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Swinging on a Star

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It was our senior prom night and I was a nervous wreck. My girlfriend, Elisa and I had been planning this for weeks, but I was terrified. I went to Elisa’s place to pick her up, but was greeted by her parents telling me that she would be down soon. I waited, but when I saw her, my mouth dropped.

“Ready Frank?”
“Oh, uh, yes. This is for you, by the way. I hope you like it, they didn’t have any roses, but they had a lot of marigolds.” I put her corsage on her left wrist and she pinned my boutonnière onto the outer seam of my jacket.
“Perfect. I love marigolds just as much as roses. Ready when you are, Frank.”

I was ready to escort her out, but I got the “have fun, but not
too much fun” talk from her parents. After that was over, we walked to my car, I opened her door, and then went my way to my side.

“Nervous, Frank?”
“A little. Aren’t you?”
“Not really. I’m with my handsome date, in a nice car, and we’re on our way to have a nice night out. If anyone says anything, I’ll hurt them, or maybe cause a scene. Regardless, tonight will be memorable one way or another.”

I let out a small laugh and she put her hand over mine.

“Hey, if worse comes to worse, we can always leave, go back to my place, order a pizza, and forget the night.”
“And watch a baseball game?”
“And watch a baseball game. As long as I’m with you, I’m happy. Now, if tonight goes well, we’ll have both photos and memories of one of the happiest nights of our lives.”
“I agree. Looks like we’ll have to see how tonight goes, huh?”

I eased up a little and before I knew it, we had arrived at our school. I paid for our entry tickets and to have our pictures taken. Elisa was having the time of her life and I was just happy to see her happy. We danced to almost every song and then some. Just as the night was about to close, the band played a slow dance song. I could make out that it was Glenn Miller’s “Moonlight Cocktail.”

“Care to dance?”
“Oh, sure! But, I’m not too good on my feet when it comes to a slow song. Fast ones, yes, but not slow ones.”
“You’ll do fine, Frank, I promise. Just follow my lead.”
I followed Elisa's lead and I think I did okay. Right up until some guy, that I couldn’t see too well, tried to start something with us. Once I could see who it was, it was the captain of our football team, Derek, that always picked on those below him. This went on for the remainder of the song, and I could tell that Elisa was getting annoyed more and more. I tried my best to diffuse the situation, but then Derek tried to hit me, and that made Elisa was madder than hell.

“Hey! Leave Frank alone. He’s not bothering you, and besides just because you’re captain of the football team doesn’t mean you run the school, nor does it mean you can just fight anyone you want. Now, if you don’t mind, my boyfriend and I would like to continue onward with our night without any interruptions. Besides, he’s just a little guy.”
“Look lady, your guy here, he’s just a mutt! And he can’t even fight back, what good is he?!”
“Look, if you wanna start a fight, go to your fellow player over there trying to leave with your girl and leave us alone, yeah? And at least my boyfriend is a nice guy with a heart!”

I’ve never seen a guy get so angry at another like that before, I thought that he was going to come back angrier than ever, but instead, he disappeared.

“You okay, Frank?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. He didn’t hit me, just winged me.”
“Is he always like that to you? Y’know a menace and whatnot?”
“Not always, just a lot of the time. I’m an easy target, I guess.”

“He really needs to find someone else to start something with. Or someone that’ll knock his lights out.”

“I know, but I’m usually his go to.”

“It shouldn’t be that way. Say, most of the night’s over as is, why don’t we go back to my place and finish up whatever ball game’s on?”

“Now you’re talking. Can we order a pizza too?”

“Of course. Extra large pepperoni with extra cheese?”


“You got it!”

We left the school hand in hand and went back to her place. I set up the ball game, took care of our corsages, and set the table as she called for a delivery. It was a nice way to end an almost hectic night. I was just happy that she was happy. I hope we’ll be together forever after tonight, but that’s something to think about later. Come to think about it, I wouldn’t mind, so I asked Elisa for her opinion.

“You mean like after high school and whatnot?”
“Well, yeah. It’s completely up to you, of course.”
“I’m not opposed. It would be nice to be married, have a couple of kids, maybe a dog, and just be happy with one another. Besides, I love you, Frank, and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.”
“You really mean all of that?”
“Of course I do, Frank. I love you and I’d love to be Mrs. Columbo. That is, if you’ll let me.”
“I’d love that. I love you too, Elisa.”

We shared a kiss and before I knew it, the pizza delivery guy had our pizza, and was waiting. We ate, watched the game, and fell asleep in one another’s arms. I hope I can make her my wife, but that’s up to the future and the universe, and not me. I can only hope that the universe is kind enough to treat us nice.