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Chapter Three
Rise of the Titans

Erwin couldn’t believe his eyes it wasn’t even twenty four hours and he found himself locked away inside the armory room with a few of his comrades. Hanji had strapped a OKC-3S bayonet inside her combat boots while Mike strapped a SIG sauer Mll to his thigh.

“Has anyone got in contact with Levi yet?”

Erwin asked as he cocked a beretta M9 in his hand.

“No, Commander. I tried several times and nothing. Do you think he’s out there looking for him?”

Erwin thought it could be a possibility, but with people eating each other even he thought that Levi was going to have some problems.

“Probably, guess we’ll have to find another way to contact him. Let’s move out. Take what you can. It won’t be long before they breach here as well.”

“What’s the plan, Sir? Where do we go from here?”

Erwin thought about it for a long while, but considering this place was going to be over run, they were going to need a few more things if they wanted maneuver over or around them.

“Hanji do we still have those 3D maneuver gear inside your place?”

Hanji just cocked her weapon and was ready to go when he asked her that question.

“Sure do, but not enough for everyone. I’ll have to make some more and for that I need some materials along the way.”

She replied.

“Name it.”

“Hand grips, we all know what that looks like and if we’re doing what I think you’re doing than piston-shot grapple-hooks. Of course Gas powered mechanism might be hard to nab with how things are, but the iron wire propeller with plug in blades I can work something out if I get back to my place. Of course we need the body harness, so anything I can use as a harness would be good, leather or rope. Preferably leather.”

They all knew the structure and the material of their gear since they all had training and needed to learn and memorize the gear that held their life in their device hands.


“Here’s the plan, since it’s too hectic to go out right now we’ll wait until it dies down a little bit. We can only pray that Levi calls one of us so we can establish some sort of communication to meet up. After that we’ll head over to the twins place to be more equip into this line of field. In the mean time I’ll talk to the superior about are given situation assuming the telephone lines are still working and they’re responding. Until then, it’s all about survival so gather food, water and anything essential you can find and bring it up to D block. We have a better chance at survival in there then in here..”

With a collective of yes sir from all around they all split up into a pair groups of three.


Eren had his bare back pressed into the bed headboard his focus was directed outside and yet, his eyes were on Levi. Since the man beside him was still asleep as if comatose Eren had to rely on his other senses to ‘see’ him. Even though he was full and he didn’t propose any serious threat to the male beside him. He would rather be safe than sorry by keeping his blindfold right where it needed to be. Occasionally he would let his hand brush into his amazingly soft haired. It felt good to run his finger through it. It was so peaceful being beside him that even he begun to relax to a certain degree. The chaos outside however was keeping him from going back to sleep in the man's arm.

“....You sleep like the dead….you know that?”

He whispered,

“There’s screaming outside and, yet you don’t even stir…”

He murmur,

Eren leaned down to press his lips against Levi forehead.

“Is it because I’m beside you that you can sleep through this chaos?”

He asked in that same soft spoken voice of his.

He had no intention of waking him up unless he really have too and right now he didn’t have too. Sure he can hear the humans banging on doors or trying to get in their vehicles and get the hell out of dodge, but it was a bit impossible to go anywhere far considering they were on an island.

Eren ignore the few people that bang on his shop door begging to come in or asking for help, but Eren made no move to go outside his bedroom to let them in.

‘They’ll just get in the way.’

He thought, it wasn’t his responsibility to give them anything he didn’t owe them anything and he wonder if that made him cold hearted…


He thought as he release Levi hair to touch his own he had bigger things to worry about, like if Levi was infected or a mutation…. He didn’t smell bad at all in fact his usual stench was just as mouth watery as before, but only stronger. His skin feels cold, but that wasn’t unusual he was always cold to him. The places he knew he bitten and rip off the tendering flesh of his skin was healed and completely new like. Earlier when he traced his skin it didn’t feel like anything had scared, but he wouldn’t really know that until he actually look at him.

Since he wasn’t going to take his blindfold off around him he just hope when Levi wakes up to see a bunch of normal upon him then that everything will be okay.

But, he got this nagging feeling not everything was going to be ‘right’ with Levi...sure he only tasted a little of his blood, but that shouldn’t cause him that much of a change right? For one thing he wasn’t getting any of that yellowish skin tone not like he could see it, but he could smell it. He didn’t catch the infection on him that came out of the human pores when they were sick or infected with a dangerous disease only to humans.

In fact Levi smelled healthy young, even though he was older than him. (Technically)

“You could be immune to the virus...if not then maybe you were enhance…”

Eren thought it could be possible...there were some humans that can be immune to it, but the last part he wasn’t so sure. There was no documentation of immune human that can be enhance like him, but then again he wasn’t human… He read through all those journal and there hasn’t been a single thing about a human getting stronger, or faster, or healing quickly, or becoming more intelligent. He would know….wouldn’t he?

Getting out of bed without so much as making the bed shift he walked toward his bathroom naked, but only stop once to glance behind him toward the window where he pulled his lips back from his teeth that turned into a ferocious snarl. The inhumane noise he made only lasted him ten seconds before whatever was posed at his window flee from the facility.

Maybe it wasn’t so wise as to leave the sleeping human in his bed alone, but he had to make sure he had those things pack up before they have to go. There was no way that they could stay here and pretend that the world outdoor can’t get to them inside here.

He may be like them, but even he wouldn’t challenge the whole freaken city or two to keep them safe to stay here. That just wasn’t possible even if his shop was on the remote side of the city.

Staying within eye reach to Levi he only needed to pack up that one book that had been missing, the worn leather of the book smelled of Levi and when he opened it he could tell with just a brush of his fingertip that the book had been read recently… Not like he didn’t know that since the man in his bed claim to have read it, but still...he kind of wish he hadn’ felt like an invasion of sort.

Having his back turned he set the school bag in the center of the room and crouch there with his head between his hands. Nothing made sense….sure he was worried about Levi, but the whole situation didn’t play out as it should have….

For example Levi shouldn’t have comfort him the way he did and they shouldn’t have ended in bed together at all. Eren had expected him to be all horror stricken and angry and maybe even confused with a little betrayal thing going on. If he had pulled a gun on him and actually shot him it would have been the end to his infatuation with him once and for all. He could have killed him or let him kill him instead and be over with the humans all together, but no… For all his time that he has known the male he had never once played by any rule by any standard whatsoever and that was the same stereotype reaction he came up with for the ‘weak’ humans.

With all his hard pondering he didn’t hear the male get out of bed much less sneaking up on him until he felt those cold arms around him. The touch alone startle him as he lost his balance in his crouch position, but the male that held him from behind only reacted by pulling him back so that his ass was sitting on the cold floor legs spread open with Eren rear bumping against Levi sex...
Eren could feel the heat rushing to his cheeks and that uncharacteristic fluttering inside his chest.


