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Pete bounced on his feet as he waited at the airport. Trying to see over the other people’s heads. 

“Tommie. Come here sweet, be Papa’s eyes” He says holding out his hand. 

He sits the six-year-old, near 7 year old on his shoulders and she grabs his hair to stay steady. Not that he’d ever let her drop. 

Nicky and Sammy both rolled their eyes. 

“You get like this every time the dads come home” Sammy...Sorry, Samuel...moody teens started at 10 now apparently. Samuel says. 

“What am I not allowed to miss my mates?” Pete retorts. Rubbing a hand through his soft brown hair. He was Bradley’s mini-me in all but the moustache at this point. 

Down to the lanky frame and too tall statue that had him tripping over the air at this point. The awkward jutting angles that he still had yet to grow into and Pete’s sassy attitude that had caused him to go to the principal office more than once. Thankfully somehow. He had picked up on Bradley’s brains at least. He was probably smarter than three Pete’s combined. 

“It’s cheesy. You all act like every moment together is gonna be your last.” Nicole finishes off for her twin. 

She had flourished recently as well. She was still his shy little sweetheart who would curl into his side when they had to talk to new people but she was as beautiful as her father. Her hair was still blond and silky just like Jake’s. She was tall like her brother but he had started to gain a few on her in the past few months though. Though like her brother. His sass was exponential and a problem, cause it was Pete’s sass miniaturised. 

The pack found it absolutely hilarious. Especially when Nicky and Samuel would argue as pack events. 

“Well yeah, that’s cause it might be? Anyway isn’t it better that we actually love each other?” Pete replies. 

“No the problem is you love each other too much. It’s gross. I don’t need to see my fifty-year-old dad’s making out. You act like your 20 and it’s your first date together” Samuel points out. 

“Your dads aren’t fifty. They're in their 40s” 

“And you're in your 60s” Tommie has to point out. Her soft voice was wonderful to hear. Even if she still only talked every once in a while and it was mostly to call out to one of them in the house. 

“Yeah, kid. Don’t remind me” Pete grumbles. While he was grateful to watch his kids grow up. He wasn’t pleased that meant he was getting older as well. 

He was currently in a war with the greys trying to litter his head. Bob happily helps him dye it back to black every few months. He just wasn’t ready to go grey yet. 

“Put it this way. You’ll understand when you find your mate” Pete mumbles. 

“No. Auntie Phoenix and Uncle Bob don’t act anywhere near as sappy as you. Neither do Penny and Cyclone. Or Uncle Fanboy, Uncle Payback and Auntie Amelia. You three are just weird” Nicky explains to him. 

Pete tries to come up with a rebuttal but before he can. Tommie is patting him on the head. 

“DADDIES!” His twins cry and suddenly their 4 again and their daddies are walking in the door every afternoon. Slamming into the two men in uniform. Pete sets Tommie on the ground so she can run up to them as well. Bradley and Jake squeeze their pups tightly. Cooing at them. 

“Look how big you’ve gotten Cheese. Soon enough your gonna be taller than Papa” Jake says ruffling his son's hair as Samuel clings to him. 

“5 ft 2. I’m the tallest boy in my year” Samuel explains. 

“Really wow? And have you taken care of your Papa for me?” Bradley asks. 

“Always,” Samuel and Nicky say at the same time. Bradley not caring that Nicky was 10. Holding her like he did when she was 5. They had never swayed from their ‘favourite’ daddies. 

Tommie’s hands fly around as she tells Jake all about her first few weeks of school. Jake nodded along. Replying in just sign, giving her soft cuddles. 

Pete just waits patiently. Letting his kids say they're his first. Admiring his mates from afar. They hadn’t changed much really. Pete and Jake still fighting the war on Glassesgate. Bradley became blind as shit in his forties but he was adamant he could still see just fine. He could fly just fine it was reading stuff up close that made him all squinty and cute. Normally ending up holding whatever he was reading at arm's length. 

