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Enough to Break the Storm

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Izzy wasn’t stupid; he knew he wasn’t too old to go into heat. It had been a long time, yes, but he would be the type of omega unfortunate enough to have a body that gave a last hurrah at the worst possible time.

It was probably his fault; he’d been so excited when Blackbeard had returned and subsequently so woefully unable to keep up with the monster he’d awakened that when fucking Stede Bonnett and his crew (including the boy, what the fuck?) had shown back up, he’d encouraged their reunion. They were tougher and without fear, a proper pirate crew in ways he didn’t think they were capable.

Worse still, Ed had apologized for what he’d done to Izzy despite Izzy’s insistence it was a fitting punishment for his transgressions. Still, Izzy had done the only thing he could think of doing in that moment.

He forgave his Captain.

Shortly thereafter, Izzy committed the mistake that he blamed for putting himself in his situation: he let himself feel relieved at the Captains’ reunion. It was only a short jump from there to feeling like he could properly relax in his most private moments until the stress that had been keeping his heats at bay as he approached the age they’d stop altogether, well, dissolved.

There were so many other little things he should have noticed over the past several weeks that he’d written off entirely after reasoning them away.

If he was hungrier than usual, it was because Stede insisted the crew eat proper meals and Izzy had let himself get used to it, not because his impending heat was trying to ensure he had stored energy to burn.

If he was restless, it was because he did not have enough to do on account of the crew suddenly being competent, not because his body was about to make his week hell.

And if he felt like he needed to nest, well, that one he pushed aside until it fucked right off because Izzy fucking Hands didn’t need to nest.

Ed noticed before he did, because of course he would. Ed knew Izzy better than Izzy knew himself, and when he told Izzy he smelled different, it was Ed’s eyes that went wide first.

“Iz,” Ed spoke like he was trying not to frighten a cornered animal, “when is your heat supposed to start?”

“No,” Izzy felt his entire body went cold, “I’m not-”

They stared at each other for a while until Ed took a step forward, reached out, and grabbed Izzy by the shoulder. He barely squeezed it at all, but Izzy whimpered, his eyes fluttering closed.

“I think you are, mate,” Ed told him, “and I think it’s soon.”

“I can lock myself in my room,” Izzy tried to assure him, “Ride it out.”

“I can help you,” Ed blurted out.

“You have Stede,” Izzy bristled. Two Alphas, both self-styled pirate Captains, could not possibly have room in their lives for someone like Izzy.

“I’m selfish,” Ed laughed, “I want to help you, Iz.”

“I know,” Iz told him. It was the truth. Ed had helped him with numerous previous heats and despite the years Ed had lost none of his vitality.

Ed looked like he wanted to beg, and Izzy wasn’t sure he could handle that.

“Fine,” Izzy relented.

“Iz,” Ed hadn’t taken his hand off Izzy’s shoulder, “You…you want me, yeah?”

“Of course I want you,” Izzy scoffed, “I’ve only ever wanted you, Ed.” Heat was definitely coming soon. Izzy would never have let himself be so vulnerable otherwise. Still, what was done. was done and what was said, was said.

“And Blackbeard,” Ed pointed out.

“I just wanted you back,” Izzy hung his head, “and was really fucking stupid about how I went about it.”

“Fuck,” Ed swore, “I…okay. Okay. I do want to help, Iz.”

“Then help,” Izzy tried to challenge him. Ed growled, shifted to grab Izzy by the wrist, and dragged Izzy off to the Captain’s quarters. The door was barely shut when Ed turned around and pressed himself against Izzy.

“What about Stede?” Izzy asked.

“One thing at a time,” Ed told him. He buried his nose in Izzy’s neck and inhaled deeply. Izzy could feel Ed growing hard against his own crotch.

“Ed,” Izzy whined.

“Stay here,” Izzy told him.

“Yes’sir,” Izzy could barely fucking breathe.

Ed slipped out and all Izzy could do was stand there, his skin starting to crawl and yep, his heat was coming on.

Ed came back into the room nearly at a run. He was all over Izzy almost instantly. His mouth was on Izzy’s neck. The intimate warmth caused Izzy to start to melt under his Captain’s touch.

