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remember summer days

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A summer festival, where romances could possibly be formed… and if the plan worked out, then the AKYR trio’s only worries would be missing out on the fireworks show.

It was no surprise that Club Candy was about to host a festival downtown. Although, this was an odd choice for the well-known hostess club to be part-taking in an event for all-ages. Iori thought it was best to invite the new groups participating in Road to Legend, a perfect opportunity for Iori to make more connections leading his investigation of Alter Trigger.

However, Reo and Satsuki were rather uninterested in his plans.

They would always listen to Iori’s orders… but during a summer festival? Satsuki couldn’t be more bummed out, especially when this was an opportunity to go on a date with Anne!

Hokusai caught wind of their complaining however, and he too was also uninterested in gathering information, festivals are supposed to be fun, not for spying on others’ businesses! So, an idea sparked in him that would change Reo and Satsuki’s minds forever.

“Anki has also been trying to get closer with a special someone...” Hokusai announced to his two younger brothers, which prompted the boys to quickly pause the game.

Satsuki choked on his drink. “Wait, what?!”

Reo turned bright red. “You’re saying that Anki has a crush on…”

Hokusai nodded, a smile formed on his face. “It’s more fun if Anki got together with that special one instead.”

And now, today was the day of the festival… the trio could not be anymore terrified.

What if Hokusai’s assumption turned out to be false? Well, they’ve seen Iori come back from visiting Bar 4/7, the stupid smile and light red ears says it all.

If they were going to set them up together and get away from taking a break for once, they would need a plan.

“Would you hurry up, Satsuki? We’re going to be late!” Reo called Satsuki out, as he quickly put on his sandals and fixed up his pink coloured yukata.

“I have to look good for Anne!” Satsuki yelled out in response. “What if they see me looking unprofessional and-”

“We’re leaving in five minutes!”

Satsuki cursed under his breath upon hearing Zen’s clear voice, and Reo’s faint laugh can be heard from outside his room.

Once they arrived at the festival, the stalls were already set up. It seemed like Iori really wanted to make this as friendly and inviting as possible. He looked pleased, asking the workers if everything was under control.

Reo was starting to believe this plan was going to fail. “I wonder how we’re going to get him to be with his special someone.”

“Don’t worry, Reo. He’ll eventually keep his guard down as time passes by.” Hokusai reassured, although that wouldn’t be enough for Reo.

“Alright! We all know what we gotta do, right?” Iori made his statement to the trio, with a flaming voice of determination. “Have fun, alright? But don’t keep ya guards’ down! Remember what you three are here for… you too, Zen.”

“Yes, Waka! I’ll ensure everything will be under control!” Zen said sternly, the trio was impressed by his loyalty to Iori.

“Thank you, Anki! We’ll sure have fun, and we’ll let you know if anything comes our way!” Reo responded in an enthusiastic tone.

The group parted ways, and now the trio was alone.

Satsuki threw a fist pump in the air. “Now we need that old man with Anki, and then I’ll score my date with Anne!”

“You’re seriously going to keep saying that and mess up when they arrive.” Reo teased the ginger haired, a smirk appearing on his face.

Satsuki nudged Reo’s shoulder. “Quit it, brat!”

“Just sayin’ the truth!”

Hokusai is quick to interrupt them, signalling them to quiet down. “Shh, we need to find Anki’s special one first, who should be arriving soon.”

“The festival starts in a few minutes, and it reads that BAE, 1NM8, Amprule and The Cat Whiskers will be performing tonight.” Reo commented, reading the digital pamphlet.

Satsuki was getting annoyed. “Seriously?! Then we have to find him as soon as possible!”

In a sudden twist of events, Hokusai spotted two faces across from a nearby stall - two familiar faces. He moved in quickly, decided to go for a casual approach, with Reo and Satsuki following along. They did not expect it to be their former opponents.

“Oho, it’s Fuu-chan and his group of friends!~ Ryu-kun didn’t expect to see the three musketeers show up!” Reo and Satsuki immediately cringed at Ryu’s comment (but… he wasn’t wrong).

“Ah… I’m sorry about Ryu-kun! But we’re happy to see you guys… what’s up?” Shiki looked worried judging by the trio’s expressions but kept a smile on his face.

That smile later became a rather concerning look once Satsuki had told him about their plan.

