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Her Tutor

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The first time Laurie has made love to her it has been so sweet, he’s been so gentle and considerate with her, it has hurt a little, but not as much as she thought it would, it was more of an initial uncomfortable feeling, until it wasn’t.  And Amy has thanked Laurie for it, she knew if it weren’t for his soothing words and comforting attentions that eased the worries and tenseness out of her, it would have been exactly as Aunt March has described it to her.

She had gone to sleep overjoyed, happily tangled with her love, already excited for the future sweet nights she would spend with her husband, she could ask for anything more.

But oh, her sweet Laurie had so much more to show her.

Their first nights had remained what could be described as lovemaking, but each time he would get bolder, between his endless declarations of love he’d smuggle some lewd words from time to time, observant to her very reaction. Her surprised gasps and blushing face could have discouraged him, but the telltale shudder and tightening of her walls around him gave her away. She enjoyed his boldness. As shy as she seemed in their intimacy, she was a curious thing, always eager to learn and try new things, craving for it. If her dear husband wanted to be her tutor in the ways of passion, how could she deny him? She would gladly take his hand and let him lead her into that glorious path, there was no one she trusted more than him for it.

And he seemed too eager to settle into his teaching role, giving instructions here and there, careful to not push her too much. When she was ready, he’d propose some new… experiments. New ways to find pleasure.

“Spread your legs wider” he said, sitting on a chair, facing the bed as she pleasured herself. He wanted to see her fall apart by her own hand before he’d join her. Contrasting her nudity, he was still fully clothed, his hand rubbing the tent on his crotch over his trousers. The motion making her dizzy with arousal. Her face was flushed, not only for pleasure, but for the initial awkwardness, this way, he had a full view of her most intimate part, she knew it was silly, as he had seen it before, had touched it and tonight, he had said he wanted to taste it, but she couldn’t help but feel so timid about it. All this nervousness, as excited as she was, was making it hard for her to finish, starting to feel frustrating, and he soon took notice.

“Do you need any help, dear? Do you want me to-?”

“Yes, please” she interrupted, removing her hand, and laying back down, making him chuckle “. I’m sorry”

“Shh, none of that, we can try again another time, perhaps?” she nodded “very well… may I…? I think I want to taste you now, is that alright, dolcezza?” she nodded again.

He kissed her nose, then her lips and so on, he left kisses all over her body on his way down, making her shiver with anticipation, till his face was between her legs. There he kissed each thigh and looking back up at her, she supported herself on her elbows to meet his gaze.

“You can still say no, I won’t be mad, I promise”

“I want you to” she found her voice again, putting as much confidence as she could in her voice, she didn’t want him to stop now, and she knew he would if he sensed she wasn’t sure about this.

Convinced, he focused his attention back to the treasure before him. Delicately, he spread her folds with two fingers, before running his tongue through her entrance to her little nub, that glorious spot they discovered together. Such simple action was enough to drive a breathy moan from her. He continued to lick her, drink from her. Pleasure shooting through her with every flick oh his tongue, the orgasm she left incomplete waking once again, low in her belly, extraordinarily fast. She wondered absently what she tasted like, by the looks of him and his increasing enthusiasm, it certainly wasn’t unpleasant.

Delicate was no longer an appropriate to describe what Laurie was doing to her now. He wasn’t tasting her; he was outright devouring her. Between licks he would suck on her clit, the more he did it, the harder it was for her to keep her eyes open, being quiet was an impossible task.

“Open your mouth for me” Laurie said, and she obeyed. She felt something touch her lips, stroking them lovingly and then enter her mouth. It was his thumb, she recognized. He has done this before, and she knew why.

Amy closed her mouth around it, the flat of her tongue running over it, making sure to leave it wet enough when Laurie brought it back between her legs.

When his hands joined his mouth, she felt back on the bed, suddenly too much. His thumb ran circles on her clit while his tongue went back to her entrance, fucking her with it, letting out pleased sounds. Later his fingers replaced him there as well, he pushed on in first, crooking it to caress her on her sweet spot, tongue going back to play with her clit.  Her hand found its way to his head on its own accord, out of instinct, pushing him closed to her, if possible. Her legs clamped around his head and her arched as she came, letting out a moan that sounded too much like his name, it came from deep in her chest. Laurie kept licking, softer, letting her ride out her orgasm, knees shacking over his shoulders.

He kissed her thighs again, then climbed back on top of her, settling between her legs, but made no effort to take of his clothes, instead kissed her lips, softly, waiting for her to come back from whenever she went after such an intense orgasm.

When her breathing went back to normal, she opened her eyes and smiled at him and pulled him back for another kiss, arms around his neck.

