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all along there was some invisible string

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Ava still couldn’t believe she was here, with baby Laurel in her arms as Sara slept away in her hospital bed. Getting out of interdimensional time prison was hard, but at least she’d had a plan in there. But getting an alien doctor that understood what Sara’s body needed might’ve been even harder.

Luckily, Gary had some family connections on a planet a few light-years away and made sure that they had whatever they needed once the doctor was on-board. Thankfully, Sara’s half-human DNA alongside Ava’s cloned self meant that their baby would be mostly human and they could use their connections on Earth for their daughter as she grew up.

“Hi, sweet girl,” Ava whispered as Laurel woke up from her nap. Her bright blue eyes, which were a carbon copy of Sara’s, stared back at her intensely. “I’m your mama.”

Ava noticed that her little arms had pushed apart her swaddle, so she set Laurel down in her bassinet to rewrap her. A tiny hand shot out, grabbing Ava’s finger and making her heart melt. “Oh, you’re so strong, my love,” she whispered.

“Who, me or the baby?” Sara grumbled out as she awoke, stretching.

Ava huffed out in surprise, picking a freshly swaddled Laurel back up. “Both of you. Although, I was talking to Laurel.”

Sara hummed in response as Ava sat on the edge of the bed. “She’s so perfect.”

“I can’t believe we made her together, still.” Ava smiled as she felt Laurel snuggle closer in her arms, whilst Sara pulled her in, letting her head loll on Ava’s thigh.

“Yeah,” she whispered. “Mommy loves you, babe,” Sara added before looking up at Ava. “And I love you too, Mama.”

Ava smiled softly at her wife as she leaned down, careful not to jostle their daughter, and pressed a kiss against Sara’s lips. “Love you more,” she mumbled.


1 Month Old

Ava felt disoriented as she woke up, looking over to her alarm clock and seeing it was 2 am. She’d only been asleep for two hours, which felt like the longest amount of time she’d slept since Laurel’s birth.

“Babe,” Sara groaned out, rolling over to essentially smush her face against her pillow. “Can you grab her?”

Ava nodded and stood, yawning as she walked across the room to their daughter's crib. “Hi, baby,” she said, Laurel’s piercing cry ringing in her ears. “I know, I know, you’re hungry.”

Sara had already turned her bedside lamp on and was shirtless, head tilted back against the headboard. Ava gently deposited Laurel in her arms, who quieted the second she latched on.

“I love her so much but I can’t wait until she's sleeping through the night.”

Sara snorted. “We have a long way to go, babe.”

“Yeah…Sorry, I don’t mean to complain while you literally feed our newborn.”

“Baby,” Sara replied, “I know you didn’t mean it in a bad way and I know you’re dead on your feet right now. Rest. I’ll wake you up when she’s done.”

Ava nodded, already closing her eyes and setting her head against Sara’s shoulder. “Love you.”

“Sleep, my love,” Sara replied, lips gently pressed against Ava’s forehead.


2 Months Old

“Oh my GOD!” Sara exclaimed in the middle of the produce section. “Was that a smile?!”

Ava’s eyes widened and she let go of the tomatoes in her hand, turning to their daughter instead. “Did you smile, sweet girl?”

The two peered into the stroller as Spooner snorted behind them and Astra rolled her eyes playfully. Over the years, they’d seen their captains go through so much but there was something so soft about seeing them as moms. Although neither woman would ever tell them that to their face.

“Oh, there you go again,” Ava said, grinning back at her.

“I think the developmental book said she’d be laughing soon too,” Sara added.

“I always thought Ava would read those and then report back to you,” Astra said offhandedly.

Sara laughed and shared a look with her wife before turning back to her. “She does. But they have baby development books as audiobooks now so I’ve listened to a few when I go on my runs.”

“You can run now too?” Astra followed up. She was still trying to understand the world outside of hell but definitely thought that giving birth took a lot more out of a person.

“I’m slowly getting my invincibility back, so the doctor suggested I go for walks and runs.”

“Short runs,” Ava emphasized. “You’re still recovering.”

Sara just took Ava’s hand in her own, squeezing slightly before the two grew distracted with their daughter again. They made silly faces causing Laurel’s smile to reappear, before her small face scrunched up, looking weirdly similar to Ava’s worried look.

“Wait is she-” Sara began before Laurel let out the loudest gas she’d ever heard. “Crap.”

