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the yellow shepherd and the tailor

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Non! Non non non!!!” The esteemed tailor cried out, pacing in front of the form figure. His boots are loud with each step he takes, making his assistant worriedly follow the pace. 


“Absolutely terrible, how could I have fallen for this deception, why didn’t I properly check the wool before agreeing to the transaction? Pah! Incroyable-!” The seamster - Shu Itsuki - had bought wool from a credible salesman, but it seemed that being credible was not enough as the wool he had purchased was of low grade. It made it nearly impossible for it to spin into proper worsted for the outfit Shu had in mind, and there was nothing else Shu could replace it with as the entire design required a copious amount of worsted! 


Shu growled, moving to look for some sort of weapon so he may go hunt the salesman if he was still in the village. How could he use such bad quality material for his artwork? His tailor shop was his pride - a shop he had bought with his own money after years of being an assistant in the Kingdom of Tenshouin to a less-than-adequate seamster. To have his own shop outside of the kingdom was what Shu had always dreamed of, and now that he had it, there was no way he was going to jeopardize both his shop’s credibility and art by producing some lackluster outfit!


“Oshi-san, nng, maybe we can wait fer the merchant market this weekend. Sometimes they got the good stuff?” Mika, Shu’s assistant, suggested in hopes of getting the tailor to calm down a bit. 


Shu only scoffed, turning to Mika while crossing his arms. “Absurd! The merchant’s square has lesser quality than this! To think I, Itsuki Shu, had been tricked like this… I’ll have his head, that red-headed merchant buffoon!” 


As Shu continued to pace about, Mika sat down on the stool in front of the outfit Shu was working on. He let out sulking noise as he scratched his head, looking at the unfinished costume that hung sadly on the form. While Shu continued to ramble, Mika rubbed his face before perking up. 


“Hey! Oshi-san, what about seein’ the Yellow Shepherd? There’s a shepherd that lives outside the kingdom’s east, he’s got tons of animals, not just sheep.” Mika suggested. 


Shu stopped what he was doing, turning to Mika with a questionable look.   


“A shepherd that’s not from the kingdom? Well that’s convenient. I refuse to step foot in Tenshouin territory.” Shu hummed, crossing his arms as he thought about it. “Why haven’t I heard about this Shepherd of Yellow?” Shu asked, a brow rising as he eyed Mika. 


“Er, well I heard ‘bout it from kids 'n the orphanage. Guess they were talkin’ ‘bout how scary the shepherd was or somethin’. Like he’s a lonely ghost or somethin’?” Mika explained before standing up. “Oshi-san if ya want, I can go over n’ get ya some new wool. It’s not as far as the kingdom so ‘bout half a day’s trip. If I go now, I can come back before nightfall!” Mika suggested, beaming at the man. 


Shu took a moment to think, wondering if going over to a shepherd's pasture was something the tailor would be willing to do. Half a day’s trip was doable, but was it really worth it to head to an unknown land outside the kingdom to find wool for his outfit? Absolutely! Of course! This piece of work deserved only the finest! 


Nodding his head, Shu moved to grab his bags. “Kagehira, you stay here. I’ll go off to this Yellow Shepherd and retrieve the wool I need! There’s no guarantee the wool will be of caliber, it’s better if I go to properly judge the product. Stay and maintain the shop.” As he collected another bag, Mika almost made a noise of protest before slinking back. 


“Alright Oshi-san…” Mika watched as Shu headed towards the door, the green-haired man following. “Have a safe trip, be careful!” 


Shu huffed, draping his cape over his shoulder. “I will be back before sun down, rest assured Kagehira.” He offered the other a quick pat on the head before heading out, Mika peeking his head out the door. 


“Nnng… I hope everything turns out okay. You can sometimes tick people off, Oshi-san.” Mika sighed before heading back inside the tailor’s shop. 

Unfortunately for Shu, he knew the way to the kingdom quite well. It was unfortunate that the kingdom had finer ingredients for food and better quality product for the work he did, but even then Shu hated being in the Tenshouin kingdom. To hear that there was a shepherd that lived outside of the kingdom made Shu wonder why. The merchant he had traded with earlier that day came from the kingdom, so if there was a way that Shu could receive quality wool without having to participate in Tenshouin economics then he was more than happy to choose that alternative. 


He took the east trail, knowing that it led to the fields and woods rather than the stone pathway towards the kingdom. Shu normally didn’t like treading through grass and possible dirt and mud but he knew he needed to to make it towards the fields. Even if he had never been to the pasture before, Shu knew the area well enough to remember that there was a field towards the East, plenty of space for a shepherd with herds of animals. 


After shooing away some small rodents that scurried by his feet, Shu had made it through the forest’s opening to the field. 


The land was vast and filled with white and yellow flowers. The luscious field looked healthy and picturesque; if Shu had brought his easel and paints he would’ve loved to set up and begin capturing the scene on a canvas. But in the middle of the field was a small cottage made of brick and stone, a fence circling around the building and a large space where animals wandered about and grazed on the fresh grass. 


Yes. this was certainly the shepherd Mika had talked about. Considering he saw various sheep out and about, Shu was also shocked to see other animals of different sizes. There were animals with long necks but looked just as fluffy as the ruminants. There was also a cow and what looked to be like smaller mammals that were huddled together. 


Shu squinted at the animals, but seeing that there were indeed sheep had made the tailor ecstatic. He quickly walked over towards the cottage, looking for the entrance of the fenced area. The animals had perked up, watching the pink-haired man as he made his way into the area, going straight over to one of the sheeps. 


Magnifique! Your wool, nearly pure white!” Shu gasped, placing a hand onto a rather lax sheep’s back. The wool was the softest he’s ever felt, truly the perfect kind for the outfit he had planned. 


As Shu continued to pat the sheep, a larger animal came over and began to nudge at Shu. It was one of those long-necked animals that had wool as well, except it was curlier. While Shu wasn’t well versed on animals, he knew that this one was something called an alpaca. He had never seen an alpaca in person but in passing he had heard that alpaca’s wools were very lightweight and easy to spin. Perhaps Shu could use alpaca wool as well for his project, or a new project now that he has access to it! 


“You… You’re quite soft as well, your wool is fantastic, truly wonderful!” Shu complimented the alpaca. As he stared upon the majestic animal he noticed that beneath the curly wool was a purple collar that had a flower pendant. While Shu leaned his head in in an attempt to read the name on the pendant, the alpaca happily took to taking Shu’s hat off his head and began chewing on it. 


“GAH! Gentle beast, release my hat!” Shu moved to take it back, only to hear loud barking in the distance. 


Bark, bark bark!! 


The alpaca let go of Shu’s hat to turn and look at the brown cattle dog that came bolting out of the house and towards Shu and the alpaca. 


Shu immediately stood up straight, taking steps back as he realized that the dog was barrelling towards him. Before Shu was able to turn away to run, the dog had jumped onto the tailor and tackled him to the ground. 


The initial fear of being bitten had immediately washed away with the dog’s saliva. Shu’s face was being licked at constantly by this brown dog that was happily wagging his tail. 


“Bah! Off! Off I say!” Shu called out, trying to push the animal away so he could get up. 


