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midnight blue

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It wasn’t meant to be more than a one-time thing. Just for the sake of the mission. A chance to be physically intimate with one another. To get to know each other a little more, to be comfortable around each other. 

And, yes, while that had been the case then, this was now, as Loid lay here on the bed, against the lovey-dovey bedsheets, with his legs up and wide apart. And Yor pressing just against him. 

Her small hands managed to keep his legs prised apart. She didn’t need to dig in her fingers; mark him with her nails or scratch him up like she might do on another night when she was feeling bold or needed to keep him in place. No, Loid was being quite good tonight. Very good, in fact; not that he needed to hear it. 

Not that he needed to hear anything. He’d spent much of his life plunged in darkness, only picking up was strictly necessary. Sometimes he would listen out for their breathing; the steady, unhurried, rise and fall. Or maybe he wouldn’t listen to anything at all. Just the silence. 

…He didn’t know that Yor was the same. 

Her hands inched upwards from where she’d been holding him at the knees, coming to the softer, inner parts of his thighs. He knew she wasn’t going to touch him; he didn’t need her to, either. Most girls he’d been with for the sake of his missions had shied away, in fact, so he was used to it. But Yor didn’t shy away, no — she was being deliberate about this, about neglecting his hard cock, whcih lolled lazily against his stomach, leaking pre-cum. 

Yor hummed a little to herself, like there was no rush. Then she rolled her hips and squeezed at his thighs. The paired touch wasn’t…insistent — more a warmup, to get the blood flowing, than anything else. But it was just enough from Loid’s breath to hitch in his throat. 

Their eyes met in the dim night light. Hers had a steely determination to them, a quiet confidence like she knew what she was doing. It was so far removed from the woman who stumbled over her words, unsure of herself, relying on liquid courage. And yet — she was still Yor, more than she’d ever been.

…Yor rolled her hips again, the blunt head of the dildo pressing against him and Loid let himself groan at the touch. He was all slicked up and ready for her; even though they said this was only to be a one time thing. 

But here they were.  

Yor’s hands left his thighs. One hand braced itself somewhere to the side of him, on the mattress, and her whole body leaned forward with it. The other hand went from his thigh, down to take the dildo in hand, guiding it…

Their eyes sought each other again in the darkness. Loid nodded; a confirmation.

She slid in, easily, and Loid threw his head back, swearing silently. If he had a single weakness as a spy, it was this , as Yor hummed as she pulled out ever so slowly and so gently, as she braced against him, allowing the seconds to tick by…

Then she slammed back into him. She fucked him. She fucked into him, and fucked him deep into the mattress. His legs wrapped around her waist; her tits bouncing up and down like a pendulum. Her hands gripped at his hips, anchoring him as she unravelled — unravelled or unwound him, from the tightly-coiled screw he was.  

…They’d only planned for this to be a one-time thing. Just a test. A chemistry experiment, really. But then Yor was kissing him as she pulled out and frantically undid the harness, her hands diving down to touch herself. Her lips were soft, her touch warm against his skin, and Loid could ask for nothing more as he stretched out, laid bare before her as they both met their release. 

They’d only planned for this once, but Yor kissed him still even as she moved to get up, not wanting to leave his side. She’d even found a flannel to clean them off with. And when that was done, she didn’t tiptoe back to her own room.

She stayed. 

They’d only meant for this to be one time, and yet Yor searched for him in the darkness, under the covers, asking silently whether everything had been okay, whether it had suited him, as she worried her lip between her teeth and played with her hair.

And Loid reassured her, in just as many words pressed into the grooves of her skin  — which was to say, none, for they never needed any — that yes, it had; had been excellent in fact.

They’d only meant for this to be a one-time thing, but Loid eventually wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close to him. He kissed her shoulder; smiled against her skin, and Yor…leaned into it. It was like going into the cold waters of Berlint river, it was like taking the plunge and, together…

They drifted off.