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A sexy revenge

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The sun had started to rise in the Haruno household and into the room of Sakura. Inside the room, two young women were peacefully sleeping on the bed. The two girls were cuddled up, and Sakura soon started to open her eyes.

With a smile on her face, Sakura looked at the beautiful blonde sleeping next to her with her eyes still closed, and Sakura smiled. "Wow, so beautiful," Sakura whispered, looking at Naruto, who was still in his sexy form. "I can't believe we did that last night," Sakura said as her face started blushing, looking at Naruto, or rather Sakura should say Naruko.

As Sakura continued smiling, Sakura slowly got out of her bed before heading to take a morning shower. "I hope Naruto will be okay until I get back," Sakura thought as she looked at the sleeping blonde with a smile. 

Sakura headed into her bathroom without saying anything else, just as Naruto started to wake up from her peaceful sleep. As the pink-haired girl turned on her shower and let the hot water hit her body.

Naruto or Naruko soon started waking up, and the pigtailed blonde looked around Sakura's room. Naruko wondered where Sakura was, not seeing her in the bed with her.

However, Naruko smiled as she remembered everything that happened last night at the sleepover. It made the blonde giggle with joy as she knew she was naked on Sakura's bed after the two made love last night.

"But where's Sakura-chan?" Naruko asked, unsure why Sakura left the bed until she heard the shower. "I guess Sakura wanted to take a shower," Naruko said with a smile, stretching her arms, getting out of the bed, and moving to the bathroom.

Once Naruko made her way into the bathroom, she could see Sakura washing her hair. "Mind if I join you, Sakura-chan?" Naruko asked with a smile as Sakura looked at the pigtailed blonde with a smile.

Sakura said nothing as she grabbed Naruko's hand and pulled her into the shower while she continued to smile. "I wouldn't have it any other way Naruko," Sakura told her before she kissed Naruko.

When Naruko felt Sakura's lips touching hers, it made her moan a little. Sakura only smiled, hearing Naruko's moans. "Hmm, you like that, don't you, Naruko?" Sakura asked, smiling at Naruko.

Naruko nodded and could see the smirk forming on Sakura's face with a smile on her face. "I do Sakura-chan. I love it so much," Naruko told Sakura having a bright smile on her cute face.

"You know Naruto you don't have to stay in your female form now, I mean Ino only said that you have to stay like this for one night," Sakura told Naruto with a smile, knowing that he no longer needed to do this. 

However, Naruko smiled hearing this from Sakura and pulled her in for a kiss. "Well, I'm still in your house Sakura-chan," Naruko said with a giggle and looked at Sakura, holding her closer.

"Naruko, come on, you're making me blush," Sakura said, only to hear a sweet giggle from the pigtailed blonde. 

"Sakura-Chan, I can't help it, seeing you blush makes you look so cute," Naruko told her and soon moved to her lovely breasts and started kissing them.

Sakura was shocked by this action and soon started moaning as she felt Naruko's lips and tongue licking her nipple. "Ahh, Naruko, oh yes, that feels so good!" Sakura out and soon felt another shock to her body as Naruko's hand moved to her pussy. 

The feeling of Naruko now rubbing her pussy only caused Sakura to moan even more. "Hmm, I love hearing your moans Sakura-chan," Naruko said with a giggle using her hand to rub her lover's pussy. 

Naruko continued to smile, hearing the moans from her pink-haired lover, before inserting her fingers into Sakura.

The moment Naruko started doing this to Sakura, the pink-haired girl couldn't help but moan even more. As Naruko pumped her fingers into and out of Sakura's pussy while hearing her moan with pleasure.

"Ahh, Naruko it feels so good!" Sakura cried out, moaning as she continued moaning as she felt Naruko pumping her fingers into her. "Please don't stop, keep going!" Sakura screamed in pleasure before grabbing her breasts.

Naruko smiled as she looked at the pink-haired girl seeing what she was doing. "Hmm, I can tell that you're loving this aren't you?" Naruko asked and giggled and started to pump her fingers even faster.

Sakura's eyes shot open even more as she started drooling with pleasure. "Oh, Naruko, you're driving me crazy!" Sakura cried out; before she could say anything else, Naruko kissed her lover on the lips.

Once Naruko did this, Sakura was shocked but soon started kissing the pigtailed blonde back and hugged her, pulling her closer. The two girls kept moaning within their kiss and their breasts rubbing together, sending more pleasure into the two lovers.

Before long, the tongues started fighting each other the two opened their eyes to look at each other. 

