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Chapter One





The tears that fell from the woman's eyes were both in fear and hysteria as she gave into another irrupt laugh. Carla sat there her head pressed against the wall she was just sitting there in a corner looking down at her growing belly. This was the fifth time she tried to abort the abomination that was growing inside her. Carla lifted her shaky hands just over her growing belly, she could feel it moving inside her feasting on her in ways she didn't know was possible. This...parasite...was feasting on her...eating her from the inside out.


I don't....I don't want to give birth to this...thing.”


Carla whispered she had thought of many ways to get rid of it, but in each and every case she had tried had led to failure. And talking to her husband into getting it surgically removed also proved to be futile. The blow to her already fragile mind left her in complete chaos when all she wanted was for it to die.


It's not my's not mine!”


The woman screamed.


A's a monster!”


For nine long months the very thing she tried to get rid of grew bigger and stronger each and every single day and sometimes she could hear its thoughts as if there were two of them instead of one growing inside her. One in particular told her time and time again that she would never be able to kill it. It had drove her insane to hear it speaking inside her head that she attempted to take her own life as well. If it had meant that she would be able to kill the monster growing inside her she would have taken that chance against her husband’s will. But no matter what she did to herself like cutting her wrist so deeply that she almost severed her hand completely off her body to drowning down multiple pills with alcohol into her body she just couldn't die. The drugs she swallowed seemed to have been absorbed by the unknown to prevent her from doing any lethal damage to the body. Bleeding out proved futile when it rapidly knit itself together to prevent further blood loss. It forced Carla to do things she would have never done to herself before.


She knew….she knew that her husband was responsible for this, for the very thing that’s growing inside her, Carla grew to despised the very man she had once loved so deeply. The fact that he would choose his work over her always left her with an inferiority complex that stabbed daggers to her wounded heart. What was the worst about her treatment was the fact that this cruel man could control her by keeping her completely isolated in their cabin like house away from possible human contact. She couldn’t reach out for help, even if she could because they were in the middle of nowhere in some forest inside Germany. It was the military’s fault, it was all their fault that she was going through this, it was their fault that she was in constant pain. That she was in constant torment of having the fact that there was something inhuman occupying her womb.


Why couldn’t she kill it? She stabbed her own belly multiple times of the day and that didn’t work when she attacked that thing directly. All she could do was scream at it, cursing it’s very existence with hoarse words. Some days she was just so tired and she would laugh hysterically crying herself to sleep for it to be over. Eating became a chore that she lost a considerate amount of weight that she had to endure the pain of a needle being stuck inside of her to be fed with chemical nutrition to keep her and that thing alive. She would never forget how that man who claimed to be her husband watched her as she fell into depravity. Grisha would always watch her with those eyes of a man who was only interested in one thing and that was his research he put her through.


One day Grisha had to leave, despite his fascination of whatever was growing inside her to keep the host alive and well, he must attend to a meeting about the controlled experiment he created inside his own home. On those days when she was completely and utterly alone she did the only thing she could possibly think of.


She had opened the gun cabinet of Grisha’s collection with the key he thought was hidden from her, she picked up a six shooter silver revolver gun loading the chamber with six bullets.


Her eyes were as lifeless as they were cold, she couldn’t stand it, she couldn’t take being alive any more. She knew that one day she would be eaten and before that day could ever happen she wanted to end it here and now before her husband could even try to stop her from doing the deed.


Moving into the living room she resumed her normal position of pressing her back against the corner of the wall where a large neglected plant sat beside her. She rested her head against the wall and stared at the oddly clean piece of metal within her hand. It had looked like it had been recently polished because the silver shined beautifully off the light of the sun beside her. Feeling the fast beat of her heartbeat she lifted the barrel to her mouth tasting the metal on her tongue.  Her fingers were sure of themselves when she pulled the trigger it didn’t go off as planned. With each and every failed attempt her hands began to shake as tears rolled down her eyes, she wanted to die…


It took the very last shot for it to go off that she could taste the fire burst on her tongue to the root of her mouth, the bullet shot down her throat blowing a hole in the back of it. Carla eyes were wide, but she had thought finally...finally she could be put to rest and prevent this thing from ever being released out into the world.


She lost consciousness shortly after thinking she would die in peace at long last, who ever thought that a mother could ultimately love their child solely on the connection of having it growing inside them were ultimately wrong. It was an invasion to the body and corrupted the minds and sanity of their remaining humanity. It was very much possible for a mother to despise the thing that was growing inside the body to a vicious level. No mother would ever want to protect a monster, a monster that was eating her every day, its insatiable hunger would cause internal pain inside the womb.


Carla thought she had died until she felt the searing pain of something pulling at her vein, the pain had traveled to her brain sending out a vast signal for the body to preserve itself. She awakened the second the wound had sealed up, she was so very angry at this. The evil bastard inside her kept bringing her back to life against her will. It was as if the very thing that resonated within her was taunting her as if it were saying her life was not only just for her alone. When her husband found out about her multiple attempts from the cameras he placed all over the house to record and monitor his wife’s behavior he sedated her and bound her to a bed until it was time to give birth to that monster he purposely put inside her.


Carla completely neglected the child she didn't touch it, didn't talk to it and when he lands his teal hues on her honey gold ones all she could feel was her desire leading to one thing. Kill it. She couldn't possibly do it now since her husband always kept a close eye on her and that thing. Even though he was so busy he took all his work home into that basement she was never allowed to go in, where he spent most of his time with that monster.


And at night when the child was in bed she would stay up all night arguing with Grisha that thing they have inside their home was not their child. There wasn't enough medications or treatment therapy to tell her otherwise that she had to use a different approach to get rid of the child.


Carbon dioxide didn't work, rat poisoning sure as hell didn't work and stabbing it over sixty times for that thing to come back to life to look at her smiling with a full set of teeth after just one month of living.


She couldn't take it anymore there was just no way for her to live with that thing, it didn't eat like a normal child, it slept all the time and even when it does feed she would always find dead birds or stray animals in it's tiny grip with part of their flesh missing and blood and tissue hanging from the child’s mouth.


It never cries, it was always sleeping or eating and on some days when it wanted to torment her it would always reach out to her looking so trusting and innocent as it cooed to her. When it could crawl to her seeking for her touch she would always slap away those tiny hands that can already kill a living object with those hands...with those teeth.


The monster always looked at her as if sad from the neglection, but smiled never the less as it curled up by her feet to sleep.


When would this nightmare ever end?


For seven long years even as that monster grew bigger and stronger every day with Grisha tampering with him on a daily basis the moment he turned six were hellish on Carla.


For the first time in several years Carla sat in front of the child who looked up to her with those doe like eyes. There was an uncanny intelligence in the gleam of those teal like eyes she spoke to it who watched her with an unwavering stare.


Kill me.”


Eren looked into her eyes to see a broken woman defeated, the passion in her eyes when she only wanted to kill him was no longer there. He had always wondered why she had never loved him why couldn’t she possibly try to love him. Eren would have never wanted to cause her pain at least not intentionally, all he wanted her approval, her touch, her words anything at all he would willingly take.




The child’s voice was high pitched and innocent to the woman’s ears,


Why can’t you love me?”


Carla could only stare at him as it searched her eyes, her expression,


Because you are a monster...I could never love you.”


She told him with the unwavering truth, she could never love it even if she was the one who gave birth to it. A birth that caused her a tremendous amount of pain no woman could have bared alone on such an occasion. No medicine could have worked on her to make her labor any easier on her straining body because of that thing, it had burned it all away. Like it had been an invasion of some sort due to her past attempts.


Why am I a monster? Can I not change?”


Carla laughed in his face rudely,


You can never change, not when that man keeps tampering with you. You’re not’ll never be one.”


Eren’s doe like eyes looked down to his scraped knee that had already healed even the bruises his mother caused were gone from his tan like skin.


....Do you like flowers?”


Eren asked after what appeared to be a long pause from Eren who was processing his mother words.


I use to...a long long time ago.”


Carla told him the child looked up to her with those sad hurtful eyes,


Do you really want me to kill you? I love you.”


No matter what Carla had done to get rid of him, Eren wanted to love his mother because that was what he has read. When Grisha wasn’t watching him he read, he watched videos and TV about families...about  their lifestyle. He even watched historical events about the plants and animals. But most of all he watched videos about mothers who were warm and loving and caring to their off springs. Eren wanted that so badly he would have done anything for his mother if she would simply grant his selfish wish… His desire to be...loved…


I don’t want you to love me. I despise you…”


The flinch Eren made at her words made Carla smile it was as if his pain gained her a sense of power she had thought was lost.


Kill me. I want no part of you. I hate you so much I’m numb to it. This can’t be the call of being alive...this can’t be called death it’s far worse than that. This is torture. I want my freedom...I want my death. Grant me the death you denied me for so long.”


Carla’s gaze never faltered from his it was clear to the boy that he would never receive her love, she had no love to give only hatred.


...Just this once...can’t you hold me...just this once? You’ve never held me...not even at birth...can’t I at least have that while you’re alive.”


It was only a simple request the boy has made, he had never asked or demanded anything else. All he has ever wanted was to be held just this once he wanted to know...a human’s touch even if he would never have it again in life.




Eren’s eyes flashed in anger if no one could love him he had been fine with that, if no one wanted to talk to him he could endure that sorrow. But for no one to acknowledge him, to deny him of something so simple as a touch, a simple gesture was all too much to bare.


He wanted to be selfish, to cry and throw a tantrum, but instead he stood up and walked over to the kneeling woman who awaited her death. She couldn’t even be called alive she was like a doll, dead and unresponsive to his need. Eren only saw her bitter smile only once when she didn’t even ‘see’ him and that tore at him in ways his insatiable hunger ever could.


I wish you could have loved me….even if it were a little…”


Eren told her as he knelt between her parted legs,


I hate you, Eren.”


It was the first time she has ever called his name and the boy felt a searing pain deep inside his chest,


And yet...I still love you, mother…”


Eren pushed aside her long unmaintained hair to the side to expose her pale white throat,


Thank you for giving birth to me…”


Carla closed her eyes in an attempt to block him she didn’t want to be thanked, she had never wanted to give birth to him. She knew that he knew that she had done everything humanly possible to get rid of him and yet, he still childishly claims to hold onto this false attempt at loving someone. It was down right humorous for a monster to feel anything but the pain it causes.


I want you to die…”


She told him,

You were never meant to be born… You don’t deserve it…”


Eren took her words to heart and before she could say anything more crueler than she had now he had sunk his white teeth into her throat clamping down on the largest organ in her throat. His sharp teeth ripped into her aorta and pulled it out ignoring the warm spray of her blood spraying on his face that got into his hair.


