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maybe they're seeing something we don't, darlin'

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“Okay, we need to do something about this before I electrocute them and then electrocute myself,” Kaminari groans, flopping onto Kirishima’s bed with a loud thump and an even louder sigh.

Kaminari always had a flair for the dramatic.

“Not if I bash both their thick, stubborn skulls in first,” Mina wails, throwing herself onto the red beanbag in the corner of the room. 

They’re all gathered in Kirishima’s dorm room after witnessing another incendiary, damage-inducing sparring session between Todoroki and Bakugou, which caused Ground Beta to be frozen over in its entirety (courtesy of Todoroki) and then blasted into smithereens (courtesy of Bakugou.) 

Sero had slid on the ice and nearly impaled himself on an icicle, and Uraraka got knocked down to the ground by a flying piece of debris after Bakugou had released a particularly nasty AP shot that was aimed for Todoroki’s head. 

Aizawa had taken one weary look at the massive wreckage and walked straight out of the training grounds, muttering to himself that dealing with two problem children is above his pay grade. He then ordered the entire class to repair any damages and clean up the debris, much to everyone’s dismay.

Midoriya wipes a hand haggardly over his face. “Guys, let’s not resort to violence just yet. But I do agree, we desperately need to do something about this.”

Ever since that one girl with the lizard quirk from Class 3-B tried to ask Todoroki to the UA Autumn Dance a few weeks ago, both Bakugou and Todoroki have been an absolute nightmare to deal with.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the two of them are into each other. Like, really into each other. After nearly three years of high school, Bakugou had finally begrudgingly accepted that he and Todoroki are considered friends. But anyone with half a brain cell can figure out that the two of them are in fact pining for one another, in a way that two emotionally stunted, angst-ridden individuals would pine. 

It’s pretty much the equivalent of two elementary schoolers pulling on each other’s pigtails because they’re too socially inept to verbalize their feelings.

Meaning they spar far too intensely together any chance they get, engage in verbal combat 24/7, and zone out of every conversation they’re a part of until the other person is mentioned.


For example, last week, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero were in the dining hall with Bakugou, having an intense argument about whether cereal is considered a soup.

(“Oh my god, Kami. For the last time, cereal is not a soup. A soup must have some sort of broth base.”

“So you’re saying milk isn’t considered a broth from cows?”

“Jesus Christ.”)

Bakugou had his headphones in and was silent during the entire conversation, working on math homework a week before it’s due like the stellar student he is. Until Todoroki walks by their table with Class 3-B’s lizard girl in tow. Bakugou glances up. 

Kaminari completely drops his next “cereal is a soup” argument in favor of gossiping because he likes to get into everyone else’s business. “Hey, did you hear Tokage from Class 3-B asked Todoroki to the Autumn dance?”

Bakugou rips his headphones off, “Fucking what?”

Sero startles at Bakugou’s sudden outburst and nearly flings a forkful of katsu at Kirishima’s face.

Kaminari continues, “Yeah, she asked him to the dance a few days ago. Not sure if he said yes though. But they seem to be friends now.”

Bakugou fumes. Sparks are flying out of his right palm where he’s gripping his pencil so tightly it might snap. If they were in a cartoon, there’d be steam coming out of his ears. 

“Uh, bro?” Kirishima asks hesitantly.

Tokage goes up on her tiptoes and says something into Todoroki’s ear. Todoroki lets out a small laugh, his eyes crinkling and mouth quirking up in a rare smile that shows his teeth.

Bakugou blows his pencil up into little wooden splinters, pieces of it land on Sero’s plate of katsu.

“Aw, c’mon man, I was eating that.”

“Fuck off, tape face.” Bakugou grits out then stands up, grabs his backpack, and stomps to his room.

And just a few days ago, Midoriya, Yaoyorozu, and Todoroki were on classroom clean-up duty and discussing what they should do for Aizawa’s surprise birthday party coming up in a few weeks. Or, more like Midoriya and Yaoyorozu were having a discussion while Todoroki zoned out the way he always does, head in the clouds, absolutely nobody home upstairs. 

“We do still need to buy a cake,” Yaoyorozu hums, erasing the whiteboard.

“Kacchan agreed to bake a cake for the party!”

Todoroki had been silent for the past thirty minutes while they were cleaning but he looks up immediately from mopping the floor, “You spoke to Bakugou?”

“Oh, yeah! I bumped into him when I was putting up flyers for the dance.”

“Is… is he going to the dance with anyone?” Todoroki asks, trying to come off nonchalant. But he’s anxiously worrying his bottom lip between his teeth. 

“Kacchan? No, I don’t think so, at least I don’t think he was planning on asking anyone?”

Todoroki’s face schools back to a neutral expression, “I see.”

He goes back to mopping and Midoriya and Yaoyorozu share a look when he accidentally freezes the wet, soapy floor in its entirety. 

Midoriya slips on the ice and falls straight onto his back. Todoroki doesn’t even notice.


“Ugh, we have to do something about this. If Todoroki shows up to the dance with Tokage, Bakugou might make the entire school go boom,” Uraraka whines, rocking back and forth on Kirishima’s desk chair. “And then we’ll be stuck cleaning up the mess again.” 

“Yes, as class representatives, Yaoyorozu and I are declaring this an official class emergency!” Iida says dramatically, waving his arms about. “It’s up to us to make Todoroki and Bakugou realize their romantic feelings for each other before we all suffer the consequences!”

Yaoyorozu nods in agreement.

And thus, “Operation: Get Blasty and Halfie Together Before We Go Insane” was born. 

Sero sighs, “I have a feeling this won’t be an easy task.”

“You’re right, this might be our hardest mission as future pro-heroes yet,” Kirishima agrees, patting him on the back.

“Well, does anyone have any ideas?”

“I may have a plan!” Yaoyarozu says cheerfully, clapping her hands together, “Leave it to me!”


Plan A: Yaoyorozu
The Tea Errand

“Why the fuck do I have to go to the store with you, half ‘n half? You’re perfectly capable of going alone.”

“Yaoyorozu said a villain was spotted near campus, so it would be safer to go on this errand with a friend.”

Bakugou scoffs at the word “friend” and drags his beat-up sneakers against the concrete as they walk to the convenience store a few blocks away. “Why didn’t you ask shitty Deku to go with you, or why didn’t ponytail go if she needs the tea so damn badly.”

Todoroki frowns, “Yaoyorozu said she needed the tea because she wasn’t feeling well, and I wanted to hang out with you. Also I couldn’t find the rest of the class, they all disappeared somewhere.”