“Stede says he can find somewhere else to sleep for a few days,” Ed told him, “or join us, whichever you want.”

Izzy felt his thoughts freeze in place while his heat tried to race forward. Did he want Stede around for this? Probably not. Was the rapidly onsetting heat telling him the idea of two Captains tending to him would be foolish to pass up?


“Dunno,” Izzy managed to say.

“Okay,” Ed nipped at the underside of Izzy’s jaw, a feat given their height difference, “How ‘bout I fuck you once your heat’s finished setting in and ask again?”

“Yeah,” Izzy said breathlessly.

He let Ed take charge. This was easy. Submitting to Ed like this felt like an old habit Despite how long it had been.

Ed kissed him lazily. Izzy couldn’t get enough of him. Ed chuckled as he slipped his hands just under the waistband of Izzy’s pants.

The next several moments gave way to the next without leaving a trace in Izzy’s memory. He couldn’t remember when he’d stripped down. Even naked and with the setting sun promising that cooler air was coming, he still felt like he’d crawled into a fire and forgotten to leap back out.

“Ed,” he whined, “Ed it’s so fucking hot in here.”

“What do you need, Iz?” Ed asked.

“Need you,” Izzy pawed at Ed, who was unfairly still fully clothed.

“Right then,” Ed said as he put his hands on Izzy’s thighs, “Just a second, mate.”

Mate. What a cruel word, given the circumstances.

Still, the jealous flare over the fact he was not Ed’s mate died down the instant Ed shed his shirt. He made quick work of taking off the rest of his clothes.

Izzy couldn’t help but stare.

“Christ,” Izzy said with a sharp inhale.

“He isn’t here,” Ed teased.

Ed guided Izzy to the oversized lone bed. Izzy went willingly. The bed was so soft underneath him that it felt like going into heat had transported him to another world altogether.

“You’re impossible, Ed,” Izzy informed him.

“Mmhmm,” Ed agreed, “It’s what you love about me.”

Love was a dangerous word, especially for old pirates. Instead of repeating the exact sentiment, Izzy said: “Among other things.”

“Oh?” Ed raised an eyebrow.

“Ask me again after you’ve knotted me,” Izzy growled.

“Well aren't you hungry tonight?” Ed asked. He wasn’t teasing this time, though. In fact, he sounded just as deeply unmoored as Izzy felt.

“Starving,” Izzy answered honestly.

“Wanna come get your fill?” Ed offered.

“Yes,” Izzy answered. A tiny gasp escaped with the one-word answer.

“Come on then,” Ed coaxed.

Izzy lunged forward to take Ed’s nearly fully erect cock in his mouth. Ed let himself fall backwards onto the bed as Izzy made quick work of bringing Ed to full hardness with his tongue.

“Shit, Iz,” Ed hissed, “Haven’t lost your touch.”

Izzy pulled off Ed’s cock long enough to say, “I’d hope not.”

It was Ed’s turn to say, “Christ.” His hands threaded themselves through Izzy’s hair. Izzy whimpered as he tried to lean into the gentle tug without taking his mouth off Ed’s cock.

With his mouth full, Izzy could only laugh. The vibrations must have done something for Ed, though, because he bucked into Izzy’s mouth.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Ed encouraged him, “Oh, fuck, Iz. Almost forgot how talented you are.”

“How could you possibly forget?” Izzy popped off to ask.

“It’s been a while,” Ed pointed out.

“And whose fault is that?” Izzy argued.

“Lets assign blame later,” Ed suggested.

“Fine,” Izzy rolled his eyes. Ed was probably just joking about forgetting. That didn’t stop Izzy from feeling hurt over the remark, though. He knew that the heat was making him overly emotional in his responses. He swallowed the hurt as he took Ed’s cock in his mouth again.

He licked and sucked and flicked at the slit with the tip of his tongue. In response, Ed grunted and groaned before he thrusted forward like he wanted to fuck Izzy’s mouth. Ed’s hands tangled in Izzy’s hair, He started to pull it in all the ways that made Izzy keen and buck into the mattress.

“Fuck baby,” Ed panted, “Fuck!”

