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Fourth of July

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Olivia leans back in her lawn chair, sipping a frozen cocktail, refreshing in this heat, and just takes it all in. The women surrounded her chatting while the men were manning the grill and the kids were running around the small yard chasing each other with their new water guns. 


Elliot beamed last week when he invited Noah and Olivia over for his family’s 4th of July celebration. He was beyond excited that all of his kids and his two grandkids were coming over to celebrate and he planned on cooking out on the new grill that they’d got him for Father’s Day.

Olivia was hesitant at first, not wanting to intrude on family time, but Elliot quashed that thought immediately.


“You are family, Liv. You and Noah are my family.”


“But, your kids…”


“Stop, Liv. I don’t know how many times I need to tell you this: my kids love you; they love Noah; and they 100% support this.” He told her calmly with an air of exasperation, pointing his finger between them. 


“Okay, okay,” she relented.


“Damn right, okay. Now stop trying to get out of holiday celebrations. You have to suffer through them like the rest of us.”


“Noah and I will be there, then. What can we bring?”


“Just yourselves,” Elliot had started, but then corrected, “Actually, you might want to bring a swimsuit for Noah and a change of clothes for yourself. Maureen said something about a water balloon fight.”


“Oh goodie.”


The day, however, after a brief and somewhat awkward game of “say hello to everyone,” was going well - much better than she could have hoped for.


The family atmosphere of the garden was exhilarating. The children’s laughter surrounded them; the smells coming from the grill were delicious, as was this frozen daiquiri that Kathleen had blended with fruit she bought at the local farmer’s market; and the heatwave had taken a break from baking the city, so she was plenty cool sitting in the shade.


Olivia is thankful that Elliot’s daughters accepted her into their family so easily. She’s enjoyed the last hour gossiping with the Stabler women about their significant others, friends, jobs, and more.


Kathleen had begged her for information on her young Detective Valesco, admitting that she thought he was “so sexy,” when she saw him at the precinct a couple weeks ago. 


Liz filled them in on her recent dating app woes. Olivia had learned a while back that Liz was pansexual, so her dating preferences were not limited to the obnoxious men on the apps, but those men seemed to provide the fuel for the best stories and laughter was the best medicine (at least that’s what she told herself) for her recent dating draught.


And Maureen, after swearing the group to secrecy, admitted that she and Carl were going to start trying again. Olivia could barely contain her grin at the news and sent up a silent prayer to the universe that the couple would be successful in their efforts despite the odds they now faced given their age.


The conversation had come to a comfortable lull, so Olivia watched Noah refill his super soaker from the large bucket of water that Elliot set out for the kids. Olivia asked about the water balloons and Maureen gave her a look and told her “I didn’t realize I’d have to fill and tie over a 100 of those damned things up; the water guns are much easier and the kids are just as happy.”


Then Olivia let her gaze fall to her man and she chuckled.


Elliot looked ridiculous - absolutely absurd. 


He’d been letting his facial hair grow out, showing a nice mix of salt and pepper, and he’d finally listened to Olivia’s advice about covering his head, so he had on a backwards ball cap, which caused his ears to (cutely, she thought) stick out a bit. He had also found some sporty sunglasses to cover his eyes. But that wasn’t why he looked foolish. No. Dickie had found a few overly-patriotic t-shirts for each of the men to wear and cut off the sleeves. Elliot had initially refused to wear it, calling it gross and ludacris. But when the other men pulled them on laughing, and Dickie told him “that was the point, dad, to wear them ironically,” Elliot succumbed to the request of his oldest son, slipped the cutoff T over his head, and even threw on a pair of old cargo shorts to complete the ensemble. 


Olivia had barely recognized him when she arrived at the gate. He looked like a completely different man. A man who’d wear chunky white shoes and complain about crooked lines in his freshly mowed lawn while drinking cheap beer and cracking jokes about his “ball ‘n chain” or “old lady.”


Olivia teased him, asking if she was at the right house. But he just shrugged it off good naturedly, commenting something about the things that parents do for their kids, and telling her to check out the other men. And as stupid as he looked, she smiled and kissed him sweetly before joining the rest of the Stabler clan.


