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"How are you?" Anthony's hand is around Kate's waist and he caresses her lower back. "I hope I did not overstep, but I could not hold my anger inside." 

Kate leans in so his grip on her gets tighter. She rests her head on his shoulder and his sweet scent, she instantly feels comforted by it.

"It is okay, Anthony. I was about to attack her, so really, I am glad you intervened." She smiles a sad grin against his chest. Even though Kate knows it's for the best, it was a pity it had to come to this.

"That is exactly why I interrupted," Anthony drops a kiss in her hair. "This way the blame lies only on her, for her to have the opportunity to make you equally guilty, it is not something she deserves."

"You are truly the nicest man in England," Kate looks up and caresses his cheek. "I love you, Lord Bridgerton." Kate stands on her toes to give him a kiss.

"Lady Bridgerton," Anthony breathes out softly. "You deserve nothing less." He shifts his arms so they support her waist even more. "I think I need to show you just how much," he softly demands her to walk backwards and when Kate feels her back rest against a wall she wraps her arms around her husband's neck. 

"Is that so," Kate smiles at him. "And how are you planning to do this?" 

Anthony smirks and lowers his head.

The first quick kiss he gives her is just beside her mouth, only to smile in her mouth when his lips are on hers soon after.

"As much as it pains me too, it pleases me to feel you are as impatient as I am, Lady Bridgerton," he whispers. "I am going to give you anything you want tonight," he cups her butt. "We have to make it through somehow," 

His hips grind against hers, Kate feels his hardness and moans with anticipation. "If you truly want to make me happy," Kate says with gasping breaths. "You will not let me wait. I want to be yours, in every way that matters."

This time it's Anthony's way to groan. Kate sees he's clenching his jaw and how much effort it costs her husband to contain himself.

"You already have me," Anthony says softly. "I am yours, I was yours from the moment we danced together," He kisses her cheek. "That being said, I too cannot wait.." their lips find each other once more.


"Kate?" Her mother is the first person they see when they make their way back to the terrace. "Have either of you seen your sister?" 

Kate feels something heavy in her stomach, she wants to believe her mother will back her up in situations like these, but she isn't sure. 

Anthony squeezes her arm softly, with this Kate feels a little more secure so she clears her throat.

"I told her to leave," because she doesn't want there to be room for doubt Kate keeps her voice steady. "We both did actually."

"What? Why?" Mary gives her a worrying look. "What did she do now?"

To Kate's surprise there's no hesitation or suspicion towards her in her eyes. 

"She does not want to be here, and she told us this much in a troubling way," Kate says, although she tries to be firm and direct, it's clear she's hurt.

"Sweetheart," Mary grabs her hands. "It is your wedding day, only people who want to celebrate this happy occasion with you should be here." 

"Do you really think so?" Kate feels her hands shake. "I.. why can she not.."

"Kate, stop this," Mary says sternly. "Try to focus on your husband, on your happiness. Let me deal with your sister." Her eyes turn to Anthony. "I suppose you want me to keep an eye on my daughter?" The sadness evident in her words and her mother's shoulders drop.

"We do not want you to leave," Kate says directly. "Right, Anthony? Edwina will be escorted, she is not alone?"

Anthony nods. "She is taken care of, you do not have to leave to escort her." 

"I see." Her mother clearly hesitates.

"I want you here." Kate doesn't want to beg but her tone is a bit desperate. 

Somehow the next seconds are decisive, her mother must make a choice, between her and Edwina and if she chooses Edwina over her, it can only be seen as a silent disapproval towards her. 

Then I truly lost them both. Kate feels dizzy, the anticipation is killing her. She wants to hold onto what's left of her family, but not at all costs.

If her mother wants to be with Edwina, she isn't going to let it ruin her life.

I have a new family now.

"Mom," Kate says once more, the words leave her mouth even though she doesn't want them too. "Please." 

Mary takes a deep breath. Her hands tremble too, Kate feels them shaking in hers.

"Kate, dearest," her mother's cheeks get wet with tears. "There is no way I want to miss your biggest day." 

The knot in her stomach loosens after her mother's words. It disappears completely when her mother takes her in her arms and runs smooth circles on her back. 