“Mitsuru-chin! Where’d you go?” A high voice called out. 


The dog, presumably hearing his name, had rolled off of Shu and stood in front of the man, looking towards the voice. 


Shu sat up, adjusting his clothes and grabbing his hat before any other herd animal could attempt to chew at it. He turned towards the voice and the moment his eyes laid eyes on the man his entire mind had emptied. 


The man - the shepherd - was a small man with blond hair that grew long on one side. He wore a blue beret with an outfit that looked as if it was drowning the man in soft clothing that was embroidered with blue and yellow accents. In his hand he held a shepherd’s crook that had a ribbon tied near the top of the hook. As he made his way over all Shu could think was: 


Ah, I have found my soulmate! 


Shu found himself dumbfounded, unable to properly speak as he stood up. The closer the man got the more Shu felt his heart beat louder and louder in his chest, begging to be united with its second half. With each second, Shu could see more details on the man that enamored the tailor. The shepherd’s eyes were a pink-red that complimented the natural blush on his cheeks and nose. One soft-looking hand was balled into a fist while the other grasped his crook, though Shu could still see the reddish tint of his knuckles. 


Oh and how his brows were furrowed as if he were frustrated- 


“Who are ya?! You better not be trying to hurt my animals, otherwise I’ll kick your ass!”


And the voice… so melodic despite the threat. Shu truly had found his one and only - the Yellow Shepherd. 


Shu only found himself leaning towards the blond man, eyes trained on the shepherd. He wanted to embrace him, to exclaim his love as loud as he could- 


“I asked you a question! Don’t take another step closer, you creep!” Nazuna held the crook out, pressing it against Shu’s chest. “Are ya another one of the King’s men trying to convince me to sell my land? I told ya again and again, you can tell that Tenshouin to suck it!” 


Oh… and he disliked Eichi Tenshouin. Truly they were meant to be. 


“Dear sir… I’ve not come for that. In fact, I loathe the King.” Shu explained. The shepherd seemed to ease a bit, though he still kept his crook up. 


“Okay then… What are you here for? You’re dressed like you’re from the kingdom though.” The man pointed out, eyes narrowed. 


“Forgive me for not introducing myself immediately… I’m Itsuki Shu, a tailor from the Stars Village that’s south of the kingdom. I was told there was a shepherd living around here and I’ve come to see if you would be willing to trade for wool.” 


The shepherd slowly lowered his crook, placing it into the dirt as he leaned down to pet the dog that was whimpering a bit from not getting any attention. 


“Mmm, what do you think, Mitsuru-chin? He doesn’t seem like a bad person.” The blond man cooed, the dog happily yipping. The alpaca had come over to reach down, pressing its head against the dog’s side before turning to walk over to Shu again. This time the alpaca leaned over to chew at Shu’s hair, making the man gasp and pull away. 


“Ahaha~” The shepherd laughed at the display, Shu’s heart racing even faster. His face had turned red, a flushed blush spread across his cheeks at such an angelic sound. 


“Hajime-chin, don’t eat our guest’s hair~” The man moved to pat the alpaca away who moved to sit down on the ground. The dog immediately began running circles around the larger animals while the other sheep wandered about. 


“Well alright. I’m Nito Nazuna. I’m the owner of this land and the shepherd that takes care of all these animals. I got some spare wool but I’m letting ya know right now it’s not gonna be cheap.” The shepherd - Nazuna - had explained with one hand on his crook and the other on his hip. 


Shu immediately nodded, heading over to Nazuna and taking his hand with both of his. 


“Of course! Already I see how well these animals are taken care of. Their wool is of superb caliber, I expect nothing less than to pay for the finest of materials!” Shu exclaimed loudly, making Nazuna grin nervously. 


“Eh? T-Thanks I guess?” Nazuna took his hand back, rubbing the back of his head before turning towards his cottage. “I was actually in the middle of putting feed out for the animals so I have to do that before getting the wool. You can wait in the cottage and I can get you some tea or something if you want?” The man offered. 


Normally Shu would take the offer and wait. Something like feeding animals wasn’t a skillset Shu had nor did he want to dirty his clothes… but that meant he’d have to be without Nazuna’s presence. 


“I can offer my assistance. It would finish the chore faster, yes?” Shu suggested. 


It made Nazuna raise a brow at him, looking at the tailor up and down before shrugging his shoulders. 


“If you want, but just know you might be getting your clothes dirty.” Nazuna chuckled. Even though Shu was particular about the tidiness of his outfit, he found himself growing curious as to who Nazuna was and what he did here on the land. Yes he was Shu’s soulmate but there was still lots to learn about from one another! 


Shu nodded his head and followed Nazuna towards the cottage. The brown dog named Mitsuru had trotted happily along with the two of them as the shepherd began to take hold of large bags of feed that were outside the cottage. Shu had offered his help by carrying them, surprised that such a small man was capable of doing so much all by himself. 


They had gone from one section near the cottage to the next, putting feed in bins and troths. All the while Shu found that Nazuna had a habit of speaking to the animals with such care. There was a name for every creature here on the pasture. 


A Tomo-chin there, a Kuro-chin here, Nazuna knew them all and he spoke to them as if they were more than just livestock he owned. Not only did it seem like every animal there was a pet of Nazuna’s, he spoke to them more as if they were younger brothers and sisters. His kindness was clear as day, and truly Shu wondered if he had come across an angel. 


Towards the end Shu had nearly stumbled and fallen thanks to a small duck that quacked at him from behind, scaring the man. Luckily Nazuna had grabbed onto Shu’s arm and pulled him back before he could actually fall, and Shu had quickly held onto Nazuna’s arm in return. 


“You okay there? Aira-chin you gotta be careful! If you quack behind someone they’ll jump and might hurt you!” Nazuna moved to pick up the duck, stroking its feathers and offering scratches on the side of its head. The duck named Aira gladly accepted those scratches before Nazuna let the duck down. 


Shu flushed, his eyes wide as he watched Nazuna clap his hands to get rid of the dust. 


“Well that’s it. Thanks Itsuki for helping me out there~ It did make it go faster.” Nazuna offered a smile to the man whose heart was still loudly thumping against his chest. “Let’s head back to my cottage and we can discuss prices.” 


Shu nodded, swallowing thickly as he followed Nazuna towards the building. With each passing second he felt his heart yearning more and more for the shepherd, unable to stop its pleading. Almost like one of his sheep, Shu trails Nazuna with a skip in his step - he can’t stop wanting to reach out and take the man’s hand. 


The inside of the cottage is cozy, with walls that are decorated in photographs of Nazuna’s animals. There are also stuffed animals that sit on shelves that look regularly maintained without a trace of dust. Worldly souvenirs also decorate the cabinets and Shu can’t help but think there must be someone else here to help maintain the livestock and house. 


Nazuna pulled up a chair for Shu in the kitchen, moving to take the kettle and fill it up with water. 


“Any tea?” He offered. Shu nodded his head in response, prompting Nazuna to strike a match to light the stovetop. The blond then brings over a tray of sugar cubes and a small saucer of milk. Shu noticed the cookie tin that was already on the table as Nazuna opened the lid. 