The gurgling sound Carla made and the shock the pain coursing through her body as it fought death left her eyes wide open like saucers until slowly it lowered and a ghost of a pained smile painted her pale, colorless lip.


Eren didn’t stop there he had did what Carla had wanted he gave her the death she so wanted, Carla knew she would be eaten by him one day. She had longed for it because then she would never have to exist in the same world as he did.


Eren chewed the raw meat inside his mouth, the spike of new meat had caused a rush of adrenaline inside his blood. This was what he has been craving, the dead animal meat could have never sated him like his own mother’s flesh can. Eren’s eyes went from teal to inhumanly gold as strange markings appeared on either side of his eyes.


If you can’t love me, then you’re better use to me dead. Because at least this way you can be a part of me..’


Was what Eren was thinking when he dug his teeth into her over and over again, the sound of ripping flesh and popping vessels rung loudly to his sensitive ears. The sound of ripping ligaments brought a chill down his spine making his ears ring. After all this time he was finally touching her and she wasn’t even putting up a fight as she was killed by him. Eren didn’t notice her passing even when he ripped her clothing to eat more of her lifeless body. Her flesh was still hot on his tongue and yet, for some reason he felt terribly cold despite his internal core of his body being insanely hot.


Eren was angry, but at the same time he had been insanely hungry and his selfish desire underneath his humanly appearance demanded he take what she couldn’t give to him while she had been alive. Eren feasted on her flesh chewing on her bones. Eren wanted all of her and so he devoured her completely….not even a strand of hair was left when he was done with her. For the first time he actually got to hold her warm body before it turned cold. For the first time while he had been eating her he had placed her lifeless hand on top of his head while he ate away at her belly.


Even the tears he shed made him feel numb if this was what she felt then perhaps she had been right, death was more suitable than to be living like this. Eren sat there in the middle of the living room floor looking at the wet sticky blood pooling around him, that evening his father returned home to see the carnage of his own home. Grisha only saw the test subject of his desire sitting in a pool of blood looking up to him with bright golden hues. The eyes were wrong, they were gold but held a fiery red in their depths.


....You ate her….”


Grisha didn’t need the body to know that the mass pile of blood the child was sitting on that caked his skin and hair to know that it had been his test subject that was the vessel to his live experiment. Eren didn’t respond to him, he had a feeling Grisha had been expecting it for some time now.


Grisha actually gave a little laugh when he stepped towards the boy kneeling before him as his gloved hands touched both of his blood soaked cheeks.


Splendid, child...Just splendid... The host has finally eaten its vessel ah, I wish I could have seen it in person..”


The long haired male whispered in such a strange way that sounded foreign to Eren’s ear.


Does your depravity know no bounds, Father?’


Eren couldn’t help, but despise him for his lack of morality, was this the man that his mother use to love was truly like. This man….didn’t deserve her if he could smile to him in such a cold way with delightful eyes.


Come, lets get you cleaned up. I must see for myself if she’s truly inside you...Ah ah, but I should get this place cleaned up… It won’t do if a visitor shows up unannounced to see this mess. I suppose it’s a good thing that there is no body to be discovered...It’s just such a pity that you didn’t leave even a single trace of her to salvage...I wanted to see if she was infected….but it looks like she has been immune to it after she gave birth to you. Tell me did she taste good?”


Eren wordlessly followed his father into the bathroom to get cleaned up, no matter how many times that man asked him did that woman taste good to him he did not verbally confirm what his father’s suspicion was.


She had been utterly…..delicious...’




Guh….Guaaaah! Aaaaaah!!”


The leather restraints that was reinforced with steel chains and cable wire bound the boy to the steel plate of the operating table that was in his father's lab. Since that day, Eren had never seen the light of day ever again. How many years has it been now since he’s been stuck inside this basement where strange men overlooked him through a glass bullet proof window panel. They all wore white lab coats watching him as he writhed in pain.


Eren almost lost track of all the experiments that had been conducted on him, he knew he was being cultivated to be some superior being…. A weapon to be used for war for their greed if nothing else, they had no idea what they were getting into when Eren’s domestic demeanor decided to change.


Eren felt his essence being pulled back from within as it took over shielding him deep within themselves. The brunet always knew it was there, at some point he found out there had been two of them, but he had apparently ate the other one so they could form into ‘one’ being. This being however wasn’t like him. It didn’t use words to communicate with him, but through him he could feel its emotions as if they were thoughts to make him understand.


On certain occasions Eren could see it taking on a more humanly shape that matched him except it had no lips and his ears were long and pointed. His hair was longer in the front the bangs almost covering it’s feral gaze while it was a tad bit shorter in the back. Even though it somewhat looked like him, his eyes were gold with that fiery tinge of red that burned into his teal ones.


The monster, that beast reached out a hand to him caressing his cheek its eyes were cold, but his touch was gentle and warm. Eren didn’t fight him in fact he embraced him with open arms and burning tears to their destruction. Whatever was being injected into him, into them, was killing him if not it was certainly hurting him that caused his veins to shrink and shrivel up that caused a decrease in blood sufficiency.


The monster inside him gave an internal growl its mouth parting to reveal saliva through his parted teeth as it buried its nose into his untameable hair, Eren knew what it was thinking. Someday soon….these men….will be his prey….and the thought of food made his own mouth water that he could endure the pain.




Grisha wrote in a thick leather bound book of data entries about Eren’s existence and his dead wife, he kept it safe and wrote in it daily. Grisha was so caught up in his work that he didn’t see the change in the subject. Grisha conducted a lot of experiments like how he would hunt and how he would eat, normal food the subject didn’t touch. Human remains however were another matter entirely and if it were alive it would appear he would be more than highly satisfied if the quality were of an exceptional value.


People who were mostly of fat displeased the experiment and if they were old with not much meat Eren would not eat as much, only half of it. When feeding him children he would eat them, but the satisfying look Grisha craved would not appear on the boy’s face only sorrow and so he would feed him with other kids his age or adults testing the boundaries.


There was a pattern here definitely, it would appear that Eren likes a certain type better than the others. If they were fit but of a healthy value for the flesh to be tenderly soft he would feast creating that look Grisha wanted to record. However when he tried to put the subject within the same room as a pregnant woman he would not eat and for that Grisha killed her by putting a bullet inside the woman’s skull. She didn’t live up to his expectation and he was disappointed in Eren that he locked him inside his glass case with the woman. Eventually his hunger would get the better of him in a matter of days, if not weakened before he devoured the woman and the fetus inside the womb that was seventh month in.


When Grisha no longer needed data of his feeding he would try other things like finding ways to harden the skin. Theoretically, the hardened skin could protect the soldiers from chemical irritants while in combat zones, Grisha would use various chemical-filled creams and agents to the inmates, but the only noticeable outcome was permanent scarring and a good deal of pain. Or so he thought, what he had presumed was permanent scarring on Eren vanished to leave unblemished skin, but on his other test subjects on the base seemed to stay permanent. Eren was by far the best project he has conducted in his entire life. Eren was his life because he was the bare fruit of his work manifestation in a way Grisha loved him and yet ultimately despised him all the more since Eren was the only one of his kind… Grisha couldn’t do it upon himself because no other human he tried to tamper with could adapt to it much less become immune to the A-T-V virus like Eren clearly has.


But, something about Eren’s case was puzzling to him when he did multiple blood samples and injected him with it daily it would always seem to vanish, the ones in his other subjects bodies where the virus would attack other cells destroying it or morphing into something else...something that makes those who got sick under forty-eight hours who turned into something...inhuman which had to be put down immediately. Most would show sign under twelves hours of injection at best and those with weaker immune systems from being previously sick would change in a little over two to four hours at best.


There were just so many tests to be conducted in such a short time before he had to present Eren to his buyers.


Grisha not only had to train Eren in physical combat, but he had to make sure his intelligence didn’t suffer like all his other experiments, but he couldn’t do that without doing this important test first.


The queen of his subject was bound to a metal chair blind sighted by a blindfolded to block any light to reach the boy’s eyes. Deprivation, humiliation, torture, brainwashing, hypnosis, and more he documented it all. The radiation and shock therapy weren’t spared with all the other drugs that had been introduced into the small body.


Grisha studied his mental state through it all and he thought he might have broken his prized possession at the tender age of  fifteen. It was ultimately his birthday today when Eren was formally introduced into the military to perform the many tasks he purposely prepared the subject inside his own home into this line of field. Eren excelled, but this time when he documented in his journal he noticed how strange he looked, like the three lines similar to burns or veins on either side of his eyes and which his bright teal hues went dark and lifeless until they turned into pure gold with that tinge of red in their depths.


Beside his outward appearance it didn’t appear he had changed until he ultimately turned on them that night. The compound was in chaos no man could contain the beast within and Grisha had fled the scene to return home to write his very last entry before he too was ultimately killed by the monster he created so greedily.


When Eren did escape the military compound and truly did come after him, Grisha had been waiting for him with a brandy in hand, a wisp of smoke lingered in the air.


Well done, my boy...Well done. Now come get your prize, monster.”


The boy.... no, the monster that looked at him gave him a snarling smile stained with blood, those eerie eyes watchful were filled with an uncanny sense of intelligence. Grisha didn’t see it coming, didn’t see the boy move. Everything was wrong because everything appeared taller, including the boy who stood above him. His nose brushed the boy’s bare feet it wasn’t until he was gaping with his mouth open did he realize his head had been severed off his body. The lack of air and the increasing spilling of his blood made him go into shock. The moment Eren’s teeth sank into his cheek ripping the flesh clearly off, for the very first time Grisha felt fear even when death took him away from the pain.


Eren ate and ate feeling full for the very first time he held no remorse for what he had done, they didn’t deserve his pity or his compassion if he had any. Eren made sure to destroy anything that was within that compound he killed the soldiers….the researchers….the bidders...the staff...he made sure he left no one alive before he set it up in flames. Eren only let that man escape, the man who did this to him, this beast wanted nothing more than hunt him down into a corner he wanted that man to submit to his fear…


The beast didn’t get that when he finally found him inside the home his mother died in he only saw that man smiling up to him from that ‘chair’....


There was only a brief glimpse of fear that crossed that man’s gaze when his teeth tore off his flesh while he still lived if only for a few seconds, fifteen at best before he died due to the shock in which the drug didn’t dilate.


That following day there was news about it, but it was only a cover up from the truth, they had titled it the Black Eye of March. How foolish to put a name to such an event, they had never once mentioned the eaten bodies or strange human experiments in the lower level. Not once did they mention of a viral infection that had been contained in that facility.


