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Meet the Romanoffs

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“Hey, watch your footing,” Natasha advised with Wanda gripping tightly onto her outstretched hand as they both stepped cautiously over the unstable remains of the quinjet.

Only a mere few hours ago, Wanda’s solo mission had been going smoothly. The aim was to infiltrate a high ranking officials gala and gather intel from behind the scenes. The witch had managed to obtain the information she’d been sent for and had been making her way to leave undetected when she’d been recognised. From that point, chaos had broken loose and the undercover part of the mission was abandoned. Natasha immediately volunteered to go in and assist Wanda and the two had made their getaway with enemies in tow.

That’s how they’d ended up with a shot down quinjet, stranded in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere.

“We should be clear, I didn’t see anyone following us but the quinjet is well and truly totalled,” Natasha commented, “are you hurt?”

“A little,” Wanda got out between trying to catch her breath, “I think I knocked my knee back at the gala. What about you?”

“I’m ok, that was a close call.”

“Do you have any idea where we are?”

“No, the navigation is down and comms are offline completely,” Natasha replied, frustratedly tapping the small device against her palm as if it might miraculously start picking up a signal.

“I’m sorry, I really should’ve been more careful. This is all my fault. If I’d kept a lower profile I would’ve been able to get in and out without all the commotion.”

Natasha moved to take hold of both the other woman’s hands. Rubbing smooth circles into her skin.

“No don’t do that to yourself, you had no idea you were going to get recognised. It could’ve happened to anyone.”

Wanda still disagreed but Natasha’s attempt to comfort her was soothing at the least.

“Come on, we should make a move to hopefully get somewhere with signal, we’re going to have to lay low for a while. Think you’ll be good to walk?”

Wanda let out a hiss of pain when she bared more weight onto her injured leg.

“You’re going to have to help me.”

“But of course my lady,” Natasha joked, offering up an arm which Wanda moved round her waist whilst throwing her own arm around Natasha’s shoulder.

So the two set off, stopping periodically for Wanda to rest and for Natasha to hold the navigator and wave it aimlessly around in the air.

Despite the pain Wanda was feeling, she had to admit that Natasha was looking adorable wondering around with a clueless look of concentration on her face.

“You know if you stand on one leg and stick your tongue out, you should be able to get a better connection.”

“Ha ha, you’re so funny,” The older redhead quipped back in a sarcastic tone but she was smiling nonetheless, “Jokes on you, I think I’ve finally got a signal.”

“And where pray tell are we then?”

“No fucking way!”

“What?” Wanda asked surprisedly.

“Ok I know exactly where we are and I know somewhere safe we can stay only two miles off.”

“Two miles?!” Wanda whined.

“Yes, I’m sorry but it’s the closest place I can get you to.”

Natasha wasn’t convinced that Wanda would be able to walk for much further but honestly she’d carry her if she had to.




After pushing Wanda nearly past her limit, they’d both managed to walk (or in Wanda’s case, limp) the two miles and had made their way to a short tree line of spruce where a small house could be see through the branches.

“Please Tasha, tell me we’re here now. It really hurts,” Wanda pleaded, leaning her back against one of the trees.

“I’m sorry,” she replied placing a gentle kiss on Wanda’s forehead, “but see for yourself.”

The two turned their heads to peer through the trees and exactly as Natasha had said, there was in fact a small bungalow with various other outhouses scattered around it.

“What is this place? And are those pigs? Dorogoy, where did you bring us?”

The assassin contemplated how to answer the question and there was really no point in beating around the bush.

“Ok, how would you like to meet my family?”

“You’re not making any sense,” Wanda giggled, “Tasha what are you talking about?”

“Melina, Alexei and potentially Yelena.” Natasha replied.

Wanda couldn’t believe it, her girlfriend has only mentioned them in passing, “You’re kidding! They live here?

“They do,” she smiled back, “come on.”

Just as they were about to set off again, Natasha remembered something else.

