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Wishing for Right Now

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The mission was going well. And by that, Cody meant that they were simply sitting around waiting for the mission to actually start. They were in a cabin in the woods, and for now, that was all that needed to be done. It would be another few days before the Separatist arrived, and the two of them would need to sneak into the camp, steal their data, and leave, preferably blowing the camp up. Well, that was Cody's preference. Obi-wan liked to mention that it wasn't part of the mission's parameters, but Obi-wan also didn't seem to be too opposed to blowing up the camp. It was going to be awfully close to where a civilian village and the droids were known to destroy those. Also, their men who were camped nearby in case they needed back up would be at risk. Obi-wan didn't like that they were so far away if something went wrong. Not for Cody and Obi-wan. They could handle themselves, but if the men were attacked.

"Lost in thought again, Cody?" Obi-wan asked, teasing. Cody chuckled, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. He was sitting on the top bunk. Their cabin only had one bedroom, and it had bunk beds. Cody had never gotten to sleep on the top bunk of the bunk beds. Ponds had been assigned the top bunk, and Cody was assigned the bottom. Obi-wan had relented and given him the top bunk, teasing him about how excited he was. Obi-wan was currently standing in the middle of the room. He had just stood up from meditating. Cody had been reading a holonovel, as he had finished all of his formwork on the hyperspace trip here. They had been crammed into Obi-wan's starfighter, as the Republic didn't want to waste a transport to send them to this mission. He was ignoring the petty games of the politicians. It seemd Obi-wan had done something else to annoy them. It had been a distracting ride to say the least. Being crammed into a seat with Obi-wan. The proximity was distracting, because Obi-wan was... well Obi-wan. Cody wasn't good with words. That was how he managed to finish all of his formwork.

Obi-wan remained blissfully unaware to Cody's feelings... and by feelings, he meant he was head over heels, impossibly, madly in love with his general, as his brothers liked to tease him. Wooley, Waxer, and Boil were the worst. He was grateful that Rex hadn't let it spill to Wolffe, Fox, Bly, and Ponds yet. He would never live it down, especially with Bly, who was currently head over heels in love with his general too, so Cody didn't know what he was talking about. Seeing his Jedi so peaceful had relaxed Cody. It had been a while since the two of them were able to just be in each other's presence. Nowadays, everything was about the war, only ever the war. Cody missed the small moments, where Obi-wan was reading a holonovel while Cody played games on his datapad. Or when they would share tea with each other. Cody didn't really like tea, but he liked Obi-wan's face when he drank it with him. He was sure Obi-wan knew he didn't like it, but he was probably waiting for Cody to tell him he didn't like it, instead of admitting he didn't like it. Obi-wan could be a bit of a prankster, and Cody missed seeing those moments as well. Even if they were mostly directed at him.

"Cody, darling, if you're constantly going to be lost in thought," Obi-wan said, and Cody's heart raced at the darling, "You could at least share your them." Obi-wan moved to sit down on the bottom bunk to take off his boots, and Cody had to crane his neck over the edge to see him. Obi-wan was distracted, so Cody had time to come up with a believable lie. He had the time to do so. Did he come up with a believable lie, like worry for his brothers, thinking of the antics of his batchmates, thinking of the latest holonovel/movie that peaked his interest? Did he think of any of those things? No.

No, he did not. Of course not.

In fact, he thought only of Obi-wan's lips. Of how pink they were. How they soft they looked. And he thought of if they were actually as soft as they looked and what he did to make them look like that. Or were they naturally like that? He thought of how sometimes the flush from either embarrassment or adrenaline contrasted with the softness of his lips.

He also thought about how much he wanted to kiss him. How in head over heels in love with Obi-wan he was. How sometimes he just wanted to shut him up with a kiss, because if Obi-wan flirted with one more person or if he tried to explain why his reckless, self-sacrificing actions were correct one more time, Cody might lose it. Because he loved Obi-wan so much that his heart ached every time he let slip the hint of insecurity, a glimmer of self-loathing. And Cody would love to punch whoever put such thoughts and feelings into Obi-wan's mind and heart, whether or not that was the Jedi way. Well, Cody was not a Jedi. He didn't have to abide such rules all of the times. He tended to turn the other cheek, as Obi-wan would put it, quite often, but sometimes people didn't learn unless a stern hand was taken to them.

Or was that the Kaminoans talking? Or the part of him that was a Fett clone? Jango supposedly was aggressive and hated Jedi. Could the clones pick up such tendencies from DNA? Could a clone love a Jedi when his maker despised them?

The forlorn thoughts were fought back by a kind, soft hand lightly brushing his own. Cody looked down, and Obi-wan was sitting there, leaning back slightly. His fingers had brushed up against where Cody's own were white from the tight grip on the railing. Cody was still leaning over the edge, in a bit of a precarious position to be so lost in thought. His hand was pulling away now that Cody had been pulled from his thoughts, ever conscious of not crossing boundaries and personal space. Cody could read the question in Obi-wan's calm, blue eyes. Cody really didn't want to answer it, knowing he didn't have the answers yet, so he did the first thing he could think of.

He swung over the rail, anchoring himself with his knees. Obi-wan startled briefly, but he just looked at Cody confused. Cody, however, slowed his momentum some and pecked Obi-wan on the lips. And huh, they were very soft. He was still hanging over the bed, and Obi-wan was just staring at him, mouth hanging open and eyes wide. It was at this moment... Cody knew he karked up. He tried to scramble back up onto the top bunk, so he could hide under the covers and pretend this was all a bad dream. Except his knees lost purchase, and his anchor to the top bunk was gone. He tumbled off the bed and would have landed on his head if it hadn't been for Obi-wan's quick thinking. He felt himself being slowed the with Force and then flipped over, so he landed softly on his back.

There was a moment of silence.

And then...

Laughter. Obi-wan was laughing, loudly and carefree. He doubled over as he gasped for breath through his glee. Cody started to crack up with him. On the floor already, he just shook as laughter welled up inside of him. Obi-wan's genuine were rare and far between, so Cody basked in this moment. This moment just for them. No one else here to see his glee. For the moment, the war, the loss, the upcoming mission were all forgotten. For a moment, it was just them.

And what Cody would do to have this memory with him always.

It was several moments before the two of them had calmed down. Even then, they would sometimes break out in peals of laughter whenever they tried to speak, which would just send them spiraling into another laughing fit. Several fits later, the two had finally calmed down enough, breathing hard, sides aching. Cody tilted his head up to grin at Obi-wan. Obi-wan slipped off the bunk, leaning over Cody's face. Cody stared up at him, still quietly laughing a bit. Cody watched as Obi-wan's face moved closer, and then Obi-wan was kissing him again. It was weird, because they were basically upside down, but Cody loved it anyways.

It was chaste. It was slow. It was testing, exploring, encouraging. But it was never demanding. Cody's eyes had slipped closed, and they didn't open until Obi-wan pulled away. Obi-wan was gazing down at him with a soft smile on his lips.

"Oh," Cody said. How had he missed how head over heels in love Obi-wan was with him too? "We're both idiots."

"That we are, darling," Obi-wan said.