And ultimately, Eren didn’t care once he regained his body he didn’t care if everything went to hell tomorrow. He didn’t care. He only took what he could carry which was a book bag stuffed with Grisha’s journal about him and mother, a few disks that had his name on them, his father’s golden key, and his mother’s ribbon. Everything else he had burned it to the ground only the hidden basement remained that he was forced to cover up. Shortly after he vanished without a trace, it wasn’t hard to do since he had no records to begin much less any identification that he had ever been born. No one would notice because the house he had lived in had been isolated from any contact to the outside world deep within the German forest.




Twelve Years Later....

Eren Yaeger a twenty seven year old, adult male knelt in front of a flower caressing the leaf plant that grew in front of his flower shop. The early dawn barely touched his exposed shoulder where he wore long sleeves that were tucked under a pair of garden gloves. Eren’s long hair was the exact same length as his mother’s hair, but his hair was tied up into a high ponytail exposing his neck. Eren worked hard day in and day out supporting the life he cultivated to give a false meaning that he had found a place where he belongs. For the last six years however, Eren wore a blindfold to cover his eyes hiding them from the curious human who always looked to him with curiosity. The blindfold gave the illusion of being blind, but no one has ever seen him with a service animal or a blind stick to guide him in ways of a true blind person. No, in fact he gave off the impression that he can see through the ribbon when in actuality he could not. This was his way of restraining himself from seeing people as mere cattle to be slaughtered and eaten by him.


By doing this he had heightened his other senses like his sense of smell, touch, taste, and hearing Eren concluded that if he couldn’t see them he would not be tempted to ‘eat’ he would not get the impression that they ‘look’ delicious to him. Eren wanted to avoid such thinking until it was actually time for him to take a human ‘life’ and when he does take that human life… He wanted to take away the life that held no meaning, like drug lords, sex trafficking humans, and killers of the likes. No longer did he attack children or mothers and to lower his chances of being caught he would hunt for wild animals or supply himself with raw meat like chicken, beef, pork, and lamb, even duck if sold in the store. Fish and other sea critters did nothing for him, so he avoided wasting his money on the likes of them.


For the last eight years when Eren was fifteen to twenty three years of age he had moved away from his hometown to different parts of the country. Eren had to learn control out in the big world or risk being killed. During those long eight years he had learned how to cover his tracks and leave no evidence of himself in the process. He had to learn quickly on how to blend in like a normal human being and for that to happen he could never stay in one place for more than a few months which was less than half a year. If he had made a mistake he would vanish as soon as he disposed of any witness and evidence that would come back to bite him.


For the last last four years however when he was twenty four to his twenty seventh birthday which was today he had gain more than enough experience to live in a place for a longer period of time in which he could hunt in certain areas where he marked his territory… Eren kept to himself he didn’t make friends or get close to other humans of fear for himself. A part of him was afraid of the monster that grew so strongly inside him each time he takes a human life and yet, another part of him felt at peace and content at disregarding humanity all entirely for his own internal needs.


Eren is a bit cynical about the greater good in the human race from what he had gone through under men who wanted to play ‘God’ or something ridiculously close to that definition. Eren thought at some point that they could fall into their own destruction so long as they leave him alone to live out his normal life style.

Eren wanted to live for his own sake and for the sake of a mother who denied him till her dying day, he had thought that maybe she could live through him so she could actually enjoy the feeling of being alive and free from that house. Alive so she could tend to the flowers he had depraved her from, Eren wanted to love the same things she had loved and by reading that man journal’s he came to tame Earth’s beauty so he could be compassionate to the still life objects.


Eren was only sweet to flowers and plants in general because it reminded him of his mother, he could talk to them and open up to them and they would never judge him or talk back to him. Eren would like to believe that the life he raised with his two hands would love him in a way his birth mother could not. Perhaps this would be his redemption that the flowers his mother loved so dearly had been love by those plants and through those plant. Perhaps his mother’s love that she gave to those pretty petals so freely would come back to him so he could feel the 'love' as well through their mutual interest for flowers, trees, and greenery.


Eren could feel the sun reaching up to its highest peak when he gave the flowers in front of his shop their weekly dosage of water and fertilizer. For the last couple of years it has been peaceful, people would buy from his shop and on rare occasion he would make a delivery. He was the owner and the only worker for his shop. Eren would always turn down anyone who tried to ask him to work there for their own safety and for his last remaining sanity sake.


For the last three years however, there has been one particular male whom Eren could not get rid of because he was a frequent buyer of his plants and the products he uses to maintain the longevity of the plant’s life.


The bell on his shop door rang announcing an early riser customer within his shop, Eren only had to breath in once to know that it was male...and the very devil he had been thinking about seconds before.


“Good morning, Levi.”


The brunet never smiles at least not around humans.




The way he says his name always gave his fast heartbeat a hard kick to stutter it out of rhythm, he liked the way it sounded. The first time he meet Levi was back in Paris he had been roaming looking for a place to call home and settle down. It appeared he had been intrigued probably because he wore a blindfold in public or maybe it was because of the way he had looked. Eren was tall with long legs and his skin a deep shade of caramel brown. His hair was darker than the finest of melted chocolate, Eren never considered his looks and since his eyes were always hidden from the masses he had always wondered what was so attractive about him when all he could see was the monster within himself.


Levi talked to him, acknowledged him in ways that tore at his shield of defense and at some point Eren had feared him to the point he had intentionally ran away from him. But, no matter where he went in France, he always seem to bump into Levi within a few months time in one way or another. Eventually, Eren stopped running from him when he reached Porto Pollo, where he found a beach that was as lovely as the Seychelles Sea. Both beaches had the same color of his eyes and he thought that he would make a home for himself right then and there.


Someday he would make that fourteen hour flight trip back to Seychelles beach when he needs healing time for himself. As for Levi it took Eren a year and a half for him to bump into Levi again and for some strange reason, Eren thought it was fate that they had cross path so many time in just a matter of a few years. The last two years however, Levi moved to Porto Pollo to be closer to him even though he was stationed in France. When Eren found out that he was military he would flinch away or avoid his touch. It took time and a lot of patient from Levi for Eren to acknowledge him back and talk to him when he was sure that Levi didn’t know him...the ‘real’ him,


Levi may not be his friend, but he did have some sort of….relationship with him that was more of an acquaintance and not as a couple, but somewhat similar to it. Eren had a special feeling for the raven haired male he had only saw once in person when he had track him down to his own home and watched him while he slept. It was only for that one time though because he had been tempted to eat him…


Levi was of high quality and he didn’t need to see him almost everyday to know that, his smell alone was a constant reminder.


“Eren, do you want to go to the beach with me?”


Eren kept himself busy by changing out the old flower in his crystal vase for something new, the dead flower he had in his hand was neatly put in the trash while he picked up the crystal vase to thoroughly wash it in the sink.


“The beach….”


Eren murmured,


“Mn, the weather’s perfect for walking on the sand.”


Eren had a feeling that Levi was great at manipulating him to do things that others could not have pulled off so skillfully. It was like the man took notice of all his interest and store it inside that man’s mind. In a matter of a year or so, Levi knew he like the beach, the flowers, long walks, and reading because he had let it slip some times before.


“....I don’t know...I think I should stay indoor…”


Eren turned around with the clean wet vase still in his hands filled with water halfway to sense Levi’s body heat close to his own. The man was shorter than him and yet, Eren thought of his presence as big and overwhelming.


“Is something wrong?”


Eren couldn’t see his eyes and his tone had never changed, but he can somewhat tell that the man held some type of concern by the way he heard his heartbeat went off sync to his usual heart rhythm.


“....I heard on the news that a body had been discovered again. It’s becoming more frequently as of late.”


Eren knew whom he had killed, but that man who had been on the news haven’t been one of them, the news reporter had said that the body had been partially eaten and that there has been similar cases in Germany and some other places that were scattered across a couple of the country. Some think of it might be the cause of some special strains of rabid animal attacking humans, but Eren knew otherwise when he went to track it down in an abandon warehouse for homeless people to take shelter from the elements.


Before Eren could properly dispose of it, it had ran away from him as if it knew Eren was the bigger threat to them, a danger to their survival. When it comes down to the scale of being a monster, Eren was the personification of that title even to the deranged infected human.


“I heard about that, something about a killer after dusk when it's completely nighttime. I thought we could walk on it before sunsets maybe even do something in the ocean if you’re up to it. Besides, I’ll be there to protect you.”


Eren blinked behind his blindfold his rapid heartbeat skipped a beat, yet again. No one has ever told him that they would protect him before...




Eren made a sound of uncertainty and Levi picked up on that when his pale hands touched his warm cheeks.


“Today’s your birthday, Eren. I wanted to celebrate it with you. If you don’t want to go out then how about my place? We can watch a movie and eat dinner..”


Eren wanted to avoid all that, especially being alone with him in that kind of setting.


“....I’ve never celebrated my day of birth... no one has ever bothered celebrating it before…”


Eren could feel Levi’s cold hand slip behind his head his palm pressing at the back of his head to gently urge him downward to his mouth watering scent. Eren oblige to his silent demand when he felt his blunt nails caress his scalp.


“This year and the next year and the year after and the year after that and then some...I’ll be there to celebrate it. So you don’t have to worry about not having anyone to celebrate it with you, because I’ll be there. Tell me you’re not working today.”


Eren turned his head as if he were looking away he couldn’t really see Levi, but his smell was so tantalizing he almost let the saliva slipped from his lips that he had quickly swallow the lump in his mouth down his throat.


“I am...but, I can close it by four…”


It would give them four and a half hours to play outdoors before they were forced to go back indoors at 20:43 (which was eight forty three pm in military time). Levi breathed out what Eren assume a pleased sigh.


“I’ll pick you up at four sharp and not a second late. Happy Birthday, Eren.”


Eren felt some type of air being blown on his lips, but before he could guess what Levi’s intention were they were interrupted by his shop bell that announced a new arrival of a customer. Levi released him with a silent tch as if to say he had been close this time.


Eren could only stand there holding onto the water filled vase with both of his hands. Again, Eren had thought that that human was far too cunning for his own good…The reason Eren thought that was because he secretly wanted what was about to happen to happen. He just couldn’t put a name to it yet, for he has never been put into that kind of situation before where his sexuality was on the line.




Levi drove with one hand on the wheel while his other arm rested on the open window on the driver’s side of the door. For a while now he had a strange feeling about Eren and his past so when he tried to do a little background search on him, Levi couldn’t find jack squat about the unusual male he fell in love with he couldn’t even find a birth certificate of where he had come from. There were no school records for him to find and when he thought that he was an orphan he looked him up in different databases preferably Germany. Why Germany, it was because he had a feeling that was where Eren may have come from. Eren’s alluring accent only seemed to confirm his suspicions especially when he would use affectionate terms only a true native of that land would speak when he was talking to the flowers he appears to love so much.


