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Even If The World Turns Their Back On You, I'll Always Be By Your Side

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Lately, things haven't been great for the Dazai-Nakahara Family.

Unlike the usual light and lovey-dovey (in his parents' case) atmosphere, the air in the house has been tense due to the incident that happened a week ago.

Chuuya had not been his usual self (as much as he tried to conceal it and act normal, Shuuji still took notice. After all, he wouldn't look at the young boy in the eyes).

Dazai, too, despite the perfect facade he put up in front of the 10 years old, sometimes when he's lost and has no idea how to support his lover (which, mind you, he always does), the mask would slip and his worry for his husband is shown clearly on his face.


Shuuji had no idea what to do.


School hasn't been easy for him, either. After the incident, some people are looking at him differently, calling his mother names. If it's not for Chuuya and Dazai always reminding him to keep violence to minimums, he would have gotten a suspension by now. Besides, Shuuji knew better than to worry his parents further.

"Look, it's the monster's child." Was heard as soon as Shuuji stepped into the room.

The redhead merely sighed to himself and quietly went to his seat. His desk was a mess, they were writing nasty words about him, his mother

With gritted teeth, Shuuji glared at those who wrote on his desk. Of course, he knows everyone who wrote here. He recognized their handwriting. But to respond to their insults means he's not better than them so he put a book on top of his desk to cover them instead.

This is nothing. Chuuya has it worse than him.


Now, are you all wondering what had happened a week prior?

Shuuji didn't know the details and the adults refused to tell him. However, he saw him. His mother, on the television, on the huge billboard, on people's phones, everywhere.

His mother was on rampage , throwing balls of black everywhere while laughing maniacally, destroying a quarter of the city.

He was bleeding too, so badly, and if not for his father who was soon seen on the screen too, the city would be annihilated for sure.

But more than the city, Shuuji was more terrified of the state of his mother.

It was not Chuuya.

His suspicion was later confirmed by his father who told him that it was Chuuya's power. A God dwells inside of Chuuya and indeed, sometimes when Chuuya releases it, that much destruction is to be expected .

However, there's a promise between the two of them that Chuuya wouldn't activate the power if he's not with Dazai, because the God would continue to rage until Chuuya dies and Dazai's nullification is the only way to bring him back.

The fact that it activated, means either Chuuya's in a pinch or he is forced to do so.

The latter was correct. Chuuya had been controlled by an organization trying to ruin not the Port Mafia, but Chuuya himself. A personal grudge.

And upon activating corruption and leaking Chuuya's information, there was an ability user whose power was to broadcast which explained the whole city witnessing Chuuya in his corruption state.

It was messy .

Dazai had taken everything down and deleted everything he could but the video had been seen and normal citizens who recognized Chuuya had turned their backs on him.


Chuuya sighed as he leaned his head on Dazai's shoulders. He hadn't gone to the headquarters since he was discharged from the hospital and Dazai, too, hadn't been going to the agency to keep him company.

"What's wrong, Chibi?" He asked gently to the ginger. Dazai was lost, to be honest, he had no idea why his Chibi is so shaken up by this situation.

Chuuya never let the public get to him, people could call him things and he never cared. So why now?

The redhead shook his head, snuggling closer.

"Darling, if you don't tell me, I wouldn't know how to help you."

"But you always know what I'm thinking." The ginger murmured quietly, sighing again when Dazai held him.

"Yeah, but I am confused. I don't know why are you letting some stupid citizens get to your head. You never cared before."

Chuuya pulled away and blinked several times at his husband. "Citizens?"

Dazai cocked his head to the side before nodding, equally confused.

"You think I'm down because some citizens called me a monster and stuff?"

"Uhm.. yeah? Why else?"

The mafioso huffed a laugh. Something Dazai hadn't seen in a while. "Silly."

"Then why?"

Another sigh and now blue eyes were staring at the floor. "It's Shuuji."

"Did he do something to you? You've been keeping your distance too. He's also noticed, you know." Dazai told him, rubbing his arm as a form of encouragement. 

"I.. I think he hates me."


"No- maybe not hate. I think he's afraid of me." Chuuya finally confessed, hand reaching to hold Dazai's free one. "I- That time at the hospital.. When Shuuji came, he was looking at me with a horrified expression. I haven't been able to get that look out of my head and I couldn't even look him in the eyes. It's haunting me, Osamu."

