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Lead Me Home

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 Days since outbreak: 704
Survivors: Lexa, Indra, Lincoln, Nyko, Echo
Ark Members Identified: Clarke Griffin, Abby Griffin, Thelonious Jaha, Marcus Kane, Raven, Octavia, Bellamy.
Location: The Ark, West Bloomington Minnesota


The sun hit Lexa’s eyes sharply, groaning quietly as she heard birds chirping loudly and the sounds of life filled the downstairs area of the house. She shifted to sit up but was quickly stopped by the fact that her body was being latched onto by the blonde girl who had curled herself up next to the soldier. Lexa paused, having forgotten momentarily that Clarke had slept in her bed last night but a tired smile covered her features as she felt the other girl breathing deeply into her neck.


Lexa was on her back with Clarke on her side with her head buried in the brunette’s neck and her arm tightly holding Lexa in place. Lexa’s right arm was looped around Clarke’s shoulder, holding her close as they slept through the night. Lexa looked up to the ceiling, bringing her hand to rub her eyes quickly as the smile grew on her face realising that last night was the first night she hadn’t had a nightmare since she could remember and she knew that was thanks to the girl next to her. They had spent most of their night in the lounge room with her squad once they all returned, Lexa informing them what she had discovered and showing them the sketch Clarke had drawn so they could go over it further that morning. Lexa and Clarke retired to bed in the early hours of the morning, whispering quietly as they lay in bed and holding the other tightly as if each of them would float away if they weren’t entangled.


Lexa felt the impossible for the Post-Apocalyptic world in that moment while she lay closely with Clarke because for that moment she felt safe. As if reading her mind, Clarke spoke of the same thing once their conversation had stopped but their eyes were still locked on each other’s through the dark night where the moonlight was the only source of illumination. Lexa had only felt like that once before in her life and that had been with Costia; as that thought came over her she also felt an intense sense of guilt. Costia was dead and Lexa was lying in bed with someone else, whilst nothing happened but just kissing; it was one of the most intimate evenings the brunette had ever spent with anyone. After they day of close calls they had, Lexa was just feeling lucky to have Clarke with her at that moment.


She pushed the sense of guilt from her mind, all she had been doing previously was surviving and thanks to Clarke Griffin; she wanted to really live again. What she felt for Clarke was magnifying by the very day; their close calls, confrontations and daily battles pushing them closer together even if they hadn’t intended it to be that way. Lexa wanted to be with Clarke without the impending doom of the other community hanging over her head and the brunette needed to accept that if she wanted Clarke then she was going to have to want to be in The Ark too. Clarke and The Ark community were a package deal and she needed to accept that now, just like Clarke had accepted the fact that the squad came with Lexa wherever she went.


“Can we stay in bed all day?” Clarke mumbled into Lexa’s neck as she pulled the brunette from her thoughts, feeling the blonde’s lips move against her skin while she spoke “I think that is a great idea”


“I wish we could” Lexa replied, the smile returning to her face “But we have a seamless plan to put together”


“Seamless would be nice” Clarke agreed with a nod “How did you sleep?”


“The best I have slept in 704 days” Lexa answered honestly


“No nightmares?” Clarke asked as she propped herself up on her hand to look Lexa in the eyes, the brunette turning her attention from the ceiling to look at the other girl


“No nightmares” Lexa confirmed, bringing her spare hand up to tuck a stray strand of blonde hair from Clarke’s face “You seem to be the cure to that”


“We might have to do this again tonight just to make sure” Clarke smiled sleepily at her suggestion, earning a chuckle from the brunette


“We might just have to do that” Lexa grinned herself “I’m glad you stayed last night”


“I’m glad that I stayed here last night too” Clarke responded almost instantly before leaning in to place a chaste kiss on Lexa’s lips and moving to sit on the bed “I should go though, I think we’re having a council meeting this morning”


“About yesterday?”


