heading deeper into base. 

He tracks them down easily enough. Knocking on the door. 

Watching his mates light up at the sight of him. Jake prattling on about the limitations of their planes. 

“Everybody. Maverick. Maverick meet the plebs” Bradley says. 

“I thought I’d sit in today. See how these kittens fly” Pete says holding out the letter. 

Jake grabs it and unfolds it. Looking up at Pete concerned before sighing. 

“Alright, class. We’re taking this outside. Maverick here is gonna demonstrate how you really fly. I’ll be up in the air with him. Who wants to try and beat us? Bradley asks once he's read the note as well. 

Pete not surprised that Bruiser is sticking his hand in the air. 

His WSO reluctantly put his hand up. 

“Alright Bruiser, Gills, Who else is stupid enough to go against us?” Bradley asks. Grinning. 

“I’ll do it,” A massive alpha says. He wasn’t cocky though. If anything he had a respectable amount of fear in his eyes. 

Pete bulks a little when he stands up. Easily clearing Bradley. Hell Pete didn’t know how he fits in a jet. 

“Alright Everest, Gills, Bruiser go get ready. We’ll see you up there” Bradley orders. 

Cyclone dragged his boss out to see Pete’s antics. Cyclone asked if he was sure. Pete had just reassured him, handing him Dr Valen’s note before heading to the locker room to gear up. 

“Are you sure you're up to this?” Bradley asks as they get suited up.

“Of course. As long as I take it easy. I’m allowed to play ball” Pete promises. 

“Good, Watch for Bruiser ok? He tends to play dirty” Jake says softly. 

“Good thing I play dirtier” Pete purrs. 

Taking a second to admire his jet before Bradley is helping him up into the cock pit. 

Pete can feel Bruiser trying to glare at a hole in his head. 

“Love you” Pete murmurs as he makes sure everything is working. 

“Love you too,” Bradley says. Their mate bond opens wide. They can feel Jake faintly but he had quietened his side so they didn’t get confused up in the air. 

Pete pulled his helmet into place. Just takes a second to breathe as the cover closes around him. Bradley already heading over to his own plane.

Maverick and Rooster hang low to the hard deck to start with. Watching and listening as Bruiser and Everest argue about the game plan.

“This is Maverick we’re talking about. He’s all about surprises” Everest says looking around. 

Rooster laughing a little. 

“Yeah well, he can suck a dick. He’s overhyped. He surely can’t be that good” Bruiser huffs in return. 

Rooster is plucking at Maverick’s bond and their falling into sync. It was easy really. 

Bruiser and Everest refuse to communicate. 

“Alright rules. Guns only. No missiles. No breaking the hard deck of 5000 feet. You do I’m kicking your ass on the ground. Whoever shoots down the other team first wins bragging rights. See we have an old game we like to play. Mav baby, why don’t you tell them” 

“Two hundred push-ups for the losers. I’m not sure if Gills can handle that” Maverick says, grinning as he clips his mask into place. 

“Fights on” Bruiser snarls. 

Rooster moves as a mirror to Maverick as they invert their planes. Rooster taking Everest and Maverick stares down at Bruiser with a sadistic glee in his eyes. 

“Oh, sweetheart. You really do know nothing” He purrs. 

“Holy fuck” Everest and Gills say at the same time. Both stared up at them slack-jawed. 

“Hangman reacted the exact same way when Maverick did that to him the first time” Rooster laughs. 

Bruiser flipping Maverick off. 

“WHOA Bruiser. Take it easy!” Gills shouts when Bruiser takes off. 

Maverick flipping himself right side so his wing tip brushes Everest’s. 

“You gonna try and keep up with your wingman?” He asks. 

That seems to break Everest out of his stupor. 

“You can’t abandon your wingman like that Bruiser” Rooster chides, flipping himself back upright. 

“He needs to learn how to keep up” Bruiser huffs. 

“I would if you actually communicated” Everest snaps back. 

“Now, now girls your both pretty” Maverick mocks. Watching as Bruiser is already turning his plane around. Throwing off Everest again. 

His WSO trying to talk some sense into him but it seems to fall on deaf ears. 

“Wow, Bruiser really is like you,” Maverick says. 

“Hangman did warn you” Rooster replies. Both of them easily moved out of the way. 

Maverick and Rooster let them ply for a little while longer. Let them think they have the upper hand. Until Bruiser pulls a stunt that nearly gets them all killed. Using his wingmen as a sacrifice piece. Nearly sending Everest crashing into Rooster and Maverick. Everest’s nose goes vertical as he tries to stop it. 

Maverick has to pull a dangerous stunt of his own but all three of them get out of it safe enough. Feeling his head spin and his stomach drops. Taking a second to regain his composure once his steady again. 

“It’s ok Tommy. Papa’s sorry for not being more careful” He whispers, rubbing a hand over his stomach. 

“GROUND NOW!” Rooster orders. Pure rage in his voice. 

Everest agrees but Bruiser throws up a stink. 

“No. Nobodies won yet” Bruiser hisses.

It doesn’t take Pete more than two seconds to swing around and tone the prick. 

“There. You're dead. Now land. Your commanding officer gave you an order and unless you want to lose your wings. I suggest you listen” He snarls, already heading off back for base. 

Bradley and Everest follow behind. 

Pete realises his shaking when he's pulled his plane to a stop in its spot. Looking down at his hands and he tries to get them to stop. 

Hearing a knock on the cover and his looking up to see Bradley staring at him worried. His helmet was already gone. 

Pete opened the cover and pulled off his helmet. 

“Shh, it’s ok. It’s ok. You're safe. Your both safe” Bradley promises, unclipping Pete and lifting him out of the plane. 

Jake already running for them. 

“What the hell happened up there?” He asks as Pete is set on his feet. Bradley holding him. Seeming to understand that Pete was gonna hit the ground if he didn’t. 

“Bruiser tried to turn Everest into a kamikaze pilot” Bradley explains.

Pete just hugged his mate tightly. Trying to get himself to stop shaking. 

“Captain Mitchell I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I promise. I had no idea Bruiser was going to do that” Everest says coming over to them. 

“It’s ok. I don’t blame you. Are you ok?” He asks the man. 

“Yeah shaken but I’m ok. Is your kid ok?” Everest asks, staring down at Pete’s stomach. 

“Yeah, he's a Bradshaw. He's just fine” Pete reassures Everest. 

“Can...Can I hug you?” He asks softly. 

Pete looks up at his mates. 

They nod and Everest hugs him gently. Quickly before letting him go. His scent is kept tight to his frame so he doesn’t leave any of it behind. 

Cyclone meeting up with them next. Just as Gills storms past. Throwing out an apology to Pete and his mates. 

“Do I even want to know?” Cyclone asks. Worry in his eyes. 

“Bruiser needs to be removed from training. Immediately. He's unsafe, untrustworthy and he nearly got all of us killed” Pete explains. 

“Oh fuck you. I’ve heard about your record... Captain …You can’t talk about me being a killer when your the one that’s actually killed. I’ve read the file. It wasn’t an accident. You were doing what you thought was right. Just like I did at least I didn’t kill my WSO!” 

Before Cyclone is saying a word. Bradley has already put Bruiser on the floor. Bruiser howled in pain as he clutches his nose. 

“I ever see you near my pregnant mate again. I’ll happily show you what death looks like. AM I CLEAR LIEUTENANT HALEY” Bradley rages. 

Jake and Everest pulling him away from Bruiser before he can do any more damage. Though they both look like they want to take a swing as well. 

“My office Lieutenant Haley. Come on let's go” Cyclone says picking the brat up off the floor and dragging him off. 

Leaving a blood trail behind. 

Pete waiting for Jake and Bradley to yell at him. About how he was an idiot and that he never should have gone up in the air. 

“Come on sweetheart. Let’s get you changed. How are you feeling? Are you sure Tommy is ok?” Jake asks. 

“Yeah, he's fine. His hardy. He’s probably an adrenaline junkie like his daddies. I need a nap though.” Pete mumbles. 

His stomach felt perfectly fine. No pain. No jitters. Nothing. He just had to keep a close eye on it. 

The students all ask if Pete is ok when they step back into the classroom after they had changed. 

Cyclone stopping by about half an hour later. Pete’s hands had finally stopped shaking. Sitting off to the side. Occasionally butting in with his part of the events that happened in the sky. 

Everybody standing to attention. 

“Lieutenant Mcgillicuddy. You’ll be partnered with Lieutenant Ferguson from now. Is that ok?” Cyclone asks. 

“Yes sir. What happened to Bruiser?” Gills asks

Only to look sad when Cyclone throws Bruiser's wings at him. 

“Let Finnick Haley be a reminder as to what happens when you put your fellow soldiers in danger. When you prefer to use your fellow soldiers as a scapegoat instead of having their backs you cause a very deadly rift. One that can not be afforded in combat. Today Haley’s ego nearly cost the lives of 6 people. Himself included” 

“Wait sir I’m confused. There were only five people in the air” Someone speaks up. 

Pete unzipped his jacket. Revealing his small baby bump. Letting the scent of a new baby fill the room. 

“Shit. Bruiser nearly killed a pregnant omega. There’s no way his flying after this” Someone whispers. 

“Sir why were you flying if you knew you were pregnant? Isn’t that dangerous?” Someone else asks sticking their hand up. 

“I had special permission from my doctor to do so. I thought it was going to be an easy flight. Sir, you don’t mind if one of my mates drops me home? I’m too tired to drive” Pete asks looking up at Cyclone. 

“Of course not. Whichever one goes with you can have the rest of the day so they can keep an eye on you. Take it easy ok” Cyclone says ruffling his hair. 

Pete nods. 

Bradley takes him home and puts him to bed. 

Pete has nightmares every time he closes his eyes. Where things go wrong. Where he loses Bradley the same way he lost Goose. Waking up crying. 

Bradley is there every time to soothe him. Hugging him close. Bradley phone remained quiet over the next few days. Pete keeping his kids home from school for the rest of the week. Not wanting them out of his sight while his nightmares are running rampant.

They don’t mind though. 

Tommy is perfectly fine just as Pete had promised. 

Pete had just stepped back into the house after his mates had dropped him off on the next Monday. Pete reluctantly lets the kids go back to school. Feeling panic shooting down his spine as someone grabs him from behind. 

“You ruined my life you bitch. I’m gonna make you pay!” Bruiser snarls. 

Chapter Text

Pete feels fear running rampant through his system until he takes a deep breath. Felt his arms about near to pop out of its socket. 

Reaching out for the first bond line he can get his proverbial hands on. Sending an SOS down all of the lines for all he knows. 

“Let me guess Daddy Issues? Daddy never loved you enough and that’s why you get a little hard whenever someone above you tells you what to do?” Pete sneers. 

“Shut the fuck up. I’m the one in control here. I...I...” Bruiser cuts off in a growl. 

“You what? You think Bradley will love you if you hurt his pregnant mate?” Pete bites back.

“He...You're too old for him! Your gonna be dead before your kids graduate high school. How is that fair to Sir” Bruiser says. 

Pete whines a little as he pushes his arm up higher. So close to dislocating it. 

“Maybe so. But sweetheart. Your three-month crush can’t beat true love” 

“TRUE LOVE! You groomed him! Your nothing but a sick paedophile!”

Pete bares his teeth at the accusation. 

“He told me how you would always smother the house in your omega scent. How you would hit on him? Show yourself off like a desperate slut” Bruiser sneers. 

“Your voice turns nasally when you lie. Sir my car broke down. Fuck off. If anybody is desperate here it’s you” Pete snaps, sending his head back into Bruiser's nose. 

Hearing the crack as he hits Bruiser’s still healing nose. Bruiser lets go of him just enough that Pete can run.

He wasn’t stupid enough to get into a fistfight, not while trying to protect his pup. Glad at least his twins weren’t home.

Pete pulled out his phone. 

Before he can press call on it though. He has to turn his body. Bracing for impact as Bruiser slams into him. Slamming him into his kitchen counter. Feeling his head smack off the range hood. Bruiser pinned him back against the stove with his arm to Pete’s throat. Baring down on Pete with all his strength. Using his slight height advantage to keep Pete in place.

Head dizzy as Bruiser wrenches his phone from his hand, throwing it on the floor and crushing it under his boot.  

Bruiser pulling a syringe from his pocket. 

Pete struggles more. Trying to kick out his legs but he hits nothing. 


“This will get rid of my little problem. Sir won’t want you if you can’t carry his kid” Bruiser says. Something manic in his eyes. He wasn’t just a little love-sick puppy. He was a fucking psycho. 

“You're fucking insane! I’ve already given him a biological kid. I’ve given them both one”  Pete hisses. 

“That...I don’t understand that. How disgusting and greedy do you have to be to want two mates? Are you that much of a whore that you can’t just handle one? Do you get bored? Do you just have a kink for it” Bruiser says before pulling the cap off the needle with his teeth. 

Pete felt the tiniest prick of it against the skin of his stomach. 

Something inside of Pete snaps. Like a rabid dog let off its leash. 

He doesn’t really remember anything after that. It’s like flashes in his mind. A glint of his kitchen knife. The sickening sound Bruiser's head makes when it hits the wall. Bruiser’s scream. Pete somehow got his hand on the needle. The last thing he sees is Phoenix’s terrified face when she steps into the kitchen. 

Only vaguely coming to when someone drags him off Bruiser’s body as he screams. What comes out of Pete isn’t human. It’s brutal and raw. It’s inhuman. 

“He's hysterical! How far out are Hangman and Rooster” He hears someone yell over his screaming. 

“They said they were ten minutes away. Keep his leg steady. I’ll try my best to wrap it. God he's gonna be glad it was only the small knife or else he’d be dealing with a lot worse” Someone else calls. 

But Pete can’t determine faces or voices. Still trying to thrash. Still in fight mode. He thinks he must bite someone. Cause he's hearing a yell and he tastes blood on his tongue. 

“And they don’t want Omegas on the front line why? Jesus Christ. What did he take? Steroids! Keep him pinned! Someone else stop Bruiser from bleeding out” Someone shouts. 

Pete felt multiple sets of hands on his body. Pinning him to the kitchen floor. 

Pete’s watching the kitchen ceiling swirling above him. 


It’s the first thing that cuts the chaos in his head. Pete turned his head to find the voice. 

His mates voices talking and their the first things he sees. Scream finally cutting out. Instead just panting as he stares at his mates. 

“Keep his leg pinned. Hey baby. Hey. You did such a good job. It’s time to come back to us ok? Can you do that?” Jake asks softly grabbing his hand. Both mates kneeled on either side of his head.

“He...he was gonna kill Tommy.” Pete finally gets out. Voice raw. Barely there at all. 

“And you protected him. He's safe because of you Mav” Bradley says running a hand through Pete’s hair. 

Pete broke into tears. A mix of pain burning up his leg and what he had just done. 

“Alright, it’s wrapped. You should be able to move him now” Natasha says. 

Pete finally takes in the people standing in his kitchen. Most of his pack standing around looking scared and concerned. 

A few of them were covered in blood. 

“Did I hurt you guys?” Pete asks. 

“No. Well, you bit Coyote but he’s fine. Probably deserved it. This is all yours and Bruisers” Natasha reassures him. Voice trembling a little. 

“Bruiser?” Pete asks.

“He's alive barely. I think you broke his back” Javy says softly. A sad look on his face. Clutching to his forearm. 


“You were defending your family, you were defending your home. You did nothing wrong Mav. It was self-defence” Micky says softly. The most serious that Pete had ever seen him. 

More voices. More people in his home then. Paramedics. 

After that, it’s a long confusing whirl. When Pete gets pulled up onto the gurney. Does he see Bruiser laying there. Blood pooled around his head. His own needle sticking out of his throat. His eyes fluttered but Pete was a little relieved that he was alive. 

Pete lets out a sob when he realises his paring knife is in his left thigh. Jake and the paramedic have to pin him down so he doesn’t try and remove it. 

Snapping his teeth when someone tries to touch his stomach at the hospital. Snarling. 

“His still running on adrenaline. He’s gonna be defensive. We need you to distract him so we can check the fetus” Someone says. 

“Hey, baby. Hey, it’s ok. They're just gonna make sure Tommy’s safe. You did such a good job protecting him. I’m sorry we weren’t there to protect you” Bradley says softly. Jake nodded along. Rubbing a hand through Pete’s hair. 

Pete flinched when there was cold jelly pressed to his stomach. 

“It’s ok Pete. You're doing a good job love. You're so strong and beautiful. We love you so much.” Jake whispers, kissing his forehead. 

“The fetus is fine. It’s a hardy little sucker. Would you three like to see it?” 

Jake and Bradley looking at Pete. 

Pete nodding. 

The doctor pulls the screen around so they can see. 

“See there he is. All happy and cosy” The doctor says grinning a little. 

Pete burst into tears at the sight. That out of everything. He had protected Tommy. He had protected his pup. 

“He's already so big” He hears himself saying. 

“Definitely a Bradshaw” Jake says grinning. 

“Alright. Now we know the fetus is ok. We’re gonna have to take Mr Mitchell to surgery and get this knife out” The doctor says. 

“No. No. NO. Get it away from me!” Pete yells when he sees the needle the doctor is holding up. Trying to pull himself away from it. 

“Baby. It’s ok. It’s just a sedation needle. It won’t hurt you or Tommy ok? It won’t hurt. You’re safe. We’ll be right here when you wake up. I promise” Bradley coos. Holding him down. 

Pete feels as his body relaxes. His vision going black. 

“Th...the twins...I want my babies” Pete mumbles. 

“They’ll be here when you wake up” Jake promises. 

Pete’s world goes black. 

He feels like his floating in the stars. Hearing a soft murmuring. Voices. His mate's voices. 

“When is Papa gonna wake up?” 

“Soon Cheese. Soon. Just give him time. He’s healing” 

Pete fades out again. 

When he wakes up the next time. His head is fuzzy and he's opening his eyes but his not floating anymore. His mates sitting next to his bed. Nicky curled up on Bradley’s chest, both of them sleeping. Cheese curled up on Jake’s lap. Also sleeping. Jake was the only one awake. Fiddling with his phone. 

“Babies” Pete slurs. Reaching out his hand. 

It feels like it takes every ounce of strength to move his hand. 

Pain in his leg. It's like it radiates through his whole body. 

Jake jostled Bradley’s arm. Bradley snapped awake. 

“Baby your up. Hey, how you feeling?” Bradley asks, slowly rustling their children awake. 

“PAPA!” His kids call when they realise what’s going on. Sammy grabs his hand. Nicky rubbed a hand over his arm. 

“Hey, my loves. I’m sorry for scaring you” Pete murmurs. 

“Daddy said you protected our baby brother from a scary man. Like a superhero” Nicky says. 

“ is Bruiser?” Pete asks. 

“How about we go get Papa something nice to drink? He’s gonna be thirsty? And then we can tell the family that’s his ok” Jake says. Grabbing the kids. 

Bradley waits till they're out of the room before he talks. 

“He's never gonna walk again. You broke his spine. You nearly killed him. You would of if Phoenix had gotten there a few seconds later and you had injected him with that syringe.” 

“What was in it?” Pete asks. 

“Engine coolant. Antifreeze. The kid was a fucking psycho. He’s lucky I didn’t finish the job” Bradley explains, pulling himself closer. Grabbing Pete’s hand. 

“And he stabbed me?” Pete murmurs. 