"Is something wrong, Sakura-chan?"

"It's nothing really, Naruko," Sakura replied to the blonde-haired female, especially as she had been thinking about how far they had come since they started as ninjas all those years ago. "I was just thinking about what we've been through ever since we became shinobi."

"Oh, is that right?" asked Naruko with slight surprise, thinking about it briefly and how they all changed since they had truly started working as a team. 

Sakura nodded her head and then gave a sly smile as Sakura began grabbing Naruko's boobs. "Hey!" she heard her blonde-haired lover crying out, loving the sound of her moaning as she began rubbing them. After all, she wanted to use this to her advantage, especially since it was their special time together, and she was determined to enjoy this moment more and more.

Naruko looked at Sakura with a loving smile which Sakura returned before the two kissed again until Sakura noticed Naruko's large breasts and saw how big they were. "Damn, Naruko, your breasts are so big," Sakura told Naruko, who then started to blush When hearing this from Sakura.

"Sakura-chan, please, you're making me blush," Naruko said, already feeling embarrassed by her lover's words, but Naruko also loved it. As she played with them, Sakura merely giggled, making the blonde moan with lust. "Ahh, Sakura-chan!" Naruko moaned as the pigtailed blonde looked at her lover, fighting back her growing moans.

Naruko watched as Sakura used her hands to grasp her lushes breasts, and this caused Naruko to moan even more, but she tried to stop herself from being too loud. 

Naruko moved one of her hands to her mouth, but Sakura had a smirk on her seductive face as she stopped Naruko from doing this. "No, you don't, Naruko," Sakura whispered and moved close to Naruko's ear. "I want to hear your little feminine moans escape your sexy mouth."

Naruko was shocked to hear this, and the blonde couldn't help but blush at what Sakura wanted to do. "Sakura-chan?" Naruko whispered and smiled as Sakura soon latched her mouth onto her breasts. "Ahh, Sakura! Fuck yes, it feels wonderful. Please kee going Sakura-chan!" Naruko cried with pleasure. "Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan," Naruko cried, feeling wonderful as Sakura continued. 

Naruko could still feel the water from Sakura's shower, and the blonde didn't care. Since all that mattered to her was her lover pleasing her breasts. 

Sakura merely smiled, hearing Naruko's moans as she licked Naruko's nipple, only to hear more moans from her lover. "Ahh Sakura-chan!" Naruko moaned, her hands grabbing Sakura's pink hair.

Naruko wanted more from Sakura since she wanted the one she loved to keep making her feel amazing. The pigtailed blonde wanted the pleasure Sakura was giving her. "Sakura-chan please keep going!" Naruko cried as she could hear a giggle escape from Sakura's lips. 

"Oh, I will, my sweet Naruko, since I want to hear you moan some more," Sakura whispered with a seductive tone directly into Naruko's ear, something that made Naruko shiver. 

Getting on her knees, Sakura looked at Naruko's womanhood, she could see how wet her blonde lover had gotten, and it filled Sakura with joy. "Time for the real fun," she said and looked up at a blushing Naruko since the blonde knew what was coming and nodded.

Without saying another word, Sakura dived into Naruko's pussy. The blonde cried out lustfully as she felt her lover using her tongue. "Ahh, Sakura-chan, right there, please!" Naruko cried since she didn't care who would hear her or how much sound she was causing.

Sakura only smirked as she slipped her hands under Naruko's ass and used her strength to lift her so she could taste Naruko's sweet nectar. Sakura even soon used her hands to rub and squeeze Narukos ass, something Sakura could tell the blonde loved. 

"Hmm, Naruko, you have such a cute butt," Sakura whispered.

"Ahh, Sakura-chan, I'm cumming!" Naruko cried as Sakura only went faster with her tongue. "Ahh yes, Sakura-chan, more, please lick me more!" Naruko cried as she knew she was starting to drool. "Ahh I'm cumming!" Naruko cried out, feeling her orgasm hit in full force.

Sakura said nothing as she only smiled, feeling Naruko's body twitch from pleasure. "Hmm, I bet you enjoyed that didn't you Naruko," Sakura whispered as Naruko nodded and smiled at Sakura.

Naruko smiled as she pulled Sakura into a loving kiss. "Oh, I loved it," Naruko told the pink-haired girl with the biggest smile on her face. 

"Well, we better get dressed," Sakura said as she grabbed a towel and left the shower Naruko soon followed Sakura out and grabbed a towel and followed her pink-haired lover.