“Ugh, let’s just grab the damn tea and get back.”

They get to the store and search for the so-called “sticky willy weed tea” that Yaoyorozu so desperately needs for her sore throat. After twenty minutes of walking down every single aisle in the store, Bakugou predictably loses his patience.

He may have matured enough through the years that he won’t give someone an explosion to the face for walking behind him. But he sure as hell will let his annoyance be known when someone wastes his time.

“The fuckin’ tea isn’t here. We’ve been here for ages and we still haven’t found it!” he yells, chucking a container of green tea at the shelves.

Store patrons around them start backing up to get away from the temperamental blonde kid with explosive sweat who is currently causing a ruckus in the beverages aisle.

“I’ll just go ask a store attendant,” Todoroki says ever so calmly, immune to Bakugou’s fits after a few years of experience. He taps a young lady on the back and she turns, clearly star-struck upon seeing two upcoming top heroes wearing UA uniforms in her store.

“O–oh, Todoroki-kun, Bakugou-kun, I’m a huge fan! How can I help you?”

“Thank you, where can I find the sticky willy weed tea?”

The attendant scrunches her nose, confused, “The what tea?”

Bakugou shoves Todoroki aside, flinging him into a display of strawberry Hello Pandas. “Your fuckin’ sticky ass willy weed tea, where the fuck is it?”

She looks even more confused, “I… we don’t have that? I don’t think that type of tea exists?”

“What do you mean it doesn’t exist?!” Bakugou snarls, leaning into the attendant’s personal space. Todoroki nods apologetically at her and grabs Bakugou by the waist, hauling him back against his chest. Bakugou’s cheeks color at the feeling of Todoroki’s arms around his midsection and he twists and kicks to get out of his grasp.

“I’ve just spent a whole fuckin’ hour with you on this goddamn errand and the tea doesn’t even fucking exist!” he snarls, elbowing Todoroki in the solar plexus. He wiggles out of Todoroki’s grasp and spins around, jabbing a finger at his chest, “Next time, don’t ask me to go on a pointless little errand with you. Go ask someone else in 3-A, or maybe lizard girl from 3-B, since you’re friends with her now apparently.”

He says “friends” with so much venom that it makes Todoroki take a step back.

Bakugou stomps out of the store and Todoroki blinks, confused. What does Tokage have to do with anything? He didn’t even know Bakugou knew she existed.

He picks up a pack of chamomile tea instead. This will have to do since, you know, the other tea doesn’t exist apparently. He waves apologetically to the attendant. “I’ll just buy this, thank you.”

Todoroki gets back to campus and knocks on Yaoyorozu’s door. She swings it open far too eagerly. “Todoroki-san!” She glances around the hallway, “You’re alone? I thought you went to the store with Bakugou?”

“Oh, I did. But he got angry because apparently, the sticky willy weed tea you wanted doesn’t exist. So I just got you chamomile instead, I hope that’s okay.” 

Yaoyorozu’s face falls, “Oh… I see. Thank you.”

He turns to leave but stops. “You don’t sound sick, Yaoyorozu. Your voice sounds fine.”

Stunned and caught in a lie, she lets out a little fake cough. “Ah, all that resting must’ve helped me heal!”

Todoroki cocks his head to the side, “I see.”


“My goodness Yaoyorozu, that was a terrible first idea,” Sero wails despairingly, dropping his head into his hands. 

They’re back in Kirishima’s room to debrief after their first failed attempt at their newly minted operation. They’ve deemed Kirishima’s dorm room their operation headquarters. 

“I know, I’m so sorry everyone. I think I just succeeded in making the two of them even more on edge,” Yaoyorozu says, truly dejected.

Mina is lying facedown on the floor, “Why didn’t you just choose a tea that actually exists?” 

“I wanted them to spend more time together in the store!”

Kirishima hops up onto his feet from his spot on Kaminari’s lap. “It’s okay everybody, I have a magnificent idea next that is guaranteed to work! No fake tea necessary!” he says with a toothy grin.

Yaoyorozu winces. Everyone else groans.


Plan B: Kirishima
Spin the Bottle

“Alright, everyone! Gather round!” Kirishima bellows, “It’s time for the most elite party game of all time!” 

They’re all crammed in the common room with the lights dimmed and chip bags and soda cans littering the floor. Everyone is a little tipsy off some sort of alcohol that Mina had stolen from her cousin when she visited home a few days ago. Even straight-laced Iida is on his merry way to getting plastered, drinking a handle of vodka straight from the bottle.

Bakugou tries to sneak off to his room because one, it’s pushing midnight and way past his bedtime. Two, the one beer he had is making him relaxed and sleepy. And three, he’s pretty damn positive he’s going to absolutely detest whatever game it is that Kirishima has planned. He’s halfway out the door when Kirishima snags the back of his shirt and manhandles him to the center of the room.

“What the fuck shitty hair, I’m going to fuckin’ bed.”

“No you’re not, my dude! You have to participate in this next game!”

Bakugou tries to make a break for it but Kirishima forcefully shoves him down onto the floor in between Sero and Kaminari, who both immediately wrap their arms around him. He shakes them off and smacks Kaminari in the back of the head for good measure. Everyone is sitting criss-cross applesauce in a circle on the floor and Kirishima steps into the middle, hiding something under his shirt.

“This next game is… drumroll please!”

Sero immediately starts tapping the ground in mock suspense and Bakugou rolls his eyes.

“It’s… spin the bottle!” Kirishima yells triumphantly, brandishing an empty beer bottle.

Everyone cheers and no one misses the way Bakugou and Todoroki immediately dart their eyes towards one another. They’re sitting across from each other in the circle and Todoroki looks just as uncomfortable as Bakugou does. They both look like they want the ground to open up and swallow them whole. Todoroki gives Bakugou a small, shy smile and Bakugou scowls in response, trying to get up off the ground.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Kaminari yells out and yanks him back down. 

“Alright, who wants to start?” Kirishima asks deviously. He winks down at Bakugou, “Why don’t you go first, Baku-bro?”


“That idea was so promising, Kiri, but you blew it!” Mina whines as she throws herself into her usual debriefing spot on the beanbag chair.

Kirishima winces, “I know, I’m so sorry my dudes. I didn’t think about the fact that we can’t control where the bottle lands when we play this game.”

“Yeah, that was a problem. But I gotta say, Baku-bro is a great kisser. Todoroki is a lucky guy,” Kaminari says happily.

