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Savior of Sleep

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Exhausted after what seemed like a never-ending day, MC dragged herself into the comfort of her bed. She uttered a content sigh when her tired body clashed down onto the mattress, her head easily finding the softness of the pillow to rest on. The heaviness of exhaustion was winning the battle on MC’s eyes as she fought the onslaught of sleep that was so desperately trying to claim her.

Taki should be here any second to say goodnight, MC scolded herself, fighting the urge to surrender to her sleep. The woman’s brain, however, had other ideas. Eyelids fluttering to rest her eyes for the eve, MC was about to slip into an unconscious trance until a soft rap on the door jolted her awake.

“I was hoping you still wouldn’t be up at this hour,” Taki groaned while rushing to the side of his girlfriend’s bedside. “I’m sorry that work ran late tonight. I need to draft a few emails and then catch a quick shower, but I wanted to ensure I said goodnight to you before anything else.”

“I’m happy you made it home in time before I officially passed out,” MC murmured, her lashes blinking as she fought to keep her eyes open and focused on the gorgeous specimen of a man in front of her. “You’re worth the wait, Taki.”

Softly chuckling, Taki stroked the top of MC’s head, and pressed a gentle kiss to her temple.


“I’m both flattered and honored,” Taki smirked, his desire to climb into the bed with her intensifying. The sudden onset of the small yawn MC tried to stifle was enough to snap him back into his senses. “However, I’ll have to save my appreciation for you for another day. You’re exhausted, and I want to make sure you get plenty of rest.”

“You’re such a worrywart, but I love you anyways,” MC whispered whilst finally drifting off into the world of dreams. “Goodnight, Taki.”

“Goodnight, MC,” Taki responded as he kissed the back of her neck. “I love you, too.”

Feeling safe and secure, MC softly nodded her agreement and her mouth tumbled slightly ajar, indicating to Taki that she was finally asleep. The sight of the woman he loved resting peacefully in his home was a sight more precious than Taki could bear. Leaning over, Taki’s lips brushed against the smoothness of MC’s forehead before making his way back to the entrance of her room. Lingering in the doorway to admire his sleeping beauty, he apprehensively tore himself away to finish the documents for tomorrow’s upcoming presentation at work.



MC glanced around at the shadowy turf that was unfamiliar to her. It would seem to appear that she was transported into an alleyway where she saw Taki.

“Taki, what are we doing here?” MC questioned, confused as to their new whereabouts.

Taki didn’t answer her and when she started to walk over to him, she heard a gunshot and saw Taki fall to the ground.

“Taki! Taki! TAKI!” MC screamed as she tried to run over to him.


“MC, wake up!” a voice dripping in concern suddenly intruded upon her ear. “Are you alright? It’s okay, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“Hmm?” MC murmured, blinking the lids of her eyes in a half-attempted effort against the illuminating shine of moonlight pouring in from the window of the bedroom.

“That’s it, MC,” the same familiar voice coaxed, awakening more of her tired senses. “I’m right here. It’s time to wake up now. You’re safe now. I’m here.”

An abrupt and relieving cooling sensation pressed against her forehead wiping away at trickles of sweat beads, and a gentle touch rested on the surface of MC’s shoulder giving her an affectionate squeeze.

“Taki?” MC yawned, attempting to rub away the final evidence of sleepiness from her tired eyes.

When she was better able to see her partner’s silhouette, MC was startled to discover that his brow was furrowed in worry. Water droplets were dripping from the washcloth that his fist was tightly clenched around. Gone was the orderly façade of his confident demeanor; and instead replaced with a rare form of uncertainty.

“Oh, thank the gods,” he murmured, enveloping her closer into the warmth of his embrace. “Sydney and I heard you yelling in your sleep, and we were concerned about you.”

MC’s gaze idly crossed the room to find the crocodile lingering in the doorway. Her expression blank, yet her brow arched in concern. Sydney’s attack stance soon came to rest when she saw the tension release from MC’s shoulders when she reached out to wrap her arms around Taki’s neck. Satisfied with this resolution

“Thank you, Sydney,” MC called out to the crocodile’s backside while she trudged back to her room. Once Sydney was no longer in sight, MC turned her undivided attention back onto Taki.

“Taki, will you please stay with me? I had an awful nightmare and I was so afraid I lost you.”

He climbed into the bed and pulled MC on top of his chest. “I’ll stay right here by you for the rest of the evening,” he reassured, gently stroking her head. “I promise, I’ll be here when you awake in the morning.”

Reaching out, MC extended her curled pinky. “Will you pinky promise me?”

Intertwining his pinky with hers, Taki’s head bobbed in a soft nod. Satisfied with his answer, MC slowly yet surely slipped into a restful slumber.

“I promise to not only stay by your side just for tonight, but to always stand by your side for the rest of our natural lives,” Taki murmured to the sleeping beauty, enveloped in his arms. “Forever, and always. Goodnight, my love.”