Levi knew for a fact that Eren doesn’t like to talk much in general and when it came to his past he would shut down on him entirely. The kind of shut down one would see in a tortured soldier that had undergone some serious interrogation. Which lead Levi to believe that Eren is a runaway and hiding underneath someone’s radar. Who exactly he didn’t know but he figure digging around and possibly leaving a trail wouldn’t be good for Eren so he had ceased his search. If only he could look into the eyes of his beloved he could probably get a better read on him since that blindfold robs him from seeing Eren’s eyes.


If Levi truly wanted too he could just ask Mike or even Hanji (whom he knows would love to dig up on anything he was interested in)to use their computer wizard skills to dig up every single detail about that man.  They could find his real name, date of birth, his sex (if he had changed it, which Levi seriously doubted that would be the case, despite his femininity), his birthplace, his parents, hell they could even find crimes about that person no matter how small it is to their education. You name it and they’ll find that shit even if they have to do some serious leg work to obtain it.If Eren had been running from something or someone then he must have been all over the fucking map for all he knew and finding any information about him would be like a needle in a large fucking hay stack.


Levi had entertain such thoughts a year ago, but considering he had no proof to back up his claim he didn’t want to make up assumptions of Eren’s past. Even though he had this nagging feeling that his assumption was right in a way to believe that it was the case. The way he acted, the way he shies away from touch or refrains from talking too much. He had all of the characteristics of someone who was being cautious. Levi could bet his left nut that Eren would refrain from using basic technology if he could and would most likely only use money when he has to pay for anything that was of necessity and nothing over electronically.


Which makes Levi want to ask him out right even more than he had before, even if it meant that Eren would give him that constipated look behind his blindfold that he would occasionally get when he couldn’t take a proper shit for three or four days straight.


“...That should be a federal offense…”


Levi murmur under his breath, that kind of discomfort should be illegal to anyone who suffers that and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.As ridiculous as that thought might have sounded to others, Levi believed it to be quite serious and that there should be a jail space for non-shitters to go to.


Instead of going straight to his workplace he made a quick stop home first.

Levi wasn’t sure if he would make it out of that meeting in time to prepare himself for his date afterwards, despite picking out his outfit earlier with all the necessities for him to look good. Levi made it a point that if he could ever get a date out of that boy he would look his sharpest even if Eren couldn’t really see him see him through that blindfold. Levi would like to believe that there would come a time or place where that thing would magically fall off that boy’s face so he could properly see him without obstruction. And when that day comes, Levi wanted to be ready for it so he could get a description of that boy’s eyes.

With his dark jeans snug over his ass and a tight crisp shirt to compliment his frame he wore a dark, open sleeveless half vest over his shoulders and slipped on his dark sandals that supported his feet with vast straps. His thumb toe had a loop to go into all for itself. As for accessories he wore simple stainless steel bracelets, finger-less gloves, and a dark leather bound watch that was waterproof with a few added devices to it like a compass with an led flashlight attached to it that can tell him how far he dives underwater. His attire may be business casual, but he made sure these brand clothes looked good on him for his date. The only thing left to do was to slick half his hair back and out of one side of his face with some gel that wasn’t hard on his hair.


With him smelling good and looking good, not like he was never both, he could easily just go from his meeting place back to Eren’s without making any detour stops. Levi left his home with a little hop to his steps whistling a tuneless tune he had no memory of recalling. Slipping on his shades to keep the sun from burning his eyeballs to a crisp he was back in his car driving back to the corps base.


Making a left on red he went down via maria to via sina up ahead that was another fifteen minutes was a special design based for the scouting legion. Levi had told them in advance that he was personally taking time off for this day only to have Hanji and Erwin being like gossip housewives wanting in on the latest scoop. Levi swore that his nosy comrades had no life status at all if they were so damn curious about his romantic affair that hadn’t even left the ground yet.


Parking inside his designated spot in the parking garage he had stepped out the second he placed his badge on his rear view mirror. The walk to the elevator was blissfully short, but by the time he reached a certain level he had wish he had taken the longer route to avoid a particular running hazard.




Levi felt a nerve pop on the side of his temple when he instinctively raised his foot up to kick Hanji squarely in the hips to prevent her long arms to wrap around him and squeezed whatever shit he couldn’t pop out this morning would be inside his own pants.


“I am not your boy and don’t touch me. You stink. When’s the last time you had actually taken a damn shower, Hanji.”


Hanji stumbled back hands on her tender hips as she gave a feeble stance in defense.


“Ouch! Levi. Are you trying to a break an ol’ gal hips with your puny feet? What’s wrong with me wanting to hug you. And I don’t stink I had a bath like a day and a half ago. I’m still technically clean.”


The look Levi had on his face mirrored the look of someone who ingested something foul that left an aftertaste inside their mouth that evidently brought upon some foul smelling aroma that made anyone who whiffed it to put on a pair of boxing gloves getting ready to attack the source directly. In his case he wanted to beat her ass for even attempting such a thing by trying to hug him while she hasn’t bathed for over twenty four hours. Knowing her it was probably over thirty six hours of dirt, grime, bacteria, and unknown pathogens on her skin, her clothes, and most definitely in her hair. Levi internally shivered at the thought as he leveled a deathly cold stare to her.


“What’s the damn point of having a shower in your lab if you don’t even fucking use it? Get your ass down there and take a fucking shower before I kick your ass into a new Wednesday in South Dakota.”


Hanji gave a loud huff puffing out her cheeks.


“You’re so rude you could have broken it. There’s no need for you to be so unreasonable.”


Levi was being unreasonable? He was going to show her unreasonable if she didn’t hop her ass to the nearest water source with a sponge ball and a bar of soap within the next ten seconds. As if Hanji had telepathically picked up Levi’s unsettling thought Hanji truly did hop her ass back to her station.


“This isn’t over, Levi. You hear me?!”


Levi flared his nose at her retreating frame before he glanced at the hard steel of his Rolex that protected his wrist when he’s in a knife fight. The multiple scratches on it that matched the lines on his wrist showed how many time this watch had saved his life on more than just a few occasion.


Beside its durability to block sharp objects it was still ticking away its life span to tell him what time it was. Going down the same hallway Hanji went down on he made a short left to get on the elevator up a level to the conference room where he was sure to meet Erwin in person sitting at the head of the table like an egotistical prick. And sure enough, Levi’s mind was right where his money was when his eyes landed on the blonde who was looking through documents that were enlisted as classified.


“Looks like someone took a shit in your shoes.”


Levi pulled his black rolling chair out parking his nicely shaped ass on the soft cushion of his leather chair, Erwin took his reading glasses off setting it to the side.


“Someone might as well have. I’ve called your team in so they’ll be here in just a moment.”


Levi raised a perfectly thin eyebrow in his direction,


“Hanji is going to be a minute, I made her take a shower before she infested the whole building with her germs.”


Erwin merely kept his sigh to himself as he passed Levi a closed folder,


“So long she gets here on time then there is no problem.”


Levi flipped his folder open he is technically on a time schedule he wasn’t going to be late with his date with Eren. The first thing that popped out of the page made him want to cringe, but instead his schooled expression left nothing to be told when he picked up the photo.


“The hell is this shit?”


At first glance it looked like something a piss poor B-rated Hollywood movie would produce on a low income budget. The four photos he picked up had no hair whatsoever they had no skin pigmentation that was humanly possible. In fact their skin looked like an ashen gray that showed all the veins and vessels within the body. It was obvious that there wasn’t even a hint of a sun even gracing them with some sort of color.


Their teeth were rotten...yellow... with some sort of plaque that looked corroded as it lined the gums and partial of their teeth. Levi took in the details the way their eyes look as if they had been submerged under water making their eyes sightless and pale. There was a strain of silver that looked like veins constricted around their pupil. They had no hair, not the male and certainly not the female or even the child that didn’t look to be six or seven years old of age.


“What you are looking at is humanity's greatest enemy. You’ve heard on the news about the multiple killings haven’t you?”


Levi wasn’t behind on the news network and having Eren remind him about that this morning had him straighten up more in his seat.


“Yeah, I heard. Read about it too. A serial killer going around attacking people at night and ripping flesh if I’m not mistaken.”


Erwin gave a low confirmation sound,


“You’re not. The reason they could never retrieve those missing flesh is not because it was inside of a rabid animal... It was inside of them.”


Erwin told him as lifted his cold blue orbs to meet with Levi’s pale silver blue ones,


“Brief me.”


“What you see in the folder is what I got. They were once human, they had been put under a trial period for some new supplement. What that supplement was had been destroyed before our tech could salvage it. We generally don’t know jack squat about the mutation we came to a conclusion that they only come out when the sun isn’t out. Secondly it takes up to six or seven hours to show some sort of sign of being.”


Levi narrowed his eyes at a part that was clearly missing a piece of information.


“How? Is this shit airborne or-”




Levi actually sucked in a breath of air,


“And you’re telling me that this shit hasn’t already hit the fan?”


When Eren said he wanted to stay indoor he might very well have a reason to do just that if this shit was going viral nationwide.


“We don’t know that, for now we need to contain it before it truly does hit the fan. So far we only had those and they are dead. Hanji is going to be working on them in the proper bio-suit.”


Levi tossed the file on the table just in time when his teammates walked into the room taking a seat, one look at the captain’s face had them train their eyes on Erwin who tapped his long thick fingers on a classified folder.


“So to sum it up since it doesn’t take a genius to figure this shit out. Someone had conducted an inhumane experiment which resulted in this. We have no real facts about them, but a hypothesis that they can only come out at night, they eat humans, and of course a real movie star classic that this shit can very well possibly be airborne if not viral through contact. This is some shitty ass  attempt of a zombie flick.”


“To put it simply...then yes.”


If that didn’t piss Levi off then the fact that his potential date might meet into one of them sure as hell would.




That pretty much sums it all if he didn’t say so himself,


“We don’t really know if it comes down to that, I need you on the clock working double. This needs to be contained.”


Levi placed one knee over the other as he let his other arm rest over the back of his chair.


“You know, if there are similar cases like these all over the damn country don’t you think it’s a little too late to contain all of this shit in just a little over a few hour?. After all, there is a possibility of this shit being airborne do you honestly expect us to fight in biohazard suits and ward them off with a fucking rabid stick or what? You might as well tell me and my team we’re fighting naked and using our dicks as a battle axe, except Petra and Mika.”


