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The shuffle of papers against each other, pens scratching on top them, and the soft scrap of coffee mugs being lifted and placed back down on wooden desks was beginning to wind down as the sun slowly set outside, filling the office floor with golden red rays and the hint of purple dusk. As more and more of Piltover’s Wardens quietly packed up their things to set out for the day, the ambience of the desk work floor in the station became quieter and quieter, filled mostly by the steady buzz of the desk fans circling the air.

One of the last few remaining of the day crew well into their overtime, hunched over her desk sat a broad-shouldered woman with pink hair that reflected the setting sun’s rays brilliantly. She toyed with a toothpick between her teeth as she marked and scribbled down words on the thick, open file folder on the desk in front of her.

A hand patted on her shoulder, breaking her of her concentration and she glanced over at the other officer beside. He smiled warmly.

“Overtime again, Vi?”

A wry smile made the ‘V I’ tattoo on her cheek push up as Vi nodded. “Sheriff’s got me redoing this paperwork and helping her file this case she’s on.”

The warden chuckled. “The one that’s been ragging her for days? That’s shit luck. She’s really a hardass on you, isn’t she?”

“Oh,” the toothpick from one corner of her mouth to the other as Vi’s grin widened and got toothier, “don’t worry. I’m hard on her back.”

“And that’s why you keep getting stuck with overtime!” The warden laughed, patting her shoulder again before taking a step to the side, ready to leave the office himself. “Maybe if you behaved you’d stop working these double shifts and get to have a social life.”

“You can take the girl outta Zaun, but you can’t take the Zaun outta the girl,” Vi winked back at her retreating coworker. “You know how it is, I just can’t get it right with authority. Sheriff understands.”

The officer chuckled and gave a final wave as he pushed the door to the stairwell outside open. “Don’t let her push you around!”

Vi just laughed loudly, turning back to her paperwork as the sound of the door shutting echoed in the quiet office, fading back out to the ambient sounds of the fans slowly drifting back and forth. The officer focused her concentration on her work, filling out the form in front of her carefully, head bowed.


Blinking out of her focus, Vi looked up to see Caitlyn Kiramman, the sheriff standing at the door to her private office. She was holding it open in the fading bright light of the end of day. The sun rays caught her dark hair and aristocratic features, making her look harsher and more regal than normal. Her uniform, finely pressed and starched, sat tightly on her tall, curvy form.

Vi glanced around the office, suddenly seeming to realize that the rest of the staff had cleared out, the desks empty. She clicked her tongue and grinned, glancing back over to Caitlyn who didn’t seem to share her attitude. Her expression was one of mild annoyance.

“Your overtime hours started five minutes ago. I don’t like my time being wasted. Could I have a word?”

Without a waver to her grin, Vi tossed her toothpick in her wastebasket. She grabbed her officer’s hat off her desk while she stood, placing it on her head and walking casually over to the sheriff. The slightly taller woman just gave her a pert frown, jerking her head into the office as she continued to hold the door open. Vi raised an eyebrow, but strolled inside.

“No one else here, Cupcake,” Vi said while she walked to the centre of the room. She glanced behind her to see Caitlyn closing the door with a soft ‘click’, leaning against it slightly. Her expression looked a combination of amused and annoyed. “No need to put on a show.”

“Who says I’m putting on a show?” The sheriff pushed off her door, marching briskly over to her desk. “I need a lot of help with the paperwork before the night is done.”

Vi tilted her head, scratching lightly at the underside of her chin. “Paperwork, right.”

Caitlyn pinched the bridge of her nose, rubbing it and shaking her head. “I’m stuck on a case, I can’t focus past circling the same problem again and again. It’s been driving me up the wall.”

“Up the wall, eh?”

Caitlyn pressed her mouth together in a clear attempt to not smile. “Don’t be crude.”

Vi didn’t waver, idly playing with the top button of her uniform jacket until it came loose. Her infectious grin spread a bit higher as she winked. “Thought you liked it. Dirty Zaunite with the dirty mouth.”

