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It started with you, and ended with me

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Lena was having a shit day. Her alarm hadn’t gone off due to very unintelligent decisions Sam had convinced her to make. That’s why her head was also currently pounding inside her skull. Her stomach had violently revolted as soon as she rolled over in bed. The board decided it was a good day to make her life even worse. What should have been a quick half hour meeting turned into an dick measuring contest that left her headache even worse. Two hours later she emerged seeking coffee and pain medication. Jess informed her that Sam had canceled their lunch last minute due to some issues down in R&D that she had to oversee. The small little reprieve she had been looking forward to made her sigh at its loss. 


 To make matters worse she had to make an appearance at the opening of a new club down the street. It was an upscale club for queer individuals. Being openly out had made her a prime person to invite to the grand opening. Of course she was going, she could use the good publicity and maybe even find someone to distract her for a few hours. That’s how she found herself in a long sleeved little black dress that fit like a glove (you know the one 😉) with a drink in her hand after work. What she did not plan on was her ex also being at the grand opening. 


Andrea Rojas leaned against the bar with a glass of wine in her hand, wearing a gorgeous red dress. Lena took a quick detour to the other side of the club, hoping to put as much distance between them as possible. There were many people that ran in her circle filling the club but there was also a decent amount of people she did not recognize. The pulse of the music thumped in her veins as she made her way around the dance floor to a more private area. 


“Lena! Over here babe!” She turned her head quickly to see Sam waving her over. Grateful for the friendly face, she made her way to the secluded booth. 


“I wondered where you’d gotten off to. Did you get everything settled with R&D?” 


“Uh-uh, no work talk. Only drinks and hot women. Did you see anyone who sparked your fancy?” 


Lena chuckled as she took a long sip of her scotch. “I was honestly trying to dodge Andrea so I didn’t take much stock in who is here tonight.” 


Sam groaned, “Can’t she just leave us alone for one night? I swear to god she’s the biggest cock block around.” 


An eyebrow lifted in amusement, “Well she doesn’t have to do much to block cock considering that’s not what I’m looking for.” 


A red haired woman sidled up to their booth with a glass of wine in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other. The glass was slid in front of Sam and she slipped her arm around Sam’s shoulders. Lena gave her attention to the two of them as Sam blushed. “Lena, this is Alex. Alex, this is the friend I told you about, Lena.”


Alex smirked, “So you’re the one who needs to get laid. Nice to meet you Lena.” 


It’s a good thing she hadn’t been drinking anything because it probably would have come out of her nose at that remark. “I see Sam has been informing you about much of my life. Nice to meet you Alex.” 


“If it helps, I told her my sister also needs to get laid and she’d probably be willing to help you out. You’re exactly her type.” 


Lena blushed, “That’s quite alright but thanks for the offer. I think I can manage picking up a girl on my own.” 


Sam laughed out loud, “Yea ok Lena. Kara is exactly your type. Blonde hair, blue eyes, muscles for days.” 


As if being summoned, a blonde greek goddess made her way over to their table with a tray of shots in her hand. She was wearing a dark button up shirt that was undone with at least the top three buttons. Her biceps were straining against the material of her shirt and the sleeves were cuffed to her elbows. She wore slacks that hugged her thighs and butt in the absolute sexiest way. Blonde curls fell down around her shoulders and piercing blue eyes were hidden behind dark framed glasses. To put it mildly, Lena was already turned on. 


“Ah there she is, Lena this is Kara. Kara, Lena,” Sam said while reaching for a shot. 


Alex followed suit and clinked her shot glass with Sam before they both threw them back. Kara locked eyes with her and smiled, “It’s nice to finally meet you. Sam has been talking about you for at least twenty minutes. I feel like I already know you personally.” 


Lena groaned, reached for a shot, and tossed it back. The tequila burned on its way down but she didn’t care. If she was going to relax she would need liquid courage. Especially if Andrea decided to come bother her. Kara downed her own shot and held her hand out to Lena. She looked at it in question, “What?” 


“Come dance with me!” 


“One thing Sam must not have mentioned to you is that I do not dance.” She turned to glare at Sam but was met with the sight of her best friend making out with Alex. “On second thought,” she grimaced as she took Kara’s hand and let herself be tugged out of the booth. 


Kara moved them onto the dance floor and promptly started wiggling around. Lena couldn’t help but laugh as she did a simple two step shuffle by Kara. Blonde curls flowed down her back as she tipped her head back in laughter and Lena was seriously too attracted to this woman.  