“About everything” Clarke sighed, running her hand through her hair “But once it’s done I will come back. I’m on duty this afternoon though around the perimeter and I think you might be as well too”


“That’s fine” Lexa responded quietly, sitting up in the bed next to the blonde “Clarke…”


“I’m not going to say anything about the note you found but we’re going to need to tell them soon” Clarke said with a heavy tone, the guilt evident in her voice “I agree with what you are saying, I think they probably will overreact when they find out and send us to the community immediately before we can think of a plan but if something happens within that time and we could have prevented it then I won’t forgive myself. I’m on the council; I have to do what is best for this place because that’s my job”


“Us having time to think about this and plan is what is best for this place” Lexa reasoned “Because if we don’t succeed then everyone here is going to die too”


“That’s why I’m keeping quiet for now” Clarke nodded, reaching out to run a hand through Lexa’s messy hair “I trust you completely but I’m kind of caught in the middle here so I can only keep quiet for a few days”


“That’s all I need” Lexa replied with a firm nod and an even smile on her face “A few days”


Clarke nodded once more, her eyes moving between Lexa’s and after a few seconds passed between them she moved to climb over Lexa, pausing as she was basically straddling the brunette. Lexa’s eyes caught the intensity in Clarke’s gaze as their eyes locked; the brunette’s breath hitching in her lungs as she witnessed fire in the blonde’s eyes. She could see Clarke reasoning internally with herself before leaning down to kiss the soldier fervently. Her hand moved to the top of Lexa’s chest, pressing her back against the headboard as their bodies meshed together. Lexa held placed her hands on Clarke’s thighs in front of her, squeezing gently as the kiss continued and grew with urgency. Clarke gripped the back of Lexa’s neck, weaving her hand through her messy bed hair and tugging on the wavy locks; causing the brunette to emit a hum of satisfaction just as Clarke pulled away to rest her forehead against Lexa’s.


“Wow, I’m sorry” Clarke said, almost gasping for breath and shutting her eyes tightly in embarrassment “I wasn’t planning on doing that”


“You should never apologize for that” Lexa replied with a dazed smirk while her hands gave Clarke’s thighs another gentle squeeze “You are welcome to do that at any time”


“I’ll remember that” Clarke chuckled, placing a gentle kiss on Lexa’s lips once more before shifting herself from the bed and walking backwards towards the door “I’ll come and see you guys later. It might be an idea to bring Bellamy, Octavia and Raven into this whole thing so we can plan this together. The only way this is going to work is if we actually all work as a team, not as two groups of people”


“If they can keep this to themselves for now then I agree” Lexa responded, shifting herself to her side again and propping her head up on her hand “I think it would be a great idea to bring them into it”


“I’ll talk to them” Clarke nodded, flashing a soft smile as she let her eyes take in the other girl one last time while reaching for the door handle behind her “I’ll see you soon”


“You will” Lexa nodded as well, frowning as she saw Clarke leave the room and shutting the door once more behind her


Lexa sighed heavily, rubbing her eyes with both hands and groaning loudly. Lexa cared for Clarke a dangerous amount, a dangerous enough amount for her to possibly do something stupid and get herself killed in order to protect the blonde. She was sure now more than ever that the very humanity within herself that told her to save Clarke in the first place was probably going to get herself killed and she had to be okay with that. If that were the case though she would rather die a hero than die a coward and leave nothing behind.




Lexa sat staring at the map on the table in the lounge room all morning. There she sat, staring at the wrapper and the sketch Clarke had so vividly drawn, trying to work out the best way to get her now extended squad in and out with minimal casualties but maximum damage to the leaders of that community. Her squad sat with her patiently as she mulled over the sketch, waiting for Clarke to return so they could properly discuss their options because unlike Lexa, she had an actual idea of the area and the people of the other community.