Levi had woken up alone in bed he had been feeling around for a warm body that wasn’t there, at first he would have thought last night was nothing, but a dream have it not been for the fact that this room wasn’t his bed, the blood stain on the sheets weren’t his sheets and the boy hunching just a few feet away from the bed wasn’t an illusion.

Relief was on his heel when he had been disappointed by the fact that he woke up alone. Sliding off the bed he frowned behind him. All that screaming was unnecessary, but instead of going to the window and looking outside to see what was going on he was walking up to Eren hunching form and crouch down to pull him back to him. The stiffness he felt when he held him tightly he murmur something unintelligent.

As soon as Eren spoke his name Levi had pressed his nose directly at the nape of Eren neck who shudder deliciously.

“What’s with all the screaming…”

His voice sounded gravel to his own ears, but there was a trace of annoyance in it as well..

“ ‘It’ is starting.”


Before Eren could answer them a vehicle from outside had slam into another vehicle causing the loudest crashing sound either of them have had ever heard before. One crash lead into two...then three...and four after that one.

“The hell?”

Levi released Eren’s body to get up and look for himself, but before he could take a step toward the window Eren warm hands grabbed his wrist and pulled him back.

“Don’t. It’s still light out, but It’s getting dark and they are stronger after dusk. I’m referring about the ‘it’ you saw me fighting at the beach the other day. Right now It’s spreading like hellfire and it’s best to lay low and keep silent as much as possible. Until they are unable to go outside during light hours.”

Levi eyes went to Eren blindfolded face the warm fuzzy feeling he had was gone.

“What are they, Eren?”

Watching Eren bit into his lower lip he had to crouch down to take his face when he turned his face away from him.

“Eren. I’m not judging you or think you are the cause of it or anything, but I really need to know.”

With gentle urging Eren faced him once more his tongue sneaking out to lick his lower lip before a sigh decided to escape those tempting lips…

“They are human...for the most part…”


Levi was not going to accept a vague answer like that right now.

“....In a way they are the incomplete...or a replica like clone….of something close to me...I say they are human because they were born as human, but...the thing inside them are not of...human origin…”

Levi scowled at him.

“What do you mean by not of human origin you’re not talking about aliens or some shit like that are you?”

Eren shook his head no.

“You can call it a virus...or an infection...or even a parasite if you kills the human host and replace it with itselves I quote ‘virus, infection, etcetera’.… because I don’t know how to explain it any better than that…”

“Try me. What are they doing right now.”

Eren looked entirely uncomfortable talking to him about that, but he didn’t let that stop him from pressing him. Because right now he needed to know so he can think and come up with a suitable action that will continue their own survival and the survival of his comrade assuming they haven’t been picked off while he slept.

“ Right now, they are at the stage of survival among the fittest...think of them as zombified animals that are completely uncivilized and won’t recognize one of their own until stage 2. Right now they can only think of two things. Their ravenous hunger and the need to eat and finding a suitable shelter from the sun when their skin can no longer tolerate the uv ray…The older they are the more intolerable they are to sunlight, if they are fresh...they can tolerate it until a certain time frame..”

Levi rubbed his face ignoring the sleeping crust that was on his face…


It was all he can say in just in a matter of forty eight hour or so the shit was already too late to even thinking about cover up much less contain it.


Eren touched his hand it was hesitant and unsure and before he could second guess his choice in touching him Levi was the one who took his hand in his.

“We’ll be okay, for now we’ll wait until it dies down a little bit...will we be safe here until then?”

Eren tilt his head back and look at the window that was behind him.

“I’ll make it safe until dawn approach...when dawn is set we have to go because they know I’m here…that you’re here…”

“What does that mean when you say because I am here…”

“You’re human...and when food is sacred...they’ll fight anyone or anything to get at it...including me...I’m full and at my strongest so they won’t venture in, but tomorrow night will be a different story.”

“Alright, I think I get it, but tell me. Are you really that dangerous.”

Eren lowered his head in shame,

“I’m not human, Levi… I look like a like a man, walk like a man but that doesn’t mean I am one...I’m just a beast in sheep's clothing toward you...But, Them out there will recognize me for who I really am if I don’t mask my presence.”

Levi could feel the fear in him at what Eren was telling him, but Levi has the tendency to kick fear in the ass sometimes. He wasn’t going to be scared off like that, he know he should be, but when it comes to Eren that sort of logic just doesn’t stick with him. Why? because the male before him had plenty of chances and he does mean plenty of chances to off his ass once and for all including last night, but he didn’t.

So if Eren hadn’t made chow meal out of him yet then than he consider himself safe for the time being and trust that Eren self control can restrain himself before he takes thing too far with him.

Levi hasn’t forgotten about the biting session while they were making love to each other…How could he? But, it’s not like Eren took a huge bite out of him either just several small bites here and there out of a few were deeper than the other, but none of them were life threatening to him.

“Weren’t you born as a human? I mean you came from a human woman so doesn’t that make you-”

Eren shook his head no, as much as he would like to have thought that way too it just wasn’t possible. More so since he did eat his host...Just like ‘them’....

“Well whatever fuck it then, human is overrated any how.”

Eren looked up with a questioning look he would have laughed, but instead of explaining what he meant he grabbed the boy other hand and pulled him to his feet.

“First thing first, shower and brushing the stinks off our breath. Then we’ll scavenge the house that’s useful to take with us at dawn and get the hell out of here. Does that work for you?”

Eren mutely replied with a nod to his head.

“Good come on as much as I enjoy gazing at your body that’s no way of going out there into a fight.”

He told him, before Eren could protest the two of them were locked inside the only bathroom inside the house. The shower itself was quiet comfort for what was about to come.


Erwin felt a blood vessel popped as he stared down his commanding officer were they seriously shitting on him on this?

“With all due respect, sir. There’s no way in containing any of that or preventing it. As we speak now it’s already on the news and even if it were cut off from broadcasting it there’s no denying the witness or what is going on here and every fucking state and country out there. There's already a world wide panic now. If you can’t hear the screaming and crashing cars right now then you need to get your ears fucking check and your eyes dip.”

“That is no way to speak to your commanding officer, Commander Erwin.”

Erwin gaze was just as frigid as his voice.

“Apparently it is if you’re feeding me this bullshit. Telling us to hide and keep calm and be quiet about this situation is pretty damn dumb. I can keep calm no problem I can even lay low if that were the case. But, the situation we’re having right here right now is like telling us this is our death sentence and we should accept it like grace. There’s no backup for us so in other word we’re stuck here to be slaughter while the higher up is being held up into some fancy as vault until this pass over. I think I’m entitled to call horseshit on you and everyone else over there.”

The aggression Erwin was throwing at him was being thrown back at him.

“Enough. You’re dismiss from your title this branch can no longer help you or anyone else on that island.”