“Literally,” Spooner added with a snort. She chuckled at her joke, despite the looks she got from the other 3. “Alright, alright, I’ll go change her because of that. Sorry you're not rockin' with the dad jokes just yet.”

Sara just shook her head as her wife handed over their diaper bag.


3 Months Old

“Do you think she likes the name Laurel?” Sara asked as she placed their daughter on a soft play rug for some tummy time.

Ava looked up from where she was folding laundry, just a few feet away on the sofa. “What?”

“The name Laurel, like, maybe she didn’t want to be named that.”

“Babe,” Ava began softly, “she’s barely three months old.”

“But what if she doesn’t like it when she’s older?” Sara said, worry creeping into her voice.

“Then she’ll change it and we’ll support her.” Ava stared at her for another second before moving closer, pulling Sara into a hug. “What’s this really about?”

Sara sighed and rested her head against Ava’s chest. “Ray and Nora are coming by tomorrow with Henry for a play date.”

“I know,” Ava replied, still confused.

“And Ray and I share a ton of friends. Dead friends. But he and Nora just picked a random name they wanted. They didn’t bother to tie their kid to a past that maybe Henry wouldn’t want when he’s older and-”

“Okay, hold on,” Ava said, having a feeling she knew where her wife’s spiral was headed. She moved them towards the floor, just beside their daughter. “First, Ray Palmer named his Gumball, so we're lucky that between him and Nora they picked something normal. And second, we are not burdening Laurel. We both loved that name and wanted to honor your sister.”


“And,” Ava continued, “I have no regrets about naming her that. At all.”

“But what do we say when she asks about her name? And what do we do if she doesn’t like the answer?” Sara countered, worry still filling her chest.

“Then we tell her the kid-friendly version of the truth. That her aunt was an amazing person, whom you loved deeply. And that’s who she was but that’s not who our Laurel has to be,” Ava said. “We don’t want her to be anyone but herself and I’d hope we’d raise our child to know that.”

Sara nodded, taking a breath and already feeling better. “Okay,” she said, waiting for a beat before repeating herself. “Okay.”

“And if it makes you feel better, we can pick randomly from a baby names book next time around.”

“Next time?” Sara asked, feeling playful now. “I just gave you a child, woman.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t daydream about the next few,” Ava replied, a soft smile gracing her features.

Sara snorted as they watched Laurel play with the small sensory toys attached to the rug. “We could have a whole basketball team.”

“Absolutely not,” Ava replied quickly. She pressed a kiss against Sara’s forehead before taking her face in her hands and kissing her properly.

“Six boys? Laurel running the place and leading them all around?” Sara asked when they broke apart.

“Thank god for alien birth control,” Ava replied, swallowing Sara’s laughter into the next kiss.


4 Months Old

Sara opened the door with an excited smile and Laurel on her hip. “Thanks for coming over on such short notice.”

“No problem, Cap,” Behrad replied, already moving to grab Laurel from her mother. “And how are you doing, little lady?”

“She is doing great. The washer and dryer, not so much.” Sara shut the door and led him towards the laundry room, where both machines had suddenly stopped working. “I plugged them both in and out but the washer began to overflow and the dryer didn’t do anything.”

“This is looking gnarly, Laurel, can you say gnarly to your mom?” Behrad said in his best baby voice.

“She can’t say anything yet but-”

At that moment, Laurel grabbed onto Behrad’s long hair and pulled, giggling when the man yelped. “OW!” She reached for another curl and got the same reaction, laughing even harder, Behrad now quickly trying to disentangle his niece’s hand from his hair. “Gentle, gentle, please.”

Sara grabbed her quickly and stepped far away enough that Laurel couldn’t reach him anymore. “Sorry! I should’ve warned you she’s going through a phase. Ava and I have been wearing our hair up recently because of it.”

“It’s alright,” he replied, using the hair tie he’d borrowed (re: stolen) from Zari’s ginormous hair kit earlier that day. “I have to pull it back to look at this anyways.”

“I really am sorry,” Sara repeated. “I’ll be in the kitchen doing some work and watching her. Ava’s cooking tonight and the least we can do is feed you after this. It’s taco Monday.”

“Weird, but it works,” Behrad replied with a smile. “I’ll let you know if I need any help.”

5 Months Old

Laurel was laying on Ava’s stomach, the two dozing on the couch and having had a lazy morning after Sara went off to take care of a minor time emergency involving the invention of the baseball cap. She didn’t want to get off the couch, so she grabbed the remote off the coffee table in front of her and put on some kid's show that was supposedly good for Laurel’s development.