“Staring a hole in the paper isn’t going to help” Indra said gruffly “We have been sitting here all morning and you have hardly said a thing”


“I’m thinking” Lexa defended quietly, placing two fingers on her temple and rubbing it gently “I’m thinking so much that I’m getting a headache”


“You’re going to hurt yourself commander” Lincoln replied with a sigh “We just have to wait until Clarke gets here”


“From what Clarke has drawn here, we don’t even know if this is possible” Nyko offered honestly as he looked around the group “I know we want to stay here and this is great but do we have the manpower to do this? Do we have the weaponry to do this? We have military training but these Ark people coming with us are just kids”


“They’re my age” Lexa interrupted


“And you’re just a kid too” Nyko said before he paused “And I mean that in the nicest way possible Commander but you are young but at least you have a lot of training behind you, they don’t”


“I don’t think this is about just staying in this community anymore” Lexa reasoned as she looked to each member of the squad “We are being watched, what is to stop them from hunting us down if we leave and us suffering the same fate as those people we are trying to rescue? Can we live with ourselves knowing that we could have stopped what is going on in that place but just chose to walk away in the name of self-preservation?”


“We survive, that’s what we do” Indra responded “Nyko has a point”


“A few days ago you were all telling me that we could do this and that’s why we stayed, you all voted yes” Lexa said with a frustrated sigh, bringing her hands to rub her fac roughly “I agreed to this because you all wanted to give this a shot”


“But now we have facts” Nyko answered


“Clarke escaped there by herself and managed to let a bunch of infected out on the community. That was one girl, what do you think we could do to that place provided we are given the right directions and access in?” Echo added sharply to her squad “We gave our word; we made Lexa agree to their terms so I say we do this because I think we can kick their asses as well as rescue the people. They tried to kill us when we had Clarke; they are following us and threatening us”


“I just don’t know if I could walk away from here knowing all that we do when we have a chance to stop this” Lexa said through gritted teeth as she stood from her place on the couch “I am happy to take a vote on this but since when have we walked away from someone who needs help? That’s not who we are and I wouldn’t consider this if I didn’t think we had a shot at this. It won’t be easy and it’s not going to come without a price but it will be worth it. You know we would stop at nothing if one of us were captured somewhere like that”


“But we’re not, what’s left of us are here” Nyko countered honestly but cautiously “And we’re together, alive. Commander I want to help these people, I want to stay and I do feel for those who are trapped but I’m concerned. It’s all well and good for us to be going but these people haven’t really accepted us yet and you know that more than anyone. They lose nothing if we die in the process, they risk nothing”


“They are sending their own people; Clarke is going herself along with a team of her own and they are going to give us every chance to succeed but we need to work out a plan in order to do this” Lexa responded just before they heard a quiet knock on the door “Fold that up”


She stood and made her way to the door, only opening it after glancing back to her squad and was satisfied that the map and wrapper were out of sight from anyone, even if it were Clarke but she had a feeling it wasn’t going to be her at all.


“Bellamy” Lexa greeted as she opened the door, only opening it halfway “Did Clarke talk to you?”


“That’s why I’m here” Bellamy confirmed with a nod “Raven and Octavia are coming straight from watch duty in a few minutes, Clarke’s had them replaced because she told us about what you found yesterday”


“What did I find yesterday?” Lexa asked, raising an eyebrow


“The note” Bellamy responded with a confused tone “She sent me here because we’re going with you to the other community to get our people back and she said you wanted to talk to us all because you found a note”


“Come in” Lexa said opened the door for Bellamy to enter; quickly closing it behind him “You know it’s important for you not to tell anyone else about this, right?”


“Clarke’s told me to keep quiet about this for now” Bellamy responded as he looked around the room “I understand why for now but we’re going to have to tell the council sooner or later, they have to know”


“We will” Lexa nodded “We just need to work out a plan first and once we work out the plan, we’ll go straight to the council with it”


“What’s the plan so far then?” Bellamy asked


“Your guess is as good as ours right now” Echo responded to the Ark member, running a hand through her hair “You’re willing to come with us?”


“I’m supposed to be head of security here, they have our people so it’s only right that I should go” Bellamy answered with a nod “But Lexa saved my sister and I yesterday so we owe her”


“Whatever way we do this, it’s going to be risky so don’t do this because I saved your life” Lexa interrupted “I didn’t save it to get you killed later”


“Then we think of a really good plan” Bellamy replied nervously “Do you have the map that Clarke drew?”


Lexa gave a nod to Nyko who spread the map our once more against the coffee table and Bellamy sat down in front of it with his eyebrows knitted together in concentration.