Caitlyn ignored the tease, turning to her desk as she began collecting papers. “I asked for your help on this case in the event I need extra eyes on these clues. I feel there’s something I’m missing but it’s something I can’t quite manage to solve.” She leaned a bit more, facing completely away from Vi now, her skirt riding up slightly on her thighs. Vi dug her teeth in her bottom lip, dragging her gaze up the long legs in their thigh-high boots.

She walked over, pressing up against Caitlyn’s back, her hips pushing the sheriff forward just slightly against the desk as her hands brushed the edges of the uniform skirt. Caitlyn visibly froze, hand still hovering over a piece of paper before slowly lowering down to rest her fingers on it. Just as slowly, she pushed herself up and back, not hard enough to press Vi away, just enough for her to feel Caitlyn against her.

“Is this supposed to be helping?” The sheriff asked, turning her head slightly, looking at the woman behind her from the corner of her eye. Vi’s hands moving from toying with the edge of the skirt to brushing fingertips on the exposed part of Caitlyn’s thigh. Both women lightly sucked in breaths at the contact, fingertips drawing light circles on soft skin.

Then Vi leaned in, her hands pressing flat, palms against thighs as her breath blew onto Caitlyn’s cheek. She spoke, voice low. “Isn’t this how I always help?”

Caitlyn hummed, leaning back slightly more. “Hmm, it feels more…” she pushed back more firmly against Vi’s hips, shifting just slightly. Her voice had lowered to almost a purr. “Distracting.”

“Maybe you need a distraction,” Vi’s voice and head lowered, bringing her closer to Caitlyn’s mouth. Her hands moved from the side of Caitlyn’s thighs to the front, slowly dragging up and lifting the skirt with them, pushing Caitlyn more firmly into her at the same time.

“Do I?” The sheriff breathed against the other woman’s lips. Vi dipped slightly lower.


Caitlyn closed the gap, taking Vi’s lips in her own with a kiss. One that turned into two, into more, slow and familiar movements of each other’s mouths. Vi’s hands slid higher, thumbs splaying up to press against the crease of the sheriff’s thighs. She chuckled.

“What?” Caitlyn asked into the kiss, amusement in her voice. Vi kissed her a bit harder before answering.

“Nothin’, just… you always do paperwork bare assed?” She teased, teeth on the swell of Caitlyn’s bottom lip as her thumbs rubbed against the distinct lack of underwear along Caitlyn’s hip.

The sheriff chuckled. “You ripped the last pair.”

“And you liked that,” Vi mumbled, kissing along Caitlyn’s jawline now to her neck. The taller woman titled her head to accommodate.

“Hmm, not at work darling,” she said, one hand coming up to gently weave into Vi’s hair. “I do still need to travel home in some semblance of decorum.”

“Then bring another pair,” Vi nosed into the back of Caitlyn’s ear, exhaling hot breath against the soft skin. “I really have to think of everything for you, don’t I.”

Caitlyn let out another low chuckle, choosing instead to lean back a little more, tilting her head even further. She gently tugged Vi’s hair to guide her down to the crook of her neck, making a satisfied groan when Vi’s hands tightened along her waist. Vi tugged on the uniform neck kerchief in her journey down Caitlyn’s skin with her teeth.

“Off,” she grunted.

“And give you a space you consider appropriate to leave marks?” replied Caitlyn coolly. “Go around it.”

Vi let out a frustrated noise, tugging at the fabric again, but conceded to just skip over it, nosing under the bottom frill to kiss where Caitlyn’s throat met her shoulder. One of the hands she was using to hold the sheriff’s hips moved up, holding and putting pressure against Caitlyn’s jaw to tilt her head. Vi kissed the offered expanse of skin up again to her ear.

“So, sheriff,” she husked, feeling Caitlyn’s breathing becoming more laboured under her. Vi leaned forward and down just slightly, forcing the other woman to push harder into her in order to hold her balance. One finger rested softly at the edge of Caitlyn’s pulse at the base of her jaw, where it could feel the beat quicken while Vi’s other hand, still on Caitlyn’s thigh, moved higher to rest just about coarse curls. She cupped her hand there, not moving otherwise, feeling as much as hearing the groan the sheriff made at the contact. “Did you want my help or not?”