Ava placed a hand on Laurel's back to make sure she wouldn't fall off and had just closed her eyes when she began to babble, going, “Mamamamamama.”

She felt like she’d just been shocked awake by an electric current. “What did you just say?”

Laurel continued to say some more nonsense before repeating the sound. “Mamamamamama.”

“Are you saying mama?” Ava said, eyes wide and a smile overtaking her features.

“Mamamamamama,” Laurel repeated. She continued to babble, mostly meaningless noises which Ava would respond back to, but always found her way back to that phrase.

Suddenly, a portal opened up in the living room and Sara came through, still in a baseball uniform. “Hi, babe. Hi, baby.”

“Mamamamamama,” Laurel replied happily, sitting up and reaching out for her.

Sara stopped in her tracks, switching between looking at her and looking at Ava. “Did she just…talk?”

“She’s been babbling for a while,” Ava offered, still slightly in shock.

“I mean like talking, talking, babe.”

Ava finally broke out of her trance. “So, it’s way too soon for her to know what she’s saying according to the baby books. She probably just likes how the sound...sounds.”

Laurel followed her statement up with another, “Mamamamamama.”

Sara smiled, and Ava knew that she had the same tears in her eyes that her wife did. “That’s right, Laur. You have two mamas.”

“Two mamas,” Ava repeated softly, moving Laurel closer to Sara who had sat down on the ground in front of them. “Two mamas who love you so much, you lucky girl.”

“Mamamamamama,” was all Laurel could offer before babbling some more happy sounds.

6 Months Old

Gideon had set Laurel on her changing table in the small nursery Sara and Ava had built on the Waverider for their occasional overnight trips and missions. The new human was helping the team babysit for the day, eager to learn more about babies from an actual baby. “Alright, Miss Lance. Your mothers taught me how to do this yesterday and Astra outright refuses so it’s just you and me, yeah?”

Laurel gave her a gummy smile as she chewed on a cool teething toy Nate had fabricated for her a while ago. Gideon returned the grin before bending down to look for the diapers she knew were somewhere in the bottom side drawer.

Just as she found them, she felt some movement from the table, before looking up and seeing the baby roll off. Gideon was thankful for her quick reflexes as she caught her, however, she realized she was still wearing a few rings Astra had gifter her, one of which was decently sharp and definitely had the potential to hurt Laurel. “Oh no, no, no, no, no, no,” Gideon repeated worriedly.

Day one of caring for Laurel and she had already gone and hurt her.

She turned Laurel over, noticing a decently sized scratch on her left leg before the baby laughed. Gideon was confused as she continued staring, the cut slowly but surely shrinking in size until there was nothing there, and Gideon was looking back at Laurel’s chubby leg, devoid of any injury.

“You’re…you’re healing,” she said incredulously. Laurel just stared back up at her as she was laid down on the changing table once more. “I should’ve known you’d be like your mummy.”

The little girl laughed once more and Gideon went to pick up the discarded diapers, keeping a hand on the baby now at all times, despite her powers, still nervous about what had just happened.

“Alright, we’ll finish this and then we’ll get you checked out in the med bay,” Gideon said, although she knew Laurel wouldn’t understand her. “Because although you look fine I’m still nervous. This is not something normal human babies are known to do, although I guess you’re not really a normal human,” she finished nervously before taking a breath and looking into Laurel’s big blue eyes.

“And you know what,” Gideon added with a slight smile, “Who on this ship is?”

7 Months Old

Zari had decided that Ava needed a makeover.

It wasn’t that she looked bad, Zari was always in awe of her mermaid-like hair and model-like composure, but the other day the Captain had portaled onto the Waverider in an oddly patterned button-down that was definitely gifted to her by someone who knew nothing about her and a pair of Sara’s maternity jeans, claiming she grabbed the wrong pair when she was already late.

This was clearly beyond just fabricating something on the ship. Zari desperately needed to go to one of those early 21 century malls. And Ava agreed, albeit reluctantly.

They had gone into a few stores, Laurel napping away in her stroller before Zari spotted a boutique that looked right up Ava’s alley. The displays showed a mix of muted patterned slacks and jeans while a few turtlenecks and sleeveless tops hung on some racks.

“Oh, Aves,” Zari said, adding another shirt to the evergrowing pile in her arms, “this is perfect. Casual enough to wear around but also nice enough to take Sara out somewhere.”