Ed started to babble absent praises: good and fuck and even a Who’s you’re daddy? that had so much force behind it that Izzy answered the question.

“You are,” Izzy promised him, “It’s only ever been you, Ed.”

“Oh Iz,” Ed sounds like he might cry, “Iz, let me fuck you, please.”

“Please,” Izzy begs, “Please fuck me, Ed.”

Ed wasted no time in reversing their positions. Ed had his hand between Izzy’s legs the instant he was properly on his back. Izzy reached up to grab at Ed’s back. He wanted to touch as much of Ed as he could while he could. The way his skin was overheating could shove off. He would rather be too hot to bear than miss even a second of this delicious opportunity.

“You’re so fucking slick already,” Ed told him, “Do you feel yourself, Iz?”

“It’s a little hard not to,” Izzy replied. There was a small laugh that Izzy didn’t realize was his own for several seconds. He was in proper heat now. His head has abandoned him for the ride. That was okay, though. Ed will take care of him.

Just like he used to.

Izzy moaned when Ed slipped his first finger in. He was pretty sure the entire ship heard him. He was also pretty sure he didn’t care. Ed crooked his finger so perfectly. Izzy keened for him, again and again as Ed hit the spot several more times. He could feel slick start to run down the inside of his thighs as Ed continued to draw noises out of him.

He might have been embarrassed in any other circumstance, or at least worried about ruining the linens. Ed’s fingers inside of him as heat took over his every last sense wasn’t any other circumstance, though. He didn’t care what he was ruining in that moment so long as it wasn’t anything between him and Ed.

“Beautiful,” Ed praised, “You have no idea how beautiful you are, Iz.”

Izzy wanted to tell Ed that he’s wrong. He couldn’t find the words to do so, though, so he settled for trying to bear down on Ed’s hand.

“Hungry,” Ed teased.

“Uh-huh,” Izzy managed to say.

“Tell me what you want, Iz,” Ed prompts him.

“I want your cock inside me, Ed,” Izzy begged, “Please.”

“Good boy,” Ed praised him again, “telling me what you want like that.

Izzy shuddered.

“You’re so fucking tight,” Ed informed him as he slipped a second finger in. Izzy’s head fell backwards as his spine arched off the mattress. Ed’s fingers felt like heaven and hell all at once, so much and yet not enough.

Izzy tried to bear down on Ed again. He succeeded this time. It was just a tiny bit, but any more of Ed he could get inside himself was a victory.

“You really are hungry,” Ed marveled.

“I’m fucking starving,” Izzy whined.

“I can tell,” Ed mused. He reached forward with his free hand to grab Izzy’s stomach. “Been taking care of yourself, haven’t you?”

“Didn’t realize how much I was eating,” Izzy tried to explain himself to Ed, “Fucking pre-heat hunger drive.”

“Looks good on you,” Ed told him. Izzy could feel himself flush at the compliment.

“Glad you like it,” Izzy replied. It didn’t make much sense to him once he’d said it, but he felt like he needed to answer everything Ed said simply because he wanted to hear more of Ed’s voice. If Izzy kept talking, Ed would keep talking. Even if it was nonsense.

“Like it?” Ed laughed, “I fucking love it.”

“Like me gaining weight?” Izzy asked, incredulous.

“I like you taking care of yourself,” Ed corrected him, “And they way you carry it.”

“The way I carry it?” Izzy echoed.

“You look like I knocked you up,” Ed told him.

“Wouldn’t that be something,” Izzy barely breathed the sentiment. He ignored the way his heart had started to flutter. He let out a shaky breath before he begged for Ed’s cock again with a barely-voiced, “Please.”

“Yeah,” Ed said. His breathing was shaky, too. It was almost like Izzy wasn’t the only one whose heart was trying to blur the line between fantasy and true desire.

Ed withdrew his hand slowly. Izzy whimpered at the loss, but Ed crawled across the bed and covered Izzy’s body with his own to make up for it.

“Gonna bury myself inside of you,” Ed promised, “Gonna fuck you til I come inside you. Fill you right up.”

“Oh god yes,” Izzy moaned.

“God ain't here,” Ed chuckled, “Just you and me, Iz.”

