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“Kagehira… Are you sure about this?”

Mika’s eyes dart back over to Nazuna, who stands awkwardly in the doorway of the Handicraft club’s room. Honestly, it serves him right to not feel welcome in the space. He made sure to leave it so confidently, he should feel more than just a little hesitant about just stepping inside.

But… it almost feels right to see him standing there again. If Mika squints just a little more, the colors can blur enough around his senior that his hair almost looks longer, and the cautious look on his face becomes muddled into something more comfortable. As it should be.

He can feel something dark and possessive curl in his gut at the illusion he gets. While he’s learned to tamper these sorts of feelings when it comes to Shu, and doesn’t really need to in the end, Nazuna is someone who causes him to lose all control.

Between the three of them, Shu is the loudest and most obvious about these types of feelings towards the blonde. Mika’s confusing mash of harsh rejection and still persisting love rarely ever lets the depth of what he feels show through.

Nazuna was his just as much as he was Shu’s, and him running away from the both of them and staying just close but just out of reach only made his possessiveness fester into something overwhelming. Keeping him away was the only way to stop it.

Funny how that turned out, now.

“Nnah… Of course I ain’t, Nazu-nii…” He won’t lie, he very much isn’t sure about doing this. If he’s caught, Shu will… Well, actually, he’s not exactly sure how he’d react. He knows his Oshi-san better than anyone, but that also means he knows he has the exact same feelings as he does. Maybe he if asked him, just a little-

“W-Well, I don’t wanna do something that’ll make you or Osh- Itsuki upset, and if even you aren’t sure about it…” Nazuna’s hand hovers back over the doorknob, looking like he’s about to leave any second.

Mika’s feelings from earlier surge up, and he’s back over at his side immediately, leaning his forearms on the door and peering down at Nazuna with confliction as the other merely stares in muted shock at being trapped between the wooden frame and Mika.

“Stop actin’ like ya suddenly care about us gettin’ upset and stuff.” He can feel his hands turn into fists, squeezing them tightly to resist the pull of the negative emotions whirling inside of him, “‘Sides, I asked ya to come over. ‘S not Nazu-nii’s job to decide if it’s better for me if he decided ta leave.”

Nazuna’s mouth tightens to form something of a grimace, and he can see he’s only more hesitant.

“Kagehira. You’re forcing yourself, aren’t you? I told you, it’s fine to hate me, it’s fine to keep your distance at this point. I deserve it.” Nazuna’s voice is level, but he can feel the guilt seeping through. And it only makes Mika feel worse. “And I can decide that it’s better for me if I leave.”

There’s a hand at his chest, gently pushing him back as Nazuna reaches for the doorknob as he originally intended. He’s leaving. He’s going. Abandoning him again.

No, no, no, no-

Mika doesn’t even try to speak, convince him or anything of the like, knowing he’ll just mess up more. Instead he pushes forward again, pushing past the hand that was holding him back, his own hands gripping Nazuna’s shoulders tightly as he leans down to kiss him.

The senior immediately goes slack in his grip with a squeak, probably more out of surprise than anything.

He’s never really kissed anyone before, but he’s ferocious in the way he kisses Nazuna. Urging the other’s lips to move, unable to stop his canines from nipping at the others unfairly soft lips.

As moments pass with no resistance from him, no yelling or being hurriedly pushed away, Mika feels confident enough to let his hands move from Nazuna’s shoulders to his hips and pull his body flush against him.

He’s warm in a way he never noticed, and when he pulls back for air the bright red flush on his face and the slightly hazy look in his eyes is worth every ounce of frustration it took to get him here.

“Hyold up, wh… what didya thyink you’re dowing?” Nazuna’s voice is quieter than it was mere minutes ago, and his confusion is clear enough for even someone as dumb as Mika to read.

“Ya don’ like it?” He leans his face close to Nazuna’s again, mere centimeters away, squinting at his own expression.

“I-I… It’s dwoesn’t mattyer if I-?!” He sputters, clearly still caught up the act, eyes darting away.

Mika lets out something close to a whine of displeasure, pulling him even closer against him, “C’mon, dont’cha wanna do this ‘nyways? You and Oshi-san did this kinda stuff too didn’t ya?”

Nazuna only turns redder. There’s no denial to it, and that makes Mika even more jealous. If he had stayed, if he was still with them, then they could have done something like this too far before now.

At least he has him in his grasp for now.

“Just lemme take ta lead fer now.” Mika’s voice is softer and gentler than Nazuna surely has heard it for a while, and there’s a glint of something in those red eyes that gives him confidence that he’s not making a complete mistake here.

He feels rather than hears the other suck in a deep breath and exhale, before the blonde nods.

“If it’s what you want to do.” Nazuna’s looking away from him again. He’s quickly learning he doesn’t like that all that much. He gives him another peck on the lips, and is pleased when his eyes are back on him in response.

“Ya ain’t all that honest with yerself, are ya, Nazu-nii?” He doesn’t let him protest it before his lips are back on his, more contained and gentle than before, but just as sharp and full of bite.