And Jake was just pure Jake. Still, that blond cocky idiot that he had fallen for 11 years ago. A little speckle of crow's feet started to appear around his eyes. The barely there speck of grey started to occasionally thread through his hair. Jake had nearly cried when he found the first one. Only to bitch at Pete for plucking it out and how  That hurt you mongrel. 

Pete smiled like it was the first time they told him they loved him all over again when they look up at him. Trying to keep some semblance of coolness about the situation. Jake placed Tommie in Samuel’s arms. Bradley tells the twins to stay as they step towards Pete, leaving their bag at Nicky’s feet. 

“Howdy stranger. Have you seen our mate around here? He’s about yay high, black hair, soft green eyes, sass big enough to make a mountain cry” Jake drawls, sending shivers down Pete’s spine as he all but pats Pete on the head. 

Pete watches the twin's mock gag in the background. Tommie giggled at her siblings. 

“Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe I can help you both look for him. You sure he's not taller though” Pete teases in return. 

“Nope. Shorter if anything. You see we missed him real bad? Poor Jakey here had to listen to me whine the whole flight home about how I missed kissing him and touching him and loving him” Bradley murmurs, leaning down to kiss at Pete’s neck. 

Pete blushed a little. 

“I’m...sure...his closer than you think” Pete mutters. 

“He could be a lot closer” Bradley replies, easily picking up Pete. Pete wrapped his legs around Bradley’s waist. Kissing him hard as he plays with Bradley’s hair. 

“Papa. Gross. Come on. We’re in public” His twin's whine. 

Jake tapped on Pete’s jaw. Pete turns to kiss him as well. A giggly omega mess. Kissing Jake’s jaw before he gets Bradley to put him down. Not wanting to completely gross out his kids.

Sure he would have fun with his mates later that night once everybody else was asleep. Pete was barely able to keep his hands off his mates. 

This was the longest they had been away. 

Getting home to the welcome home party that Phoenix and Penny had demanded they throw for the two commanders. Pete had been on board. Jake and Bradley both shook their heads but said hi to everybody. Mingling. Pete gets pulled onto Jake’s lap as they talk around their backyard table.  

The kids playing inside on some device or another. Pete had stopped trying to keep up a long time ago. Petra and Dylan yelling at each other about the game. Nicky trying to peace keep and Samuel just laughing. 

Tommie sitting out with her Uncle Fritz, Omaha and Yale. Signing to her about their latest mission. The rest of the group taking ASL lessons and Pete had appreciated every one of them for doing it. 

Jake nuzzled against his mark. Chest rumbling with a purr at having Pete close. 

“What did you miss me or something?” Pete questions, sipping at Jake’s beer. 

“Immensely. I don’t think we’ve properly slept since we left our body pillow behind” Jake teases. 

“Hmm, good” Pete says. Only to stare in shock when Jake steals his last cracker. 

“Bradley. Jake’s stealing my food again” Pete whines. 

Bradley laughed a little, standing. Grabbing Pete’s plate and kissing his hand before he walks inside to grab more snacks for him. 

“How do you three do it? You act like it’s your first day in love. You never left your honeymoon phase” Halo questions. She and Fiona were still madly in love but they had simmered to a quiet hum. 

“Gotta have one first” Pete mutters. He had grown more and more annoyed the further they had been denied their own marriage. No matter how much they had tried to get the laws changed. 

“What Pete means to say is, why not love each other like every day’s your last day on earth. It’s not something we think about. It’s just something we do. I still feel like I’m seeing Mav invert his plane over Roos all over again. Every single time I look at them both. It’s a thrill and it’s a calm all at once. It’s like I’m touching a live wire every time I touch our bond” Jake explains, rubbing a hand down the back of Pete’s neck. 

Pete preening under the attention. At the touch of their bond. They hadn’t closed their bonds off for three straight years now. Maverick had kept his side a little quieter over the last 6 months. Wanting to make sure Bradley and Jake could communicate clearly. Only reaching out after they do so first. 