They heard yet another knock on the door, Lexa moving back to open it and feeling a wave of relief come over her as she saw Clarke in front of her with Raven and Octavia as well. Lexa wordlessly held it open for them all, closing it behind them once they were inside and leaning her back against the white, wooden door.


“How was the council meeting?” Lexa asked as she watched Octavia take a seat next to Lincoln and noticed how Clarke stayed close to herself at the front of the room


“Councilman Jaha wasn’t there, understandably he is taking a little time out but no one blames you for anything” Clarke replied with her eyes fixed on Lexa before she turned towards the group “My mom brought up the fact that they want to start sending you on scouting missions soon to the other community so I think we need to get a plan together and tell them”


“If we go on a scouting mission then we won’t come back, they’ll take whoever goes” Lincoln responded “They are watching us way too closely by the sounds of it so we have to go once and once only”


“That’s why we need to think of a plan” Lexa answered with a nod, connecting the dots with what Clarke was suggesting


“Exactly” Clarke nodded, still looking at Lexa “First thoughts?”


“We’re going to need someone to take out the two watch towers first of all that they seem to have” Lexa responded instantly as she gestured towards the sketch on the coffee table “It won’t be possible for us to get in without being seen from a distance if we don’t take them out. They usually only have one person on them?”


“The whole time I was there it was only ever one person” Clarke confirmed


“Well I dare say you’re the best shot here Commander” Indra added


“I can’t do it; I have to be with the rest of the group. This person is going to have to break away and take them out from a distance. The rest of the group will stick together for entry, there should be one entry point and we’d be foolish not to consider the same one that Clarke escaped from because clearly it’s a place that works but it’s towards the back of the compound and right next to where they keep infected” Lexa pushed off the door and approached the coffee table to look down at the map, using the opportunity to subtly give the back of Clarke’s arm a small yet reassuring squeeze as she passed the blonde “The only sensible thing to do would be to go late at night, we can’t leave from the front gate if we are being watched, we can’t take our vehicles so we’re going to have to hope we can source our own somewhere along the way to make it there. The one thing that could give us an edge is the element of surprise so we need to hold onto that tightly”


“We have some vehicles you could use” Bellamy said honestly “We use them for emergencies only but we have some a few miles from here we could use”


“And you never cared to tell us this before?” Echo raised an eyebrow “That you have your own vehicles that you can use?”


“You didn’t need to know and there were no emergencies” Bellamy reasoned seriously as he looked down at the map before changing the subject “We’re going to have to move pretty quickly once the watch towers are taken out”


“We move immediately, no questions about that” Lexa responded, noting the vehicle comment to bring up later with Clarke “We stay as a group and from that point we need to cause as much chaos as possible, without being the source of chaos that is because we’re going to need a pretty big distraction for us to get through to where your people are being held”


“Well obviously we’re going to release some zombies then” Raven nodded with raised eyebrows and a smirk


“Or it could be something as simple as taking out their water supply, shooting a hole through the tank it’s kept in and starting a fire somewhere” Lexa suggested with a shrug “We set fire to food they are growing by the water supply and cut them down structurally more than anything”


“What about the spotter?” Lincoln asked leaning over the map “After they take out the watch tower they could have a shot at the gas tank by the front of the compound, from Clarke’s map it should block the path to their armory as well”


“It’s small but it would cause some damage” Clarke agreed reluctantly “It’s only small though, don’t expect too much”


“At that point they will know they are under attack but that will cause enough chaos for us to move through the compound. We shoot anyone who is armed, whether they are firing at us or not because if they get a chance they will take it” Lexa continued with a sigh “You have 6 people captured there but we release everyone, I’m not going to leave anyone in there because before we leave we will release infected and I’m not going to let anyone who was captured by this place just be a sitting duck to be eaten alive”


“So what do we do with the others then?” Nyko asked uneasily


“We get them out of there if we can but we will leave it up to the council whether we can bring anyone else here besides the 6” Lexa answered as her eyes scanned the group “I’m going to break off with one of you and we’re going to go find the person at the top of the hierarchy and we’re going to kill them”