Now, after two freshly, and well poured, blended frozen cocktails, Olivia is appreciative of the cutoff shirt. She let her eyes linger on Elliot’s arms. Focusing first on his broad shoulders that had freckled under the sun, then down to his large biceps, and finally to his forearms - the very ones that she’d been enamored with throughout their entire partnership. She was always thankful for the warm New York summers that caused him to slink out of his jacket and roll up his sleeves. 


Olivia’s intense focus on Elliot didn’t go unnoticed by the gaggle of women around her. 


“Liv,” Kathleen calls, trying to get Olivia’s attention first, but she is not heard.


Maureen and Liz covered their mouths with their hands, trying hard to contain their mirth.


“Liv,” Kathleen tries again slightly louder and a wave of her hand. Again, she is ignored.


“Look at her eyes, she can’t take them off him,” Maureen whispers to Liz.


“You should have seen her the other day,” Bernie chimes in. “She was practically drooling when she saw him working in the garden shirtless the other day. I thought she might have a heat stroke.”


“Grandma!” Liz admonishes in a rough whisper. The other girls were giggling into their cups, all watching Olivia daydreaming.


“Don’t take that tone with me, I’m not the one panting over a dirty, sweaty man.”


“LIV!” Kathleen finally shouts with a couple quick snaps of her fingers next to Olivia’s face.


Olivia jumps slightly, startled and her cheeks turn pink. She turns towards Kathleen, both embarrassed and slightly annoyed. “What Katie?”


“If you are done ogling dad - ick by the way-”


“Yea, he looks horrible in that get-up,” Maureen interrupts. 


“It’s ick every day,” Liz adds, pulling a face and giving an exaggerated shudder.


Olivia opens her mouth to defend herself, but Kathleen just lifts her hand, “I want to know how Noah’s summer recital went.”


Olivia takes a drink through her red, white, and blue paper straw, before answering “It went well.”


“Dad told us that he had his own performance?”


“Yeah, he had a hip-hop solo. He worked on it for several weeks. He was so excited that your dad came to watch.” 


More than happy to brag about her son’s accomplishments, Olivia continues telling the women about Noah’s recent recital and his hope to move to a more advanced dance class in the fall. 


But her story was cut short by a sudden outburst by the men at the grill. The younger boys, spurred on by Eli, filled their super soakers to the brim and ambushed Elliot, soaking him with all three of their guns at once. Dickie and Carl had seen the boys starting their sneak attack and had silently stepped back and pointed to Elliot’s back when he was distracted, searching through the cooler for another drink.


“AH! What the…!” Elliot shouts, surprised by the sudden rush of cold water hitting his back.


The whole group, except Elliot, is overtaken by laughter.


“You better run boys!” Maureen shouts at the kids, knowing that her father will give them a good chase. 


And that he does. Elliot chases them around the garden a couple of times, shouting “I’m going to get you,” while wiggling his fingers menacingly. Finally he wraps his arms around Seamus, tossed him over his shoulder, and marches to the half-full bucket and drops him into the water, splashing the other boys. All three boys were laughing the entire time. 


Elliot walks the short distance from the water bucket to the circle of women, dropping a quick kiss on Olivia’s cheek. “I’m going to go change, can I get you a refill?” he asks, pointing at her empty cup.


“I’ll come with you, get it myself.” Olivia tells him, lifting herself from the seat. 


The sisters eye each other, wiggling their eyebrows. As soon as the pair is out of earshot Liz says “Twenty bucks they are going to make out.”


“Sucker bet,” Kathleen responds.


“Fifty bucks that they are going to do more than that,” Bernie offers.


“Seriously, Grandma!” Maureen chuckles. 


“You wouldn’t know, you don’t live here,” Bernie shrugs and opens a bottle of water, taking a sip before explaining, “All I’m saying is that I hope your drinks are full, because I wouldn’t go in the apartment until they return.” 


“What have you seen Grandma?” ask Kathleen.


“No, no, don’t tell us,” Liz puts up her hands, “I don’t want to know.”


Ignoring Liz’s protests, Bernie starts, “Well, a few weeks ago after one of their dates, I turned the corner to the bathroom from the kitchen and I saw…”



Once inside Olivia excuses herself to the bathroom.


Elliot takes her cup to the kitchen to fill it up from the daiquiri mix in the freezer. He sits it on the counter before heading to his room to swap his soaked and dripping shirt, now very cold against his skin in the air conditioning. 