“Also I’m sorry, I- uh um,” she stuttered.

Clearly the older redhead had been looking extremely flustered because Wanda felt the need to slow her down, “Tasha breathe, use your words.”

“I haven’t told them about us. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I never really got the chance. They also don’t know that I like women, it never seemed like an approachable topic and I haven’t seen them in ages. I just-“

“If you don’t want to tell them, that’s ok,” Wanda placed her hand on Natasha’s jaw and offered up a comforting smile, “maybe I’ll get to meet them as your girlfriend another time.”

Natasha’s eyes were filled with relief, “Thank you malyshka. You’re not bothered by it?”

“Not at all, I completely understand. As of now I’m merely your super hot best friend,” Wanda husked out in a deep Sokovian accent. She knew exactly what she was doing.

“God you’re not going to make this easy are you?”

They shared a laugh and a final quick kiss before rounding the tree line towards the small house.

“They probably already know we’re here.”




Gripping onto each other tightly, the two stumbled down the pathway and came face to face with Melina.

“Natasha,” the woman smiled.

“Hi mom.”

Wanda did her best to conceal a smile at the greeting.

“This is a nice surprise. It’s been too long since you were last here.”

The assassin could only cringe at the realisation of how long it had been but Melina seemed to brush it off. She understood that their work never left much free time.

“You know, I was this close to shooting you. I always tell you to let me know before you plan on showing up.”

“We had a mission go sideways and our jet got shot down about 5 miles out. Our comms are completely down, we haven’t even had a chance to contact our team.”

“Yes I can see that,” Melina responded whilst eyeing Wanda’s obvious limp and the odd scratches and scrapes on the both of them, “I let you off this one time. Come, let’s go inside. Alexei will be happy to see you.”

Natasha tightened her grip around her girlfriend’s waist as they set off again towards the house.

“Are you going to introduce me to your friend?” Melina addressed Natasha.

“This is Wanda, Wanda this is Melina.”




“Alexei! It’s Natasha!” Melina yelled into the house and then turned back to the two to speak at a normal volume, “He is so deaf sometimes, I think it’s from that helmet. It’s too tight. Alexei!”

Natasha proceeded to help Wanda sit on the couch and at the same time she turned her head to the doorway as a tall and bulky man came hurtling through.

“Natasha! It’s long time no see ay?” The man boomed whilst sweeping his daughter into a bone crushing hug.

“Argh, get off me. You smell,” she cried.

He proceeded to let go of her but seemed completely unfazed by her reluctance for a hug.

The greetings continued as another voice was heard from the opposite end of the room, “Urgh does this mean I have to give up the big room?”

Despite the frosty reaction, Natasha still moved to give her sister a hug, “It's good to see you too.”

“Who’s your friend?” All eyes seemed to turn to Wanda.

“This is Wanda, she’s on the team as well.”

“Oh yeah? What’s your weird talent then?” Yelena continued to question.

Natasha decided to leave Wanda at the mercy of her family's questioning and pulled Melina off to the side.

“Do you mind if I use the phone? I need to contact the team.”

“Yes of course, you know where it is.”

“Thank you and also can you work your magic with Wanda’s knee? She took a pretty bad hit earlier today.”

“You leave home for 4 months and you become so bossy,” Melina joked.

“I’m sorry, we’ve had a rough day.”




Later in the evening, Natasha had contacted the team to let them know both her and Wanda were ok and would be in touch tomorrow. She’d also gotten back as quickly as possible to save Wanda from the incessant questioning she was so used to with her family.

“Are you two staying the night?” Melina asked.

“Yeah, we’ll probably stay until tomorrow.”

“I will go sort a room for you Wanda.”

At the thought of staying in a separate room to her girlfriend, Wanda shot Natasha a look.

“Oh no it’s ok, Wanda can stay in my room” Natasha cleared her throat, “…with me.”

There was a short awkward silence as Melina seemed to analyse her daughter and the two girls shot looks to each other.

