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who dares cut the devil down?

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“I cannot believe your attraction to superheroes. Gotta be some kinda weird fetish or some shit,” groans LaFontaine, pretending to read Laura's most recent front page feature about her heroes’ latest success.

“It’s not weird, LaFontaine! They’re…superheroes! They save the city! How is being attracted to them weird?”

“Well, even if wanting to fuck them's not weird, the fact that they seem to follow you still is.”

Laura gulps down her coffee and shrugs. “Perhaps.”

“Perhaps?” they ask mockingly. “Since when do you say perhaps?”

“It’s a word, jeez! I write professionally, I can branch out,” Laura moans, slipping her jacket on clumsily before grabbing her things and saluting LaFontaine goodbye.


"You should go with her," Danny suggests as Carmilla shovels cereal into her mouth.

"So you can put on a performance and play the hero in sparkly leggings? I don't think so," Carmilla scoffs.

"One of us should go with her, and we still need to corner Reich before the party's over."

"We're a team, wolfgirl. Teams work together. I'll ask Perry to go with her."


"I'm sure it's something pressing, Laur," Perry says when they arrive, maternally patting her back. Still, Laura has to fight her pout in order to question the gallery owner.

As soon as he realizes that it's her byline accompanying the Post's coverage of the city's dynamic duo, he becomes strangely tense, making Laura certain something's awry here.


Alley Cat and Crimson Howl show themselves not twenty minutes later, and confirm her suspicion.