The communication went dead and Erwin temper finally got the best of him when he put three rounds of bullet into the screen. That could have gone a hellva lot better if it hadn’t been that fuck face talking to the other end of the screen.

“Title won’t mean shit here anyway.”

Not like he got the chance to tell him that and he wasn’t even entitle to strip him away of his position anyway, but he couldn’t rub that in his face either.

“Fuck it, I’ll do this on the fly then..”

He said as he set his gun back in his holster he put a hand on his waist and looked around the room there was nothing for him to take. So he left the room to meet up with his team in block D.

Hanji hid behind Mike big body her eyes darting around to look at a really scary commander. Sure he look absolutely perfect, his hair combed back his eyes a deep set of blue clear, but filled with a frigid rage. Something had gone down, but she wasn’t so curious as to step into that land less not yet…

“Commander, there’s someone I need to find.”

Mike spoke up, he didn’t even notice Hanji standing behind him as a shield even though her scent has indeed reached his nose.

“Who, Levi?”

“No. It’s someone else. I’m sure he can take care of himself, but I still want him near me.”

Hanji little animal ears poked up,

“Oh oh, who is he who is he? A sweet heart?”

Mike put his heavy palm above her head and press her down.

“I have to find my Alpha, Erwin. So when it dies down I’m going out there to sniff him out and bring him here. I’ll look for Levi too while I’m at it, but I know he’s just fine even without my help. My Alpha on the other hand is a different story. Not to say he can’t take care of himself, but the way he does it can even put me in my grave. Plus I know he can help us.”

Erwin raised a perfectly thick brow at him,

“How so?”

“No one knows the underwork better than he does. Add that with his plane and his ability to fly it he can take us to one of his manor to hide us for the time being until we figure out or next plan of action.”

Erwin gave a small nod,

“Sure, but you’re not going alone. Pair up with Mikasa, Petra and Eld.”

Mike shrugged his big shoulder, he didn’t care who came along so long he can get to his golden eyed wolf. He can just see him looking irritated that a pup came to pull a rescue the princess routine with him and that brought a smirk to his lip.

“Whatever you say, boss.”

Erwin turned his gaze from Mike to Hanji.

“Anyone got in contact Levi, yet?”

Hanji shook her head.

“For all we know he’s still looking for the boy among the chao-”

Before she could even finish her sentence the song ‘Today’s the day’ by pink was playing in the background that Hanji looked embarrassed when she answer the phone.

“S-sorry, who could be calling me this time..”

When she hit the green button without even looking at the caller id she answered.


“Shitty glasses, put Erwin on the phone.”


“Zip it brownilock. You’re going to alert the whole damn neighborhood.”

“Oh my god oh my god you’re alive! Where the hell are you?”

She demanded.

“Safe. No thanks to you shit face. Now put, Erwin on the damn phone. I don’t have that much time.”

Before she can counterattack Levi Erwin snatched her oddly greasy phone into his hands and pressed it into his ear.


“Listen, Eyebrow. Lay low and try not to make any sound, everything should calm down during the day, but wait a couple of da- Eren don’t eat that!”

There was a sound of a phone clattering and muttering sound and then something like a turring sound was coming from the other end of the line...It was like a cat’s purr only amplified through a loud microphone projector..

Erwin pulled his ear away from the phone to look at it before pressing it back to his ears when the turring sound faded.

“So you really did find your Eren.”

“I sure as hell did, but like I said before wait a couple of days. Let’s meet up at a place that isn’t so public- Ugn!”


There was a few choice of french swearing words from Levi who hissed as if he were in pain.

“Are you injured?”


Erwin frowned at him through the phone connection, as much as he would have pressed him about that he knew he didn’t have a lot of time on his hand to keep the charade up .

“Fine. So what do you mean by a couple of days and lay low and daylight. What’s this about-”

“Shut up and listen. Don’t ask me how I know about it, I just do from personal experience shit-. Hold on. Eren, give me ten more seconds. I know I know I’mma get off just give me a few more seconds.”

But, there was obviously a struggle on the other end there was the sound of cloth rustling, some groan here and there and something like plastic dropping to the ground. Erwin tried to listen closely at their hush muttering, but it sounded jumbled through the static on the phone… Wherever he was at they were in a bad location for calls obviously.

“Look stay where you are if it safe, but stay in there for a couple of days. Where are you now?”

“D block head quarter”

“Too far. Shit, try to meet us at the le terrazze della foce ot, god...damn it I gotta go. Eren is seriously biting me to get the damn phone. I’ll call later.”

He hissed.

“With a better plan.”

He finished.


Erwin didn’t even get a chance to talk before he hung up so instead of holding it to his ears like he wanted too he took away the greasy oily like phone away from his ear and gave it back to Hanji. Their was a deep suspicion that was set upon his brows it was obvious that not a whole lot of things had made sense during that phone call. It would be better to question him in person at less this way he can get a better read on the situation.

“He told us to hang tight for a couple of days...for the time being charge your phone.”

Erwin turned his back on them and thought carefully….he said something about the sound didn’t he? How would he know about that…

“One more thing, try to be silent for the next couple of days too. We’ll be heading out to le terraze della foce ot as soon as Levi give us the signal to go. Mike you can still search for your ‘Alpha’, but wait a moment.”

Mike didn’t give the impression he was annoyed or anything, he simply just nodded his giant head.

“I’ll wait for as long as I am able too. Unless alpha calls me home.”

“Is he your lover?”

“Are you Hanji now?”

He counter back, he turned his back on him and made his way over to the pallet he made.

‘Wolf you better be alive when I get to you..’

He thought to himself…



“Ahh, shit...Eren. I hung up.”

Eren lifted his head the shirt collar he still had in his hand was pulled down so he could get to his flesh. The boy licked the blood that was on his lips from when he had drawn it from Levi’s flesh Eren had not been anywhere near his phone throughout his little conversation. Although he did wanted him to get off of it. The less noise they make the better for them especially since it was getting dark out.

“Eren you got my blood on your chin don’t waste it.”

Eren lifted his hand to wipe it off, but Levi beat him to it when he used his index to smear it off his chin. Eren let out a delicate little moan when it was brought up to his lip and he licked at it greedily. Soon after he stuck the whole digit inside his mouth sucking on it just hard enough for it to sting.

“I thought you said you were full….Just how often do you need to feed..”

Eren let the sharper tip of his teeth/fangs pierced the pad of his index finger deeply the blood swell up immediately to hit Eren tongue like a small riverine. Levi didn’t even flinch from the puncture his eyes were unwavering as he looked into Eren blindfold.


Eren said when he open his mouth his tongue flickering over the wound they both knew he was avoiding the question.

“I know I said I’d feed you when you’re hungry, Baby… But, try to control it until we are alone..”