“Yes right in the thigh. He missed everything important. Your gonna be healing for a while. You're not allowed to walk for the next month or you could tear the muscle further and impair yourself for life” Bradley explains. Pulling back Pete’s blanket. Pulling up his gown a little. A thick wad of bandages around his thigh. 

“Fuck. That’s just great. How the hell am I gonna take care of the twins? If I’m in a wheelchair!” Pete bitches as Bradley helps him cover back up in the blanket. 

“Good thing you have us. Jake and I have a few months of leave saved up. We’re gonna be by your side every step of the way ok” Bradley promises. 

After the doctor visits and they explain everything. Signing Pete up for mandatory physical therapy. That he’d be kept in for the night and he can go home in the morning.  His family is finally let in. 

Everybody crammed themselves into his room. 

“Mum you're here,” He says softly. 

“All of us are here. We wanted to see how you were doing and we want to help out any way possible” Samuel says. Patting Pete on the shoulder. Camilla and her twins saying their hellos as well. 

“I’m sorry for dragging you away from the farm” 

“Don’t be sorry, your my son. I’d do it for any of you” Samuel promises. 

Sammy and Nicky sit up on Pete’s bed with him as the others talk. Asking him how he is. Pete thanked them for saving him from himself. Apologizing to Javy for biting him. The man holding up his bandaged arm. Citing that it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. 

“I’m supposed to be the only one with a gimp leg Captain” Mickey jokes. 

Only to hear a knock on the door. 

All of them turning. Parting a little so Pete can see the cop in the door frame. 

“We’ll leave you to talk ok and then get some more rest. We’ll check in later ok? We have to get Petra home. She’s exhausted” Natasha explains. Bob holding said, daughter. 

Petra clinging to him. Teary-eyed. 

“Bye baby girl. Sleep well” Pete says. 

“Bye Uncle Mav” She replies. Everybody but his mates filtered out of the room. 

“Well take the twins so you can talk. Come on sweetheart. Let’s go” Maribel says opening her arms. 

Nicky going to her. Samuel grabbed his namesake up. Taking them out of the room. 

“Captain Mitchell. I just have a few questions. You’re not in trouble. From what Mr Haley and your mates told us earlier. He’ll be the one with the charges. But I need to know what happened on your end” The cop says. 

Pete explains it. The fugue state that he had entered. 

“Yes, we’ve heard of it before. Omegas. Especially pregnant ones doing unimaginable feats to protect their pups. Picking up cars. The like. Your instincts snapped into place. Now the real question is? Do you want to press charges?”

“I’ve already ruined his life enough. No. No charges. I just want to forget about all of this and go home. I just want to be with my kids and nest and heal” Pete says. 

Lip quivering a little at the thought of having to go through a trial. Having to potentially drag his children and his mates through one. 

“Ok but if you change your mind. Just tell us. For now, we’ve put a protection order on you and your family. If Mr Haley or any of his family comes near you. They break that order and we take them in for harassment. We’ll leave you to it” The cop says smiling. 

“Thank you for everything” Jake calls after him.

Pete happy to be released the next day. Even if it’s in a damn wheelchair. Feeling like a damn invalid. But he doesn’t let it get him down. Jake pushes his wheelchair for him as Bradley signs Pete out. 

Everybody waits for them when they get home. Maribel, Amelia and Bob make lunch as the kids run around. The others all just sitting around talking. Someone had cleaned up the blood and fixed the kitchen. 

But Pete can still see it. Only distracted by his kids coming up and hugging him. 

“Hey, Petey. How are you feeling? We’re making your favourite. Something better than hospital food?” Maribel says when she sees him. 

“Thanks, Mum really. I’m gonna have a shower” Pete says. 

Jake helping him out and as much as Pete wants to sleep. He knows he has to reassure his pack his not gonna have a mental breakdown and wheel himself into the ocean. 

He spends the afternoon getting pampered by his pack. Letting them take care of him. His mates refuse to leave his side and he curls in close to Bradley. Noticing the sadness in his eyes. The self-hatred that was brewing in his system. 

After everybody else is gone. Maribel and Samuel asleep in the spare room. The twins sleep in with Sammy and Nicky. Camilla on the couch. Pete wakes up later that night to see Bradley was sitting up in bed. Staring glassy-eyed at the tv. Some ad for a 30-piece screwdriver set playing numbly in the background. 

Pete sits up and very lamely crawls his way onto Bradley’s lap. Jake whines in his sleep but settles quickly enough. Wincing when he puts too much weight on his bad leg. Bradley supports him a little. 

“Hey, baby. What you doing?” Bradley asks when Pete presses kisses to his neck and shoulders. 

“It’s not your fault Bradley. You did what all of us do. You took care of your students. You just didn’t expect one of them to play Dexter. For all, I know Jake could have been a psychopath and it could have gone the same way” Pete says softly. 

“The court of opinion is still out,” Bradley says, a ghost of a smile lining his face before it crumbles again. 

“Fuck you. I’m awake you know” Jake grumbles. 

“I know that’s why I said it,” Pete says. Pulling Bradley down into a soft kiss. 

“I just should have noticed it sooner. I should have stopped him sooner and then you would be fine” Bradley whines. Voice soft. Nothing but sadness poured through their bond line. 

“I don’t know. I feel pretty fine.” Pete says. Kissing Bradley again. Kissing down his neck. Sinking his hands into Bradley’s waistband. Just enjoy the feel of Bradley’s skin under his fingertips. His warmth. 

“You literally have a hole in your leg” 

“Eh, I’ve had worse,” Pete says, grinding his hips down on his mate. It hurts a little sure but he was a very determined man. 

He always has been. 

Sure enough, he feels his mate reacting. Hardening underneath him.

“Baby” Bradley chides. 

“Hmm. Just let me take care of you for once you big baby” Pete mutters. 

“Ok, but if you start hurting. Tell me and we’ll stop” Bradley replies pulling Pete into a kiss. 

Pete whines a few minutes later when he slips down on Bradley. Settling. Breathing slowly. Jake watching them, a gleam in his eye. Hard to if the outline of his boxers had anything to say about it. 

Moving to kiss at Bradley’s neck. Showering the man with his own love. Both of them focusing on Bradley tonight. Looking to make him feel better. 

Bradley holding Pete gently, arms wrapped around his waist. Holding him close, keeping him supported so he doesn’t put too much weight on his leg. Pete scented the man. Letting him know that he never blamed Bradley in the slightest. None of it was his fault. 
He and Jake take turns telling Bradley everything they love about him. Wanting to reassure him why his their mate. 

Pete sets his teeth into his mark as Bradley knots him. 

“That’s it, baby. That’s it. We love you so much” Jake whispers, pulling Bradley into another kiss. 

Pete curled himself into Bradley’s chest. Bradley’s fingers traced up his back.

“Your all ours Bradley” Pete murmurs. Reassuring himself as well as Bradley. 

“I’m all yours. Never going anywhere” 

Chapter Text

Bradley woke up slowly and groggily. 

He had been sleeping rough these last few days. Nightmares constantly plagued him. Turned him into a walking zombie. Where he came home to a dead mate instead of the beautiful chaos they had come home to.

Thankfully Cyclone had given him and Jake the time off they had requested. 

A month to start with. More if they needed it. It had been an easy choice. Mav had been struggling. He might try to keep a brave face for the twins but Bradley knew his Maverick. 

Knew when his mate was struggling. 

As of right now, Bradley has two twins sitting on his chest and giggling as they poke his face. Playing with his moustache. They must not know he's awake. Cause they're trying to keep quiet. 

Bradley opened an eye slowly. Like a lazy alligator. Watching his kids. Taking in their squishy features. Nicky had her father's eyes. Mav’s eyes. Soft and yet intense. Like they knew all your secrets. Bradley knew she was Jake’s. Not that it mattered. But she was Jake’s through and through. 

Same attitude problems. Same surprising thoughtfulness. The only thing that hadn’t tracked to start with was the shyness. Until Maribel had explained that Jake had been deathly shy for the first 8 years of his life. He’d always hide behind Cami and would barely say a peep. 

Now Samuel...Sammy was Bradley’s. The spitfire just seemed to roll with whatever was going on. Seeming greatly amused by it all. Always able to find the joy in life. He was thoughtful and kind and sweet but he was also an idiot. In the best way.  He was Bradley when Bradley was 4, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Not understanding how close death could get. 

Bradley just hoped that Sammy keeps his crackhead energy. That he just kept doing his own thing as long as it made him happy. 

“Daddy. Wake up! Papa made waffles!” He finally hears. 

Sitting up. Catching his kids, hearing them giggle. 

“Why is your Papa cooking?” He asks. 

“Cause you and daddy can’t make waffles?” Nicky points out. 

Bradley sighs. Ushering the kids out of the room so he can get dressed. Entering the kitchen a few seconds later to see Jake stopping Sammy from pouring the whole jar of maple syrup on his waffles. Sammy pouts but he doesn’t complain. 

“Morning handsome,” Mav says giving him a soft smile. He was doing so much better. 

The wound was healing well. Nearly three weeks in and it was already starting to scar. He was doing great. He’d popped early. Tommy determined to make his presence known. All ultrasounds going great. They were in the clear for everything so far. 

Maribel and Co had to return to work and school. They had asked about three million times if they’d be ok looking after Mav on their own. Jake and Bradley assured them they’d be more than fine. They had left yesterday and the house had gone back to relative quiet.

“Morning baby. How are you feeling? You have your first session today” Bradley replies. Kissing him gently. 

“I’m fine. Not looking forward to it but if it gets me out of this damn thing. Bring it on” Mav says. Determination in his eyes. 

Bradley kisses his other mate as he sits down. Jake smiling. 

“Hey. How’d you sleep in the end?” He asks. Eyes sparkling with accusation. 

“Shut up. I was tired” Bradley pouts. 

“Yeah well, that’s the last time I give you a blowy” Jake says quieter. 

The kids to busy devouring their waffles to notice the conversation. Talking to Mav about their dreams. Mav nodded along. That same soft smile on his face that had been there since the kids were born. 

He’d seen Mav content throughout his life here and there. With Charlie. With Penny. Those few years before Carole got sick. When they were just freshly mated but it was always like he was ready to jump ship. Just in case it exploded in his face. There was something about Maverick’s omega that seemed to fully settle into contentment now that he had pups to care for. 

“Mav have you had your vitamins?” Bradley asks halfway through breakfast. 

Mav rolled his eyes, shaking his head. Jake standing and going to get them for him. Setting the bottle on the table beside Maverick. 

After breakfast, they take the kids over to Penny and Cyclone’s place. 

“Thank you for looking after them for the afternoon. They wanted to come but Pete’s gonna be distressed enough. He doesn’t need the kids to see that. Hell, he barely wants us there” Jake says softly. Mav inside helping Penny settle the kids down.

“Yeah of course. It’s what we’re here for. How’s he doing?” Cyclone asks. 

“His struggling but his doing ok. As best as he can. It’s Maverick. He doesn’t let stuff get him down for long” Bradley explains.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see how much of a danger Bruiser was or else I would have put a protection order on Maverick and your children” Cyclone murmurs. Rubbing over his still-healing mating mark as he talks. 

“None of us knew the extent of bat shit crazy that kid was. But his paying for it now. Apparently, his mother came and got him. Took him back to Dakota. I got a very nasty worded letter for ‘egging' him on. “ 

Bradley had just handed the letter to the cop before Maverick had seen it. Not needing to deal with more crazy people. Not while he was healing. 

“The kids are settled. You two ready?” Mav asks appearing. 

“Yeah ready. Thank you, sir. Again. Alright. Ready?” Bradley asks. Grabbing one side of Mav’s wheelchair. Jake grabbed the other. 

Maverick rolled his eyes but nodded. Jake and Bradley lifted him with ease. Bradley didn’t know if it was Maverick being an omega or just being small but he was always light. No matter how much muscle he packed on. 

Physical therapy is hard. For all of them but for Mav it seems to be like his walking through the 9 circles of hell. The therapist is lovely and understanding that she’s dealing with a cranky, pregnant veteran. Taking it slow. Talking to him about their kids. That she has one of her own. 

Maverick hits his limit about an hour in. The therapist helps him to the ground as he cries out of frustration. Bradley’s heartbreaking for him. 

“You did amazing Sir. You’re very determined” She says to him. 

Maverick looks like he has some choice words for her but he swallows them back. Just curling into a ball. Breathing deeply. 

The therapist glared at him when Bradley goes to stand up. 

“Think you can try standing just one more time?” She asks Maverick.  

“No. I’m sorry” Mav whispers. Looking betrayed in himself. 

“That’s ok. You did great. You did brilliantly” She says before setting him up with a flexible icepack around his thigh. Making sure not to put any pressure on his actual wound. 

Maverick whining for them and the therapist lets them near now. 

They don’t say anything. Just keeping close. Evening out his temper. 

“Once he’s settled. You’ll be fine to go and we’ll see you back here next week. Until you can support weight on your leg. Either use your wheelchair or crutches but I highly suggest you stick to the wheelchair just so we don’t fall and hurt the baby” 

Despite Mav’s distaste of it. He goes back the next week. It goes about as well. if only a little better. 

Bradley took the kids out to the park the next day. Needing a little fresh air himself. Jake staying home to look after Mav. They had been there about an hour when Bradley gets a call. 

“Hey, Jake. What’s up?” He asks. 

“Pete’s having another episode. Can you come home? He can’t hear me. He bit me when I tried to pick him up” Jake says. Sounding distressed. 

Bradley whistled loud enough to catch his kid's attention. Gesturing for them to come over from where they were climbing the netting. 

“What’s wrong Daddy?” Sammy asks as they walk back home. 

“You know how we explained that your Papa sometimes sees things that aren’t there? Bad things that only he can see because of all the scary stuff he's seen?” 

His kids nodded. 

“Is he seeing something now?” Sammy asks. 

“Yeah, Dewbear and he won’t let your Daddy help him. So we’re gonna go home and your gonna go to your room ok? Can you promise me that you’ll  stay in your room?” Bradley orders. 

“Yeah, Daddy. We promise” Nicky replies. 

“Good pups,” Bradley says. 

Bradley unlocked the door a few minutes later. The kids run straight for their room as Bradley heads for the noise. 

“He wanted to clean. I said as long as he took it easy. It would be ok. He refused to let me help. He was nesting and then it’s just like he...snapped” Jake explains. 

A bleeding bite mark on his hand but he doesn’t look phased. Just looking worried for their mate. 

Maverick scrubbing over their kitchen tiles. The same place that Bruiser had bled out. They were practically sparkling. Pete muttered under his breath. 

“Alright. Well, you sort out your hand. I’ll try and sort out our baby” Bradley says. Kissing Jake softly before moving over to Maverick. 

Sitting down beside him. 

“Hey, sweetheart. What you doing?” Bradley asks softly. 

“I tried that” Jake points out, pressing a tea towel over his hand. 

Bradley ignored him. 

“Too much blood. It won’t come out. It won’t come out and the kids can see it. They can see it” He hears Maverick mutter. 

“The bloods all gone Maverick. You’ve cleaned it all” Bradley promises. 

“No, no. There’s too much. We can’t have the kids here if there’s blood everywhere” Maverick tells him. 

Bradley tries letting his scent out. Jake follows suit but nothing seems to snap Mav out of it. 

Bradley was so focused on his mate. That he hasn’t noticed the twins have snuck out of their room. 

Holding hands as they stand a little away from Mav. 

“I thought I told you two to stay in your room” Bradley orders. 

“Papa’s hurting. He needs us” Sammy replies. 

Stepping closer. 

“Baby you don’t understand. Papa could hurt you when he's like this and he will hate himself if he does something like that?” Jake says, grabbing them both. 

“He won’t hurt us. He’s Papa. He protects us” Nicky says, slipping from Jake’s grip. Tapping Mav on the shoulder before either of them can stop her. 

Mav stopping. Turning his head to stare her down but he doesn’t react violently. 

“Papa. Daddies are worried about you, you're making them sad. Can I have a hug?” Nicky asks. 

Mav dropped the sponge. Sitting back on his knees. 

Blinking a little as he comes back to reality. 

“Nicky,” He says softly. 

“Hi Papa” She whispers. 

“Hi, Love. You ok?” He asks, cupping her face gently. Looking worried. 

Nicky nodding. Mav drags her into a hug and Bradley takes a small breath of relief. 

Mav doesn’t talk after that. Bradley and Jake getting him onto the couch. Sammy and Nicky fawned over him. Making sure he was ok. Maverick holds them close. 

“Well, that’s a new one” Jake murmurs softly as Bradley wraps his hand. 

“We got lucky this time. Next time Mav could hurt one of them” Bradley hates to say such a terrible thing but he was wrapping the evidence. 

“I don’t think so. His omega would never let that happen. You know that as much as I do. He was trying to protect our kids from whatever it was he was seeing. He’d do anything for them” Jake assures him. 

“I know. I know that” Bradley sighs. Kissing the bandage now that it’s done up. Jake thanked him softly. 

“Bradley. Jake. Come in here!” Mav calls. 

Bradly entered the lounge room to see the kids asleep on Pete’s stomach. They’d obviously been listening to Tommy wiggle around. 

“What’s up, Baby?” Bradley asks. Sitting beside him. 

“I wanted to apologise” 

“You have nothing to apologise for,” Jake says. Stern. 

Maverick grabs his wounded hand. 

“Bullshit I don’t. I bit you. I hurt you. I hurt my mate. What does that make me?” Maverick whines. 

“I am fine. It was a flesh wound. You have PTSD. We all know that. I’m happy to take a few bites if that means you’re fine” Jake promises. 

“Yeah, and what if next time I bite one of the kids? Or worse? Hit them? I couldn’t live with myself if I did that” Mav says, looking at said sleeping children. 

“The kids are what snapped you out of it this time.” Bradley points out. 

“I...I know how to get it to stop. At least so this hallucination doesn’t happen again” Maverick says slowly. Like his waiting to be yelled at. 

“Sure what’s that?” Jake asks.

“Moving. Not out of Flightertown, I don’t want to leave the pack but moving house. I just...every time I’m in the kitchen. I see Bruiser bleeding out on my floor. He was in my nest. Who knows what he would have done if the kids were home? He ruined my nest. How can we bring a baby home here? What if I hurt him?” Mav says. Tears burned down his face. Running a hand through their daughter's hair. 

“Ok, then we move. Where ever you want. Where ever you feel safest. The kids will understand” Jake says. Rubbing a hand down Mav’s cheek before kissing him gently. 

“Thank you. I’m sorry that you have to put up with me” Maverick whispers. 

“We love putting up with you handsome. You make our days happy. We love you” Bradley promises. 

Mav closes his eyes for a second. Just breathing. 

“I love you too” He replies. 

And so for the rest of the night, they don’t move from the couch. Just curled around each other. Letting Maverick know they're all safe and sound. Keeping him close. 

Looking up houses for sale on their phones. Talking about all the things they would need. Despite Bradley’s love for this house, as much as he and Jake helped pay rent. It had always felt like Maverick’s house. At least a little bit. 

If they brought one altogether. They could do what they wanted with it. They could paint the walls and make the house their own true nest. Decorate the kids' rooms however they wanted. 

“Oh, I like that one” Mav says pointing to the house that Bradley had just scrolled past. Bradley returning to it. 

“I guess we better look into it then,” Bradley says clicking on the link. 

Jake looked over Mav’s head. Nodding along. 

“It looks nice” He comments. 