Seven pairs of eyes glare back at him.

“I mean, Todoroki will be a lucky guy,” he recoils, “Once we get them together.”  

Uraraka rolls her eyes and flicks Kaminari lightly on the forehead. “Luckily for you all, I have an undoubtedly foolproof idea. Leave it to me!”

“You go, girl!” Mina yells out.

Uraraka blows her a kiss.


Plan C: Uraraka
The Flirt 

Something was up. Round face was being weird. Really fucking weird.

It was Aizawa-sensei's birthday party and instead of sticking around shitty Deku or four eyes, Uraraka had made a beeline for Bakugou instead. 

“Oh, they’re cutting the cake you made, Bakugou-kun! Let me get a slice for you!”

Before he could resist and yell at her for acting odd, she disappears into the crowd. She comes back with a slice of the cake he baked and saddles up next to him. “Mmm this is delicious,” she says around a bite, batting her eyelashes.

After nearly three years of high school and going through multiple life-threatening battles together, he would definitely consider Uraraka a worthy opponent and a friend - she’s someone he’d trust with his life for sure. But this is really fuckin’ strange. 

Bakugou takes a step back, “What the f–mphh!”

His eyes widen as she sticks a forkful of cake into his mouth. “I like boys who can cook,” she purrs at him and winks.

Bakugou doesn’t even know what to say to that because what the actual fuck is going on? He swallows around the fork and she hums, reaching up to wipe some frosting off his lips.

Suddenly, there’s a small commotion erupting from the other side of the room. Bakugou snaps his head towards the noise and sees that Todoroki has accidentally lit some streamers on fire with his quirk. He’s glaring daggers at him and Uraraka while the rest of the class scrambles to put out the fire. If looks could kill, both of them would be six feet under by now. 

“What the fuck, why is icy hot looking at me like that?” Bakugou scowls, glaring straight back.

Uraraka shrugs and shoves another forkful of cake into his mouth. Some more balloons go up in flames, courtesy of Todoroki. 

The next day, Uraraka sticks to Bakugou’s side like glue when the class decides to go out for dinner. She plops down by him in the booth and drapes herself over his shoulders to read off his menu, even though she has her own menu in front of her.

She keeps twirling her hair around her fingers and touching his arm and wait, is she flirting with him?  

“Bakugou-kun,” she croons, “Let’s share a dish together.”

No. Nope. Absolutely not. This has got to stop immediately.

“No, oh my fucking god, round face. I’m gay,” he blurts out.

Uraraka doesn’t miss the way Bakugou’s eyes flicker towards Todoroki who’s sitting across from him. She sees Todoroki staring back, mouth slightly agape.

“Duh, don’t I know it,” Uraraka says, rolling her eyes. She meets Todoroki’s gaze and winks at him in return.


“I love making Bakugou uncomfortable, that was so fun!” Uraraka squeals gleefully.

Midoriya shakes his head but an amused smile plays on his lips nonetheless, “I can’t believe Todoroki-kun almost set the classroom on fire because he was jealous.”

“Yeah, that was wild,” Kaminari says as he bounces on Kirishima’s bed. He’s like a child hopped up on too much sugar. “But you know what else is wild? My next idea for Operation: Get Blasty and Halfie Together.”

“You better not erase any of the progress Uraraka made!” Mina yells out, chucking a pillow at him.

The pillow smacks Kaminari square on the face and he topples off the bed and onto the floor.


Plan D: Kaminari
The Supply Closet

“Okay, guys. I’m gonna go pick up the rest of the equipment we used today, I’ll be right back.” Kaminari beams at the two of them and darts out of the supply closet, shutting the door behind him. 

Bakugou groans, “I can’t believe we’re stuck doing fuckin’ clean-up duty with dunce face.” He starts stacking the equipment they used for the day’s quirk training and hauls mats and weights to their appropriate shelves.

“Considering we nearly destroyed all the training grounds the last few weeks during our spars, I can see why we have to,” Todoroki sighs.

Bakugou rolls his eyes so hard he could probably see the inside of his skull. “I give as good as I get, halfie. And you’ve been dialing up the goddamn aggressiveness during spars lately.”

Todoroki frowns, “Only because you’ve been aiming AP shots directly at my face every single time.” He pauses, then speaks so quietly, that Bakugou has to strain to hear him, “It feels like you’re mad at me.”

Hold up. What?

Bakugou recoils and drops the mat he’s holding. It falls to the ground with a resounding smack. “I’m… I’m not mad at you, what the fuck?”

“Well, it kinda feels like you are.” Todoroki’s lower lip wobbles slightly - he looks sort of like a kicked puppy.

“I’m not mad at you, half ‘n half. If anything I’m pissed off at fucking lizard gi—” Bakugou’s eyes widen and he immediately cuts himself off, ears burning hot.

Todoroki squints at him, confused. “You’re mad at who?”

Bakugou scrambles to pick up the mat he dropped. He kind of needs to get out of this goddamn closet ASAP, before he blurts out some other stupid thing, like how he maybe has a crush on Todoroki. 

But only a tiny crush.

A very tiny, minuscule crush that you can only see if you look through a microscope. 

He shakes his head before he can swan dive down that line of thinking. “Oi halfie, can you turn the damn light on, I can’t fucking see shit in here.”

Todoroki sighs and pats around for a light switch. There’s a moment of silence and then, “Um, Bakugou. I don’t see a light switch.”

“What do you mean you don’t see a goddamn light switch. I see a bulb right above our heads.” He feels along the walls, “The switch must be outside the closet, you pea brain.”

Todoroki hums and reaches for the door, frowning as the knob doesn’t turn.

“Uh, the door isn’t opening.”

“The fuck? Get out of the way, let me try.”

Bakugou drops all the equipment he’s holding onto the floor and shoves his way towards the door. He brushes against Todoroki and they both flush. There’s a lot less space in the closet now that they’re both trapped inside with all this bulky training equipment stacked around them.

He forcefully jiggles the handle and bangs on the door, “Where the fuck are you dunce face, let us out right now!”

No answer.

“He should be back already…” Todoroki says, furrowing his brow.

“Ugh, what are we supposed to fuckin’ do now that we’re stuck.”

“I guess we just wait until Kaminari comes back? He shouldn’t be long,” Todoroki says as he tries to subtly back up so he’s no longer pressed up against Bakugou’s chest, no matter how nice that feels. 