Vi murmured it so low her voice buzzed and hummed into skin, rolling her hips just slightly at the soft swell of Caitlyn’s against her. The sheriff only let out a quiet groan, trying to pull Vi back into a kiss.

“Are you wearing it?” Her voice was strained, grabbing at Vi’s lips with her own at the odd angle. Vi nodded, leaning a bit more to try and deepen the kiss.

“You‘ve been cooped up in your office for a week straight and had a press conference this morning.” Vi breathed, pressing her lips at the corner of Caitlyn’s mouth before taking her up in another deep kiss. “Of course I’m wearing it. I figured you were going to have a day.”

Caitlyn let out a satisfied hum that melted into a moan, fingers gripping at Vi’s hair a little harder.

Vi stepped back, hands drifting away from Caitlyn and down to her pants, resting on her zipper. “You still have it?”

“Of course. In the drawer.”

Taking another step back and to the side, Vi leaned over to the small cabinet beside Caitlyn’s desk, pressing the hidden latch of the third drawer. It popped open with a click, pulling out to reveal a rectangular box; inside a simple, obvious shape, a dark blue with lighter thin runes scratched along it.

She looked back to the sheriff, still leaning on her hands against the desk, head bowed as she breathed heavily in anticipation. Her hair hung loose around her face, swaying slightly, fingers clenched on the hard wood. Vi stood, moving back over to her.

“First, turn around. I want to see you.” Vi pushed gently on Caitlyn’s side to guide her to turn with her back pressed against the edge of the desk. As soon as the sheriff was facing her, Vi immediately grabbed and pulled her into a kiss, hand threading through soft hair and cupping the back of Caitlyn’s neck.

Vi groaned into the kiss, Caitlyn’s teeth biting at her lower lip and tugging with a small desperate noise. “Gods, I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” Caitlyn touched her long fingers against the side of Vi’s jaw, tracing the shape of it. She kissed Vi a bit softer, slower. “I’ve been so tired with all this time away from you.”

Vi’s other hand moved up and made quick work of the top buttons of the sheriff’s uniform, opening it and pushing it aside to reveal the lacy bra underneath. She kissed down to it, mouthing at the lace with an amused noise low in her throat. Vi’s eyes glanced up from underneath her lashes, tongue darting out to wet her lips as she smiled.

“You dressed up for me?” She asked coyly, finger brushing against the little bow at the centre of the bra.

“I dress nice every day,” Caitlyn smiled back, as Vi dropped her gaze and attention to the crease of cleavage, running her tongue lightly over it. Caitlyn’s voice turned breathy, head tipping back as Vi began to kiss her breasts more intently. “Maybe it’s not always for you.”

Vi chuckled. “Nice try.” She began to suck a spot on one swell, bringing a hand up to massage against the other, thumb rubbing hard against the lace. “You get any other officers to stay overtime because they didn’t dot their ‘t’s and cross their ‘i’s?”

Caitlyn’s voice was equally amused, shifting her chest under Vi’s mouth. “It would look a bit suspicious if you were the only one made to stay late consistently, now wouldn’t it?”

Vi hummed, kissing down back to the cleavage line between both breasts, nuzzling into it. “If you showed them your tits, the whole precinct would stay late.” Caitlyn scoffed, a teasing smile on her face.

“Then you know I’m not showing them, now don’t you?”

“Good,” Vi dipped her tongue between where the breasts were pushed up together, hands on Caitlyn’s hips gripping a bit tight. Caitlyn let out a slightly strangled noise, holding back.

They do the paperwork at least.”

“Sure. But do any of them do this?” Vi pulled down a bra cup, exposing the full breast, taking the nipple into her mouth. Caitlyn gasped out a barely audible “god”, fingers clenching in pink locks beneath the warden hat as Vi sucked, teased with her tongue and tugged the skin lightly under her teeth.

“Or this?” Vi continued, voice huskier, pulling down the other cup to take the breast in her hand, squeezing and toying as Caitlyn’s breathing got more ragged.

Giving attention to it a little while longer, Vi pulled away from the nipple in her mouth to kiss lightly and lean against the hollow of Caitlyn’s throat, just under the fancy neck kerchief. “Or do they do this?”