Once they returned to Sakura's room, the latter changed into her everyday clothes. "I guess I better change back then," Naruko said with a grin but wanted to hug Sakura one last time before changing back into her true form. 

Sakura couldn't help but smile the moment she felt Naruko hugging her. Already feeling Naruko kissing her neck as Sakura noticed the blue towel fell from Naruko's body.

Sakura couldn't help but love this wonderful feeling of Naruko's lips on her neck but knew neither could stay like this. Sakura opened her eyes and smiled, hearing the disappointment in the blonde's voice, and Sakura laughed, finding it so cute.

So, she turned around to face Naruko, already seeing the blonde wasn't too thrilled by this. Sakura noticed Naruko had her arms folded across her chest, but Sakura noticed that the action only showed her big Naruko's breasts were, not that Sakura cared. 

Still smiling, Sakura took the busty blonde to her bed, and then she proceeded to sit on Naruko's lap before her arms wrapped the pigtailed blonde. "I know you want to stick with me. Trust me, Naruko," Sakura whispered into Naruko's ear. "But my parents will be home soon, and the last thing I need is for them to catch us butt naked on my bed, and we need to get back at Ino."

Naruko sighed hearing this from Sakura, knowing she made a good point, but she smiled and gave a quick kiss on Sakura's lips. "Okay, but you said you wanted to get back at Ino for what she did last night?"

Sakura didn't say anything and looked at Naruko, a smile forming on her face. "Oh, you can bet we'll have something planned for my dear best friend."

Naruko soon laughed, seeing the planning going through her lover's head, and Naruko loved it. "Okay, then, but I know this will be some sweet payback on her," she said with a big smile, something Sakura agreed with as the two shared one last kiss. 

After returning to his male form, Naruto left Sakura's home. The pink-haired girl told her that she would stop by later and bring Ino with her. 

Sakura didn't tell Naruto much of her plan, but all she said was Naruto would love it, and she would tell him more later. "I guess I need to wait then until Sakura come by later," Naruto told himself, but he did have a smile, still thinking about what happened last night. 

He knew Ino would have something planned, and he would wait until the time was right to strike. 

Later that night, Ino was walking with Sakura. She wondered why Sakura wanted her to join her as all day Sakura had been so damn secretive. "Come and tell me already!" Ino cried out, feeling frustrated by her friend keeping secrets from her.

All Ino wanted was to know what happened last night, and she had an odd feeling something happened last night. However, Sakura wasn't telling her anything, choosing to remain silent, but Ino noticed the smile Sakura had on her face.

Ino wanted to ask more as she looked at Sakura and stopped walking, seeing she would need to dig deeper. "Come on, Sakura, I want some answers!" Ino cried as she looked at Sakura, who stopped and looked back at her.

"Oh, Ino, you'll see; just wait and see," Sakura said with a smile but knew she had to make sure Ino didn't find out what she was planning. Sakura turned back to look at Ino, continued smiling, and knew the next part of her plan needed to work.

"Here, Ino, put this on, okay," Sakura said, handing Ino a blindfold as Ino continued looking at Sakura with a raised brow, wondering why she needed to wear it. 

"Why?" Ino asked, but she could see Sakura smiling and just did what her friend asked her until she put the blindfold on, and Sakura soon grabbed her hand.

"Don't worry, Ino, we'll be there soon," Sakura told her as she started running Ino couldn't help but wonder what Sakura was planning; she knew it had to be something. "I know you'll be in for a surprise," Sakura spoke, seeing they were close to the destination. "Besides, we're close now, Ino."

Ino didn't say much and let Sakura take her to where her friend was leading. Only after a few minutes did Sakura stop and knock on the door, and Ino tried to listen for a voice; maybe this was Tenten or Hinata. "I guess I'll find out soon."

Once Ino entered the house, still unable to see anything, she tried to figure out what was happening but could hear Sakura laughing. However, she did hear another voice giggle along with her and wondered who it was with her. "Sakura, who is that?"

However, Ino only got silence from Sakura which started to drive her a little crazy. "You just hold on Ino, you'll see soon enough," Sakura teased as Ino could hear more giggles.

Ino sighed, getting angry, and nodded reluctantly, still wanting to know what Sakura was doing, but it seemed she wouldn't get the answer she wanted. Only this silence lasted a few short moments before Ino could hear some moaning coming not too far from her. 