He groaned softly, the way Eren looked up to him was spiking up another urge he had and that was to roll Eren over and force those brown lovely hips of his up in the air for him to strike from behind. Levi was never one to have a fetish for blindfold before, but when Eren looked at him like that he couldn’t deny the little woody he was sporting right now when Eren practically climb his way on top of him. Eren made it looked so damn easy as if he were a big ass tree and no the size of a miniature christmas tree. Eren wrapped those long legs around him bumping his sex into his that Levi grinded his own sex back to him. Again that turring sound Eren makes when he felt good was making the glass cabinet rattle and a few utensil he had jinggle. Levi loved the sound he was making especially since he was the reason he created it in the first place. When Eren dug his tongue back into the open fissure wound he made on Levi’s chest he was purring for another reason when he breathe in Levi’s sex. It was thick and heavy in the air the scent was beyond delicious like fresh winter air of falling snow and a combination of something dark and spicy like the tea he drinks.What was it again? Something like Earl Grey. Perhaps? Whatever it was he loved it on his human partner.

What started all of this was when Levi cut his finger trying to cook dinner, Eren had startled him when he walked up on him and sniffed him. He said it was a lot like how Mike use to sniff him back in the day (even though he still does it now) it had caused him to flinched at the wrong time. In a downward slice motion he slite his finger and blood was swelling up. Before it got anywhere near the onion he tried to clean it off, but this brat his loving beautiful brat attacked him before he got anywhere. If only Eren would attack him for a different reason other than food it would have been so damn perfect…

“Alright, at less let me finish up here and then take you to the bedroom. I can’t believe you don’t have a sofa in this joint…”

Eren made a panicky noise that sounded like a whimper deep in his chest at being pulled away his tongue sliding out of Levi flesh without a second thought. He looked so damn sad that Levi rolled his eyes even though he couldn’t see it.

“Not now, later.”

He told him as he had to wrestle him a little bit to get Eren to climb down him, Eren resisted for only a second before he slid down obidently. Eren nose tracked Levi as he moved to the kitchen sink washed his hands before doing something with the veggie he never use into the meat he never cooked…. When he slid a tray he never used into the heating oven Eren waited patiently in the spot Levi left him in. Again he made a whimpering sound to get his attention the blood was still very much leaking and being wasted. It was a damn shame because Eren would have made quick work into eating it all up.
It had only been a few minutes, but it felt like hours to Eren before he felt Levi’s body near his the puppy look he had been sporting was finally working when Levi literally sac potato his ass over his shoulder and took him up to the stairs to his only bedroom. Levi hadn't put anything on the stove yet, so he wasn’t worried about burning anything up, but he did put his meatloaf into the oven and his salad was being cooled inside the refrigerator so the only thing he needed to remember was to take the meatloaf out. Assuming that he could move afterward...because Eren had just bit him in the ass….literally.

“Don’t eat my ass Eren, I need it to sit down and take a shit.”

But, did his word stop him? Hell no, his ass must have really tasted good if he was gnawing the shit out of it even with the calvin klein boxer on. The only way to make him stop was to literally toss his beautiful ass on the bed they shared. Eren chocolate hair was beautiful as it sprawled around him. It was so thick and wavy that it looked better down than it did up into that sexy ass ponytail he likes to sport to wear.


His voice was high pitch and needy his arms reached up to him his hands out stretched it was like a kid having his hands out for candy and wanting more of it than what was allowed… This was the first time he actually saw Eren like this….no...wait, actually he takes that back this was the second time he saw him like this and that was like last night when he went for round three on him.

And Levi loved that round three as much as the first round when he gone down on Eren the way he did and how ravished Eren looked by the time he mounted on top of him.

“Eren what do we say?”


Levi let out a soft chuckle he did tell Eren he should practice on his table mattern when he watch him scarf down 5 pounds of hamburger meat. Yes it was disgusting, but Levi insisted that he wanted Eren to be comfortable around him to eat in front of him. Actually he had did some serious arm twisting word manipulation and pleading to get what he wanted and to his pleasure it all worked in his favor so he didn’t care how or what he had to do to get the end result he wanted.

“Well...since you asked so nicely…”

Levi got in the bed with him stripping out of the button down shirt that Eren let him borrowed to wear. He had refused to get into the same dirty clothes he worn yesterday, so Eren put him into one of his night shirt that was extremely large on his frame. The cocktail shirt was nearly down pass his thigh just above the knee. Just as soon as he was out of the shirt he let Eren entrap him with those long warm arms of his into an embrace. Levi breathe in softly just as he lowered his lids to close his eyes. He didn’t clench his teeth and give in to a groan until after Eren sunk his teeth into his flesh cutting through muscle with those fangs of his.

Eren retract his fangs quickly to look at him a gaping puncture hole where his mouth had been stayed behind.

“Sorry...I’m sorry, Levi…”

“We’ve already talked about this...Now eat me.”

When Eren hesitated, it was Levi who pressed his head back down to the site he just started on… With his silent urging Eren did indeed bit him...more than once… And when it was finally over Levi couldn’t even sit up anymore he was just that tired. From the blood lost and a few flesh wounds he was sporting he just laid there on top of Eren sheets. He had them clean of course when they got up and moving early that day, but he probably got blood all over it again just now. He’d of strip this bed naked if he could, but all he wanted to do now was lay there.


The sound of the human male he supposedly love was wheezing quite painfully to Eren ears that the sound of it had make Eren sick to his stomach because he was the cause of it…

“Sorry...I’ll clean you up right away…”

Eren couldn’t see his hand move, but he felt the cold chill pressing on to his cheek stroking it lovingly… The softness of his barely there caress had him leaning more into it. They had callus on it and it was rough...but,to him it felt soft and it felt good on his unblemished skin.

“I’m sorry….I’m sorry that I was born as a monster...I-”

“Shush…. I’m not sorry that you were born the way you are and I don’t care rather you were normal or not. I’d of still fall in love with your ass…”


The soft tone Eren made when he said his name brought a smile on Levi’s lip and even though Eren couldn’t see it, he knew he was smiling when Levi took his hands and placed it on his mouth. The lips were tilted upward at the corner just as where a solid kiss was placed dead center on his palm.

“I’m fine right here, just take out the meat loaf for me that way you can spoil me all I want when you get back…”

Eren nodded his head.


“And then you can tell me what else I need to know about you so I can protect you while I’m eating…”

Levi tact on as he rubbed his finger back and forth on such warm smooth skin that was on his cheek. Eren made a noise that sounded a lot alike when Hanji makes that inhuman sound of hers when she didn’t want to answer any prying question he had, but before Levi could tell him to cut it out his Eren responded with a question of his own.