So Bradley books a visit. 

Chapter Text

Pete looked around his old empty nest. Feeling bittersweet. Their new place was bigger, better, they wouldn’t constantly be tripping over each other. But this was their home for the past 5 years. This is where he fell in love with his mates. 

Reaching out to grab the last few items off his shelf. Iceman’s shirt. Holding the folded garment to his nose. Ice’s spicy scent filled his nose. Calming him a little and he slips it into the duffle bag. Knowing if Ice was here. He would have whipped everybody into shape, already gotten this place packed and shipped out. 

This had been the first place Pete had stayed for so long consecutively. Even before Goose. He’d be shipped from place to place. Even when Duke was still alive. They’d bounce from place to place. Where ever his father needed to go. They would go. 

Before this, he might have stayed for a year or two here and there but even then he’d be off on some mission or another. The only constant was Bradley and Carole and even they would move a lot. 

Pete grabs Goose’s cologne next. Slipping it in beside Ice’s shirt. Before grabbing the photo of Carole and Goose. The last thing left to pack in this entire house. Pete felt his eyes watering. 

“Hey, baby you all ready to go? Got everything?” Jake asks softly. 

“Yeah. All good. Just reminiscing about stuff. I’m good” Pete promises. 

Rubbing a finger down the photo frame and slipping it into the bag. Doing the zip up as Jake comes over to grab it for him. 

“I’m gonna miss this place. It’s where we first mated...we’re we had our pups... I think we fucked on nearly every surface in the place” Jake says. Dragging Pete into a kiss rubbing a hand down his waist. 

“The kids are waiting for us with Bradley at the new house” Pete chides. 

“I’m sure with you on my mind I’ll be quick” 

“I’m five months pregnant. I don’t do anything quick at the moment.” Pete points out. Smiling as Jake kisses at his neck. Rubbing a hand over his belly. 

Only to pause when they both feel Tommy kick. Jake pulled back. Staring down at Pete’s belly. Pete smiling. He knew it would be coming up soon. Happy that at least Tommy was right on schedule even if he made Pete feel like a small bloated whale. Pete had twins and yet he still felt bigger this time around. What the hell had Bradley put in him? 

He’s carrying a giant and Pete wants to go back in time and kick Goose in the shins for passing on his monster genetics. He knows Goose would just laugh, finding it hilarious that Pete Mitchell, the man who prided himself in his looks and fitness was a walking blimp who had been devouring brownies by the bucket load. 

“Well hello to you to Tommy. Nice to finally meet you” Jake says. Laughing with pure joy when Tommy kicks again. 

“Bradley’s gonna be so pissed that he kicked for me first” Jake teases. 

“Come on we should really go. Remember the pack is coming over to help” Pete says. Kissing Jake quickly again before he heads out of the room. Jake grabbed the bag and walked after him. Pete leaving the keys in the letter box. 

His leg still gave him grief but he was too stubborn and refused to be stuck in that damn wheelchair. Throwing a tantrum like a five-year-old when the doctors suggest he gets a cane. He had still gotten it regardless because his mates had insisted but refused to use it.  He could stand for a while. Could even walk for a while but he’d pay for it hard when he next rested. He had his last physical therapy session next week. 

Jake drives them over to the new house and Pete smiles when he sees it. It was 5 bedrooms. Double story and one of the newer houses in Flightertown. It was beautiful. Big enough to give his mates an office, or as Jake and Bradley had been joking. 

Another kid's room. 

“Four bedrooms. Four kids” Is all Bradley had pointed out. 

“Five if the twins want to still share a room. Or six if I knock you up next time” Jake had replied. Pete had flicked him back upside the head for that comment. 

Pete had adamantly denied it. That Tommy was the last. That he wasn’t doing this again. His mates had just laughed in an all-knowing way and would share glances. 

Jake helps him out of the car. Supporting his back, before Cyclone and Reuben exit the house. Heading over to help him grab the last few boxes. 

“Lunch is in the kitchen. Go eat something ok Captain? We know you haven’t eaten yet today.” Reuben orders. 

Pete just goes with it. Penny all but shoved a plate at him the minute he steps in the door. 

“Sit eat. Put your feet up for a minute. Let us handle it for a while. Then you can nest to your heart's content” Penny says all but manhandling him onto the couch. 

Pete doesn’t fight her on it. Just lets her baby him. His kids running around with Petra. Only stopping long enough to steal some fries off his plate. 

“Yeah love you soul suckers too” Pete calls after them. Hearing their giggles. 

“Hey he's eating that’s great,” Bradley says appearing from out the back. Sweating up a storm. 

Looking offended when Pete scrunches his nose. 

“You smell horrid” Pete elaborates. He was just sweating but Pete’s pregnancy was still affecting his smell. 

“The swing set was being an asshole to put together. I’ll shower soon ok” Bradley promises, rubbing a hand through Pete’s head and stealing his last chip. 

Smiling wide when Pete whacks him on the forehead with the paper plate. 

“Did you seriously just steal a pregnant omega’s last fry!” Pete cries.

“I will get you some more you big baby,” Bradley says taking the plate off him and walking back into the kitchen. 

The only two rooms that Pete doesn’t let his pack touch is his nest and the new nursery. The only thing he had let Bradley and Jake set up was the bed frame and their mattress.

Pete spends the next few hours making their nest just right. Adjusting pillows and bedding. Making sure Jake and Bradley’s pillows are just the right way. His pack constantly checks on him. Making sure he wasn’t overdoing it and keeping his leg protected. 

Setting up what few decorations they normally have. 

“Hey, Pete. Can I come in? I have a present for you...” Penny says knocking lightly on the door frame. 

“Uh yeah sure. Don’t touch my nest” He says from where he was placing Goose’s cologne and Ice’s shirt. He had refolded Ice’s shirt about 6 times. Getting frustrated when it wasn’t sitting right. 

“I wasn’t planning on it. I thought I’d give this to you before you finished setting up and make you restart all over again” Penny says holding out a package. 

Pete grabs it. It was flat and thin. Glass. He opens the package and pulls out the picture. Pulling out a flash drive with it. 

Beaming when he sees it. It was the photo they had taken at Penny’s wedding. It was even more beautiful than Pete imagined. 

“I know you’ll need an updated one when Tommy comes along but I thought, for now, you’d like it and I mean technically he is in the photo. If you think about it. Also, there’s a copy of all my wedding photos. There are a few from the reception that you’ll enjoy” Penny says. 

“Thank you I love it,” Pete says hugging her. 

“I really do love you, Penn,” He says setting it on the shelf for the minute. 

“I love you too Pete.” She replies softly. Hugging him extra tight. 

She vacates his nest after that and leaves him to figure out just where Pete wants the new photo. Finally finding the spot and hammering a nail into the wall. Hanging it up and running his fingers down the photo. How happy his whole family looks. 

The vain part of him takes in how old he looks compared to his mates. 

“That’s a beautiful photo. I love it baby” Jake says wrapping his arms around Pete’s shoulders. Pulling him back into his chest. 

“Even if I look old?” Pete murmurs. 

“You could be a hundred and wrinkly and old and grey and I’ll still find you sexy,” Jake promises, kissing his temple. 

“I’m gonna be 80 by the time the kids are twenty. 90 by the time they’re thirty. That doesn’t bug you?” Pete asks. It bugged him a little. 

He feared that he wouldn’t see them graduate. Or get married. That he wouldn’t see Sammy get into the Naval Academy. He wouldn’t meet his grandkids. 

“I don’t think they’ll care as long as you’re there sweetheart and neither will we. You are beautiful and strong and your gonna be there for them for all of their milestones. Even if Rooster and I  have to push you down the aisle in a wheelchair” Jake says. Voice soft, easing Pete’s spiralling thoughts. 

“So reassuring. If anything I’ll have to push you two lazy sods around. I’m pretty sure I could still outrun another 5 months” Pete teases. The most Pete could do at the moment was a particularly fast-paced waddle. Both due to the leg and the giant spawn of Satan in his stomach. 

Reuben and Mickey had been calling him Happy Feet all day. 

“I watched you eat a whole brownie and mint chocolate sundae to yourself yesterday. You even growled when Bradley tried to ask for a bite” Jake points out. 

Pete pouting. Turning to other topics. 

“How’s Monster settling. At least here. We have more room to keep away from each other” Pete asks. The cat had become obsessed with him the further along the pregnancy he got. He’s antihistamines were making it easier to handle the deadly creature and if he remembered to wash his hands. He could actually get away with patting Monster. 

“His doing fine. Enjoying all the boxes he gets to play in. The kids asked if we could build a fort later.” Jake promises. 


“Duty calls. Baby you and Bradley are two of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. That won’t change now or in thirty years.” Jake says softly. 

Pressing a kiss to Pete’s cheek before he leaves the room. 

Pete finishes unpacking their nest in the next hour. Still feeling like something was off. Throwing the last box out of the room and hits Bob with it just as he walks past. 

“Jesus Christ Maverick. Are you trying to maim me?” Bob huffs. Looking more confused than anything. Straightening his glasses. 

Pete grabbed his arm and pulled him into the room. 

“Somethings off. What is it?” He asks. 

Bob looks around. Brow furrowing, nose twitching as he scopes out everything. 

“It’s the neutralising scent they used to clear out the last owner's smell. It smells clinical. You need to make it smell like you, Bradley and Jake.” Bob finally points out. 

“Thank you it’s been annoying me and Jake is useless at this stuff” Pete murmurs. Leaving it for now. 

They throw a barbeque for dinner. Thanking everybody for their help but they should be good from here. Pete planned to tackle the nursery tomorrow. 

And now he was tucking his kids into bed, reading them a bedtime story and tucking them in tight. 

“You two sure you don’t want separate rooms? We have enough space?” Pete questions. 

His twins shaking their heads. 

He knew when they got older they would but he understood it. They were four. They just wanted the comfort of their womb mate close by. 

“Cami and I didn’t split rooms till we were 12 and mum forced us to. Even then Cami or I would sneak into each other's rooms cause we couldn’t sleep otherwise. We were 14 when we finally grew out of it” Jake explains. 

“You know where we are when you need us?” Pete asks next. 

“Yes, Papa. Love you” 

“Love you to Cheese. Love you Nicky” Pete says kissing both their foreheads. Both of them are out like a light. 

His mates shower as Pete slowly strips himself down. The kids would be out of it for at least the next three hours. That’s how long it normally took before they either wanted a glass of water, or nightmares or some other benign reason. One of their latest reasons had been the moon was too bright. 

Pete knows he's not exactly the most manoeuvrable at the moment but he can’t take the clinical smell anymore. Needing to get rid of it and the quickest way to do that was sex. 

He gets himself comfortable in the middle of their nest and then he waits. 

It doesn’t take long. 10 minutes later. His mates are stepping out of the bathroom. 

Bradley paused in the doorway causing Jake to run into his back. 

“Seriously. First, you hog the water and now your just gonna stand in the middle of the door....” Jake’s voice cuts off when he sees the reason Bradley had stopped. Dropping the towel that he was drying his hair with. 

“Our nest doesn’t smell right and I think we have...2 hours and 45 minutes until one of the twins wake up? Think you can help me out?” Pete asks glancing at his watch. 

“Hell yeah we can help out,” Bradley says, stepping towards the bed. Jake is following suit. 

“Careful any more eager and your gonna sound desperate” Pete teases. 

“I am desperate. I’ve been desperate for you since I was 16 Mav. You realise I’m living my fantasy right” Bradley explains. Crawling onto their nest. 

Jake’s laugh filtered through the room. Following after.

“Well, why don’t you show me one of those fantasies? I’m sure Jake will be willing to help” Pete purrs. 

Laughing when Bradley all but pounces on him. Being careful of his stomach as he pins him down to the bed. 

“Well, it starts kinda like this....” 

Chapter Text

“Well, it starts kinda like this. You were all pregnant and beautiful like this and you were all mine for the taking. Every day, every minute. Any time I wanted. You’d practically beg for it as you bent over for me” Bradley purrs in Pete’s ear. His Knee pressed up against his groin. 

“Well so far, not too off course” Pete mutters. 

“Shut up. You speak when you’re spoken to” Bradley orders. An alpha’s order.  Eyes roved down Pete’s face. Part of them seemed to make sure he's ok with the order. Catching Pete’s hands and pinning them above his head. Bradley’s large hand easily encompassed Pete’s wrists. A stern grip that makes him almost purr.

Body zinging with the thrill of fighting the order. His omega wants to concede. Wants to be bare his throat. Give his alpha everything he has to offer. 

“Why should I” Pete questions. 

“Because an Alpha gave you a command” Jake replies, a sadistic glint in his eyes.

“And when do I ever listen to Alpha’s” Pete replies. 

Tingles run up and down his spine when Bradley slaps him on the outer thigh. It stings at first before it feels warm and tingly. Perfect. Pete whining in the back of his throat. 

“Pretty little thing, can’t help yourself, can you? Can’t help but beg for it. Even with your body. A few words and a single smack and you’re already dripping for us?” Jake remarks. 

Pete would deny it but his thighs are slick. His dick is hard and his already panting at the thought of his alpha’s defiling him in the best way possible. 

“Please....” He whimpers. 

“Please what?” Bradley questions. 

Pete falters and it earns another smack to his thigh. Over the same spot. Bradley rubbed a hand up his thigh to rub over his hip. 

“Please what?” Bradley repeats. 

“Please Alpha” Pete gets out. Breathless. 

“Maybe we should keep you like this. Keep you all round and pregnant. Waddling everywhere you go? The great and powerful Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell reduced to nothing but a little breeder. Just for us. What would your old class think” Jake says quietly, pressing a kiss to Pete’s belly. Fingers running across Pete’s chest, pinching one of his nipples and drawing another whine out of him. 

Pete quivers at the thought. More slick pouring out of him. Wrapping his legs around Bradley’s waist. Just so he has something to do with them. 

“Oh, they’d definitely be jealous. That they didn’t get their hands on his tight ass. That two little baby lieutenants got their hands on him. That we managed to tame what nobody else could. Isn’t that right Captain?” Bradley grins. 

“Yes alpha,” Pete says. His face hot with humiliation and yet he doesn’t flag. If anything he gets harder at the insinuation. 

Stupid humiliation kink. 

“That’s right. Look at him Rooster. Look at the way his practically begging us to breed him again” Jake says. 

“Well, why don’t we give him what he wants? Though I think to start with. I want to shut him up. Make those pretty lips stretch” Bradley says. Voice low and thick with lust. 

He and Jake weren’t too far off snapping themselves. 

Getting off on their own mocking. 

Bradley is using his hold on Pete’s wrists to pull Pete up to his knees. 

“Well, what do you say little omega?” Bradley asks. Staring him down. 

Pete’s final out. He knew what Bradley was really asking. 

Pete breaks scene for a second, pulling his wrists down so he can check the time. Having to turn his head at an odd angle to catch his watch in the right light. Bradley lets him do what he needs to. But he never lets go of Pete’s wrists. 

They had 2 hours and 20 minutes left. 

Two hours....with 20 minutes to spare if he got his alpha’s off in the first....urgg his brain wasn’t working competently enough to do the math right now. 

“We have plenty of time sweetheart. What’s our word?” Jake questions. 


“Good boy. Are you ready to continue?” Bradley asks softly. 

Pete nods and he watches as his alphas seem to change right before. The way their eyes take on that fire again. Their scents change subtly too. It’s only a little bit Pete is whining when it causes his body to react. His own scent replying in kind if the way his alphas pupils dilate. 

“Well...Alphas. You gonna put me in my place?” Pete asks. Voice soft and teasing.

It gets the job done though. Pete is getting pulled into a kiss. It’s rough, Bradley taking care to nip at Pete’s lip on purpose. Pete moaned into his mate's mouth. 

Feeling Jake’s hands on his body. Rubbing over his current curves softly. Nails scratching up his sides and sending heat straight to Pete’s core when he bites at Pete’s mating mark. 

Bradley pulled away instead moving to kiss Jake. Jake placed a hand on his cheek as if to keep him there. Pete watching enraptured. Both his mates pressed him between them. It’s comforting. Bradley being careful not to put any weight on Pete’s stomach. 

Bradley never lets go of Pete’s wrists and Jake moves his free hand to grope at Pete’s chest. Delicately pinching and twisting the rosy bud between his fingers. Pete squeaks when one particular pinch sends shivers down his spine. 

Jake pulls back from Bradley. Turning Pete’s head instead and kissing him this time. Bradley steadily kissed down Pete’s chest. Making Pete whine when he takes one of his nipples into the alpha’s mouth. Bradley's tongue wet and hot as he flicks at it. 

Indenting his teeth around the spot. Biting just hard enough that Pete is physically jumping. Jake laughing. Moving to press kisses to his jaw. Tracing his fingers down Pete’s spine. 

Every one of his mate's touches feels like fire on his skin. Pete feels breathless as he approaches his orgasm. 

“Look at you. Look at the wreck you are. How the hell you made it this far and didn’t get forcibly bred blows my mind. Or are me and Rooster just the first ones to find out your filthy little secret? That you’re not the big bad top that you claim to be but rather. Someone who’d to bare their throat the minute someone puts you in your place. Reminds you of just what you are. A slutty omega with a god complex” Jake sneers. 

Pete cries out as he hits his climax. Breathing hard as he disappears out of the world for a while. Brain flittering off to space. The world spins around him as he rides out his orgasm. 

When he comes back he realises that Bradley has covered his mouth. He must have made a decent amount of noise for Bradley to do that. Both his mates stared at him. Mouths slightly agape. 

“You...just came from words alone. That’s a new one” Jake murmurs. 

Well, Pete’s never gonna live this one down. Ever.  

“You really do get more and more beautiful every time,” Bradley says, removing his hand. 

“Let me pay you back alpha,” Pete says. Body hazy. 

“And how would you do that sweetheart?” Bradley asks. 

“Didn’t you say something about stretching out my pretty lips?” Pete replies. 

Pete watched his mates breath hitch at his words. 

“How do you want us, Baby?” Jake asks, rubbing a hand down Pete’s back. 

“What lost all your fight now that I’ve given you both a show?” Pete teases. 

“Oh, so the little omega still wants to play rough? You really are an insatiable brat” Bradley teases. 

“I’m just so good at it” Pete purrs. 

“That you are” Jake murmurs. 

Pete watches as his mates do their silent communication shtick. He hated when they did that. It normally means trouble for him. Because his mates were sadists and out to get him. 

“I’m gonna learn your secret language one day” Pete huffs. 

“If you say so handsome” Bradley snickers, Jake pushing at Pete’s shoulder. Pete moves willingly so he's on all fours. 

They had figured out the first time around what Pete could do and what he struggled with. Doggy always seemed to work. 

Pete adjusts himself so his more comfortable. His mates let him do so. Knowing as much as they play rough. If Pete’s not comfortable it’s not happening. Especially with the small monster taking residence in his belly. 

As if thinking about it sparks Tommy to start kicking. Lightly mostly but his aiming pretty hard for Pete’s appendix. 

“Hold up. We have a busybody” Pete mutters. 

Thankfully his mates aren’t annoyed. 

“Baby kicking?” Jake asks. 

Pete nodding. Bradley placed a hand on his stomach gently. Rubbing at it softly. 

“Baby boy. You should be sleeping. It’s late and we really....really want to play with your Papa” Bradley whispers. Leaning down to press a kiss to Pete’s belly. 

