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Theo and Apollo took Calliope to an abandoned Guild headquarters that they found a few days ago while searching for any remnants of the Tree of Life.


Apollo was walking behind Theo when there was a sudden scream and a thud, as Theo ran back for his brother, yelling his name.


“Apollo?! You good?!” yelled Theo.


“I’m fine,” Apollo replied as he got up and dusted himself of, looking around the semi-dark room. He saw a lever, walking toward the switch as he pulled it down. The room lit up, revealing the Guild sigil and multiple weapons from decades ago.


“Theo?! I think you should get down here!” Apollo yelled to his brother who was down there in no time.


Theo’s mouth opened in surprise as he looked around the room. “An old Guild headquarters.”


“What’s one doing in Savannah?” asked Apollo.


“It was probably built when there were monsters in Savannah all those years ago. I mean, look at these weapons,” Theo explained.


They looked around for a few more moments, deciding that they’ll come back when they had some free time. Apollo pushed the lever causing the room to darken as they both climbed back to the top.


“Look at all these weapons,” Calliope said. Apollo and Theo nodded their heads.


Apollo took one of the spear and spun it, making it stop as if he were stabbing something.


“Just grab the ones that aren’t destroyed, and we’ll come back later and see if we can salvage the ones that are broken.” Theo told his siblings.


They grabbed as many weapons their hands could carry, just realizing that it might be a little hard to get them to the top.


Calliope looked around the room until she saw a wooden door.


“Theo, Apollo,” she called her brothers. “Look,” Calliope pointed at the door, as Theo walked over and broke the lock. He opened it only to find a staircase.


“I’ll go first. You two follow behind,” he told his siblings.


They held the weapons and climbed up the stairs which led them to another room. There was a door on the other side of the room.


“That must be the way out. Let’s go,” Theo said.


“You sure you want to do that?” asked a strange voice.


The three siblings turned around. Calliope snarled.


“Witch boy.”


“Please, call me Angus.”


Oliver and Elinor took Juliette to a club outside of Savannah. Oliver claims that’s it the best in the world. Juliette wasn’t in much of a party mood. She missed Calliope. They’d been separated three days prior to Beltane, as their families didn’t want to take any chances.


“Come on Jules,” Oliver told his sister. “Cheer up.”


“Yes, sweet little. It’s just for a few hours. Before the night is done, you’d have forgotten about your monster hunting lover and the only thing that will be on your mind is getting wasted.” Elinor said, doing her signature smirk.


Juliette only rolled her eyes and sighed.


They arrived at the club and parked the car. On the outside, it wasn’t much but as they entered, Elinor and Juliette couldn’t help but stare in surprise. There were seven different levels1, each level more extravagant than the other. Oliver led them to the seventh floor, where there were servers that rollerbladed or walked on stilts. There was a group that did fire ticks at the front. The bar was in the middle of the entire floor. A big circle of alcohol


Oliver called for nine shots of flaming Dr. Pepper. When they arrived, Juliette almost fell over.


“You want me to drink fire?” she asked, her face serious.


“It’s nothing, sweet little. Just drink like a normal shot,” Elinor old her.


Juliette watched Oliver and Elinor down the shots like nothing, her eyes widening. She quickly followed their lead. It was..... delicious. Juliette quickly swallowed the other two, laughing at the look on her siblings faces.


Oliver smiled and signalled to one of the servers, ordering more shots and a bottle of vodka.


Juliette could feel the effects of the alcohol taking toll, as she became very giggly.


Theo flew into one of the walls, causing the old concrete to crack. Apollo was on the ground, gasping for breath, looking for any weapons he could use.


“What the hell do you want from us?!” Calliope yelled at Angus.


He laughed. “Don’t worry, love. It’s nothing personal,” he told her.


“I’m not your love.” Calliope growled.


Angus chuckled. “The Guild is desperate. They are willing to break all their rules.” He took a step closer. “And might I add, pay a mighty fine price for you and your legacy whore-”


Calliope moved so fast that Angus couldn’t conjure a spell in time. She kicked him in the stomach so hard he flew into a wall.


“If the Guild wants me and my girl, they should stop being cowards and come get us themselves instead of sending their lapdog to do the job.”


Angus twitches. “I am no one’s lapdog.” He raised his hands, ready to strike. What he didn’t know was while his focus was on Calliope, Apollo snuck up behind him and put a spear through his leg. Angus lost his concentration, kneeling, as he screamed in agonizing pain. Theo got up and ran toward him using his vampire speed, as he picked Angus up and slammed him against a wall, taking a knife from nearby, ignoring the burning of the silver and plunging the blade deep into the palm of his hand. Angus cried out.


Calliope walked toward the witch. “If you ever disrespect my girlfriend or any of my family again, I will kill you,” she threatened, driving her weapon into his other leg. “That was for my father.”


Apollo punched him in the face, knocking the witch unconscious.


Oliver and Elinor accomplished their goal of getting their little sister wasted. Just not the good kind of wasted.


“I just love her so freaking much. Her hair and smile and her eyes. I could swim in them forever. I really love her,” she cried into Oliver’s shoulder.


