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Old Friends

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The Burns siblings heard the shout of their mother, telling them to come downstairs.  They all came out of their rooms, walking side by side as Calliope and Theo looked at Apollo. 


“I didn’t do anything this time,” he said, raising his hands in defense. They eyed him suspiciously, as they walked down the stairs. 


The Fairmonts weren’t at the house as they returned to their own home to meet with the other legacy vampires and inform them about the upcoming war. When the time comes, they are going to need as much help as they can get.


The siblings walked toward the kitchen to find their parents sitting with-


“Tess?!” yelled Calliope, both angry and surprised. “What the hell is she doing here?”


“Cal.” Jack said to his daughter. “Calm down. Just sit and let her explain. She’s here for a reason.”


“To betray us to the Guild again? Won’t be the first time.” Calliope looked Tess in the eye as spoke, the girl looking down sadly.


“Calliope!” Talia yelled.


The three siblings stubbornly sat down, keeping their guard up in case.


“Look, I know I’m the last person you expected to see, but I’m not here under any undercover Guild missions. I’ve seen what they did to uncle Jack and I think they did it to my parents way before we even attacked the Legacies. And as much as I hate the Legacy that killed my parents, I know his help is needed to defeat the Guild.” Tess explained.


“And how can we be sure she’s not here to turn us in?” Apollo asked. 


“Carmen spell.” Theo said. “She wouldn’t have been able to enter the house.”


“We’ll talk to Margot and Sebastian when they’re back, but she's staying. Okay?” Talia said.

The siblings shook their heads, their guard still up as they left to go back to their rooms.


Juliette still wasn’t back and Calliope missed her girlfriend. She couldn’t wait for her to come home. She was leaned back against the headboard, reading one of the many books she had brought with her, when suddenly, there was a knock at the door.


The door opened, as Tess stood in the doorway holding a tray filled with ice-cream, chocolate syrup, marshmallows and among other stuff.


“Knock knock. Can I come in?” asked Tess.


Calliope gestured her head as a way of saying ‘whatever’, as Tess walked in, setting the tray on the bed and sitting on the edge.


“Mint chocolate chip is still your favourite, right?” Tess asked. Calliope didn’t reply. Tess looked around the room, awkwardly until her eyes landed on the book Calliope was reading. “Romeo and Juliet? You still read that sap?” Tess said. “I just think that if you’re going to kill yourselves for love, like give it a few years.”


“It’s not sappy. Two lovers, from completely different families who were always at war with each other, forbidden to be together. It’s. A. Freaking. Masterpiece. And-” Calliope stopped talking as she realized what was happening.  She straightened herself. “What do you want, Tess?” Calliope asked.


“I know what I did was wrong. On so many levels. You trusted me and opened up, and I betrayed you, when in fact, I should have listened. Watching the Guild do what they did to the others and your dad made me rethink my position. The Guild isn’t what they used to be. They are desperate. My parents were dead, and they didn’t even blink. Just went on with their days and said ‘sacrifice is a part of this business.’, as if I didn’t already know that.”  Tears were streaming down Tess’s face. 


Calliope sighed and pulled the girl into a hug.


“I’m sorry about Uncle Mike and Aunt Sarah. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you.” Calliope said as she released Tess. “But things can’t just go back to what they were. Trusting you won’t come so easy.”


“I know. Which is why I thought we should start slow. Scratch everything from before. A new page.” Tess told Calliope. She extended her hand for Calliope to shake. “Hi, my name is Contessa Franklin.”


Calliope laughed as she shook Tess’s hand. “Hi, my name’s Calliope Burns.” 


“Say, do you like mint chocolate chip ice-cream?” asked Tess.


“It’s my favourite.” replied Calliope. 


Tess took the tray and set it between their bodies, as they indulged themselves in the goodness of ice-cream and slowly build their relationship back up.


The Fairmonts just arrived, Jade following behind as she was a legacy vampire and left with them to come see Theo, exhausted as the meeting had gone on for hours, and considering that they had to break up a few fights, Juliette couldn’t wait to get to her room and fall into a deep sleep with Calliope’s arms wrapped around her tiny body.


She walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Talia and Jack were sitting, whispering until they saw her.


“Juliette, hi sweetheart. How was the meeting?” asked Talia.


Juliette smiled and raised the sleeve of her right arm, revealing a half healed gash, running along her forearm. 


“That bad, huh?” said Talia.


Margot and Sebastian walked in, Talia and Jack telling them that they needed to talk to them about something, Juliette leaving to give them some privacy. 