“That was the dumbest idea ever, you literally just locked them in the training gym supply closet.”

“I mean, I don’t know… when I finally opened the door to let them out, their faces were all red and sweaty. Maybe they were making out.”

“Or, maybe they were overheating because you kept them in there for ten minutes after quirk training and there’s no air conditioning in the closet,” Kirishima says, rolling his eyes.

Kaminari pouts, “Well I thought it was a good idea.”

Iida karate-chops the air and everyone turns to look at him. “I think it’s time for the class representative to step in,” he says proudly. “I have a good idea if I do say so myself. And it doesn’t require locking Bakugou-kun or Todoroki-kun in a closet.”

“We’re counting on you, class rep!” Midoriya cheers. 

Everyone else glances around warily. 


Plan E: Iida
Movie Night

“That’s odd, Iida said he won’t be able to make it either.”

“What the fuck,” Bakugou growls. He picks up his own phone from the end table. “Fuckin’ shitty hair just bailed too. Why is four eyes bailing? He’s the one that organized this damn class movie night to begin with.”

Todoroki shrugs and lifts his phone for Bakugou to see.

Iida: My sincerest apologies, Todoroki-kun. Tensei just invited me out to dinner, I won’t be able to make movie night tonight.

Bakugou’s face scrunches and Todoroki thinks it makes him look so much softer than his usual permanent scowl. He kind of wants to boop him on the nose. 

“Are you fucking kidding me? So four eyes apparently has dinner with his brother. Shitty Deku has a meeting with All Might. Raccoon eyes, shitty hair, and dunce face are stuck at their internships. Tape face is visiting his parents. And ponytail and round face have to babysit Eri. Something is up.”

Todoroki shrugs and stretches his legs out on the couch. Bakugou shifts closer to the edge so Todoroki’s feet aren’t touching him.

“I’m leaving, I don’t have time for this,” Bakugou scoffs, throwing the remote to the ground and pushing himself off the couch.

“Wait,” Todoroki blurts abruptly, grabbing onto Bakugou’s wrist.

“Whaddya fuckin’ want, halfie?”

“I brought Kiki’s Delivery Service,” Todoroki says hesitantly, holding out the DVD, “I know you haven’t seen it and have been wanting to watch it.”

Bakugou squints at him, “How did you know I wanted to watch that movie?”

“I overheard you talking about it with Kirishima during lunch a few weeks ago,” Todoroki says, coloring slightly, “You were talking about how you haven’t seen a lot of Studio Ghibli movies.”

Bakugou feels a weird fluttering sensation in his chest and he’s not sure if wants to kiss Todoroki or punch him in his infuriatingly pretty face. “Oi! Don’t eavesdrop on people’s conversations, icy hot, don’t you have any manners?”

“Sorry, I just thought you’d like to watch it since, you know, we’re already here.”

Bakugou is silent for a moment. He looks like he’s at war with himself - he looks a bit constipated, really. Todoroki stares back at him hopefully, eyes glinting. Bakugou throws his hands up. “Okay fuck it, fine. Let’s watch the damn movie. I’m going to go make some popcorn. D’ya want any, you bastard?”

Todoroki looks a little stunned. “Really?”

“Yeah really, ya fuckin’ moron. Do you want any popcorn or not.”

Todoroki continues staring at Bakugou like he hung the moon and the stars tonight. “That would be great, Bakugou. I would love some popcorn. Can I have extra butter in mine?”

Bakugou grimaces, “You’re so fuckin’ unhealthy half ‘n half. No, you’re taking what I give you.”

He stomps to the communal kitchen, mumbling under his breath about how he’s going to kill everyone for bailing on a movie night that he didn’t even want to attend in the first place. Todoroki burrows under a blanket and smiles to himself.

Three hours later, they’ve finished Kiki’s Delivery Service, started Princess Mononoke, and have gone through two bowls of popcorn (with butter because Bakugou can’t seem to say no to Todoroki today) when Todoroki comes to a realization.

“Tensei isn’t even in the country right now. He’s in Bali for his honeymoon.”


“Ah, apologies my friends. I completely forgot that Tensei was out of town when I came up with that excuse,” Iida says disappointedly, shaking his head.

“It’s okay Iida-kun, they didn’t catch on until after they almost finished two movies,” Midoriya says, ever the optimist.

“Yeah!” Uraraka quips. She’s sitting on the floor while braiding Yaoyorozu’s hair, “It was really cute walking into the common room and seeing them both sitting on the couch with blankets and popcorn!”

“It wasn’t so cute when Baku-bro saw us walk in and started yelling at us for bailing on them.”

“In Bakugou’s defense, we did bombard him with like, a hundred texts about movie night before he threatened to kill us all. I didn’t think he had that type of patience in him. Could’ve sworn he’d blow us to bits after twenty texts,” Kirishima muses.

Sero stretches from his spot by Kirishima’s desk. “Well class president, that was a great attempt. But I have a pretty damn good idea this time and I think you’re all gonna love it.”

“Oooh,” Mina says, eyes bright, “How spicy, I’m excited.”


Plan F: Sero

“Ok, left leg green,” Sero calls out after giving the spinner a whirl.

They’re an hour into their weekly class game night and Sero decided that they should all try playing the classic party game, Twister.

Kaminari falls to the ground dramatically, “Darn, I guess I’m just not that flexible!”

“What the fuck, sparky. Your left leg was literally right next to an open green spot. How the hell did you lose your balance?” Bakugou barks out.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kaminari sings, moving to sit on the couch with everyone else. He finds an empty spot next to Mina.

Mina glares at him, “Dude, you were being so obvious,” she hisses.

“Shut up, I was not. Those two are so zoned in on beating each other, they barely noticed I was still in the game,” Kaminari whispers back, rolling his eyes.

Bakugou and Todoroki were the only two left in the game now after everyone else had “lost their balance” early on. Iida had immediately slipped because he forgot to take his socks off. Uraraka “accidentally” fell and took Mina, Yaoyorozu, and Midoriya down with her. And Kirishima had ripped his pants trying to reach a blue spot at the corner of the mat.

“Alright,” Sero says cheerily, “Next move. Right arm, red!”

The two of them are currently all tangled up like a pretzel. Todoroki is essentially in a crab pose, his hair is messy and falling over his face - it’s a surprise he can even see through his bangs. But he inches forward and gets his right index finger on the tip of a red circle. Bakugou isn’t faring much better. He’s in a full downward dog position as he launches his body forward to smack his hand on another open red circle.