Just a minute later Olivia grabs the cup he left for her and walks towards the garden doors intent on rejoining the family outside, but changes direction at the last second when she hears Elliot open his dresser drawer.


“Damn, that shirt was growing on me,” Olivia says from the doorway as she sees him shirtless searching for a dry replacement. She’s thankful that his hat and sunglasses are sitting on the dresser because he finally looks like the Elliot, the very sexy Elliot she loves.


He stands and greets her with a smirk, “Oh yea? The cut off was doing it for ya? Gettin’ ya hot?”


Olivia saunters into the room, letting her hips sway side to side as she steps up to him, close enough to touch, putting her cup on the dresser. “I think it was the lack of sleeves that I appreciated,” she admits biting her bottom lip, and trailing a finger over his bicep and down to his forearm, tapping gently on his Marines tattoo. “I could never train my eyes to look away.”


“I knew it,” Elliot whispers, putting his hands on her hips, and tipping his head down so his nose touches hers. “I always thought you were trying to sneak a peek at my arms when we were working together.” 


“You caught me,” she whispers, leaning to touch her lips to his.


It starts soft and sweet, little chaste pecks of their lips pressing against each other. That is until Elliot sneaks a hand from her hip down over her ass and roughly pulls her against him. She gasps at his sudden movement, and he takes advantage of her dropped jaw, opening his own mouth against hers and sliding his tongue through her lips. 


She follows his lead, letting him deepen the kiss and allowing her tongue to glide over his, eventually sucking on his bottom lip and dragging her teeth across it.


“El,” she says breathlessly, when she finally pulls back, “the door, your kids. We need to -”


He places a finger over her lips gently, stopping her words. “Hold that thought.” She kisses the digit before he pulls it away and rushes to the door, closing it quietly and flipping the lock.


“What do you -” she tries to ask, but he’s back to her and kissing her again, urgently, deepening it immediately and hauling her body fully against his. She can feel him through his shorts, pressed to her hips. Her hands grip his back. Her fingers dig into his flesh, still covered in goosebumps from the cold water. 


“You look so beautiful in this dress,” he tells her as he plants wet kisses down her cheek and across her jaw, pressing his erection into her, as if to prove his point. “I want you.”


Olivia puts her hands on his bare chest, holding him back slightly, “We don’t have time.”


“Sure we do,” he counters, grabbing her wrists, pushing them down to her side before fisting her dress, pulling up over her hips. “I can be quick, remember?” He reminds her, thinking back to their afternoon quickie earlier in the summer.


She can feel her resolve slipping as his hand finds its way between her legs and he runs his finger over the damp lace of her panties. Summoning the last bit of her resolve, she grabs his wrist, stopping his movement, and argues, “Your kids are just outside.”


He just smirks at her, kissing her again, mumbling against her lips, “Then you better be quiet.”


Elliot knows he’s won her over when he feels her sigh against his lips and the grip of her fingers loosen on his wrist. He takes his opportunity to pull her panties aside and rub his finger over her. 


“I knew it,” he whispers tauntingly when he finds her hot and slick. “I knew you’d be wet for me, the shirt got you hot.”


“You get me hot,” she corrects as she runs her hands over his bare chest, scratching gently through his chest hair and catching his nipples on each pass. “Now drop your pants,” she instructs.


His shorts and briefs hit the floor seconds later and he toes off his shoes.


“How do you want to do this?” he asks, his breath starting to come out in pants as he strokes his cock purposefully. He wants to make sure he can fulfill his promise of being quick. 


Olivia whips her head around the room as she tugs her panties down her legs, seeing the dresser that sits underneath the window to the living room, with her cup resting precariously near the edge, and his chair in the corner with a suit from last week resting on it. 


She nods at his bed, “Sit on the bed.”


“Yes Ma’am,” he answers before he sits on the edge of the bed, reaching for her hips when she settles on her knees over him. 


He holds her dress up, out of the way as she grabs his erection, angling it she slowly sinks down, enveloping his cock inch by inch, gasping at the stretch and tinge of pain.


Seeing the look of discomfort pass briefly over her face, Elliot grabs her hips, stopping her movement. “Hey, we don’t have to…”


This time she puts her finger over his lips to stop him, then replaces it with her own lips with a quick peck. “Shhhh, I’m fine,” she tells him, “I just need a second and then I want it hard and hot.”