Oluo bit his tongue when he misinterpreted the meaning of actually swinging Petra around like a battle axe. Petra would have thought of it as funny the way Captain had summoned it up in easy to understand English when she’d gone over the few documents that held little to no information about their enemies.


“It’s not like we haven’t done the impossible before, Levi.”


Levi’s gaze lowered to mere slits that clearly say don’t fuck with him if he thought this was funny then he wasn’t laughing, for all they know it could be the zombie apocalypse where everything is sacred and limited as taking a shit with a full roll of toilet paper. As soon as he thought that Hanji decided to grace them with her untimely appearance her eyes wide and wired with some sort of unknown caffeine.


“Hi hi, I’m here now- ah, you guys started without me?”


She tsked at them while giving them her best scolding looks that lead her hand placed high on her hip.


“Zip it Brownilocks, unlike you I’m on a tight schedule so lets wrap this up.”


“You wouldn’t happen to be talking about a certain guy who looks good with flowers would you?”


She asked with a shit eating grin upon her face the second she brought it up all eyes were on Levi who scowled.


“That’s none of your business and if I catch you shit lickers sniffing around me on my day off I’ll put a cap in your ass.”


Levi told them in a chilly tone, he’s not saying he can do it he was saying he will do it if he caught wind of them t-ing him on his alone time with the long haired brunet.


“Awh, but I wanted to see you go on your first date…. You look like a ladies killer in that outfit, That I will bet you’ll be acting so cute in front of that boy than the little tyrant you’re being now..”


The second those words had left Hanji’s mouth a pen had stabbed her in the forehead that knocked the woman off her feet.


“Who else wants some?”


At least Levi’s squad was smart enough not to laugh or look at him when they tried to busy themselves with the envelope to their next mission. Even Mikasa, his younger cousin seemed to look elsewhere instead of him.


“Good. Now lets focus on the matter at hand since we’re all here.”


Levi rasped his knuckles on the table to get them to have their eyes on him, it was going to be a few more seconds before Hanji could pick herself up off the floor to sit in her designated seat beside Erwin.


Everyone sat up a little straighter once they were given an assignment to complete and once Erwin gave them the dismissal call, Levi was the first one to go. Everything could go to hell tomorrow for all he cared, but this day he wanted to focus it all on one person. At least this way he could think of some grade A excuse to get Eren to stick with him when shit really does hit the fan. Levi wanted to keep him safe he doesn’t make promises he can’t keep and he had already told him point blank that he would protect him.






Eren closed his shop bringing in the plants that couldn’t stay outside overnight he was constantly listening to the ticking of the clock and how the little cuckoo bird would chime for every hour. Eren wasn’t sure what to do with himself when he took off his apron and hung it up to use for the next day.


He even took off the light jacket he put on earlier to keep from being too dirty when he worked in the soil. Since he had time to spare he did indeed take a quick shower before changing into a light pair of cargo like capri pants that went low to cuff around his mid calf with the little draw up strings. Putting on a plain clean t-shirt he dug out a simple sleeveless jacket that had the hood attach to it and placed it on.


Eren strolled by his small dresser to look himself in the mirror, since he was alone he could actually look at himself without the blindfold. Never once has he thought of himself as delicious, but occasionally when he was under a great deal of stress or if he was fighting the urge to succumb to his desires he would often bite his right hand. The blood that filled his mouth and the flesh that got in between his teeth he didn’t seem to think of himself as...’food’, he didn’t taste bad….but, he couldn’t actually tell himself that he tasted good either.


Looking down on his right hand he brought it up to his face looking for the tiny, light scars that healed over time. Eren had bit his right hand so much some scars stayed, making light, tiny, tan teeth indents on the outside of the thumb or between the thumb and index finger. It usually depends on how fast he could get the limb inside his mouth to bite on.


Trying not to dwell on it since he couldn’t really see the scars unless he brought it up to his face up close and personal, he went ahead to attach the leather cord necklace around his throat that held that man’s golden skeleton key. The cord was short so that the necklace was more of a choker around his neck in which the key rests between the dip of his collarbone that rested above his slight adam’s core.


“...Can I….really do this?”


Eren asked his reflection in the mirror,


“I could very well eat him…”


Eren glanced at his long hair in the mirror and picked up his good hair brush which he actually spoiled himself with by buying himself an Angelo david salon brush. Of course it was well worth the sixty five dollars. The large paddle brush was smooth in his hand and so did the long bristled brush that glided through his long hair free of its tangles.


Eren spent a considerate amount of time treating his hair, if he looked at himself in the mirror he could see ‘her’ the one person he thought would love him unconditionally. The woman in his memory was skinner...and her hair had been longer and untamable like a rats nest, she was just skin and bones and he wondered, if she had eaten properly...and drank a lot of water….he wondered if they would have looked the same as mother and child.


“Except...she didn’t see me as her child…”


She saw me...for what I really am… A monster...’


Eren gave a small smile, if she had been alive...and both mentally and physically well and if she looked like him she would have been a really beautiful woman in his eyes… But, instead he ate her just like she predicted in her diary…. the monster will eat the vessel was what she had written.


Eren would have thought of her as some sort of fortune teller with an accurate prediction like that.




Eren glanced over his shoulder,


“Looks like he’s here…”


Eren placed his hair brush on the dresser before picking up his hair tie to tie his long hair up back into it’s usual high ponytail state.




“Alright...alright already, Levi. Give me a minute.”


Eren sighed, if he was this persistent then he can give up on trying to dope him out of conning him into a...’date’...


Once he grabbed his blindfold he made sure to cover his eyes with it and tying it in the back. It was the only blindfold he would wear because it was a memento of his mother...since his mother never really gave him anything.


Considering his shop is closed he wouldn’t need his cellphone, but he did take his wallet and keys before he went downstairs back into his shop. Eren’s home was like a flat or an apartment of sorts that looked like a two story house except he had a basement down below where he kept his more precious and exotic flowers where he kept those greenery to himself.


Once he opened the shop door in which the little bell gave a sweet sounding jingle, the exotic fragrance of Levi whiffed through his nose. Lately, Levi stopped wearing cologne and he had wondered if it was because of him, because he didn’t quite like the strong overwhelming aroma.  




Eren flinched when he felt the chill of a cold hand take one of his warmer hands into a simple hold of entwined fingers.


“You look great, Eren.”


Eren turned his head to the side, he couldn’t have looked that good...his clothes were simple and cheap he picked up along his travel. Since he had always been traveling he only used to have five pairs of set clothing, but now that he made himself a home with a steady business. He gave himself the luxury of actually owning twenty pair of set clothings in which he could just mix and match at any given moment.


“...You always say that…”


The boy murmured he could feel the slight tingle of heat blooming on his cheeks when he heard him chuckle.


“You seem happy enough to hear it though.”


Eren’s lips thinned in displeasure if he could see what he looks like now then maybe he would know what this human was thinking. But, since he refuse to look at a human directly because of his insatiable hunger he couldn’t do it especially with his eye’s being covered with that woman ribbon.


“Are we not going for that walk...I rather not just stand here with my door open for these sensitive plants to suffer from the outdoor climate.”


Levi gave a soft huuing sound before he pulled Eren completely outside.


“I have a special birthday surprise for you and don’t worry, I know you don’t like crowds or eating out in front of people so I thought of something unique to do.”


Eren arched a high brow to this,


“ know I hate surprises…”


Levi tugged him along to his car,


“And car rides…”


Levi gave out another one of those soft huuing sound as he basically put him in his car and buckled him up inside.


“You’ll like this one. After all it’s at your favorite place on the beach.”


The car door was shut and Eren sighed putting his hands on his knees… It was probably a good thing his shop door automatically locks from the outside and he can enable the alarm system from the keychain on his key ring…


The drive from his shop to that said beach was more or less a forty to fifty five minute drive from his home if the traffic wasn’t so bad and to his luck, the road was pretty clear for them so he wouldn’t have to suffer too much longer for staying in an enclosed space.


It must be silly...for a monster to get car sickness, but since he was of that rare exception he slump in his chair obediently. Eren just hope he doesn’t have to stay in a single place for too long especially with a human that smelled just as good as Levi who was just a few inches away from him.


Even though Eren ate a couple of pounds of hamburger meat before this date he was still so hungry that he knew that either tonight or tomorrow he was going to need to go hunt another human for his own survival needs.


It was nice that Levi refrained from talking to him because he could use that time to take a quick nap to make the time go by faster.


Levi glanced over to him to see him frowning and with a gentle touch he stroked the brunet’s hair in a soothing way. The crease in the frown the boy was making had lightened to smoother lines as he finally relaxed in that slumped position he was in on the passenger side of the door.


“We’re almost there, just endure it a little while longer.”


Eren felt it, that first purr inside his mind was ‘him’, but...another part of him a deeper part of him was also purring and he was wondering. He was wondering if ‘it’ was actually responding to the human male touch…and not just himself alone.


Eren had a feeling that what was inside him had the same soul as he and shared the same feeling as he did, but when he thought back of its appearance, its personality they were different in every aspect and yet...they were so right with each other… It had its own thoughts...its own mind...and he could feel its strong desire for two things… Their continuous need of their survival and its fierce need to shield him...from what exactly Eren wasn’t so sure.


Eren can endure a considerate amount of pain without it shielding him from that….after all….that man cut off his fingers, his hands, his arms and shoulder. Even his toes, feet, legs and thigh were not spared from the cutting or the hacking.


Eren could still feel the way his eyes had been removed or his tongue or even his ears. So yes, he can endure pain, he even got to see what was inside himself when it knitted back together so what exactly else was there beside pain to shield him from?


Was it for the monsters that walk the streets at night for flesh or was there something else he wasn’t seeing.


Before he could actually question it further he felt his shoulder being shake gently.


“We’re here, Eren.”


Eren open his eyes to only see a world of blackness the blindfold had stayed in place when he moved to sit up he gave in to a silent groan.


I feel sick..’


Eren thought as he got himself free from the restraint and got the hell out of that car, being restrained by that thing always made him feel like he was back on that cold hard operating table. Bound with metal steel plates to keep him down and completely at the mercy of others he hated that feeling more than anything.


“The’s a bit strong here isn’t it?”


Eren asked as he shut the car door closed, Levi had went around the back to unlock what sounded like the trunk of the car to pull something out before he shut the lid down. Hearing the double beep of the door locking and the alarm being set.,Eren hoped to god he didn’t cook anything because he didn’t want to eat something he had never even tried before.


“It’s perfect weather. I told you before didn’t I?”


Eren crossed his arms behind his back where he grasped one wrist with one hand.