Kara wiggled around on the dance floor for a few songs before they made their way back over to the bar for another drink. Kara waved down the bartender quickly and placed their order before turning back to her. Lena stepped closer to Kara as people kept entering and exiting the hallway that was next to them. As if her own personal nightmare was happening, Lena saw a flash of red hair coming toward her. She groaned and tried to duck a little behind Kara. 


“What’s wrong?” Kara immediately realized her unease. 


Lena sighed, “My ex is here. And I think she’s spotted me.” 


Kara started to turn and look but Lena caught her arm and tugged her back to face her. “Don’t draw attention to us!” 


“Ok, ok. How can I help?” 


Lena peeked around her shoulder and saw Andrea moving towards them but glancing down at her phone so they didn’t make eye contact. 


“Shit she’s definitely coming over here. I don’t know. I don’t want to talk to her,” she almost whined, almost. 


Kara seemed to look behind her for a second and then a hand settled on her hip, “Trust me?” 


Lena nodded as she saw red hair over Kara’s shoulder getting closer, probably about 50 feet away now. Suddenly she was pressed back against the cool brick of the hallway they were standing next to. Kara’s body pressed against hers, a strong thigh was between hers and a hand pressed into the brick next to her head. Her heart started to race but her hands acted of their own accord and rested on Kara’s sides. “She still coming over here?” 


“I don’t know. I’m afraid to look and she’ll come over.” 


Kara leaned forward, “Well then let’s make sure she doesn’t come over.” And then Kara’s lips were pressed to hers. Heat surged through her body as Kara kissed her fully. Her hands gripped onto Kara’s sides as their mouths moved together. She couldn’t help the whimper as she pulled back to take a breath and Kara’s mouth moved down her neck. The hand on her hip gave a little squeeze. Lena’s eyes closed while her head tilted up to allow Kara a path down her neck. A hot mouth moved down along her jaw and then down her neck, leaving her aching for Kara to touch her anywhere and everywhere. 


Kara’s hair was softer than it looked when her fingers threaded into it. A moan slipped from her lips as Kara’s mouth attached to her neck and was going to definitely leave a mark. Her hips rolled against Kara’s thigh against her better judgment. Kara stepped closer and pinned her hips to the wall with her body. “Coast clear?” She asked with a raspy voice. 


Lena’s eyes shot open as she remembered this was just to get rid of Andrea. A hot blush raced up her neck as she scanned the room for her ex but didn’t see her. “Yea, she’s gone. Sorry I got carried away.” She looked away as Kara took a step back. 


“Hey, no need. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And if the coast is clear… why don’t we get outta here?” 


Lena looked up and met her eyes only to find her pupils blown wide. “Really?” 


The confidence seeped from her as she looked Lena up and down. “You might be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I would be stupid to pass up the chance to have you under me naked.” 


Lena blushed again but nodded, “Have you seen yourself?” 


She stepped away from the wall and handed her card to the bartender to close out the tab. Kara’s hand landed heavy on her lower back and a few minutes later they were headed for the front door. Unfortunately Andrea was also by the entrance and spotted them immediately. She turned with her arms crossed and Lena felt herself tense up even as Kara’s hand slipped around to her hip. “Ms. Danvers. Fancy seeing you here.” 


Kara stepped up next to her, “Ms. Rojas. Enjoying your evening?” 


“I was. I think I’m going home now though, I seem to have lost my interest in all this. Lena, enjoying yourself?” 


Her hand landed on Kara’s chest as she slightly turned into her hold, “I will be once we get out of here. Have a nice evening Andrea. Ready to go Kara?” 


“Mhm, let’s get outta here. Bye Ms. Rojas, see you monday.” Kara guided them out the door and Lena dragged her to where her driver was waiting. They slid into the car and she let out a breath of relief. 


“You know Andrea?” Lena questioned as Kara’s arm settled around her shoulders. 


“Yea, she’s my boss.” 


Lena groaned, “She’s my ex.” 


“Oof. Sorry about that. I can’t imagine dating her. She’s… prickly.” 


Lena couldn’t help but laugh a little, “Prickly is an interesting way to describe her.” 


“She seems like the type to orgasm and not return the favor.” 


Lena couldn’t help it as she burst out laughing. “She did like to be in charge a lot. She wasn’t great at giving all the time. But I can understand how it can be hard to let go of that kind of control when you’re a big CEO running an empire.” 


