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a day at the ballpark

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After their defeat of Nyxly and Lex the superfriends were somewhat at a loss. With the world saved, again , and no big bad on the horizon, the group more often than not found themselves twiddling their thumbs and in an endless cycle of well what do you wanna do ? Hobbies , Kelly had declared, you people need hobbies . So Nia picked up calligraphy, Kara started painting again, Lena and J’onn started taking yoga together. Alex insisted that shooting guns counted, but also started a more family friendly hobby of gardening with Kelly and Esme. And Brainy chose baseball.

During his trip back in time with Nia, Brainy quickly gained an interest in the sport. Coach Kripkey recruited me to switch hit, you know ! After doing more research and finding out how much of it revolved around analytics and statistics, he was sold. In a matter of days he could tell you any stat you could want to know. Earned run averages, on base percentages, runs batted in, give Brainy a name and he could rattle off the player’s stats for their entire career. Despite being such a fan of the sport, Brainy had yet to attend an actual game. But with the Gotham Knights coming to town to play the National City Nighthawks, it seemed like the perfect time to take him to his first game. Nia had pulled Lena aside, asking her if she could get them decent seats. Lena being Lena got the entire group tickets to sit right behind home plate. 



The superfriends met at the ballpark, all of them decked out in Nighthawks signature dark blue jerseys. Brainy was practically vibrating with excitement as they made their way into the ballpark, dragging Nia around by the hand to stop and marvel over plaques and homages to players of the past. Esme loaded up Kara’s arms with snacks, piling them higher and higher until Kara couldn’t see over them. Lena batted away Kelly’s hand as she attempted to pay for them, swiping her own card instead. J’onn laughed and lightened up Kara’s load by taking some of the snacks into his arms. 


Kelly furrowed her brow, eyes scanning the crowd for Alex who’d disappeared. She rolled her eyes after spotting her wife cautiously making her way back over to the group, seven solo cups of beer in her possession. Two in each hand, one tucked in each elbow, and one clutched precariously between her teeth. Kelly hurried over and took the cups out of Alex’s right hand and passed them off to Nia and Brainy. Alex used the free hand to grab hold of the cup between her teeth and grinned at Kelly. Kelly chuckled and shook her head, relieving Alex of three more drinks. With Kara and J’onn carrying the snacks and everyone else with beer in hand, Lena took Esme’s hand and led them to their seats. 


“Why all the steps?” Nia moaned. 


Lena chuckled and called over her shoulder, “So Brainy could have the seat I know he wants but is too afraid to ask for.” Lena continued leading their descent down until they reached the bottom row. “Four of us on the very bottom row, four on the next one up.” 


Brainy eyes bulged as he sped past Lena, Nia yelping as she was pulled along. He quickly sat down and silently stared out onto the field. Nia nudged him but he waved her off with a choked I’m fine . She turned around and gave Lena a thumbs up. Alex and Kelly stepped down to sit in the seats beside Nia and Brainy. J’onn took his seat the next row up behind Brainy. 


“Wow Lena, do you think we could’ve gotten better seats?” Alex asked sarcastically. 


Lena smirked and gave her a light shove, sending her back into her seat. 


“Lena, the beer!” Alex shrieked, attempting to keep the beer from sloshing out of the cups. She scowled at Lena who was taking her seat next to J’onn, Esme bouncing in her lap.


“If you spill beer all over yourself you’re not coming home with me, you’ll stink,” Kelly said, sitting next to her wife. Alex gaped at her. 


“If I spill beer- it was Lena’s fault!” Alex exclaimed. 


“Hey, don’t blame Lena!” Kara scolded her sister. She nudged the brim of her ball cap with her shoulder, pushing it back into place. “It’s not her fault you decided to carry too much at one time!” Kara sidestepped down the aisle to plop down next to Lena, Esme immediately snagging a bag of cotton candy. 


“Oh, says the woman who can barely see over the mountain of snacks she’s carrying,” Alex shot back. 


“That’s not fair Alex, you know my metabolism-” 


“Dearest sisters, the game is starting,” Brainy called out in a singsong voice. 


Nia turned in her seat to face Kara and Alex, narrowing her eyes at the sisters. She pointed her middle and pointer finger at her eyes in a v shape before jabbing them at the two. Do not ruin this Nia mouthed. Kara nodded earnestly and Alex gave her a lazy salute.  

“Oh, so that’s why they call it the seventh inning stretch.” Kara said, looking over the crowd to see people rise up from their seats to stretch and head for the concession stand. 


“You gotta be kidding me,” Alex groaned at her sister. “I need more beer. Anyone else?” Nia and J’onn both waved their hands. Alex nodded in recognition and began climbing the stairs. 


Brainy was still locked in on the game, talking Nia’s ear off about each team and the different outcomes that were possible. She rested her head on his shoulder, nodding along and asking occasional questions that he was more than happy to answer. Esme had vacated Lena’s lap in favor of Kelly’s, chatting away with her mother. J’onn and Lena had their heads bent together discussing future plans for a piece of tech Lena was working on. 


“Guys, guys!” Kara called out. “Look, it’s the crowd cam!” 


She pointed at the big monitor at the back of the park that showed the camera panning over the crowd in search of fans to highlight. The camera found the mascot engaging in a rock-paper-scissors match with an usher. The usher won and the mascot dramatically toppled over. The camera moved onto a group of kids dancing in the nosebleeds. 