He nods wide-eyed and then groans a little too loudly when she sinks the rest of the way. 


“Quiet,” she reminds him, then keeps him quiet by kissing him deeply, slowly exploring his mouth with her tongue, as she lifts her hips a little and slides back down, then winds them over him gently, still waiting for her body to fully adjust to the intrusion. 


She pulls back from the kiss to lift one of his hands still resting on her hips, singling out a finger and sucking it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, wetting it before guiding it back to her center. He takes the hint and starts rubbing her clit as she continues to move slowly over him.


He leans forward, placing wet sucking kisses across her chest, thankful for the deep v in the fabric, and doing his best not to suck too hard, knowing that if he leaves a marks, he’s a dead and celibate man.


It only takes a few moments for her body to catch up and relax, and she sighs when she feels it happen.


“There,” she whispers, kissing him again. “I’m almost ready for you, hard and hot .”


She lifts her hips up, so far that he nearly slips out and slowly takes him back in completely. He groans at the sensation, she’s hot and tight and getting wetter by the second. She repeats this movement a few more times.


“Hmmm,” she hums, “ready.”


“Are you-”


“Elliot, we only have a few minutes, fuck me ,” she whispers the last part directly in his ear, licking the outer shell before nipping at his lobe. 


He trusts that she knows her own body so he gives her what she wants. He wraps one arm under hers and across her back between her shoulder blades so his hand is gripping her opposite shoulder, forcing her down on his lap. His other arm circles her low back, his hand tightening on the opposite hip. Then he uses his strong legs to drive his hips up, as he pulls her down. 


“Ah, shit!” she calls out, forgetting for a moment that they are just feet from his entire family.


“You okay,” he asks, making sure she really was ready.


“So okay…damn El, felt good.”


At her confirmation he does it again, this time she’s able to prevent herself from shouting, but her moan was equally loud. 


“Shhhh,” he reminds her, grinning against her temple.


“Shit,” she repeats more quietly, then grumbles, “this was a bad idea,” before biting down on his shoulder to keep herself from getting too loud as he thrusts again. 


“No…great idea,” he pants, “so hot…you’re so hot.”


Elliot continues to work below her, thrusting his hips up as hard as he can from his angle, and helping her lift and drop her hips over him. Grunting, sweat begins to bead down his spine and covers the flesh where goosebumps were just a few, short minutes ago. 


“Fuck Liv, so good…” he groans in her ear as he feels his release building. “I’m already about to…”


She lifts her head to look at him. His eyes are squeezed shut, his teeth are gritted as he roughly sucks in air. If she didn’t know better, she’d think he was in pain, but she knows that he’s trying to hold back, waiting for her so they can come together. 


While it’s nice to come at the same time, it’s not a necessity in her book. And despite the pleasure in this moment and the taboo nature of sneaking away for a quick fuck with her sexy boyfriend, she’s not there yet, and she’s not sure she can get there in this position. It’s one of the shitty things about being a woman – not always getting an orgasm during a quickie, needing a little more build up most of the time and not every position does the trick. But she doesn’t want him to continue to deny himself his release. They need to finish and get back to the crowd before his kids come looking. Besides, she can always have him make it up to her later. 


She leans in, kissing the skin in front of his ear and whispers huskily, “Yes El, come. Come for me.”


As soon as the words leave her lips she slams her hand over his mouth as he comes with a deep, strangled, and loud groan, no longer able to hold back. She feels him spurt into her as his hips jerk beneath her and his hands clench, gripping her flesh firmly, almost too tight. 


“Fuck,” he exhales several seconds later when she removes her hand and he loosens his grip and rests his head on her collarbone. “We are damn good at that.”


“Mmm hmmm, we are,” she agrees and moves to lift herself off his lap. “We need to clean up and -”


“Wait,” he holds her still and eyes her for a second, thinking, then he stands, turns, and dumps her unceremoniously on the bed.


“El! What the -”


He shakes his head, “You didn’t…you know…” He nods his head meaningfully with a wiggle of his brow as he crouches at the end of the bed, dragging her to the edge.


“I know, but we need-”


“Shhh, I don’t care. We have time,” he tells her as he pushes her dress back up, above her belly button.