"I am going to talk to her, though I promise I will be back," Mary says, still a little anxious. "Are you in agreement?"

Kate just nods her head in her mothers embrace. 

"It will not take long. I love my daughters the same amount, but she is out of control, and I will tell her this much." 

Kate isn't sad or frustrated anymore, so the sob she utters is filled with relief.

Her mother came through for her, and in this brief moment, Kate allows herself to feel like a child again.


It was late, too late if Kate was concerned. All she wants for the last hour and a half is to leave the people behind and spend the rest of what was left of the evening with her husband.

Kate Bridgerton, née Sharma, longs for a moment alone with him. 

She doesn't want to share him any longer. 

Sure, she had a good time. The best of times really. 

All good things must come to an end, and she wanted the even better times to start right now.

Tonight is the beginning of the life she wants. 

They would not be as alone as she wished for, given the fact all the guests would sleep in the same house.

Kate longs for some time together, just the two of them. Being able to speak with him, let alone kiss him, is all she asks for at the moment.

Tomorrow when the guests and his family leave, their honeymoon starts. 

Tonight was just the end of her loneliness, because as of now, she was the wife of the best man alive.

Kate is a Viscountess now, Lady Bridgerton. Head of a household.

It needs to be celebrated. 


Kate already saw her husband, he was standing with his two brothers and mother at the edge of the ballroom. 

The looks they shared told her everything, he wants to go away just as bad.

"Kate," Lady Danbury stands next to her and follows her gaze. "As much as I love young love. Please take it down a notch, I can feel the tension standing just beside you." The woman doesn't really mean it, the grin on her face tells Kate this much. 

"I am sorry," Kate says with little effort to sound sincere. "It is just hard. I want to go but apparently we cannot."

"I fail to see why not?" Lady Danbury smirks. "It is late enough, please be a little selfish today."

Kate expected a lot, but this wasn't one of the things she would've predicted the woman to say.

"We are the only ones that know you are staying here, as far as I can tell people will assume you must leave for another destination." This time it's her mother who speaks. Kate didn't see her returning, the last time she had seen her mother, she was laughing and talking with Violet Bridgerton.

"Okay…" Kate says carefully. "Well, if you two insist.." 

"That is not what we said, dear," Mary frowns. "We are just pointing out you can go if you want."

"You are correct," Kate sighs. "Thank you for today, the both of you," she looks from one woman to the other. "I would not have known what to do without you."

"Sweetheart…" Mary laughs affectionately. "This is what mothers do." 

And you didn't disappoint. Kate thinks while feeling a bit guilty for doubting her mother.

Her mother closes the distance between them. Kate sees how she looks around first before she narrows her eyes and comes even closer.

"You know what comes next, right? When you’re alone with Lord Bridgerton. I am not wrong to assume I do not need to talk to you?"

"Mother!" Kate feels her cheeks flush, uncomfortably she humps from one feet to another. 

"You are in the right, and I hardly think this was the moment to tell me about it." Kate hisses. 

In a way her mothers timing is off, and in a way it's completely logical. 

It took them so long to reconcile, maybe this is the first time her mother feels enough courage to bring it up.

"So I do not have to worry?" Mary stares directly into her eyes, guilt clearly visible.

"Mother, please. Stop this," Kate says sternly. "It will be okay. I trust him." 

At this point her cheeks are as red as they could be. 

"I have to go."

Without looking back at them, Kate makes her way out of the room.


She needs a moment to contain herself. The startling feeling that took over her mind had to come down a bit first.

Kate wasn't nervous until moments before, it was only after her mother said those things some anxiousness slipped through.

Kate has heard the stories from afar. Women that talked to each other about being with a man, how hard it was for some, how glad they were when they'd given their husband a heir.

Kate always thought they were unlucky, she was sure that wasn't how it was meant to be.

Her parents loved each other dearly, they were close, intimate, cheerful. 

Kate looked up to them, put them on a pedestal.  

So why did Mary feel the need to bring it up?

She praised Anthony, she acknowledged how good they were together.