“Are you sure you want to hide me from your comrades...your friends…”

Eren was placing some of the torn cloth he made earlier before to place it upon his human lover wounds he even slit his own flesh so he could put his blood into Levi’s mouth. Of course Levi gagged on it, Eren had expected it of course so he pulled back his wrist to give him a minute. Levi swallowed what was in his mouth and had to choke the blood down when Eren came back with that bloody wrist of his. He saw the miracle it did when he woke up whole and not full of missing flesh and even though Eren assured him he hasn’t turned out to be those...use to be people outside.. to those things...whatever they were or turned into be weren’t human anymore.

And Eren assured him he wouldn’t be craving flesh anytime soon if he was gagging on his blood. So even though he wasn’t like Eren, he felt different. It’s not like his blood tasted nasty in fact it was quite the opposite….the taste that exploded on his tongue tasted like some fine red wine from a five star restaurant it had that warm burning effect that goes down one pipe hole that nestle quite nicely in the pit of the stomach thing. The reason he gagged was because A it’s blood and B it was disgusting and the thought of him drinking anyone else’s blood was downright foul. Levi couldn’t see himself as someone who would willingly consume blood, but with Eren and the sex and how his mind always flip a switch whenever he was around Eren his mind haven’t been thinking about the STDs, HIV, or any other shit that could be transmitted to him. Eren told him earlier he doesn’t carry any human diseases (lucky brat) and even if he does consumed one that was infected by it it could not be transmitted to him and he in turn can’t give it to anyone else either since he himself doesn’t carry it… The thought should have disturbed him on so many level, but all he felt was relief and that didn’t make a whole lot of sense to him when he should be thinking just how many dirty humans’ did Eren had to chug that shit down to appease his appetite....

“....Maybe I should start mixing my blood in wine...Would that be easier on you?”

Eren asked, Levi gave him a look he couldn’t read on his face, so instead of answering him he put his lips back over to his open wound and sucked hard ignoring the gag reflex. Again, it wasn’t nasty ….it tasted just like red wine, but it was his mind that was having difficulty to accept that. If he looked into Eren face it was a lot easier to chug this down he would never rever to Eren blood as shit. Anyone else’s blood he wouldn’t have a problem of calling it shit when he sees one.

Eren felt the hard pull on his vein and gave an odd turring sound of pleasure and a mixture of satisfaction as if he knew what was in his vein was what Levi needed to survive. He can tell the second his scent started to change in intensity. The scent was thicker...stronger just like that night when he came inside him. Eren shifted a little so he could lean down and press his nose into his neck breathing in deeply while keeping his wrist right where it needed to be.

Levi watched as he bent his head down and wonder if he was going to eat him again, but all his….purring…only lead to him nuzzling the soft flesh behind his ears and down the base of his neck repeatedly. He relaxed underneath him so he could focus on swallowing the steady flow of Eren’s life force. If Levi thought about it….It was like a give and take in their relationship he would give Eren his flesh, but in return he would take a piece of Eren that no else has ever had and that was enough for him for now. After all these years he can finally say that he was the closest one that Eren has ever came in contact with emotionally, and bodily. As for his heart and soul theory he was still testing the water on that front. He wasn’t so sure Eren had open up to him more just because they had sex (once) or if he was letting Eren use him as an emergency meal ticket on the go. Either or he was going to find out sooner rather than later. When Eren pulled back he was looming over him again his wrist being pulled gently away from Levi’s mouth so he could lap at his skin. The tongue that ran delicately up his inner wrist track the light saliva that marred his skin. He lapped at that particular area repeatedly long enough for his skin to knit back together and even after it was sealed he gave it three more good long licks for measure and that turned Levi on as he watched him do it.

Levi licked the inside of his mouth and sucked in his two lips before he breathe out a small sigh, he felt buzzed, but the pain from earlier was like an annoying background music just pulating a little under his skin. Even though he felt tired he knew he could get up and walk around if he wanted too that was how pumped his body was. Going back to Eren’s previous question he finally answered him.


“Technically. What they don’t know can’t hurt them. It’s not my secret to tell. Only you can do that. And secondly don’t bother it’s not like your blood was awful it’s the opposite, I’m just not use to it yet, but I will be...”

Now that Eren hands were free again he did a last minute check to make sure that Levi would be alright. When he was satisfied he focused on another scent that was clashing badly with Levi natural scent. It was the cooked meat that was roasting inside his house The scent was nauseating to say the least he can’t say he was to thrill about being short on his food supply, but at the same time he couldn’t let Levi starve either...It was like Levi’s life was suddenly put on a higher pedestal than his own life. He had to make sure Levi was well fed and taken care of, where that need came from he haven’t have the slightest idea and he wouldn’t ignore it either… Levi’s life is his life and he’ll be damn if he was the cause of snuffing out the life he needs so desperately.

For once in his lifetime someone accepted him or at less tried to understand him without jumping to the usual typical hysterical reaction humans tend to make when they cross path with him. He was doubtful that Levi could truly ‘accept’ all of him. But, if he can accept the him now without knowing the rest….it would be better...for the both of them. There was just some secrets that needed to be kept from the other no matter what the other counterpart was saying to get him to be comfortable. He would never be comfortable in his own skin if he can continue to see Levi as a mean to fill his body. He was going to have to find a way to survive without relying on Levi to make him feel full.

“....I’ll go get your meal. Excuse me.”

Eren got up and left him there with the feeling of lead inside his pumping heart.

Levi thin brows frowned a little if he didn’t know better Eren felt distant to him again, it was like the boy carried a shit ton of baggage and just didn’t know what to keep and what to throw away.

Placing a hand to his chest he made sure to remind himself that when Eren comes back to him with chow he was going pick at his brat brain to see where his mental state were, but for the time being this would be the first time he actually left him alone. If Levi had any say in the matter he’d of clung on to Eren’s back before he could give them a second chance of reconsidering anything he thought might be a mistake. But, since he couldn’t move and felt weak at the same time he just laid back slump against the single pillow Eren had on the bed.

Now that he thought about it, Eren had no pictures no wall art, no rugs or anything in his personal area. There was only one small side drawer and one large drawer on the long side of the wall. There was no mirrors except the one in the bathroom and what was on top of the dresser. There was a single plant inside his room and that was about it.

When they took a shower together (which he greedily stared at Eren some more) he took notice of the few essential he had there. Two big towels four little ones to wash his face and his ass and toilet paper and the toothbrush and paste they used. Eren had an extra wrapped plastic toothbrush he could use under the sink so that was a bonus when he could brush the dragon out of his cage.

Anyway the bathroom was just as plain as the bedroom there had been nothing to personalize who ‘Eren’ was, this place couldn’t even be call a home. It was just a place to sleep and nothing more, There was no TV inside his place, but there was a small radio down at the shop if he wasn’t mistaken. Anyway downstairs was a lot more creative and decorative by all the flowers he own and sell so the place looked decked out even without picture frames and wall art. The place looked like an exotic little jungle there were glasses everywhere, pretty unusual flower filling shelves and cabinet. Water fish tank in that secret room of his with the underground water plant system he got going on was beautiful then compare to what was upstairs that felt barren and empty. Levi actually pity him, he didn’t know what a home is even if it slapped him in the face. He was sure that if his mother have been alive she’d of dotted the hell out of him by taking him on ridicules shopping trip to bonding time that had Levi running for the hills. How his sister and cousin put up with her was a mystery. At less his mother died of old age with the old man that’s been at her side since giving birth to him and his baby sister Leah.