Growing tired of wearing the blindfold, Ino took it off, noticed Sakura naked, and saw Naruto as naked and in his female form. Ino was left shocked seeing this with her brain trying to understand what was happening.

However, Naruko and Sakura looked at Ino with her mouth open in shock. "What the hell are you two doing!" Ino cried out, looking away from the naked pair. 

The two girls only looked at Ino, neither one stopping their smiles as Sakura kissed Naruko on the lips. "Oh, just kissing Naruko here, Ino. She's a very good kisser," Sakura teased, making Naruko blush.

"When the hell did this happen?" Ino asked, looking at the two, shocked to see Sakura doing this with Naruto and in his sexy form, no less. "Why is Naruto in that perverted form!"

Sakura got off the bed, and Sakura moved and made her way toward Ino, who started backing away from her naked friend. "Oh, Ino, I think that Naruto in this form is very sexy," Sakura said with a grin looking at Naruko sitting on the bed with a sexy grin.

"When did this even...." Ino began, but she soon found Sakura's lips touching hers before she could get an answer. Sakura smiled as she pushed her naked body into Ino's.

Ino was left shocked, her pale green eyes looking at Sakura, seeing her eyes were closed. The platinum blonde had no idea what to do as she soon felt Sakura's tongue rubbing against her lips.

Ino didn't even notice Naruko making two clones, one male and one female, as the two moved closer to Ino. Sakura smiled as she pulled away, and then Ino noticed the two clones as Sakura began undressing Ino. "Don't worry Ino, I know by the end you'll love it," Sakura said as the two clones helped Sakura strip Ino from her clothes. 

Ino didn't say much as she watched the clones and Sakura remove her clothes as they joined Sakuras on the floor. "Sakura please stop it ahh," Ino began but was cut off as Sakura began sucking on her breasts. 

"Hmm, Ino...." Sakura moaned, licking her friend's breasts, but soon she stopped knowing that now wasn't the time as she looked at Naruko, who held a strap-on ready to use it on her lover. "Now, how about you watch? I want to test this out with Naruko,"

Ino didn't say anything, only watching as Naruko and Sakura began making out. "Sakura?"

Ino and the two clones watched as they knew what would happen, and it was time to get some action on Ino. "Don't worry Ino, you'll get your turn soon," the male clone as the female nodded.

The female clone soon kissed Ino as the male played with Ino's breasts leaving where Sakura left off since all three could see Sakura was busy. Ino could hear Sakura moans, and she wondered what Naruto was doing to her friend. 

Ino pulled away enough to see what was happening and watched as Sakura was getting fucked by Naruko. "Ahh, Sakura-chan I love you!"

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck I'm cumming, Naruko, I'm cumming!" Sakura cried out as Naruko pounded against her cervix with the strap on, her toes curling tight as her eyes crossed in pleasure. Her pussy clenched tight around the toy as Naruko came hard with her, the strap-on's insert pushing deep into her cunt and pressing on all of her lover's sweet spots as she gave Sakura everything she had.

The two screamed with pleasure, knowing that Ino was still watching the two. Ino was still moaning as she was fucked by the two clones Naruto had made before changing into his female form.

The male clone moaned as he continued to fuck Ino's ass, and he soon gripped her ass. "Ahh fuck, Ino, this ass is so tight," the Naruto clone moaned as he looked at the Naruko clone since Sakura wanted Ino to have the best of both. 

The female clone giggled, seeing the moaning Ino who initially wanted to fight this, but she was now enjoying it. "Do you like this Ino-chan?" the female clone asked with a cute giggle.

"Please...." Ino moaned, drool escaping her mouth, something that Naruko and Sakura noticed as the female clone soon sucked on Ino's breasts. "Oh god!" Ino cried out.

"Ahh, Ino, I'm cumming!" the male clone cried out, going faster before letting lose his seed into the platinum blonde's ass.

Ino cried as she gripped the bed sheets. "Ahh god yes you're coming in my ass your seed is feeling up my ass!" Ino cried and began to drool even more than she had before. 

The female clone giggled, watching the pleasure she could see on Ino's face and kissing her on the nose. "I bet you love that now didn't you Ino-chan?" the female clone asked as she noticed her male counterpart breathing deeply. 

The female clone noticed her male counterpart could no longer hold on as he pulled out and soon vanished. "I guess he could no longer hold it," she said with a pleased smile and then looked at Ino, who was still moaning from what the male clone had done to her. "Well, I can tell by the look you have on your face that you loved it?"