Slowly, kissing down Caitlyn’s heaving chest, past the folded bra and what was still buttoned of her uniform jacket, Vi slid down to her knees between the sheriff’s long, lean legs, hands holding her by the hips to help her in a comfortable position leaning against the solid oak desk. She looked up, hands splayed on the inside of Caitlyn’s thighs, smirking slightly. “Maybe keep your hands on the desk. Don’t mess up my hat.”

Caitlyn said nothing, just nodded, inhaling deep, steadying breathes. Her fingers gripped the edge of the desk.

Still moving agonizingly slowly, Vi’s hands shifted up to push up the the uniform skirt, exposing all of Caitlyn to her. She leaned forward, swiping her tongue flat against the exposed slit.

Caitlyn gasped and her grip on the desk tightened.

At a glacial pace, Vi moved her tongue and jaw like she was savouring the moment, tasting Caitlyn like it was the last she’d have of her. Above her the sheriff was breathing heavily through her nose, mouth clenched shut to muffle the sounds, fingers gripping the wood so hard her nails scratched against the well tended varnish.

Nosing through curls to wrap her tongue around Caitlyn’s clit, Vi continued to lick and suck again and again, feeling Caitlyn getting wetter in her mouth, feeling her thighs tremble on either side of her head, feel her body shake with the ragged gasps she made. Finally, just as Vi’s jaw began to tire, Caitlyn slapped at her desk, letting out a groan.

“Faster, dammit.” The sheriff grunted through gritted teeth.

“Hmm,” Vi hummed, doing another long slow lick, voice thick with leisure. “Patience sheriff. Good things come to those-“

“Faster right now, that’s a fucking order.”

Vi gaped up at the sheriff, whose eyes were screwed shut, chest heaving rapidly, bottom lip in her teeth. The officer let out a low laugh, grinning.


She dove back in, relentless now with her tongue, licking deep as she could before mouthing up to Caitlyn’s clit and sucking hard, going back again to sweep her tongue, fast and hard, too erratic to focus. Caitlyn slapped a hand to her mouth, muffling a high noise behind it as her hips jerked against Vi’s face, chasing her tongue, her mouth, the feeling.

Vi scratched her nails down one thigh as she groaned deeply, letting the sound vibrate through while she sucked, rewarded with Caitlyn losing her balance against the desk. Caitlyn slapping her hand down to grip at the shoulder of Vi’s jacket, Caitlyn tensing and gasping and freezing, thighs tight against Vi’s hands, Caitlyn coming without a sound; before her grip and thighs loosed and supporting her weight heavier as she relaxed.

Vi slowed her movements, licking slower and holding Caitlyn against the desk until the trembles stopped. She felt the sheriff regain her balance against the wooden edge, holding up her weight better. Feeling she could stand on her own now, Vi kissed her lightly on one thigh, running her hands down the boots along her calves soothingly. Then she began to get up.

No sooner than she had started to push herself to her feet and stand did Caitlyn grab Vi by her jacket and pull her up the rest of the way, for a bruising kiss, and another and another. Gasping, wet, tongue darting to taste herself on Vi’s lips, her hands frantically undoing the uniform buttons and pulling the jacket open to palm at Vi’s breasts in her own simple bra, reaching and clinging to the back of Vi’s neck for support.

“God, fuck,” Caitlyn groaned out, separating from the hungry kiss to press their foreheads together, catching her breath. “You’re too good with that thing.”

Vi snickered, running her tongue along an incisor with a grin before nipping at Caitlyn’s lips again. “Yeah? Which one? I’m with a lot of things.”

“Your mouth or tongue or… shut up. Consider me thoroughly teased,” Caitlyn nearly snapped. She kissed Vi again, hard. “Please, just put it on already. I need it.”

“Fuck, I love you desperate,” Vi groaned, managing to pull away to grab the toy still in it’s drawer. She fumbled her pants buckle and buttons, pulling them down her thighs just enough to reveal a simple fabric harness set beneath. With Caitlyn watching her hungrily, Vi inserted the smaller end into herself, adjusting it to the harness o-ring for stability and thumbing the runes to get them to glow.