Pete laughed at the absurdity of it. 

It seems to work though cause Tommy stops moving. Settling back into sleep. 

“Good boy” Bradley coos. 

Pete resuming the position from before. Jake resumes rubbing down his back as he takes in the sight before him. 

Salivating a little at the sight of his alpha’s dick. That way it hung there. Right in his reach. Almost teasing Pete. 

“So complaint for us. Such a good little omega” Jake says softly. 

Pete's thighs shook a little when he feels the head of Jake’s cock tease at his hole. Slipping past cause of the amount of slick dripping down his thighs. 

“Yes, Alpha all yours” Pete whimpers. Bradley ran a hand through his hair. Gripping his hair gently and holding himself out. 

Pete meets him halfway. Taking the alpha into his mouth. Sucking softly, making sure to pay attention to all of Bradley’s extra sensitive places. 

Feeling the men’s pulse on his tongue. The way his dick twitches. 

Pete lets out a moan when Jake presses into him. Head woozy with bliss. His boys tease him slowly. Like their trying to imprint the feel of their movements. The way that Jake presses into all the right places and turns Pete’s inside to jelly. 

The way Bradley pushes him to his limits. Holding him for a few seconds before he lets him go. Pete lets them take care of him. Bring him up to the cliff again. Twice more. Only to stop before he can reach it.

“Oh, what’s wrong? Little omega not getting what he wants?” Jake teases the third time they edge him. Bradley pulls him back so he can take a breath. Taking a second to wipe the tears off Pete’s face. 

“Well, baby? You gonna answer?” Bradley questions. 

“Please. I want it. I want it. Please” Pete whimpers, trying to push back against Jake. But the grip on his hips keeps him steady. 

How hadn’t either of them popped a knot yet was beyond Pete cause he was a strung-out mess. They must be fighting every one of their instincts. 

“You want it sure but do you deserve it? How much do you deserve it, Pete?” Jake asks. Grabbing his hair and pulling him up. His other arm supports Pete by the ribs so he doesn’t do any real harm.  Causing him to sink even deeper onto Jake. Pete cried out against his will. 

“God. Please. Please alpha. Please I’m yours. I just want you to breed me, please. Dear god please” Pete babbles. Trying to grind on Jake as best as he can. 

Knowing he probably looks like a mess right now. Cheeks flushed, tears of desperation on his face, lips pink and puffy. 

“Only cause you asked so nicely baby boy,” Jake says before letting Pete back onto his hands. 

Bradley pressed himself back into Pete’s mouth. Brushing across his tongue and Bradley groans. 

They step up the pace after that. Bradley’s thrusts get shallower as Jake’s seem to press deeper. 

Bradley’s breath stutters as he grips at Pete’s jaw. Pete only has to flick his tongue once more. Just in the right spot and Bradley is coming undone. Head thrown back as he lets go. 

Pete coughs a little once he manages to get it down as he pulls back. Bradley letting him go. Jake paused in his own pursuit. Rubbing a hand across Pete’s back. 

“Sorry. I ...should have warned you” Bradley mutters. Running his hand through Pete’s hair. 

Pete shakes his hand. Trying to regain some composure. 

“Hey no. Where do you think you’re going!?” He whines when Jake pulls out of him. 

“Don’t worry baby I’ve got you. Come on sweetheart.” Jake says moving to sit against the headboard. 

Pete can only diligently follow after. Bradley still coming down from his high. Watching with a sparkle in his eyes. Jake helped Pete straddle his waist. 

“If you make me do all the work. This is the last time you touch me till after Tommy’s born. Bradley gets all of my attention” Pete huffs. 

“Don’t make threats we both know you can’t keep. We both know you can’t resist me. All it takes is one simple order and you're dripping. How can you really say no to that?” Jake whispers. Rubbing his nose up Pete’s neck. 

Setting his teeth around Pete’s jawline. Biting a little before he pulls back. 

Pete whimpered a little. 

“See baby you might not realise but we own you. Mind body and soul. You’ll always be ours. We are the only ones that know all your dirty little secrets. All the ways to make you scream. Isn’t that right little omega?” Jake says, staring him down. Eyes so intense that it's like his pulling apart Pete’s soul and rethreading it together for his own cause. 

Tracing a finger down Pete’s cheek. 

Pete just nods and Jake smiles but it’s not his usual smirk. It’s not even the beautiful smile that graces his face when he kisses Pete every afternoon he comes home from work. No this is a predator. Plan and simple.

It sends shivers through Pete’s body. 

Jake finally slipped back inside him. Pete adjusted to the feeling of having him so deep. Feeling full. Both of Jake’s hands came down to brush across his hips before they grip hard. 

Pete’s certain there’ll be bruises tomorrow and he rejoices in the thought. Both of them work together to gain pleasure. Pete feels as Jake starts to swell. Pete dug his fingers into Jake’s shoulder. 

Jake gets too big to pull out and his left to grind up against Pete. Pete whimpering. Boarding right on cumming again but he just can't get over the edge. Even with all the pleasure running through his veins.  

“Please. Please Alpha. I...I can’t...please” He cries. 

Desperate at this stage. 

“Hmm only if you tell me who you belong to? Who do you belong to Pete?” Jake says softly but the power was still behind his voice. 

Pete whined and wrapped his arms around Jake’s shoulders. 

“My Alphas own me. You and Bradley own me. Please. Just let me cum. I’ve been a good boy right?” Pete asks breathless. 

That seems to snap Jake over the edge. Groaning as he comes apart. Pete gasped at the familiar sensation of being filled. Jake wrapped a hand around Pete’s dick and it only take two pitiful pumps before Pete is losing it.

Bradley grabbed him from behind. Quieting him. Shushing him softly. 

Both he and Jake bring him back to reality with soft kisses against his skin and whispered words of love. Bradley left the bed only long enough to get a wet washcloth. Wiping down Pete and Jake's stomachs. 

“You doing ok Baby? I didn’t go too far did I?” Jake asks. 

Pete shook his head. 

“I...loved it. Thank you. Both of you” Pete murmurs. Kissing them both quickly.
“It’s you we have to thank sweetheart. I wasn’t joking when I said you somehow get hotter every time we mess around. You really are so stunning and brilliant and kinky and it blows my mind that we’re the ones who get to be graced by your presence” Bradley murmurs. Rubbing down his back and thighs. Getting Pete to relax. Paying extra attention to the scar on his thigh. 

Pete was so gonna pay for this tomorrow. 

“How’s the nest smell now?” Jake asks, rubbing a hand over his belly. 

“Good. Should only take one or two more days of this before it smells right” Pete teases.

“And you were complaining today about being too old for us. You wear us out. We can barely keep up with you” Jake replies. 

Before Bradley can talk, Nicky starts crying. Pete had never seen his mate move quicker when they hear little footsteps. Bradley pulled on his sleep pants, opened the door and disappeared out into the hallway. 

Pete’s omega whines to go check on his child but he knew he couldn’t move right now. Jake pins him down just in case he can’t keep his instincts contained. 

“It’s fine. Relax. Roos has it covered” Jake reassures him. 

Pete knew his mate would sort it out and he settles in for sleep. 

Chapter Text

Pete listens in as his mate tries to soothe their pup. 

“Hey Honeybear what’s wrong?” Bradley asks. 

“I want Papa!” Nicky whimpers. 

“Stay still or you're gonna tear something” Jake chides Pete when he unintentionally pulls at the knot buried in him. Pushing even harder on Pete’s hips to keep him still. 

Pete whines 

“Papa and Tommy are already asleep Honeybear. Why don’t I lay with you and your brother? Read you a story?” Bradley coos. 

Pete could see the face on their daughter's face perfectly in his mind. The look on her face was like she was trying to figure out the world's secrets. 

“Fine. I guess so” 

“Fine? Fine! I just get fine? What am I? A joke to you?” Bradley teases. 

“Papa’s better at reading. He does the silly voices” 

Jake laughed a little. 

“See told you I was the supreme” Pete brags. 

“I never claimed otherwise,” Jake says. Pressing a kiss to his forehead. 

“Oh is that so? Well, I’ll just have to prove you wrong won’t I?” Bradley’s voice disappearing down the hallway. 

“Bet you 20 bucks. She makes him read The Wishing Chair” Jake murmurs. Adjusting them a little so he can pull the blanket up over them. 

“No, she’s into Roald Dahl at the moment. It’ll be Matilda again” Pete replies. 

“God I think I’ve read it so much at this point. I don’t even need the physical book anymore. It’s a funny thing about Mothers and Fathers. Even when their own is blah blah blah...These kids better be grateful that I love them” Jake rambles. 

Pete only hears about half of it before he's out like a light. 

Waking up and taking a second to remember that they’re in a new house. Their nest smells far better. Less chemically. 

He showers and dresses. Taking his time down the stairs. It had been the one flaw of the house but it was the only way they were getting all the things they needed. 

Kissing his children on the head as they eat breakfast. Stealing a bite of Sammy’s toast. 

Laughing when Jake tucks a 20 into his waistband. 

“Bradley made it up to Arithmetic before she fell back asleep” Is all Jake says. 

Pete can hear Bradley talking in the office. Bradley smiles when Pete brings him his breakfast. 

“Morning handsome. No, I’m not talking to you Cyclone” Bradley says. Kissing Pete quickly. Thanking him for the toast. 

Pete retreated up to the nursery after breakfast. Starting to figure out how he wants to decorate Tommy’s room. 

Holding up paint swatches and trying to find the right type of blue. They spend the rest of the weekend unpacking as much as they can. Getting the house in reasonable order. 

Bradley and Jake getting ready for work Monday morning. Pete makes his children their daily lunches when there’s a knock on the door. 

“Here I’ve got it. Can you put their juice boxes in their lunch boxes” Pete says before heading for the front door. 

Opening the door and his gut falls through the floor. 

“No. No, they’re not going!” He seethes when he sees Cyclone standing there. Paperwork in hand. Hat tucked under his arm. 

“I’m sorry Maverick but Rooster and Hangman have been called to duty. We both know you can’t say no to that” Cyclone says. Looking upset by the idea himself. 

“I’m five months pregnant. We haven’t finished unpacking. I need them here!” Pete hisses. 

“It’s a three-month tour. They’ll be home in time for Tommy.” 

“They’re instructors. Why have they been called in? Surely you have others who can do this for you” Pete continues to beg. 

“They have the best synchronicity score across their entire rank. They’re the best men for the job. I tried everything in my power to keep them here. I tried using every favour I had but this an order from the Brass.” 

“And what the Brass says goes” Pete murmurs. Holding out his hand for the paperwork. 

“When do they ship out? I need time to explain this to the kids” Pete asks. Flicking open the tour paperwork. Reading over it. 

“O700 sharp. You have a day” Cyclone says. 

“I’m reserve. I’m coming with them” Pete says once he's finished reading over the paperwork. 

“Mav you said it yourself, you’re 5 months pregnant. You have the twins to take care of. They're not gonna let you on the damn boat. Let alone in a hornet. I’m going with them. I’ll have their backs” Cyclone tries to reassure him. 

“Yes from the boat!” 

“Hey baby what’s going on? Cyclone” Bradley says appearing. 

“JAKE! COME HERE!” Pete calls. He can’t be fucked explaining it all twice. 

“What’s up handsome? I was just helping Sammy get dressed. Cyclone?” 

Pete turns to Cyclone. Raising an eyebrow. 

“You’ve been called to duty. A three-month tour. You leave tomorrow” Cyclone explains. 

Pete watches both his mates go pale as they read over the paperwork. 

“Take the day off. Get your shit in order” Cyclone murmurs. 

“Yes, sir” Bradley and Jake reply. 

Pete waddles his butt out after the admiral. Throwing out a command for one of his mates to call the preschool and tell them the kids aren’t coming in. 

Thankfully Cyclone seems to notice Pete’s struggle. Stopping for him. 

“I really did try everything I could, Pete,” He says softly. 

“You protect my boys, you bring them home safe or I will never forgive you,” Pete says. Voice low. Poking the man in the chest. 

“I know. Penny already spent two hours yelling at me last night when I got the news” Cyclone replies. 

“I’ll look after her” Pete promises, dragging the larger man down into a hug. 

He expects tantrums when they sit the kids down and tell them that their daddies have to go away for three months. He doesn’t expect Goliath-sized meltdowns. 

Sammy had just turned into a rag doll as he howled like Pete had cut off his leg and Nicky had locked herself in the bathroom. Screaming that she wasn’t coming out until they said they weren’t leaving. 

Bradley helped lower Pete onto the floor outside the bathroom door. 

Jake trying to get Samuel to stop screaming. Trying to soothe him. 

Pete talking through the bathroom door. Ushering Bradley away. 

“Baby girl you need to unlock the door. Your Daddies would love to stay home but it’s their job” He starts. Only to get cut off by her screaming.  


“Nicole Micky Mitchell. I thought you were better than this. What happened to my strong girl that wasn’t afraid of anything?” Pete says softly. 

“GO AWAY!” She screams. 

“Not gonna happen. Me and you are going o need to work together for the next few months. I’m gonna need lots of help taking care of your little brothers and I can’t do that if you’re not on my side Nicky. Your my number one girl and you’re so brave and strong and I...I’m scared to. I’m really scared” Pete murmurs. 

He had spoken the truth. He was terrified of his mates not returning or only one of them coming back. He's not sure if his heart would be able to physically handle that. 

Pete hears the lock click and then the door is opening. Nicky stared at him. 

“But your Papa. You don’t get scared” She whimpers. Pulling at the hem of her Donald duck shirt. 

“I’m scared all the time Love. I’m scared of you and your brothers getting hurt, I’m scared of my bad memories, I’m scared for your Daddie’s going aay. It kills me that they have to but they’re gonna be out there. Protecting people. Protecting us and that is the most amazing job in the world. So we have to be here for them when they get back and we have to look out for each other. Do you think we can do that?” Pete asks. 

Nicky nods and she’s slamming into him. Wrapping his arms around his baby. Just holding her close. 

“I promise” She murmurs. Wiping her snotty face on his shirt. 

“Good girl. That’s my good girl. I love you so much” He murmurs. Nuzzling his cheek against her hair. 

After he holds her for a few more minutes. He asks for her help to get up. Nicky groans as she tries her best. Falling on her butt when her hand slips. She just laughs though. Running off to get her Daddies. 

They appear and Jake is helping Pete up to his feet. 

Pete reaches out for Sammy and he comes to him. Pete hugging his sniffly baby tightly. Sammy hid his head in Pete’s shoulder. 

“It’s gonna be ok baby. It’s only three months. It won’t be long at all. You’ll blink and your Daddies will be right back. I promise. You gonna be a good boy and help me out with the new baby right?” Pete asks softly, rubbing his hand through his son’s hair. 

Sammy nodding. 

“That’s my good boy,” Pete says softly. 

They spend the rest of the day playing games with the kids and building pillow forts and Pete soaks up as much of his mates as he can. His mates taking the kids shopping so they’re stocked up for the week. Jake talks to the others over group chat about whether they can stop by and help every few days. 

Pete chiding him that he didn’t need to be babied but he did appreciate the care his pack had for them.

His heart breaks as his mate's pack start packing that night. They don’t even try and get the kids to sleep in their own beds. Knowing right now the pups will need all of the attention they can get. Pete even lets Monster on the bed. He’s gonna kick himself for doing so in the morning. 

“Have you got your....”

“Yes, baby. Already packed” Bradley promises. 

“You didn’t even know what I was gonna say?” Pete huffs. 

“Have I got my laptop charger?” Bradley says. 

Pete pouting. Refusing to let him know his right. 

It was going to be the first time he was gonna be away from his mates since he had flown back from Austin. That felt like a lifetime alone. He never went more than 24 hours without seeing them and now they were leaving him for 3 months. 

“Check in with me every night. Every single night. A tingle. A brush. Anything. Just to let me know you're ok and video call me every time you get the chance so you can check on the kids. And....” Jake shuts him up with a kiss. 

“We will do everything in our power to make sure, you know we’re all right. Only if you do the same thing in return” Jake murmurs. 

“Of course. I’m really gonna miss you both” Pete replies. 

“We love you too much handsome. We’re gonna miss you” Bradley says. Doing up the zip on his bag. 

It’s late by the time they're finished. Crawling back into bed and curling around their children. His mates holding them close. Pete gave them a shirt each to take with them. Making sure they're packed snug in his mate's bags. It’s easy to slip into sleep. 

Waking up to drop his mates off at the base. Pete hugged them both for probably too long before they disappear into the base. His pups waved goodbye as well before his loaded them back in the car. 

Penny’s waiting for him when they get home. 

“You don’t mind if I stay for a while? The house is gonna be lonely with Amelia at college and Beau who knows where” She asks. 

“Yeah of course” Pete promises. 

Ushering her and the kids inside. 

His heart melts when he goes to grab her a cup of coffee and he sees the presents his mates had left behind. 

His favourite brand of chocolates. Two of their shirts were neatly folded and two peonies were laid on top. A note next to them. Pete turned on the coffee pot and grabbed the note. Reading it. 

We miss you already. I’m sorry that we can’t be there to help with Tommy and the kids. A box of chocolates and a couple of flowers don’t make up for our lack of being there but we’ll be thinking of you every day. 

All our love. 

PS: Don’t eat all of the chocolates in one go. 

Pete smiling. Showing the note to Penny when he brings over the coffee. 

“Sucks up” Penny snickers. 

and so began the countdown. 

90 days to go. 

Chapter Text

Pete was exhausted. How did single parents do this? 

Though he supposes they weren’t normally 6 months pregnant either. Currently cleaning down the house as best as he can. 

Penny had been staying with him but she was at work and had dropped the kids off at school for him. Pete was scrubbing down his house for something to do. 

The house felt empty and Pete missed his mates dearly. Maribel had asked if he wanted her to come up and help out but he had assured her he had everything covered. 

Suddenly understanding what Carole had to go through when he and Goose were away. 

Pete gives up when he gets to the kid's room. It was an absolute mess. He would have to bend over and that wasn’t happening at the moment. So he throws the rest of their toys in the room and puts his gremlin's clothes on the end of Nicky’s bed before he closes the door. 

Let them sort it out later. 

It had only been three weeks and his room was already starting to lose Jake and Bradley’s smell. They hadn’t been in it long enough to make it stick. So Pete had turned back into that whiny desperate Omega from before they had mated. His bed is full of their shirts. 

He feels his chest thrum a little and he smiles as he sets the washing basket on his bed. 

His mates wished him a good night. At least from their end. 

Pete poked them back. Soothing a little now he knows that they're ok. At least for another day. 

He had spent the last few days trying to explain to his pups how he could feel his mates. Sammy refuses to believe him at first but with Penny’s help, he had explained how it works. So the kids had then begged to know when they’ll be able to do that. 

That had been a whole other conversation. 

Nicky whined that she shouldn’t have to be sixteen to have bonds. 

Pete and Penny explained that bonds were very important things. That they should only be made with people of great importance. 

Pete finally can’t clean anymore and he sits on the couch and turns on the tv. Patting at his belly and considering a nap. 

He must have been asleep an hour when his phone goes off. 

Grabbing it off the table and hoisting himself back upright. 

“Captain Pete Mitchell speaking” He murmurs. Rubbing a hand over his face. Trying to wake up. 

“Hi, it's Lindsay.” 

“Oh hey. What’s wrong? Are the kids ok?” He asks the preschool teacher. 

