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Calanmai in Darkness

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The heat from the fireplace was warm against her cool skin. Soft golden curls fluttered around rosy cheeks from the hot air flowing from the roaring hearth. Her fingertips tingled as the warm room gradually heated her cold hands. Her blood raced and heart pounded as she felt the beginning of a deadly power drift through her.

Outside, the sky was darker than usual and the stars were nonexistent. A lethal darkness had spread over the skies of Velaris and the night court, even the entire of Prythian. The birds and bugs had long since gone quiet. The trees swayed with the breeze and seemed to chant a very old song. A song that had existed long before the cauldron itself. The same chant that now flowed through her veins.

She sighed and glanced at her mate. He was in deep conversation with Cassian. She watched the way his mouth moved around different words, the slight smirk that began to form. Feyre knew she was outright staring but she couldn’t find it in her to care, not when she had such a beautiful mate just beyond her reach. A mate she suddenly craved so deeply, she thought she might burst from her skin.

Noticing her stare, glittering violet eyes met ones made of seas and storms. She felt the cord that tied them together, thrum with golden light when their eyes met. Everything else cease to exist as she lost herself in the constellations of his gaze. Stars collided and comets burst. Asteroids rained and planets were born. But darkness reigned over all. The same darkness that her mate was gifted as herself. A darkness that wounds, a darkness that destroys, a darkness that soothes. Her mate was the embodiment of this darkness and she couldn’t ever find it within herself to love him any less. She loved him more for it. Until darkness dies, she would always love him.

How are you feeling, my love? He communicated down the bond, sending all his love and concern along with it.

I’m all right. Just thinking about how much I love you. How I could never convey in words what I feel for you. How I always wish for our souls to collide so we can be together in every conceivable way possible. She said in one long exasperated sigh.

Rhys’ eyes softened as he seemed to understand. Of course he did, he knew her better than she sometimes knew herself. He smiled, a soft one, sending everything he has down their sacred bond. His love washed over her and she could no longer contain herself. In that moment, nothing mattered except him. Just the sight of her mate lit the kindling embers in her core. Feyre’s heady scent filled the air as the need for her mate increased. She wasn’t sure if it was the effects of the power surging through the air or simply because she craved the most beautiful fae to exist. Her mates nostrils flared as he inhaled her scent, his own arousal becoming palpable. Mor, Cassian and Amren excused themselves, neither Rhys nor Feyre seeming to care.

Feyre stood from the lounge and began to walk down one of the many long corridors to the foyer. As she climbed the stairwell to the second level, Rhys winnowed directly in front and crushed his lips against hers. Feyre’s back crashed into the railing as her mate pulled their bodies together. Where he was hard and muscled, she was soft and curvy. The kiss turned hard and desperate, the magic beginning to reach its peak. His tongue dragged along the seam of her lips as they parted and their tongues brushed. The stars seemed to brighten at their display as a result of the overwhelming presence of power.

His hands clasped her face and he pressed closer. Feyre gasped as he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. She gasped again at the sudden powerful presence that invaded her blood, her body, her mind. It was so consuming she froze. Rhys sensed the change and looked deep into her eyes. “Feyre darling, I’m right here. Together, we’ll do this together.” Feyre smiled at his words. She was high on power and her mind was fuzzy.

She began to sway her hips and hum the song in her veins as she was consumed by the magic of Calanmai. Her mate watched in delight as the powerful energy flowed through her. With her arms raised in the air and her head tipped back, she looked so free. She felt free.

Her mind was shrouded in darkness and she focused on the chant inside of her, find your chosen, find the chosen.

When she opened her eyes, she realised she wasn’t alone. A male stood in front of her. A very beautiful male. Feyre took in his delicious scent and her mouth watered. He was her chosen. Hers. Mine, an inner part of her growled.

“Hello you,” she purred to the male with violet eyes.

“Feyre,” he whispered.

“Mhm, that’s my mine and what’s yours?” Her smile was seductive and Rhys was surprised he hadn’t yet been affected by the magic. Although, she would be the first High Lady to experience the enchantments of Calanmai. They had no experience, no books on the effects the great rite would have on a ruling female. But if anyone could handle it, Rhys knew his mate could.

“Rhysand. The best lover a female could ask for,” he purred back to her. Feyre’s tipped her head back and laughed huskily. Her blue-grey eyes lit with amusement and challenge.