She let out a satisfied grunt as they activated, sending waves of sensation through her nerves like the toy had become a proper part of her body.

“Ready?” Vi asked, stepping forward and running her hands up Caitlyn’s thighs to settle between them again. The sheriff wrapped her own hands around Vi’s arms, tugging, drawing her in. She slid her fingers down to the wrists to pull and place them on the desk, resting them on either side so Vi had her boxed, flush against her with the toy pressed just against Caitlyn’s core.

They both let out light groans at the sensation.

“Tell me what you want,” Vi whispered staring down at the normally taller woman leaning back on her hands on the desk, her exposed breasts, the red marks from Vi’s mouth, the flush from her previous orgasm. The sheriff just smiled.

“Vi, my dear,” Caitlyn hummed, leaning forward to kiss her softly. “Fuck me.”

Vi grinned into the kiss. “Yes ma’am.”

Taking the toy in her hand, groaning at the flare of sensation to her nerves, Vi guided it to where they both needed, easing it through Caitlyn’s folds slowly drawing in and out to get it coated in slick. Then she leaned forward and kissed Caitlyn on the shoulder as she titled her hips and pushed herself all the way in.

They both paused at the new feeling. Caitlyn held onto Vi’s wrist, almost delicately with barely any sense of pressure. Her fingers flexed against the rough glove as if using it to ground herself.

Vi bowed her head to kiss along the clavicle, and began slowly rocking her hips, savouring the feeling. When the strap’s magic allowed her to feel Caitlyn relaxing a bit more with the intrusion, she began to speed up, putting more power into her thrusts, rewarded with clenching and the light, breathy gasps from Caitlyn that she knew meant she was enjoying it.

“That’s it,” she said, low, almost soothing, “take it baby, just like that. That’s my girl, we’ll get you there.”

One of Caitlyn’s legs pressed a booted heel against Vi’s lower back, pushing her to thrust in deeper. Vi groaned, trying to keep her focus as she picked up her rhythm, hips slapping against the sheriff’s, pushing her end of the hexstrap up into her clit with every thrust. She looked up, watched Caitlyn’s face, focusing on her to stay in the moment, drawing Caitlyn closer.

Caitlyn, breasts exposed and head tilted back, skin illuminated by the street lamps and moonlight pouring in through the open window. Her eyes were closed, expression in that combination of ecstasy and concentration as she chased after the high slowly building between them.

“So fucking pretty,” Vi murmured, leaning down to take a breast in her mouth again, and Caitlyn let out the lightest little sound, well practiced in staying quiet. Vi held the nipple in her mouth, lazily running her tongue over it as her hips worked. It felt good, it always felt so good, and she just needed to stay grounded herself to give Caitlyn the relief she needed first.

The grip Caitlyn had on Vi’s wrist tightened, the leg on her back pressed in harder, Caitlyn pushed her chest up further. Her breath was erratic now, high gasps the only sound besides the wet noise of the toy working between them.

”Fuck, fuck darling,” she panted as Vi bucked into her, “yes, god, fuck. You’re so good at this, at making me—“

And then Caitlyn let out the quietest, highest little squeak before she stopped breathing, body going still, tightening around the strap inside her, every muscle tensing as she came with a high thin cry. Vi grabbed and held her hips down, working through longer, slower strokes as she fucked Caitlyn through the orgasm until she felt the tension of the sheriff’s muscles finally relax, the fingers clenching her wrist loosening, heel digging in her back sliding down to hit the floor. With Caitlyn recovering, Vi finally allowed herself to tip over the edge, groaning a quiet noise into the neck kerchief the sheriff still wore, letting herself relax and pull the other woman in a closer embrace.

They stayed like that a moment, holding each other tight as their breathing slowed. Vi stirred first, loosening the hug slightly while still holding Caitlyn up.

“Will you come home soon?” She asked, lazily nosing the bottom of Caitlyn’s chin, feeling her pulse still racing. The sheriff didn’t answer at first, absently stroking the short hairs at the back of Vi’s neck.