“Samuel decided to bite another student and we got that sorted but then he did it again. And so we tried time out...he did it again and this time he drew blood. We need you to remove him for the day. Don’t worry his not expelled or even suspended. Biting is natural in omega’s around this age but you need to talk to him. Explain why he can’t bite people” She says softly. 

“Yeah, sure I’ll be there in about half an hour. I’m so sorry.” Pete promises. 

Standing and calling Javy. 

“Hey Captain what’s up?” 

“Can you drive me to the preschool? Sammy’s been biting people” He asks, already kicking his shoes on. Mobile between his ear and his shoulder as he awkwardly reached back to pull the heel of his shoe up. 

“Yeah, sure thing. I’ll be there in about ten” Javy promises. 

It’s only when Pete is waiting for Javy does he realise what Lindsay told him. 

Right they were supposed to have the kid's ultrasounds this month. Figure out what they were dealing with. It wasn’t always a foolproof method. Things tended to hide or hadn’t started to develop yet. But his mates being shipped off to butt fuck nowhere had made him completely forget all about booking the appointment. 

Sure there was stereotyping that could help pinpoint just how they might grow up but the only real way of knowing was waiting till they presented at the age of 16 and their second genders settled in. 

Javy’s bike roars into the driveway just as ten minutes hits. Still in his khakis. Medals shinning in the sunlight as he undoes his jacket. 

Sure Pete could drive himself but it turns out his fear of the crash had come back the further along his pregnancy he got. 

Feeling defeated the first time he had to call Jake and Bradley to come and get him from therapy in the first trimester cause he couldn’t even turn the car on without freaking out. 

Javy turns off the bike and helps Pete up into the car. 

“Thanks for this really. I’m sorry for pulling you out of work” Pete murmurs. 

“Nah. Your family. If Admiral Buzzkill has a problem with that. He can fight Cyclone on it when he gets back” Javy promises.

The kids were excited to see their uncle. Climbing all over him as Lindsay drags Pete into her office so they can talk.  

“I won’t keep you long. I know you must be exhausted. I just want to talk to you about how Samuel and Nicole are going” 

“Has there been any other trouble?” Pete asks warily. 

“No. Nothing out of the ordinary. I just wanted to tell you how good you’ve been doing. They drew these the other day. I thought you’d find them sweet. We asked them to draw their heroes...they nearly ran out of paper” She says sliding the pieces of paper over to him.

Pete smiles as he takes in all his family that lined the pages. Wearing their military gear. Nicky had even taken the time to draw in the patches on Pete’s bomber jacket. 

He, Bradley and Jake centre stage on Sammy’s paper. The rest of the pack standing behind them. Pete was definitely sending a photo to his mates and hanging both of them on the fridge. 

“You must have a beautiful support system if the kids have this many heroes in their lives.” 

“We’re very lucky. I am really so sorry about Sammy biting those kids. If you want I’ll get him to write an apology to the kids he bit. He’s still struggling to comprehend why his dad’s had to go away for a little while” Pete explains. 

“Of course. We completely understand. We have military families come through all the time and when one parent goes away. It’s like the child just crumbles without one of their pillars. So to have two of their strongest pillars suddenly gone. Must be very confusing. We’ll make sure to focus on that more in the upcoming weeks but I think for today it’s best if you take them home. Let them de-stress.” 

“Yeah of course. Thank you for being so understanding” Pete says, starting to begin the process of standing. Groaning a little when Tommy kicks him. 

Lindsay moving to help him. 

“How did the kids go with the news of the new baby? Have they been interested? Or do they try to avoid the topic altogether?” She asks softly. 

“They adore Tommy. Ask if they can listen every night. Nicky likes to read to him. But they’re both adamant Tommy is a girl. They want a little sister. But they're doing great” Pete promises. 

It was amazing. How much they already loved their little sibling. He hoped it carried out after Tommy was born as well. His biggest fear was his children going psycho and turning things into a horror movie. 

“Well, children are very perceptive. Especially your lot. So I’m assuming you’ll want Tommy on the list for when he or she is born. They’ll be a legacy so you won’t have to go through all the tedious paperwork like the first time” Lindsay asks. 

“Really? That would be great. It’s like four years away though?” 

“It doesn’t matter and we won’t be offended if you move or change your mind. It just puts Tommy first on the waiting list so we have room for them” She promises. 

After that Pete is loading his kids into the car. Buckling them in. 

Samuel laughs when Javy gets confused about how the seat belt works. 

“These things are worse than those Chinese finger traps” Javy whinges when he pinches himself. 

“Here. I’ve got it Uncle Coyote” Sammy says before plugging himself in. Looking to Pete to make sure his done it right. Pete pulls on the seatbelt and it stays in place. 

“Well, it’s official. You're dumber than a preschooler” Pete teases his friend once he's closed Sammy’s door. 

“He’s had training.” Javy snickers, before opening the passenger side door. 

“Uh excuse me. Mr Mitchell!” A lady calls then. 

Pete sighing. Telling from her tone she wasn’t impressed with whatever was going on. 

“Yeah that’s me and it's Captain Mitchell. What can I help you with?” He asks turning to face her. 

Javy looks worried but doesn't make a move. 

“Your mongrel bit my kid and the school refuses to do anything about it. He made my son bleed!” She snarls. 

“And he is deeply sorry about that. I already plan to have him write an apology letter to you and your son but that does not give you the right to call him a mongrel” Pete says. 

His own hackles raised. Slamming the passenger door closed so his children don’t have to hear them fighting. Javy stared worriedly. Unsure what to do. Pete just sends him a silent order through their bond to stay back. 

“I knew it was a bad idea to have a polyamorous family join the school. The kids get all confused and think it’s ok. It’s no wonder your children are such disasters” She replies. Voice cold. 

Pete blinking. Amazed at the balls on the beta staring him down with her fake blond hair and her fake everything else. 

“My children are brilliant thank you. They are two of the most kindest, caring, loving people I have ever met. They are considerate and brilliant little sparks that I have the pleasure of raising. So do not dare say are disasters. At least they're being raised with proper self-value and not whatever you’re made of” Pete snaps back. 

She had to be a stupid cow to think she could possibly take on an angry pregnant Omega. 

“All it takes is one call and you and your little mutts are barred from this preschool and any other one in a 50-mile radius. My friend is a lawyer and she wouldn’t allow for such travesties in such a prestigious school” The brat says before pulling out her phone. 

Pete lets her call the number. Only to laugh a little when she greets the other person on the phone. 

“Sarah. I need your help. There are mongrels in the school. One of their children even bit my kid” 

Pete grins when he hears his favourite voice over the speaker. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that Mysty. Why don’t you give me their names and I’ll see what I can do.” Sarah coos. Almost patronisingly. 

Pete speaks up before Mysty dear god in heaven what a terrible name, can speak up. 

“Sarah. Hey. I wanted to thank you again for getting my kids into the school. I’m sorry that Mysty here had to call you over something so stupid. Sammy feels terrible about what he did. But you know with his daddies away how hard it’s been on them” He practically chirps down the phone. 

“Maverick. I see your kids are just like you. Trouble makers. Mysty dear. I don’t think Sammy meant any true harm. Now if you would refrain from calling my husband’s best friend a mongrel that would be highly appreciated” 

Pete absolutely relishes in watching Mysty’s face turn into a sour lemon as she hangs up on Sarah. Bright red with steam coming out of her ears. She was mortified to have been caught out so viciously. 

“You’re not the only one with connections sweetheart. I just happen to know a few more people than you. But don’t worry that comes with age. Javy, lend me a hand will you?” Pete asks. 

Javy nodding. Opening the door and helping Pete into the passenger seat. 

Pete just waves Mysty away as Javy pulls from the school car park. 

“I always forget how quickly you can destroy a person. Remind me to never get on your bad side Captain” Javy says as Pete hands his children their afternoon snacks. 

“Thanks, Papa” They both chirp. Completely obvious to what had just gone on. 

The only three people who were allowed to call Pete’s children mongrels were him and his mates. 

The bitch was lucky, he was too pregnant to make her swallow her diamond earrings. 

Only 68 days to go. 

Chapter Text

Pete woke up to more nightmares. They were a constant plague by now but he just tries to push them aside because the hand tapping on his face is more important. 

“Hmm, what’s up Love?” He asks softly. 

“Can we sleep in here?” Sammy asks in return. 

Pete just lifts up his blankets and his twins slide underneath. Nicky patted his belly and talked to Tommy but Pete is already out like a light again.

Waking up to his alarm and having a small child resting on his face. Trying to suffocate him. 

“Sammy. Get off. You know Papa can’t pick you up at the moment” He groans, tapping Sammy on the back. 

Sammy moving. Grumbling about it. 

Today was ultrasound day. For all of them. 

“Papa, you ok? Do you need a hand?” Nicky asks as Pete scoots himself and his very pregnant belly to the edge of the bed. 

“I’m good Love. Can you and Sammy grab the clothes we picked out last night?” He asks. 

Nicky nods and his twins are getting themselves off the bed and running off. 

“Oh hey, little beans. You two excited for today” He hears Penny coo at them. 

“YEAH. I’m gonna be an alpha like daddies!” Nicky says excitedly. 

“And what happens if you're an omega like Papa?” Penny asks. 

“That’d be cool too” Nicky chirps. 

Penny laughed, moving to knock on the door frame. 

“You right there Baloo?” She says, voice teasing. 

“Bite me. I can see my feet...when I hold them up” Pete says. He wasn’t anywhere as big as the twins had been at this stage but God Tommy felt heavier than they did. 

“Mickey will be here soon to pick you guys up. Are you sure you don’t want me to come along?” She asks, moving to help him to his feet. 

“We’ll be fine. Mickey’s been begging since the first time to take me” Pete promises. 

Grabbing out his clothes for him. 

Pete thanked her. Managed to at least get himself dressed as Penny makes the kids breakfast. Forcing Pete to eat as well. 

“Just cause Jake and Bradley aren’t here. Doesn’t mean you can skip out on your prenatal’s old man” She chides him. 

Pete sticks out his tongue but he takes the damn things. 

Only to hear his laptop start ringing. 

“IT’S DADDIES!” The kids both yell. Penny opened the computer for them and pressed answer. 

Pete waddled his chubby butt over so he can see them. 

He might leave a majority of the screen time to the kids but that didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy seeing his mates light up at the sight of their children. 

“Baby. Stop fiddling with it. Your gonna cut the connection. You drop my damn phone in the ocean. You're following it” They hear and Pete’s heart swells. 

The camera finally snapped into place. His beautiful mates stared at the screen. Grinning wide. Wearing their flight suits. The sun setting behind them. 

The children waved ecstatically at the camera. Holding up the smaller banner they had been working on for Bradley. 

“Happy Birthday Daddy!”

“Thanks, Honeybear, Dewbear. You been good for you Papa?” Bradley asks. 

“Always” Nicky chirps. 

Jake raises an eyebrow but he doesn’t say anything. 

The kids babbling about their preschool and what they’ve been learning. 

Jake and Bradley were enthused by it all. 

“Nicky baby? Can you put us onto your Papa? Is he there?” Jake asks. 

Pete poked his head into view. Waving. 

“Hey, handsome. Look how stunning you are. How are you feeling?” Bradley asks. 

“As ok as I can with the giant you put in my belly....” Pete laughs a little when Tommy kicks him. “...Tommy says hi to” 

“Where’s your ring?” Jake asks. 
Pete pulled at the chain around his neck. The ring flashes as it sits alongside his dog tags. 

“Do you really think that anybody would be interested in me looking like this?” Pete asks crossing his arms. 

“We would” Jake shrugs. Bradley nodded along. 

“Yeah well, your both freaks of nature” Pete points out. Missing their banter. Their jokes. All of their stupid little mannerisms that normally piss him off. Like Bradley leaving his shoes in the worst spots and Jake’s constant sexual innuendos for any words that come out of Pete’s mouth. 

“We’re your freaks of nature. Only 55 more days and we’re home baby.” Bradley promises. 

“I’m counting down the days. Stay safe ok? Happy Birthday Bradley” 

“Thanks, handsome. Same goes for you. Don’t be stubborn. Ask for help. We love you” 

Pete lets the kids say goodbye once more before Jake and Bradley have to go. 

Not before showing their kids a live slingshot. 

The twin's cheer and finally his mates have to go. Have to really go and Pete feels them pressing up against their bond lines. Letting him know that even if their video connection was gone. They were still with him. Even for a little while. 

Mickey picks them up fifteen minutes later. The first thing Pete clocks is the fresh bite mark on his neck. That his usual scent of lime was now mixed with fresh sunflowers. Amelia’s smell. 

“Congrats,” Pete says poking him in the neck as Mickey starts pulling out of their driveway. 

Mickey smiled, blushing a little. 

“Thanks. We thought of we did it now. I got two more months for it to settle and then Cyclone literally can’t murder me” 

“Coward” Pete says shaking his head. Amused by his pack mates.

“Rightly so. Come on even you were scared of Cyclone once” Mickey whines. 

“True. He’ll be fine with it. As long as you treat her with the respect she deserves” 

“If I didn’t she'd rip my balls off herself. She’s definitely got Penn’s fire that’s for sure” Mickey rumbles. But there’s nothing except joy on his face. Pete was truly happy for the two betas. Knowing that they fit together well enough. Despite the age gap. 

But he couldn’t really talk about that so. Not without sounding hypocritical. 

Thankfully all of them could be done at the same place. Dr Valen’s sonographer is well versed in secondary gender formats. 

Pete went first to show his kids it wasn’t too bad. That cold jelly was the only annoying thing about it. 

The sonographer let them try, guiding their hands and making sure they don’t press too hard. Mickey just watching in fascination and slight horror. 

“That things inside you?” He asks. 

“First time?” The sonographer asks. 

Pete nodding. 

“Yes, Mickey. That’s Chickpea” Pete murmurs. 

“He’s adorable...I think?” Mickey says. Eyebrows creasing. 

Pete laughed a little. 

“Oh god stop doing that. That’s creepy” Mickey groans.

“I’ll give you creepy. Watch this” Pete chirps, poking at his stomach. Watching Tommy kick out on the screen. 

“Cool Chickpea is gonna give me nightmares now” Mickey snickers. Still watching regardless. 

Once the Sonographer makes sure there’s nothing wrong. It’s Nicky’s turn up on the table. 

Mickey helping her up. 

Pete held her hand. 

“It’s ok my Love” He reassures her. Rolling up her shirt so her stomach is exposed. 

Pete watching the screen. Not really sure what he's looking for. The sonographer circled little parts of her screen. Sending the pictures off who knows where. 

“Alright, Nicole. It’s your brother's turn” The sonographer says once she’s helped clean Nicky’s stomach down. 

Mickey puts Sammy up on the table next and they repeat the process. Sammy winced at the yucky feeling. 

Then it’s just waiting for Dr Valen. She all but slams into her room. Rapidly chewing. 

“Sorry lunch break. So let's see Tommy seems to be progressing just fine. He’s a little big but doing just great. Now onto the twins. We have Nicky first. Nicky is progressing perfectly fine. Seems like we have a little alpha on our hands.” 

“What am I?” Sammy asks. 

“You sweetheart. Let's see. Hmm well, yours is a little trickier. But it looks like your gonna be an omega sweet. Is that ok?” Dr Valen asks. 

Pete waits for screaming and for the meltdown. For Sammy not getting what he wanted.

“That means I’m gonna be like Papa right?” Sammy asks. 

“Yeah, baby. You’re gonna be like me” Pete says. 

“AWESOME! I get to be like Papa” Sammy cheers. 

Pete’s heart melted at his son’s reaction. 

Mickey handed him a tissue without a word. Dr Valen gave Pete a few pamphlets on how to deal with Omega children and Alpha children. 

“Your daddies are gonna be so proud of you guys,” Pete says as they leave the office. 

The kids beg Mickey to stop for ice cream. Mickey looks at Pete and Pete nods. 

Pete happily munching his way through his own sundae when they get home. Mickey gets a swift flick with Pete’s spoon when he tries to steal some. 

“Ow. No wonder your mates got shipped out. You’re a vicious shit” Mickey mocks him. 

“Swear jar!” His kids chime at the same time. 

Mickey reached into his wallet and handed them a five-dollar note. Nicky ran off to put it in the very full jar. 

“That’s me covered for the day” Mickey snickers. Sitting beside Pete on the couch as they watch daily TV.  

Most of the money in the swear jar was Pete’s fault. 

The kids playing with the toys. Mickey gets roped into playing eventually. 

“So you and Amelia are mated now. Any...little beans in your future?” Pete asks. 

“Haha no. She’d hit me if I knocked her up right now. She wants to get through college first and get herself sorted in law school and I’ve got your gremlins to annoy so. Especially now Chickpea is on the way” Mickey explains. 

Sarah had been happy to receive the bet money for Tommy’s nickname. 

“I really appreciate your help today Mickey,” Pete says when the man makes his leave. 

“It’s what pack does. Especially for important people like our leader. We love you so much. You're the reason we’re all home safe and sound and living our best lives. So we do whatever we can?  You’d step up for us if one of our mates had to go away” Mickey promises before dragging him into a hug. 

Pete returns to his children. Happily spending the day playing trains with them. Helping them build the biggest track they can. Recording it. Knowing right now he wasn’t the only one missing out. 

He might be missing his mates but they must be so desperately missing their pups. 

Pete relishes in the time spent with his children. Adoring every childish gesture they make. Because as he much as he knows right now they're the pups who love him and want to spend all their time with him. 

They’re going to grow up right before his eyes and they're going to become adults and they're not going to want to build trains anymore. 

“Papa your crying” Sammy points out. Rubbing down Pete’s cheeks. 

“Sorry baby. Papa was just thinking. I’m just happy. Happy with how beautiful my wonderful kids are” He promises. Kissing Sammy on the forehead. 

“You're the best Papa” Sammy replies in kind. 

“I’m glad you think so Love,” He says. 

Pete read them BFG that night after feeding them a lovely healthy dinner of Dino nuggets and curly fries. Not having the energy to do much else. Not that the kids care. All too happy to roar at each other. As always Nicky ate the Dino nuggets feet first. Pete remembered he used to do the same when he was a kid. 

Penny got home just in time for Pete to put his feet up and relax. Enjoy the peace and quiet of sleeping children. 

They talk for a while. Until Pete falls asleep on her shoulder and she’s ushering him up to bed. 

“That’s it, Pete. One foot in front of the other” She says before helping him strip down. 

“I need a shower” 

“Have one tomorrow. You’re exhausted. Just think. When you wake up. Only 54 days to go” She promises him. Tucking him in tight. 

“Thanks for being here Penn. I love you” He murmurs. Snuggling deeper into his pillow. Pulling his mate's shirts closer. 

“Love you to Pete. Sleep well” She says, rubbing a hand through his hair. 

She stays till he falls asleep and he could not ask for a better best friend. 

Chapter Text

Pete had a massive migraine all day. He’d been up half the night with a sick set of twins and Braxton hicks contractions. 

It was a surprisingly horrible combination. 

But he doesn’t sleep. He can’t. He has Nicky and Sammy to look after. Both of them were sick as dogs. Running fevers and coughing up a storm. Curled on up opposite ends of the couch, covered in their blankets and watching their way through the Toy Story franchise. 