It’s truly a miracle neither of them has fallen yet. Both their arms and legs are shaking from holding themselves up for so long, and there’s a bead of sweat threatening to roll off Bakugou’s forehead. But they’re both too stubborn, too competitive to be the first ones to fall and lose, especially to each other.

Sero glances up and surveys their positions. Time to deliver the final blow. 

He flicks the hand on the spinner, “Left arm, yellow!”

Both Todoroki and Bakugou’s heads whip around to face him.

“Are you fucking kidding me tape face?”

“That’s what the spinner says!”

“No it fucking doesn’t. Show me.”

Sero hides the spinner behind his back, “Go on, left arm yellow.”

Bakugou scowls.

Todoroki stretches and tries his best to get an arm on a yellow circle. As he strains to reach it, his left foot slips and he accidentally kicks one of Bakugou’s arms.

They go down in a tangle of limbs and Bakugou lands with a loud “oof” on top of Todoroki. They’re pretty much lying right on top of each other, Todoroki on his back and Bakugou on his stomach directly on top of him. Bakugou’s head is currently buried in the crook of Todoroki’s neck. They’re quiet at first, both trying to catch their breaths after holding themselves up in strenuous positions for so long. 

Then Todoroki absently reaches an arm up and pats Bakugou on the head, threading his fingers through blonde hair. Bakugou lets out a little content hum and then instantly snaps out of his moment of peace upon hearing the sound of his own voice. He frantically pushes off Todoroki, getting onto his feet in an instant.

“You fuckin’ cheater, you kicked me on purpose!” he snarls, cheeks ruddy and forehead a little sweaty.

Todoroki blinks, still on the ground. He looks a little smug. “You’re the one who landed on top of me.” 

Katsuki scoffs and grabs his jacket from the couch. “I’m going to bed.”

He stomps out of the common room. Todoroki sits up from the Twister mat. “Does this mean I win?”

Uraraka and Mina groan. Everyone else glares at Sero.


“Okay, I made them both touch though! Like there was actual physical contact. That’s better than anything you guys did!”

“You pitted them against each other! Why would you think that would be a good idea considering they’re two of the most competitive people on the planet?” Kirishima wails. 

“Did you see the way Todoroki patted Bakugou on the head though?” Uraraka coos, “That was so sweet!”

Midoriya frowns, tapping his chin with a finger, “We really do need to come up with some better ideas though, the dance is coming up soon.”

Mina hops up onto Kirishima’s desk and spreads her arms out confidently. “Don’t fret, my dear Midoriya. I have a trick up my sleeve. Let Mina here work her magic.”


Plan G: Mina
The Suit


“Oh hell no,” Bakugou groans, pinching the bridge of his nose when Mina comes barreling towards him in the library.

“I’m so excited to see you too!”

“Fuckin’ bye,” he spits out, gathering his books and getting ready to leave so he can study in peace.

“Nooo, wait Bakugou! What are you wearing to the third year’s gala tonight?”

“What the fuck? I dunno. Probably one of the suits that I have. Why does it matter?”

Mina makes a face, “Uh, no you’re not. All your suit pants are so damn baggy. You always look like you’re one step away from mooning someone.”

“Hah? Why the fuck does it matter what I look like?”

“You are literally one of UA’s top three, you’re going to be on stage tonight. I won’t allow you to be introduced as one of the up-and-coming top heroes of our generation looking like you’re wearing a potato sack. Your dad is a fashion designer, what a disgrace. I’m taking you shopping for a tailored suit.” 

Before Bakugou can yell out his utter distaste for that idea, Mina is dragging him by his uniform jacket out the front door and towards the mall.

A few hours later, Todoroki is buttoning up his freshly ironed suit jacket. He flings a tie around his neck and steps out of his dorm room to head towards the gala. He walks over to the auditorium and sees a few of his classmates, dressed to the nines, waving him over from the far corner of the building.

He walks over and nods at Midoriya who’s currently speaking with a reporter. He’s wearing a navy blue suit with an All Might-themed tie and his curly green hair is swept to the side. He looks good. 

“What’s up, you fuckin’ loser.”

Todoroki turns towards the low, husky voice he could recognize from anywhere, the voice that’s seared into his brain. He nearly chokes on air. 

Bakugou looks, wow. Just wow.

He’s wearing a maroon-colored three-piece suit with a black dress shirt. The suit is tailored to fit his body perfectly. It shows off his broad shoulders and the waistcoat makes his slim waist look even trimmer. He had run some gel over his hair, exposing the soft fuzz of his undercut. Todoroki kind of wants to run his fingers through it, feel how silky it is.

Bakugou notices him blatantly staring and scowls, snapping his fingers in front of his face. “Oi, earth to half ‘n half. Anything in that skull of yours or is it just filled with damn cobwebs?”

He startles out of his thoughts about how he’d like to wrap his arms around Bakugou’s tiny waist. “Oh. Sorry. I just— is that a new suit?”

Bakugou’s narrowed eyes soften a tad. He looks caught off guard by that but he composes himself quickly enough and scoffs, “Yeah, pinky forced me to go shopping. Said that my old suits looked like shit.”

“You look… you look good, Bakugou.”

Bakugou smirks and he runs his eyes up and down Todoroki’s body, giving him a solid once over. Todoroki kind of wants to cover himself with his hands, he feels exposed. Bakugou’s eyes stop at the loose tie around his neck.

“What the hell halfie, your tie is undone.”

“I um, I don’t know how to tie a necktie.”

“You idiot,” Bakugou grumbles. He’s trying to sound irritated, but there’s a fond smile tilting the corner of his mouth. He reaches for the dark blue silk and skillfully ties a Windsor knot, nimble fingers occasionally brushing the soft skin of Todoroki’s neck. Todoroki shivers at the feeling and leans into the touch. 

Bakugou finishes and gives the tie a little tug. “You look good too, I guess. Never seen this tie before. It new?”

Todoroki shrugs, “Fuyumi got it for me. She wanted me to look my best when we’re announced as UA’s top three.”

Bakugou smirks, “Spoiled shit. At least you’re pretty. Learn how to tie a fuckin’ tie.”

It’s Todoroki’s turn for his cheeks to flush so hotly he has to use his quirk to regulate his temperature.

Mina smirks from her hiding spot behind the stage and punches the air in victory.


“Mina does it again, baby!” she yells loudly, flopping onto Kirishima’s bed after the gala. 