Turning his head he breath in the pillow they shared, it had Eren scent all over it like wild passion fruit and honeysuckle fragrance combine together. It smelt feminine, like something his sister would wear off base.

Sighing again he stared up into the ceiling contemplating his thoughts he knew for a fact Eren wasn’t really happy here (and not because of the chaos raging like hell outside that was still going on strong) Eren wasn’t meant to be tied down like a civilized person. The only time he saw Eren smiling, laughing had been when they were riding the waves together. It had been awkward with Eren at first until he was feeling really joyous and free at that time in their private little world on the ocean. The sad thing was that happiness was short lived after the whole fucked up scene of Eren eating something’ that had once been human once to save a kid…. Sure, the sight still send him chill, but he had to remind himself that Eren could have eaten him, the kid and the mother if he wanted to keep his identity a secret… The good thing for Eren is that the mother of that child went through some sort of shock that affected her memory and the kid could only explain what the things Eren left behind on the sand. The only other person who knew Eren about secret was him as far as he was aware of.

Levi turned his head again to look at the single window he had in his bedroom his thoughts continued. If he could give Eren anything he wanted in the world he would probably want a home wouldn’t he on some remote land. Would he be more relaxed if he had his own private little world where he didn’t have to worry about hiding and worrying where his next meal was going to come from if he had him? It sounded romantic if it were just the two of them, but with how things are it won’t be so easy.

If he was going to start fresh he has plans to make he can only guess Erwin wants to save the whole damn world like that annoying super hero he is and knowing himself as Erwin wing man he wouldn’t let him go in blind as a fucking bat….

So the thing was how was he going to help Eyebrows out without putting Eren underneath the microscope? All the information he was getting was coming from the self-personification of those things outside. If he haven’t loved Eren as much as he did would he had used him for his own survival and the people he cared about? Probably. But, since he does love him and what he knows about him haven’t turned him away from him. He is going to protect him and not because he pity the brat or thinks he need protection. It was just that his feelings should be pretty damn clear to after that scare tactic Eren pulled on him when he vanished. It just made it very clear he wasn’t going to let him slip through his fingers so easily this time. If Eren wanted to leave him he could in a heartbeat and wouldn’t come back . The boy practically vanished into thin air when he had been searching for him and it was only out of sheer luck he even came back to him because of that journal… If Eren had everything the first time around Levi doubted he would have never seen him again and Levi felt the truth of those words soul deep.

Sighing aloud he groaned in frustration because now he felt panicked creeping up his inside when Eren took too long to come back to him. He knew he didn’t go anywhere because that book bag was still beside the bed next to him with all of Eren’s ‘secret’.

“Are you in that much pain...I tried not to bite you too deeply...”

“No, It’s not that. I can barely feel it.”


Which was kind of true sure he ached and bitched everywhere, but it wasn’t as bad as before...It reminded him of being hit by a paintball bare skinned during a training exercises. Eren walked toward him to sit on the bed with the plate in his hand he never used was washed cleanly with a large chunk of meatloaf in the center. The sauce Levi made drench the top and dazzle the plate decoratively he may not have any appreciation for human food, but to fool others he can at less do this much. After studying after them for so long he had to master all sorts of things to live among the humans without having suspicion to himself.

“Little liar...Eat. It’ll get cold and you’ll need your strength…”

“ Why the change of tone what’s wrong, Sweet Face?”

Levi watched as Eren set the plate beside him and was about to get up from his sitting position to a standing one, but before his ass could get three millimeter off the mattress Levi sat up quickly agitating his wounds to pull Eren back down beside him. The boy had a lot of grace when he was caught of guard and practically tumbled on top of him agitating his wounds, but the good thing was the plate stayed where it needed to stay that was being smashed under Eren or himself. But, in return he let out a few juicy words in french.

“Damn…that hurts.”

Eren planted both his hands on top of the mattress on either side of Levi’s head trying to see him through his blindfold.

“What were you thinking? Are you stupid?”

Eren asked him as he put all his weight on to his hands using his arms to support his upper half he wasn’t worried about the lower half since he wasn’t really on top of him like his upper body was.

“Don’t skip my question with your own question, answer me first brat.”


“Whatever you’re concerning yourself about, worrying about, all of your fears and desire you can tell me, Eren. I told you before and I’ll tell you again until you believe me. I fucking love you, you idiot.”

Eren could tell he wasn’t lying to him and he suppose he knew what he felt about him too if the man kept pursuing him from one country to another and even after all that he knew he still laid with him… What human in their right mind would cross from France to Italy to be with him? No one that was who, especially how he went from one city to another to get away from him….

“I don’t doubt your feelings…. I should know just how straightforward you are.”

He told him,

“And, yet I’m hearing a ‘but’ somewhere.”

“...I honestly hate humans….I still think they are were weak...selfish...and cruel...something I don’t want to be involved with or concern myself with the likes of ‘them’. They get sick….they die early...and emotional…and irrational..”

Levi huffed out air that sounded like a laugh,

“Eren, if you really hated humans like you say you do you wouldn’t be beating yourself up over a ‘mother’ who didn’t want you. You wouldn’t be here surrounded by people that comes and go from your shop. You wouldn’t look satisfied at a plant that gets a compliment from a mere human about the condition or the quality of your flowers. And lastly you sure as hell wouldn’t have let me a mere ‘human’ make love to you the way I did.”

As always Levi’s bluntness always felt like a slap to his face and when that happens he always spoke back to him coldly.

“Don’t tell me how I feel about them.”

Eren tone took on a feral edge to it despite how low his tone is.

“I’m not here because I want to be here. I’m here because my chances in survival wouldn’t be suspicious if two or three human ends up dead here weekly.”

Levi felt a lick of cold ice running up his spine when Eren fangs were directed at him, but he honestly didn’t feel scared by it. The thought should be absurd he should fear him, but instead he wanted to call him out on his bullshit. The low growling sound that was being emitted in the air that was caused by Eren should prove as a reminder that Eren was not all man. He speaks like one and he looks like one too, but he was all feral beast underneath all that browness goodness. Levi must be brain damaged because even though he let Eren took a chunk out of him he had that feeling that Eren wouldn’t seriously hurt him. He may fear him a little, but he wasn’t scared of him and at the same time he wasn’t sure where the logic was coming from. Instead of beating himself over it he stared at him really stared at him and couldn’t really get a bead on what Eren was feeling right now with that damnable blindfold over his eyes.