“What?” Octavia asked with wide eyes


“It has to be done; he could just start all over again somewhere else” Clarke reasoned quietly “I don’t like the idea of it but it has to be done” 


“I’m not concerned about killing this guy but that’s a suicide mission” Octavia responded looking around the group


“This whole thing is basically a suicide mission” Lexa retorted quickly “If you don’t want to be a part of this then you don’t have to be, I wouldn’t blame you but if we don’t stop these people then no one else will and they’ll come here to kill every single person in here; it is us or them and I would suggest that you choose them”


Silence filled the room as Lexa finished talking, all eyes were on her but no words were spoken. They began looking around the room at each other for reactions but all they received from each other was sideways glances and unsure nods as they mulled the shell of their newly formed plan over.


“So what about the rest of us?” Echo asked breaking the silence


“The rest of you will get the people; on the way out you release the infected and get the hell out of there. You’ll return to the cars, the spotter will have to try and cover you all as best as they can but you’re going to need to look out for each other” Lexa spoke firmly as she looked around the group


“Hell of a first thought” Bellamy said with a smirk


“It’s an idea and we can work around it” Lexa shrugged evenly “And I want to hear what you all have to say as well but Clarke told me something this morning that I think is the key to our survival. We have to become one squad for this; we can’t be my squad and Ark people, and we have to be one. You take orders from me, you answer to me and I will take responsibility for you; there will be bloodshed and we will be outnumbered but we have to be smart about this. If we are than I think we have more than a shot at this if we go into this mission as a cohesive unit”


“With that being said, if we iron out a plan in the next day or so; when do we go to the other community?” Clarke questioned, approaching Lexa to stand next to her and place her hand on the small of the soldiers back while she looked down at the map “Because we can’t keep this from the council for long and we can’t wait for long either”


“Once we have a complete plan then we will present it to the council and I’ll present that note” The brunette answered honestly “From that point it’s pretty obvious that they will send us almost straight away”




“What did you think of my idea?” Lexa asked as she held her rifle tightly by her side, reaching up to pull at the brim of her cap to block the afternoon sun shining in her face as she and Clarke walked the perimeter of The Ark


“I think it’s a very good place to start” Clarke replied with a nod as her eyes scanned the trees in front of her before glancing to her side to look at the brunette “I think you know what you are talking about and anything you come up with will be our best option but we have a lot to figure out still before we go”


“A plan is all well and good but things change when you get thrown into that situation” Lexa admitted with a shrug “I know there will be variables we can’t plan for, things might go wrong and we’ll have to change our plan completely but at least this gives us direction and this gives us a starting point”


“Well I think taking out their supplies and using fire as a distraction all at the same time will be beneficial. I think going at night and using our vehicles is the smartest ideas as well, if they are watching us then we can’t be obvious” Clarke nodded with a sigh “A spotter is perfect but I don’t like the idea of you splitting off from the group”


“Yeah but I will have someone with me and we can’t take the whole group with us because if this guy is the kind of person I think he is, he will have a guard or two around his house and he will have locked himself inside” Lexa responded as she stopped walking so she could look at Clarke intently “Correct me if I’m wrong here but you know we can’t just leave him, right?”


“I don’t think you are wrong at all but I don’t understand why it always has to be you who takes the risks like that” Clarke replied very quickly, her voice sounding slightly irritated


“Because I can’t ask my squad to do something that I’m not willing to do myself” Lexa answered as if it were that simple and in her mind, it was.


“Well I want to go with you then” Clarke challenged “And you can’t say no because I’m a leader of my people so I should be going as well”


“I can say no because you’re on my squad for this mission and you agreed in that house that what I say goes”


“I didn’t say anything” Clarke grumbled


“I took your silence as an agreement” Lexa smirked as she watched the blonde’s face flushing in annoyance “Clarke the smart thing to do with you is have you leave everyone else out of there because you know where you are going and you know another way out if you can’t get out the way you came. That has to be you; it can’t be anyone else so you can’t come with me”


“Who are you going to take then?” Clarke asked after a short pause


“I’m not sure yet” Lexa shook her head, looking to her feet in thought “I think I’m going to need a volunteer for that one because that will be a risky job”