“Yes! This is the most progress we’ve made so far!” Yaoyorozu says mirthfully, then frowns, “Midoriya, why do you look so sad?”

Midoriya sniffs, “No one complimented me on my suit.”

“I think you look amazing, Midoriya-kun!” Uraraka exclaims, patting him on the back.

Iida smiles, “Yes, I agree we made good progress! But the dance is coming soon. We’re running out of time.”

Midoriya pinches the bridge of his nose. “I guess it’s up to me to bash Kacchan and Todoroki-kun’s heads together.”

“We’re counting on you, Midoriya!” Kaminari grins, giving his shoulders a reassuring squeeze.

“Godspeed,” Sero says, saluting him. 


Plan H: Midoriya
The Talk

Midoriya drags Bakugou with him to the conbini around the corner to buy food and drinks to restock the dorm’s communal kitchen. Normally, Bakugou is the only one who ever goes out shopping for groceries. The rest of the class usually survives off of vending machine junk food and takeout. Wait ‘til the world finds out that the up-and-coming heroes of UA’s graduating class survive off of packaged ramen and boxed mac and cheese.

Most of the time, Bakugou ends up cooking way too much food for himself and lets the class have free reign over his leftovers. He halfheartedly complains as Kaminari scoops a heaping amount of leftover fried rice onto his plate, and fakes annoyance as Uraraka demolishes his leftover udon. But Midoriya knows Bakugou well enough to recognize that he always cooks all this extra food because he’s aware his classmates don’t eat the most nutritious meals. That’s one thing he loves about Kacchan - he acts like he doesn’t care, but he truly cares most of all. 

They’re roaming the aisles and Bakugou huffs, “Why did you drag me to the fuckin’ grocery store? You never cook.”

“I want to buy snacks and food that our class likes! And I need your help with that!”

Bakugou scoffs and continues aggressively pushing the cart down the aisle.

Midoriya glances over at him, “Hmmm, what snacks does Todoroki-kun like?”

“Halfie likes anything with strawberries in it,” Bakugou answers immediately.

Midoriya tries to hide his smile. “I see. Does he have a favorite strawberry snack in particular?”

“He likes those fuckin’ individually packed strawberry shortcakes that have a million grams of sugar. Also strawberry daifuku. I don’t know how that bastard doesn’t have diabetes.”

“Ah, what about drinks?”

“Matcha is his favorite but he also likes oolong tea.”

“I didn’t know Todoroki-kun liked matcha.”

“Yeah, the bastard drinks it every night when he studies which is why his sleep schedule is fucked,” Bakugou says like it’s common knowledge He’s distractedly reading the label on a box of strawberry Pocky, not realizing that he’s currently being put through an interrogation about all things Todoroki. He throws the box into the cart, “Fucker likes Pocky too.”

Midoriya can’t help the toothy grin that splits across his face. Bakugou frowns, “What the hell are you smiling at, shitty nerd?”

“You know a lot about Todoroki-kun, huh?”

Bakugou turns red from the base of his neck to the tips of his ears. “Hah? What the fuck, no. This is all just common knowledge.”

“Uh-huh, sure Kacchan. Why can’t you just admit that you like Todoroki-kun? You guys have been dancing around each other since the start of our second year. It’s obvious he likes you back.”

Some unknown emotion flashes across Bakugou’s eyes but it’s gone in an instant and his expression schools back to sheer annoyance. “Shut the fuck up Deku, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

“Okay, Kacchan,” Midoriya hums, throwing a bag of tropical flavored Hi-Chew into the cart, “Just think about what I said.”

Bakugou scowls, chucks a packet of green-tea flavored kit-kat at his face, and stomps to the next aisle. Midoriya catches the kit-kat before it can bounce off his forehead and trails behind with a smile.

The next day, Midoriya pulls Todoroki along with him to the ramen shop next to UA to get takeout for their weekly class dinner.

Todoroki is distractedly surveying the fish tank near the entrance of the restaurant when Midoriya strikes.

“Hmmm, I wonder what Kacchan would like from here? I forgot to take his order before we left.”

Todoroki lets out a little hum, tapping lightly at the glass as an angel fish swims by. “He likes the tonkatsu ramen with extra spice and he adds an extra soy sauce egg. Also no green onions, he doesn’t like it.”

“Ah, does he want any side dishes? Drinks?”

“He likes to get chilled tofu or spicy bean sprout salad. He usually doesn’t get a drink from this restaurant because he thinks it’s overpriced,” Todoroki says casually, “But I think he’d appreciate it if we stopped by a grocery store and picked up an iced tea for him. He likes that.” 

Midoriya stares at him in triumph. After a few seconds, Todoroki finally looks up from the fish tank to see why his friend is being so silent.

“Why are you staring at me, Midoriya? Do I have something on my face?”

“No, no! You know a lot about Kacchan, that's all.”

Todoroki inhales loudly, flinching a little. “Uh, we eat here together a lot after our internship shifts are over, is all,” he mumbles, suddenly unable to look Midoriya in the eyes.

“Todoroki-kun, you like him don’t you?” 

Todoroki blanches, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The air in the restaurant suddenly grows extremely warm around them and Todoroki lets out a little swear, breathing frost out as he tries to regulate his body temperature. It seems to work a bit, but the tips of his ears are still extremely pink. 

Midoriya just stares back at him with an amused look on his face. “You know, I’m sure Kacchan likes you too. I’ve known him my whole life so I’m quite good at reading him.”

Todoroki stays silent, staring intently at the fish tank in front of him like he’s contemplating drowning himself in it so he can escape this incredibly awkward conversation. 

“Just, talk to Kacchan. I think some communication will do you both some good.” He pats Todoroki on the back.

Todoroki opens his mouth to respond but Midoriya simply waves a waitress over to order, effectively ending the conversation.


“Oh my goodness, they’re so oblivious!” Uraraka exclaims around a mouthful of noodles, “You literally spelled it out for them!”

They’re currently eating their ramen in the common room. Bakugou and Todoroki had grabbed their own meals and split off to eat in their respective rooms, both of them probably reeling from that heart-to-heart conversation Midoriya forced upon them. 

Midoriya sighs into his bowl, “Ugh I know. Neither of them denied their feelings for each other when I mentioned it, but they’re both too stubborn to outright admit it.”

“What shall we do? The dance is tomorrow night.” Yaoyorozu says grimly, twirling her noodles around with her chopsticks. 

“Well we don’t even know if Todoroki agreed to go to the dance with Tokage or not,” Kaminari says, soup dribbling down his chin. 

