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Can feel pain

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Camilo always thought that climbing trees and heights place was fun. It started inside the house where Casita was always there to keep he safe. He would often invite his partner Mirabel to play together on the roof. And find fun when they slip down and the tiles on the roof move like a slider. It started to happen more and more. Soon after, they were looked after by Isabela, who wanted to practice controlling her vines.


But everyone would make mistakes.


At his four years old, Isabella was busy with Mirabel that were entwined by the vines. She left sight of Camilo, who wanted to prove he could fly, and jumped from the treetops. Of course, no one grabbed him and fell to the ground so hard.


Isabela was startled and turned around as soon as she heard the noise.


Yes, it's noise, not voice since Camilo doesn't scream at all. Her attention was took by the sound of a strong impact against the grass. But when she turned around, she saw a little boy laughing happily instead. He clapped his hands happily. His face and clothes were dirty with soil, as was often the case lately, but a lot of the red liquid wasn't something that supposed to be there.


The girl rushed over and checked his injuries, but the boy didn't seem bothered. He gave an innocent smile in his eyes that only asked what was her hurry for.


“ Camilo! Oh my god tía gonna kill me for sure ” she mumbled non-stop.

“ Mami won't do that, ” with a giggle, “ why would she do that? You're playing with me, I'm having fun! ” he beam at her.


Her head was filled with questions and every inch of body was filled with confusion. But now she was certain that she had to take him to her mother. Little Mirabel followed after shewed herself from the vine and her eyes widened in terror with this sight. Isabela hurriedly blinded her sister with a random flower and carried the boy home to bring him her mother's food.


Camilo thought jumping off the tree was pretty fun. He could feel the wind, semi-weightlessness in mid-air even if it was only for a moment. He couldn't understand why both Isabela and Mirabel gave him that look.


Later, his sister tugged him into big hug and apologized for not listening to his screams. And that made Camilo even more confused. He didn't scream, even one bit. He never did. Doesn't it hurt Dolores' ears? He didn't want to hurt his sister!


He had a lot of fun that day.


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- –




Camilo heard a loud noise coming from afar, turning towards the source of the sound he saw a group of children of his age playing, Just maybe. They seem to agree that whoever loses will be hit at their hands. Of course, a kid his age didn't have much power, but their skin was very fragile as well.


It's not weird to feel pain.


" Huh ? ! You not hurt ! ! ” One child cried out. The kid who lost the game nodded, his expression calm, of course Camilo knew that kid. He is the only son of the bread shop señora in town. He has practiced patience with many things, kneading the dough or with carrying a bag of flour. That boy's mother wasn't very healthy either so he has to do it very often. Besides, the other kid who hit him was not a very strong kid either.


“ Are you really a human?! Everyone else being hit like this would hurt and cry! ” The boy yelled again.


So someone who doesn't hurt is weird.


“ Wha–, it's not like you're that so strong! ” another one countered.


“No! If you don't hurt,or don't feel anything, you're not a human anymore! monster, obviously! El monstruo! ! ” The boy raised his finger, pointed at another kid's face and began to yell repeatedly until the surrounding people started to look at him.


A monster… huh?


Is he… also a monster?


The baker's son began to cry. Several adults came to comfort and another child bowed his head in apology. But it didn't enter Camilo's auditory nerve any more. The four-year-old was drifting away with his own thoughts. If don't feel pain, it means weird?


Well, then…


He could really be a monster.


Camilo bit his lip tightly.




 It's been like this for a long time. Whether falling from a tree, getting any cut, or even touching a hot vessel, he felt nothing. His mother said he was as strong as a big boy, making him have a high pain tolerance. But when he sees children of the same age, they cry? Or because he's Madrigal?


He has no idea.


But the words of that group of kids still echoed in his mind. He didn't want to be told that he is a monster. so that no one will ever know


Of course, he still felt the force pushing him. It wasn't enough to make him feel any pain. But it was enough to allow the frame of his thin body to move. Camilo therefore regarded it as a sign to yelp. And soon it became dramatic. He began to exaggerated because he could not differentiate how much it's pain and how much he should yelp or all of it. So he chose to make everything look dramatic where everything was exaggerated.


At first, everyone was surprised at the change in his expression. But soon got used to it, the family, no, everyone knew he liked the drama and theatre. And don't think it's strange if he's imitating that gestures until the old habits are gone.


About that


What are his old habits like?




And he learned one more thing. If he wanted it realistically Whenever he was injured without realizing it and did not show any pain, he had to hide the traces of the wound completely. When saving a child who had fallen from a tree. Many of the children involved in the accident were so shocked by the accident so they didn't notice his blood, giving him enough time to shift them away.


Slowly it has become a habit. He kept shifting himself into a healthy form. Even if it didn't hurt, he didn't even know he has to be in a good form that is himself, that what he suppose to be.


He raised his hand and bit his finger.


Both the teeth and not so sharp fang, buried in until he smelled the bloody smell before pulling away.


Mami must be fierce at him…


But he can hide it


 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --  


He first realized the word pain when he was ten years old. -At least he thought it was that word and hope it is-


As twilight approached the sun's rays, he uncontrollably shifted into uncountable numbers of people. And the more he tries to keep one form or another, the opposite happens. That was the only time he realized that sometimes his gift could be turbulent.


His limbs ached all over. His burned lungs, trying to fill in the moist air. His body was soaked with his own sweat until it was damp and gooey. And both the head and the crooked joints, the pain began to spread to the muscles of every part.




It's hurt


Is this the pain that anyone talking about?


When the gift is back under control He stabilized his breathing and focused. The aches persisted. Perhaps if he eat his tía's food it'll fade away.


..But that was the first time he felt pain. Camilo began to think back on the reason for the whole thing.


Before leaving the house, he shifted into his mother to take care of his little brother and let Mami rest. But if his brother wanted to play, he would shifted into someone else. Bringing laughter. It's not easy, but it's not hard either. But when he left the house, he was immediately called. Camilo shifted several times while babysitting for the children in the town. Not counting on helping other people personally, at least it was definitely not less than 10 people, he was sure about that.


If his gift was out of control like this was due to his overworking.


He will do more.


He wants to feel the pain


Abuela wanted him to serve the community.


It's pretty win-win. He was undoubtedly got benefit, therefore, no one could stop him. He bit his lip until he smelled the bloody smell again. But it couldn't be compared to the anguish beneath his skin once.


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --  


But why?


Sometimes just the words made in his chest feel a tingling hurt.


Is that a pain?




and please tell why


 Camilo doesn't really like it.