“Help yourself~ These are my favorite cookies.” Nazuna decided to take one himself as he sat down across Shu, taking a bite before putting it down on his tiny plate. “So you’re interested in wool! It’s not shearing season yet but I got some cream and brown wool available. I also got alpaca wool but not much. If you were looking for more than thirty pounds you’ll probably have to come back in a few months.” Nazuna explained. 


Shu only nodded his head, though a bit dumbfounded as he was still trying to process both information and his feelings. Realizing that Nazuna was staring at him, Shu cleared his throat. 


“Ah yes, well I’ll be spinning worsted for an outfit I’m making. It’s only a section of the outfit but it’s quite vital. I’d say about ten pounds of your cream wool to be safe.” Shu watched as Nazuna got up when the kettle began to whistle, using a towel to carry it over to the table and pour into ceramic cups (that had rabbits painted on them.) 


Nazuna seemed to brighten up at the inquiry. As he sat back down, Shu also noticed that Nazuna was filling his tea cup with copious amounts of sugar cube and milk, something that Shu found rather endearing.


“That’s no problem at all~ I’d say all together would be about fifteen gold pieces.” Nazuna explained, watching for Shu’s reaction. 


Actually fifteen gold pieces felt a bit of an undersell. With how beautiful the wool on Nazuna’s sheep were, Shu would’ve gladly paid a bit more for something of superb quality. 


“I accept.” Shu took two sugar cubes for his tea, stirring it in and taking a sip. “The quality of your animals’ wool is the best I’ve ever seen, though I really only see wool once it's sheared. To be honest worsted isn’t my textile of choice since quality wool isn’t readily available, but I had already started a project and plan to see it through.” He explained, watching Nazuna take a sip and then a bite of his cookie. 


“So you’re that type of person huh? Someone who won’t give up after they’ve started something~ That’s a good quality to have.” Nazuna smiled. Shu couldn’t help but return the smile as well. 


“Tenacity is an honorable trait. You seem to be the only one here. Do you maintain these lands all by yourself?” Shu asked, placing his cup down. 


Nazuna propped his elbow on the table, face leaning into his hand before nodding. “Yup, it’s all me. I used to live in the kingdom actually but I used to sneak out and found myself here helping out at the pasture.” He took another sip of his tea before adding another cube of sugar. Shu watched and listened to the other with bated breath. 


“The previous owners were nice, but it got to the point where they couldn’t maintain it anymore. They didn’t want to sell it so they put me in the will. Not that I wanted this place to be sold either so I took ownership when they did pass.” Nazuna sighed gently. 


“The stupid kingdom always wanted this land, probably for an extension of their training ground… but if they buy the land then all the animals here wouldn’t have a home. No way I’d leave any of them behind.” Nazuna murmured, closing his eyes and leaning against his hand.


Now that Shu was sitting so close to Nazuna he could see the slight bags that drooped under the man’s eyes. The callous in the other’s hands and the scratches on his arms from working with animals that weren’t always cooperative. All of these little details only made Shu realize how much more beautiful Nazuna was than he initially thought. 


With such a big heart and the motivation to take care of an entire pasture… this man truly was an angel. 


Nazuna opened his eyes, quickly putting down his hand. “Sorry! Didn’t mean to talk your ear off. I can bring the wool over and you can check it over before paying. It’s best to make sure that you’re getting what you want right?”


Yes… that was important. Shu wished he had done that earlier that day and not blindly pay for something without seeing it. He was assured that Nazuna was an honest man for offering him to see the goods, not that Shu had any doubt that Nazuna was anything less than pure-hearted. 


“I can come with.” Shu offered, sipping his tea and finishing it before getting up from his seat. “Let me put these away for you as well.” He smiled, making Nazuna laugh a bit. 


“Aha, thanks. You know I don’t get a lot of people coming here, so I’m glad you did.” Nazuna smiled back at Shu. 


I’m glad I did as well, Nito. Shu thought, offering back that smile. 

They had made the transaction after Shu was shown the wool. They were, of course, amazingly well kept and of a high quality that was sure to be spun into making the finest of worsted textile. As much as Shu wished he could stay, he did promise Mika that he would be back before sundown. 


“Feel free to come back any time Itsuki~” Nazuna waved, his animals gathered around him to see Shu off. 


It had made Shu’s heart beat wildly in his chest, and when he did arrive back at his tailor home Mika had jumped in surprise at how Shu looked as he came through the door with wool. 


“What’s wrong Oshi-san?!” Mika had cried out, staring at Shu’s wide eyes and tranced expression. 


L’amour.” Shu replied, though Mika had no idea what that meant. 


He didn’t immediately spin the wool, but after some time Shu did get to work on the outfit. Like he knew, the wool truly was amazing - it had gone through the spinning wheel effortlessly and the textile produced was nothing shy of perfection. 


Shu had managed to create his outfit and felt the utmost pride for it. He almost didn’t want to sell the craftsmanship considering that it now felt a bit symbolic to the tailor, but the outfit he had made brought in high-demand. 


There were new projects planned, all made from wool and the like. The reason of course was because he wanted to go back to the pasture to see Nazuna. 


The second time he had come over Shu had brought Mika so they could carry back more wool together. Mika had gotten along so well with Nazuna as well as the animals that Nazuna had begun calling the man as Mika-chin , which made the tailor’s apprentice blush and giggle. 


Shu had even tried the alpaca wool, learning that the wool that Hajime the alpaca made was stronger and more resistant than other fabrics such as cashmere. Mika had a hand in making a sweater that they provided for the alpaca as he had been sheared and was looking rather cold. 


Nazuna had joked about whether or not he was going to receive a sweater or not as well which led Shu to realize that the best way he could offer himself to Nazuna was to create an outfit just for him. Ever since he first saw Nazuna, Shu had thought about what outfits the shepherd would look amazing in. He had become Shu’s muse after all, and when he was at home in the night inspiration would strike that took him to his sketchbook. 


So on a day when Shu had come over (he made it a habit to visit Nazuna regularly without the need of purchasing any wool) he brought along his measuring tape and his book. 


“Wait a minute… I was only joking! You really don’t have to.” Nazuna insisted, standing in the pen of rabbits. Reaching down the shepherd picked up a brown one - Tomo-chin, as Shu knew - and began petting him lovingly. 


“But I’d like to! Dear Nito, think of it as my gift to you, for all the work you’ve done to aid me. All the work you’ve done up to this point, something to reward you for your efforts.” Shu explained, following the blond man around the pen. 


“Mmm~ The love I get from everyone here is enough for me~” Nazuna nuzzled into the rabbit who happily pressed his nose back. He smiled down at the rabbit, stroking his head some more before placing him down. 


“Besides, you’ve helped me tons! With the lifting and the animals, you’ve even patched up some of my clothes for me. I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for me, Shu.” Nazuna turned to offer a gentle smile. 


It sent shivers through Shu’s spine. The first time Nazuna had said his first name Shu had nearly cried. He feigned the tears that stung his eyes as bad allergies, but really his heart was swooning and in desperate need for Nazuna’s affection. Still… Shu wasn’t going to leave without proper measurements. 