“Hopefully,” she hummed, moving to kiss Vi on the cheek and then again on the mouth when Vi turned to face her. “I think I’m almost finished here, thank you for helping to clear my head.”

“S’what I’m here for.”

Caitlyn chuckled lightly and kissed her again. They both moved their mouths lazily together, unhurried now.

“Miss you,” Vi mumbled again into the kiss.

“Miss you too.” Caitlyn brushed a thumb against Vi’s cheek, just under the tattoo that was beginning to fade from sunlight and age. She moved back, her bright blue eyes searching Vi’s face for a second before they softened. Caitlyn leaned in and kissed Vi again, before pausing.

Vi paused too, pulling back, blinking. “You okay?”

“I just remembered an important detail that I had been forgetting in my work,” in a flurry, Caitlyn was pushing Vi back, barely registering the toy pulling out as she did so. She tugged her bra back into place, re-buttoning her jacket and absently gestured to the small office bathroom at the back of the room. Then she turned around to switch on her desk lamp and grab a pile of the paperwork left only slightly askew from their actions.

Vi stood stunned for a moment before letting out a low laugh. She unhooked the ties of harness, pulling the hexstrap out from her own body with low hiss, shaking her head and chuckling the entire time she pulled her pants up.

“One day I’m going to fuck you into actually turning your brain off for a full minute,” she snorted, walking over to the small water closet. Vi washed off the strap, drying it with the towel and grabbing an extra hand towel, dampening it under the hot water. She walked back, tossing the cloth to the sheriff who caught it distractedly and used it to absently clean up before tossing it into the waste basket.

Coming up behind her again, Vi rested a hand on Caitlyn’s lower back and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. “Don’t stay too late.” Caitlyn leaned into the kiss with a content sigh, and Vi kissed her hair before heading to the door prepared to leave.


Vi paused just in time to have her arm tugged and her body turned around, Caitlyn’s hand on her cheek, kissing her lips chastely and deeply.

“Until I can do that again,” she murmured, lips barely a distance from Vi’s. The enforcer kissed her one last time, both of them leaning their foreheads to touch and rest in each other’s presence. Then the sheriff stepped back and turned to her papers spread across the desktop, muttering, almost immediately focused entirely on her task.

Vi watched Caitlyn work for a moment, hands shifting papers over, fingers on details as she stood over the desk, a pen scribbling quick notes. The single lamplight softening her features, darkening her hair still slightly mussed from sex, the flush still on her cheeks.

“Do you want me to stay?” Vi asked softly. Caitlyn’s head tilted slightly in her direction, eyes still on her paper.

“If you like dear,” she glanced up then, with a small smile. “Have you eaten?”

Vi raised an eyebrow and Caitlyn rolled her eyes. The officer stepped back from the door, hands shoved in her pockets as she swayed back on a heel. “Have you?”

At Caitlyn’s lack of a response Vi only smirked. “I can go pick something up. You want me to make you some tea?”

“Would love that, thank you,” Caitlyn nodded absently as she began shifting through her papers to try and find something. Vi turned to leave again before Caitlyn’s voice paused her once more.

”Oh, and Vi?”

Vi turned again, to see Caitlyn smiling up at her, almost shyly. “Thank you for you help.” She winked. Then she nodded, looking down Vi’s body. “Your shirt is undone.”

”Oh, shit,” Vi looked down and hurriedly buttoned up her own jacket. “Woulda been giving everyone a free show.”

”Oh, do you normally charge?” Caitlyn teased, opening a worn folder to shuffle through the papers inside.

With a raised brow, Vi took a few bold steps back to the sheriff’s side, smirking. “Technically I do. Decent amount too. How much is my overtime pay?”

With a wry look, Caitlyn leaned over and slapped the folder against Vi’s chest, pressing it there until she took hold of it. Then Caitlyn leaned back and marked down a loose sheet, placing it in a pile.

”In that case, once you get us something to eat you can help me go through all these files until we’re done.” Caitlyn tapped a pile of other folders, indicating Vi put the one she was holding down there. “And then maybe,” she glanced back over, smiling coyly and giving Vi a quick wink. “We can discuss your bonus.”

Vi winked back. “Yes ma’am.”