Suddenly Alex appeared on screen, oblivious until the man behind her nudged her. She looked up from her spot at the concession stand register to see herself on screen. She said a few words to the man behind her and passed him a beer. Another fan stepped up and raised her arm. The crowd caught on and counted down from three. At three the fan refereeing dropped her arm, Alex and her competitor chugging as fast as they could.  Alex finished first, triumphantly crushing her cup in her hand  while the man continued to gulp his beer down. The referee grabbed Alex’s arm and lifted it in the air while the superfriends whooped along with the rest of the stadium. When the man finished he and Alex shook hands and shared a laugh. 


The camera began panning the crowd again, the words ‘Kiss Cam’ scrolling across the bottom of the big monitor. It stopped on an older couple who gave each other a chaste peck, a mother and toddler that kissed each other on the cheek, a young couple that shared a slightly above pg rated kiss that sent the crowd cheering. The camera continued searching for couples, the superfriends quickly losing interest until- 


“Mommy look, it’s Aunt Lena and Papa J’onn!” Esme exclaimed. The group looked up to where the little girl was pointing- the kiss cam. Sure enough, J’onn and Lena were on the big monitor. Lena’s mouth fell open while everyone else snickered. Kara frowned and contemplated heat visioning the camera while J’onn dug into his pocket. He pulled out a piece of paper and unfolded it, hoisting it up with one hand and pointing at Lena with the other. The crowd erupted in laughter and Lena craned her neck to see what the paper said. ‘That’s my daughter’ was printed in bold font across the sheet. Lena threw her head back in a laugh. 


“You seriously just had that on hand?” Lena asked. 


J’onn smiled and folded the paper back up before sliding it into his pocket. “I have another that says ‘that’s my son’, I just wanted to be prepared.” J’onn glanced over Lena’s head and let out a chuckle. She gave him a curious look and he nodded his head forward towards Kara. 


Lena turned around and couldn’t help but chuckle. Kara’s face was stuck in a pout, crinkle prominent between her eyes. 


“What’s wrong, Kara?” Lena asked in amusement. Kara huffed and looked at Lena. 


“J’onn? They really thought to put the kiss cam on you and J’onn ? It’s not like I’m right here or anything.” 


“Aww, did someone wanna kiss me on the big screen?” Lena cooed, leaning into Kara. 


“Maybe,” Kara scoffed. Lena giggled and took the ball cap off Kara’s head, turning it backwards and placing it back on her head. 


“How ‘bout you just kiss me anyway?” 


Kara grinned and adjusted her hat before leaning in to meet Lena halfway. The two didn’t register the roar of the crowd as they kissed, Lena too focused on the grip Kara had on the back of her thigh and Kara too focused on Lena’s fingers gently scratching at the base of her neck. Lena slipped her tongue into Kara’s mouth before quickly pulling away, a cheeky grin on her face as Kara whined in disappointment. She looked up in time to see the camera pan away from the two of them. 


“Guess you got to kiss me on the big screen after all,” Lena joked. 


“It’s not nice to tease,” Kara pouted, dropping her head on Lena’s shoulder. Lena continued to lightly scratch the back of Kara’s neck.  


“Don’t worry darling, tonight you get me all to yourself. No teasing.” 


Kara picked her head up. “Promise? Because I wan-” She was cut off by a bag of peanuts hitting her on the back of the head. Bewildered, Kara turned to see Alex standing at the end of their row.     


“All right, all right, break it up you two. This is a family outing,” Alex said, passing Nia and J’onn their beers. “And I definitely didn’t need to see Lena Luthor kissing my sister with tongue on a hundred foot screen.” 


Kara harrumphed and tucked her face into Lena’s neck while Lena flipped off Alex. Kelly tugged on Alex’s jersey to pull her down into her seat. 


The game ended with the Nighthawks losing to the Knights, but the group left the ballpark in good spirits. Brainy was still animatedly chattering away, Nia watching him with a fond smile and J’onn trying to keep up with all the numbers Brainy was throwing out. Alex was leaning heavily on Kelly as she tried to keep her wife upright. Kara hovered behind them, ready to catch her sister if she tipped over. Lena brought up the rear, Esme dozing off in her arms. 


“So Brainy, what do you think of your first baseball game?” Nia asked. 


“I loved it!,” he exclaimed. “The Nighthawks loss makes an interesting change in the standings, their statistical chance of making it to the post season all but diminished. Which will make a comeback even more intriguing. We must attend more games!” he declared. 


“Of course, Brainy. Whenever you want.” Lena said. 


“Same seats?” He asked hopefully. 


“Lena, you don’t-” Nia started, but Lena cut her off. 


“What’s the point of being rich if you can’t take your friends to a ballgame and buy them the best seats in the house?” Lena shrugged. “I think we all had fun.” 


The group voiced their agreement. 


“All right, it’s time we all head home,” J’onn voiced. “I’ve got these two,” he said, putting a hand on Brainy and Nia’s shoulders. 


“And Kara and I will help Kelly with Alex and Esme,” Lena replied. 


“M’not a child,” Alex muttered. 


“Nah, you’re just drunk.” Kara teased. 


“Just a little bit, babe,” Kelly placated while Alex grumbled in disagreement. 


Lena fiddled with her watch until a portal materialized in front of them. “C’mon Alex, the sooner we get you home the sooner me and Kara get to go home.”  


“You just want to defile my sister,” Alex accused. 


“Oh I assure you, she’s the one who’ll be doing the defiling.” Lena smirked while Alex retched, Kara’s face turning bright red. 


“Ooookay, time to go now,” Kara said, bodily picking up Alex and walking into the portal. The rest of the group snickered and said their goodbyes. 


Brainy sighed seeing the portal close and turning to face Nia. 




“Yes Brainy?” 


“I love baseball.”