“I insist. Please, I’ll beg Nito.” Shu moved to get on one knee. Despite being in the rabbit pen, he had gotten accustomed to the messier aspect of Nazuna’s work and had dressed accordingly. “Nito~” 


Nazuna cringed at the sight, moving to take the bag of rabbit feed away. 


“Don’t be so weird! If you beg I’ll kick you over!” Nazuna pouted, running off to the other side of the rabbit pen. 


“Ah~ Nito! Nito Nito~!” Shu called out, getting up and chasing after the blond. It made Nazuna shriek, letting go of the bag and heading towards a different direction away from the man. Of course being inside of a rabbit's pen meant that they were fenced in, so Shu had cut the path and made his way to Nazuna, scooping him up. 


“Nito! My darling Nito! Please, won’t you allow me to make you the perfect outfit! It’ll be crafted with the utmost care and passion-” 


“Okay okay! Fine I’ll let you just let me goooo!” Nazuna squirmed, though he was also partially laughing. 


Shu wished he could stay like this a bit longer, embracing his beautiful Nazuna while listening to the sound of his gorgeous laughter fill his ears. But he had gotten what he wanted so he let Nazuna down.


“Brilliant. Then shall we finish up with feeding the animals and head inside to take your measurements?” Shu offered with a grin, leaning forward. Nazuna only rolled his eyes in response, pushing Shu’s face away with a palm before grabbing the bag of feed. 


She had smiled in response, especially since he saw the corner of a grin on Nazuna’s face as he walked past him. 

“The best I’ve ever done was sort of make a felt puppet. Making full-fledged outfits is pretty amazing.” Nazuna pointed out, his arms out to the side as Shu used his measuring tape to take note of the length. “It’s nice to hear you were able to leave the kingdom and start your own tailor shop. You must be pretty proud~”


Shu hummed in response, taking the book that was tucked under his arm and wrote down the arm measurement. “It’s something I’ve been doing from a very young age. I take much pride in both designing and creating these works of art~ My store is very much like a child to me, I’ve given it life and raised it to be the finest, even those from the kingdom will traverse to commission me an outfit that’s made of the highest caliber.” Shu boosted, beaming with pride as he thought about his journey and the success he had as a well-renowned artist. He placed the book back under his arm and wrapped the tape measure around Nazuna’s wrist. 


“Which is also why I feel like…” Nazuna started but stopped suddenly. Shu waited a bit before gently pressing a thumb against Nazuna’s wrist to coax him. 


“Like I don’t deserve to wear something of yours? You’ve shown me the other outfits you’ve made and it just doesn’t feel right for me to wear something so nice I guess.” Nazuna murmured, looking away. 


It made Shu pause, but he continued to look at the measurement and write it down in his book. 


“Nonsense. If anyone is deserving it is you, Nito. From the moment I laid eyes on you I knew I wanted to create an outfit designed and only worn by you, Nito.” Shu explained, moving to bring Nazuna’s wrist up to press a kiss to. 


Nazuna’s face flushed ever so slightly, not looking at Shu but to his wrist. He didn’t pull it away, the two of them at a point where they had given each other a bit of affection from time to time. Sometimes Nazuna would embrace Shu or grab his arm and tug him somewhere, and Shu in response would offer kisses to his hand or head. Perhaps it was the fact that they were soulmates that they didn’t need to speak of, and instead they acted upon their feelings. 


“What if I don’t look good…~? Eh but I guess that means I wouldn’t be trusting you to make something amazing huh? I have full faith in you, Shu~” Nazuna cooed, taking a moment to look up at Shu. 


Seeing Nazuna’s eyes glisten at him made Shu’s heart race once more. Knowing that Nazuna also had his faith in him made Shu even more determined to create something that not only was beautiful, but truly highlighted Nazuna as the kind, strong, individual he is. 


“I promise you, dear Nito, you will shine.” Shu reassured, leaning over to press a gentle kiss to the man’s head. 


Shu took the measuring tape afterwards, wrapping it around Nazuna’s waist. He was wearing a light sweater, but Nazuna turned his head to look at Shu, a blush spread across his face. 


“Wouldn’t it be easier if I took off my sweater?” Nazuna asked. Shu stopped his hands, swallowing thickly as he looked back to Nazuna. 


“It… would be. If you were comfortable with that.” Shu replied. His hands hovered over Nazuna’s waist, unsure of what to do. 


Nazuna moved his hands on top of Shu’s, guiding his hands towards the hem of his sweater. “You can take it off me then…” He told the other, letting Shu’s fingers graze the skin that was under the sweater and his shirt. 


Shu shivered in response. 


Feeling the blond’s milky skin, even if it was just the faintest of touch, was enough to drive Shu mad with desire. He couldn’t stop himself from pressing the flats of his fingers on Nazuna’s skin, swallowing the formed lump in his throat. 


“N-Nito… If we proceed like this any further… I won’t be able to help myself…” Shu whispered, fingers shaking a bit before Nazuna moved to turn around, facing the taller man. 


“Yeah? And what would you do to me?” Nazuna challenged, moving to wrap his arms around Shu’s shoulders, bringing him closer. Their faces were inches apart, and Shu couldn’t help but notice how he could feel Nazuna’s breath against his face. Shu only felt himself unravel under Nazuna’s words and touch, the many thoughts on what he wanted to do racing through his mind. 


“I-I’d want to touch you… everywhere - your entire body… Your gorgeous, porcelain skin…milky… in my mouth…taste… all of it-” Shu gasped out, shaking as he felt Nazuna’s fingers twirl at the ends of Shu’s hair, tickling the back of his neck. 


Nazuna’s eyelids lowered, a sultry look as he stared up at Shu. With each second that passed Shu felt as though his body temperature was rising exponentially. Maybe because Nazuna was pressing himself closer to Shu’s. 


“Then do it.” Nazuna prompted, bringing Shu’s head down to take the other’s lips with his own. It was the permission Shu needed to move, to hold Nazuna’s waist and kiss back hungrily as Nazuna eagerly moaned into his mouth. 


Fingers move to stroke and rub at Nazuna’s waist, finally moving to take off the smaller man’s sweater and shirt. Nazuna gasped softly into Shu’s mouth, parting his lips and letting Shu feel his hot breath before pulling away. 


Nazuna held his arms up to let Shu properly take the clothing off, the blond then grabbing Shu’s hand and pulling him upstairs to his bedroom. 


Shu was absolutely whipped, eagerly chasing Nazuna who led him into the private bedroom. He had been in Nazuna’s bedroom before but by accident the first time. Nazuna had directed him to the bathroom upstairs which was the door next to Nazuna’s room but had ultimately ended up in the bedroom instead. 


It was a large room, with shelves decorated similarly to how it was downstairs. There were a lot more photos of animals but what Shu had noticed was the amount of book logs Nazuna kept on his desk and all around the foot of the grand king-sized bed. (Shu had imagined how cute it was for Nazuna to be in such a large bed and only take up less than half of the space.) 


Leading Shu over to the bed, Nazuna moved to take off the rest of his clothes, pulling down his pants. Shu quickly moved to take off his dress shirt, fumbling with the buttons and the first time in his life Shu cursed himself for making such an intricate design.