“W-What?!” Shiki couldn’t believe his eyes, was it true? “You- you’re telling me that master-”

“Yes, it’s hard to believe but… Anki does have a crush on him.” Satsuki’s voice faded out, like he sounded embarrassed telling Shiki the news. “That’s why we need your help, and I doubt Ryu won’t be able to help us this time around.”

“But I know a lot about master!” Ryu retaliated back, “Even when Ryu-kun and Shiki are fast asleep, he can still hear master and his special one laughing and drinking all night loong ~”

Shiki turned red, “Ah, Ryu-kun don’t-”

“And, and! Ryu-kun could notice master's flustered face when he found out his special one was organising the festival! He was so flustered that he told boss that he wanted to go and have some street food instead. ~”

The trio froze, upon realising what Ryu had said. Shiki was beginning to get second-hand embarrassment, only laughing awkwardly at the situation.

“I hope you find what you’re looking for… sorry about Ryu-kun’s input.”

“Bahahaha! Ryu-kun will now find Chihuahua-kun and his group of jail-cell friends!”

As Ryu was dragging Shiki off to another stall, Reo’s hopes were starting to go up.

“Who knew Ryu was that valuable?”

Why did Yohei even try to attend this festival?

He didn’t mind having to close Bar 4/7 for the night, but for Iori to be there?

It wasn’t like he liked him or anything, but it would’ve been better if Iori wasn’t present at this stage. God, he wanted to just drink whiskey and eat street food with the kids and Saimon.

It’s a miracle that TCW had already performed for the night, meaning free time for Yohei to mess around with. Saimon wanted to treat Ryu, Shiki and their new found friend with street food… what was his name, Kenta? Yohei sure found Ryu’s choice of friends odd.

The bar owner found himself roaming around the festival, having greeted his fellow friends and opponents as they dazzled in the food and games being played. He wondered what Iori was doing right now, that is if he wasn’t dwelling in making shady connections with the other groups.
Walking at the end of the festival and reconsidering his life choices, he bumped into someone. It was the last person he wanted to encounter on this forbidden day.



Both yelled out their respective partner’s names, fitting for the two former members of the Suiseki gang.

Iori was about to slap himself in the face, did the youngsters really trick him into going here? According to Reo, at the end of the entrance gate, a daring man who knew about Alter Trigger was looking for Iori to negotiate a deal. Convinced by Reo, Hokusai and Satsuki’s puppy eyes, Iori decided to check it out for himself.

No, it happened to be also the last person he wanted to see. Because not even Iori was confident enough to ask Yohei out to watch the firework shows.

“Did ya seriously bribe them? That’s funny of you, danna.” Yohei couldn’t tell if Iori was remotely annoyed or not.

“Wasn’t remotely aware of your kids’ doing.” Yohei replied, rather in an annoyed tone.

The atmosphere is awkward, but there was the comfort that lied between the two. Two friendly rivals that would be bantering all night at Bar 4/7, would finally come to terms with each other. Yohei wondered why he was like this. Yohei knew that Iori dated men in the past and Yohei didn’t care much for gender either. They didn’t mind each other’s company, so why was his palms sweating when he glanced at Iori for even a few seconds?

“I guess we have no other choice but to spend some time together, right?” Iori moved closer towards Yohei with a smile.

Yohei sighed, but he only warmed up seeing the laughter Iori held. It’s rather… adorable, seeing Iori genuinely happy around him. “I guess I have no other choice, do I?”

Iori and Yohei spend the rest of the night walking around the festival. Iori’s mind lingered towards gaining information, but Yohei’s words only distanced him away from what the festival was intended for.

Yohei wore a yukata this time around, and Iori couldn’t help but compliment him every so often. It was the same tiring compliment, but Yohei’s heart felt a thump every time Iori mentioned it.

The simple ‘Danna, it looks good on ya!' is enough for Yohei to turn away and tell Iori to shut it before his old friend laughed in response.

Bantering along with Yohei, Iori noticed the crowd walking towards the nearby shoreline of their city. They were awfully close against each other, but Iori never minded that. He spotted Satsuki and Anne together, the BAE member giggling at Satsuki’s horrified reaction to the spicy takoyaki he was eating.

Once Iori and Satsuki made eye contact, Satsuki gave him a thumbs up of approval before walking off with his date. Iori couldn’t be more proud, if he was being honest.