Ino nodded and soon opened her eyes, looking at the female clone. "Yes, I do. I love it, please don't stop." Ino mumbled, so only the clone could hear this. 

"How's she doing?" Naruko asked with a grin looking at the two. 

The female cloned looked at Naruko with a smirk. "I think she needs more convincing, you two," the clone told Naruko and Sakura, which caused Ino to moan as the female clone sucked on her breasts.

Naruko smiled, knowing what she needed to do, and moved over to Ino, as the pigtailed blonde could see Ino's red face. "Hmm, I guess I need to make you you understand then how good this can feel Ino-chan."

Moving her head down, Naruko kissed Ino deeply on the lips, making the platinum-haired blonde moan in Naruko's mouth.

As the pair continued making out, Ino moved her hands up to Naruko's body before reaching Naruko's breasts. 

Ino licked her lips lustfully, and Ino began nuzzling her head against Naruko's breasts, making Naruko moan from Ino's actions. "Ahh Ino," Naruko moaned, feeling Ino increasing Naruko's pleasure Ino began to lick Naruko's left nipple.

"Naruko...." Ino moaned with lust wanting to hear more moans from the pigtailed blonde. "You're breasts are so lovely, I can see why Sakura loves them," Ino moaned as she continued sucking on the breasts.

Sakura giggled, watching the action playing before her eyes knowing both her lover and best friend were having a great time together. "Hmm, you've got that right Ino, but this is what you get for what you did last night."

"Naruko!" Ino moaned as Naruko continued to rub her breasts before the blonde moved her right hand down to Ino's pussy and stroked it slowly, making Ino arch her back slightly, increasing Ino's moans and pleasure. 

Rubbing her fingers across her clit, Naruko asked, dominating her further. "Ino, do you want this?" Naruko teased. 

All Ino could do was moan and nod in reply, to which Naruko responded to Ino's need for pleasure by moving her head down to the platinum-haired blonde's snatch and letting her tongue push inside of her pussy. 

"Naruko, oh, yes... ah... your tongue feels so... so good...!" Ino moaned, loving the pleasure that Naruko was giving her.

Sakura looked at Ino, then moved closer with a sexy smile and went to suck on Ino's breasts as the platinum blonde cried out. "Oh Ino you have such sexy moans," Sakura whispered before she continued sucking on her friend's breasts.

By now, Ino had completely given herself to the joys of sex, and she was milking it for all it was worth as she wrapped her legs around Naruko and hugged Sakura's head to her chest.

"Oh! Oh, man! Ohhh yeahhhh! Yes! Yes! Sakura keep sucking my breasts! Naruko keep fucking my pussy!" Ino moaned, a happy expression now present on her face.

Naruko and Sakura smiled at each other, hearing the lustful moans coming from Ino, and the two could tell she loved this. 

However, after hearing what Ino told her, Naruko removed her tongue from Ino's folds, confusing Ino and making her look at the blonde in a confused and cute way, wondering why the vixen had stopped. 

But she got her answer when Naruko smiled, sat up, reached for her clothing, and began rummaging through her clothes until she pulled out the orange dildo she had with her.

"Do you want this?" Naruko asked, looking at Ino, who nodded and licked her lips.

Sakura smiled as she watched Naruko use her new toy and push into Ino, making her cry in pleasure. "Ahh, Naruko!"

Ino continued to moan and began bucking her hips as Naruko used her strap-on to fuck Ino harder. Ino suddenly cried as she reached her orgasm, her body shaking madly. 

"Wanna taste Ino?" Naruko asked with a smile pulling out the strap-on for Ino.

Nodding, Ino crawled up on all fours and took his sex pole into her mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop, Naruko petting her head and smiling down at her. "Hmm, so good," Ino mumbled as she closed her eyes, wanting to enjoy this moment.

Naruko giggled as she looked at Sakura, who grabbed another strap-on, this one pink, and moved up to Ino and rubbed her ass. "I think it's time I get a shot at this ass of yours Ino," Sakura told her friend with a grin.

Ino was shocked to hear this and looked at Sakura, seeing the pink strap-on as Sakura soon smirked. Ino focused on Sakura and nodded at her best friend, wanting Sakura to fuck her. "Yes, do it Sakura please fuck my ass," Ino moaned as she began shaking her ass in front of Sakura.

Knowing she didn't need telling twice, Sakura used her strap-on and soon pushed it deep into Inos' ass, making the two cry out in pleasure. "Ino, oh fuck Ino you ass!" Sakura cried with pleasure.