“Is that so?” She cooed. Feyre felt the magic in her body and the mist in her mind, urging her to take. Her arousal wafted through the air as she prowled towards the male- Rhys. He stood, unmoving and unafraid, of her and everything she was.

“Do I know you?” She asked, curious as to why such a male wasn’t scared of her.

“You do, Feyre. You are mine and I am yours.” She liked how that sounded, especially coming from him.

“You are mine?”

“Forever. I will always be yours, darling,” he promised softly. Darling, she liked being called that. It felt familiar. Hers. Her mate. Mate. He was her mate.

Feyre looked into her mates beautiful silver-flecked eyes and lunged. “Mine,” she snarled. As she grabbed ahold of his arm, she winnowed to a bedroom. Their bedroom.

They dropped onto the bed, Feyre straddling his lap. “You look so pretty from down there,” she teased. Her smile was wicked and Rhys was utterly delighted. He thrust his hips up, and Feyre let out a moan. The action stirred her as the magic took over.

She grasped his chin, tilting his head to the side as she licked up the column of his neck to the edge of his jaw. Her breath tickled his ear. “You taste so good Rhysand. Will you let me do anything to you?” She whispered against his skin as he shuddered. Her teeth tugged at his lobe and the muscles in his neck strained with the effort to keep still.

He swallowed. “You can do anything to me. I’m yours, always,” he breathed.

She began a trail of kisses down his neck to his collarbone. She lingered as she began sucking and nibbling the skin where his shoulders met neck. He groaned, knowing she left her mark for all to see. “Very pretty,” she said, satisfied with the bruise beginning to show.

As she sat up, her fingers became black talons and she shred through her mates shirt, leaving his breeches. “Much better,” she cooed as she eyed his sculpted chest. His muscles rippled from the attention as she ran her talons lightly down his stomach, followed by her mouth and tongue. She reached his breeches, kissed the straining budge and hummed her approval as his cock twitched. Slowly she unzipped his pants, lowering his bottoms, freeing his cock.

A bead of pre-cum was on the tip and her tongue darted out, dipping into the slit. He tasted salty and she hummed at the taste, her core heating. She swirled her tongue around the head and moaned as she pushed the head of his cock past her lips. His hands drifted to her hair, gently massaging her scalp. He was so good to her, and now she would be good to him.

Her throat relaxed, allowing his cock to travel deeper until her nose met his stomach. She glanced up through thick lashes and as she made eye contact with him, she hollowed out her cheeks and sucked. He threw his head back in pleasure, hands grasping her hair, cursing.

Feyre began bobbing her head, hips followed and groans grew louder. Her hands rested on his knee, then slid them up his thighs to his pelvis as her hands started playing with his balls. “Fuck, Feyre,” he gasped. She moaned at the sound of her name spilling from his lips, the vibrations making him curse. The grip on her hair was lethal but all she could do was watch. Her chosen was beautiful as he pounded into her mouth, his cock hitting the back of her throat.

His hips began to jerk uncontrollably before he yanked her off his cock. She whined at the loss but her mate covered her swollen lips with his own. The kiss was short as he squeezed her ass, dragging her hips forward. She growled at the loss of control, tendrils of night beginning to leak off her. Rhys merely grinned, snapping his fingers and vanishing both of their remaining clothes.

She tried to readjust her position, tried to claim what was hers but he was strong. Feyre snarled, claws reappearing. She reached to grab his hair, only to grip the headboard, talons digging into the wood. She threw her head back and moaned as his tongue darted out, licking her centre. Her hips started to rock on his tongue, his face pressing further into her. The magic inside of her was demanding she complete the rite but she couldn’t focus on anything with her mates tongue in her cunt; The mist in her mind was overcome with the haze of lust and pleasure. She leaned forward, lightly bouncing against his face, riding his tongue. Her chest was flushed in pleasure and trails of fire travelled down her spine to pool in her heated core.

Rhys was amused he could send his mate into a frenzy, breasts bouncing and mewling in pleasure. It brought him no small ounce of pleasure knowing he create these reactions from her with just his touch and tongue. Her panting breaths and gasps were the only sounds in the room.

Feyre reached one clawed hand, fisting his hair and grinding her hips as she made eye contact. He moaned at the sight. She let out a husky laugh after reading his thoughts. “You cruel wicked thing,” he purred. Hands slid down her ass, running through her juices and one finger circled her entrance. He flicked his tongue over her clit the same time he inserted two fingers into her heat. She cried out, eyes screwed shut.