Nazuna hopped up onto his bed (cute) and moved to sit on his knees, still wearing his boxers. Shu followed eagerly, finally managing his shirt off before he began unbuckling his belt. The blond quickly pulled Shu down, crashing their lips together as Nazuna wrapped his legs around Shu’s middle. 


Even if the blankets below were plush and warm, none of it compared to the way their bodies were heating up internally. Nazuna slipped his tongue into Shu’s mouth, making the larger man groan and gasp, opening his mouth to accept the other’s appendage. 


Shu sucked desperately onto Nazuna’s tongue, panting a bit as he felt as though he was taking a taste of the elixir of life itself. He wanted to taste more and more of Nazuna, his tongue pressed against the blond’s before he pulled away. 


As he finally managed to remove his pants, Shu’s mouth trailed down to Nazuna’s neck, latching onto the skin and sucking feverishly. His tongue ran circles around the salty skin, making Nazuna squeak and moan out. 


So precious… Shu thought as his hands went back to feel all of Nazuna’s body. It started with the hips and then to Nazuna’s stomach, a hand going up to the man’s chest while the other went down to feel the bulge that was forming between Nazuna’s legs. 


He wanted to taste all of Nazuna, Shu decided. Hooking a finger into Nazuna’s underwear, he pulled it down to reveal the shepherd’s erection. If he was more versed in humor, Shu might’ve made a comparison to the Nazuna’s shepherd crook, but instead the only thought in his mind was how badly he wanted to devour that sweet dick. 


When Shu wrapped his fingers around the base of Nazuna’s cock, the sweetest moan escaped the blond’s lips. 


“S-Shuuu…” Nazuna gasped out. It sent waves of electricity to Shu’s own cock that was pressed against the fabric of his own undergarment. 


“Nazuna-” Shu managed, using the other’s first name. It made the blond tilt his head with those half-lidded eyes, a smirk on his face. Before Shu could finish his train of thought, Nazuna had taken a hold of Shu’s cock in his own hand, squeezing it before letting his fingers dance away.


Shu let out a curt groan, the heat in his stomach pooling fiercely as he bit down on his lip to suppress any other sounds. That seemed to get Nazuna going as he moved to take his underwear off fully, sitting back up on his knees while holding Shu’s shoulders.

“You said you wanted to taste me… so I’ll let you Shu… but you have to make me feel really good, okay?” Nazuna told the other, moving to put a finger against Shu’s lips. 


Shu’s eyes widened, lips parting as he took Nazuna’s finger into his mouth to suck on eagerly. The pink-haired man nodded his head, moving to wrap his tongue around the man’s digit before letting go. 


Nazuna chuckled, grabbing some pillows and piling it behind him against the bed frame. He also reached over to the desk, opening a drawer and pulling out a mason jar of what looked to be gel. (Harvested from aloe plants? Specifically for…?) 


Reaching into the jar with his hand, Nazuna moved to hand some of the slick lubricant to Shu, who graciously took it and began to hold his own cock. It was a cold sensation, but with how hot his body was burning it was quick to pass.  


As Nazuna settled against the pillows, he spread his legs out for Shu, wet fingers moving under one of his legs so he could probe a bit at his asshole. The very scene playing before him was driving Shu mad with lust, just seeing the lewd act could’ve been enough for Shu to cry real tears if he wasn’t so mission-oriented at the moment. 


Shu leaned down while he stroked himself, head between Nazuna’s legs as he let his tongue slide down the blond’s stomach. It trailed down, saliva cooling Nazuna’s skin, until Shu reached the fold between Nazuna’s thigh and crotch. Burying his face into the crook, he took a deep inhale and sigh of utter bliss, indulging in the scent. 


“W-Weird…” Nazuna commented, though he wasn’t really complaining as his face had turned red, his finger probing inside his ass. 


“I must take in all of my precious Nazuna… his scent… his taste…” Shu replied before his tongue ran up Nazuna’s thigh. Adjusting himself, Shu took a hold of Nazuna’s dick with his free hand, holding it up as he began to lick at the tip. 


Nazuna only watched, his other hand moving to caress Shu’s head, fingers running through the man’s hair. 


Shu opened his mouth to take in Nazuna’s tip with his mouth, sucking on the head gently. The salty taste of precum was on his tongue and Shu saw himself growing more bewitched by the taste, almost like it had magical properties that casted a spell over Shu. 


He widened his mouth, taking more of Nazuna’s cock as his eyes went up to watch the blond’s expression. Nazuna had let go of Shu’s hair so he could cover his mouth with the back of his hand, panting louder by the second. His legs were shaking a bit and a second finger had entered his asshole. 


Shu continued to suck and use his tongue to swirl around the member, stroking himself with the gel as he groaned against Nazuna’s cock. The more he tasted Nazuna the more he wanted all of his senses to be buried under this sensation. He brought his head down further, sucking harder as he began to bob back and forth. Hallowing his cheeks, Shu brought his mouth further down, taking in all of Nazuna’s girth. 


Nazuna was by no means big in that sense, but the look of Shu taking in all of his length made Nazuna cry out, arching his back and pushing his hips upwards. 


A choked noise escaped Shu’s throat but he didn’t pull away, instead letting go of his own cock and instead held Nazuna’s waist, keeping him lifted so he could keep himself full of Nazuna’s dick. 


“S-Shu!” Nazuna cried out, gasping as he squealed a bit, biting down on his lip as he could feel every single wave of pleasure pulsate through his body as Shu continued to suck and use his tongue to coat Nazuna’s length with his wet, warm saliva. 


Shu was not that versed in sucking dick, but he was a man who knew exactly what he wanted and in that moment he wanted nothing but for Nazuna to coat his throat with his semen. To choke him to the point where he would be sputtering and the cum being caught in his airway so truly his entire chest would be filled with Nazuna. He was a bit of a freak for that. 


He could tell Nazuna was getting closer to climaxing because the blond was squirming around, legs shaking and his fingers pulled away. Nazuna was gripping onto his thigh tightly while his other hand moved to grip at Shu’s hair, not dragging it one way or another, but instead using it to ground himself. 


“Fuck! S-Shu I’m going to c-c-cum-!” Nazuna stuttered, gasping loudly before crying out. He thrusted his hips upwards, Shu meeting him by getting his head lower as Nazuna came deep into Shu’s mouth and throat. 


Hearing those words escape Nazuna’s mouth made Shu shudder, his eyes rolling upwards as he felt his throat filled with the thick, viscous fluid. As much as he wanted to keep his mouth on Nazuna’s cock, Shu did have to pull away to breathe. He was choking, coughing loudly as he felt his lungs filled with Nazuna’s sperm mixed with his saliva. 


Valhalla? Heaven? Wherever he was, Shu was in eternal bliss. 


“S-Shu are you okay?” Nazuna gasped out, sitting up and moved to stroke the other’s head. His fingers ran through the other’s hair, palm moving down to cup Shu’s face and bring his head up to face him. 


Shu stared up at Nazuna, looking at him like he was some sort of angelic figure that was gracing him with his presence (and sperm). 


In that moment Shu realized he wanted to give absolutely everything to Nazuna. Everything that he possessed from his body, to his heart, to his very soul if that was even something he could offer. It didn’t matter, Shu’s entire being was in Nazuna’s hands, the man’s head leaning into Nazuna’s palm. 