“What exactly do you have planned for me? You don’t need to do anything for me.”


Levi shrugged his shoulder he had a feeling that Eren could somewhat see him he tried the blindfold thing and in certain types of material of which the cloth came from. Some can be see through it by light and if not some can see the shape of a certain figure or object.


Levi doesn’t make the habit of wearing that kind of thing, but if it meant he was a step closer to his obvious affection who hides or cowers away from him then so be it. Levi was going to spin his web and and put his venom inside the boy so he couldn’t run away from him.


Eren was following the same path as Levi ignoring the odd looks he was surely getting, maybe it would have been better if he wore some type of shades over the blindfold, but it would have made it harder to see if he had done that. Plus he didn’t like the idea of wearing glasses he had a feeling he would have looked like that man instead of the pure woman he wanted to represent.


Eren’s distraction of not paying attention lead him from one situation to another when Levi put something in his hand after standing for a little while.


“Eh? What’s this? What’s going on?”


Levi placed a hand on his lower back near the cute dip of that dimpled spot near his ass,


“If you were paying attention you would know. I need you to get change into that.”


Eren gave a surprising huh,


“Wait? What? What’s going on? What is this?”


Eren felt him being pushed in a direction which he stumbled into what smelled of sea salted men and body soap that smelled far too strong for his nose.


“Just get changed. You’ll know what’s going on when we come back out.”


Eren bit the bottom of his lip before he was pushed into a curtained room,


“Haa, fine just stop pushing me…”


Eren told him as he closed the curtain behind him he really wish he knew what Levi was thinking, but getting inside that human’s head would more than likely confuse him so instead of pondering what he was up too he began to strip away his own clothing to change into something else.


To see what he was actually putting on himself he removed the blindfold only temporarily so his eyes could look at what he was wearing.  It was a wetsuit, black with the color of was like a sangria red it was dark and beautifully wet. Like the color of blood….like the color of his mother’s dark blood.


Eren actually licked his lips at the thought of that woman’s taste...had Eren run his tongue over his teeth and in particular the ones that were sharper than the others. Eren...was going to despise the color of red someday….even though he thought of that color as beautiful he had a soft weakness for roses and especially of the deep red nature… Just like the rose in front of the body wetsuit… It looked like some sort of shield, the two roses were opposite of each other one on the left and one on the right, the one on the right was at the top while the one on the left was at the bottom. They both had stems, but the one at the top curved and had thorns while the other held none to protect itself from intruders from touching it.


If Eren thought about it, he was kind of like the rose that was embedded in the wet suit, he had thorns to keep others out, but within he was just as fragile and defenseless as ever.. Did that make him one of those depressed gloomy people he either read about or sensed on the pavement that walked with him.


Eren could not reference them to the tv’s since he doesn’t watch it but, he does listen to it for the news if nothing else. The TV he had was old and outdated so it’s not like he had much channels to begin with, he saw all he wanted to see in his childhood days. The rare moments where he does look at videos… of any kind to the present day were always of family oriented scenes and since he knows he could never have that. He stopped watching videos all together so he couldn’t gain any false sense of hope of ever having a life like that with just that ‘one’.


Slipping the wetsuit on it was snug against his body like a latex glove it was tight, but not tight that he felt like it was cutting off circulation. It showed the muscles he sculpted in his belly, it showed off his arms and strong legs. Just because he tended to flowers and lifted heavy vases didn’t mean he stopped his training all those years ago. It was necessary for him to stay sharp and at his peak, tossing his long hair over one of his shoulder he was feeling for the zipper to pull it up.


There was just one problem this suit had its zipper in the back just where his ass was exposed, with a soft sigh he quickly put his blindfold back on the second he smelled Levi’s presence too close for comfort by the curtain he’s hiding in.


“Eren, are you done in there. I know you’re not taking a shit in there.”


Eren made sure he had his blindfold tightly secured around his eyes before he answered,


“I just need to zip up the back.”


Levi had pulled the curtain back that Eren’s head jerked back,


“Levi, what ‘the hell’ are you doing?”

Eren asked his voice never changing from his usual low spoken way.


“Helping you zip that suit up, must be hard to do with that blindfold and all.”


Eren’s lips thinned to that as he slightly turned his back away from Levi since his rear end was technically still exposed because of the way the flap of the back of the suit was technically still wide open.


“I can manage.”


“Don’t be a stubborn brat. We’ll miss the good waves if we don’t get ourselves situated.”


Eren had been wondering for a while now, but he figured now was the best time to ask.


“Again, what exactly are we doing, Levi? Are we going to do some sort of body surfing… I don’t even know if I can swim or not…”


Levi blinked at this new set of information and stored it for later usage.


“Don’t worry about that, for this one I’ll be right there with you literally. You’ve always looked at the sea you should try actually being in it. That’s my gift to you.”


Eren’s lips actually parted a little and if Levi could see his eyes he would be able to tell that he had a bewildered expression by the way his eyes had grown big and had to rapidly blink to clear up any type of confusion.


“My gift… Is the ocean?”


Eren asked his heart actually gave a little jump to that it even felt like something was swelling inside him.


“Yeah, I thought it would be fitting if you had your own ocean.”


Eren actually turned his back to him so Levi could actually zip him up, it would explain why he didn’t hear too many people or smelled one for that matter.


Levi pinched the end of his zipper taking silent delight at the naked skin underneath the wetsuit, his skin was just as sweetly browned as the rest of him. Eren’s skin looked so smooth and supple that he wanted to touch it. The beautiful dip and curve of his spine only made Levi want to touch him more.


For four long years he finally gets to see some skin that wasn’t his arms or his legs.


‘Damn, I should have bought him something more exposed to show off his back, arms, and those fantastic legs..’


Levi made a mental note to get his wetsuit custom-made on his next day off, he would love to see him in this kind of outfit more often especially since he gets to see the curve of his perfect ass which was rounded and when he step back to give Eren some room.


His heart literally stop when the kid bent over to pick up his things, it was like a heart shape of goodness that was round and big and looked awfully soft. If he could just touch it he wouldn’t have any regret, but then again… Touching it was one thing, but his ultimate goal was to be on top of him and thrusting inside him from behind where he could enjoy a higher view on top of him while he knelled on all fours below him. Or better yet in the position he was in now, bent over with his hands on the bench picking up his clothes and set of keys.


‘God I just want to take him right then and there.’


But, instead of acting on impulse he walked Eren out into the locker room where they shared a locker together. Levi’s duffle bag went in first and then Eren’s clothes were resting on top of it, the two walked out together and when Levi got what he wanted from the shop, Eren could barely make out the strange shape that was being moved.


“Eren mind giving me a hand?”




Eren moved forward to place his hands on what felt like a board before lifting it up, it was strangely long, but oddly light with a good sense of balance to it. How strange, he kind of want to see what he was carrying into the ocean.


“Um… for the millionth time of asking already...what exactly are we going to do in the ocean, Levi.”


“Sail surfing. I figured it would be easier than just surfing.”


Eren felt the board being lowered into the water that he was doing the same with his own end,


“But, I never…”


“Which is why we’re doing it. Now get on top of it, I’m pushing us out.”


Eren made an uncertain noise in the back of his throat, but with Levi’s gentle encouragement he lifted his knees out of the water and began to climb on it. The cold ocean water didn’t bother him, but his ass did feel oddly cold with the wind slapping against it with that water on it. Even though the wet suit kept him insulated enough he was wondering if this was suppose to be waterproof because he still felt water.


“...I think you’re trying to kill me with your gift, Levi.”


“Depending on how you see it, Eren. Now grab hold of the bars on the board so you don’t fall off. You’ll be able to feel it with your hands.”


Eren did as he was told he held on to the board like his life truly depended on it. His ass up in the air while his upper body clung desperately at the flatness of this board. The way he was bobbing on the board made him feel like he had motion sickness all over again.


Levi was certainly enjoying the view as he pushed Eren and the sail out deeper into the ocean once they were out Levi himself climbed on board.


“Since you’re in the front let’s get you situated.”




Eren felt him trying to pry him off the board which he resisted him to a degree with Levi on top of him with his arm around his midsection to pull him back. Eren mentally swore at him for trying to make him stand when he was fine just the way he was. The feeling of the unknown beneath him while he was bobbing back and forth on top of the ocean was not a pleasant feeling for him right now since he was nervous to even be out in the open.


“You’re going to have to get up, Eren I can’t strap you in otherwise.”


Eren’s heart gave a painful thump against his chest his knuckles turning white from how tightly he was holding on to the floor bar.




Levi gave a hah sound and leaned over him to hear him better,


“No straps….”




“No straps! I would rather drown than be strapped down into anything…”


Levi actually pulled away, it was...the first time he heard him raise his voice at him like that….Eren didn’t want to wear a life jacket and now he didn’t want to be strapped to the board…. There was just something about restraints that had him freaking out. Even the belt thing had set him on edge once or twice before, but never like this.


“Alright, calm down. No straps, okay. You’ll just have to hold onto that bar and put your feet into that holder. Can you do that, Eren? I’ll help you.”


Eren turned his head to where his mouth was closer to his ears at first he didn’t say anything, until he was calm enough to nod his head.




With the help of Levi, Eren became aware that he wore no sleeves when his hands grabbed his forearms to get him into the position he needed to be. With his feet spread apart and inside it’s holder he had his hands firmly gripping the railing bar. It was obvious his body was tense from standing on water that was bobbing underneath his feet.


“Here we go.”


Eren felt the board lean and he instinctively clung forward when it leaned back.


“You’re too stiff, Eren relax. If you fall off I’ll dive in right after you.”


Eren bit his salty tasting lips and grimaced at the taste of it that he resisted the urge to spit it back into the ocean. Turning his head to the side that was behind him to face Levi who was turning or leaning the board around on the wave, Eren could hear his much louder voice over the waves who was trying to reassure him.


“Can you feel it, Eren the wind in your hair, the water at your feet. Doesn’t it feel good to you? It feel like we’re  flying like we are free.”




Eren parted his mouth into a small shaped “o” when he repeated the last word inside his mind. Eren would like to have that sense of freedom Levi spoke so much about, but what he needed was far different from the freedom Levi spoke of. Eren didn’t need freedom what he wanted, what he needed is something that this cruel, yet beautiful world couldn’t offer to him. Not to him who will forever be like this, the sense of belonging would never come to a monster like him. It was just a fact he lived by the sense of wanting to be loved and to love back freely with no restraints or limitations, was like a far away dream in a never coming paradise for him.


“It’s like we’re riding on a pair of wings of freedom doesn’t it?”


