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A Not So Boring Senior Year

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Aubrey’s backstory
In general Aubrey is known as a ‘’goody two shoes’’ daughter having even won a student of the month award in school and never being sent to the principal’s office for bad behaviour until her senior year. Aubrey is held to that standard by her mother, because in her mother’s eyes she could never do any wrong. Oh, how wrong her mother is. Her day-to-day school and home life structure remains relatively benign, she hangs out with Stacie a lot and sometimes her brothers join them to watch a movie or something, but her social life and emotional state varies every day as she tries to figure out her feelings and the feelings of others. she loves cheerleading it means she closer to Aubrey, that makes her very happy and it’s something she loves whatever that means, she has stolen glances and lingered touches with her best friend. But if anyone were to ask it’s all very platonic…or so she thought, maybe it was something more?
Aubrey loves Sam and has been in love with him since she can remember she initially thought it was just something that happened with being best friends since you were kids, but it wasn’t and she began to wonder if it’s because he was there through all her milestones and not actually true love like she thought or maybe it was because it’s what society told her is the norm. Then she meets local bad boy Athanasios he was handsome had long beautiful black dreads with the sides by his ears shaved he didn’t really care for any of the students, but Aubrey felt a connection with him, and they became fast friends, but Aubrey starts to develop feelings for him and to add salt to her lovesick wounds Sam and Athanasios seem to have history of some kind. Little does Aubrey know what the year had install for her.


Stacie’s backstory
Stacie is described as an ‘‘intense’’ person, something that Aubrey say makes sense for the captain of the cheer squad. She is popular, in-tuned to school gossip, and has the reputation of being a boy-crazed girl with a mean streak. In the beginning she had a preconceived notion about how love was supposed to be hard and unfulfilling. As a freshman, she became friends with Aubrey however during the middle of the academic year Aubrey was no longer in school and for the longest time Stacie had no idea until she reached out and Aubrey had told her what had happened. She felt for her best friend she really did so when Aubrey was back in school the following year, she was already cheer captain and made Aubrey her cheer vice-captain. She knows she cares about Aubrey maybe more than what is deemed ‘’appropriate’’ In the eyes of everyone else, but Stacie has never lived to anyone else norms and she never will. There has been way too many times that she’s thought about Aubrey and had stolen glances and lingered touches she didn’t think anything of it but maybe, just maybe there was a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to her friendship with her best friend that she is yet to learn. What the year had install for her was heartache, hurt, comfort, love and so much more. She’s now a senior, and if she’s honest she feels lost. She would like a fresh start in college where her reputation would not precede her, and where she can find someone who is as crazy about her as she is about them or rather…her. At first, she doesn’t trust Athanasios, but she trusts her friend turns out there’s more to him then she first realised. Sam however she’s known about for a long time since he’s been friends with Aubrey a lot longer than her, but she never really spoke to him that much over the years however over the summer before school she ends up talking to him a lot more than she anticipated.


Sam’s backstory
Sam is friendly and well liked he’s the QB for the football team and has been best friends with Aubrey since he was very young, he remembers when they got introduced by their parents and he knew he liked her. She was fun and always up for an adventure and the two were practically inseparable. Just like when he was friends with Athanasios they became friends during freshman year, when Aubrey was away for a long while and the two became best friends, they met during football try-outs and he stood up for Athanasios against a senior who was being a bully. when Sam invites him to his house where they game out and just have fun, Sam’s parents don’t particularly like or trust Athanasios but long as Sam is happy and as long as it wasn’t Aubrey they didn’t mind too much because according to his dad she was ‘’bad news’’. He never understood why. For a long few months, they were the best of friends until one day where the worst thing could’ve happened, and his trust got broken then he didn’t see Athanasios again till senior year where he no longer liked or trusted him. He knew Aubrey was friends with Stacie, but they never really spoke as they never had a reason to, he was supportive of the cheer squad and had deep respect for Stacie, he loved watching them as they were organised and cheered each other on. When Aubrey was away for the summer with her sister Zoey his friendship with Stacie grew and they became good friends, but he has something he needs to tell Aubrey.

Athanasios’s backstory
Athanasios is generally very quiet and likes to keep to himself, he truly believes that everyone expects him to cause trouble, so he doesn’t worry if he does or if he disappoints his family and friends. However, he isn’t a bad kid far from it he tries to keep his grades up and he wants to go to college through a sports scholarship hopefully. He meets Sam at try-outs and realises that Sam doesn’t have any expectations of him, and they become best friends, after Sam helps to stand up for him against a senior who thinks its okay to bully freshman, when Sam invites him to his house where they game out and just have fun. Until the day it all went very wrong. Athanasios met Aubrey at school he helped her with a boy who was trying to force her to buy something and by that point people knew not to mess with him as rumours spiral but for this instants it worked in his favour, he develops feelings for Aubrey and soon realises he isn’t the only one who likes her as more than a friend. He’s never met Stacie but knows she’s Aubrey’s best friend and he sees her with the cheer squad when he’s practicing with the football team, and she’ll mention her a lot when they’re together he wonders if there’s more than meets the eye with them both.

Zoey’s backstory
Zoey is a rebellious person who often sneaks out of the house and rarely brings Aubrey as she likes to stick to the rules, she finds it hard to live up to her mothers’ expectations of her. Unlike Aubrey who she believes her mother adores, she was more of a daddy’s little girl anyway or so she wants to believe. Zoey loves Aubrey she really does, however when she gets into trouble with the people, she loves well she knows all about Aubrey’s indecisiveness. She knows Stacie and honestly thinks she’s a good person for Bree. She’s not keen on Sam as she feels, he’s trying too hard to live up to an expectation and not living his own life like he should be in her words he’s a people pleaser and not the ‘’good’’ kind. She doesn’t really know much about Athanasios he’s very quiet and has always kept to himself which never bothered her till he got involved with Aubrey and she won’t let her sweet Aubrey fall into his crowd, is she judging him. Short answer yes, but when has she cared that much? Only person she cares about other than herself is her Aubrey, she is fiercely protective of her baby sister even if she doesn’t know the whole story. She doesn’t care about the story why should she? Her job is to protect her sister from bad people or those she deems bad news.