Shu parted his lips to respond, but all that came from his mouth was drool. 


Seeing that, Nazuna began to laugh, biting down on his lip but was unable to keep himself from laughing. 


Shu quickly wiped his lips, sitting up and moved to wrap his arms around Nazuna, bringing him close as he wanted to hear and feel Nazuna’s laughter against him. Nazuna giggled, wrapping himself tightly around Shu. The blond reached up to kiss Shu’s neck and throat, letting him feel soothed after choking a bit earlier. 


“Nazuna… Nazuna Nazuna…” Shu called out, voice slightly hoarse. The blond continued to nip and suck at Shu’s throat before pulling away, leaning back against the pillows once more with his legs spread out. 


His hands went down to caress his inner thighs before pulling his asscheeks apart, showing his puckering entrance. Fingers went down to circle the rim of his asshole, a digit slipping back inside. 


Shu swallowed thickly, watching as his wet hand went back to his cock, stroking it as he licked his lips. Nazuna grinned, slipping a second finger inside of his asshole. With his fingers pushing in and out, Nazuna also stretched out his inner walls to show Shu his insides, coaxing him with his seductive expression. 


“Nazuna,” Shu gasped out, groaning as he stroked his cock faster. “You just orgasmed… w-will you be okay if I-” He wasn’t able to say any more, flushed beyond belief as he scooted closer. Shu’s body moved to press closer, positioning his body so his lower body was between Nazuna’s legs. Guiding his cock, Shu pressed the tip of his dick against the entrance, rubbing against Nazuna’s knuckles. 


“I can handle it. I want you to fuck me Shu.” Nazuna explained, pursing his lips and leaning his head closer for a kiss. 


Shu reached down to meet the blond’s demands, kissing the other feverishly. Their lips parted and despite Shu’s throat having been sore from Nazuna’s orgasm, he was still desperate to taste the other. Everything about Nazuna had shaken Shu to the bone, his body shivering with excitement. 


Now Nazuna wanted to be fucked by Shu. How could Shu ever deny his beautiful muse? 


“Shu… fuck me… fuck me.” Nazuna gasped out after pulling his head away. The blond pulled his fingers out to give Shu proper access to his entrance, wrapping his arms around Shu’s neck. Shu rubbed the tip of his cock with the rest of the gel on his palm before pushing in. 


The head of his dick slipped in, Shu watching Nazuna’s expression as the blond let out a tight moan, arching his back. The deep moan that Nazuna exhaled sent shivers down his spine, the shepherd’s arms tightening around Shu. 


Nazuna’s legs wrapped around Shu’s middle, ankles hooking together as he bit down on his lip. 


“More-” Nazuna pleaded. Shu quickly pushed his cock deeper into Nazuna, groaning out as well. 


The sensation was better than anything Shu had ever felt before, the way Nazuna’s tight walls clung to Shu’s cock, the warmth wrapping and sending pleasure through Shu’s entire body. Yes, it was almost as if this was what he was meant to do, like he was born on this Earth to meet Nazuna. 


If these thoughts were said out loud no doubt Nazuna would’ve rolled his eyes and called him dramatic, but Nazuna wouldn’t deny that he also felt like this might’ve been related to fate. 


One day a tailor came to find wool and ended up falling in love with the shepherd. 


“Uuu… Shu… More, in me more-” Nazuna gasped out, lifting his hips and thrusting upward. Shu desperately met with the man’s pace, stroking and pushing deeper inside of Nazuna. The slick lubricant Nazuna had provided made it easier, and for a second Shu wondered how often Nazuna used that mason jar for his own personal activities. 


Just the thought of Nazuna in the giant king-size bed touching himself and moaning out made Shu light-headed, but nothing better than the blond below him, staring at him with needy, lustful eyes asking to be fucked more and more - truly Shu had found his eternal peace. 


Shu had already been on edge, but he was determined to last a bit longer and thoroughly fuck the blond to give him the pleasure he so deserved. 


He sped up, Shu shoving his cock deeper inside Nazuna as he rolled his hips. The further he buried his cock the more Nazuna cried out - the sound being like music to his ears. Their panting staggered over each other, coupled with the sound of the bed rocking as Shu fucked Nazuna harder. 


“U-Uwww-!” Nazuna cried out, arching his back and thrusting upwards more. Shu matched Nazuna in thrusting downwards, gritting his teeth as sweat dripped from his forehead. 


“Nazuna I’m close-” Shu gasped out, feeling the swirling vortex of heat in his stomach threatening to erupt any second. 


“Yes, do it, Shu fucking do it-” Nazuna’s thighs pressed tightly against Shu, locking him close. Not that Shu wanted to pull away of course, no he was ready to properly offer himself to Nazuna. To have a piece of him inside his precious Nazuna… 


“H-Hhg-” Shu gasped out, shoving his dick deep into Nazuna and hilting himself. He orgasmed, thick ropes of cum filling Nazuna’s insides and painting his walls white.


Nazuna gasped, back arched as his own cock twitched and released another load. The excitement of being cummed inside had thrown Nazuna over the edge, making him climax for the second time that night. Shu had been blessed to experience it twice and knew that he wanted to keep seeing the beautiful expressions Nazuna made when he climaxed. 


“Ugh… oh God…” Nazuna gasped, arms reaching over to Shu’s head, bringing him closer for a kiss. Shu kept himself buried in Nazuna as he kissed back, passionately as his hand moved to take Nazuna’s. He intertwined their fingers together, holding tightly before Shu pulled away. 


“Nazuna, I love you.” Shu breathed out. Nazuna stared up at Shu, holding his face and offered a smile. 


“Hehe…ehehehe…” He started to giggle, a joyous expression on the blond’s face despite how disheveled his hair was and how Nazuna’s face was glistening with sweat. To Shu he was the most beautiful being in the entire world - the universe.  


“I love you too, Shu~” Nazuna cooed. The blond reached up and pressed a kiss to Shu’s cheek.


Shu wrapped himself tightly around Nazuna, burying his face into the crook of Nazuna’s neck. He truly felt as though his soul had found his second half, piecing together perfectly. 


And Nazuna felt the same. 

After the first time they had sex, Nazuna and Shu’s relationship became more of a typical couple who was in love. Though their personalities made them look as though it might be one-sided as Shu doted lovingly on Nazuna while the blond always pushed away and called the tailor weird. 


But sometimes when Shu is helping Nazuna tending to the animals they’d sneak a kiss or two when no one was looking.


Shu had made the outfit after finally getting measurements, creating Nazuna an outfit that was gorgeous yet symbolic to everything Nazuna was. 


A green shepherd coat with embroidery Shu done by hand. Flowers - specifically shepherd’s purse - had been added into the design. There was a yellow half-cape that went over one shoulder and Shu made sure the entire ensemble was made with the finest of materials that was also easy to clean. 


Nazuna had put it on and Shu nearly cried at how amazing he looked, making the blond flush and insist that it was all Shu’s work that was what was beautiful. It, of course, annoyed Nazuna to no end when Shu doted and complimented him, but Nazuna’s cheeks had turned red when he saw himself in the mirror. A small smile appeared on his face and Shu took that opportunity to sing more praises to Nazuna who pushed him out of the room. 