“Then how do you feel about me? Am I just another one of those ‘humans’.”

He asked.


Levi brought his hand up to touch his cheeks tenderly, the second he done that Eren lips covered the sharp edges of his teeth.

“Do you hate me, Eren.”

Levi leaned in close so they were mere inches apart face to face. Levi watched as his nose flare a little to catch his scent.


As Eren continue to hesitate with his answers Levi spoke bluntly as honestly as he could, if Eren hates him and doesn’t want him to be around him than that’s no difference to being dead. Normally he would have never thought about putting his sole existence onto a single individual before. He also wouldn’t die for someone because who told him to. Sure he risked his life in the military, but he choose when, where, and how he will die not before or someone else telling him to do so. But, with Eren his logic seem to be thrown at the window and a new sort of software had taken over his damn brain for this adorable fucked up brat.

“If you do then kill me, Eren.”


Eren didn’t mean to shout, but his refusal had Levi breathed in loudly through the nose that was blown out just as loudly.

“I...I won’t kill you….I can’t…”

“But, you said before that I would be no different than anyone else if your blindfold is off right? So just take it off.”

Levi told him his nose brushing Eren nose softly that was how close they were.

“I won’t…”

Eren brows were drawn down in a deep set of frowns, Levi wanted to say he looked constipated right now, but he didn’t.

“But you can, I’m nothing special right. I’m just a ‘human’ right.”

“You’re different…”

“Why am I different.”

“I don’t know why! I just know that I don’t hate you okay?... I…”

The way Eren face looked like he was in pain was enough for Levi to drop back down on to the pillow. He was too exhausted to keep that position up so instead he turned his head and quickly chop on one of the inside of Eren elbow where the joints connect. To do that he used one of his hand to grasp his arm before he used his teeth. The shock Eren got from it was enough for Eren to lose his balance and went face first into the pillow beside Levi’s head.

“Eren. Instead of trying to make me second guess myself and testing me with this nonsense. You should tell me straight up on what you really want to say to me. Talk to me. I’m listening.”

Eren pulled his face away from the only pillow he had and buried it into Levi’s warm neck his facial expression still looked like he was in pain. The confliction inside his own mind was to chaotic to put into words and even if he could try to make something out of it it wouldn’t have made sense to him anyway.

“You can tell me later then, so answer me this. How frequently do you need to eat humans.”

Eren tried to ignore the gentle stroking Levi was doing to his head and failed miserably when he gave him a better access to it to stroke it more. It was odd how that Levi could ask him that so...normally while stroking his head as if he were asking about the weather instead of what was being planned for dinner.

“You... just don’t give up do you….”

Eren replied with tiredness in his voice, Levi had asked him that once before and Eren had refused to answer it by busying himself with barricading themselves inside the shop.

“You don’t have to concern yourself with that. The less you know the better it is… I at less want to appear to be ‘human’ for you...”

Eren felt his hand stop stroking his head and mourn for the lost of it feeling Levi shift under him he moved to get off him, but Levi’s hand put a stop to his getting off when he placed it right back at the back of his skull and urge him downward again.

“Eren, you don’t need to pretend to be something you’re not when you’re around me… And if you give me the ‘I am just trying to protect you’ speech I’m gonna use the F word.”

Eren closed his eyes, he was becoming well aware of how much he was talking to Levi in just a little over thirty six hours. It was amazing as well as a little terrifying to be able to talk to him so freely. And, yet a part of him want to stay reserved and keep to their previous status going for a little while longer. Unfortunately, Levi made that difficult to do that so with a reluctant sigh he closed his eyes.

“It depends on my stress level...and my activity….I use to be able to hold out for three days...before my next fix kicks in, but lately I can’t do that...I’m always so hungry…. and animal meat can only do so much for me even when I buy large quantity of it… Animal meat never satisfy me for long….In fact...It’s the same with the human flesh. I had never once been full until I...when I had-”

“Consume me, right?”

Eren wordlessly nodded, but the slight shake to his head confirm Levi’s question since he felt the little jog.

“I see. But, if you feed off of one human or animal meat and you have some of me to make you full how frequently would that be..”

“I don’t know...I honestly won’t know until I....try it...”

Levi made some sort of noise in his throat because of the small vibration he heard.

“Have you ever try to eat cook meat before, some veggies, and fruit too?”

Eren wordlessly shook his head.

“You should try. Do you know if it’ll make you sick?”

“I was discouraged from it...when I tried I got punished for I never touched it. I wouldn’t know if it’ll make me ill.”

Levi turned his head and try to scoot back a little to see Eren’s face, but the painful expression he had earlier went from pain to expressionless…

“Want to have some of what I’ve made? No one will know, but me.”

“I won’t take what belongs to you…”

“It’s fine if I’m sharing it with you.”

“I won’t rob you what’s yours. I can’t do that to you. Beside the smell is all wrong...I can’t eat it.”

Levi huffed a breath of air.

“I’ll be sure to change your mind, brat. You haven’t lived until you try one of my cusine.”

Eren had the human urge to roll his eyes, but instead he wanted to change the subject so he sat back up to put the plate with the fork on the side on the male lap.

“Eat and then we can sleep.”

“Sleep? I can think of something better to do than sleep, beside ‘that’-”

He cock his head to the window, but realize he couldn’t see him mentioning the outside world had him re-clarifying his meaning.

“The screeching I mean it’ll be impossible to sleep through it.”

Eren turned his head to the only window in the room he had recently barcade, the screaming he was hearing were distant and muffled. Compare to earlier it had quiet down quite a bit outside. He hasn’t heard anything of metal on wheels crashing or humans banging on doors and yelling like their heads been cut off their shoulders..

“It’s not so bad.”

“Not right now it isn’t, but it will be. Shouldn’t we change our sleeping hours by being up all night and sleeping during the day?”

Eren heard him shuffling on the bed to sit up properly to make neat, yet quick work on the meat loaf he made earlier. He could tell by the sound alone he was eating in a dainty way by the light chiming sound of the utensil scraping against the glass plate ever so lightly to his ears.

“No…The less activity we do at night the better...Lights and sounds at night will attract them to you. I’d rather we weren’t talking at all, but you want to get as much info about’them’.right? If I promise to answer all of your question about ‘them’ on me will you end all this talking and moving until dawn?”

“You draw a hard bargain, Eren.”

He replied after swallowing the meatloaf down.

“I’m being serious, Levi. I’m strong, yes, but I doubt I can take on the entire city as I am now without resorting to ‘that’ don’t force me to be something less human than I already am.”

Levi gave a moment's pause to think about his answer before he could respond to Eren’s inferiority complex.

“Is being a human all that important to you? I mean you hate them, but you want to be like one. If the roles were switch would you want me to be a human and not myself?”