Pete had told Penny to crash at her place for a few days. She’d already spent the weekend at her own place since she’d been too tired to drive back here and her place was closer. That she didn’t need to give this flu to her patrons. Pete didn’t need a bunch of pisshead soldiers out for his blood cause he’s children gave them all the flu.

Pete made the same soup that Carole had always made him. Spicy and warm and soothing to even the worst colds. 

Hearing two sets of little feet on the floor when he sets their bowls on the table. 

“Thanks, Papa” They both whimper. He knows he shouldn’t be lifting them right now but they barely have the energy to stand. Let alone climb onto the dining chairs. 

“Jump” He orders his first child once he has them under the arms. Using Nicky’s momentum to get her onto the seat. 

The same goes for Sammy. 

His twins eat thankfully and Pete takes a second to eat as well. 

“It doesn’t taste like anything” Sammy whines. 

“That’s cause you can’t smell anything” Pete explains. 

Nicky lays her head on the table between bites. Normally Pete would chide her for it but he understands right now. 

Hearing the laptop ringing just as he had was grabbing their empty bowls and wiping down their grubby faces. Grabbing it and setting it in front of the kids. 

“Sammy stay still” He murmurs, trying to rub at a spot of butter his child had somehow gotten in his hair. 

“Jesus you guys all look terrible,” Bradley says over the screen. 

The kids giving quiet waves. 

“Hey, Babies? You guys not feeling well?” Jake asks quietly. 

Both kids shake their heads only to groan. 

“Head colds. School had an outbreak. So we’re on lockdown for the week until they feel better. Penny’s staying at her own place” Pete explains. 

“I’m sorry we’re not there to help Handsome. We wish we could be. It’s...hell here without you” Bradley says. Pete heard the hurt in his voice. 

“It’s fine we all knew it would happen eventually. I’ll let you guys talk to the kids” Pete says finally getting Sammy butter free. 

“Papa. Don’t move, please. Your hand is cold” Sammy whimpers. 

“Ok Love,” Pete says. Pressing his hand to his son’s head firmer. 

Nicky rambles a little but mostly Jake and Bradley have to drag answers out of them. 

“Why don’t you guys go get some more sleep? The more you sleep the better you’ll feel” Jake says softly. 

The kids nodded. 

Pete promised to be back in a minute. His mates promise to wait for him but by the time Pete has the twins tucked in and actually asleep. His mates are gone. A message left behind. 

Sorry Baby. We wanted to stay but we got called up. Love you. Miss you. Only 43 days to go. 

Pete just rubs a hand over his face and closes the laptop. Knowing there’s no point getting upset about it. It wasn’t his mate's fault they had to work. That he couldn’t be by their sides. Flying beside his wingmen. It was killing him to be away from his mates. 

And Pete feels absolutely horrid when for a second. Just a second. He wishes his kids...weren’t his. So he could be with his mates. 

Pete felt his heart burning at the thought. Guilt riddled down his back that he had even thought of something so horrible. 

What would Jake and Bradley think if they knew he was thinking that? They’d hate him. 

Pete just scrubbed at the dishes and pretended he wasn’t such a terrible person. 

He doesn’t know when the tears start but they do and his face burns with them. Feeling a panic attack coming on and his shooting an SOS down someone’s bond line. 

For all he knows he sends it down to Ice or Goose or Carole. Like they’d be any help to him now. 

He just focuses on breathing and tries not to completely melt down. Tries not to wake his children. Leaning back against the kitchen cupboard and wanting to just stop existing. Just for a little while. 

Jumping out of his skin when he feels someone touch his arm.

“Shh Maverick. It’s ok. We’re here. It’s gonna be fine” He hears Bob says softly. 

“You shouldn’t be here. The kids are sick” Pete gets out between rapid breaths. 

“So is Petra. She got it from the school as well. So no harm, no foul. Javy got a really bad feeling from you. Asked if we could check it out since he was just about to go up” Bob promises. 

That’s who he sent it to. As long as it hadn’t been Jake and Bradley. 

“Don’t tell them. Please don’t tell them” He begs Bob. 

“Tell Jake and Bradley what Mav?” He asks softly. 

“That I’m a failure. I can’t even take care of our pups without freaking out” Pete whispers. 

Penny hadn’t been here what? Four days and Pete was crumbling under the pressure. How fucking weak did that make him? How stupid? All those little jabs his pack used to make about him not being able to take care of himself. Turned out to be right. Who would have thought? He can’t go a week without doing something wrong. 

“Oh, sweetheart. No. No, you are not a failure. Come on. Bob help me get him off the floor” Natasha says. 

Pete lifted to his feet and brung over to the couch. 

Petra sitting on the opposite end. Covered in her jacket then Natasha’s coat on over the top. Looking about as well as his own kids. 

Pete expects her to curl into his side. Just like she does. Sniffling a little. Bob handed her a tissue. 

“Maverick it’s ok to struggle. You know that. You’re just having a bad day sweetheart and you did the best thing. You reached out” Natasha says softly. Pressing a hand to his forehead. 

“Don’t tell them. They can’t be worried about me right now. I have to keep it together until they get back. If they're worried about me they won’t be thinking properly in the air. Promise me” Pete begs his pack mates. 

Bob and Nat share a look before they both nod. 

“We promise. Now relax ok? We're here to help. You know that’s what pack is for.” Bob says softly, rubbing a hand through Pete’s hair. 

Forcing him to soothe. 

“It’s ok to be sad Uncle Mav, you told me that remember,” Petra says softly. Her voice was crackly.

“Thanks, Baby Girl” Pete replies. 

“I’ll go check on the twins,” Natasha says heading up the stairs. 

Bob brings Pete over some coffee. 

“I can’t drink it. It needs milk” Pete mumbles. 

“I think Tommy can deal with black coffee for one day” Bob assures him.

“What I need right now is a scotch” He mutters. 

“Now that Tommy may disapprove of,” Bob says flashing him a smile. 

Pete let out somewhat of a sharp laugh. 

“Sweetheart. Why don’t you go help your mama check on the twins?” Bob asks. 

Petra shuffled off the couch and ran up the stairs. 

Bob sitting beside Pete and watching him over. 

“When did you stop going to therapy?” He asks softly. 

“I don’t have time right now. Between Tommy and the twins” Pete replies. 

“Well, you need to start going again Maverick. You know it’s important. For your sake and your kid's sake. What about phone sessions?” Bob asks. 

“I just...don’t have time” Pete mutters. Staring down at his coffee. 

What would he talk about? They’d been over all his issues. Multiple times. He had nothing left. 

“Maverick” Bob chides him. 

“What do I tell her? That I have a perfect life? I have perfect twins, A kid on the way. Loving mates. I don’t have to work. If I have a problem with any of that? Then what the fuck am I even doing here?” Pete questions. 

“Loving mates who are away at the moment. Kids who are fighting the flu. You’re allowed to struggle we both know that Mav but you can’t put yourself last. You are the most important thing in your kid's lives, in your mate's lives and you need to take care of yourself” Bob points out. 

“Easier said than done Bob” 

“I know. I know. That’s why until the kids are better and you let Penny back in the house. We’re gonna help out and you can bitch and moan about it all you like. But we’re taking care of you” Bob orders. 

“I shouldn’t need someone to take care of me?” Pete says pitifully. 

“Who says you need it? It’s ok to want help sometimes” Bob promises. 

Sure enough, they spend the rest of the week helping with the kids. Penny constantly checks in with them but Pete doesn’t let her come back until the last of the kid's sniffles are gone. Penny broke his rules regardless and came back a few days earlier than he had requested. 

Natasha and Penny drag Pete to therapy against his will. But he sits and he talks and the therapist doesn’t judge him. And he keeps himself guarded against his mates. Not needing them to stress. 

Only lets his positive feelings through to his mates. But they must know that something is wrong cause they start calling twice a day. At times when they know the kids will be at school. 

“You don’t have to” Pete had told them. 

“We miss you” Is all they replied before talking about something else. Like they knew if they tried to ask him how he was going. He’d shut down on them. 

The kids beg Pete on day 29 to go to the beach. Pete is happy to take them if only for the distraction. 

Javy and Penny coming along. Nat and Bob bringing Petra. Pete enjoys watching his kids play in the water. Javy kept a close on them for him, only letting them in the shallows. Refusing to let them go any deeper. Even catching and chiding Sammy when he tries. 

Pete had been suffering from Braxton hicks all morning. Stupid fucking things they were. Who needed to practice giving birth? What the fuck even was that?

“Mav you ok?” Penny asks when she returns with drinks from the cooler. 

“Yep I’m fine,” Pete says. Sipping at the water. Silently begging Tommy to just stay still. For his body to stop trying to be such a pain in the ass. 

“You’re sweating bullets. Are you sure you're not coming down with what the kids had?” She asks. Pressing a hand to his forehead. 

“I’m fine really. Just Braxton hicks that’s all. It’s been bugging me all day” Pete shrugs. 

“How about we go for a walk? That always helped me?” Penny asks. 

“Sure if you can get me up” Pete jokes. 

“Bob, Javy!” Penny calls. 

Both men helped him up to his feet. Only for Pete to feel absolute dread wash through his system when he feels liquid hit his legs. 

“Tell me I spilt my water” He begs. 

But from the horrified look on Javy’s face. 

“TELL ME I SPILT MY WATER!” Pete yells. Panic filtering through him. Pain to as he grips at Javy’s hand. 

“That doesn’t smell like water” Is all Javy whimpers. 

“PAPA!?” His kids call. 

Natasha catching them. 

“It’s ok. It's gonna be ok. We’re gonna call the ambulance” Natasha explains softly. 

Pete cries out as his demon child causes another contraction. 

“I don’t think there’s gonna be time Nat!” Bob calls back. 

“No. No. No. I am not having my damn kid on a beach!” 

"Take him to my bar. Now! I'll unlock the door” Penny calls. 

“I’M NOT GIVING BIRTH IN A DAMN BAR EITHER!” Pete yells. Screams really. Another contraction ripped through his system. 

Javy picking him up regardless. 

Pete wonders if this is some sick joke as he’s set on the bar top. Cause this has to be some sick comedy at this stage. A cosmic joke. 

“Bob what are you doing!?” Pete huffs when he sees a phone in his hand. The others have run off. 

“Calling Bradley,” Bob says. Genuinely confused. 

Pete snatches the phone from his hand. Ditching it across the room. 

“My phone” Bob whines. 

“I’ll buy you another one. If anybody dares call Bradley or Jake. I will never forgive you” Pete cries. 

The last thing he needs right now. Are his mates getting worried over something they can’t control? They can’t be here for. 

Penny and Javy appear with towels and who knows what else. 

“Ambulance is on the way. I’m gonna try and keep the kids entertained” Nat calls into the bar.  

“Pete. Honey. I know you don’t want to. But guess what Tommy is coming and he’s coming with a vengeance so your gonna need to help him out ok? Bob support him please” Penny says softly, pulling at Pete’s board shorts. 

Pete is sat up a little. Bob sitting behind him. Rubbing a hand through Pete’s hair. 

Pete doesn’t really remember much of it after that. Just heard screaming. Both his own and Javy’s when he breaks the man’s hand. A metacarpal he thinks but Javy doesn’t pull away. Doesn’t flinch. Just lets Pete do more damage to him. 

Feels more pain than he ever wants to feel again and hears Penny talking to him. 

And then his brain fog clears up with one simple sound. It’s a beautiful sound and it’s like all of Pete’s pain floods away. 

Tommy’s cry. 

“Uh, we have a little problem here? Tommy’s room is the wrong colour. We have a little girl” She says softly. Cooing gently. 

Pete getting his baby placed on his chest. Arms moving automatically to hold her close. Soothing her softly. 

"I'm suing for emotional damages" Javy slurs before he hits the floor. Out cold. 

Penny, Bob and Pete all take a second to look at him and Pete just laughs. 

It’s all he can do to not cry. 

“Uh? We taking him to?” Someone asks. Pete looked up to see a medic, pointing to their unconscious pack mate.

“That’s probably best,” Penny says. 

It’s only hours later that Pete consciously realises that he gave birth. He had been holding her for hours at that point but it only just clicks in his head when his twins asks to see her. 

She was all clean now, clothed in soft pink. The softest hazel eyes and to his shock. Soft brown hair on her head. She was his biggest baby, turns out not having to share womb space made them bigger and she was absolutely beautiful. He had signed the certificate but knew it wouldn’t really be completed until Bradley and Jake got home.    

“Just be careful ok” Pete instructs. 

Bob helps the twins kneel on the side of the bed. Javy had been here earlier. Pete felt bad but Javy had shrugged him off. Saying that it was ok. His just happy that Pete and Tommie were ok. 

“Hi, Tommie. I’m Sammy. That’s Nicky. We’re gonna protect you” Sammy promises. Reaching out a hand tentatively. 

“You can touch her. You just have to be gentle” Pete promises. 

Sammy laughs a little when Tommie grabs his finger. Nicky beaming wide. Both were completely armoured with their little sister. 

Pete hears a crash, a curse and then he sees his two favourite faces. Jake and Bradley slid into the room. Bradley groans when he hits the door frame, bouncing off it. Jake stopped him from hitting the floor. 

Both of them were breathless. Still in uniform. 

“Uhhh turns out my phone...didn’t break...and they heard the whole thing,” Bob says sheepishly. 

Pete doesn’t care though because the smell of ocean and wheat is filling the room. His children running for their dads and Pete is bursting into tears. 

“Shh baby. It’s ok. We’re here now. We’re here baby. We’re here” Bradley says softly, pressing a kiss to his forehead. Rubbing a hand through his hair. Nicky is on his hip. Jake took Bob’s place on the other side, Bob excusing himself from the room. Sammy clings to Jake as if he lets go. He’ll disappear. 

Pete gets himself together enough to introduce his daughter to her daddies. 

“Meet Tommie Bronwyn Mitchell,” He says as Jake wipes down his face for him. 

“She’s beautiful. Just like you. Iceman and Goose are gonna be so proud of you. We’re so proud of you” Jake says. 

“How’d you get home?” 

“Cyclone pulled some strings. Practically threatened to commandeer the aircraft carrier if they didn’t let us come home. We caught the first plane," Bradley explains, sitting Nicky on the bed but not quite letting her go. 

“Do you have to go back?” Pete asks. Dreading the answer. 

“No. No, we’re staying” Jake promises him.

Pete lets his mates curl up around him. Absorbing as much of them as he could. His family was whole again. 

Pete smiles when she opens those soft hazel eyes. Watching them all. 

“Hey, baby girl. Hi, my Love. Look at you. You’re beautiful” Pete coos at her. 

Tommie replies with hiccups and Pete’s heart melts. 

Chapter Text

Pete is to be kept in for a week again. The twins stay with Penny, and she brings them every day to visit. 

Pete had torn things that shouldn’t tear and Tommie was a little underweight. Which Pete didn’t believe for a damn second. He knew they were testing things but they just told him. It was general tests for a premi baby. That Nicky and Sammy had gone through the same thing. 

But try and Pete might he can’t stop that feeling of dread. 

His mates do everything they can to soothe him. Refusing to leave his side. Even when he tells them to go home. They had only gone home the first night. To shower and change and pack some clothes. For Pete and Tommie as well. Maribel wanted to come down but they were swamped with work. So the best they could do was video calls. Pete understanding. 

Knowing they’d be here if they could. 

“Captain Mitchell? Can we talk?” Dr Valen says appearing about the fourth day in. Pushing in Tommie’s cradle as she talks.

Pete can tell just by her face something is wrong. Pushing himself further upright. Jake patted Bradley on the shower. Bradley bolted awake. 

“What’s up?” He asks. Rubbing down his eyes. 

Dr Valen handing Tommie over. Pete rubbed a hand down her face. She was wide awake. Watching him in return. 

“It’s nothing too serious and there are solutions but it appears that Tommie is deaf. Only moderate to severe though.” 

Pete feels his stomach lurch. 

“So...what do we do about it?” Jake asks.

“We can get hearing aids fitted. Or a cochlear. A cochlear is more permanent but also comes with some risk. She will be able to hear you but it will just be very quiet. She will respond more to the vibrations of your voice if you let her touch your chest and we’ll put you in touch with a specialist who deals with deaf children. He’ll be able to explain things easier. Show you all your options. But she is happy and healthy and she really likes trying to eat fingers” Dr Valen explains. 

Pete’s head is swirling with the fact that his perfect beautiful daughter would struggle to hear them. Would struggle to understand them. 

“Is it cause I flew?” Pete asks. Voice cracking a little. 

“No, and we don’t believe it was from when you were attacked either. Sometimes the auditory nerves just don’t develop properly and that is not your fault or her daddy's. It’s no less your fault than if she was born with brown eyes or blue. It’s just a chance and you are all going to be fine. It’ll just take a little while to adapt. Keep talking to her like you normally do. Don’t shy away. She’s still your daughter and still needs bonding time. I’ll leave you three to talk. She’s hungry” Dr Valen says softly. 

Pete, Jake and Bradley all nod. Pete is close to breaking down. Feels like his whole world has shattered. He’s probably making this a bigger deal than it actually is. But he can’t help the blame that festers in his chest. 

“Hearing is an easy thing. She’s still gonna be a little troublemaker regardless” Bradley says softly after Dr Valen has left and closed the door. 

“You’re not mad at me?” Pete asks. 

“Never. She’s beautiful. She’s healthy. She’s safe. She’s a Mitchell. You really think this is gonna stop her?” Bradley questions, holding their daughter so Pete can pull off his shirt. 

“We’ll just have to learn sign language for when she’s not wearing her hearing aids,” Jake says. 

Both of them acting like it’s all sorted out. Like this isn’t a problem. 

“She...she’s deaf” Is all Pete stammers out. 

“And that’s ok. There’s a whole lot more advice, solutions, and ways to care for her than there was when you were growing up Mav. Deaf kids aren’t just left to their own devices devices anymore. We’ll get her the right care. We’ll learn alongside her and I know how much you love her. What can beat that?” Bradley promises, handing Tommie over.

Pete hesitates before he takes her. Terrified of somehow causing more damage. Pete nods and sets about getting her to eat. Forcing himself to calm down for her sake. 

The hardest thing is explaining it to the kids later that day. Sammy struggles the most to understand. 

“What do you mean she can’t hear? Of course, she can” He states feverishly. 

Jake covers his ears. 

“Can you hear me?” He asks. 

“Not really?” Sammy says. Looking up at him. 

“This is what Tommie hears all the time. It’s like we’re talking to her in the other room. Does that make sense?” Jake explains softly. Pulling his hands away from Sammy’s ears. 

“Can she be fixed?” Nicky asks next. 

“She can get hearing aids. They're like tiny little microphones that pick up sound and make everything louder. But there’s no cure Love. It means we’re all gonna have to learn another language” Pete explains. 

“But if she can’t hear us now. How will she hear us if we speak different?” Sammy says. Little eyebrows scrunching together in a perfect recreation of his dad. 

“Because we’ll be talking with our hands,” Bradley says wiggling his fingers. 

“Like flight signals!” Sammy says. Suddenly excited. 

“Sure a little” 

“Then I wanna learn!” Sammy chirps. 

Nicky nodded along. 

Pete takes a deep breath as he watches his family come around to the subject. To the challenge. Gaining strength from the fact that all of them seem so willing to learn. To do whatever it takes for Tommie. 

“Wait we can really take her home?” He asks once the week is up. 

