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everyday archivist(one shots)

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"hello,hi?is anyone listening if so,look out for the kennies,their going feral without their bitcoin,and-"

the voice has stop,but the video has not,in the remaining half of it,it's showed that of what you believe is a one of the kennies?,attack them,then the video cuts offs with screams and sounds of butterflys?attacking something

you think it's a shitty horror mini movie,your higher ups,sent to you to archive for shits and giggles,you bet they were laughing at you right now,if they could see you

you go over to your computer,to search up what are kennies in the sites website,to your shock it's a real thing,the first few lines in the file say,object:scp-408-j-a/Barry [retracted],and so on,then one part catches your eye

"incident:scp-408-j-a clones"

this event happened in 20××/××/×,this information maybe outdated

a outbreak of scp-408-j-a's,was caused because of scp-408-j accidentally making more then one scp-408-j-a,one of them was shot and killed,one was found in WalMart and is now in the care of two scp-408-a's,and the others were found in a forest,or were not found

you look over the not found,in some feeling of horror,was it one of them who attacked the person in video?,what if you got attacked?,so many what if are going through your head as you think about the endless things that could happen

from what you remember the video was taken in a house,or apartment,thats look a lot like yours,light blue wallpaper paper,hard wood floors,the list goes on

you look over at the time,to try and stop thinking,it was around lunch time,thank god,your break was coming sooner then you thought

you get off your computer and get lunch,the usual of course,you know sandwich,water,and a extra treat to go with it,reminds you of your old school lunches if you think about

you startup the next video,waiting for it to Load up


the video was titled "happy birthday Barry!!"which was now covered up by scp-408-j-a and dr.flute first meeting

the date on it was 1×/6/199×,the sound of happy birthday starts playing,and a boy with a party hat shows up,and what you think is his parent shows up next to him,the boy looks around 9-10ish,and his parent looks around in their mid-20s,then a pair of hands that look kinda like a fish fins to you,show up holding cake,it's looks chocolate with a big 10 candle on it

so the boy was ten then,the video cuts to the boy with what you could guess was his friend,playing with butterflys,in the backyard of the kennies?you dont know,until you hear "Frank lets go back home!,frank sweetie?",you could guess it was his mother calling for him,so it was kennies backyard,the boys now look upset,Frank?,was now walking off even though he was upset,you could hear the sound of footsteps going off,even though the boy was out of screen already

you pull out the old video,from your computer,it was finished after all,so was not,you get your 408-j-a file,and start editing,in it to the background part of the scp file,you feel uncomfort during this whole thing

like it felt like you were looking into someone private life you know,the uncomfortable feeling of private information being showed,God do you feel bad,about this it's only your first week here and your already feeling bad

if you keep this up,you maybe out of a job before you know you it,but you really need this your rent due in a week,and your paycheck Is in 5 days,you will most likely blow what you have left after rent on general needs,or party if your friend do that,really they most likely do that an the former

so a other day in debt,nothing bad really if you think about really,just like collage and all the weird stuff you did in it,or maybe you should unfriend them but it's not the time to think about that when you have archives to save after all