“Good,” Izzy panted, “I don’t want to share.”

“Greedy,” Ed teased.

“Only around you,” Izzy told him.

Ed laughed as he started to line himself up to enter Izzy. When he finally started to push his cock inside of Izzy, Izzy keened, moaned, and groaned all at once.

“There we go,” Ed groaned. He’d managed to bury himself to the hilt inside of Izzy.

“Fuuuuck,” Izzy moaned, “You’re so huge, Ed!”

“You’re so fucking tight,” Ed shuddered, “and so fucking slick, Iz.”

“Daddyyyy,” Izzy surprised himself with that particular plea. Whatever corner of his mind wasn’t heat-addled couldn’t remember how long it had been since he had called Ed Daddy.

“I’m here,” Ed promised, “I’m right here, Iz.”

“I want more of you,” Izzy whined. He wriggled under Ed to no avail.

“You can have all of me,” Ed offered.

“I’ll take it,” Izzy decided, “I’ll take all of you.”

Ed chuckled a tiny bit before he started to move inside of Izzy. He started slowly, almost like he was trying to find himself all over again. It didn’t take long for him to find whatever it was he’d been looking for, though, because the next thing Izzy knew, Ed was thrusting into him without mercy.

Every time Ed buried himself to the hilt, Izzy made a sound like the air had been punched out of his lungs. Each time, he barely had time to recover his breath before Ed pulled out and thrust back in again.

Above him, Ed began to babble the sweetest things. “Wanna fill you up, Iz,” Ed groaned, “Wanna come inside you.”

and listen to the sounds you make when I do that

“Oh yesssss,” Izzy groaned. He was fairly certain he’d never heard a better idea in his life.

“You’d like that?” Ed asked

“I would love that,” Izzy panted, “I wanna be so full of your come.”

“Could be full of my pups,” Ed said as he leaned down to nuzzle the side of Izzy’s neck.

“Oh God please,” Izzy wasn’t sure which God he was pleading to.

“Fuck,” Ed’s breath hitched,” “You’re in fucking heat, Iz.”

“Hadn’t noticed,” Izzy managed to joke.

Ed laughed and Izzy felt like he was doing something right.

“You could breed me like this,” he told Ed, “Fill me with your pups.”

“Careful what you wish for,” Ed cautioned him.

“Never,” Izzy made another promise.

Ed groaned at that. His rhythm faltered a little bit as he warned Izzy: “Gonna knot you.”

“Good,” Izzy dug his nails into Ed’s skin until he felt blood begin to well under his nails. That seemed to push Ed over the edge. Almost instantaneously, Ed’s knot popped inside of Izzy and Ed came inside him with a cry. Ed bit down on Izzy’s shoulder as he emptied himself inside his First Mate. Izzy cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure.

“Fuck,” Ed said when he could speak again. His chest was heaving like he’d been running just a touch too long. Izzy’s breathing was even less even.

“Uh-huh,” was all Izzy could manage. They laid there tied together long after darkness settled over the sea. When Ed’s knot finally went down enough for Ed to pull out, Izzy whimpered at the emptiness.

“Insatiable,” Ed said fondly.

“Mmhmm,” Izzy hummed. He was not yet willing to let go of Ed. Judging by how Ed did not try to get up or otherwise shake Izzy’s arms off of him, Ed wasn’t ready for Izzy to let go anyway.

“How are you feeling?” Ed asked him.

“Like I just got the best fuck I’ve had in fucking years,” Izzy heard himself say, “Like I want to do that again.”

“Insatiable,” Ed repeated.

“Only for you,” Izzy promised again.

“Well don’t I feel special,” Ed purred.

“You are special, Ed,” Izzy told him.

“You’re fucking wonderful, Iz,” Ed said as he nestled his face into Izzy’s neck. He inhaled deeply as he rutted against Izzy despite neither of them being hard. Izzy let himself feel like Ed truly desired him beyond this heat.

His heat was in a lull. He could think just clearly enough to know they both needed food and water. He also knew they should have a conversation about this. Maybe not right now. Maybe not even during the next lull.

Right now, he’d put it off though.

Right now, he’d enjoy this more than he’d enjoyed any heat he’d ever had.