“God your a bunch of sappy assholes” Cyclone says. As if he didn’t stare at Penny like she hung the moon for him personally. 

“Yep. We are” Pete chirps. 

Turning just in time to see Bradley walk smack bang into the pillar on their porch. Pete’s plates of crackers had ended up all over the floor as their mate hit his ass. Groaning and shaking his head, rubbing at his forehead. 

“That’s it. You're getting glasses. That’s the third time you’ve walked into something this week!” Jake huffs. 

“I don’t need glasses. Who put this pole here” Bradley gripes in return. Pete already moving to help him up. 

“It’s always been there, ever since we moved in when the twins were four Baby” Pete explains. Pulling Bradley down so he can press a kiss to his forehead. Soothing his biggest baby. 

“ definitely wasn’t. I don’t need glasses” Bradley mutters. 

“Baby. Just bite the bullet and get them. I think you’ll look real sexy. All smart and professional” Jake coos. 

“I don’t need them” Bradley continues to whine. 

“Fine. You don’t need them. I don’t need your knot” Pete says brashly. 

That causes Bradley to actively start whinging. 

“That’s a lie” He finally mumbles. 

“Exactly.” Pete retorts. 

The others laugh, Bradley, hiding his face in Jake’s neck. Mumbling about how unfair it was that he was the one going blind. 

So the next day Pete drags his mate to the optometrist. Jake staying home with the kids. Enjoying the feel of their bed too much to get up. 

“Ahh no come on I’m trying to sleep! I’ve been on mission for 6 months you heathens!” Jake cried as Pete had closed the front door. 

Pete totally not setting up his children to attack their father. At all. He would deny it to his grave.

“Why does getting glasses scare you so much?” Pete questions as they wait for the optometrist to call Bradley in.  

“I don’t know. I just...what if you think I’ll look like a dork?” Bradley asks. 

“You’ll look all hot and sexy. My sexy Commander...” Pete gets even closer so he can whisper in Bradley’s ear. Bradley leaned down for him. “...Always loved fucking a man in glasses. I’m sure Jake would enjoy the role-play. Your mischievous little students pissing off their big handsome professor. Just asking for a spanking” 

“You’re asking for something a lot more than that” Bradley replies. 

“Good. Better pick some pretty ones then” Pete murmurs. 

Every year Pete would worry that his mates found him less attractive than the year before but they never wavered in their lust for him. No matter if he gained another wrinkle or another grey hair. They seemed to somehow find him more provocative. Always reassuring him that they loved his body. They had spent hours reassuring him last night. Pete is certain they had kissed every inch of him they possibly could. 

“Uh, Commander Bradshaw this way please,” The optometrist says pulling Pete from his thoughts. Kissing Bradley’s knuckles before he lets him go. 

Bradley’s glasses would take a week to be ready, and Pete sends photos of the demo pairs to Jake. So they could get his opinion. All of them agreed on a dark squarish pair. The bottom of the rims a soft grey. They made Pete very happy. 

They make him even happier when they’re on his mate's face a week later. Sitting around the dinner table as he shows them off to the kids. Pete tries to convince Tommie that she should eat her spaghetti sauce. Not just the plain pasta. 

“See beautiful” Jake insists. Squeezing their mate's hand, a sparkle of lust behind his eyes. 

“Yeah yuck it up buttercup. You’ll be here shortly” Bradley replies. Adjusting them for the 80th time. 

“And I’m sure I’ll look just as sexy” Jake shrugs. 

Pete laughed a little, not that he didn't believe Jake. He's certain he'd look stunning. It was just the sure cockiness that the men held. It never wavered. He never wavered. 

“Daddy you look awesome. You're like Clare Kent and Superman. It’s your secret identity” Samuel chirps excitedly. 

"Thanks, Cheese. I’m glad you like them” Bradley says smiling. 

Nicky and Tommie nodded along. Happy to see him in his glasses as well. 

“You look, handsome Daddy. Like a model” Nicky murmurs.