“Shhhhh. I know, Jules. I know,” Oliver tired to comfort his sister, looking at Elinor, silently asking her what to do.


“Sweet little?” She asked Juliette who hummed in response. “Would you want to go dance?


Juliette lifted her head from Oliver’s shoulder with eyes lit and smiling, as she drank two more shots, getting up and dancing her way across the floor, Elinor and Oliver quickly following. The three siblings danced the night away, hair flying and bodies shaking with the music flowing through them. Eventually, Oliver and Elinor needed to take a break, as they puffed their way toward their booth, calling for more drinks.


Juliette smiled, feeling the music, moving deeper into the crowd. She thought about Calliope. Her laugh, her lips, her curves. Maybe she should call her girlfriend. Without telling her siblings, Juliette walked out of the club, phone in hand as she dialled Calliope’s number. Suddenly she was pulled into a dark alleyway and thrown to the ground. Her phone fell out of her hand. She looked up to find a tall man standing over her, silver stake in one hand. Juliette got up and stumbled.


“How lucky am I? I decided to go out and have a great night not knowing that I would run into the Guild’s most wanted,” said the stranger.


Guild? He’s from the Guild.


Juliette bit her tongue to keep from lashing out.


The guy smirked and ran toward Juliette, catching her off guard and slamming her against a wall.


“This is better than I could have imagined. Two birds in one night.” he told her


Two birds in one night?


“Oh? Didn’t they tell you?” he taunted her. “Our new..... friend, paid a visit to your girlfriend. The Guild has her. And now we will have you too.”  He raised the stake to take the kill.


And those were his last words.


Juliette saw red. She lengthened his arm and broke his bones, turning him around and slamming the back of his head into the brick wall. He groaned, as Juliette lifted his body and threw him to the ground, as she dug her fangs deep beneath his flesh, drinking blood. His stake rolled out of his hand, stopping right in front of Elinor and Oliver’s feet, who watched their little sister with a proud smirk.


Juliette fed from him until his heart stopped beating and his body slumped. She released her fangs, the adrenaline and alcohol slowing down, as she stumbled a bit until Oliver caught her.


“Bring the car round back. We’ll take care of this.” Oliver told Elinor.




She brought the car to the alleyway, helping Juliette in as Oliver put the body in the trunk.


They drove for hours until Elinor stopped at Savannah River, helping Oliver throw the body into the water and watching the monster beneath devour the mortal corpse.


Theo and Apollo put the unconscious witch in the trunk, filling the car with whatever weapons they thought useful. The sun was almost up, as they drove of toward their way home.


Oliver and Elinor quietly walked back toward the car, making sure Juliette was alright after the crazy night they had. The sun was almost up, as they drove of toward their way home.


The Burns siblings arrived home first, grabbing their weapons and dragging the witch inside. There was a room in the house that dulled magic users in case a witch attacked. They took him to the room and tied him to a chair, waiting until he woke up. They returned to the living room to find Tess, Jade and Carmen laughing hysterically at something, while their parents and the Fairmonts were in the kitchen. Beltane was over and it was time to plan. Theo called everyone to the living to tell them about the Angus when the front door opened to reveal three exhausted legacy vampires.


Calliope’s eyes lit up as Juliette jumped into her arms.


“I knew that Guild guy was lying,” Juliette whispered in Calliope’s hair.


“Guild guy?” Calliope asked as she released Juliette.


Juliette explained the events of last night, shamefully looking at Calliope when she admitted to killing the Guild member. Calliope wasn’t mad. Juliette defended herself. This conversation led to Theo explaining the events of their night, which led everyone to the cellar.


“Even though the room dulls magic, he’s very powerful. Just be careful.” Theo told them.


He opened the door and switched on he lights, causing the tied up witch to twitch. He opened his eyes, blinking a couple of times to clear his vision, his eyes landing on one person in the room. He smiled.



“Little sister.”


Carmen stiffened. “Angus.”


Everyone, including Oliver, was shocked. “Little sister?” he asked.


Carmen ushered everyone out of the room, closing the door.


“Yes, Angus is my brother, but I haven’t seen him since he was excommunicated by the coven.”


“Why was he excommunicated?” asked Oliver.


 “Angus always strived to be powerful, but nothing never worked. He went through every single books that was allowed by the coven, every scroll, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. So, one night, he snuck into the elders quarters and slaughtered them in their sleep. Our elders were the wisest and most powerful of the coven, and he took their power,” explained Carmen. “His real name is Augustus, but I always called him Angus because I had trouble pronouncing his name. I’ve heard talk about him, but I didn’t want to believe he was back. Let alone working with the Guild.”


They all processed the new information, the adults, firstborns and witch going back to question Angus. Elinor, Apollo, Tess and Jade remained in the living room, waiting for answers, while Calliope and Juliette went up to their room. They changed out of their clothes and showered, returning downstairs just in time as their parents were coming out of the cellar.


“He said he’ll only talk to Carmen. No one else. Oliver stayed back with her,” said Jack.


They went on with their day, planning for the fight when Carmen and Oliver came out of the cellar.


“My brother loves to play games, and he’s playing one with me. But I have a plan,” said Carmen smirking.


She explained everything, everyone agreed as they set the plan in motion.