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An Everlasting Love

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“Sweet dreams, my young prince,” Emma whispered as her son’s eyelids drifted closed. “Sleep well. Your father and I will see you for breakfast in the morning.”

Gently ruffling the boy’s hair and pressing her lips to his temple for a final goodnight kiss, Emma silently glided across the carpet of her child’s private quarters. Stepping over the threshold, the proud mother cast a sentimental glance at the sleeping figure while pulling the door to a close. No sooner than when the knob clicked into place, Emma was enveloped in the earnest arms of her beloved.

“He’s finally down for the evening, darling?” Leon purred, brushing his nose down the nape of Emma’s neck.

A content sigh pursed through his dear queen’s lips as she nuzzled her head against his neck. Leon inhaled the rose fragrance lingering in the air from the curls of Emma’s hair he buried his face in when he tightened his embrace around her. The king’s hands descended the soft curves of the former Belle’s silhouette until they reached the swell of stomach. His palms cradled the bump that was carrying their second child that they would soon be welcoming into the world.

“Can you blame a man for wanting to cherish some alone time with his wife before our newest bundle of joy joins our family? I love the children, but sharing you is one matter that I will eternally struggle to concede with.”

“Hmm, that sounds lovely,” Emma murmured, taking caution to steady her balance of her newfound size when twirling herself around to face Leon. “I also feel inclined to spend this eve alone with my husband.”

Throwing her arms around Leon’s neck, Emma gave him a soft tug to draw his lips to hers. Her mouth parted slightly in order to accept the sweet and sensual kisses her husband was peppering her in. His tongue danced around her own, eliciting hushed moans until a small voice interrupted their exchange.

“Mother? Father?”

Their young son stood hunched in the doorway of his bedroom. A modest yawn slipped from his mouth as he raised a fist to rub at his drowsy eyes to

“Mother, will you tuck me back in? I had another nightmare,” the budding prince sheepishly murmured.

Breaking apart from her embrace with Leon, Emma shuffled over to comfort the boy. Brushing the damp bangs from his slickened forehead, she crouched down to plant a reassuring kiss on the top of his head.

“Our poor little love,” Emma crooned, her hand clasping around his sweaty palm. “Of course mummy will tuck you back into bed. Come along now. We have a bustling day planned for tomorrow.”

“Goodnight son,” Leon murmured, nodding goodnight to his heir as he was led away by his mother. “Sleep well to ensure you get plenty of rest for your studies tomorrow.”

Leon’s gaze remained steadfast on the spot in the doorway that his pregnant wife and son retreated through. Emma’s beauty had caught his attention since the moment he first laid eyes on her. Yet, she illuminated even brighter once becoming a mother. This woman was irreplaceable to him, and the children they created together were more endearing than anything Leon’s past self could have envisioned for himself. To be a member and belong to such a loving family unit softened the exterior Leon once used to keep others at a comfortable distance.

His family accepted him. Loved him. Made him feel safe.

Stealthily sneaking over to the doorway of his son’s bedroom to take caution to not disturb the routine between mother and son, Leon’s lips curled into a grin when he saw that Emma had climbed into bed and instantaneously seemed to fall asleep cuddling their child. His heart surged with warmth and adoration at the precious sight of his family in the peaceful state.

Leon couldn’t imagine life without them. It was there in this moment that as their king, husband, and father, he would vow through all eternity to cherish this bond of love that the gods had blessed upon him.

Crossing the floor of the royal prince’s chamber, Leon halted when reaching the bed and kneeled beside his slumbering family. Resting his head alongside Emma’s on the pillow, Leon reached out to intertwine their fingers together and hold her hand.

Time passed as the minutes ticked later into the evening night. Time was lost to Leon whilst he lied still, taking great care to bask in the happiness he was feeling in his heart. Leon eventually succumbed to the pleasant drowsiness conquering his alertness as he joined the rest of his family in the state of tranquility.