“I have that uh pull out bed, remember… saves you preparing a whole new bed?”

“Ok then.“

They both let out a breath when she accepted their answer.

“We’ll probably head off to bed soon as well, I'm really tired.”

As they were walking out the room together, Wanda made sure to keep her voice down, “thank you, I didn’t like the idea of having to spend the night away from you.”




Later when they'd said goodnight to the others, they'd both settled into bed.

“So you’ve finally met the family.”

“I have indeed, your sister is definitely a personality. I think her and Pietro would’ve got along.” Wanda said grinning, “It’s a really nice look on you.”

“What the suit?” Natasha questioned confusedly.

“No, the whole family thing stupid,” the witch replied, lightly punching Natasha’s shoulder, “But… come to think of it, that black widow suit has always looked so so good on you.”

Natasha smirked seeing the look on her girlfriend’s face, “Absolutely nothing compared to how you looked at that gala today.”

“Oh really? And how did I look at the gala?” Wanda played along.

“Fucking gorgeous.”


“Uh hu,” Natasha confirmed whilst leaning in even closer, bringing a hand up to Wanda’s jawline before closing the distance.

They exchanged a light kiss before Wanda felt Natasha’s tongue running over her bottom lip, asking for entrance which was granted readily.

The kiss deepened, Natasha moved to wrap her arms around Wanda’s waist and she pulled the younger redhead to straddle her lap.

“Ahh watch the knee,” Wanda yelped but laughed it off and continued as Natasha mumbled an apology which was lost in the kiss as they carried on.

When they both pulled away to catch their breath Natasha continued trailing a broken string of kisses down Wanda’s jaw to the base of her neck, receiving a series of low groans in response.



“As much as I love you, this is a rather compromising position and I don’t want to risk one of your family walking in on us.”

The assassin slowed her motions, “I hate to admit that you’re right.”

They sat resting their foreheads against each other for a short while before Wanda tapped Natasha’s thigh asking for assistance to move off her lap.

“What happened to me just being your hot best friend?” She asked after settling comfortably in the bed.

“You’re so hot I just couldn’t keep my hands off you.”




The next morning Natasha woke up to the sound of movement from beside her. She stretched out to Wanda’s side of the bed but only found empty space.

Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes and looked around the room where her eyes fell onto Wanda who was crouching on the floor.

“What are you doing Wanda?”

The younger redhead was grinning at her sleepy girlfriend, “Well good morning to you too.”

She only received a tired groan in reply.

“I’m just making sure the second bed I was supposed to be sleeping in, actually looks slept in.”

Ever able to impress her, Natasha smiled at Wanda's actions, “Oh what did I do to deserve you, I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” the witch replied, standing up and moving closer to hover over Natasha's sleepy figure and leave a quick kiss on her forehead.

The older redhead hummed in approval, “How’s your knee feeling?”

“Amazing, Melina is an absolute miracle worker.”

“Yeah that or you’re just dramatic,” Natasha said, reluctant to give her mother too much credit.

“How dare you,” the other woman giggled in mock offence, playfully hitting Natasha on the shoulder.

After checking the clock on the bedside table she continued to play along, "you're right, how rude of me. Now come back to bed it's too early."

But Wanda had no such intentions, “I’m hungry, can we go get breakfast? Or at least some coffee for you?”

“Ok deal.”




The two had managed to migrate to the kitchen, still both adorning some of Natasha’s old pyjamas that she kept at home for these exact occasions.

Wanda was peacefully preparing them both a cup of coffee when suddenly she felt an affectionate pair of arms wrap their way round her waist.

“Ay Tasha you have to stop,” she reasoned but couldn’t contain a smile.

“Why should I dorogoy?” Natasha questioned as she let her head fall onto Wanda’s shoulder.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you but incase you’d forgotten, we’re in your family’s kitchen… where anyone can walk in… without knocking.”