Ino smiled and began to moan as her breasts started shaking thanks to Sakura fucking her hard. "Oh god, Sakura, your fucking my ass so hard," Ino moaned as the platinum blonde closed her eyes, wanting to enjoy what Sakura was doing to her ass.

Naruko smiled as she watched Sakura fuck Ino in her ass since she couldn't help but pull away from Naruko's strap-on. "Ino, you look so cute like this," Naruko told the girl.

Ino was shocked to hear this from Naruko and looked at the pigtailed blonde as she let out a few moans. "You really think I'm cute?" She replied and smiled at Naruko. "Naruko I want a kiss, please," Ino moaned out as Sakura nodded, Naruko complying and capturing her lips with her own, now both of them exploring each other with wrestling tongues.

Sakura smiled as she continued to pound Ino's ass with her strap-on and soon smirked and used her strength to pull Ino away from Naruko. It shocked Ino as the platinum blonde looked at her best friend with confused eyes. 

"Sakura, why?" Ino moaned as she wanted to keep kissing, but Sakura pulled her friend into a kiss. 

Naruko already giggled, knowing what Sakura was doing, and moved over to Ino as the blonde used her strap-on to fuck Ino. The two noticed Ino pulling away from Sakura's lips and cried out from the pleasure she felt from the two. "Ahh, Naruko, Sakura. Oh fuck this feels so good!" Ino moaned as she opened her eyes to see her friends smiling at her.

The two could only smile hearing this from Ino and began to go faster, which caused Ino to cry with pleasure. "Ahh, Ino!" Naruko moaned, already feeling Ino's breasts rubbing against her's and Naruko loved it.

The three continued making love, with Ino crying in pleasure, feeling Sakura's breasts press into her back and Naruko's breasts pressing against her own.  

"Yes, oh god, yes!" Ino cried as soon as Sakura pulled Ino in for a kiss, followed by Naruko. "Oh fuck you two, it feels amazing!" Ino cried with pleasure and could hear the moans coming from Sakura and Naruko.

"Ino, you're pushing ass into me and feels good," Sakura cried as she began before kissing her neck.

Naruko watched the action with the two, and she smiled and gave a moan rubbing her breasts against Ino's. "Oh, Ino, your breasts are pushing on mine!" Naruko cried out with a happy moan before Sakura reached for Naruko and pushed the pigtailed blonde close to her best friend. 

"Ahh, Sakura!" Ino cried, feeling her breasts pressing harder on Naruko's plump breasts. Ino closed her eyes and loved the feeling of Naruko's breasts on her's, and she had a good feeling that Sakura knew this. 

"Oh, Ino, your moans sound good. Please keep moaning for Naruko, keep moaning for me!" Sakura cried with pleasure. 

The three lovers kept moaning, but the friction their lovemaking caused. "Ahh, Naruko, Sakura, this feels so good. I... I..." Ino moaned, but she didn't get to finish her sentence as Naruko and Sakura pulled the platinum blonde into a three-way kiss.

All three used their tounges to battle the other, and each could feel the pleasure building up in the three. "Ahh I can't hold on I can't," Ino screamed, breaking away from the kiss. "I need to cum. I'm CUMMING!"

Sakura grunted, feeling the pleasure building, and could see that Naruko felt the same. "Ahh, me too Ino I can't hold on anymore either!" Sakura cried, rubbing her breasts on Ino's back. 

All three cried out as they had reached their limit, and with their orgasm hitting, all three lovers fell onto the bed. All three moaned from the pleasure Naruko and Sakura removed their strap-ons and tossed them to the floor.

Ino couldn't help but smile, and her two lovers both could already see the silly smile she had. "Wow, just wow, that felt so damn good," Ino said with a silly smile as she looked at Naruko and Sakura.

Naruko giggled at this, knowing Ino had fun. "Well, I'm happy that you had a good time Ino-chan," Naruko said with a grin, and then the pigtailed blonde looked at Sakura. 

"Yeah, I think we should try this more often," Sakura said, still feeling breathless from the lovemaking.

Ino looked at the two and smiled as she cuddled up to Naruko and Sakura. "You know what? I think I might take you up on that offer," Ino said before she went to sleep with Naruko and Sakura beside her.

Once Ino had fallen asleep, Naruko and Sakura looked at each other and gave the one they loved a kiss. The kiss lasted for a short while before they pulled away, looking at each other with love before they two went to sleep.

All three cuddled up with each other, hoping that they could spend more time like this with each other, but tomorrow was another day.