He counter, Levi watched him as he lowered his head in shame. It made him feel like a little shit no pun intended, but the male beside him shook his head no that look like it took some serious effort to do without a neck brace.

“Good, then let’s apply that same logic to you with me. I want you to be just Eren. Only ‘Eren’, I’mma finish this off and then we can crash.”

Eren nodded wordlessly leaving it at that.


The lights went off just in time for night to have full range til dawn. The two laid in bed together listening in to the inhumane cry of the roars and growl the outside world were making. The once human being sounded like a banshee of wounded animals flocking together. There was even a time a few titans scratched along side the boarded up window to his bedroom. None of them had broken inside the barricade he made not upstairs nor downstairs.

Eren glance downward the second he felt Levi’s body tensed up the shift in the human muscle glided across his skin. The contact felt good because he felt warmer whenever he gets a physical contact from his human lover. But, the urge to touch him back was knock back when he was aware that Levi’s hands were glued to one of the metal piece he he insisted on holding when he was wrapped around him. Eren taller frame had his backside toward the window he had insisted that he wasn’t being vulnerable when he had his back turned to it. They laid in bed in complete darkness there wasn’t even a LED light to guide anyone in the dark, not like Eren own one to begin with.

The bedside window rattle and shake again and each time that happen Levi’s muscle would tensed and his breathing would slow down to a halt.

Eren gave into a silent sigh instead of easing Levi’s concern with words he reached up with his left hand to the back of Levi’s neck and applied just the right amount of pressure to knock him out. Levi didn’t suspect him until a little too when he gasp and slumped down, Eren merely brought his head closer to his chest and held him there. He couldn’t let him be tired during the daylight hours and he also didn’t want him to see what he needs to do to keep them out. Eren guard to keep his presence masked dropped completely now that the human in his arm was out cold.

Eren lips curled into a cruel smile when he turned his head to the only entrance to them the lips on his mouth pulled back silently to reveal the sharp end of fangs that couldn’t be seen. Slowly the hair on his body begin to shift and move slightly hovering a few inches off the bed circling the male and himself in a cage of sort. While a few stuck out of the barricade to be pointed toward the window and the bedroom only door. The color of those strands of hair gone darker than black.


A pale hand with seeable veins underneath tattered blood soaked clothes ceased its movements from clawing the glass and boarded up window. The need to feed was downright overwhelming and yet fear had locked its joints to move. Something bigger...lurked behind the barricade. Something deadlier and ferocious had just tracked it the inside what that was the titan didn’t know. The impression the titan got was a silent warning warding it off the crooked teeth inside the titan mouth begin to grind back and forth some of those teeth were loose or knocked out from the change.

That was when the titan heard a quiet gurhrring sound from within the titan beady eyes blinked and tilted his head, the nails on the titan hands hover just above the glass. All it had to do was beat his fist into the glass and scratch at the wood. Something undeniably delicious was inside and yet, something horrifying made the titan retreat after that gurhrring sound changed into a loud growling sound that shook the plank of wood and the glass it had touched to vibrate.

Eren ceased his grumping to press his nose into the crown of Levi’s haired and breath in the scent that had him inside him. Eren’s tongue peeked out to lock those strands of hair on top of the human head. He switched from growling to purring in just a matter of second when he pressed his nose to Levi’s cheek. To his amusement the male in his arm was still out cold so his growling and his essence (hair like thin strands of tentacle vines) hadn’t woke him out of his forced sleep.

Eren had only one thought in mind and that was for him to have a peaceful sleep until sunrise he didn’t want his human to get sick because of something like this. Throughout the night Eren growled or hissed his eyes rarely blink if at all behind the blindfold. If he had it off he would have bet his iris had changed to gold with that reddish tint going around the pupil due to the slitted pupil of his eyes turning color from black to red.

To keep him from transgressing any further down the road to the beast he kept his focus on Levi’s breathing and the small little twitch he would make when he turned or shifted. His attention toward him would only be cut off when something came too close to them or that something tries to breach his territory.


“Mamaa!! Mamaa!!”

The sound of a little girl crying were muffled as the child pressed her face into the cloth of a woman who laid motionless on the curb. The sound of her crying had echo along the dark alleys in Porto pollo. The young girl frighten eyes looked up from the paleness of her mother face to the empty street that was shrouded from the lights of the streetlamps. The child hiccup rubbing her snot on her sleeves as she turned her gaze back the motionless woman that had been partially eaten. Again the little girl shook her mother's shoulder calling out her name again as if that would wake her up. The little girl didn’t see how the veins were slowly appearing underneath the pale skin in shades of blue and red to mark the oxygen and non-oxygenic blood were circulating. She also couldn’t see the yellow tint the veins were having as it spread from top to bottom.

There was a small twitch that came from a broken nail on the grown woman hands. Her lashes twitched and flutter, the crease of her brows dark. The first breath it took in was the scent of something utterly mouthwatering. The hunger and the thirst was so bad the lid of the woman eyes popped open and gasped inhumanly. The girl jump back as the corpse suddenly move again, the relief in the little girl's eyes had fresh tears falling down her plump cheeks.

“Mamaa Mammaaa!”

That small child leap into the woman chest not aware how some of her haired shaded and drop to the cement floor. She didn’t even hear the hiss that came from the woman’s mouth as those blazing red eyes look down to the crown of a small head.

A pain like no other ripped through the woman’s body causing it to scream, but before the girl could lean back to see what happen the woman hands turned into thin boney claws twitching as it adjust to the change. The veins in her hands stuck out against her ashen complexion the fingers on her hand went from twitching to a claw like position. With swift movements that was inhuman she had grasp the the small girl by the arm forcing her to stay still as her dark head dip into the girl’s shoulder. What came out of the little girl mouth was a painful shriek at having teeth sank into her shoulder through the only protective layers of her clothing. Blood began to welp and the little girl struggle crying out to her mama that it hurts. It didn’t stop there as the woman larger frame tackle the small body on to the ground to tear the flesh open spitting out the material that was attached to it on to the ground. The woman labored breath was meet by a swipe of her tongue against her blood soaked lips. The little girl thrashing body was meet with more restraints as more than one pair of hands gripped her body. All her screaming had drawn in a few others of them from the surrounding area. Their hunger beating at them so painfully made their body inhumanly fast as they lounge themselves on the live source of food as a group. They fought over the little girl body like a wild pack of hungry dogs tearing her up from limb from limb. They shoved and pushed at each other some even going so far as to attack the other and go back in on to their food. It was barbaric and yet source the scream the girl made pierced the night until she finally died from a fatal wound and also because of the blood loss and still the things that clawed into her, that ripped into her last protective layer of clothes. Her last sight her last thoughts were her eyes looking at the a strange look of her mother her eyes leaked of tears.


But, the word never left her voice since her throat was slashed with claws and her life ended in a flash. All she felt was the pain and nothing at all as her world ended in black.