“I just volunteered” Clarke said flatly


“A volunteer except for you” Lexa elaborated seriously as her eyes met Clarke’s once more “I think it’s going to have to be someone from my squad, maybe Indra or Echo. You’ll need Nyko with you and I’m thinking of stationing Lincoln as spotter because he’s good at long range”


“Are you saying no just to protect me?” Clarke cocked an eyebrow “Because you can’t make that decision for me”


“If I wanted to protect you, which for the record I certainly do but if I wanted to protect you in this instance then I wouldn’t let you come with us at all” Lexa countered with a shake of her head, taking a step into the blonde “But you’re far too valuable to keep here considering you have already been in that community and escaped. That and you already volunteered to go the moment we were given this condition, you make your own decisions but you’re too valuable to the rest of the group to not lead them to safety”


“Okay” Clarke grumbled with a nod “If that’s the best way for this to work then I’ll accept it”


“It’s the best way for it to work” Lexa confirmed with a nod  of her own“What do you think you guys will decide in regards to the people that we free from there?”


“I don’t know” The blonde sighed deeply, Lexa knowing instantly that the thought had been weighing heavily on her mind “My vote only counts for one and of course I will vote to bring them in here because I know some of them but I don’t know what Kane and my mom will think let alone what Jaha will vote right now. There were 6 of us there and only six others that weren’t from here so it’s not a lot to take on; it’s just whether the rest of the council thinks they can trust them”


“I’ll bet this is a lot more complicated than the council thought when they asked us to do this”


“Yeah but they were never going to contemplate the complexities because they figured it was your problem” Clarke replied honestly “I love this place and obviously I love these people but we have survived so long because we can make smart decisions and my mom made this your problem and not ours when she gave you this condition”


“You really are caught in the middle” Lexa said sympathetically as she reached her hand out to brush her hand gently cross Clarke’s cheek “I’m sorry about that”


“I’m obligated to take the council’s side on everything but at the same time, I can see where you are coming from too with the whole note thing. I trust you, I trust you more than a lot of people inside those walls but it’s my job to do what I think is best to protect them” The blonde responded, a smile tugging at her lips as Lexa turned her cap backwards, leaning in so close to her face that their noses were touching “What are you doing?”


“Honestly I think you are made of magnets because I can’t help myself” Lexa said with her voice just above a whisper before she pressed her lips into the blonde’s, feeling the tug of her rifle strap against shoulder as it hung at her side while she used her hands to cup Clarke’s face gently


“As much as I really really like this” Clarke said in between kisses but allowing Lexa to kiss her once more before she pulled away to look the brunette in the eyes “I think that maybe we should continue this inside”


“You’re right” Lexa said clearing her throat as she took a step backwards “Sorry, that was very unprofessional of me whilst we are on duty”


“Yeah okay” Clarke chuckled to herself as she tugged on the material over Lexa’s abs to start her walking once more “Can I ask you something?”


“Sure” Lexa pulled her gun from her side, holding it with both hands in front of her as they resumed their duty


“Did you mean what you said?” Clarke asked cautiously “About me leaving with your squad?”


“I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it” Lexa responded truthfully with yet another shrug “Hopefully it won’t come to that”


“Well hopefully it won’t come to that” Clarke agreed quietly, her eyes falling to the ground directly in front of her


“Can I ask you something?”


“Okay” The blonde nodded


Lexa opened her mouth to ask a question when they heard movement to their right, both of their heads turning in that direction sharply and they aimed each of their weapons into the distance where the movement had come from. Lexa tapped Clarke on the shoulder and signaled for her to follow as she stepped quietly towards the rustling behind a thick set of shrubbery. The shrubbery began to part as they heard the groan of an infected before they saw the rotting body walk towards them.


“I’ve got it” Lexa said lazily to herself than anything as she pulled her hunting knife from its sheath and approaching it relentlessly as it limped towards her aggressively


She quickly pushed it to the ground, wasting no time in driving the knife through its skull as the moaning stopped and the infected died instantly. Lexa grimaced at the smell of the rotted corpse, figuring that this one had been wandering around for quite some time. She wiped the knife on what was left of the clothes on the now dead infected before standing again and turning back to the blonde.