For the very first time Eren felt it, the strong erratic beat, the heat that rises to his cheeks, the painful effect that he had little to no air in his lungs. Eren wanted to break free for the very first time in his life and it was all due to one simple human male. Who gave a carefree laugh as they went flying just a few inches off the sea that felt like feet to a blind Eren.


This was it wasn’t it? This was what he heard or read about in a novel, this feeling… this feeling of wanting to love love one individual that could bring a suffocating effect left him breathless. It was that overwhelming feeling that left his womb tingling as if he had parasitic worm wiggling inside his intestine.




Eren wondered if he could see it, the heat that felt like it was rising from his skin that could cause steam to rise visibly in the air. He wondered if he could hear his unusual heartbeat that rung painfully loud to his own ears.


“Happy Birthday, Eren. I love you.”


If that didn’t make Eren’s situation that much worse than nothing else would when his mouth parted even more wider than before.


He loves me...’


That was the first time anyone has ever told that to him and he felt like crying, he didn’t deserve those words… For twenty seven long years he wanted to hear those words spoken only to him, but he knew that Levi’s love is seriously misplaced.


‘No one could ever love a monster like me...’


He thought sardonically,instead of voicing it out he gave into a small, yet joyous laugh to this situation it was obviously too good to be true to be living in this moment that he thought he must be dreaming. For him to be out on the ocean for his birthday doing things he has never in his life done before felt indescribable inside his world.


That short laugh turned into a much longer one when he tossed his head back into the wind where the salty water most likely keeping his hair wet like the rest of him. Eren couldn’t stop laughing the feeling was exhilarating and uncontrollable.


Eren’s tense posture of being glued to the railing finally relaxed from its imprisoned state to be leaning so far back his spine curved. The salty water filled his senses when more of it could splash on to his face wetting his blindfold.


In that moment Eren felt free and he wouldn’t change this moment for the world.


Levi couldn’t believe what he was hearing, the boy who never smiles...the boy who never laughed, was actually laughing he was smiling. His lips turning from that usual straight line lifted upward into a corner that made him appear youthful and carefree.


Before his very eyes he had finally witnessed Eren’s first taste of happiness the kind of happiness he didn’t have or experienced too often. This was what Levi wanted, he wanted to see him smiling, to hear him laughing.


The raven haired male was so caught up in that moment he didn’t see the particular wave that crashed in front of them after their mid jump off the ocean floor, this caused the sailboard to lean too far back that resulted in them both being knocked off their ride and into the ocean with a flying leap on their part.


The scream Eren made with his failing arms in surprise was engulfed in water, Levi who followed right after him had quickly dropped under water to go after the boy . It was a moment later before he had his strong arms wrapped around Eren’s stomach securely. The strong kicks he produce with his legs had brought them both back up to the ocean surface.


“Shit. Eren are you okay?”


The brunet actually turned in his arms and just laugh with the most adorable big smile that ever reached the boy’s face.


“Ahahahaha, I...hah, I am more than just okay.”


Eren told him his straight white teeth were at full display that had Levi’s groin squeezing in a uncomfortable way. Seeing those pearly whites directed at him he couldn’t help, but notice the incisors of his teeth. They were a little longer and a bit more sharper than the ones inside his own mouth that he had the strange urge to touch those canine tooth with his sea salted fingers.


“You’re having fun. That’s good.”


Levi’s bare legs touched and bumped against Eren’s covered ones, unlike Eren’s wetsuit his came in two parts for the lower half and the upper half. His pants stopped just before his knees, while his top had no sleeves at all bearing an uncanny resemblance of a muscle tight shirt that had a long collar attached to it that looked like a turtleneck.


His was of simple design that was mostly black, but had metallic silver and azure dashing it with some sort of color. The logo of two wings overlapping the other was on his wetsuit to inform others of who or what he was by just the symbol alone.


“I’ve never felt this feeling before. I was never allowed to have this.”


Eren told him still giggling and causing small yelping sounds when the ocean decides to dump more water on top of their heads. Levi’s stomach actually twisted at Eren’s confession he knew the boy had let slip the last part, but he was still laughing to care.


Again, when Eren talks about himself it’s rare and when he does it was never of something positive.


“I don’t want this to end.”


Eren’s selfish request was so small the way he spoke of it so softly, it was like he convinced himself that this would never happen again.


“You don’t have to.”


Eren was actually thrown off by that comment that he kicked him out of self preservation for himself to get away from getting too close to him. Eren was already in trouble already because of the simple fact that he ‘may’ have fallen in love with him.


But, everything has to come to an end at some point, Levi...’


Eren looked down not wanting to bring down rain on such a beautiful day,


“....We’re gonna drown if we don’t get back on that thing.”


Levi actually smiled to a bashful Eren who attempted to reach out for a board that wasn’t even there.


“ I can swim us both back to shore no problem.”


Just as he said that he let his arms go loose around Eren to see if he would actually hold on to him and sure enough the boy panicked at the reaction of sinking had the brunet wrapping his long arms around Levi’s neck.


If Levi thought they had been close before than they were certainly closer now with Eren slightly towering over him his wet haired dripping salty water on his face.


Levi released a soft like huff underneath his breath and to Eren’s excellent hearing it was his way of laughing at him.


Levi revelled in the fact that Eren was finally touching him it was always him doing the touching and he had to lock on him to get any physical contact with him. Unless he could create situations like these then to get what he wanted was nearly impossible.


“Haah...haah….t-that’s not funny.”


Levi cocked his head at an angle that could have been called ‘innocent’,


“Too cute.”


If Eren wasn’t so dead set about not wanting to drown he would have unravel his arms around this man’s neck. He could have found out there and now if he could swim or not if he would just let go and see if his body knew what to do. But, with Levi’s arm around his back like steel bands he couldn’t make it an option when he gave a displeased look.


“I’m not cute.”


‘I’m ugly can’t you see that?.’


“Now can we please get back on the board...”


Levi’s soft chuckle sounded whimsical to Eren’s ears that he let one of his arms slip from Levi’s neck to ball that hand into a fist and thump him squarely in the chest. The soft chuckles turned into light laughter.


“Whatever you want, Princess.”


Eren gave a simple huff, it has been a while since Levi had called him that.


In the end Eren had fun, they hit more waves and he was actually socializing with him that wasn’t about plants or ocean. By the time they went back on shore, Levi was far from having their conversation being over.


“We should do this again, Eren.”


Eren eyes felt a little irritated from the wet cloth that contained salt within the soft material.


“I…I don’t really know if this will happen again, but I had fun...thank you. I’m grateful to have had this time with you.”


The way Eren spoke gave Levi the impression that this would never happen again that he grabbed Eren’s wrist pulling him back to him.


“Eren are you okay?”


Eren actually gave him that rare smile that was directed to him,


“I’m fine, I should get changed and return this bodysuit.”


“It’s yours.”


Eren let a soft huh escape his lips,


“I can’t, you can’t...I mean- you’ve already gave me so much….I can’t possibly-”


“It’s okay, this was part of your birthday gift after all. It’s yours. I would have never rented you a wet suit. I’d rather buy you a brand new wetsuit then to let you wear something that someone had worn. God only knows if they urinated in that infested wetsuit..”


Eren actually cracked a small smile,


“There’s no such thing as god and I thought you would think the ocean would be more contaminated than the actual wetsuit.”


Levi tried to ignore that tad bit of info he already knew the whirlpool was full of all kinds of shit which was why he was ushering the boy into the showers. Eren had actually tried to avoid getting into the showers making up any excuses he could find. Like he didn’t have body wash or shampoo or a towel and Levi pretty much solved all that when he gave him the stuff from his duffle bag.


“Are you always this prepared.”


“You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.”


With a gentle push from Levi, Eren was in a shower stall.


Eren sighed this was another thing he hated, public showers weren’t really all that private and he wasn’t comfortable bathing in the same room with a delectable scented prey. His gums were tingling and he knew that if he didn’t feed soon he’ll attack the wrong person.


Eren made sure his shower time was short, fifteen minutes at best in which he spent more time with his hair than his skin. He was fast and he was good at being quick to clean he was out before Levi even got the chance to dress.


Since Eren didn’t have a brush to fix his hair he had to make do with a messy braid that laid over one of his shoulders.


The walk afterward was silent compared to the talkative vibe they had out on the ocean and even though they didn’t exchange words, Eren wasn’t against Levi from holding on to his hand where they walked with their shoes or sandals in one of their hands on the sandy beach.

Eren would have thought Levi wouldn’t get his feet dirty after just taking a shower, but he didn’t seem to mind it at all when he was doing it with him. Eren could bet on his father’s key that Levi had some sanitizing wipe in his pocket that weren’t open, but was ready to use. The thought actually brought a little smile inside his mind.


Eren had smiled so much that his face physically ached from the overworked, unused muscles.


The heat of the day was cooling by the moment and when Eren felt the sun dipping low in the sky he thought about telling them that they should go back. But, Eren’s sluggish mind was telling him that he was tired and he was hungry.


The sound of random heartbeats and muscle spasms on a few bypassers was all he could think about at that particular moment was to feed. He might have actually done that when Levi pulled him back towards him when he was straying off path.


“You okay? You’re staggering.”


Eren swallowed roughly before he could turn his attention to Levi,


“Just tired. My body aches. Can you take me home now? The sun is setting.”


Levi wondered if it was just him or did Eren appear to look pale to him,


“Yeah, let’s head back. You sure you’re okay? I can carry you.”


Eren shook his head no,


“I can walk.”


It wouldn’t have been a good if he got too close to him right now when all he can think about is to sink his teeth into something good. Eren even pulled his hand away so they could walk alone this time on their way back.


Eren choose to ignore the look he was definitely feeling from Levi’s eyes.


Makes me wonder what his eyes look like...


Even though Eren knew what he looked like while he was sleeping, he only got to see what the covers and pillows didn’t hide. He knew he had black hair that was strangely cut. He knew he was pale like the ivory moon in the sky. He knew by sense of touch he was well fit and appeared highly trained like someone who had advanced training in something hardcore. It was just that he didn’t give him the stereotype of soldiers he had the unfortunate pleasure of devouring.


The ocean waves, the birds made no call, and even the leaves of nearby trees appeared unusually quiet that Eren turned his head to the east wind. Something was off and he could feel it humming just underneath his skin.


Picking up his pace he knew Levi had to rush to keep up with him,


“Eren, you’re acting strange why are you walking so fast?”


“It’s getting dark, I don’t like being out when the sun sets.”


“Are you worried about the killings?”


In the end Levi was forced to acknowledge that something evil was walking the same night as him on Eren’s special day.


“Something like that, but not really. It’s just that I made it a rule to get home before the street lights come on.”