Her pleasure was building, a raging fire ready to explode. Feyre was now fucking herself on his fingers as his tongue circled the bundle of nerves at her centre. He drew her clit into his mouth and sucked. The embers that had been crackling in her veins exploded as stars burst behind her eyelids. She screamed her release, her mates name falling from her lips. Her thighs shook around his head as lightning sparked down her spine.

“Rhysrhysrhys,” she breathed repeatedly. Rhys ran his hands soothingly up and down her outer thighs, holding her as she came down from her high. The tendrils of night decreased and the claws in his hair retracted.

She glanced down at her mate face between her legs. “Rhys,” she sighed. He placed a soft kiss on her inner thigh.

“Hello my darling,” he said. She smiled at him. The magic in her veins faded with her release, though not entirely as it still demanded obedience.

She took deep breaths, staring in the eyes of her mate before she felt the buildup of magic again. The magic was much stronger, more potent. She could feel as the power flooded her veins, travelling her spine into her head, making her dizzy, drunk. She felt her eyes change into pooling pits of midnight, talons and wings erupt from her skin, and darkness consume all.

She looked to the male below her, noticing the way his eyes glassed over. He looked at her from below as his own eyes changed, wings and claws appearing. His eyes closed and nostrils flared as he breathed in her scent, purring at what he scented. The male then snapped his eyes open, and growled at the sight of his chosen, flipping them before she had the chance to blink and burying himself deep inside her.

She whimpered as he pounded into her, setting a punishing pace. She clawed at his back, just above his wings, mewling in pleasure as the inferno inside her built again. He growled, grabbing her wrist with his clawed hands and holding them above her head. She snarled and he grinned, baring his elongated fangs.

His mouth lowered to her navel, brushing his tongue and dragging his teeth up her skin, through the valley of her breast. He stopped to circle her peaked nipple with his tongue as he fondled the other breast, flicking the nipple. She snarled, hooking her leg around his waist and flipping them, grinning devilishly. The look of surprise and discomfort on his face didn’t last as she slammed herself down on his cock again and again. With each rock, her clit was stimulated, her core blazing in pleasure. The feeling was so overwhelming that she leaned forward and bit his shoulder with her pointed canines, growling as she claimed him again. The male moaned and gripped her hips hard, claws piercing skin and pushing her further down on his cock. She was so full, his cock so deep. She started to cry out, blood dripping from the corner of her mouth as his cock brushed the spot that made her see stars, over and over.

He took the chance to flip them again, once again on top. He slowed his thrust to a slow roll of his hips, grinning at his chosen. She growled deep in her chest, hand reaching to stimulate her own clit. The male snarled, snatching her hands, again locking them above her head. He reached his hand down, playing with the bundle of nerves as he picked up the pace again. Her moans were reaching a fevered pitch and her inner walls fluttered. He watched in delight as her orgasm burst through her and she screamed until no sound came out. Her inner walls squeezed his cock until he was roaring his release.

Their panting breaths were the only sound as he laid atop of her, coming down from their high. “Feyre,” Rhys whispered into her neck.

“Rhys,” she whispered back, running her hand soothingly through his hair. He nuzzled into her neck, placing a soft kiss then rolled off her, onto his side. She rolled over so they were face to face.

Feyre ran the tips of her fingers along his cheekbones, nose and lips, sending love down their sacred bond. Rhys held her wrist delicately, placing kisses along her arm. “I love you Feyre darling,” he breathed, staring deep into her eyes and sending loving strokes down the bond.

“I love you.” She smiled, skin brightening. She took a moment to think. “I didn’t realise that I would become so…feral,” she said expressing her thoughts out loud.

He smirked at her. “You were quite feral…and bossy,” he stated, earning a slap to the chest.


“Most definitely,” he grinned. Feyre’s hand drifted to the bite mark on his shoulder, her eyes widening. He spoke before she could. “I quite like your little claiming mark, maybe I should keep it?” She laughed at his joking remark and he leaned forward to capture the sound, pressing his lips to hers.

He broke the kiss, making a path down her neck as she giggled. “I thought we already yielded to the magic and completed the great rite,” she said as she laughed. She felt his smile against her neck.

“Your right, the magic is sated but that doesn’t mean I am. I plan to fully ravish you for the rest of the night.”

And he did. All night long until the sun was at its peak and it felt as if the magic had never travelled through their veins. Rhys had said that Calanmai was enjoyed though out the entire night court because everything was better at night. Feyre thought on it and had to agree, Calanmai was much better in darkness.