Mika would be self-conscious about it, something in the back of his head nagging him about accidentally marking or hurting Nazuna with his nipping. But the shudders coming from the small body held against his with every minute scrape of his canine against his bottom lip tells him he enjoys it. And that’s far more important.

He can feel the other’s heartbeat racing and the subtle stutters of his breath as he tries to keep up with Mika’s enthusiasm, and there’s a cruel satisfaction building up from the fact that Nazuna not only allowed him to keep him here, but was enjoying it.

When he pulls away so they can both catch their breath again, something switches inside him at the sight before him.

All he’s done is kiss him and pin him down, and Nazuna already has begun to look wrecked. His eyes have gone from slightly hazy to laden with lust, his pupils dilated and lips glossy from the non stop kissing.

A quick peer downwards tells him it’s not only his expression that’s begun to betray how he feels either. Mika pushes him harder against the door, leaning down to instead nip and kiss at Nazuna’s neck, relishing the way he squirms in his hold, lifting his chin up to give Mika better access and hesitantly moving his hands to run his finger through his hair.

“W-Wait, let’s not… Not against the door… Kagehira…” Nazuna all but whines, stumbling over his words in a way Mika hasn’t heard in a long time. He nips him harder at the plea, sucking a hickey right under his chin, far too high to cover with clothing.

They’re staying right where they are, as far as Mika is concerned. Maybe in another situation he’d actually want to consider things like privacy and avoiding the ears of other students in the hall. But right now? He can feel his heart pick up in excitement at the thought of someone hearing this.

Hearing Nazuna whine his name, letting himself be torn apart and devoured by him. Not by any of those others that have taken to flocking around him lately. Part of him even hopes those younger kids in his unit would pass by, unable to escape hearing their oh-so-precious ‘Nii-chan’ giving in to one of the people they thought he left behind for them.

“Nazunii, don’ call me that right now. C’mon, it’s just us. Yer okay ta say what ya want.” He pulls himself away from the absolute wreck of bruises and love bites he was placing on his seniors neck, brattily whining in his ear at the continued use of such a distant name. He nuzzles against him, a mockery of the sort of innocent affection he used to give him last year, now laced with a cruel want to possess what had escaped from him.

There’s a huff from the one underneath him, and he knows he’ll comply. His darling Nazunii never said no to his wants of affection, after all.

His eyes glint as he hears him start, “M-Mika-ch-” but he cuts himself off, unable to stop the loud whine that leaves him as Mika sucks a particularly sensitive spot on his neck, grinning.

“Wha’ was that?” He can’t help the mischievous sing-song lilt of his voice, detaching his lips and nuzzling him again to provide a false sense of security.


This time he almost chokes when Mika sneaks one of his hands to palm at his erection right as he attempts again. He can already see tears of frustration budding in those ruby eyes as the glare at him. Not that the glare has any weight, too clouded over with lust and a tenderness that’s always directed at Mika.

“Man, ya kinda suck at this…” The pout he gets that comment is cute, but Nazuna can’t seem to bring himself to respond much more than that as he starts to buck his hips towards the hand on his erection, silently pleading for more stimulation.

Not that he expects him to be able too, and not that he really wants him too anyways. All he wants to hear is his name. And all he wants is for anyone passing by to hear the same.

He gives Nazuna an expectant look, and he can tell by the shuddering sigh and the way he closes his eyes he understands he wants him to keep going. An indulgent senior, one who gave him all the praise and love he wanted when he was still with him, and even now would let him take as much as he wanted. It was Mika who was constantly pushing him away now, slinging harsh words at him to the point he could see Nazuna himself had started to believe them. Despite all that, despite everything, he was still here, easily giving into his desire to hold him close, to indulge… He was an angel in the flesh, and Mika would do everything he could to drag him back down to earth again and by his and Shu’s side.

His mind is brought back to the moment by Nazuna’s continued stutters, trying his best to say his name properly even with the onslaught of pleasure Mika was giving him.

Love bites had turned almost brutal, and he can tell his senior will be spending hours every day covering up the beautiful bloom of purple and red trailing down from under his neck to his shoulders. The hands in his hair had gone from a loose hold to anchor himself, to a tight grip, pulling gently with every misstep in his words, expressing his frustration at Mika’s selfish request even as he continued to stubbornly try and fulfill it.

“M-Mika-chin…!” He can’t help but let out a groan of pleasure when he finally hears it, not tainted by regret or hesitance, but instead full of love and heat and accompanied by tears finally falling from the other’s eyes, Nazuna just as relieved to finally be able to say it.

“There ya go… Just keep sayin’ that. I’ve gotcha, Nazu-nii.” Maybe if he hadn’t dragged it out as long as he had, his senior would have enough in his mind to protest it, to remember where they were and the risks. But after the combination of too much and not enough physical pleasure, and the relentless pushing from Mika-

-All he hears is the blonde saying his name still, almost like a prayer.