“Yep. She’s going to be perfectly fine. She’s got five great helpers and your pack seems very keen to help out as well. If you find you’re truly struggling. Reach out to someone. Talk to them. This is still a lot to process but she’s like any other baby. She’ll cry and she’ll be hungry and she’ll want her Papa” Dr Valen says softly. 

Pete nodding. Fundamentally understanding that. He understands it and yet he struggles and he feels terrible that his the only one struggling. 

He doesn’t know if it makes him an ableist but he struggles with the fact that his daughter is going to struggle. No matter how many times Jake and Bradley assure him it’s going to be ok. 

He can’t see the happy ending and it kills him inside and he feels terrible for every bad thought he has but they don’t stop. 

They’ve had her two weeks home. They’ve had her for two precious weeks and Pete’s barely gotten out of bed. He just sleeps and sleeps. He doesn’t know if it’s his body healing. If it’s just an excuse. If it’s just...the fact that every time he sees his precious daughter. He feels like the worst failure. 

It had been his job. His one job as Omega is to give his Alphas strong, wonderful children. To make his children happy and healthy. He had failed them all. 

“Handsome, Tommie is looking for food” Jake murmurs. Knocking on the door frame. 

Pete doesn’t want to get up but he knows his her only source right now. He pushes himself upright and he doesn’t look Jake in the eye as he hands over Tommie. 

“I also brought you a coffee and when you're done you should eat as well” 

“Not hungry” Pete mutters. 

“You weren’t hungry yesterday either. You need to drink more than coffee baby. Especially for Tommie’s sake” Jake says sitting on the edge of the bed. 

“Fine” Pete remarks.

Panicking a little when Jake leaves him with Tommie and she starts crying. Trying to calm her with his words. With his soft pleas. Rocking her softly. Trying to calm her down with soft touches. 

Growing distressed when he can’t but he never stops trying. Pressing her close to his face. Whispering over and over again that he wishes he could fix it. Tears of his own hit her soft little face. 

Pete feels more then sees his mates wrap around him. Trying to figure out what’s wrong. Ever since he had given birth. He hadn’t been able to rebuild the wall in their bond. Every emotion he felt. They were forced to feel too. 

“It’s just baby blues. I’m fine. I’ll be fine in a few weeks” Pete whispers. 

His mates look sceptical but they nod anyways. Not wanting to push him right now. 

Except they all know his lying. Baby blues don’t leave people sobbing for hours in bed. They don’t leave them feeling like it might be better if they just packed a bag and left. He never felt this fear the first time. That every motion. Every touch will break his daughter further. 

Bradley and Jake try everything to get him help. They ask for people to come over. They beg Pete to go to therapy. But Pete just continues to hibernate and disappear into the soft quiet of his head. It’s a faint buzzing and he knows his being an asshole. 

He’s not being a mate. His not being a father. His not being anything other than a plague on the household. A burden that Bradley and Jake have to contend with every day all while trying to look after a new baby and two twins who can’t understand why their Papa won’t get out of bed. 

It’s a constant spiral. He constantly finds himself something new that sends him spiralling deeper into depression. 

He eats only cause Jake and Bradley tell him to. He bathes only cause they all but drag him into the shower. 

He spends most of his nights staring at the ceiling and wondering why they haven’t just kicked him out yet. Why they haven’t given up on him when he’s so clearly given up on himself? Why don’t they hate him when they should? Why...were they even still pretending that he was a person? 

How ashamed Goose, Carole and Iceman would be of him right now and once more the shame spiral screws itself even deeper into his head. 

He’s given up on trying to figure out how much time has passed. It could have been three days for all he knows or 3 months. 

“Papa” He hears softly. 

“Go away, Nicky. I have a headache” He begs. Not wanting her to see him like this. 

“Me and Sammy made you something. I wanted to give it to you” She continues. Completely unfazed by his tone. 

“Nicole, please! Just leave me alone. I’m not in the mood right now!” He says. Voice coming out rough. A near growl. 

“Yes, Papa...I’ll leave it under your pillow. I love you” She says. Patting him on the arm and leaving the room.

Pete thinks he must sleep for a while because he wakes up confused. The afternoon sun streams through the window and he touches something smooth under his pillow. 

Clutching onto it and pulling it out from the pillow. 

He’s not sure if it makes him feel better or breaks his heart even more. It was a simple card. Covered in hearts and stars and rainbow stickers. Flicking it open to see the photo that Penny had taken for them at the hospital. 

Pete had been holding Tommie. His kids and mates curled around. All of them smiling. Texter scrawled on the other side. 

We mist your smile Papa. Feel better soon. Love Nicky and Sammy. XOXOXOXO

Pete sleeps with the card in his arms that night. Refusing to let it go. Willing himself to gain some strength from it. Gain some strength for his kids because they need him and yet the next morning rolls around and he still can’t get out of bed. 

Feels frozen as he missed another important day of his children’s lives. 

“Captain Mitchell. I never thought I’d see the day where I was ashamed of you” He hears sometime later that day. 

“Go away, Nat” 

“Why should I? So you can sit here and wallow some more? What happened to the man that flew suicide missions without so much as a blink of an eye? What happened to the man that has fought tooth and nail to be happy? Where the hell has my Captain gone” She snaps at him. 

“Yeah, I get it. I’m a failure. Message received” Pete says, going to turn away from her. 

“Now not a failure. Just a coward. What man is scared of his own child? You have three utterly perfect children who need you right now. What gives you the fucking right to waste that opportunity when you fought for 57 years to achieve it! What gives you the right to give up because things got a little tough? The man I know doesn’t buckle under pressure. He gets better under it. So where is he Maverick!” Natasha snarls at him. Straddling his waist. Grabbing him by the jaw so he has to look at her. 

“Please just leave me alone” He begs her instead. 

“No. Jake and Bradley have tried playing nice. So has Penny. So has everybody else but it’s obviously not getting through your thick skull. So I’m gonna make it and your gonna damn well listen. Am I clear Captain?” 

Pete tries to look away from her. Not wanting to talk about this. Throwing up a stink when she grabs him. Dragging him out of bed forcibly. Scruffing him to do so. 

Dragging him through the house and towards Tommie’s nursery. 

He can’t even fight her. Forced to go with her and she’s forcing him to stand in front of his daughter's crib. 

“Look at her Mav. LOOK AT HER! Does she look broken to you? Does she look like a failure? Does she need to be fixed? Does she!” Natasha orders. 

“No” Pete whimpers. Taking in how big she had gotten. He held her every day. Multiple times a day but he hadn’t even realised how big she had gotten. Wearing Sammy’s old chick onesie, sucking on her pacifier as she stares up at him. Reaching out for him. Despite everything, she was still reaching for him. 

“Exactly. She is not broken and neither are you. So get your shit together because she needs you right now. She didn’t get a choice and neither do you. Now do your daughter proud. Do your family proud and get help!” Natasha growls. Poking him in the chest. 

Pete breaking down but these are different tears from the ones his been crying for the last month. These are like the fresh morning waves that roll along the beach as he clutches to Nat tightly. 

She rubs up and down his back softly. Shushing him. Cooing at him. Just holding him. 

“It’s ok. It’s all gonna be ok. So just breathe for me. Sit and breathe” She whispers, pushing him towards the rocking armchair. 

Pete sinks into it and Nat is pulling off his shirt throwing it aside. 

“Now tell me everything you love about her,” Nat says 

Pete closes his eyes as he thinks about it. Thinks back through the last slog of a month. Picking out what good parts there had been. 

“She hiccups when she’s happy. Her gurgle reminds me of a frog, it’s adorable. She always...always grabs my ring when she eats. Every time without fail. She’s so strong. She survived us getting attacked. She survived her daddies being anyway. She’s thrived” Pete whispers. 

Automatically wrapping his arms around his baby girl when she’s placed in his arms. Her ear pressed firmly to his chest. Like she’s listening to his heart. 

“She adores you Maverick, she doesn’t care that she can’t hear your voice. She just cares that you’re there. That you're holding her. She can feel your heartbeat. She can feel your love for her. It’s just like you told me with Petra. They feel what we feel. Your sad, she’s sad and a beautiful baby like this. Shouldn’t have anything to feel sad over” Nat says crouching next to the armchair. 

Pete opens his eyes to soft hazel ones that are staring up at him. Trusting and open and loving and he feels it. He feels as their bond settles into place. Just as it had with Nicky and Sammy and Pete is crying tears of relief. It’s nothing like an actual bond of course. But it’s like their souls simmer into the same wavelength. 

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry baby girl. I’m gonna get help I promise” He whispers. Smelling her soft scent. He had never noticed it before but she smells like spiced chocolate. 

Just like her namesake. 

Chapter Text

Jake hears him before he sees him. Trying to keep his excitement contained as he times the kid's eggs. Phoenix had been by yesterday and she had kicked them all out to the park. Not before grabbing Tommie off them and walking upstairs. 

Whatever she said or did though seemed to have least a little. Because when they got home they had found Pete asleep in the nursery armchair. Holding Tommie in his arms. 

They knew he wouldn’t instantly be better but the fact that he was willingly coming downstairs today was a well-deserved miracle.

Jake and Bradley had missed their Maverick dearly but they understood he was going through hell. A hell that they couldn’t save him from. And it hurt Jake greatly to see his mate in so much pain.

Pete takes it gently, slowly. Reminding Jake of a baby fawn learning to walk. Bradley and Jake had already talked about it. Treating it like it wasn’t some big deal because if they did they might send Pete spiralling again. 

The kids have less tact. Nearly bowling him over on sight. 

“Careful!” Bradley chides from where he was holding Tommie. 

The kids completely deaf to his order. Too excited to see their Papa up and about. 

“Hey, my Loves” Pete says softly. Crouching down to kiss them both their heads. 

The twins hugged him tightly. Pete hugged them both back. Seeming like he never wants to let them go. 

“Thank you for my card” He murmurs. 

“Did you like it?” Sammy asks. 

“I loved it. Why don’t we go see if your Daddy needs help with breakfast?” Pete asks. 

Both twins nod. Refusing to let go of him as Pete makes his way over to them. 

“Hey, handsome” Bradley says. Glancing up at him with a soft smile. 

“Hey” Pete replies. Leaning down to kiss him. 

He had showered and shaved and looked fresh and awake. There’s still that aura of sadness around him but the fact he was trying. Even just for their sakes. Jake couldn’t be prouder. 

“Foods ready” Jake calls. Setting the eggs into their cups and cracking them open. 

Pete grabs the kids plates for him. Setting them on the table. Helping the kids up onto their seats. 

“You lost a tooth,” He says to his daughter. 

Nicky poked at the toothless spot before smiling. 

“The tooth fairy left me a whole dollar!” She chirps. 

“Did she? That’s amazing. Must have been a pretty special tooth” Pete coos softly. Cupping her face. Squishing her cheeks a little. Causing her to giggle. Pete smiled at the noise. 

“What do you want to eat?” Jake asks his mate. 

“Just toast is fine. Raspberry please” Pete says, sitting down at the table and holding out his hands. 

Jake setting about following Pete’s request. 

Bradley easily hands Tommie over. Pete cradled her gently into his arms. Cooing at her softly. 

“Hey, baby girl. Look at you? You’re so curious aren’t you?” Wiggling his fingers gently above her. 

“Don’t put your fingers too close. She’s already a biter and she doesn’t even have teeth. She’s like a damn pitbull. Once she gets you, it’s like lock jaw.” Bradley says softly. 

Pete laughed a little. 

Jake relished in the sound. Finding it beautiful even if it’s muted. 

Setting the toast in front of his partner. 

He goes to step away to start doing the dishes. But Pete is grabbing his shirt. Pulling him down. Jake willingly goes. 

“Thank you” Pete murmurs before kissing him. 

Jake’s alpha purrs at the attention. 

“It’s you we should be thanking Pete. You gave us this beautiful girl” Jake says, wiggling Tommie’s foot. 

Pete smiling a little. 

After breakfast, the kids run off to play with their toys. Home for the weekend and invested in building with their lego. 

Pete eating without a fight today and he pulls over the stack of pamphlets and paper sitting on the table. 

Stuff Jake had read over multiple times as he got used to the fact his daughter couldn’t hear the same way they could. It had been a hard stint but just watching her thrive under their attention.  Watching her strengthen and grow had diminished all his fears. Reminding himself that she was a Mitchell and if they could fight their way into cockpits and make consecutive miracles. Then she wouldn’t have a single problem. 

“Have you made an appointment with that specialist yet?” He asks. Flicking through the pages. Skimming here and there as Tommie eats. Pete has to adjust her occasionally. 

“No. We wanted to wait for you. Figured it was important we were all there for it.” Bradley says. 

“ gonna sound horrible...but can you catch me up on everything I’ve missed?” Pete asks. 

So they do. They fill him in on Sammy winning his spelling contest at school. Nicky had made a new friend. Tommie just starting to pick up her head in tummy time. 

Watching closely. Keeping a close eye on their bond as they talk. But Pete never wavers. He gets teary eyed but he doesn’t shut down. Even though Jake can feel him struggle not to. Fighting his own mind. 

Pete lets Bradley book him a therapy appointment for later in the week. Jake promises to go with him if that’s what he wants. Even if he waits outside. 

Jake and Bradley feel responsible for letting Pete slip through the cracks. Failing him. Even a little and they could never make up for that but they were sure as hell gonna try. It was their duty. 

Jake wouldn’t fail him again. 

He can’t.

Snapping his head up when he hears something he hasn’t heard before. It was gurgly. Rough. More of a hiccup. Not quite right but it was a giggle. It could be nothing less. 

It was the sweetest sound he had ever heard. Pete stared down at her confused but smiling. 

“What? Does that feel funny?” Pete whispers. Holding her hand to his throat. She must be feeling the vibrations of his words. It causes her to giggle-hiccup again. 

Pete humming. 

“We’ve tried everything to get her to smile. We thought she was just a late bloomer” Bradley admits. 

They knew there was a chance she’d struggle to learn but to hear it. To know that she adored her Papa. Just as much as they did was wonderful. 

Tommie starts hiccuping completely from laughing so much. 

“Sorry Love,” Pete says. Rubbing a hand up and down her back. 

Jake sat in with him for his first therapy session. Bradley waiting outside. Not wanting to make Pete feel too crowded. 

Pete still struggles but he fights to get himself out of bed every day. Even if it’s just for a few hours. Jake and Bradley let him know how proud of him they are. He stops trying to avoid Tommie. Instead, he almost grows possessive of her. Even growling at them a few times when they try to take her away to change her or bathe her. 

Jake knew he was just trying to make up for the time he thought he had lost. The pack ecstatic to hear his up and about. Payback stopping by one afternoon to check on him in person. Hugging him tight for about fifteen minutes straight.  

Pete panics when his put on antidepressants but the therapist reassures him it's just a trial run and that it won’t affect his milk supply. That if he starts to feel worse after the settle time. They’ll consider taking him off them or finding a different version. 

Pete diligently takes them and by the time they're stepping into Dr Birdies' office. Two weeks later. He's got colour back in his cheeks and his appetite is back and his doing better. There are still rough days but his more like the Pete they know and love every day. Just a little more. 

The kids at school. So it was just them and Tommie. 

Dr Birdie is a sweet man. Though when you work with kids that made sense. 

Jake and Bradley explained most of it. Bradley grabs Pete’s hand when Dr Birdie asks if he can check Tommie over. 

“Hello, Cutiepie. Let's get your hearing checked and see what we need to do” 

He agrees with them that for the moment hearing aids will be most effective. Pete to terrified of her having surgery to get a cochlear just yet but Dr Birdie tells them that they have time to decide. 

And then Jake gets to hold his daughter when she really hears his voice for the first time and he doesn’t care that his crying. His just amazed by her beautiful reaction. The way she stares him down before she smiles like she just discovered the world for the first time. 

He knows it’s not a cure but it’s a help. 

Pete completely breaks down and Bradley shushes him softly. 

“See. See it’s gonna be all ok. She’s gonna be just fine” Bradley soothes. Holding him tight. 

Tommie's eyes follow the noise. Pete cries harder out of joy as she reaches for him. 

“She seems to be more focused on her right ear. I think her left hearing aid might need to be a little stronger but apart from that, she’s doing great. Still find other ways to communicate with her when her hearing aids aren’t in. Sign language is your best option. Make sure she doesn’t get them wet or tries to eat them. We’ll have to do constant adjustments as she grows. Change the batteries bi-weekly and just...take joy in this achievement. If you have any questions. Call and we’ll do our best to answer.” Dr Birdie explains. Fiddling with some things on his computer. 

Jake and Bradley bulk at the price. Thankfully most of it goes on their insurance but Jake also knows they’d do anything for their babies. 

It’s definitely a learning curve but they all do their best to figure it out. The first two days Tommie tries to rip them out but eventually, she adjusts and they follow all Dr Birdies' orders. 

No hearing aids when she’s sleeping or eating or bathing and they try their best to start learning sign language. Even getting the kids involved when they get home from school. The kids adore it. Jake gained a new respect for the deaf community. He hadn’t studied this hard since he took his Aviator exams. 

“I think you're doing it backwards?” Bradley murmurs as they sit there four days after seeing Birdie. Struggling to follow the video they had found. 

“You’re both doing it wrong,” Pete says from where he was playing with Tommie on their lounge room floor. Lying on his stomach and playing peek-a-boo. 

“And how would you know?” Jake huffs. 

“Because I was actually good at learning hands-on. I might not do well with textbooks but give me something to do with my hands. I’m good” Pete shrugs. 

Jake would refute that but he knows Pete is telling the truth. 

“How about this? Whoever can string a sentence together first. Five words or longer and something for Tommie to learn. I’ll let the winner knot me?” Pete suggests. Voice takes a tonality of teasing to it. 

Pete laughs when both of them start trying harder. 

“Your daddies are so easy to manipulate” Pete snickers. 

Bradley threw a pretzel at him from the bowl they’d been picking at all afternoon. 

Pete just smirks as he eats it before turning back to their daughter. Making faces at her. 

Jake recorded them both. Watching as Tommie tries to mimic Pete’s facial expressions. He loses but he doesn’t mind. Preferring to capture the moment instead. 

Sending it off to the pack. Getting a whole bunch of heart reactions.

Cyclone Glad to see his doing better. We’re here if you need it. 

Jake shoots back a small thank you. 

Bradley stares in betrayal when Pete refuses to give himself up. 

“But I did it?” He pouts as Jake picks up Tommie. Pete slowly pushed himself to his feet. Rubbing at his ribs and back. 

“And I never said when you could knot me. Just that you’d be the first” Pete shrugs. A sparkle of mischief in his eye. 

Laughing when Bradley tackles him onto the couch. Hoisting up Pete’s shirt to tickle him. Pete flailed, trying to stop him. Trying to beg Bradley to stop but Bradley has him pinned. Both of them smiling. 

“Aren’t your Papa and Dada silly?” Jake coos to his daughter. She just curls up against his chest. Tired and he rubs a hand across her back. Lulling her to sleep as he rocks his body softly side to side. 

Hearing the front door opening and the twins running into the house. Petra right behind them. Immediately coming to a stop to check on their little sister. 

Jake goes to shush them only to remember he doesn’t have to. 

“She doesn’t have her ears in?” Nicky asks. 

“Tommie needed a break” Is all Jake says. It had been the easiest way to explain to the twins why she had to wear her hearing aids. 

His kids nodded. Touching her softly before they run off to raid the fridge. 

They were five in a month and they already ate like monsters. What the hell were they in for when they were teenagers? 