She dropped her hand to Kara’s thigh and was rewarded with a shiver as the woman scooted closer to her. “And what about you? Do you like to be in charge?” 


Lena bit her lip, she’d been in relationships where she didn’t have much control all her life. “Sometimes. I haven’t really been with many people who let me have control though.” 


Kara’s lips brushed her ear as she whispered, “Lucky then that I like to give and receive.” Lena couldn’t help it when her eyes fell shut at the first touch of Kara’s lips on her neck. 


“Mmm, is it ok if we go to my place?” 


“Mmhm. This ok?” Kara asked while tugging Lena onto her lap. Her thighs straddled Kara’s as  her dress slid up her legs in a way that would surely give the press lots to talk about if they could see her. Hands settled on her thighs, thumbs slowly sliding up the hem of her dress. She nodded and wound her arms around Kara’s neck. They met in a passionate kiss that sent heat racing down Lena’s spine. 


Thumbs rubbed circles into her skin, leaving her on fire and aching for more. Her hips started a slow rock on Kara’s lap and was only encouraged to keep the movement as Kara whined against her mouth. “How far do you live?”


Lena pulled back slightly, “Just a few minutes, why?” Her breath was coming in pants and she couldn’t help but blush slightly at how turned on she was. 


Kara groaned, “Not long enough for me to take you right here.” 


She whimpered at the thought of being spread out in the back of her car. “If you don’t touch me the second we’re in my apartment, I might die.” 


Kara twisted a hand into her hair and pulled her mouth back to her own. She was lost when a tongue pushed between her lips and took control of the kiss. Kara’s hand slid up to her hip and pulled her closer, if it was even possible. Fingertips scratched into her scalp gently causing goosebumps to erupt all over her body. Kara’s touch was gentle on her hip, her thumb rubbing circles into her skin. Her own arms tightened around Kara’s neck as she tried to press herself closer. She was so lost in the sensation of the kiss that she didn’t realize when the car stopped until Kara pulled back. A knock at the window alerted her to her driver, effectively scaring her into launching off Kara’s lap. 


“God I’m sorry,” she said while straightening her dress. Kara ran a hand through her hair while Lena reached over to wipe her lipstick off Kara’s lips. Her driver opened the door and helped Kara out first. A hand reached back for her and she slipped her own into it. She wasn’t surprised to see it was Kara when she stepped out and gave the hand a squeeze. 


“Thank you for waiting at the club for me George, you can have the rest of the night off. I’ll see you Monday morning.” 


“Of course Ms. Luthor. Enjoy your night.” With a tip of his hat, he retreated back to the car. 


Kara’s hand tugged her forward, “Upstairs?” 


Lena nodded, “Let’s go.” A shake of her head gave her back her CEO confidence as she led them to her private elevator. She couldn’t help the smirk or blush when the girl behind the front desk gave her a thumbs up and a wink. The elevator doors closed behind them fairly quickly and their ascent started immediately. 


“Just so there aren't any regrets tomorrow, or secrets tonight, I should tell you that I know who you are, and my cousin is Clark Kent.” 


Lena sucked in a breath, “Oh. That’s… a lot of information to take in.” 


“I understand if you don’t want anything to do with me. But I didn’t pursue you because of your name or for a story. I don’t even write anything meaningful at CatCo. Andrea is kind of a bitch and gives me fluff stories to write. I would never write anything that you told me without asking first.”


Lena nodded as a hand ran through her hair. Did she want to invite Kara into her home knowing that she was related to Clark? Would this be messy? God it had been so long since she’d had good sex. 


“I’d hope my ex wouldn’t allow anything to be published about my personal life anyway. I still want this if you do.” 


Kara nodded quickly, “I’ve had a crush on you since you moved to National City and unveiled the rebranding of LuthorCorp.” 


Lena blushed as the doors opened up to her penthouse. She stepped out, her heels clicking on the floors as they crossed into her living room. In a practiced move her heels were kicked off and purse tossed onto the side table. Kara seemed to follow suit behind her and then hands were on her hips spinning her around. A moan was smothered by Kara’s mouth finding hers. Somehow she felt her feet leave the ground while Kara slid her hands under her thighs and lifted her up. Lena hooked her ankles around Kara’s hips while the fingers of one hand clutched onto blonde curls. 


“Bedroom?” Kara panted against her mouth. 