Kate relished in her compliments, with her mothers compliments she felt relieved she found something that she believed she could compare to the marriage that her parents had.

Was there more? Things she didn't know?

Don't start now Kate! She tells herself. Think about how good it felt the other day. 

Her husband's soft hands, his bright eyes, his whispers. 

The memory comes back to her, and even the visualization of him makes her more at ease.

I love him, he loves me. This can't be a bad thing.


"Viscountess," a deep and rich voice brings her back into reality. "There you are."

Anthony immediately wraps his arms around her. 

"I took the liberty of excusing ourselves to my mother," he trails down her neck with his nose while he inhales her scent, the light touch already sends shivers down Kate's spine. "She wishes us a good night, and looks forward to next week when we will see her again."

"How polite of you," Kate tries to make a joke when she puts her arms around his neck. "So we do not have to go back?" She hates how tiny her voice sounds, but she can't help it.

"Unless you want to," Anthony stops and pulls his head back to meet her eyes. "We can do whatever you want Kate."

Kate is overwhelmed with emotions, the earnestness of Anthony's expresion make her feel so cherished, all of her doubts in regard of what was about to come next, disappear with one glimpse at her husband.

"I want to be with you," Kate says while she presses her lips on his neck. "Please take me to your room."

"Our room, Katie. All of this is ours now," Anthony's voice crackles too. 


Anthony closes the door after Kate. His hand was on her lower back the entire way to the chamber, softly caressing and running smooth circles.

"We do not have to do anything you do not want tonight," he says when the door locks. "Not having to say goodbye to you can be enough this evening." 

"Anthony," Kate's breath catches in her throat. "I.. I.. this is.." she runs her fingers through her hair.

"You can say it, love," Anthony removes his hand and strokes her cheek. "There will be no judgment, or disappointment, I promise." He lifts her chin up with his forefinger and Kate sees he means every word.

"I do not want to wait," Kate manages to say. "Do not make me wait."

Anthony smiles so bright his whole face lights up. He softly nods with joy and pulls her closer. "Then just say what you want, and tell me to stop when it does not feel good." He presses his lips just next to hers. Kate had her lips already parted, anticipating a kiss on them.

She groans when Anthony ignores this and kisses the other side.

"So impatient," he smirks. "We have all night my love, and I want to kiss every inch of your body."

Kate moans again, she doesn't feel like waiting all night and she wishes she knew what to do to speed up the process. It all faded away the moment her husband came this close.

Think Kate! She forces herself to collect her thoughts. Touch him.

It takes her a few excruciating seconds to get her hands to do what her brain wants, but eventually her hands find their way into his hair. 

Anthony is startled by her movements. She notices his unsteady breath, it only lasts a moment so the moment he lifts her to walk with her to the bed, a gasp escapes Kate's mouth.

"I love you," Anthony whispers in her hair when he lays her down onto the mattress. "Are you still okay?" He asks carefully when her back hits the soft underground.

"You do not have to ask every time…" Kate grins. "I will tell you when I am not."

She touches his hips and urges him to move over so he's on top of her.

"Kate," he cries softly. "I might theoretically know what to do…" he puts some pressure on his hips to confirm his words. "But I too have never felt like this before, so bear with me."

"What do you mean?" Kate freezes beneath him. "Is this not good for you?"

It hasn't crossed Kate's mind that it might not feel right for him . Suddenly she feels selfish.

"God no, this is incredible." Anthony says within seconds. "It is just, I love you, I have never loved anyone who I have... well, been with, so I need this to be as perfect as it can be, for you." Kate spots the tears in his eyes before he kisses her. 

"Anthony," Kate whispers. "I love you too, I trust you. I need you to show me."

Anthony lifts his head. 

"Okay, okay," he agrees with a twinkle in his brown eyes. The crease between his eyebrows disappears and his face relaxes more. 

"Let us start." 

There isn't any time for Kate to react. Her words made the wanted impact, because the pressure Anthony puts on his lips isn't soft and sweet like before.

Kate can almost taste the urge. 

He softly demands her lips to part and then his tongue enters her mouth and licks hers.

At the same time his hands find a way to her neck, they stroke her skin, and slow but steady they move lower.