“I want-” Amy said, hands pulling on his shirt.

“Who am I to deny you, vita mia?” he complied, making quick work of his clothes.

Once he was as naked as her, he returned to her arms and wrap her in his, not giving her nearly enough time to appreciate his body like he had hers. But she’d forgive him this time, the way he was kissing her now showed his urgency, his need to be inside her. That and the way his hands gripped her thighs to push them apart and settle himself back between them. Later, she thought, we’ll do this again and then I’ll be the one fully clothed and the one tasting him. Contented with her own promise, she returned his kiss.

She felt him pushing against her entrance, slipping inside easily. He moaned with relief against her lips, she with delight. She was full again, it felt as if she had waited an eternity, she could only assume he felt the same way. They stayed flushed together for a moment, his dark sun kissed skin contrasting perfectly with her pale and pink skin.

He pulled out slowly, and the back in, he repeated the motions over and over, each time with more intensity. Still, not too harsh, not too much. It occurred to her he was restraining himself, still unsure if she was ready for more.

“Please. Please, my lord” she breathed in his ear “, don’t hold back”

The pet name made him grin, exhilaration visible in his eyes. Giving her one last peck, he got to his knees, both hands grabbed her thighs decisively, he pulled out again, slow, and then slammed back in.


He did it again.

“Oh, Laurie!”

And again and again, his thrusts became harder and faster, her hands holding for dear life to the sheets, she could feel her breast bouncing from the force. Still, the change did not come unwelcomed.

“More, more!”

Somehow her legs ended on Laurie’s shoulders again, a completely different position yet similar effect: making her see stars.

Ti senti così bene, mi prendi così bene, amore” Laurie groaned, his voice barely audible over the sound of their flesh clashing together, so he spoke louder next “. Ti piace? Ti piace quando ti scopo da sciocca?

Try as she might, she could not focus on translating whatever he was saying, some words she wasn’t even sure he had ever taught her. She nodded nevertheless, willing to agree to anything he’d ask right now, her mind far too gone. She wasn’t even sure if he was aware of the language switch. How could he? Surely, he was as affected as her? Even so, it wasn’t the words that stirred something low in her belly, but the way he pronounced them, his native tongue never failed to make her weak.

“Laurie, Laurie” she prayed “. Oh, please! Laurie!”

She wasn’t sure what she was asking for, only felt confident he’d understand. And somehow, he did, one of his hands left her thigh to rub her sensitive nub. He bent down to keep whispering sweet nothings in her ear, not stopping his thrusts. Her thighs were nearly toughing her breasts, she knew she’d be sore after, the burning already starting in her muscles, but she could not care less now, now everything that mattered was the building heat inside her, the delightful pulsing between her legs, the curling of her toes and the quivering of her walls. Way too soon she was coming again, head throw back and mouth open. No sound came out, her breath caught in her throat. She pulled away his hand when she could take no more.

Her undoing seemed to bring out his as well, his movements became erratic, his breathing raspy against her ear. His hands dropped her legs and landed on each side of her face, caging her under him. One, two, three harsh thrusts after and he came as well with a hoarse moan, burying his cock in her cunt and his head in her golden hair. She could feel him twitching as he filled her with his seed.

He slowly slipped out and rolled them over, so that she was the one resting on top of him now. They should get up and clean themselves before they fell asleep, she knew, but every single limb refused to move. It was still too early for sleep. She closed her eyes blissfully as Laurie pressed his lips against her temple and his fingers massaged her scalp. She felt delightfully sore, her hair was no doubt tangle, and she would have to deal with it before going to sleep, but for now she decided to let herself enjoy the post coital bliss.

“Are you alright?”

“Hm?” she asked, slightly startled. Tsk, nearly fell asleep.

“I wasn’t too harsh, was I?”

Bless him, Amy thought, always caring for me.

“You were pleasantly harsh, I assure you, I’m perfectly fine”

He kissed her nose and got up from the bed in all his glory. That kept her awake.

“Where are you going, my lord?” she missed him already.

“I’m going to fill the tub with warm water, we could use a bath”

“We?” they had never done that before. Oh, how lovely, the warm would sooth her aching body, and she would not need to part from his arms. Now she was definitely awake, she may fall asleep in the tub, but she would make it there.

“Yes, dolcezza. Unless you have any objection to that”

“None at all!” she exclaimed, rising to her knees on the bed and lifting to her arms in his direction “Only that you do not leave me alone, I’m so cold already”

“Oh, dear, lets remedy that. Immediately!” He took her in her arms and together they went.

Amy giggled as he carried her away.

After, as they laid together under the water and Laurie massaged all the sore spots in her body, Amy sighed, such a peaceful ending to such a euphoric night.