Lena whined as her body ignited. Her room was up a flight of stairs, down a hallway, and was just too far. Kara seemed to take her noise as an answer. Her head moved left to right before she was quickly moving them across the room. Lena tugged Kara’s head back up to slot their mouths together again. A few seconds later she felt a cool surface under her legs. A quick look informed her that she was on the kitchen counter. Instantly she grew wetter just at the thought of having sex somewhere outside a bed. Most of her partners weren’t up for the adventure and preferred missionary in the bedroom. Kara seemed to have no problems with having sex in the kitchen as her fingers pushed up the hem of Lena’s dress. 


“This ok?” She panted against Lena’s mouth. 


Lena nodded frantically, “Please, please, please touch me.” 


Kara hiked her dress up over her hips and spread her legs apart. Lena flushed at how wet she knew her thong was but all Kara did was groan. “Fuck you’re so wet.” She wiggled on the counter with a whine, trying to get any kind of friction she could. Kara’s fingers tugged down the small scrap of material so she was sitting bare against the cool marble. 


Her own fingers started quickly undoing the buttons on Kara’s shirt, as was her usual routine to make sure her partner also got relief. Kara kissed her neck gently, “I wanna make you orgasm at least twice before you even think about making me feel good.” 


Lena whined until Kara’s fingers slid up her thigh and found her clit. Her hips jumped at the contact she so desperately was craving. All the air left her body as two fingers pressed into her. Andrea hadn’t been a huge fan of using her hands, preferring to use her mouth or grinding when she was in a giving mood. Kara’s fingers were thick and pressed inside her deliciously. “You ok?” 


She nodded, “Feels really good, just a lot.” 


Kara leaned back and pressed a kiss to her forehead, “Andrea wasn’t one for filling you up I take it?” 


Lena shook her head with a moan as Kara’s fingers retracted and then thrust back in slowly, “ Fuck, that feels incredible.” 


Kara smirked as she captured Lena’s mouth again. They kissed deeply while Kara thrust into her body at a steady pace. The sounds coming from between her legs were obscene with how wet she was. Her orgasm built as her muscles wound tighter with each stroke. Her back arched into Kara as her head fell back, she was so close to finishing. This was normally where her ex’s would leave her hanging. 


“Come on baby, let go. I’ve got you.” Kara’s mouth latched onto her neck, teeth scraping her skin as her world shattered. She squeezed tight around Kara’s fingers as her body shook. Her breath came in gasps while she tried to navigate the white spots in her vision. One hand rested on the counter behind her to attempt to hold herself up, but honestly was no use. Kara’s freehand was wrapped tightly around her waist and holding most of her weight. She came down from her high after a few seconds, leaving her shaky but feeling amazing. 


“That was… incredible.” 


Kara beamed, “That was just one of many.” 


Lena blushed but felt the heat build right back up again low in her belly. Just then her security system beeped. ‘ Ms. Rojas entering the elevator. Would you like to allow her up Ms. Luthor?’ 


Kara wiggled her eyebrows at her, “Wanna give her a show?” 


“What exactly did you have in mind?” She asked while biting her lip. 


Kara wasted no time in getting to her knees. “Let her up if you want. I don’t mind.” 


Lena’s hips jerked as Kara’s mouth made contact with her skin and started tasting just how wet she was. “Oh fucking hell. Hope, let Ms. Rojas up.” 


‘Right away Ms. Luthor.’ 


Kara’s tongue circled her clit and her body reacted instantly. One leg hooked itself over Kara’s shoulder and her heel dug into her back. She wasted no time circling the bud and letting Lena anchor a hand in her hair. “Fuck, please don’t stop.” 


Kara reached up and laced their freehands together and gave it a little squeeze. She let out a moan as the telltale ding of the elevator sounded. Lena’s eyes closed as Kara continued playing with her clit. Heels clicked across the floor and Lena knew it was only a matter of seconds before Andrea saw them. She moaned as Kara’s teeth dragged across the sensitive bundle of nerves. “Fuck babe, just like that.” The heels stopped at the sound of her voice and Lena would have smirked if Kara hadn’t slipped a hand up between her legs. 


"Lena?" Andrea's voice called out. The heat in her belly calmed just a bit until two fingers pressed into her body. Her legs shook at the perfect stretch and her head fell back. God it was going to be embarrassing if she orgasmed in front of her ex girlfriend whom she had faked plenty of orgasms for...