"Oh, you silly Chibi." Dazai relaxed, finally he knew what's troubling his beloved and can help him in resolving his worry.

"I would rather die than having my own child looking at me like I'm a monster."

"Technically, you kinda are. A God, a monster, the same stuff."

"You're not helping." Chuuya whined.

"Okay, okay. Listen to me, Chuuya. Shuuji loves you as much as I do– or a little less, I still love you the most, be grateful-"


"Okay, my bad. Shuuji loves you and he doesn't see you differently, baby. Yes, he must be shocked seeing Corruption but I explained it to him and he was really accepting. If you look closely, Chuuya is the one pushing him away. You won't even take him to school or pick him up, you didn't ask about his day and the list goes on."

It made Chuuya feel small, listening to Dazai telling him how he had behaved towards Shuuji.

"Shuuji, on the other hand, had tried harder to make some talks to you, crack jokes to cheer you up. He loves you, baby– Hey, come on, let's not cry." The brunet laughed as he heard Chuuya sniffling.

"I've been terrible."

"Indeed." The detective murmured against fiery red locks. "Why don't you pick him up today? I'll let you guys have some quality time."

"Are you sure you're not going to stalk us?"

The brunet grinned childishly. "No promise."

Chuuya walked with his head held high. Like he's said, he could care less of the whispers and fingers pointing his way. If people did try to mess with him, though it's not really his thing, he wouldn't mind shutting them up with gravity.

A pebble stopped just before it hit him, glowing red in the air as he turned to see some teenagers. With a bored look, he shot back the object, stopping just an inch from one of the teenager's eyes before dropping to the ground along with said boy as his friends ran away with terrified screams. "Fuck off, kid. Go study or something."


It was not until Chuuya turned left on the last intersection to Shuuji's school that he heard some people talking.

"Don't that boy look awfully alike to the man who destroyed our city?"

"You're right. Isn't he his kid?"

"How scary. To think he is in the same class as our children."

"I know right. Such monstrosity, won't this city be destroyed sooner or later?"

Chuuya balled his fist. Even Shuuji is dragged into this. However, before Chuuya could intercept, he heard someone defending him.

"Shut up!"

It was Shuuji's voice. What shocked him was that he had never heard Shuuji shout like that, sounding really enraged .


"Why you little-!?"

"He's so rude! Must have not been educated properly!"


"What do you guys even know!? You know nothing but a snippet of his life, set up by an enemy and broadcasted for the whole world to see and ruin him! My mom, destroy this city? He loves this city more than anyone ever could!" Shuuji was still yelling while Chuuya hid behind a wall, dammit, he could feel his gaze getting blurry.

"And you will never notice but he's done so many things to protect everyone, our city, from the dark. How dare you insult him!?" His voice shook in the end as his fist balled into a tight ball, knuckles going white.

"Education? Who gives you guys the right to talk about that? Did you properly educate your children? Are those kids who scribbled insults on my desk what you call properly educated!? Ridiculous."


Scribbled insults on his desk?


"Maybe the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. They're simply taking after their mothers who bullies and insults others. Well, my mom and dad are doing their best in raising me so I don't turn just like you when I grow up."


Ah.. Chuuya really might cry. He couldn't help but to feel warm and loved . It was so foolish of him to even think Shuuji would ever hate him.

He only came out of his hiding when he saw one of the ladies raise her hand.


"I advise you to stop, Ma'am." He said, crouching down when Shuuji brightened up and went to his side.

"Mommy! Why are you here?"

"To pick you up, obviously." He smiled at the young one. "Your father said we can spend some quality time together."


Chuuya nodded. "Well, knowing him, he'd act like he bumped at us accidentally or something, though."

Shuuji giggled, holding onto his mom's hand. "Let's go get some ramen!"

That made Chuuya smile fondly. "Of course. But let me tell these ladies some things first, okay?"

With that, Chuuya turned to them. "In our house, we never ever hit him. So if we see you attempting to lay your hands on him.." The male's gaze turned murderous. "I suppose you start looking for a prosthetic. We're very good at making such a thing look like an accident."

"And really, I don't care what you guys say about me. A monster? I'll destroy Yokohama? I would've done so if I wanted to. But can you please let the little one out of it? It's an adult's matter, no need to drag children to it. Now, if you'll excuse us."


The two redheads walked hand in hand leaving the shocked ladies. After making some distance, Chuuya spoke again :

"Shuuji, can I pick you up?"

