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Battling Hormones

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"You're not really thinking of going into our mission, right?"
Lena jumped from her seat when she heard Brainy's voice behind her. She didn't even listen to his steps as she was too engaged trying to make a spell of her own; the one that they could use for their ongoing battle against her megalomaniac brother and a psychotic fifth-dimensional imp called Nyxly.
"Brainy!" The CEO sighed, her hand placed above her racing heart, "You scared me!"
"Well," Brainy raised his brows and he's clearly waiting for an answer, making Lena furrow her brows in confusion, not seeming to be able to catch up. So, he decided to go on, "Especially considering that you are pregnant...?"
"What? No, I'm not pregnant, what are you talking about?" Lena had laughed at that, shaking her head in denial as she proceeded with writing on her journal of spells. 
"I have ninety-eight percent certainty that you are carrying a two-month-old child right now." Brainy whispered, "Kara's child."
Lena breathed deeply, her back still facing the man while she continued with her business when she replied, "Kara and I are married, sure. We're planning on having a baby, sure. But we both agreed that Kara would be the one who'll carry the child. Plus, not to mention the fact that we haven't even started trying something yet."
"Are you sure?" Brainy asked again, making Lena smile tightly when she decided to eventually deal with the guy behind her.
 "Yes, I'm sure." The CEO nodded, "That's like so impossible to happen, don't you think?"
"But you are pregnant right now." Brainy pushed. "Based on my calculations, you're on your second month of pregnancy and that's a fact."
Lena looked at him directly in the eye then, searching for any signs that he was just goofing around or playing with her since he seems like he won't be dropping the subject anytime soon but then, she found none. 
Still with squinted searching eyes, she slowly implored, "Are you being serious right now?"
"I'm pregnant." It sounded more of a question than a sentence when she pointed at herself. Standing from where she was sitting to approach the guy, "Me, pregnant? I-I'm like pregnant pregnant?" Another hum of approval from Brainy, "Are you certain?"
"Yes." He confirmed.
Lena gasped with wide eyes, "Oh no no no no no no no no. This is not the – I'm not supposed to be pregnant – Brainy, I can't be pregnant if – no no no – whoosh-"
"Deep breaths, Lena." Brainy cut her off promptly when he noticed that she came to be hyperventilating, leading the CEO to the chair where she was calmly sitting a while ago and helping her breathe normally while the woman followed along. "Deep breaths."
"But how?" Lena puffed out.
"I believe, with you having a strong witch bloodline, something must have activated the ability to get you, a human, pregnant just by sharing a strong DNA from another species like aliens." He answered truthfully before subtly smirking when he added, "Like Kara, a pure Kryptonian by blood, to be exact. Then, all you need to do is to combine both of your DNAs and the cells will work their way around."
"S-so, Kara got me pregnant through kissing?!" Lena shrieked, her chest still rising and falling rapidly.
"Supergirl has officially knocked you up." He chuckled for a minute before frowning when he said, " don't use protection for that? Kissing, I mean."
"What? No!" The CEO looked at him like he had grown another head.
"Oh, I thought Nia uses-"
"But this can't be happening! We're in the middle of a crisis that needs to end or many lives would be put in danger. I could not be pregnant!" Lena stressed out, cutting him off, "Okay, uh-" She looked around and began thinking before lighting up when she declared openly, "You know what? Moments ago, I didn't even know that I was pregnant, right? So, you know what we're doing? We're gonna – we're going to rewind this and-and then I'm gonna go back to not knowing that I'm pregnant. I don't know that I'm pregnant, right?" Lena chuckled nervously before surging forward to grab Brainy's collar when she dangerously added, "No one knows that I'm pregnant, understood?"
"Uh-huh." Brainy gulped.
She may be the kindest Luthor there is, but right now, her true Luthor colors unashamedly didn't hide, screaming their way out to threaten this man up until she could find the right time to bring this whole pregnancy thing again.
When everything around her is safe. 
"Alright, so..." Lena let him go, turning her attention back to her paper and then reaching for her pen with shaky hands, "Back to the mission to end all this chaos-"
"And protect the baby." He muttered, slowly walking his way out.
When Lena was alone again, she uttered to no one.
"Oh God, I'm pregnant!"