Mina smacks him in the back of the head, “Don’t talk with your mouth full, that’s gross. But Kami’s right, he might have said no to her.” 

“Come on guys, let’s come up with one final plan. I’m sure we can think of something if we all put our heads together!” Midoriya says in mock cheerfulness, attempting to make the group feel a little more optimistic. 

Everyone nods warily and finishes up their noodles, stacking their bowls in the sink to wash later. They take the stairs up to the fourth floor of the dorms and head towards Kirishima’s room for one final meeting. 

As they pass Bakugou’s room, they hear a thump, followed by a quiet giggle. 

Everyone freezes.

That didn’t sound like Bakugou’s laugh. Bakugou doesn’t giggle. Bakugou’s laughs are usually unrestrained, boisterous, he doesn’t do anything quietly. 

They all stand extremely still. Another breathy laugh floats through the door. 

Kaminari is the first to speak up, “Is Baku-bro dating someone else? Who is tha–”

“Shhhh!” Mina smacks a hand to his mouth and glares at him.

Everyone stays silent, barely breathing, trying to figure out what it is they’re hearing from Bakugou’s room. They creep forward slowly, pressing their ears up against the wooden door. 

There’s another soft laugh and then there’s Bakugou’s voice, sounding incredibly fond, almost unrecognizable, “Shut up, Icy Hot.”

Iida’s eyebrows shoot up to his hairline. Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero’s jaws drop to the floor. Yaoyorozu and Uraraka suck in a giant breath, and Midoriya whispers a shell-shocked, “Oh my god,” eyes wide as saucers.

They stand there, frozen, rooted to the floor. Mina is the first to take action, immediately reaching for the handle of Bakugou’s door.

“No, Mina! Wait!” Kirishima hisses.

But it’s too late. Mina jiggles the door handle, finds it unlocked, and bursts into Bakugou’s bedroom. The rest of the crew trails behind her, tripping over each other because they’re all nosy as hell.

Inside Bakugou’s room is, of course, Bakugou himself, lying on his bed in a pair of sweatpants and an old All Might tank top. But on the bed next to him is Todoroki, wearing a pair of Bakugou’s plaid pajama pants and Bakugou’s favorite Aji Fry t-shirt. They’re watching some Youtube video on Bakugou’s phone together, heads close, feet tangled together against the sheets.

Their heads whip towards the door as the lot of them tumble in.

“Explain yourselves!” Mina shrieks, pointing a finger dramatically at the two of them as she charges towards the bed.

Bakugou lets out a startled yelp and sits straight up, accidentally shoving Todoroki on his quest to get upright, knocking him to the floor. 

“What the actual fuck, you buffoons!” Bakugou snarls upon seeing the idiot brigade in his room. His hair is sticking up on one side from how he was laying on his pillow next to Todoroki. It somehow makes him look a lot less intimidating. He kind of looks like a pomeranian after a bath and blow dry. 

“Uhhhh,” Kirishima says eloquently.

Bakugou gets on his feet and surges forward like he’s about to strangle each and every one of them with his bare hands. “What the hell, get out.”

“Ow,” Todoroki says absently from his new spot on the ground, wincing and rubbing his head.

Bakugou’s attention whips to him immediately and he’s next to Todoroki in an instant, dropping to his knees and gently taking Todoroki’s face into his hands, running a soothing hand through bi-colored hair.

“Shit, fuck half ‘n half. Are you okay? Did I shove you against the end table?”

Todoroki pouts and continues rubbing at his head. 

The irritation immediately melts off Bakugou’s face and he nudges Todoroki’s hand away, replacing it with his own and rubbing Todoroki’s forming bruise soothingly, “M’sorry, I’ll get you some ointment for that.”

Todoroki looks up at Bakugou and then says like it’s the most normal thing ever, “Can you kiss it better?”


“What?!” Mina shrieks. The sound that comes out of her mouth is so ear-piercing that it probably ruptured a few eardrums.

Iida is so shocked, he almost Recipro Bursts through the walls, catching Uraraka so off guard that she lets out a squeak and floats up to the ceiling. 

“Bro? What’s going on?” Kaminari asks, voice hysterical. Everyone else around him looks utterly flabbergasted, matching looks of confusion and disbelief on their faces. You would think someone told them the earth was actually flat and everything they’ve been told in life is a lie.

“Are… are you two… dating?” Yaoyorozu asks hesitantly. She looks like she’s about to pass out any minute and hit the floor. 

“Hah?” Bakugou yells out at the same time Todoroki says, “Yes, Bakugou is my boyfriend.”

All hell breaks loose. Everyone starts talking over each other, shooting rapid-fire questions at the couple while they stare back, completely overwhelmed and probably regretting every decision they’ve made that has led them to this very moment.

“What do you mean Baku-bro is your boyfriend?!”

“Kacchan! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Oh my god, dudes! I’m so happy for you both!”

“Oh, how amazing, Todoroki-kun!”

“Does this mean you’ll go to the dance together?”

“About damn time, you pea-brains!”

“What wonderful news!”

They all pile onto the floor next to Bakugou and Todoroki, surrounding them like a pack of baby wolves, hungry for more intel on their relationship. Bakugou scowls at them and stops rubbing Todoroki’s forehead to swat them all away. Todoroki makes a displeased noise at losing his source of head massages. 

“Get the hell out of my room you bastards! I didn’t say you could sit down!” Bakugou barks. He looks about five seconds from blasting the lot of them out his bedroom window. It’s a surprise he hasn’t yet, really.

“We’re not leaving until you tell us how long you guys have been dating!” Mina yells, jabbing a finger at Bakugou’s chest, “I thought we were friends! You’re supposed to tell us these things!” 

Bakugou scowls but stays silent, glaring at everyone in the room as everyone stares expectantly back. When it’s clear that no one is going to budge until they get answers, he sighs.

“Y’all are nosy as fuck. I asked Icy Hot out after that movie night you all fuckin’ bailed on.”

And suddenly it all makes sense: Bakugou nestling up to Todoroki after the Twister game and Todoroki threading his hands through soft blonde hair like it’s a normal thing they do, Bakugou fixing Todoroki’s tie at the third year’s gala with a fond smile, them knowing absolutely every minuscule detail about each other’s favorite foods and snacks, how they didn’t deny their feelings for each other when Midoriya pried.