Mika almost moves to take of both of their pants, satisfied enough to finally move things along, when he remembers where he is, and another far too possessive idea takes root, as he moves his hands from where one was holding onto Nazuna’s hip and another palming his erection, and instead moves them underneath his shirt, grabbing at bare skin as he adjusts the shorter until Mika can comfortably press his lower thigh against his erection instead.

Nazuna’s breath hitches, the pressure far more than what Mika’s hand could do on his own, but there’s also the glaring fact he’d have to be a lot more active to get what he wanted, now that Mika was just giving him what he pleased.

There’s a toothy smile on the junior’s face as he uses the grip he has on him to pull him further on his thigh, Nazuna letting out a sob of near-desperation as he starts grinding down insistently, chasing the intense sparks of pleasure that comes from the motion.

It’s beautiful, watching the blonde fall apart so readily. If Mika didn’t know better he could see someone a little less kind calling him easy. Yet in his eyes, all he sees is the willingness to still be perfect for him. Just for him.

There’s still a few stray tears clinging to pale blonde lashes, and he can’t help but reach upwards and brush them away with one hand while the other continues to rut himself on his thigh. He’s almost caught off guard when Nazuna leans into the touch, and Mika lets him with no hesitation, rubbing circles into his tear stained cheeks with a gentle motion. He may be taking out some of his frustration here, and he definitely wasn’t all that gentle earlier…

But he still doesn’t exactly love seeing Nazuna cry, no matter the circumstance.

“Ya okay there?” His voice is gentle again, just like when he told him he’d take care of him. And Mika intends to uphold that promise, using the one hand still on Nazuna’s hip to grind him down harder, causing him to spasm at the increase of pressure.

“ ‘M okay, please keep going, keep going, Mika-chin-” Nazuna begins to plead. And while it would have been much more gratifying to hear earlier, now that he’s got him in his hands and willing, all he can really feel is that old innate desire to spoil and dote on his senior as he does him.

He doesn’t trust himself to continue talking, leaning forward and kissing him again, trying his best to help Nazuna reach his finish while still-

-... Not that it takes long, Nazuna shudders against him and pulls away from the kiss to gasp as he comes right then and there, hips still twitching as the pressure doesn’t let up, despite the hypersensitivity he’s no doubt experiencing.

His senior sags in his hold, eyes bleary as he stares up at Mika. He really should say something, or do something, comfort him or do something about the tent in his own pants, but as selfish and possessive as he can be, he’s someone made to worship and admire at heart.

And what a wonderful sight there is in front of him to admire.

Nazuna must know he’s near-paralyzed in the need to just look, as he huffs in amusement and leans forward, resting his head on his shoulder. Mika jolts, moving so both of his arms wrap around the other. He doesn’t want them to fall.

“Sorry I didn’t do much, Mika-chin… Did you…?” Nazuna’s offer is obvious, even if he doesn’t say it all. He shakes his head. He doesn’t want to ruin the moment, and doesn't want to think of how fast he’d really lose himself if Nazuna started touching him in return. There’s no way he’d be able to really stop the worst of his impulses if he did that. And he’s already doing so, so much.

“Nnah, ‘ll take care of it later…” He shuffles so he’s finally standing back from the door, still not putting Nazuna down, instead carrying him over to one of the many chairs in the room.
He can hear him grumbling something negative about being carried and treated so gently, but Mika pays it no heed. He may be stronger now, and almost a leader in his own right, but he’ll treat him as gently as he pleases.

Nazuna sighs as he sits down, frowning down at the very obvious mess on his pants from earlier. It’s easy to tell he’s trying to figure out some way to cover it long enough to go change into a spare or his practice uniform.

Not that Mika gives him time to work out a plan. Before his senior can even blink, he’s back in front of him, smiling and holding a frilly blouse and pair of shorts, clearly an outfit made with Nazuna specifically in mind, no doubt holding traces of Shu and Mika’s handiwork.

“Here ya go, Nazu-nii! ‘S not like yer staying after hours, right?” His tone doesn’t leave much of an opening, and Nazuna gives him a weak smile in return and accepts the clothes. “Lemme help ya get changed too. Bet it's hard ta move right now, huh~”

It’s a bit strange to not hear any refute from him after how he’s been this year, but the smile on Nazuna’s face doesn’t waver. Mika hums as he methodically and quickly helps Nazuna slip out of his soiled uniform, grinning so widely he can feel his cheeks start to hurt.

His fingers dance on bare skin as he slips the shorts on first. It’s a shame for Nazuna that they don’t exactly have spare underwear stored here. His fingers stumble a bit when it comes to button up the blouse, but he’s more than pleased to see everything still fits and settles nicely on Nazuna.

There’s small hands resting on his own when he finishes, and Mika looks at Nazuna expectantly.

“Thanks, Mika-chin.” He hesitates, clearly torn between something, “I’ll… Return it tomorrow, after I get it all washed up.”

Mika’s grin doesn’t falter. Tomorrow, huh? He really can’t wait.