“Strict rule.”


“I suppose you could say that..”


Eren told him he didn’t like it, it was far too quiet, the atmosphere was all wrong to him and that was when they heard the shrilling cries of a banshee coming from them. The sound was so unpleasant to the ears that Levi had to cover one ear with the hand that wasn’t holding his shoes.


“What the hell?”






“I said run!”


Eren grabbed Levi’s wrist and jerked him into a full blown run Levi almost tripped over himself, but his fast reflex had him back on his feet running after Eren who pulled so strongly.


“Eren! Eren what the hell is going on?!”


“Just run. Don’t stop and don’t look back!”


The rough smack of their feet hitting the sand and Eren’s continuous pull had Levi glancing over his shoulder, whatever that noise was cried out longer and louder than ever. It was like it was crying and yet it sounded grueling of a demanding nature… The kind you would hear in some sort of horror movie an animal would make if it could be called that.


Just what had gotten over Eren gave him the sense that it was urgent considering he was almost being flag off the sandy ground and into the air like a kite of some sort, but he knew he was too heavy to have Eren wave him around like some cravat.




It was then that Levi saw something from his peripheral vision, something was running on all fours, but it wasn’t an animal… Animals didn’t wear torn clothes….The second they stood up he could make out their physic...the skin was grayish, their veins seeable of red and blue, the tears they shed was red and the blood that came from their nose and mouth.


The second it broke free into the clearing running towards them, Levi dropped his shoes and reached for the concealed gun he always carried on him, but Eren made it difficult to obtain the cold piece of metal inside his hand.


Eren would have kept running if he didn’t hear the cries of a child. The child was screaming calling out ‘momma’ over and over again that Eren couldn’t stop his hand from letting go of Levi’s wrist. Eren couldn’t ignore it because the sound of that boy crying sounded just like him when he would call for his own mother to come to him. Unlike his mother he could smell a woman, could hear her frantic heartbeat pounding as she picked up the child whose voice was muffled probably because his face was buried in his mother's bosom. The fact that she was covering the child's body was all Eren needed to know that he could fight if that woman would sacrifice herself to get that child to safety.

Everything became a blur after that, Levi’s screaming sounded so distant to his ears and the bullets that wheeze by him made no high pitch to leave him stunned. All he could hear was his rapid heartbeat beating in tune with the one he was charging into.


Eren used his body as a shield the second that titan had slammed into him its teeth sinking into his flesh. They both rolled into the sand together making some of the sand fly from their hard impact. Eren  raised up flashing his teeth to the being that had been knocked off him temporarily, the titan hadn’t been able to take his flesh along with him due to his clothing that had gotten in the way.


Levi saw it all the way Eren made the same sound as that thing when they snarled at each other, the way they circled around each other before charging in was...sickening...the way Eren’s fingers dug into the bald head of the beast that tried to roll him over into submission made a sickening sound of cracked skull. The blood that squirted out hit Eren’s face and even though the beast just had his skull cracked was still moving snapping it’s wide jaw to Eren’s face. Eren was doing the same snapping those teeth he had been fascinated with as a tool to kill, if anyone could describe this scene. It was like watching two starved, tortured animals fighting each other over a scrap of meat, which was quite accurate on both parts that used their claws or their teeth to make a definite kill.


Levi’s gun was trained on the thing that bit into his Eren repeatedly and even though he could see Eren fighting back that he was the same as them. Levi couldn’t bring it within himself to shoot when he knew that Eren charged in to keep that thing from ripping that woman and that child apart.


Eren’s fear, the way he kept telling him that they should return in before the sun has set, he could see why Eren had been so distant with himself all this time. Eren wasn’t like them and Levi knew for a fact because when Eren pulled that being haired it came off like butter. The image bare a striking resemblance to the faces that had been in his case file.


One more being had leapt into the clearing gunning for  him. Levi didn’t hesitate to open fire and even though he hit his target squarely in the skull it had merely did a face plant before it was scrambling to her feet. Levi fired multiple shot to keep her down and yet, it didn’t look like it was doing anything to kill her.


Levi stepped back to put another bullet in her and all she did was open her jaw wide and let out a banshee scream that made Levi’s human ear ring in pain. The sound was deafening as he put a bullet in her mouth.


Levi thought it would have done the trick if it haven’t been the fact she got back up to leap in mid air to take him down. The word shit had escaped his mouth when he brought up his arm to fend her off, her teeth barely even made contact with his skin when she was suddenly snatched back and off  Levi before his body could take the hit of her body slamming into him.


Instead she was thrown back like invisible hands had grasped her around her limbs to slam it repeatedly on the ground before it was being dragged back mercily to the fighting duo who were still scrapping on in the sand. It was just that this time Eren was pulling off moves from a trained combatant who undergone special training.


Eren released a menacing growl of his own the second the flesh he had in his mouth was swallowed by him. It felt grimy the way it had went down into the back of his throat and into his stomach. The one he had been fighting with and the one that was drugged back by him were looking at him in a different way, it was like all of a sudden they feared the brunet who pulled them back time and time again.


The way Levi saw it the way he was witnessing it first hand it was like there was something coming out of the brunet's body. It was dark and wispy like smoky shadow, but it looked solid and tangible to the touch.  It  was sharp as it created a cage over the two by clawing their body down into the sand so it couldn’t get back up.


And just as swiftly it clamp down over them it was finding it’s way to wrap around their body so it could be pulled them back to the being they were trying to run away from. Their fingers were making jagged lines against the sand as they were constantly scratch at it to gain some sort of leverage to break free. Their heavy panting, their gruesome crying, it took everything Levi had to not look away from the scene that was in front of him.


His sweet Eren looked untameable at that moment he looked fierce and powerful the way he subdued his attacker. The Eren he sees now didn’t have the usual restrictions he always sees clinging onto the boy like a second skin.




This couldn’t be the Eren he knows, the Eren he knows couldn’t tear off limbs so easily he wouldn’t have been so cruel to use that sort of means to keep them from running.


He made it looked so effortlessly as he pulled one back to bite them in the back since it was laying on it’s belly. Over and over again Levi watched him use his teeth to rip off skin and muscle from that thing’s body…


Levi couldn’t stand it here he was just standing there watching Eren clawing his fingers into a body that resembles a human body to dig out more of its flesh. Levi felt sick just watching him making those wet sounds juicy sounds from the shit he was eating.


With shaky hands he leveled his gun on them after watching Eren he had gain an important piece of information. The second Eren had tore the flesh off back of their neck their movements had cease entirely.




The boy’s tongue lolled out of his mouth as he licked his own blood soaked lips to lick at whatever dangling flesh that was on his hand and forearm.


From one creature to another Eren was chowing down on them like it was an all you can eat buffet and if Levi had eaten anything earlier it would have been all over the blood soaked sand he stood a few feet away from them.




The growling sound the brunet made was inhuman as he tore at the belly of one the way he pulled that intestine out like it was spaghetti noodles.. Never again would Levi look at the italian dish the same ever again.




The sound of his voice had the man he thought he knew lifted his head in his direction his body covered in blood. Levi watched the way he opened his mouth to let his tongue drop down it was red as he gave into shallow panting.




The boy moved on all four it was like he was stretching his body out, but he raised his rear end up in a position that his back legs bend and his toes dug into the sandy soil. If Levi didn’t know better he thought he was going to attack him next that he couldn’t lower his gun from Eren’s face. He was almost positive that he had used up all of his bullets on that woman face.


The snarling growl Eren made had Levi’s hairs stand up against the back of his neck, but no logic could slap Levi in the back of his head to get him to run away. He didn’t even take a step back instead he only lowered his gun. He wanted to believe that the Eren he knows was still inside that body.






He felt sick and his stomach hurt something terribly, it was like he was suffering from some serious food poisoning of the worst kind. When he wrapped an arm around his belly. The bump that poked through his body had Eren blinking behind his blindfold as he let his inner forearm to rub at the unusual knot that dwells inside him.


The shadow tentacles that had been surrounding him thus far faded until it was no more, it was as if he was letting that other part of him subside first before he could actually respond to his current situation.


Eren could taste the foul odor on his tongue and he could feel the familiar touch of exposed flesh in his hands. The wounds he sustained were swiftly knitting themselves back together while his own blood seemed to evaporate under the steam it released when exposed to oxygen.


This was bad…


He knew it was bad when he could hear the thrumming voice of Levi’s calling his name. It wasn’t strong, but it was there for his ears to hear…


Eren ruined it...he knew he did when he slowly got to his feet…For once in his lifetime he didn’t want that man to fear him. He had been laughing with him just a few hours before all of this had happen. If only he insisted to go home earlier this wouldn’t have have to happen now… At less not on his birthday, he should have known this day was a curse for him. He should have known better to trust his better judgement than to go on a whim.




Eren had never cry after his mother death, he didn’t shed a single tear for his loneliness...but, it was different now he had that same overwhelming feeling as before burning so painfully behind his lid. He wanted to cry it because it was happening all over again.


He couldn’t go through this again he couldn’t handle another rejection.


He just couldn’t… Especially from someone who had taken the time to actually tried to get to know him personally.




Levi’s trigger finger twitched on the trigger when Eren called his name to murmuring something else underneath his breath.




Levi clasp his gun on his holster his fingers graze the hunting knife beside it, he didn’t pull it free from its sheath when he let his arms fall to his side.


“Forget...forget that you ever knew me..”


Eren’s voice raised louder this time for Levi to hear, just when Eren could hear him taking his first  step toward him, he panicked.


“Stay Back!”


Even though Eren knew he ruined everything he couldn’t let Levi get infected by being careless enough to come to him and touch any fluid that was on him and possible fluid around him.


Levi seemed to ignore his plea for he was either in shock or delusional that Eren made his voice go harder and more feral to emphasize his point and for good measure he even throw in a growl when he spoke.


“ Don’t come near me!”


Eren thought it would have done  the trick if he haven’t heard another crunch on the sand ground.


“Damn it, Levi!”


Eren was angry at him he should be running away not coming towards him.




Eren couldn’t help, but feel rattle at the tone Levi took up with him it was different then all the other one’s he had used up till now. It terrified him more than the monster that was inside him that wanted out, that wanted to feed.


Before Eren could turn on him he took off running, he wasn’t worried about those bodies staying there since he took care of their core. They’ll evaporate in no time just like his blood that vanished in a matter of seconds. The body would turn into ashes in a matter of moments so no evidence would be left behind.


Levi watched him flee and before he could think of his own action his own feet moved of their own accord to give chase after him.



Sneak Peak:

Here's a picture of Eren without his blindfold!