“Oh my god,” Midoriya says again. It seems to be the only thing he’s capable of saying right, now in addition to sobbing uncontrollably out of pure happiness for his two best friends. There’s some snot coming out of his left nostril. Bakugou chucks a tissue box at him. 

“We didn’t finish Princess Mononoke, so I asked Bakugou if he wanted to finish it and we watched it on his laptop that night,” Todoroki says, nudging the top of his head against Bakugou’s palm for more head scratches like a cat.

Bakugou absently reaches up to scratch his fingernails over Todoroki’s scalp and Todoroki lets out a content hum. Uraraka coos at them and Bakugou flips her off with the hand that’s not currently giving Todoroki a head massage.

“And?” Mina asks, she’s practically vibrating, leaning so hard into Todoroki’s space that Bakugou scowls at her and pulls him against his chest.

“We fell asleep near the end of the movie. We woke up because Tokage texted me asking if I’ve decided to go to the dance with her or not.”

Kaminari sucks in a breath, “Well? What did you say?”

“Well, Bakugou–” Todoroki starts and then promptly gets cut off by Bakugou himself. 

“Ugh, I got annoyed that lizard face was texting him because who the fuck does she think she is? Does she think she and icy hot are friends now? I think the fuck not.”

Todoroki rolls his eyes. “Long story short, Bakugou took my phone and responded to Tokage for me, by sending ‘no i’m going to the dance with bakugou’. And then he kissed me.”

The room erupts into chaos once more. Kaminari accidentally electrocutes Kirishima while failing to control his excitement. Mina and Uraraka blow up the Class 3-A group chat with news that the stubborn idiot duo are finally dating, and Midoriya is still crying - big, fat, happy tears roll down his cheeks as he throws himself at his two best friends, forcing them into a giant, bone-crushing hug.

The three of them fall back against the carpeted floor in a tangle of limbs. “I’m so happy for you Kacchan! And you too Todoroki-kun! I can’t believe you guys are finally actually together!”

Bakugou squawks indignantly and shoves Midoriya off, “Get off me, shitty Deku! You’re getting snot all over my damn shirt.” He’s trying to sound annoyed, but everyone can see the slight smirk forming at the corner of his mouth.

“So you’ve been together for two weeks and you didn’t tell any of us?!” Mina demands, voice bordering on hysterical. “We’ve been working so hard on plans to get you two together! Could’ve saved us a lot of time and trouble by telling us!”

Todoroki cocks his head to the side, “Plans? Is that why Kaminari locked us in a closet?”

“And that’s why round face started fuckin’ flirting with me?” Bakugou spits out. 

“...Noooo?” Kaminari sing songs. 

“I mean, I’ve always wanted to flirt with you, Bakugou-kun,” Uraraka teases, blowing him a kiss. Bakugou flips her off again.

“We didn’t tell you guys we started dating because you’re all nosy fucks who would get all up in our business, as you guys are all currently doing a stellar job demonstrating. Now get the fuck out,” Bakugou snarls, opening his palms and letting out a giant explosion at poor Kaminari’s face, who just so happens to be sitting the closest to Bakugou at the moment.

The lot of them hightail it out of the room before they too receive an explosion to the face and Bakugou slams the door behind them.

They’re all silent in the hallway, still in complete shock.

“Well, shit.” Kirishima breathes out.

“I can see why they tried to hide it,” Midoriya says sheepishly, “We are a bit much. I mean, we put together a whole operation to try to get them together.” 

“But this means the operation was a success!” Yaoyorozu says gleefully, “We did it!”

“I can hear you all outside the hallway! Y’all better fuckin’ leave right now!” Bakugou barks from the bedroom.

They all scatter as a loud explosion vibrates the floor.


Operation Completion

“Hurry the fuck up, Icy Hot. I want to see the look on lizard girl’s face when she sees us at the dance together.”

Todoroki continues buttoning up his dress shirt, an amused tic pulling at one corner of his mouth, “She has a name you know.”

“I don’t give a fuck about that. She tried to steal you away from me. Why would I care to know her goddamn name.”

“Well, give me a minute. I just need to put my tie on.”

Bakugou turns around and sees Todoroki frowning at himself in the mirror as he struggles with a red silk tie. He tsks and reaches out, looping an arm around Todoroki’s waist, “C’mere you idiot.”

He pulls Todoroki towards him and Todoroki goes easily. He skillfully knots the fabric, reaching up to tuck a stray strand of red hair behind his boyfriend’s ear. “You should know how to tie your own tie by now, you goon.”

Todoroki tilts his head, a gentle curve of a smile bending his mouth. “That’s what I have you for.”

Affection swells in his chest, “Damn straight, halfie.” He pulls Todoroki down by his tie and Todoroki wraps his long arms around Bakugou’s shoulders. Todoroki leans in, closing his eyes for a kiss when a loud knock interrupts.

Bakugou lets out an irritated growl and stomps towards his bedroom door, yanking it open with way too much force, “Whaddya fuckin’ want?” 

He blinks. No one is there. He looks down and finds two black gift boxes on the floor by his doormat and a handwritten note. Todoroki comes up behind him and wraps an arm around his waist, resting a chin on his left shoulder, “What’s that?” He plucks the note from Bakugou’s hand.

A gift from us! So everyone will know you’re together. So happy for you two! 

The members of ‘Operation: Get Blasty and Halfie Together Before We Go Insane’

Bakugou opens the boxes. Inside are two gorgeous red rose boutonnieres.

“They’re beautiful,” Todoroki says, mesmerized, running nimble fingers over the soft petals.

“What a stupid fuckin' name for their stupid fuckin’ operation,” Bakugou says. But he smiles as he picks up one of the roses and turns to press it against Todoroki’s chest. Todoroki’s eyes crinkle and he leans down to capture Bakugou’s mouth in a sweet kiss.


A few minutes later, Uraraka is pouring herself a glass of punch when she hears the doors to the ballroom open.

“Oh my god, guys! Look!” she squeals, punching Midoriya and Iida in the arm.

“Ouch!” Midoriya yelps, rubbing at the forming bruise.

Everyone turns. In walks Bakugou and Todoroki, hand in hand with their matching red rose boutonnieres and matching red ties. 

“You guys are so cute!” Mina howls.

Kaminari tries to take a picture of them on his phone and the flash accidentally goes off. Bakugou tackles him to the floor while threatening him with murder to delete the photo. Todoroki asks for the file so he can make it his phone wallpaper.

Tokage frowns and downs her punch.

Operation: Get Halfie and Blasty Together Before We Go Insane is a success.