“We barely have time to go out without you guys,” Ava gently reminded her. “So, most of our date nights are spent sleeping or catching up on shows we’ve missed.”

“You can’t possibly just lay on the couch in your pajamas every time one of us goes to pick Laurel up for a few hours.”

Ava gave her a look and a smirk, to which Zari sighed out as the pair walked back towards the dressing rooms.

“No pajamas are worn during that time, got it. But you should still actually go out at some point. Here,” she said, offering Ava the clothes.

“Thanks,” Ava replied, moving into the first available changing room and pulling the curtain closed behind her.

Zari moved the stroller over to the large couch in the middle of the dressing room space and noticed Laurel had awoken. “Hello, gorgeous girl,” she said, picking Laurel up and placing her on her lap.

The baby was happy to see her aunt, especially when she noticed Zari was wearing some golden bracelets that clinked together. As Laurel played with them, Ava came out wearing a slightly deep-cutting top and a pair of jeans that somewhat fit her.

“I'm not sure about the shirt. I like the pants though, but-”

“You look great in them!” Zari said happily. “We can definitely get those tailored around the base because Sara is going to lose it when she sees your butt in those.”

Ava blushed a deep scarlet, still smiling at her best friend. “Z!”

“What? You know I’m right.”

Ava just shook her head in playful exasperation and entered the changing room once more, before coming back out in a maroon button-down and some gray slacks. “I like this look a lot.”

“Of course you do,” Zari replied in kind, “you look like…well you look like yourself. Time Bureau hard-ass, or so I’m told, but also like someone who cries at the end of movies.”

“Okay,” Ava said with a chuckle, “This is turning into a therapy session.”

“Shopping is retail therapy,” Zari said matter-of-factly. “What do we think, Laurel? Is this a cute look?” she asked in her best baby voice.

Laurel let out a babble after realizing the two adults looked at her before clapping. Ava and Zari both laughed and cheered along with the little girl.

“Yay, Laur!” Ava replied.

“Go shopping!” Zari added. Ava stared at her daughter for a few more seconds, Zari giving the two a sweet smile, before finally speaking up again. “That was outfit two of, like 12. I’m going to need another change.”

Ava rolled her eyes playfully but entered the changing room once more.

8 Months Old

Ava was running around their backyard, a crawling Laurel quickly trailing behind her. Henry wasn’t too far behind, just having learned to walk himself, followed by Nora who made sure he wouldn’t trip and fall flat on his face.

Sara smiled at the scene, having just come through the back door, and walked towards them, giving Nora a shoulder squeeze and a smile as she passed by. She jogged towards her wife, who had stopped to take a breather as the kids still chased her down.

“Here,” Sara said, passing over a beer. “Careful opening it, it might be a little shaken.”

“Thanks, baby,” Ava replied with a quick kiss. Sara tugged on her shirt, pulling her down for another kiss, which Ava smiled into before feeling Laurel and Henry arrive at their feet. “Oh, no!” Ava exclaimed happily, “You caught us!”

The two kids giggled as Nora walked up to them as well. “We wouldn’t have if you two stopped making out like teenagers and ran.”

Sara snorted as Ava playfully rolled her eyes. “We just kissed, but you know what this means?”

Nora’s eyebrows scrunched in. “What?”

“You’re it,” Ava replied with a grin as Nora put two and two together and began to walk away quickly.

“Get her!” Sara told Henry before Ava helped Laurel reroute in order to chase down her aunt. “I’ll be with Ray!” she yelled over her shoulder as Ava took off in the opposite direction.

“One of those for me?” Ray asked, pointing at the two remaining beers in Sara’s hands.

She handed one over and peered into the grill. “Food’s looking good, Sir Raymond of the Palms.”

Ray laughed as he popped the tab on his drink and took a sip. “Did you ever think you’d be barbecuing with an Arthurian knight?”

“Did you think you’d be grilling with a half-alien assassin?”

“Can’t say that I did, at least up until about a year ago that is,” Ray replied, looking out into the backyard. “But, I’m glad I am. And I’m glad we’ve grown since those days aboard the ship.”

“Softy," Sara teased as she took a sip of her own drink. “Me too."

9 Months Old

Gwyn was incredibly nervous to have a team dinner at Ava and Sara’s home. It was one thing to have it on the Waverider or in the portal dimension, which he still didn’t quite understand, but entirely another to be in someone’s home.

