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An Ode to TechnoBlade

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Ode to TechnoBlade.

For me, TechnoBlade wasn't just another faceless person behind a computer screen. He didn't just play the game, he reinvented it. Although I never got to catch many of his streams due to time differences, among other things, in my head will always be 'starting the stream'. TechnoBlade meant something. For many fans he was hope and light, and that rings true for me as well.

As a fanfic writer, the techno I strive to portay is a protector, and he was in life the same. His characters always stood out, his chaotic rituals spread across multiple Minecraft servers, he showed us that we don't have to follow the story, but be something entirely more powerful.

But most importantly, Techno was human. He had wit, humility and a friendliness to him and his streams that made him my comfort streamer.

That meant he helped so so many people out of dark places.

Obviously I only know the man shown online, but this small glimpse of such a person was enough for so many of us.

Thank you Technoblade.

Rest in peace.