Natasha stopped to think about her girlfriend’s words for a second, “You know, maybe it’s not such a bad thing if they find out about-“

The two suddenly stopped talking when Melina rounded the corner.

Clearly they’d been standing there for a while, frozen like 5 year olds caught stealing cookies, because she looked rather amused by their reaction

“What? That we find out you’re dating?” Melina questioned innocently clearly proving that the two hadn't been as quiet as they'd thought.

Natasha looked even more stunned than a second ago and now Wanda was more just concerned for the oncoming reaction. Neither of them said anything.

Melina merely continued to be entertained by the two’s reaction, “Oh please, Natasha it’s obvious. You have been all over each other since you arrived and you are not a touchy person. That says something. Plus I’m your momma, we know these things.”

Finally Natasha regained her bearings after the initial shock and untangled herself from Wanda, “And you’re not bothered that- that she’s-“

“A girl? Oh god no, I get it. Women are much nicer than men,” She shot a wink in Wanda’s direction, “Alexei is a pain in the neck.”

“Well then, I guess,” Natasha drew in a breath and her hand subconsciously found Wanda’s for reassurance, “Mom I’d like you to meet my girlfriend.”

“Wanda it is a pleasure to meet you, I can tell you make my daughter very happy.”

All too suddenly a second voice appeared from the doorway.

“So she has told you. Ha it took long enough.”

“Yelena!” Natasha snapped in surprise. The blonde always seeming to find a way to sneak into a conversation when she's not wanted.

“What?! Natasha you are as straight as those uh- American, you know, curly potato fries. You are not fooling anyone. Yes here is that and I saw you shoving your tongues down each other’s throats last night. Ugh disgusting, I will never un-see that.” She physically shuddered at the thought.

“Hey! You came into my room?” Natasha protested, “Melina?!”

Wanda just giggled at the sibling’s antic, she really could get used to this side of Natasha.

“It is not my fault! I was being nice for one time,” the blonde emphasised by holding out a finger, “I went to see if you were hungry. Trust me I will not do it again.”

“Yelena, stop annoying your sister,” Melina scolded, “Natasha, we all knew you weren’t straight.”

There was a loud voice from the other room, “Who’s not straight?”

“Well maybe not all of us then.”

Natasha looked to her mom who returned a look of reassurance as Alexei walked into the kitchen.

“Me, I’m not,” She said, raising her hand.

“You don’t look bent? Are you hurt?” He began to check her over.

Melina covered her face with her hands and Yelena began laughing again even harder.

“No no no, I’m fine. I mean that I’m uh-“

“News flash: she’s gay, I’m hungry. move. I want my food.” Yelena interrupted and shuffled Wanda out the way of the fridge.

“Yeah… surprise,” Natasha cheered half heartedly, “Wanda is my girlfriend.”

There was a short moment before the whole kitchen was forced to cover their ears at the sheer volume of his voice.

“Another daughter!” He exclaimed in an excited tone whilst moving his burly frame in an attempt to sweep Wanda into a hug but Natasha caught wind faster and moved to defensively stand between the two.

“I do not want you breaking her, no hugs until you’re less excited.”

“No that’s ridiculous. I will not break her,” was his reply yet he didn’t continue his movements and backed down only a little upset.

As the atmosphere settled, Melina moved to pull Natasha into a small hug where she whispered into her ear, “You see, it’s all ok. You are still you and you’re the same exact person as who we loved before.

“Thank you.”

Natasha broke away from Melina and moved to wrap her arms around Wanda and then she pulled her in for a quick kiss, just happy that she was comfortable being herself around Wanda and her family.

“Nooo,” Yelena whined, “why would you do that in here!? I am eating, this is the kitchen no?”

“Ok ok, we’ll leave,” Natasha chuckled amusedly.

“Nyet, it is too late now.”

The blonde proceeded to drop her food back on the counter before hurrying out the room muttering something about boundaries.

Her family's reaction was nowhere near the nightmares her imagination had come up with. They were happy for her, Wanda was here, it was perfect.