Phoenix finally appears. Talking to someone on the phone. Waving. They had started taking turns on dropping the kids off at each other's places. 

Pete tries to get his breathing under control as Bradley helps him sit up. 

“I’m dating a child” Pete whines. 

“You love me” Is all Bradley replies with. 

“Sometimes...a little too much” 

“Hey, Mav. Your up. That’s good to see” Phoenix says once she’s hung up. 

“I’m getting better every day. Still...having bad days every once in a while but it’s easier to smile. Thank you for helping me” He replies. 

“That’s great. I’m sorry if I went overboard. I know you were trying your best.” She says leaning over the back of the couch. 

“It’s what I needed. You broke through the haze in my head” Pete shrugs her off. 

“How goes operation ears?” Phoenix asks once Bradley’s made her a coffee. The 4-year-olds sitting at the table doing their worksheets. 

“She got spooked cause of a lawnmower next door this morning and screamed every time we put her hearing aids back in. So we figured we’d try again tomorrow” Bradley explains as Jake sets her down in the bassinet now that she was out like a light. 

“Hey, Sammy? Nicky? Why don’t you guys go find Monster? I think he missed you guys today. You too Petra” Pete says once the kids have eaten and done their worksheets. 

The kids are taking off without another word. 

“So Petra wants a butterfly party” Phoenix starts. 

“Nicky wants a dinosaur one and I think Sammy wanted something to do with Thomas The Tank Engine,” Jake says. 

He’d been hearing about it for the past few weeks. Nicky had become obsessed with dinosaurs. Finding the fact they were so big fascinating. She had latched onto every fact about them that she possibly could. 

They know as the kids get older. Petra might want a separate party for the twins but for now, the kids seemed to greatly enjoy spending their birthday parties together and it was easier for all their sanity. 

“Well, that’s not gonna be a trip at all. Butterfly dinosaurs that ride trains” Bradley says. Scratching at his chin. 

Jake let out a laugh at the absurdity. Smiling a little wider when Pete grabs his hand. Leaning into his side. Letting himself feel the gratification of Pete’s touch. Pulling the man so he was sitting on Jake’s lap instead. Only half listening as Phoenix and Bradley discuss party plans. 

Eyes catching the ring still around Pete’s neck. Pulling at the chain gently. Waiting for Pete to deny him but he pulls it off. Undoing it and sliding the ring off. Putting Pete’s tags back in place before he grabs his hand. 

Sliding the ring into place. Kissing at it softly. Watching as Pete smiles. 

“Love you” He murmurs against Pete’s jaw. 

“Love you too” Pete replies before turning his attention to the topic at hand. 

Jake knew that Pete was never going to stop having bad days. That he was never going to suddenly get better. But he was here, fighting so hard every day for their children and Jake couldn’t love him more if he tried. 

Chapter Text

Pete groans a little when he hears his bedroom door open. 

Knowing he should get up. He’d been doing great lately. But he was just so tired today. He just didn’t have the energy to fight today. And he knew that was ok but at the same time, he was disappointed in himself. 

Feeling two small bodies crawl onto the bed. The blanket he was hiding under. Being pulled up a little. Two faces stared down at him. 

“Bad day?” Nicky asks. 

Pete just nods. 

“Can we lay with you?” Sammy asks next. 

He wants to say no but he nods regardless. Fumbling around for the tv remote. Handing it to his children, and hearing the sound of TMNT playing in the background. The crafty beans had figured out how to work Netflix. 

He even smiles a little when Sammy starts patting him on the head. Just as Pete always does. 

Pete sleeps for a little while longer. Letting his kids soothe him. Knowing if Tommie needs feeding. Jake and Bradley have a bottle in the fridge for her. Pete had started pumping this week. Just in case he had days like this. 

Waking up to the twins KO’ed on the bed next to him. Cheese starfished as always. 

Pete sending a text to their little triad group chat. 

Hungry. Bring food and Tommie. 

Hearing laughter when his mates must read it. 

Smelling food and soon enough his being brought scrambled eggs and toast. Sammy woke up slowly. Nicky is still out cold. 

“Baby I don’t think you can eat Tommie. It’s not ethical” Bradley teases as Pete sits himself up. Lighting up seeing his mate and his newest Pup. 

“But she’s so beautiful and cute” Pete murmurs in return. 

“Hmm, I guess so. But if we eat her, we have to eat the other two. Or they’ll feel left out” Bradley says. 

“I guess so. Look at these drumsticks” Pete coos, shaking Sammy’s leg. 

Causing him to laugh. 

“Why don’t you hold your sister for me? So I can eat?” Pete asks. 

Sammy perked up. Turning serious. Holding out his hands. Bradley helps him out. Getting him sorted. 

“Here. Hand here” Bradley says making sure Sammy is supporting her neck. 

“She’s heavy” Sammy murmurs. 

“Yeah, Dewbear she is,” Bradley says. 

Pete watches the scene with a small smile on her face. 

“And Papa had to carry her?” Sammy asks. 

“Yep. For 8 whole months. Just like he carried you and your sister” Bradley replies. 

“You two were heavier combined but she’s bigger” Pete explains. 

“And I was your left right?” 

“Yep. You sat over here” Pete says pointing to his stomach. 

They’d gone over this before but the one thing Pete had learnt was kids asked the same question a lot. He swore Bradley never did but then...maybe he was just growing senile in his old age. 

Pete eating quickly. Laughing when Sammy finally can’t hold Tommie anymore.

“Sorry, Papa. She’s too heavy” He whines softly. 

“It’s ok Love. You did amazing. Didn’t he Daddy?” Pete asks, grabbing Tommie easily. 

Automatically smiling when she starts smiling and wiggling. Like a small excited chihuahua. 

“Yeah. You did great. So what are we watching?” Bradley asks. Picking Sammy up and putting his son on his lap as he leans against the headboard. 

“Thomas the Tank Engine!” Sammy cheers. 

Bradley looks absolutely depressed at the thought but he watches along regardless. Even if he looks bored out of his mind. 

“You can go if you want” Pete whispers. 

“I’m good. It’s either this or read over flight reports.” Bradley says. 

Jake eventually made his way upstairs. Nicky was up by that stage. She and Sammy bickered over what train was best. Sammy obviously going for Thomas. Nicky for Rosie. 

“Just rip my eyeballs out” He whines. Falling face first on the end of the bed.  

“You’ll get through it. Soon enough both of you will be big scary commanders. Then you can start making some of your own rules...sorta” Pete says. Tommie watched him intently. Her hearing aids were in so she was focused on every word they said. 

“You were a captain and they still told you off for doing anything more than breathing” Jake points out. 

“Yeah but I also had a reputation for doing stupid shit” 

“Swear jar” His kids call. 

“Go put a dollar in the jar for me,” He says. 

Nicky and Sammy run off. 

Bradley looks after them like his considering going after them before he decides against it. 

Either all of Pete’s money ends up in the jar or they listen to him for once. 

“Kids birthday party is tomorrow,” Bradley says a quiet while later. 

Pete wonders if they’ve truly all snapped when none of them changes the channel. Thomas the Tank engine just continues to play. 

“I’m dreading it. 15 small terrors running around.” Pete mutters. Jake let out a slightly manic laugh. 

Bradley gets up when half an hour passes and the house is quiet. 

“I’m gonna go make sure they haven’t brained each other,” He says slipping from the room. 

Pete finally understood Carole and Goose’s fear of silence now.

The next day is all hands on deck. The entire pack was over to help. Hang decorations and streamers. Amelia somehow constructed a giant cutout of a t-rex with butterfly wings driving a train. 

Yay for Amelia thankfully deciding to take that art course along with her law stuff. 

Bradley and Reuben hanging it on the wall. Both men use their height advantage to do so. 

Penny and Cyclone took the kids out of lunch so they could decorate the place in peace and leave it a little bit of a surprise. 

Everybody has a different goal. Trying to get everything done before the party starts. Pete only stopped on food prep long enough to feed Tommie.

Tommie trying to crane her head. Trying to figure out just why there were so many people around. 

The pack occasionally stopped to tickle her belly and talk to her.

Pete thrives in the fact his pack is around. Feeding off their own good moods. The only argument that happens is between Mickey and Reuben. And even then it’s not really that big of a deal. 

It’s just what order the paper plates should go in around the plastic folding tables they had set up in the backyard. Pete was more amused than annoyed at his packmates. 

“Pete you eat any more blueberries. There won’t be enough” Natasha chides him. 

“Oh no,” He says, already reaching for more. 

Letting out a laughing yelp when he gets whacked on the hand.

The kids are in absolute heaven when they get home. Screaming in joy and cheering over everything. Jake puts Tommie up in her crib. So she’s away from all the noise and commotion. Pete to worried about a 5-year-old knocking her out. Pete checked on her through the Bluetooth monitor that was connected to his phone. 

Grateful for technology in that sense he guesses. 

Once one child appears. The rest follow soon after and it’s something short of hell. 

Thankfully the parents stay and help keep their own child in line. But fifteen children hoped up on sugar. It’s worse than hell. Pete would rather go through pilot training again. 

The only thing that makes it worth it is the smile on his kid's faces as they play with their friends and run around. Pete talks to a few of the mothers and fathers that linger. 

Hearing the doorbell ring. Pete gets up to answer it. Only to breathe deeply through his nose. They had managed to avoid each other after their latest confrontation. The most annoying thing was Sammy and Nicky had to grow attached to David, her son. 

“Mysty right? Come in” Pete chirps. If only for her kid's sake. 

Her son holding up two presents. 

“Why don’t you go put those on the present table buddy? The birthday gremlins are out the back play” Pete says to him. 

David nodding. Walking down the hallway. 

“Thank you for letting him come. Nicky and Sammy were so excited to invite him. Most of the other parents are in the kitchen” Pete says before his scurrying away from the devil woman. 

Moving to check on his daughter when his phone starts crying. Replacing the pacifier she had spat out. Soothing her softly. Rubbing over her tummy gently. 

When that doesn’t work. He resorts to carrying her. Humming softly. Pressing her hand to his throat. That finally gets her to soothe. 

“Uhhhhh. Mav. You might want to help out Jake. That blond chick. Mystic or whatever is all over him and he looks ready to snap” Javy says appearing in the nursery doorway. 

Pete holds out Tommie. Javy took her gently. Pete showed him what to do. How to get her to feel his voice. Javy sitting in the armchair. Talking to her softly. Rocking gently back and forth. 

For a man that didn’t have a mate or a child. He was amazing. 

Pete headed downstairs to his blood boiling. Jake slowly edged away from Mysty. Giving her a fake laugh as she talks about the office she works in. 

“Are you a pilot like the rest of your friends?” She practically purrs at him. 

“Yes. All of us are pilots...Except for Penny. She runs the Hard Deck” Jake says politely. All while trying to grab food on a plate. 

“Oh, you might have to take me some time” She replies. Gripping at his bicep. 

“I already told you. I have mates” Jake says. Grabbing her hand and all but throwing it off.

“So. Does that ever really matter?” She asks. 

That causes thunder to crash over Jake’s face but before he can chew her up and spit her out. Pete is talking. 

“The last person that touched one of my mates like that. Is now paralysed from the waist down and lives with his mommy. So kindly back the fuck off” Pete snaps. 

Catching a few people's attention. Mysty turned to look at him. 

Staring him up and down. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me right? When they said your kids had three dads. I figured they’d all be as old and bitter as you. Such a pity you’ve ruined such a good man like this” Mysty has the balls to say. 

Bradley poked his head in the door when he feels both Pete's and Jake’s anger. Pete takes a deep breath though. Not wanting this to escalate further. 

“Look. My kids adore yours. I don’t want them to suffer because we’re fighting. So I’ll let you have your dig. Dig all you like. Bitch at me. Call me names. Call Sarah as many times as you want. I don’t mind what you do to me. Just don’t let your narcissistic bullshit affect our kid's relationship” Pete says. 

Willing to walk away. To ignore it. To forget it even happened. For his kids. The last thing he would ever want to do is embarrass them in front of their friends. 

He doesn’t need to make a scene like a bratty 20-year-old with body issues. 

Unfortunately, his not paid the same respect in kind. 

“So what is it? Do they just have tiny dicks and need a bossy little omega like you tell them what to do? Or were they too gullible to realise the hole-in-the-condom trick?” 

Alright, you can insult Pete. You can call him old and bitter and annoying and whatever the fuck you want but you insult his mates. Manners go out the fucking window. 

“I think it’s best if you leave. Now. David will be ready to be picked up at 5. But get out of my house” Pete orders. Feeling Bradley squeeze his shoulder gently. 

Voice low. A clear threat in his voice. That if she didn’t get out of his sight. He might have to break his oath against hitting women. 

“Mysty I think you should go. Why don’t I drop David home for you” One of the other mothers says softly. 

“No, it was a serious question. How did someone like you score someone like them?” She asks. 

“For your information. We courted him. Not the other way around and my omega asked you to leave. So get out before you’re forcibly removed and we have to disturb the children” Jake speaks up. A growl in his words. An order. 

“Whatever. I have more important places to be. Thanks for dropping David home Felicia” Mysty says before walking out of the house. 

Pete jumps a little when his front door slams closed. Nervously looking at the rest of the parents. He knew at the end of the day. He was the oldest out of all of them. One of the fathers was 45. But Pete still had 16 years on him. 

“I’m so sorry about that. I should act better than that” Pete says softly. 

“Baby it wasn’t your fault,” Bradley says quietly. Jake nodded along. 

Anger still simmering down their bond line. 

“Don’t let Mysty get to you. She’s always been like this. She thinks just cause her baby daddy was a one-pump chump. That all fathers must be. She’s young and insecure and seeing you so well versed and happy. Unsettled her fragile little ego. You did the right thing” Felicia promises him. 

“She tried to convince me that cheating was ok about two months ago. I laughed in her face and walked off” One of the fathers says.  

“From the way your kids talk about you to our kid. I think you're doing better than most of us. Give yourself a little credit. Not only did you bag two hot pieces of ass. You have two beautiful, kind kids who love you more than anything and I’m sure your new Pup is gonna love you just the same” One of the other mothers says. 

The rest of the parents agree. Pete feeling better. 

Only to hear a bang and a scream. Watching as one of the kids ricochets off their back door. 

“Carla. It’s ok Honey” Felicia says standing and moving for her kid. 

Pete was somewhat thankful for the distraction. 

By the time the party is over. His mentally and physically drained. Kicking most of the pack out. Telling them to come back tomorrow if they truly wanted to help clean up. But right now. Pete wants to bury himself in a nice quiet hole and live there for a little while. 

Laying on the couch with Tommie and Jake as Bradley helps the twins open up their toy packages. Pete already trying to figure out just how the hell their gonna fit all their new toys in the house. 

Jake rubbed a hand up and down his arm. He had showered at Pete’s request. Using to Pete being crazy by now. 

Tommy is asleep on Pete’s chest as they watch their pups play with their daddy. 

“Daddy look a train!” Sammy says excitedly. 

Bradley seems to be as equally excited for his son. It was cute. Nicky looked with glee through all the new dinosaur fact books that she had gotten. A giant stuffed Therizinosaurus coming from her Uncle Fanboy.

“If they get any more spoilt they're gonna expect bi-planes for their sixteenth birthdays” Jake murmurs. 

“Better start saving then. Cause your gonna need to buy three” Pete replies. 

“I’ll take one too if your buying” Bradley pipes up. 

It’s only an hour later his kids are all conked out. Including his biggest children. Both mates snored softly. 

Pete rolled his eyes. Jake automatically adjusts himself when Pete lays Tommie in the crook of his arm. Pete grabbed one child, sitting her on the hip. Before grabbing Sammy. 

God, he needs to start working out again. Having to rest for a second when he reaches the top of the stairs. Adjusting his grip on Sammy. 

Finally, he makes it to the kid's rooms. Monster meowing at him for disturbing his quiet piece. 

“Yeah hello to you too. You oversized rat” Pete replies as he sets about tucking his kids in. Knowing they should probably have showers but that would be tomorrow’s problem. 

“Papa?” Nicky asks. 

“Hey, Love. Just putting you to bed. Did you have a good birthday?” Pete asks softly as he tucks her in.

“It was the best. Thank you” She says softly. 

Pete kisses her on the forehead as he stands. Going to leave the room. 

“Papa,” She says again. 

“Yes, princess?” 

“Thanks for being my Papa. I love you”  

“Love you too baby girl. Sleep well” He replies. 


Pete tries not to laugh. 

“Yes, Love?” He asks instead. 

“You're not old or bitter. Your Papa. Your the best at everything” She says finally falling asleep. 

Pete waits just in case but she only just breathes softly in her sleep. 

Monster jumping up beside her. Curling up and looking at Pete. Eyes glinting in the dark of their bedroom. 

“Thanks, Love” Pete whispers before he leaves the room. 

Pete grabbed Tommie gently and set her in her bassinet. Waiting to make sure she’s asleep until finally, he collapses back on Jake’s chest. Snuggling in for his own nap. 

Already dreading their sixth birthday next year. 

Chapter Text

Pete didn’t want to let his mates go back to work. But they had to eventually. They’d used up another three months on dragging Pete from his brain. The next time they take time off. It better be for a damn holiday. 

To the Bahamas or Disneyland or somewhere. 

Hell, he’d take a night out with dancing and drinking. He can’t remember the last time he had been to the Hard Deck for an actual drink. Can’t remember the last time he’d been out of the house in general, to be honest. That wasn’t to the therapist, grocery shopping or taking the kids to and from school. 

“Are you sure you’re gonna be fine?” Bradley asks as Pete straightens his medals for him. 

“If I’m not I’ll call. So your gonna drop the kids on the way past?” Pete asks in return. 

“Yeah of course. If Tommie starts giving you grief or if you start panicking. We’ll come straight home” Bradley promises before swallowing the last of his coffee. 

After a little more commotion. Jake trying to find where Sammy had put his worksheet and Nicky decides she doesn’t want to wear her star skit. She wants to wear her pink one instead. Pete is waving at them before he closes the front door and laughs a little. 

Only 18 more years of this. 

Hearing Tommie starting to fuss after he finishes his morning coffee and looks through the morning news. Heading up the stairs and grinning down at her. Watching her wiggle more. 

Picking her up and she automatically reaches out to touch his neck as he coos at her. 

First, he changes her and feeds her and then he slips her hearing aids into place and turns them on. Watching her light up. 

“Morning my Love. How are we feeling today?” Pete coos to her. Grinning when she gurgles at him. Giving one of her laugh hiccups. 

Pete takes her out to the garden for a while. So they can enjoy the sun together. Curling up on his chest as they sunbathe. Pete makes sure she doesn’t get too hot. Reading to her softly about the daily going ons in the world. Knowing the more she hears his voice. The more chance they have of her talking sooner. 

She was already trying to roll herself over. She was following all her other milestones perfectly. She was still too quiet though. Barely a goo or a gah or anything verbal. But they knew that might not happen for a while. 

That doesn’t mean Pete wasn’t gonna try his hardest to give her all the help he possibly can. 

They set themselves up a little routine. Get the big kids ready, get them out the door and then when Tommie wakes up. Feed, change and spend time in the backyard reading to her. 

Their first week going smoothly. Pete keeping on top of his antidepressants. Refusing to go down again. He starts exercising again. Feels horrible when running after a baby...that can’t move more than the side roll and wiggles as a majority of he