She felt two arms grab her firmly by the wrist through the shrubbery, an infected emerged just like the other as it snapped at Lexa’s arm but before it could reach her, Lexa saw a shot go directly through its head; blood splattering over her shirt as it released her arm and dropped the floor. This infected had been strong, he looked relatively new compared to the other one, Lexa knew he couldn’t have been infected for long; it would have only been a case of days for him. Clarke rushed to Lexa, putting her gun back in her holster and taking her forearm gently with her hands, rotating her arm around slowly to check her skin.


“Any scratches?” Clarke asked in a panicked tone as she checked Lexa’s entire arm “No cuts?”


“No, I’m fine” Lexa shook her head quickly with wide eyes “Thank you”


“Why didn’t you kill it?” Clarke questioned, pulling Lexa away from the shrubbery so they were out of reaching distance should any infected come their way


“It happened in about 5 seconds, your reaction time was on point but I wasn’t expecting that” Lexa responded slowly “We should move away from this side because that’s going to attract anything around here”


“Oh my god” Clarke said with wide eyes as she looked across at the now dead infected, Lexa’s eyes following her line of sight but not seeing anything out of the ordinary


“What?” Lexa asked looking back and forth between the blonde and infected “What is it?”


“He’s one of ours, he was one of our 6 left in that community” Clarke said, creasing her eyebrows in confusion “He used to live down the street from me, his wife is in here”


“Are you sure?” Lexa asked carefully, ducking her head to try and meet Clarke’s gaze “Are you sure that’s him?”


“More than sure” Clarke replied quietly as her eyes connected with Lexa’s, her expression changing from shock to angry “They brought him back here, they dropped him outside The Ark”


“Well I don’t think he is here by chance” Lexa responded with a sigh as she looked around the immediate area


“I have to tell the council” Clarke shook her head as she went to step away “I have to tell them about the note and I have to tell them about this right now”


“No you can’t” Lexa replied instantly, reaching to grab Clarke’s arm gently “You can’t do that, we aren’t ready to go”


“They turned him into an infected and brought him back here” Clarke shook her head frantically once more “His wife thinks that he is still alive”


“I know this is hard and I hate myself for asking this of you but I need you to please just keep all of this to yourself for just a few more days like we agreed” Lexa practically begged, her heart beat increasing as she tried to convince the blonde to listen “I know these are your people but the best thing you can do for them now is allow us some time to figure out this plan. Once we do, we will go to there and we will make sure they can’t do this again but most importantly we will get your people back”


“But how many of them will die while we wait?”


“I don’t want to be doing this either Clarke but a lot more will die if you don’t listen to me right now and that could very well include you and I” Lexa urged regretfully as her hand slipped down to take the blonde’s “I am so sorry to have to ask that of you because I know you’re in the middle here but if you want to do what is best for your people then I need you to listen to me”


Clarke shut her eyes tightly, opening them moments later only displaying the same amount of anger and sadness as they had tried to blink away only seconds before.


“Okay” Clarke mumbled, nodding slowly “Okay fine but when I say it’s time in a few days then it’s time”


“I won’t need long” Lexa replied with a nod


Clarke sighed heavily, leaning her forehead against Lexa’s briefly before stepping up on her toes to place a kiss on the brunette’s forehead and then taking a few steps backwards to begin walking again.


“Come on, we need to keep moving” Clarke said quietly


Lexa just nodded without saying a word, turning her cap around and tugging on the back so it sat right before she took a few big strides to catch up to Clarke, walking so close to the other girl that their shoulders were touching as they continued their perimeter patrol.


“They might think they have the upper hand Clarke, they are playing mind games” Lexa said looking directly in front of her as they walked “But they don’t have the upper hand, not now anyway”


Days since outbreak: 704
Survivors: Lexa, Indra, Lincoln, Nyko, Echo
Ark Members Identified: Clarke Griffin, Abby Griffin, Thelonious Jaha, Marcus Kane, Raven, Octavia, Bellamy.
Location: The Ark, West Bloomington Minnesota