“Thanks, Honeybear. Your Papa said the same” Bradley says, ruffling her hair. Nicky groaning trying to fix the locks.  

“Well duh. Who do you think taught her, her style” Pete preens. 

Jake is keener on continuing the superman question. Ever the five-year-old as Tommie asks if she can look through Bradley’s glasses. Bradley hands them to her. Holding them to her face and flinching. Pete makes sure they don’t end up in her plate of spaghetti when she accidentally drops them. 

“Wait so if Daddy is Superman. What superhero does that make Papa and me?” 

“Papa’s Iron Man obviously! He has cool cars and a plane! And he's awesome and smart and he loves building things” Samuel shrugs, not even having to think about it. 

Pete’s heart melted a little. 

“That’s a whole different franchise,” Jake says. 

“You never stated it had to be in the same franchise. Just that it had to be a superhero” Samuel points out. 

“Our child is too smart. I don’t like it” Jake grumbles. Pete trying not to laugh. 

Bradley just pressed a kiss to his cheek. 

“Someone in this house has to be” He remarks. 

Jake’s bottom lip jutted out in an adorable pout. 

“You’d be Green Arrow!” Samuel finally says. 

Jake blinks for a second as he thinks it over. 

“I’ll take it. Better than Aquaman” 

Pete just enjoys his family being back together, even if Jake and Samuel are bickering about how Pete is more like Batman. 

“No Batman doesn’t build things. He gets people to build it for him! Papa is Iron Man. He builds stuff!” Samuel rumbles. 

“But Papa’s brooding like Batman” Nicky points out. 

“Papa doesn’t brood...all the time” Samuel rebuts. 

“I don’t brood at all. Thank you” Pete speaks up. 

“Yes, you do,” Five people say at the same time. Even his own copycat turns against him. 

“Oh well. Guess I’m too broody to make you gremlins brownies” Pete says folding his arms. Trying to hide his smirk. 

Those same 5 people out crying at his suggestion. Pete grins, as his children hang off him begging. Jake and Bradley offer to take the kids tomorrow so Pete can have a Pete day. Just anything for his brownies. 

“I’ll hold you to that. Who wants to help me put the chocolate chips in?” Pete asks. 

The kids all held their hands up. Bradley holding his hand up as well. 

“Kids under the age of 12 only” Pete speaks up. Smirking. 

“Your no fun” Bradley pouts. Looking even cuter in his glasses. 

“Yeah don’t worry. Me and you can play with chocolate chips later” Pete says setting Tommie on her stool, as the twins crowd around to help. 

Jake and Bradley seem to enjoy watching him as he guides the kids through how to do it. Pete gives them a soft smile in return before he designates the children with their own tasks. Helping Tommie out so she doesn’t spill the flour all over the bench. Stopping her from trying to eat it. 

“But if it goes in the batter it must take nice right?” She asks. 

“Go ahead, you tell me,” Pete says giving in to her, knowing she’s just gonna do it anyways. Still refusing to learn impulse control. Pete was starting to understand what a pain in the ass he is now he was dealing with the mini version of it on a daily basis. 

But it was fun at least. Finally having a small gremlin child that craved adventure and doing stupid shit as much Pete did. Sure Samuel always loved causing havoc but he also got his dad’s over-protectiveness. 

Having threatened to call Pete’s mates if Pete and Tommie tried to bobsled down the stairs three weeks ago. 

Pete had just grabbed his son despite his protesting and pulled him into his lap on the cardboard bobsled they had spent the morning making. Pete still had the bruise on his shoulder from where he hit the wall but he hadn’t felt a thing. All he had heard was his son's laughter. 

Taking a very nervous Nicky and an excited Tommie next then the twins had spent a fair few hours trying to out-trick each other and Pete had spent the next day patching a hole in the wall. Teaching his kids a valuable lesson when Bradley and Jake had all but threatened to spank them for doing it that night over video chat...take the chiding that your superiors give you and do it all over again the next day. 

Pete finds himself smiling more these days than anything else but how could he not when he had the perfect family?