When they reach her breasts he cups them above the fabric. Not hard but the sensation that runs to Kate's body makes her shiver nonetheless.

Anthony stops kissing her for a moment and moves his head back.

"Kate," he asks softly. "Can I see you?" 

"Yes," with an uneven breath Kate starts to take her dress off. He doesn't have to be more specific. She wants more contact too. 

Anthony laughs and smirks. "I thought I wanted to do this," he leans back against the pillows and puts his arms behind his head. "I was wrong, watching you undress yourself for me is quite satisfying."

Kate sticks her tongue out at him.

"I suggest you do the same," she says, feeling bold and brave.

Anthony's mouth drops in surprise, but he contains himself quickly. "Anything for my lovely wife." And he starts to untie his cravat and open the buttons of his jacket.

Their eyes are locked. The intimacy of undressing while the other one watches makes her feel fragile and strong at the same time.

It is Anthony who's naked first. He sees how Kate takes in the sight. 

She hasn't seen a bare man before, she didn't know what to expect but the beauty of her husband takes away her breath.

"You.. you are.." she breathes out. "The most lovely thing I have ever seen."

Anthony smiles with red cheeks. 

"Can I help you?" He lightly touches her bodice, it is the last thing Kate's wearing. 

Kate nods, failing to come up with words.

Together they untie the knots and Anthony helps Kate get out of the thing.

"You are incredible," Anthony clears his throat. "Kate. I need to feel you." His hand is just above her stomach, so close Kate feels the warmth but not the touch. "Can I?"

"Yes Anthony," Kate takes his face in her hands. "Please."

He lowers her hand after her consent. 

"You are just as soft as I imagined," Anthony tickles her belly, and moves his hands towards her breasts.

"And your breasts are just as full and round as I thought." He cups them while he gets up and comes lying above her. 

Kate moans when she feels his skin on hers. 


She didn't realize how much she wanted this.

"And your nipples are as beautiful as I hoped." His lips are on them and he starts to lick and suck her left nipple.

Kate moans, loudly.

"You like this?" The question isn't carefully asked, this time Anthony is playful and naughty.

Kate groans again.

He bites her breasts lightly.

"I asked you something, Katie. Do you like this?" Each word is interrupted by a kiss on her breast.

"I do.. Anthony, I do." Kate answers him.

"I thought so."

His mouth doesn't leave her chests, but his hands travel downwards.

Instinctively Kate opens her legs when he caresses her inner thigh. 

"Yes, just like that," Antony sighs. He lightly strokes her folds. "God, you are so wet already," Kate feels him smile approvingly against her skin. "I love how ready you are for me."

Kate's eyes roll back in her head when he puts more pressure on his fingers. The tickling sensation turns into something deeper

Anticipation builds and builds somewhere deep in her stomach.

"Anthony…" she moans, she opens her eyes, Anthony watches her with an open mouth, and Kate can only bite her lip to keep her volume down. "Please.." she doesn't know what she's begging for but her husband seems to know the answer nonetheless. He enters her with his finger and Kate can't keep her eyes open anymore.

"Kate," Anthony says firmly. "Look at me." 

Kate tries to her best of her abilities, but Anthony makes it so hard with his steady movements. 

"Good," Anthony seems satisfied with her attempt, suddenly he's right before her and he kisses her fiercely. 

"I want to taste you. Can I make you feel good?" He asks with his mouth still on hers.

Kate nods, she doesn't know what he means exactly, but it can only be good, of that she's sure.

"Relax Katie," Anthony leaves a trail of kisses from her neck to her thigh. 

He lifts her legs and bends them so they're over his shoulders

Kate now knows what he means. This is good , the best she's ever felt actually. 

So when his mouth is on her core, she screams her approval.

Kate is sure she's never been so aroused her whole life.

Anthony licks, sucks and kisses her and when his tongue enters her, she's almost sure she's going to die.

Die from pleasure.

"Anthony…" she screams. "I.."

His fingers start to move over her, encouraging her to fall apart. 

"Kate, let go. Come for me." 

And she does.

Wave after wave of pleasure makes her shake and shiver.