“Oh, dear bovine, how can I quell my feelings when I want nothing more than to be with Nito every second of the day?” Shu sighed. 


The cow - named Kuro - absently ate the grass while sitting on the edge of the pasture next to a few sheeps. Shu had been brushing the cow’s fur with a brush while lamenting over his predicament. 


Both Shu and Mika had made it a part of their routine to help with the animals' care at least a few times a week. Mika had enjoyed working on Nazuna’s pasture a lot more than either of them expected, getting along with all of the animals swimmingly. 


Mika was playing with the stray cats that were recurring guests to the fields while tending to some of the sheep. They were all getting ready to be sheared soon as it was near their annual date and the extra hands had given Nazuna a load off his chore list.  


Yes, it wasn’t what Shu had envisioned himself doing. He was a passionate tailor and would sometimes lock himself in his studio from days on end to finish a vision of his, but here he was brushing fur off a cow and honestly Shu didn’t mind one bit. 


“Perhaps I should bring little projects here and stay over longer, a week trip would suffice. Though I’m unsure if Kagehira could handle running the shop for that long by himself. A weekend then?” Shu asked the cow. 


Kuro only stared at the man with judging eyes, though the cow’s actual thoughts were unknown to Shu. He took it as agreement, however, so Shu patted the cow’s side while nodding his head. 


“Right, of course I would have to ask Nazuna himself. Oh but what would I give to spend every waking moment with my precious Nazuna…” Shu sighed. 


Kuro mooed, though it didn’t sound like praise. 


Bark bark! Bark bark bark!!


Both Shu and Kuro’s head whipped over, seeing the dog run about in front of the fence’s openings where Nazuna and a green-haired man were standing. From the way Nazuna had his hands on his hips and standing in a threatening way despite his short stature, Shu could tell it wasn’t a pleasant conversation. 


Shu had gotten up, patting Kuro before heading over to where Nazuna was. Mika had also heard the commotion and jogged over as well, deciding the best course of action for him was to get Mitsuru’s attention away from the shepherd and the newcomer. 


“Nnng, c’mere Mitsuru-kun, let’s go play over here.” Mika called over, grabbing the dog’s attention and bringing him back to the other animals. 


Shu hadn’t been able to hear all of the conversation from the start, but with how much Nazuna seemed to be fuming it certainly was not doing well. It didn’t help that Shu recognized the man that came onto Nazuna’s property. 


“What are you doing here, cabouche? ” Shu spat, unhappy to see the King’s right-hand man here in front of his beloved. 


The man - Hasumi Keito - pushed his glasses up with his arms crossed. He had scrolls tucked under his arms, Shu seeing that Nazuna was holding one of those scrolls. 


“I didn’t think I’d find Itsuki Shu here of all places. You made it very clear you wanted to be nowhere near the kingdom when you loudly exclaimed your departure.” Keito raised a brow at Shu before sighing. 


The man turned back to look at Nazuna, gaze steel against Nazuna’s fiery glare. 


“Like I said, this was a decision that cannot be changed and if you are unable to pay the sum then we move forward to seize the property.” Keito explained. 


Shu’s eyes widened, looking at Nazuna who was glaring and shaking with rage. 


“This… this-!” Nazuna gritted his teeth, clutching the scroll in his hand. “This amount… you made it impossible for me to make that much! What’s going to happen to the animals if this land is bought out?! If I have to move back to the kingdom then I can’t-” Nazuna’s eyes widened, body shaking as he seethed. 


“Whatever happens to the land here is up to the King. More than likely your animals will be distributed to the kingdom’s farm-” 


“Farm? You mean that small, cramped place?! There’s no way you have enough room for these animals, you’ll… you’ll-” Nazuna had tears in his eyes, biting down on his lip as he crumbled the scroll in his hand, looking down. 


Shu swallowed. He watched as the love of his life was left unable to speak, being pushed against a wall. It broke his heart just as much, they shared their pain after all. Shu had come to love this pasture and its animals as well, and for that stupid Tenshouin to come and ruin it all was completely befitting of such a cruel ruler. 


Keito sighed, putting the scrolls away into his bag. 


“If you make the sum then we won’t disturb this land. We’ll leave you alone from then on. You have the entire month.” Keito turned to walk away. “Good luck. I’m sure with help you could make the amount.” He eyed Shu before heading off. 


Shu shot a glare before walking over to Nazuna, taking his hand. Seeing that Keito had left, Mika had come back with Mitsuru in tow. 


Nazuna sniffed, wiping his eyes as he bent down to wrap his arms around Mitsuru, hugging the dog as the tears finally fell from his eyes. 


“I-I don’t know what to do. I don’t have enough money to keep the land. Even if I sell some of the sheep here… all of my possessions I still don’t have enough… Even then I could never sell any of you off, I-” Nazuna buried his face into the dog’s fur. 


Mitsuru whimpered, sitting down and did his best not to thrash about to lick at Nazuna’s face in a way to comfort him. 


The commotion had brought most of the other animals over, the ones that were free to wander the fields had gathered around their shepherd - their kind Niichan who had taken loving care for them all since the beginning. 


“Eh? Nazuna-nii?” Mika approached the blond, worried knitted in his brow as he rubbed the man’s back. “If ya don’t have enough money then…” He looked up at Shu.


Shu moved to look at Mika, the two of them sharing a knowing look. 


The tailor was grateful to have an apprentice who understood him so well - Mika had always been willing to follow Shu through anything, and another change in their life would be fine. After all, Mika cared about Nazuna and the animals as well. 


“Very well! When we head back to our shop we’ll pack up what we need and decide the prices of what we’re selling off. As for the shop itself, we’ve been asked plenty of times to sell it so there will be plenty of interested buyers. Of course being of our caliber the price can be auctioned. I’m sure it’ll be a large sum, kakaka~” Shu laughed. 


Nazuna looked up through his teary eyes, staring at Shu and then Mika. 


“Nyeh~ I’ll sell my collections off too, I think they’ll go for a lot, yeah Oshi-san?” Mika asked. 


“W-Wait-” Nazuna stood up, eyes widening. 


“Mmm, we'll need to properly look at your collection and organize what is a valuable antique versus the trash you find.” Shu pointed out, crossing his arms. Mika made another whine, pouting as he crossed his arms and stuck out his tongue. 


“It’s not trash~ They’re treasures!” Mika replied. 


“Wait, hold on-” Nazuna tried to interject. 


“I suppose treasures are to the eyes of the beholder, very well but again we’ll have to organize everything when we get back.” 


“HOLD ON!” Nazuna yelled, moving to grab Shu’s arm, looking back from him to Mika. “What are you talking about?! You’re not thinking of selling your shop are you? Your things?” His head whipped back from Shu to Mika again, expression looking incredulous at the idea of the two selling off their property. 


Shu only offered a smile, taking the blond’s hand. He brought it up to his face to kiss gently, stepping closer to Nazuna. 


“If it means we can raise enough to meet the demands of that terrible king, then we are willing to sell my shop as well as other possessions.” Shu explained. 


Nazuna’s eyes widened before he pushed Shu’s hand away, shaking his head. Tears continued to well up, the man’s cheeks and nose red from the frustration he was feeling. Even with an expression like this, Shu couldn’t help but think of Nazuna as beautiful. 


