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Silhouettes and shadows

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They only started speaking again because Jenny Joyce decided to pair them up for scene study.

“Here you go!” Jenny gives the two of them scripts excited to boss them around. James skims the script quickly - it’s awful. He looks to Erin to try and read her reaction. She couldn’t get past the first page. “I’m going to leave you guys to it! Make sure to be off book by tomorrow!” Tomorrow? Is She’s taking the piss? Jenny leaves the two of them with a lot to talk about.

“Do you wanna go from the beginning?” He asks, unsure if Erin’s feeling okay after what happened last night.

“Mhmm,” She doesn’t look at him and it’s making him even more anxious.

“Give me the money!” He says trying to familiarize himself with the character of a bank robber. Maybe the character was meant to be an angry sailor? Jenny should reconsider her dream of becoming a playwright.

“I have none of the money,” She finally looks at him. It sends shivers down his spine. While he was distracted with her - she memorized her lines. Damn. They go through it a few more times till he’s off book.

“Do you think I should whisper more?” Erin asks him.

“I mean do you think you should?” That’s a stupid answer.

“No, that’s why I’m asking you,” she quips.

“Your character is hiding something from,” he looks down at the script trying to find his characters name, “Jon, If you want to be really on the nose about it you could whisper.”

“I’ll try my best to be subtle about it.” Erin nods her head; gets up grabbing her stuff and leaves. He’s fucked this up hasn’t he?

Last week there was a party and they went as friends. One thing lead to another; Erin called out James’ now ex girlfriend Katya a prostitute. He was absolutely livid with her about it.

“HOW COULD YOU, WE ONLY JUST STARTED GOING OUT!” He shouted at Erin. They were outside now - Katya had ran off and he ran after her. Then Erin came to see if he was okay. Which he normally appreciated.

“Everyone kept giving her money!” She tried explaining; her hands flailing around. He just ignored her and walked back home. He ended up sleeping on a bench in Bute park. Waking up wishing he forgave Erin.

They performed Jenny’s scene the next day. From all accounts they did a good job. Even Jenny was pleased. His heart just couldn’t stop thumping in his chest during the performance. He didn’t remember reading about Stanislavski or Adler - he could only really focus on Erin. His Best friend, former flat mate, and actress. And she’s electrifying when she’s acting. How long did it take him to realize this? They always helped each other with audition tapes. Because of what happened at the party they didn’t speak for - what felt like decades. He missed her. But what was happening between them while they’re performing was something new.

They forgave each other. Between sharp glances and loud echo’s. The applause came, they bowed and business as usual. Except for the fact that in a few weeks Erin was moving to Atlanta to shoot a Netflix show and he’d be back in London trying to get by on Off-West end shows and £3 meal deals.

After class once everyone left he kissed her. When Erin pulled away she looked pissed off. Before he got to regret anything she started to kiss him back. It was heavenly because he knew this wasn’t going to happen again.

During that oddly warm afternoon in Cardiff not much happened. Students practiced there Shakespeare and Laban. Second years were preparing for their first shows. In an acting studio on the west wing there were two third-year students whose lives were never the same.