"You taste so good." Anthony works her through it. And only when she stops shaking and her body feels like pudding in his strong arms, he moves his head up from between her legs. "That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Anthony peppers her face with kisses. 

"I want you to feel as good as I did," Kate isn't done, she leans on her elbows and she kisses him back, tasting herself on his tongue. "Can I?"

"My love," Anthony grabs her by her hips and softly forces her on top. "We have years and years to come, we do not have to rush things."

Kate's eyes grow with anticipation, she feels his cock harden against her hip. 

She loves how slowly Anthony wants to take things, but it isn't enough, she wants him. All of him.

"I want more…" she whispers, almost drowning in his eyes. "I need you.. I want to make you feel good."

"I have never felt better," Anthony says, just as softly as she had. 

Kate lifts herself up a bit more and lowers her hand towards his cock. 

"Show me how," she demands.

"Jesus, Kate." He groans loudly when her hand squeezes his cock. 

Kate beams with pride. Somehow she knows what to do and if Anthony's reaction is anything to go by she does it right.

His eyes are closed and his breath starts to get wilder and wilder.

"You have to stop," He takes her hand and moves it away. "If you want me to make love to you, you need to stop." He pants loudly. 

"I am sorry." Kate says, startled. "I did not know…"

"Do not ever say you are sorry for taking what you want when you are with me." Anthony smirks, he seems to have some control back and turns them around so he's on top again.

"I promise to take you slow, but I cannot promise it will not hurt." His lips are on hers and he tickles her side a bit.

He spreads her legs and puts his cock right before her entrance.

"Just tell me when to stop," he says, "promise me, Katie." He looks at her with such earnestness in his eyes Kate immediately agrees.

"I will." She gasps, because when she starts her approval, Anthony moves his hips and begins to enter her.

"Ooh.." Kate moans. "Yes.." she only says, hoping it will encourage her husband to proceed.

"Does this feel okay?" Anthony asks with clenched teeth. Sweat drips appear on his face.

Kate can only nod.

"I am almost there," Anthony groans. "Gosh you are so perfect for me." 

Kate laughs. He's still so sweet with her although she can see how much effort it costs him to not lose himself.

"Oh!" There's a little rush of pain, but it fades as soon as it appears. "Are you?" She wonders but she knows the answer before Anthony can react. 

"Yes," he still says. "How do you feel?"


Now it's her husband's turn to laugh.


Slowly he starts to grind his hips. Spreading Kate wider and wider until finally there's a sensation inside her that runs even deeper than before.

"Anthony," she moans as she tries to meet his rhythm.

"Kate," he pants approvingly. "You do so good." He increases speed and his mouth finds hers. The kiss deepens and Kate wraps her arms around his neck while he moves faster and faster.

"God, Kate, I cannot, I have to…" he cries.

"It is okay." Kate says softly. "Take what you need. I love you. I love you." She says, almost as a benediction. 

There is something building inside her as well, she felt her walls clench, but it isn't as important as before. 

All she wants is for Anthony to find some relief. Suddenly it feels like the most important thing in the world that he does.

She didn't suspect him to stroke her again. He rubs her nub, making her scream softly against his neck.

"Together…" Anthony pants in her ear just before he licks her earlobe. "I need you to come on my cock." 

He pumps himself harder, faster, and deeper inside her. 

Kate has no control anymore. Anthony knows what he's doing, and before she screams his name out loud her muscles tighten and relax once more.

This takes him over the edge, and before he falls apart he quickly pulls out and spills himself on her stomach.

He too shouts out her name.


It takes them a while to gather their breaths. 

"Kate," is the first thing Anthony manages to say. "This was, without a doubt, the best I have ever had."

Kate rolls her eyes. "You do not have to say such a thing. I believe it when you say it was fine."

This brings back some life into Anthony; he rolls to his side and grabs Kate by her waist.

"I mean it Kate," he starts to tickle her. "You are the best thing that ever happened to me, and if you do not believe me I have to show it to you again."

Kate cackles loudly.

"I have nothing against that," she giggles.


It is safe to say Lord and Lady Bridgerton didn't get much sleep the first night they spent together as husband and wife.