“D-Don’t do that. That tailor shop, you worked hard to get it right? You’re proud of it, it was your dream right? So don’t give it up for… for me-” Nazuna hiccuped, quickly wiping at his face to stop the tears from rolling down his cheeks. 


“Don’t worry Nazuna-nii, m’ happy to be wherever Oshi-san is, but m’happy when m’here with ya and all the animals too. If they got rid of your place then that would be real bad right?” Mika jumped in, placing a hand on the man’s shoulder.


Nazuna stared at Mika, dumbfounded before stuttering. “B-But-” 


Shu quickly got down on his knees, holding Nazuna’s hands. “Nothing compares to the feelings I have for you. The moment I laid eyes on you my dreams had shifted. Your happiness is what I want, and if you allow me, I’d like to be with you always.” 


The shepherd stared at Shu with wet eyes, hands moving to take a hold of the side of Shu’s face. He quickly squeezed Shu’s cheeks together before letting go to wipe at his eyes again. 


“If… If you sell your shop then at least… live here. You won’t have to pay rent… just help out like you always do…” Nazuna turned to Mika, offering a hand to him as well. “There’s the spare room too so if… if you want you can live here with me. We can make a space for a little workshop, so…” The blond’s face only got more red with embarrassment, but luckily Mika broke the silence before it got too emotional for Nazuna. 


“Ehe~ Living with Nazuna-nii and Oshi-san here feels like a dream~ Would that really be okay?” He asked. 


Nazuna nodded before turning to Shu, shyly looking down as he tightened a hand around Shu’s. 


“You… really don’t have to do this you know? This is my responsibility. What if you regret it?” Nazuna asked, biting down on his lip. 


Shu only tightened his hold on Nazuna’s hand before standing up, embracing the blond tightly. 


“Asking me if I will regret it will be like asking me if I regret falling in love with you, mon petit ami. ” Shu pressed a gentle kiss to Nazuna’s forehead. “Loving you has brought me nothing but warmth and joy to a heart that was once stone cold. You are my muse, my soulmate, my one love, Nito Nazuna.” 


He pulled away to smile sweetly at Nazuna, watching as the blond’s reactions softened to a shy expression. 


“Ah, but perhaps we can make a deal. A trade if you will.” Shu added, a grin appearing on his face. 


This seemed to catch both Mika and Nazuna off guard as they both stared at Shu with wide eyes. Nazuna’s brows furrowed dubiously, tilting his head. 


“What?” He asked. 


“That in exchange, you must marry me.” 


Shu watched as Nazuna froze for a second, eyes wide before the blond burst into laughter. He pulled away, laughing loudly and doubled over with his arms wrapped around his middle. Mitsuru began barking as the sheeps neighed at the commotion, Nazuna kneeling down as he continued to laugh. 


The tailor felt his face burn bright red with embarrassment, but again how could he ever be upset over that glorious laughter that lit up Shu’s heart. 


“W-What’s so funny?” Shu asked, thinking maybe he was going to be rejected. 


“Ehhh? Oshi-san you don’t have a ring!” Mika pointed out, prompting Shu to quickly look around as if there would be some magical engagement ring that would appear out of thin air. 


“Ack! I promise, after we get all the affairs settled and work on rebuilding our tailor business here I will get you the finest ring, Nazuna!” Shu cried out. 


Nazuna had managed to fall onto his side from laughing, tears prickling his eyes as Mitsuru jumped around the shepherd in excitement. 


“Hahaha~ Oh my God-!” Nazuna snorted, sitting up before wiping his eyes. “You really know how to make me feel better, don’t you?” The blond smiled at Shu before beckoning him down. 


Blinking curiously, Shu moved to get on his knees, sitting next to Nazuna in the grass. The blond moved to pluck one of the tiny white flowers from the ground, taking Shu’s hand. Gently he wrapped the stem around Shu’s ring finger, tying it before letting go. 


Nazuna looked around again for another, plucking it and handing it to Shu while offering his hand. 


“Of course I’ll marry you, you weirdo.” Nazuna replied, waiting for the other. 


Shu swallowed thickly, shaking a bit but expertly tied the flower stem together around Nazuna’s slender ring finger. Once it was firmly on Nazuna’s finger, Shu brought his hand up to press a kiss to his knuckles, and then to Nazuna’s lips. 


“Nyehehe~ Guess we also gotta plan for a wedding ‘n the future too, huh?” Mika grinned, overwhelmed with love for the two of them. 


Keito had been true to his word when he said that if Nazuna was able to pay the sum the kingdom would no longer be interested in the land and would refrain from trying to buy it off him again. 


The sum was steep, but with Shu and Mika selling their tailor shop and some of their possessions, along with Nazuna’s savings they had met the high price demand and had been able to keep the land that was Nazuna’s home. 


Luckily the cottage was not cramped as it had plenty of storage room for tending to the animals and a guest room that was made into Mika’s personal bedroom. Shu had, of course, moved into the master’s bedroom with Nazuna. 


Over time Nazuna had been able to clear out one of the storage rooms to provide Shu and Mika their own shared workstation for sewing as the two had kept some of their essential sewing machines and other tools. Even though they had sold their shop in the other village, their names were still highly credible and slowly the two began working to build up their business once again. 


Not only were they able to have another source of income, but it brought advertisement to Nazuna and his business. Other tailors were pleased to know that this was where Shu had received the finest of wool for his creations and many were more than happy to pay for the high-grade material just as Shu did. 


After a year or so the trio had been able to pull their savings to create an extension to the cottage - a shop for Shu and Mika to maintain once again. It had taken a while to coax Nazuna into the idea but eventually he had also been modeling Shu’s outfits for a lookbook to bring to the village and kingdom to advertise. Business was better than ever and for Nazuna his family had grown once more with Shu and Mika being there with him. 


It reminded him a bit of the older couple he once helped here on the pasture with before their passing. Nazuna never realized how much work he had done for the land and the animals here until he had people to help him share the responsibilities, and for that Nazuna was grateful. 


One morning as the sun rose above the horizon to bring in the morning, Shu found himself waking up first. 


His arm was wrapped around Nazuna whose face was near his chest, tiny, sleepy breaths leaving his parted lips every few seconds. Normally Nazuna was the one to wake up first and get out of bed to tend to the animals before getting tea ready, but this morning Shu had been blessed to be the one to rise first. 


Seeing the resting face of his beloved brought a smile to the sleepy man’s face, sighing contently as he held onto Nazuna closer. Pressing a soft kiss to the blond’s forehead stirred the man a bit, but Nazuna did not wake up. 


Truly it was fate for the two of them to meet, and Shu would never forget the moment they came together for the first time. At that time did he know that he would eventually be living here on the pasture with the Yellow Shepherd? Sleeping with him in their shared bed? Shu wondered, but deep down he knew that from the moment he laid eyes on Nazuna his entire life had changed. 


He once thought that being a well-renowned tailor was his purpose in life, but as he gently took Nazuna’s hand to look at the matching, rose-gold wedding ring on his finger, Shu couldn’t help but smile at what made him the happiest - the husband of a shepherd.