Shuuji looked at his mom with wide eyes. "B-But I'm ten now, mommy!"

That made Chuuya pout. "Are you embarrassed?"


To his surprise, Chuuya began to fake cry. "I can't believe my kid is embarrassed of me now."

"Mommy, you're acting more and more like daddy." The smaller redhead pointed out which made Chuuya gasp.

"Rude. Okay, why don't we find somewhere to sit and talk for a little? Let's go to the park."


As Shuuji sat down on one of the unoccupied swings, Chuuya crouched in front of him, cupping his cheeks.

"What's wrong, mommy?"

"Shuuji, I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"I have been treating you horribly for the past few days." He started, looking directly at Shuuji's brown eyes. "You know, I'm afraid that you're scared of me because you saw me in that state. In the hospital, you were looking really horrified when you saw me. I'm scared you'll hate me for being such a– a monster and I could bear other people hating me but oh God, not you ."

Shuuji blinked, his shoulders relaxing as he put his smaller hands on top of Chuuya's. "Mommy, you're rambling." He said softly and Chuuya's eyes widened because holy fuck . The way he spoke and the way he looked at Chuuya with so much affection is really similar to Dazai. He really is Dazai's kid.

"I would never hate you. I don't care if you have God inside of you, or you are the head of the notorious Port Mafia or anything– Just know that even if the world turns their back on you, I'll always be by your side. Me and daddy. You always protect us and in return we'll protect you too. Most importantly, we'll always love you, no matter what."

Chuuya was quiet for a moment as he pressed his forehead on Shuuji's chest. "You're going to make me cry again. How are you so well-spoken?"

Shuuji grinned boyishly, hooking his arms around Chuuya's neck. "I took after daddy." He said proudly and squeezed his mother in his hold. "So don't push me away again, mommy."

"I won't. I'm sorry."

"Forgiven. Can I have my ramen now?"

The mafioso chuckled and got up to his feet. "Of course."

"You guys are finally here!" Was what welcomed the two of them instead of the usual : "Welcome!"

Chuuya rolled his eyes at the familiar voice. "So much for a quality time."

"I didn't say how long." Dazai defended himself, ruffling Shuuji's hair as a greeting and letting the kid sit in between the two of them. "And you guys have talked it out. I am a part of the family, am I not? Are you guys so cruel to leave me out of this warm and delicious dinner?"

"Oh, shut up." Chuuya laughed.

Their food came soon enough, thanks to Dazai who had ordered beforehand. The parents finished their food fairly quickly and with a glass of tea on his hand, Dazai opened his mouth.

"So, when are you going to tell us that you're being bullied?"

The bomb was dropped when Shuuji was slurping his noodle, making the young one choke and cough in surprise.


Chuuya helped him with his tea before adding : "Right, you said something about writing insults on your desk. What's all that about?"

"I-It's not a big deal." He told them. "Just my classmates being childish."

"Yeah? These are not languages for a child, though?" Dazai passed Chuuya his phone and the latter one gasped.


Monster's child

Your mom is a monster


I wish you're never born


That was enough to get his blood boiling. "What the actual-? Shuuji, why didn't you tell us?"

"I.. just don't want to worry you guys. You both have had a fair share of problems."

Dazai put his hand on top of Shuuji's hair, patting. "You still have to tell us. We'll have a nice chat with their parents." 

Shuuji shivered at the tone. "W-Well.."

"Do you know who did it?" Chuuya asked, munching on his Gyoza while returning the phone to his husband. Seriously, kids these days.

"Mhm, I know all of their handwriting."

"Alright, we'll continue this at home." Chuuya then concluded, urging Shuuji to eat up before his noodles became soggy.

"Did they do anything else, though?"

"Just verbally and I ignored them."

"That's my good boy. A permission from me to punch one guy." Chuuya said with a nod.

Shuuji made a sound of disapproval. "Mommy, that'd make people think you're teaching me to beat people up and it'll make them hate you more."

"Shuuji really takes after me, doesn't he? Look how smart he is, thank God for not giving him a slug's brain."

"Osamu, I'm going to punch you."

And as the three of them giggled, Shuuji was happy that his family was finally back to normal.


Later on, Chuuya told him that Dazai had talked to the parents of the culprits and to the school which was overlooking their behaviour.

Shuuji ended up transferring to another school and a bit more later in the future, the old school began to lose its funding.