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incandesent minds (working title)

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The first mistake of the day was accepting another mission. 

It was a fairly easy mission involving some political leaders and codes that could cause a bit of trouble. Twilight easily intercepted them with the good old face swapping. 

After handing it to WISE he headed to his home- his pretend home. Of course. 

The second mistake of that day was picking up the phone. 

Yor was informed during the phone call that another target was ready to be executed by the Thorn Princess. Not really knowing anyone who wouldn’t be busy during the week, she left Anya at home with Bond. 

The target, luckily, was close by. An easy job with an easy clean up. Blood would wash off her hands and sure the news may cover this story but at least her identity is safe from her family- her pretend family. Of course. 

The third mistake of that day was leaving the house. 

Bond had a vision. The vision wasn’t good to put it simply. Anya was going to go missing. When it was going to happen he wouldn’t know. But if he’d stay here any longer it wouldn’t change the outcome. 

Bond scouted out the nearest familiar person. Scruffy. Or Frankie. Either one. Frankie noticed the dog and was going to greet it. They weren’t pals per se but they were close since Bond was often left in the company of him. 

Thinking that all was well, Bond relaxed. But of course. Another vision had appeared.


And this one was worse than the last. This vision would ruin his entire family. If there was a family left. Of course. 


The fourth mistake of the day was taking an afternoon nap. 


No one was home and Anya was sure that Bond would protect her. Her papa trained him after all. 


She was sleeping soundly in her bed. Dreams of her happy family came to mind. There was her papa smiling protecting her from the evil scruffy. The bondman outfit sitting on top Loid was great. Her mama was in the same party as loid. Yorticia the witch with physical attacks allies along loidman. 


She smiles in her sleep. It was her family of course!