“Seems like everyone is spending time with their loved ones.” Yohei mentioned, as the two had passed by the rest of the remaining participants of Road to Legend. “Even hip-hop stars have their breaks.”

“I mean, it is a festival organised by me and Club Candy.” Iori replied, chuckling. “Why wouldn’t the participants have their break?”

They come to a rest stop in front of a quieter area. Iori knew the best areas to view the fireworks, so it was fitting for him and Yohei to be watching by the shoreline, even if the distance was far from the festival.

“I can’t believe your kids organised this, I’m convinced Ryu and Shiki got involved too.” Yohei shakes his head, reminiscing about that time Ryu thought that he had a secret girlfriend. “Good for them, I’m sorta glad you came by. So thanks a lot, old partner.”

Iori doesn’t show it to him, but a slight flush of red appears on his face. It’s not subtle, but Iori is dead serious about hiding his embarrassment today.

His flamboyant persona makes up for it, “It’s no problem, danna! Besides, the fireworks show is about to begin soon.”

The two waited, a moment of silence between them. Iori moved slightly, enough for him to touch Yohei’s shoulder. Yohei was caught off guard, but didn't pay any mind to Iori. His stomach is doing flips just watching Iori start to talk to him about whatever was on his mind. God, he never seemed to shut up. But Yohei loved it as they never got to cherish these moments fully when they were still in the yakuza group together.

“I hope you didn’t put up a lame firework show.” Yohei muttered, crossing his arms as Iori laughed in response.

“You’ll see, danna.”

Another pin drop is heard, and Yohei can’t wait any longer to ask.

“The Akan Yatsura kids… were you aware of their plan to set us up like this?”

“No,” Iori bluntly replied, “I was intending to use this as an opportunity to continue my investigation however…”

“Let me guess, I showed up?”

Iori hummed, “Why else would we be here, together under the moonlight?”

Yohei wanted to physically cringe, but instead his cheeks turned a bright red and it only made it worse when the fireworks show began.

“Ah danna, the fireworks!” Iori’s tone lightened up, as his eyes sparkled when the fireworks exploded in colour.

Iori’s face is reminiscent of a younger version of him, expressing to a young Yohei how he wanted to watch the fireworks again when he was an adult. Iori isn’t aware of how Yohei viewed him, despite the shadow of his past and present lurking him, there is still a glimpse of freeness and genuineness from Iori.

That’s the version of Iori he loved the most. What a stupid and cheesy feeling to have as a former yakuza member, but Yohei can’t help it anymore. To him, seeing his now close friend smile at him with joy as they watch the fireworks together… it set his heart to beat a little faster than usual.

For a brief moment, the two had forgotten about the festival, or the fact that they were set up to meet in this way. But perhaps they were meant to forget about those worries, and feel like the world had only belonged to them.

Iori knew that it would take a while for Yohei to come to terms with his feelings, and Iori had harboured those same feelings Yohei was feeling as well. They can’t deny it anymore though, they both wanted each other badly. It was becoming clear as crystal glass, but their hesitation of the other’s opinion knowing that they may not react too kindly to it.

“Danna,” Iori began as the fireworks continued to burst out from the deep night sky. “... this sounds crazy but, can I kiss you?”

Yohei slowly turned around, a rather shocked expression on his face when he heard the last few words. “Haaaaah?!”

Iori didn’t like this reaction, quickly taking back what he said to his former yakuza buddy. “I- ya know what, just ignore what I just said! I was just messing with ya-”

“Fuck it.”

Before Iori could even react, Yohei pulled Iori to press his lips against his own. Iori’s eyes widened as Yohei cupped the now reddened cheeks that are now visible even at low light. The soft sudden kiss quickly became rough as the yakuza whined softly at how Yohei kissed him, so gentle yet tensive.

Yohei surprisingly doesn’t pull away, he’s addicted to Iori’s slight moans and when he pulled out, Iori could only roll his eyes before pulling him a quick kiss on the lips once again. He didn’t know Iori could be so desperate for a rough kiss, and it was adorable.

“You have my permission now, Iori.” Yohei chuckled, ultimately realising how incredibly flustered Iori looked. “Maybe we should be set up together more by your kids.”

Iori punched Yohei’s shoulder lightly, ears going bright red. “Fuck you, danna.”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

The pet name didn’t help Iori in the slightest, but he can't help but grin like an idiot after hearing those words from Yohei.