“El,” she tries to argue but the fight leaves her the second his tongue touches her clit. 


He pulls back and offers coyly, “I’ll stop if you really don’t want me to.”


“Too late,” she whispers and not so gently guides his head back down.


He chuckles and mumbles “Thought so,” before licking a broad stripe up from her entrance to her clit. He repeats the movement several times when he hears her moan and sees her pull a pillow over her face in his periphery.


She’s hot and swollen under his lips, and he can taste himself in her. He groans, but is disappointed that he can’t take his time, really savor the moment and whisper dirty things to her – tell her how much he loves this, loves the taste of them together, and how soft and relaxed she is in these moments. But he knows that he has to work her up quickly, they’ve already been inside too long. He laches his lips around her clit, sucking and flicking, and he presses two fingers into ther, crooking them immediately and driving into her at a consistent pace he knows she likes. 


It only takes him a couple minutes, and she’s there, her orgasm rips through her, pleasure bubbling from her center and spilling out through her entire body. One hand tightens on the back of his head, keeping his lips in place as her hips move erratically. Her sounds are muffled by the pillow she’s squeezing to her face, but just barely. If anyone was within three feet of his bedroom door, then they’d be able to hear her. 


He continues to work her until he feels her squirming away. He lifts his head to see her toss the pillow to the floor, her face red, and her arms flop out wide on the bed as her chest heaves, desperate for fresh, cool air. 


He sits back on the floor, leaning on his arms outstretched behind him and chuckles. 


“What?” she huffs from her position on  the bed.


He just shakes his head, his grin growing, “Nothing, I’m just happy.”


She smiles and forces herself to sit up, the fabric of her dress falling back to her thighs, and looks at him, “Me too.”


“Here,” he says as he reaches behind him, grabbing his wet shirt from the floor and offers it to her. She eyes him incredulously. 


“Fine,” he shakes his head and swipes it over his own face, knowing his short beard is soaked with them. 


Elliot stands on shaky legs and pulls his underwear back on. She watches him return to the dresser and tug a plain blue t-shirt over his head and a button fresh pair of shorts. 


He kisses her cheek and rushes to the bedroom door, “I’ll be right back with a towel.”


He’s thankful that he doesn’t see any of his kids on his way through the apartment to the bathroom in his search for a towel. 


He snags a hand towel from under the sink and dampens half with warm water before taking a second to pull the neck of his shirt to the side to see the red bite mark on his shoulder. He chuckles to himself, thinking that the pool is off limits for the next few days. 


“Here,” Elliot smiles, trying again with the clean towel when he returns to his bedroom. 


“Thanks,” Olivia chuckles and begins to clean up. 



They know that they are caught when they walk back outside together. All of the adults eye them with a smirk but no one says anything. They clearly had been inside much longer than they thought, despite their best efforts to keep it quick.


Elliot returns to the grill, asking if the guys need help putting the second wave of food on as he sees several dishes already covered with foil on the table. But Dickie tells him that the last of the food is already on the grill, but they were too afraid to go into the apartment to put the cooked food in the oven to keep warm until he and Olivia returned.


Carl chuckles, slapping Elliot’s back when he stands back up and says “Yea, it took you so long to change your shirt that we were able to finish the last set of brats and burgers.”


Elliot tries to hide his quickly reddening cheeks by turning and digging through the cooler for a new beer.



Olivia takes her seat in shade, sipping on her now melted drink. 


“Get a refill?” Liz asks as she nods to the cup in Olivia’s hand. 


But Kathleen starts before Olivia can answer, “What Elizabeth means is did you get some?”


“Katie!” Maureen shouts. 


Bernie snorts and responds, “Why are you asking? You know she did. Just look at her cheeks, her hair…”


Olivia nearly chokes and runs a hand over her hair. She took a trip to the bathroom before returning outside just to make sure it wasn’t obvious and she thought she looked just fine.


“Grandma,” Kathleen shrugs with an ornery grin, “I just meant did she get some of the daiquiri from the fridge?” Then she leans over and fake whispers to Olivia, saying loud enough for all the women to hear, “Your hair is fine by the way, but boy did you just admit what you and dad did.”


Liz doubles over with laughter, spilling her own cup. 


“Pay up ladies,” Bernie laughs and pushes her hand out to her granddaughters.