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Yandere Forgers HCs (Yor/Loid/Au Pair Reader)

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☆ As an au pair, you'll be tasked with a whole whirlwind of responsibilities. Most of them will revolve around caring for Anya, but that doesn't mean that your attention won't be diverted to other areas of the Forger home as well. This mostly includes doing some cooking, cleaning, and taking care of your own space. 

☆ It also means that you'll be living on the premises, so almost all of your day will be spent with Forgers in one way or another--you might be helping Anya with homework, or cooking with Yor, or bringing Loid a cup of coffee while he works at his desk. They'll all get so used to you being around that you'll basically be a part of the family, and it'll feel a lot more sincere since none of them are blood related as it is. 

☆ While you're certainly not seen as a child, Yor and Loid will grow to baby you a good bit. They're both fiercely protective of you, but in different ways--Yor is more likely to casually mention "eliminating" someone who stepped on your foot or caused you some kind of other inconvenience. But Loid is much quieter and sneakier about it, he'll investigate any and every tipoff or clue that involves you and someone who might harm you. You might find people around you apologizing more frequently or even disappearing entirely, but at your skill level there's no way you'll be able to trace it back to the man of the Forger family. 

☆ With Loid and Yor having separate bedrooms, it works more to your own disadvantage. When one of them wants to sneak out and pull you into their room, they won't have to worry about the other waking up or finding out. They both think that your relationship with them is secret from the other, so it's probably better if you don't go around blabbing about it to either one. And in both cases, it'll probably start with each of them coming on to you and admitting their feelings for you, while also revealing that their marriage isn't exactly the "traditional" type you thought it was. 

☆ Kisses are mandatory once your relationship crosses that boundary from professional to romantic. Loid kisses you on his way out the door for work, and Yor saves her kisses for when you're making dinner together or when she can get you alone in her room. They hide them pretty well--except when Anya reads their minds and is scandalized to find out her babysitter is kissing her Mama and Papa. But then again, she's a kid, so she just assumes that it's more of a friendly kiss. Or maybe it's one of those "cultural differences" that Papa sometimes talks about? Maybe you're secretly French!  

☆ Yor is always watching you. There isn't a moment in the day that she isn't aware of what you're doing or who you're with, and if it's someone she doesn't approve of, she will have to fight to stay her hand from killing them immediately. She's so protective over you in a way that's quite similar to how Yuri treats her, although she doesn't really make the connection because she's so sure that it's for your benefit. 

♡ Loid is probably the last person you want to be home alone with. He'll invite you to sit next to him on the couch and lay a hand on your knee, or help you cook dinner and brush against you at every opportunity. He never imagined he'd find fucking the babysitter so hot, but it is, and if you try to move away you can bet you're gonna be pinned to the sofa and fucked within an inch of your life. Blubber for mercy and call him "Mr. Forger" while he does it and he'll probably leave some possessive handprints on your ass, too. 

♡ Yor isn't much better, though. Being home alone with her is more common, and thus she feels there's more she can get away with. She'll make it a habit to touch herself near you when she thinks you won't notice, even though you can hear her little moans or feel how wet her fingers are when she finishes and comes over to touch your face, or even push them inside your mouth to pretend it's just a silly prank. When she gets more bold, though, she'll sit you down on the couch and insist on taking care of you by shoving her face between your legs and putting her mouth to work. 

♡ If, somehow, they find out early on that the other has been messing around with you, they thankfully won't get jealous of each other. No, the couple will work together with an idea in mind immediately--Loid and Yor will start having sex when they know you’re around, and when you can hear it. It's rare, but when Anya is off at a friend's house for a sleepover or something of the like, the two will leave Loid's door cracked open and fuck in full view so you can see them. You can try to pretend you don't notice them, but in that case they'll keep going until they're finished before calling you in, and asking you with flushed faces to please clean up the sheets as Loid pulls out and spills cum all over them. If they're feeling generous, they'll leave it at that and revel in your embarrassment as you obey. But if not, Loid will grab you by the hair and shove your face between Yor's legs, and order you to lick up his mess until you're done so he can then get you to lick him clean, too. 

♡♀️ Anytime Loid fucks you, he'll ask if you wouldn't mind giving him a baby so his daughter can have a sibling. You can say no every time and he'll just chuckle, without telling you whether or not he's going to try anyways. But say yes, and he'll make a point of inundating you with breeding talk: "Let's make a baby", "You'll look so cute with a baby belly", "Open up more so I can fill up your womb", that kind of stuff. 

♡♂️ Yor is a little more shy around you, but she's even more ruthless in bed. Ties your wrists to the headboard and rides you, and begs you not to cum inside but makes no effort to get off when you cry out that you're close. If anything she tries to take you deeper, her knees spread out in the splits so she can swallow you to the base, and you're left to wonder if she's really trying to get you to knock her up. 

♡ Yor is also more prone to sneaking into your room while the house is quiet during the night, and cuddling up beside you. She'll usually be wearing some kind of pretty lingerie to try and tempt you into touching her, and on rarer occasions, she'll even be completely naked and will rub herself up against your leg. If you don't stop her, you'll find her humping herself on your thigh or your fingers while she holds you and moans softly into your ear, and her whispering will slowly start to grow more possessive as she gets closer and closer to cumming. And when she's done, she'll get up and stumble back to her room on wobbly legs, unless you pull her back down to cuddle--and in that case, she'll shyly snuggle in closer so she can listen to your heartbeat as she falls asleep. 

♡ Loid has an obsession with facefucking you. When the girls are out, he'll sit back in his chair and smoke a cigarette while you're perched between his legs, his belt buckled around your neck so you physically can't move away from him. He'll do work and scribble notes here and there, and every so often he'll loosen the belt so he can grab your hair and fuck your throat like an onahole, sometimes blowing his load into your mouth and sometimes just letting you know who's in charge before he buckles you back again to keep cockwarming him. 

♡‼️ If you ever try to get away from them, you won't get very far. Especially if you try to take Anya with you for fear of leaving her to face their wrath alone--Loid will find you, and Yor will punish you. You won't have to fear a beating, but there are worse ways to make you suffer for rejecting the two of them. Yor will sedate you and carve "Forger" into your back so it'll scar permanently, and to be a little sweeter after she's done listening to your screams, she'll tattoo you with her and Loid's names on your inner thighs. Loid might also break your mind by fucking you and forcing you to repeat a myriad of phrases, probably while holding a gun to your head. "I love you", "I'm a Forger", "I'll never leave you", "You're my family", and "I'm sorry" will be common ones for him to brainwash you with, along with a few more indulgent ones like "I belong to you" and "Please make me cum, Mr. Forger". 

‼️ Ultimately, if they can brainwash you, they will. The realization that both of them have been involved with you will come in second, because the most important thing is to work together to keep you in their clutches.  They want to convince you that you don't need a life outside of them, that other people don't matter, and to just welcome the life that they can so easily provide you with. They at least know that Anya won't always need a caretaker and it terrifies them to think of that, so they'll take whatever extreme precautions are necessary to keep you safe and sound in their care. 

☆ So just be their little companion, ok? It's much easier that way, and they really don't want to have to go so far as to eliminate the people in your family or your friends (romantic partners are different though, they'll thoroughly enjoying getting rid of them ). They just want you, and that's it. That's not such a bad life, is it?