"Lex wouldn't stop," Alex spoke tiredly, all dressed up in her suit as they gathered around. "I thought he's too gay for Superman and his daddy issues but look, he's pining so badly for that accented imp. Stupid bisexual maniac."
"Together, they have power." Kara frowned, not noticing her wife started looking around and came to panicking, "That's why we need to-"
"Whoo – Ahh – Ahe-" Lena breathed, unaware that it was loudly let out, her back facing all her teammates as her eyes began gathering tears. Green irises getting clouded, her nose becoming puffy, and her chest heaving with a racing heart. 
"Babe, you okay?" Kara questioned in concern, her brows furrowing, and a crinkle forming on her forehead, causing Lena to turn her back to look at her.
Lena swallowed, forcing a smile despite her face going red, "Yeah! I'm okay, everything's great. I mean, why wouldn't it be okay, right?" She chuckled, unconsciously bitterly twirling around, "Look at us, we're all together and we're finally going to defeat our enemies – And, oh! My brother might have new tricks up on his sleeve but don't worry!" Lena exclaimed, "We have a plan and we're very much prepared to take them down. So, yes!" The CEO cried, "I'm feeling so great right now! Goodbye!"
And that's it.
She walked out sobbing. 
Leaving her family with confused faces and concerned expressions. 
Everyone except for Brainy, of course, who just raised his brows in amusement.
"One second," Kara told them, using her super speed to rush where her wife had stormed out. When she was finally at the door, she knocked gently before cautiously letting herself in. The Super was greeted with the sight of her wife covering herself on a white blanket, "Hey, baby. It's me."
"Hi," Lena sniffed, curling herself deeper and hugging her knees tightly against her chest.
"I know things are still messy but it's gonna be okay," Kara assured, trying her best to give her wife the comfort that she needs, "Why are you crying though? What's wrong, Lee?"
"I'm pregnant." The CEO replied lowly, knowing that she could be heard with the use of Kara's superhearing no matter how quiet her voice was. Alas, Kara widened her eyes, halting in her tracks and deliberately kneeling in front of her still-covered wife before she lifted the cloth up. 
"What did you just say?" The blonde asked nervously.
Lena inhaled deeply, pulling the covers back but this time, she pulled Kara along, "You knocked me up, Supergirl. I even went to the doctor yesterday and they confirmed that I am indeed pregnant."

"W-what? How?" Kara gasped tentatively.
"I don't know! You have to ask Brainy – Apparently, kissing is like home base baby making in our blood and-"

"Woah," Kara cut her off in awe, "I-It's mine?"
"Yeah." The brunette replied truthfully before she commenced stressing out furthermore, "I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you. I know I should have told you sooner but I want to help in taking down my brother and I didn't know that I'm gonna be-"
"Okay, okay, um," Kara shushed her instantly when she noticed that Lena had begun panicking again, "Hold on, up up we go," She lifted her, guiding her with pure care, "Look at me, Lee." The blonde waited until her wife had her eyes staring back with her blue ones before she went on, "Look, you're gonna have to take a rest and sit this one out, okay? Our baby needs you to be in one whole piece so that-"
"Darling, you know I can't just do nothing on this mission! Plus, we've talked about this; if you're gonna fight, you're gonna have to make sure that I'm at your side. Partners, remember?"
"I know, baby, I know." Kara kissed her forehead whilst wiping the falling tears on her rosy cheeks, "But we have to make sure you're safe too."
"Kara, I will be-"
"How about we go back to the tower, have someone be there with you as you cast your spells so that I won't be having an early death due to a heart attack if you ever get hurt." Kara proposed, pouting for great chances of winning while also pulling out her puppy dog eyes. "I just want you and our child to be safe."
"I should be the one who's pouting!" Lena scolded half-heartedly with a frown. Producing some giggle with her mouth before nodding in response when she finally decided, "Fine, I'll sit this one out, and you don't need someone coming with me, I'm just going to cast some protection spell around the-"
"Oh, Rao, thank-"
"But!" Lena cut her off sharply, pointing her index finger above Kara's crest, "If you got down, I'll come in. No questions or arguments, okay?"
"But didn't we just discuss-"
"That or no deal, Supergirl." The CEO glared, standing on her ground firmly.
"Okay, fine." The Super sighed in surrender. Pecking Lena's lips as she took a mental note to avoid getting herself in danger.
She needs to be in one whole piece when their baby arrived.
They need to.