Theo and Jade were in the living room, watching a movie when Theo looked at her funny. She smiled confusingly as she climbed the staircase. Apollo and Elinor were at the top, as they both gave her funny looks. What is happening? She walked away and got to her room. She released a breath of relief, knowing her girlfriend was on the other side. Likewise, she opened the door and her smiled dropped from her face.


Calliope and Tess were on the bed laughing hysterical, ice-cream around their mouths and cookies in their hands. Calliope spotted Juliette by the doorway and immediately got up. 


“Hi, Jules.” She hadn’t realized the look on her girlfriend’s face. The hunter grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the bed. 


“Jules, I want you to meet someone. This is Tess,” Calliope said. “Tess, this is Juliette.”


“So, you’re the famous vampire that stole her heart?” Tess extended her hand for Juliette to take, smiling, as the vampire grasped it unknowingly as she turned to face Calliope. 


Tess? As in Calliope’s ex, Tess?


She released the other hunter’s hand, as Calliope slowly caught on to what was happening. 


“We were just talking about the time Calliope fell face first off an oak tree,” Tess said laughing.


Calliope rolled her eyes, scoffing. “Well, if someone caught me like they promised they would, I wouldn’t have fell now, would I?” she said laughing. “Can you believe her?” the hunter asked Juliette, trying to lighten up the mood. Her girlfriend forced a giggle.


“Um, I think I hear my mom calling.” Juliette said, walking out of the room, no longer exhausted. 


“Did I do something wrong?” asked Tess.


“No, but I think I did.” Calliope replied.


Dinner was awkward. Everyone could feel the tension between Calliope and Juliette. But not only them. The tension was everywhere. Especially between Oliver, Elinor and Tess. Everyone ate in silence and went to bed early. Juliette hadn’t said one word to her since the situation from earlier, and she couldn’t bare it anymore 


They all went to their respective rooms, Tess taking one of the spare rooms, Calliope and Juliette entering their own. Before Calliope could properly close their door, Juliette had already entered the shower and closing the door. Calliope sighed and sat on the bed.


Juliette returned an hour later, hair dripping and skin wet as she dropped the towel and walked into their shared closet, coming back wearing one of Calliope T-shirts, which always fits her loosely considering she was shorter than her girlfriend. She slipped under the covers, Calliope opening her mouth to speak as Juliette took of the lamp, casting a darkness on her side. Calliope sighed again, standing up and entering the shower.


She returned a while after, getting ready for bed as she slipped under the covers, staying on her side, looking up at the ceiling, tapping her fingers on the back of her other hand.


She turned her head to Juliette, looking at the back of her head. She didn’t know if to touch the vampire or not. She decided to go with the former.


Calliope wrapped her arms around Juliette and pulled the girl toward her until they were both on Calliope’s side of the bed. She nuzzled the vampire’s neck and inhaled her scent. She kissed it softly. 












Juliette stiffened. Calliope snuggled in closer and kissed the vampire again.


“Can you turn around? Please?” Calliope whispered. 


Juliette swallowed hard, shifting until she was facing Calliope. She kept her eyes on anything but Calliope’s face. Calliope realized this and held Juliette’s chin, making the vampire look at her. Calliope shifted closer, entangling their legs. She leaned forward and took a chance, brushing their lips together. When Juliette didn’t push her away, she locked their lips in a kiss. It took Juliette a while before she deepened the kiss, as she palmed Calliope’s face. 


Calliope broke the kiss as they both came up for air. When they were calm, the hunter wrapped an arm around Juliette.


“Talk to me.”


Juliette sighed, looking at Calliope.


“It’s dumb,” she said. Calliope didn’t say anything. Just laid there and listened. 


“I was......... Jealous. “ Juliette whispered. Her voice was so soft that even though Calliope was so close, she barely heard it.


Calliope kissed her softly.


“I know it’s dumb but seeing you with Tess - What if you decided that this was too much? Your history with Tess isn’t something you forget. What if-”


Calliope kissed Juliette again. She pulled her in closer until their bodies looked like one.


“Can I talk now?” Calliope asked. Juliette nodded her head.


“I missed Tess, but not in the way you think. What Tess and I had is over. There’s no going back to that. You are the only person I want. This is forever. You and I are forever. And that’s never, ever going to change. Okay?” Calliope said, looking into Juliette’s eyes. Juliette nodded her head and kissed Calliope hard.


The hunter wrapped her arms around the vampire, kissing her forehead. ‘This was forever’ they both thought, as they drifted of to sleep.