“It’ll be fine,” Alun assured him, ringing the doorbell.

Ava was the one to welcome them in, leading them through the house before arriving in the kitchen. Gwyn was still growing accustomed to modern technology but was thrilled to see a microwave there after his newly growing fascination with radar and the technology that succeeded it.

“Captain Lance, may I?” he asked, pointing as Sara poured them some wine.

“Sure,” she replied with an easy smile. “I think Behrad might have left some tools here last time too if you’d like to ask him about it. Tinker around.”

“I would love to,” Gwyn said, “Where is he?”

“Where’s who?” Behrad replied, walking into the kitchen with Laurel in his arms. “I think she was asking for you?” he said to Ava, who received a very excited Laurel with open arms.

“Was she saying ‘mama’ again?”

Behrad shook his head side to side, thinking about it. “Kind of? It wasn’t very clear.”

“That’s probably what she meant. We’re slowly working on words now that she’s a bit more mobile so we can hear her,” Sara replied, handing over the glasses to Gwyn and Alun before grabbing her own.

“Ah,” Alun said, raising his glass with a smile, “To the little miss Laurel then.”

As they drank, Laurel suddenly pointed to Gwyn and said, “Dada.”

Ava snorted as Sara almost did a spit take and Gwyn choked on his wine. When he could finally breathe, he began saying, “No, no, I’m not- I didn’t-”

Sara was still laughing, doubled over next to the counter as Ava took her glass, in part so her wife wouldn’t spill it and also to take a sip herself. Alun just looked confused through the madness. “But I thought, or I guess I was told…Laurel doesn’t have a…hmmm,” he said.

“She doesn’t,” Ava confirmed, “I think she must’ve picked it up from a show or something we must’ve put on.”

Laurel now pointed at Alun and repeated, “Dada,” sending Sara into more laughter.

Ava reached down and rubbed a hand on her wife’s back, hoping to calm her down. “At least she’s getting great at pointing?”

Laurel looked at Behrad, reaching back out at him, and tilted her head, as Sara often did when she was confused. “Mama?”

Suddenly, Ava realized what was happening. “It’s the hair. Long hair means you’re a Mama and short hair must mean Dada.”

“Oh, sweet girl,” Gwyn said. “I recently discovered it is not that simple. And thank God that it’s not.”

Laurel just gave him a sweet smile in response.

10 Months Old

Ava ran a hand through her hair in frustration as she spoke with Spooner on comms. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t shoot, I’m saying that security is going to be all over you when you do so just wait for backup to get there before shooting.”

As she paced around the parlour, she noticed Laurel was touching her ear, the same way Ava had been.

“Are you-” Ava began before Laurel babbled over her, almost as if she was mimicking whatever Ava tried to do.

Suddenly, she had a brilliant idea. “Gideon?” she asked, still getting used to having both the human version and the AI onboard.

“Yes, Captain Lance?”

“Oh, I’m Captain Sharpe.”

The AI didn’t answer for a moment before saying, “But you married Captain Lance?”

“That’s right?” Ava replied, full of confusion. They hadn’t had an issue before with this. Maybe she’d encountered some sort of bug or Behrad and Sara switched around some wires when they gave her a small upgrade last week.

“My apologies, Captain Sharpe. Mr. Heywood informed me of the decision and history of married women to change their names after fabricating an engagement ring for Ms. Tomaz. It was a bit convoluted, if I may say so, but he mentioned you liked being called Ava Lance.”

Ava smiled to herself, now knowing why Nate told her they needed to talk soon about Zari, just the two of them. “That’s alright. I did take Sara’s name but it would be confusing to have two ‘Captain Lances’ onboard.”

“Understood,” Gideon replied. “Then, Captain Sharpe, what can I help you with?”

Ava replied with what she needed fabricated and grabbed it from where Gideon left it for her, in Laurel’s nursery. She changed Laurel into it right before setting her down for a nap, knowing that she would be wearing the outfit upon Sara’s arrival back from the field.

After about an hour of getting some StabCast research done and silence from the baby monitor beside her, Ava heard the familiar sound of a time courier portal opening on the bridge. “Honey, I’m home,” Sara shouted out jokingly as the team walked through.

Ava looked at them and saw that, while they all looked a bit worse for the wear, the only one clearly injured was Behrad, whom Astra was helping hobble towards the Med Bay. “Good mission?”

“Always good when I get to see your face afterward,” Sara mumbled as she pressed a hello kiss against her lips.

“The rest of us also survived,” Zari provided, “if that’s what you were wondering.”

“Yup,” Spooner added, “Caesar isn’t coming back from the Senate any time soon.”

Ava wrinkled her nose as Sara chimed in once more. “We should have some type of hall of fame for historical figures who mess up the timeline more than once.”

She chuckled at her wife’s joke, happy to have the team back together before the baby monitor on her desk made some noise. “Sounds like Laurel is awake.”

Sara gave her a look as they walked down the ship’s hallways together before arriving at the nursery. “I missed her too today.”

“Oh,” Ava said, remembering the outfit their daughter was wearing, “she did this adorable thing today where she copied me when I spoke with you on comms. It was like, hand to ear listening and talking and she tried to pace as she held on to the couch.”

Sara smiled before leaning over the crib and practically shaking as she tried to hide her laughter. There lay Laurel, looking up at her mom with blue, still sleepy eyes and a miniature white canary onesie on. “Oh my god, babe!” Sara said in between breaths.

Ava laughed along, picking Laurel up and handing her over to her wife. “I think I figured out our Halloween costumes for this year, by the way.”

11 Months Old

To say Sara was late was an understatement. She was currently putting her shoes on as she hopped around the living room, knowing that Laurel had been there a few seconds ago. She just learned to walk and now she’s running?! Sara thought, worried about where her kid could've run off to.

Sara heard giggles coming from the kitchen so she followed them, finally finding Laurel hiding behind Ava’s legs. “Babe, heeyy, you’re here.”

Ava gave her a look and a smirk. “I left my cufflinks on the dinner table this morning so I thought I’d pop in and grab them before meeting you at the wedding, but now…what’s going on?”

“She learned to run.”

Ava chuckled as she stepped closer to her wife. “I see that, babe.” She pressed a kiss against her lips as Laurel took off once more, this time towards the living room. “And now she’s the Flash?”

“God,” Sara replied, rolling her eyes, “don’t tell Barry that, it’ll make his ego even bigger. If we’re picking a different superhero make her Supergirl, please.”

“And do you want to be the one to tell the real Supergirl that we’re going to be late to her actual wedding if you don’t hurry up?”

Sara’s eyes widened before she ran off after Laurel, the skirt of her dress fluttering behind her as Ava laughed and followed her, happy to see that at least Laurel had already been wearing her flower girl outfit when she’d arrived.

1 Year Old

Sara and Ava looked on at the small group gathered, both happy to sit on the couch that had been moved into the lab as they rested against each other, arms and hands intertwined. Sara remembered sitting in a similar position when she realized the Legends were more than capable of taking care of themselves a few years ago. And she would be lying to herself if she didn’t think that that moment led them to this one.

She looked on as Nate and Zari, who had officially been fiances for a whole week now, decided which present to hand over to their daughter next. Behrad was close behind them, arguing with the other Zari about the traditions of a first birthday and how they should’ve been celebrating since yesterday.

Spooner and Astra were off to the side, eating cake and talking, wrapped up in their own little world. Gideon sat across from them with Gary, who was insisting they throw her a first birthday party too despite her first year as a human already having passed and the fact that she was originally born as an AI program hundreds of years into the future.

Gwyn was with Alun, as always, both doting on Laurel and helping clean the mess she’d made when she smushed cake all over her face before throwing it to the ground.

Ava sighed and Sara knew she had something on her mind. “What is it, babe?”

“We’ve officially been her moms for a year,” her wife replied, snuggling deeper into her neck.

Sara turned and pressed a kiss against her forehead. “We survived.”

“We did more than that,” Ava offered. “She’s so sweet.”


“Smart. Jesus, I can’t believe she can already do so much.”

Sara snorted. “She’s tough, too.”

“And invincible, like her mommy.”

“Strong, like her mama.”

“Happy,” Sara whispered into the space between them. “Which is all I really want for her at the end of the day.”

“Yeah, and so, so loved,” Ava finished.

“Always,” Sara replied with a smirk. “I think...we can handle this, no matter what comes our way. And I can’t believe we just get to…to keep being her moms.”

“Me too,” Ava replied sitting up, pressing a kiss against her wife's cheek. “Should we go save the birthday girl from her aunts and uncles?”

Sara laughed and stood, pulling Ava up along with her, ready for whatever adventure their family would take them.